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Never Have I Ever

March 26, 2012
By theonewhowrites24, chicago, Illinois
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The author's comments:
** I'll have pictures of who i think is who. But if I were you I'd look them up, and see what I think they would look like, if you have any suggestions on who would be who. Tell me! Feedback is great!***

Charlie Cash Bennett - Charlie is one of the main character, also goes by the name Cash. 16 years old. Long dark brown hair. Big brown eyes, really sweet but has been threw a lot. Doesn't take peoples crap and doesn't like to get pushed around. Loves to dance and tumble. Into punk stuff but also has a girly side. Dad died when she was 5, but what does she do when her mom dies? (I see Charlie as Lucy Hale, other wise known as Aria from Pretty Little Liars)

Andi Bennett- Andi is Charlie's younger sister. 14 years old, about to turn 15. Charlie's best friend. Sweet heart, listens to others. Loves cheerleading and gymnastics. Very girly. (I see Andi as Sarah Hyland)

Landon Ford - Landon is another main character, 16 years old. Dark brown hair, shaggy. Blueish- grayish eyes. Likes to play basketball he's a starter, but he loves to skateboard. Doesn't like to be known as a "jock". Is sensitive, and does his own thing. Doesn't like when people are rude or disrepectful to his family. Kind of quiet, Twin brother, Lucas.(I see Landon as Adam Gregory.)

Lucas Ford - Lucas is another main character, 16 years old. Landon's fraternal twin. Blonde hair, shaggy. Blueish- grayish eyes. Starting quarterback of the varsity football team. Rude, does his own thing. Doesn't care about others feelings. Doesn't like when he isn't in charge or center of attention. Really close to Andi ( I see Lucas as Chase Crawford.)

Noah Ford - Noah is the loud jock who loves sports and girls. 15 years old. Identical twin with Jonah. Brown hair, kind of buzzed cut. Big brown eyes. (I see both of the twins Noah and Jonah as Max Ehrich)

Jonah Ford - Jonah loves to draw and play some sports. 15 years old. He listens and doesn't like seeing people hurt. Sensitive yet he is really tough around his brothers. Long shaggy brown hair. (I see both of the twins Noah and Jonah as Max Ehrich)

Levi Ford - Oldest Ford brother, doesn't show a lot of emotion, 22 years old. At college. Doesn't come home a lot. If he does, spends a lot of time with his bothers. (I see Levi as Zac Efron)

Benjamin Ford- The party one, 17 years old. Loves hanging with family during the day but loves partying during the nights. Is rarely home on weekends, is super protective of all the Ford brothers, and now the two new Bennett sisters. (I see Benjamin as Hutch Dano)

Nathan Ford- The serious one, takes life seriously even though he likes to have fun. Has a girlfriend. 18 years old. Going to college with a basketball scholarship. Really close to Charlie. (I see Nathan as like Josh Hutcherson)

Oliver Ford- The baby of the family. 4 years old. Loves everyone and everything. Hyper all the time. Always in a good mood. Everyone loves him, center of happiness. (I see Oliver as Jake Vaughn)

Amelia Ford- The boys mom. She's beautiful, caring, loving, just the mom everyone wants. She makes the family happy, and puts everything together, Fashion designer. (I see Amelia as, Penelope Cruz)

Caleb Ford- The Ford's dad. Never home. If so, he is doing work, he owns every single Ford car and company in the world. He is a billionaire. (I see Caleb as Eric Dane)

The rest of the characters aren't long enough in the story for me to write in her. Enjoy (;

was waiting for her time to run out,

"Don't do this to us mommy.. We need you. Stay strong." I whispered as a tear fell down my cheek while I was hugging and comforting Andi. Mom looked up at us, she was already crying. She wiped my tear and looked straight into my eyes.

"I'm staying strong for as long as I can, both of you girls know that. Charlie, listen. I don't know how long I have but you two need to listen, my old friend Amelia Ford is coming in tomorrow at 8am. She will stay as long as you two need to stay, but no more then a week ladies. Just remember that I love you with all my heart. Those necklaces you have around your neck, and I have around mine. Will forever be ours. No one can take our love away. I will always be in your heart." She looked at me in the eye, knowing I was in charge, a tear dropped down her cheek. My mothers voice sounded weaker by the minute, her time was running up. She is letting cancer win.

Beep, beep, beeeeeeep.

"Mommy...." I croaked, tears spilling down my eyes. I squeezed Andi.

"No! Mommy! Wake up, don't leave us! I love you mom! Come back!" Andi was shaking moms lifeless body. The doctor came in, with a sad look on his voice. He looked at Andi then me, his eyes were filled with sadness.

"I'm sorry for your loss. Phone is over there, I'll be back in five minutes." The doctor announced. Andi was having a hard time breathing. I let go of her grabbed the sheet and pulled it over my moms dead body. I turned back to Andi who was hyperventilating. I grabbed her arms, I scrunched down so I was at her eye level. Tears running down my face, but I had to be strong for both of us, for my mom.

