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Strange Things Happen

January 9, 2013
By Maddie Hale, Mulvane, Kansas
Maddie Hale, Mulvane, Kansas
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When Baine Yaxley is committed to an asylum, he can't believe what has happened to his life. He was accused, wrongly in his opinion, of the kidnapping and assault of a neighbor child. The lawyer had pleaded insanity and so Baine was sent to Walter Reuther Psychiatric Hospital.
There he meets Alice Collins, a girl who immediately takes him under her wing, and Rory Danner, the man who seems to be the bane of Alice's existence.
Soon, Alice reveals the real intent of the hospital: the doctors were experimenting on the patients, turning them into all sorts of monsters. Alice promises that she will get Baine out before anything happens to him. Will they escape in time? Or will the doctors be more than they bargained for?

Maddie H.

Strange Things Happen

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