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Ruin (Book 1)

August 24, 2013
By AlwaysFreeToBeMe, Lancaster, Ohio
AlwaysFreeToBeMe, Lancaster, Ohio
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There is one rule in Agoura: if you're going to hide something, don't get caught. Everyone in town fears the Azul virus and the only cure is the mysterious vaccine. It's administered during your sophomore year and is absolutely mandatory—that is if you want to attend the Ruins of Los Angeles. Located exactly 34.7 miles from Agoura, it was burned to the ground almost forty years ago and now stands as a reminder of just how powerful the Government is.
Angeles Bay, the daughter of a former victim of the virus, is only sixteen and getting the cure scares her. She's worried about how it will affect her mind and if she will turn out like her mother—who spends most of her days in the basement, fearing the Enforcers and reality. Only the brave will set this town free and discover the truth behind the virus that haunts anyone uncured.


Ruin (Book 1)

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