"Andi! Listen, crying is okay it helps a little of pain go away but you need to listen to me.. This lady, Amelia was moms best friend. She is not trying to replace mom she is going to be there. I need you to show what kind and respectful young ladies we are. It what mom would've want. I will go say good-bye to mom, then you can. Then we will go home and pack more of our stuff. If you need to talk to me, you know I will always be here for you." I explained while looking into her eyes. She was completely crushed.

"What if we kill her to Cash.. I mean dad died by that car because we made him mad so he went for that walk, and now mom... What if it's us." Andi whispered, not looking into my eyes. I pulled her chin up and made her look at me.

"Don't you ever say that again. Dad had other problems, that drunk driver had to pay for what he did to him.. For what he did to us, now he's in jail. It wasn't our faults baby girl.. It was not me nor you. Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer Andi, some times the worst things happen to the best people. But, I don't want you to ever think it's your fault. Ever." I emphasized the word 'ever'.

"Don't leave me Cash.." Andi hugged me tightly and cried more. I hugged my sister for a minute then let her go to say goodbye to my mom who I was never going to speak to again. A tear rolled down my cheek I grabbed my mothers freezing dead hand.

"Hi mom.. I never thought this day would come so soon. I love you so much, we fought as hard as we could. You did mom. You are the strongest person I will ever know. I tried to be perfect for you. I failed mom." I paused and looked back at Andi who was sitting in a chair crying. I continued, "I need you the most right now. It's going to be so hard, but I guess the big man needs you more up there then her. I'll take care of her mom. I won't fail you again Mommy.. I promise. I love you. I'll miss you. Rest in peace." I kissed her icy forehead. I walked over to my crying little sister. I placed my hand on her shoulder she looked up her eyes red and puffy. "Go. Say goodbye. Were leaving in a minute." I instructed.

I heard my sister mumble some words, then cry more. My heart broke looking at Andi like that. I waited until she turned around and walked over to me.

"You okay baby girl?" I asked her while she walked into my arm, while I stood up.

"This is the worst feeling in the world. Let's go pack, then we need to do stuff for her wake and funeral.." Andi mentioned her eyes were glossy, she wasn't all there. We were so close to my mom. My poor baby girl. We were starting to walk out, then doctor walked in.

"Im sorry ladies, but we need to take her to the morgue. You must leave now." The doctor explained sympathetically.

"We were just leaving." I shook the doctors hand and led Andi out of the room.

"I just.. can't believe she is gone." Andi whispered.

"She's in our heart, remember? She is our guardian angel." I whispered in her ear as we walked out of the hospital. I walked over to my little silver car. I never knew what kind of car. As long as it was pretty. Andi slid into the front seat quietly. I walked around to the driver seat, got in and started the car. We drove in silence for about 10 minutes until Andi looked at me.

"Mom wouldn't want this." Andi murmured. I looked at her at the red light, and smiled.

" I love you." I grinned at her. She attempted to grin back.

" I love you to." She whispered.

"What was that?"

"I love you to!" She raised her voice.

"Hm.. I can't hear you." I laughed turning up the song, ' Turn Me On'

"I love you!!" Andi screamed and laughed. I smiled and laughed with her. The rest of the way, we danced and singed to 'Turn Me On', 'Naked', and 'We Run the Night'. I couldn't help but laugh, we were being so silly. It was good to smile and laugh. We pulled up to our little house, I put the keys in the lock and unlocked the door.

"Go pack the rest of your clothes. No decorations." I ordered she stopped and looked at me, I was being pushy. I sighed, "I'm sorry. I'm just shook up and nervous about this lady. Don't worry though.I have it under control." I reassured her. She nodded smiled back and walked in her room. I went over to the cabinet and pulled out Spongebob Macaroni. It was Andi's favorite. I was almost done cooking the macaroni when she walked back out.

"I finished packing mine and your clothes. Were set." She smiled proud of her self.

"Thank you, you didn't have to pack for me." I looked at her.

She shrugged, "It kept my mind off things." She walked over to the kitchen, "Oh! Macaroni! My favorite!" She said attempting to put a smile on her face. I smiled at her attempt. I filled two bowls of spongebob macaroni. We sat down, we ate a little and had small talk.

"What do you think Amelia is lik-" Andi was cut off by a *ding dong* We exchanged a weird look.

I walked over to the door with Andi close behind, I answered the door with a weird look on my face. Who would come by our house right now? Andi and I both looked at each other and snapped our faces into a smile.

"Hi, can I help you. My mom.. Isn't here right now.." I explained with tears threatening to escape my eyes.

The lady was beautiful, she was medium height with long black hair, blueish-grayish eyes. She was wearing a very beautiful black skirt with a a nice white shirt, she looked like a movie star. She flashed a warm smile and held out her hand.

"Hi. I'm Amelia." She announced.

Me and Andi kind of stood there in silence, confused by the unexpected surprise.

"Uh, come on in! Sorry to keep you waiting. We just are shocked and expected you to come tomorrow." I exclaimed. She smiled at me, she looked like the mom everyone loved.

