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March 25, 2013
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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Thyme (th as in through not time) and Sorrel are your average teenagers. Living in the futuristic/ dystopian iceland of Odin is already hard but with the annual bombings coming up, Thyme, his brother Privet (not pronounced private), and Sorrel are in for a surprise. What will happen after the bombings? What does the mysterious doctor mean when he says "I'm just like you."? Will Sorrel go for the doctor or the oh so sexy (and flamboyant) boy with the unexpected tough side that shows up out of nowhere? Will she end up with her childhood friend, Thyme? And what or WHO is Ragnarok? Find out in the new Teen Fantasy novel Ragnarok!



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