"That is quite okay. I hope you don't mind. I came here early because I was hoping to see your mother and help you girls pack maybe, and maybe help with anything else." Amelia explained looking bashful, and her cheeks were turning red. I smiled at her, we were going to get along.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Ford." I started.

"Oh please, call me Amelia!" She chimed giving us that warmed smile again.

"Ha, alright. Amelia. But I'm so very sorry. My mom passed away about an hour ago." I explained looking down trying not to cry. She looked down also, her smile vanished, she was on the edge of tears. After a good couple of minutes of silence she looked back up, and planted the smile on her face to warm me and Andi up.

"I'm so very sorry to hear that girls." She looked at both us, it was obvious she was trying not to cry. I quickly changed the subject.

"Would you like some macaroni. We were just eating." I smiled at her and gestured her to the table.

"That sounds delicious, but where can I put my bag?" Amelia grinned while following us to the table, I grabbed her bag, and put it on the living room couch. I quickly walked back, she was sitting in the chair between my seat and Andi's. I walked to the kitchen and quickly made her a bowl. I brought it back with a fork and sat down myself. We all started to eat.

"Oh my god. How rude! Are you thirsty?" Andi shot up, giving me a look. Amelia grinned and looked at us.

"I would like a cup of water please." She insisted.

"Im so sorry." I mumbled, embarrassed I never thought of that, my cheeks turned red. Amelia was looking around the house and then looked at me her eyes went wide.

"Oh no honey don't be embarrassed, I wasn't that thirsty till Andi mentioned it. She smiled at me, I didn't know her for long, but I already can tell I will love her, she is already a mother figure. I smiled at her back.

"You two girls are beautiful. How old are you. Sorry, no one informed me on the details." She looked upset with herself that she didn't know.

"I am 16, and Andi is about to turn 15 in a week and 3 days." I smiled back at Andi.

"A week and two days." Andi corrected me. All three of us giggled.

"Well then, we will be having a party for our love Andi." Amelia smiled. It melted my heart to see her making Andi smile her real smile, not her fake one. Amelia looked into my eyes.

"Girls, I don't have any girls at my house, I have eight boys... Eight. Its torture. Now I know we just met, but I don't want to freak you guys out but I already know I love you guys. I met you before when you Cash were 3 and Andi you were about 1. I know I will never replace your mother. I don't want you two think I am trying. But what I want you to know is, I will try my hardest to make you feel welcomed and comfortable in my house. All the boys are talking about you. How excited we are to have you! It's such a delight! I love you girls, and I loved your mom. And I hope one day us 3 can have a very special bond, and we can all become close." Amelia prayed with tears in her eye. She looked at us and smiled again. She blinked a few times and giggled to clear her throat. "Have you guys packed yet?" She asked us. I just looked at her. "What?" She asked scared and nervous.

"You called me Cash. I know that I already love you. Only close family and friends call me Cash. I don't hope we get that bond Amelia" I stated looking into her eyes, they were filled with complete sadness. " I know we will, I love you already. You're already a mother figure." I finished while looking into her eyes, they were filled with happiness and she had the biggest smile on her face. Andi looked at me and Amelia.

"Yes! And I love you also." Andi joined in. Amelia and I looked at her and laughed, she was all smiley. We were already a family..

We all made small talk and finished our bowls of delicious macaroni.

"Well, now that were done eating. Let's get the hard part done." She looked into my eyes then Andi's, then grabbed her Coach purse off the floor and grabbed a box of kleenex. "The funeral and wake." She announced.


"That was the worst planning of my life." I muttered to Andi as we walked into my room. We spent 4 hours talking about the wake and funeral, then memories, then how much we will miss her. We cried non-stop. And what we decided was, we were going to do what she wanted to, she was going to get cremated and thrown in the ocean since us three use to go there all the time. My concentration was interrupted.

"Can I sleep with you?" Andi whispered.

"Of course baby girl. Change into what you had planned to wear tonight since everything else is packed. I will tell Amelia she can sleep in your room." I replied and walked out into the living room, Amelia wasn't in there, she was in the bathroom. She walks out with pajamas and her hair up in a bun, all of her makeup was off. Yet, she looked drop dead gorgeous.

"Hey babe, what's up?" Amelia said walking past her into the kitchen to grab a water bottle.

"Andi is sleeping with me tonight, so you can sleep in her room tonight. Until we leave." I smiled at Amelia.

"How thoughtful, thank you." Amelia walked over to me and hugged me. I hugged her back, it felt nice.


I woke up in the middle of the night to Andi thrashing and screaming, "No! No! Stay!" She was having a nightmare. I started to shake her gently. The sun was slightly coming in from our closed curtains. The sun was rising but not all the way there yet.

"And's, Andi. Baby wake up." I was petting Andi's sweating head. Trying to calm her down. She woke up gasping. Trying to catch her breath.

"It was horrible Cash. Mom was leaving, she chose to leave. She didn't even care." Andi said bawling her eyes out. I embraced her and stroked her arm while signing her a song. Andi fell back asleep very fast. I grabbed the clock next to my bed. 5:00 AM. I might as well get up and look on the news. Charlie walked into the kitchen grabbed a pair and a water and sat on the couch to turn on the news,

"Breaking news in Nevada, A Front Royal woman who was reported missing Tuesday night, turned herself into Warren County deputies Wednesday morning, according to a Wednesday press release." Kim Walter announced on the TV.

"What a nut case." I muttered to myself.

*Yawn* "I know right, this lady is crazy. Hello." Amelia walked over and pulled the egg carton out of the fridge. "Want some?" She asked, I nodded my head yes and walked over by the island to watch her cook. She smiled at me. " What are you doing up so early?" She asked. I took the last bite out of my pair and wen to throw it away.

"Andi woke me up, so I just decided to stay up. How about you?" I asked her back with curiosity in my voice. She smiled.

"When you have eight boys, you learn to live with little sleep my dear." She looked up at me.

"That's why I want girls." I laughed. She nodded and laughed with me. After that we talked about when we were leaving to get my moms ashes. The eggs were done, and she put them on a plate we ate and talked and watched some news. After we finished I got up.

"Alright, go on and get ready. Wake up Andi please. Were going to leave in an hour and a half." She stated and walked out of the room, she stopped and turned around. "Oh my! I forgotten, I brought you and Andi a gift. When I talked to your mom last weekend, she told me your sizes. I have two beautiful outfits for you guys!" Amelia smiled and went to Andi's room for a moment.

She came back with two hangers with two beautiful dresses on them. One had a beautiful white top, it was a tank top it looked like then the bottom half was black with a gold and white pattern, it was beautiful. The other one was white, it was shirt, it was strapless with a gold belt, after the belt the dress was kind of ruffly. They were beautiful sun dresses. Amelia saw I was looking at the dress with the black top.

"This one is yours." Amelia held up the dress I thought was beautiful. I smiled at her.

"Thank you so much! They're beautiful! They must of been so much money! Where did you find them?" I shouted while hugging her. She let go of me after a moment.

"Don't worry about the cost, and no store. I made them." Amelia told me. My mouth dropped open.

"Wait! Why didn't I put it together? You're Amelia Ford the best designer ever! I always wanted your clothes. They're so expensive! Oh my god! Thank you so much!" I cheered. I was so happy, I was about to cry! Amelia gave me a quick squeeze and took a step back.

"Don't cry darling. Go get ready, I'll see you in a hour." She handed me the dresses and walked away.

I went the same direction but I went to my room. Andi was up doing her hair.

"Good morning sleeping beauty." I kidded with Andi. I put the dresses on the bed. She smiled but didn't see the dresses. We did our hair and makeup. I made my hair look slightly curled, yet wavy and Andi straightened hers. Both of our beautiful long brown hair were dangling a little bit above our bellybuttons. We both got changed into the beautiful dresses that Amelia got.

"They're beautiful." Andi whispered. I just nodded my head, the dresses fit us perfectly. Andi looked at me. "You're beautiful Cash." I looked at her.

"I'm the beautiful one?" I giggled. We both smiled at each other when we heard a knock on the door.

"Girls, are you ready?" Amelia called and came in, her eyes went wide. "Wow, you girls look beautiful! The dresses fit you perfectly! Oh I'm so glad!" She paused looking at us with a huge grin, then it went away, "Alright girlies, let's go get the ashes we will spread them then we will go to the airport. All of your luggage has been sent the my house already. I hope you don't mind. Were just going to pack you clothes and do your rooms." Amelia smiled at us. We nodded our head making it obvious it was okay with us. All of us hugged, then we walked to my car. I drove while Amelia sat in front and Andi texted in back, she was awfully quiet, but I totally understood why. I turned up to the music to, 'Wild One' and drove to pick my mom up in ash form.


As we all walked off the beach we each disinfected our hands, and blew our nose, and wiped our eyes.

"That was a beautiful thing you guys did. Your mom would've loved it." Amelia smiled. Neither of us smiled back, we didn't have the energy in us. Amelia looked around, "Uh, I'll drive. We will be on the airplane with an hour. We are good on timing. Let's go!" Amelia shouted as we got in the car.


"Plane 465 to Beverly Hills is now boarding." A women's voice called. We barley sat down for 10 minutes Amelia stood back up.

"That's us, time to go! Time to meet your new family, house and school! You'll love it!" Amelia grinned. We smiled back.

We got on the plane, I expected to turn left into the business class but the flight attendant called out, "Ms, you're in first class. That is to my right. You're going the wrong way." I looked around not knowing who she was talking to.

"Me?" I asked and pointed to myself. The flight attendant rolled her eyes and nodded, I cautiously crept to first class, Andi and Amelia were sitting already.

"Oh I thought you got lost, I was worried sick!" Amelia babbled. I just grinned shaking my head.

"Oh here's another new gift from me and my husband Caleb." Amelia smiled handing us box's with a white bow and a pink polka-dot wrapping paper. I smiled because I don't get gifts a lot, and two in one day? And our dresses must've been expensive. We opened our gifts and it was the iPhone 4S. I squealed. I didn't even have a phone now I have the best phone, are they rich?!

"Are you guys like rich?" Andi asked. I slapped her and whispered.

"Don't be rude." I growled. And sent Amelia a apologetic smile.

"Oh no, it's okay. I don't take it offensive. Just wait until you see our house. I had our nanny Judy make you two maps of the house. They are also in there. Oh, and there is a key to the front and back door!" She babbled excitedly. I can't believe I'm living in Beverly Hills. I smiled to myself and leaned back in my chair.

A flight attendant cam around, " Anything to drink mam?" I looked up and grinned even more. I could get use to this.

"Yes please, a Coke and a Sprite" The Sprite was for Andi. The flight attendant nodded and grabbed us our drinks. We both gulped half the can down. Amelia frowned at herself. I smiled at her to cheer her up. It worked.

"So tell me about your family Amelia." Andi asked eagerly. I just sat back, and played with my new phone, listening to Amelia speak about her sons, there wasn't really anyone to put in my new phone. Yes, I would miss my new friends, but this is a new start. I turned to Amelia and Andi talking.

"What a coincidence they're twins your age Andi and your age Cash." Amelia looked surprised.

Me and Andi just looked at each other, "Can I see them?" Andi asked eagerly again. Amelia smiled and pulled out her wallet and handed us three pictures each, all different pictures of a family portrait then she pulled sixteen single photos. She handed me eight then Andi eight. On the back had names, Jonah, Noah, Landon, Lucas, Levi, Benjamin, Nathan, and Oliver. I flipped the cards over and saw their faces.

"Wow.." I breathed.

*** Once our plane boarded and we got our luggage Andi grabbed my hand. Amelia looked over and saw what happened. " I will leave you two alone for a moment, I have to make a phone call to see if Jeffery is here anyway!" Amelia smiled, she turned and walked away. I pulled Andi over to a bench we set down our luggage and sat down. "What's wrong baby girl?" I asked her looking in to her tearful eyes. "I just miss mom. Now we live in California. It's so far away Cash. It's all so new. I love Amelia, and I'm excited to meet her family! But, it's all just one big rush." Andi huffed looking down. I pulled her in to a tight hug. "Listen, I know you're going through a hard time. I just think we should get use to living like this. It is what mom wants. See that necklace around you neck? That's mom telling us she loves us. She will always be here." I whispered as I pulled away from her, Andi smiled as Amelia came back, we stood up as she approached. "Sorry to interrupt but Caleb is out side and is waiting to meet you!" She smiled at me and my sister, we smiled back. Two large men walked over and grabbed out luggage. Amelia saw our worried looks, "Don't worry! This is Ralph and Dave they're my families body guard and butler. Jeffery is our chauffeur and valet, we have two other chauffeur and valets, Bob and Ryan. They will help you if you need anything. But don't worry! They're bringing our luggage to the car." Amelia calmed us. The two men walked away with our luggage we followed them outside to a large stretched limo. "Wow.. You guys are rich!" Andi almost accused. The limo door opened and a beautiful man walked out, he had a dark bronze, kind of blonde and kind of dark hair. He had grayish- blueish eyes. "I guess you can say that. Hello ladies I'm Caleb." Caleb introduced him self, he gave a hand shake to each of the girls smiling. Amelia walked over and they hugged and kissed. "Now you two finally met, how about you meet the boys!" Amelia opened the door and a tall boy with broad shoulders and brown kind of shaggy hair came out, he was wearing ripped light jeans and a kind of tight grey shirt. He looked like a super model. "Hi, I'm Nathan." He smiled, he gave both of them a hug. Nathan is the 17 years old, I remembered, he is the one going to college next year. Nathan added, "You must be Charlie and you must be Andi." He guessed. I shook my head and smiled at him while Andi giggled. "I'm Charlie and that's Andi." I corrected him. His cheeks turned pink. "I'm sorry Charlie and Andi, it's nice to meet you." He apologized and walked over to where his parent were standing. Another boy came out, he must've been Oliver. He was just a little toddler he almost ran over to me, I bent down, making sure I didn't ruin my dress, I couldn't help but smile. "Hi! I'm Oliver! People call me Oli. You guys are pretty!" Oliver acknowledged. Andi giggled and I smiled. "Why hello Oliver, I'm Charlie, but people call me Cash. And this is Andi." I pointed to my little sister smiling. I leaned close and whispered to him, "But, she's not cool like us to have a nickname." I whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, they all laughed and Oliver giggled I just smiled. Oliver jumped on me giving me a big hug. "I like you. Were best friends!" Oliver giggled while still hugging me. I stood up and held him. "Okay best friend! Why don't you go say hi to Andi. She looks lonely" I insisted while putting Oliver down, he ran to Andi and hugged her. She picked him up and they talked. Another boy stepped out of the car, then another right after. They looked exactly alike except one had shaggier hair then the other boy. They also looked like Hollister models, with a lot of muscles. They walked over. "Hey, what's up? I'm Noah, this is Jonah." Noah explained while half arm hugging me he quickly stepped back and hugged Andi. Then Jonah repeated. Noah looked at Andi. "You're 15?" Noah asked. Andi nodded with a smirk on her face. "I will be in a week." Andi replied. "Really? We turn 15 in a week and a half." Jonah finally spoke with a smile. "That means one big party!" Noah almost jumped, Jonah and Andi smirked everyone laughed. The twins turned around and walked away, I heard Noah whisper. "Andi's hot man" And Noah nodding his head. I was the only one who heard it. Oliver whispered something in Andi's ear, Andi listened then laughed. A really tall guy with bronze hair walked out of the limo, he had big muscles and a sweet smile, he also looked like a Hollister model. He walked over to Andi first. "Hey Oli. You met the girls?" The boy asked. Oliver smiled and nodded his head. "Yeah! That's Charlie my best friend! This is Andi!" Oliver said while hugging Andi. The boy laughed and looked at me. "Hey guys. I'm Benjamin. You guys are both coming to our school?" Benjamin asked. "Yeah." I answered and giving him a sweet smile. "Cool! I'll see you there!" Benjamin gave us our hugs and walked off. "Benjamin is the best! You'll love him!" Oliver squirmed around while telling Andi that. I laughed and then two other boys came out. They were both tall, one had dark brown hair they other had a bronze color. They looked different yet strangely a lot like each other. The dark haired one came over. "I'm Landon." He introduced himself. He looked at Andi and gave her a hug, then Oliver a hug. Then looked over at me and smiled, his eyes went eide. My heart dropped. He gave me a hug. "You guys are Charlie and Andi?" He asked smiling. "Yup, I'm Andi and that is Charlie." Andi introduced us. I gave him my best smile. He smiled back. "That over there is Lucas. Don't mind him though, he will probably be an ass." Landon laughed. "Yuck! Bad word Landy!" Oliver yelled while cover his ears. Us three laughed. "Sorry little man!" Landon looked at Andi, he added, "You must be tired. Want me to take him?" He asked. Andi smiled. "No it's okay. I like the the little guy." She told him, while switching Oliver to the other arm. Landon smiled nodded his head and walked towards there family. "Lucas, introduce your self. Right now." Amelia demanded. Lucas looked up from his phone and shrugged, he walked over to us. "I'm Lucas. You must be Andi, and you must be-" Lucas stopped talking when he looked at me. "I'm Charlie?" I answered not going on with why he stopped. Did I have something on my face. "Right, right. Well hi. Welcome to our family. Bye." Lucas waved, walked away and went on his phone again. Caleb slapped the back of his head. "Be nice." Caleb warned. Andi, Oliver, and I walked over. They were the most beautiful family. They were honestly breath taking. All the boys in the family were at least 6'0 or taller. Well, except for Oliver. The shortest ones were Jonah and Noah, they at least had to be 6'0. It was obviously they all worked out every day. There muscles. All there smiles were gorgeous. Amelia was beautiful. They were perfect. Everyone who was walking past us in the airport couldn't help but stare. "Now that you met the family. Let's get you comfortable with the house!" Amelia smiled and they all got into the limo. Andi and I followed. *** http://www.getorlandorealestate. ! This is what I see their house looking like. It will have at least over 43 rooms though, 4 floors, 12 Bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a pool house and a deck to there dock, they have a speed boat and a potoon, so yeah! This is just so you can kind of picture it ! We pulled up to a big golden gate. We stopped for a minute. I guess so they can talk on the intercom. We moved forward again. Then stopped for good. The whole car ride was awkward and tiring. All of the boys were asking us questions, except Lucas. I just wanted to see my room and go to sleep. The door opened and Caleb and Amelia got out of the limo. I followed when I stepped out. I froze in my steps. The house was beautiful! It was bigger then three of my high schools put together They have a big fountain in the front of their lawn, and the garage is bigger then my house. "Keep walking Cash!" Andi demanded walked to the back of the car, grabbed her luggage then looked up to see the house. "Wow." Was all she said. Noah and Jonah were after her and walked up to her. "Your drooling." Noah winked. Andi shut her mouth. "Shut up." She laughed. Jonah grinned at her. "Want us to help you?" He asked her Noah smiled at her. Andi looked down at her luggage and looked back up. "Sure!" She smiled. The two boys grabbed her luggage and went inside, Andi was close behind them. I walked over to where my luggage was placed and grabbed, Lucas walked by and we bumped into each other. His phone fell and hit the ground. "Watch where you're going." Lucas snapped and walked up the stairs and into the beautiful home. "Don't mind him. He can be a really jerk.. I guess is the nice word." Nathan kidded. Benjamin, Nathan, and Landon laughed. "Ha, it's cool. I just don't really know what I did to deserve it." I replied looking back. Why did he just do that? "That's Lucas. He is over confident. Don't mind him." Benjamin smiled. "Oh I won't!" I smiled back. They were all looking at me. "Boys, help Cash get her luggage inside and help her get settled in her room, then show her around so she doesn't get lost!" Amelia instructed. "Cash?" All three boys asked. "That's my nickname." I replied looking down, shy. "Sorry dear. Yes boys, Charlie is also known as Cash. But once you are done come down stairs to eat lunch." Amelia said, she had Oliver on her hip and Caleb grabbing her luggage them three walked inside the house also. "Why do they call you cash?" Benjamin asked. "Something my dad started when I was three because I always had lemonade stands. I made 43 dollars when I was four years old from it." I looked down. Thinking of the memories. "I wish I had a nickname!" Benjamin admitted, looking at me. Obviously trying to cheer me up and making the awkwardness go away. "You do. Its Moron." Nathan joked. We all laughed again. "Come one. Let's go do what mom said." Landon insisted smiling at me. I smiled back, everyone is always so happy. Benjamin and Nathan grabbed my bags and walked ahead, me and Landon were behind them talking. "I like your dress." Landon said smiling at me. Butterflies appeared in my stomach. "Thanks. Your mom made it." I told him. "I know. She showed me. So your living with us now?" He asked me. "Yes. How old are you?" I asked him, I couldn't stand not knowing. "Me and Lucas are fraternal twin, We're 16. Nathan up there is about to turn 18 in a month. Benjamin is 17, Noah and Jonah are turning 15, Oliver is 4, and Levi is in college he is 22. Watch out though, he isn't to sweet." Landon warned me. "Thanks for the heads up." I smiled. We walked inside and the house was beautiful. I stopped in my tracks. There was two star cases going to the top, with a balcony on top. On the side of on stair case there was an elevator. On the ceiling there was a beautiful crystal chandelier. You look straight ahead there is a big hallway that goes down and turns either left or right, but you can also go straight into a glass door. That leads outside. You can see outside also, it's off a lake. "Wow.. Your house, is beautiful." I told them. They all didn't really seem to think its beautiful. " Well, it gets kind of old. You will get use to it." Nathan sighed. " I don't think so." I breathed. "Oh trust me, you'll see." Benjamin acknowledged. "Elevator or stairs?" Nathan asked. "Uh, I'll take the stairs." I answered. All the boys smiled. We all started to walk up the stairs. The second floor was beautiful! It showed where you would walk in, it was all glass. The hallway was huge! I felt like I was in a hotel. We walked down the hall, made a right then a left. We could either go left again or right up three little stairs with ten does on it. The hall went down, it stopped there, there is a window at the end of the hall looking out into the back yard, and the lake. "This is the kids hall way I guess. Each door is one of our rooms. You will tell its the kid's hallways because it is the only one that has the three stairs going up. The hallway is kind of by age I guess. But here is Levi's room on the left, mine is on the right. Then Benjamin's room is on the left, and Landon's room is on the right, Lucas's room is on the left, Your room is on the right, Noah is on the left then Jonah is on the right, Andi's is on the left then Oliver's on the right." Nathan explained. "Uh, you guys will probably have to repeat that to me later or something, ha. But why is my room in the middle?" I asked confused. "Mom made the twins and Oliver move so you feel apart of our family." Landon explained. They all walked down past three doors then on the right they walked in. I was so shocked, I was looking around. The walls were a pretty purple, there was a queen sized bed in the middle of the room, the sheets were black. A flat screen TV propped up on the wall. There was a ladder going up to a little balcony, there was another little room up there. There was a hall way, on one side there was a door to my closet that was bigger then my room and then on the other side of the hallway there was another door with a bathroom bigger then my kitchen There was two desks. One in my bathroom for makeup purposes. And one by my bed for school I was guessing. The right wall was all windows looking out to the lake and the pool. You can see the deck. The room was truly beautiful. Benjamin cut off my train of thought. "Uh, sorry but uh, the closets and dressers are full of clothes for you. Everyones room is the same way just different designs, there are drawers to put your old clothes. And your room up there is for what you want to do. If you want to add or do anything to it. Talk to my mom." He explained while setting the luggage on my bed. "Alright. Thanks! If you guys don't mind, can I shower and maybe get settled before I get the tour?" I asked with a smile. All of them nodded. "Yeah of course! It must be overwhelming. Here's your other bag. And here is a intercom call press the red button for an emergency, and the blue one to talk, the green one is for our nanny Judy, and press the blue and red at the same time for like a silent emergency, if something really bad happened." Landon explained. "Wow. Okay. Overwhelming. But I have it. Thank you." I smiled at them. They all smiled back said there goodbyes and left. "Wow." I whispered. First, I went up the ladder to see my loft. The back wall had a line of mirrors. A radio on one said of the loft and mats stacked up against the other wall. There was a note on the mirror, "Cash, I was thinking about all the things your mother said about you, and what you love to do. She mentioned dancing. So I made your loft into a dance studio. I bought you a new iPod and brought it to the best dance teacher in Beverly Hills. They put all your music on your iPod. So don't blame me if it's bad. Your new laptop is on your school desk, so you can make an iTunes account also. Oh and your room actually sound proof if you press that green button on the wall by the stereo. Press that and it is sound proof! Enjoy! Love, Amelia and Caleb." A tear slipped down my cheek. I walked around the loft it was huge! half the size of my old house. It was perfect! I got down from my loft and went into my closet. The clothes were beautiful, all fashion designer, and each kind of brand and type of clothe imaginable . I forgot about my clothes so I grabbed my luggage and went back into my closet. I put all the clothes in my drawers and hung everything up. The closet was now fully filled. I put my luggage on of the top shelfs and out of the way. Walked over to the bathroom, it was truly beautiful. I took a shower, and got dressed into Victoria Secret yoga pants and a nice tank top. I put on little bootie slippers and walked back into the bathroom, I brushed my hair and teeth, and went over to the make up desk. Every type of make up was there, new and organized. I smiled. I loved this house and family, except Lucas. Why does he hate me? I put some mascara and a little eyeliner. I never use to much makeup. I was just re-brushing my hair and then I looked through the cabinets of the bathroom there was every type of hair iron in there! I didn't really need a straightening iron since my hair was naturally straight, but the gift was nice. A tear ran down my cheek again. She didn't need to get me all of this. Its all beautiful. I need to thank her. There was knock on my door. I walked out of the bathroom and down the hall to my bed part of my room, the door opened a little voice called in. "Cashie. Mommy wanted us to check on you to see if you were hungry." Oliver called. I bent down when he saw me. "Come here little man. We? And I'm fine, are you hungry?" I asked when he ran over and jumped on me and hugged me. "Me and Landon. And yes, I'm super hungry!" Oliver squirmed. Landon came walking in the room. "Hi. Mom didn't want to scare you with the intercom yet. So we came here instead." He smiled apologetically. I stood up with Oliver still hugging me in my arms. "Oh its cool, I was just about to go down stairs. Lets go!" I smiled at him. "Alright! Well, we will meet you down there in a minute. We have to run to Oliver's room really quickly right little man?" Landon asked smiling. Oliver nodded I let him down and he ran over and grabbed Landons hand. "Alright see you in a bit!" I told them, they turned around and walked out of my room and shut my door. I grabbed my cell phone. I don't know why, and I walked out the door. I walked down the little steps and walked straight into someone. "Ouch. Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see where I was looki-" I stopped what I was saying, "Lucas?" I asked.

"Watch it-" Lucas looked up. "Oh. Charlie." He huffed looked at her for a moment then turned around and walked away. I couldn't let him do that. Not again. I took a couple step grabbed him elbow and turned him where he faced me.

"What's your problem Lucas?" I asked him, giving him all my attitude.

"You. Bye." Lucas looked me in my house. I couldn't read them. He once again turned around and walked away. I sighed. What an asshole, Oliver's door opened you can hear him down the hall giggling while Landon laughing.

"Little man, don't run to fast. You'll fall!" Landon warned. I can hear Oliver's foot steps, I crept to the side of the wall to hid, Oliver jumped down the three steps and kept running. Obviously he didn't see me, I heard Landon chuckle and walk down the steps. I jumped out.

"Rawr!" I screamed. Landon jumped and he instinctively pushed his arms out, I went flying. I closed my eyes, expecting to hit the ground, hear a thud, see black. But none of that happened. Instead I felt two strong arms around me, I waited a couple more seconds and opened my eyes. Landon was there looking into my eyes.

"Are you okay? I'm so sorry! Don't scare me!" He advised while screaming. We both laughed. Still looking into each others eyes.

"You can let me up now." I whispered looking into his eyes.

"Oh. Yeah, right. Sorry." He mumbled and lifted me up. We were both standing there awkwardly.

"Should we get something to eat?" I asked pointing to my left.

"Yeah, but if you want to go down stairs, it's behind you. That way leads to the skateboarding room."

"You guys have that?!" I asked in disbelief. He chuckled.

"How about after lunch, we go on that tour?" Landon asked while moving towards a hallway. Oliver came running back towards us and jumped into my arms.

"Best friend! Landi wouldn't stop talking about you, so we hurried and came to look for you. Then I lost Landi, but Landi found you! Yay!" Oliver shouted. I looked over at Landon. His cheeks turing bright pink.

"Oh shut up little man, I was not talking about he-"

"What was 'Landi' saying little man?" I asked Oliver giving Landon a wink.

"That you're pretty, nice, and funny. I agreed. I told him how we were best friends! Then he got all funny and said he was a monster and chased me out of the room!" Oliver giggled.

"I forgot about that... I would stop talking Oliver, or you'll get the monster grumpy!" Landon imitated a monster with a deep voice. Oliver squealed and hid his head by my neck.

"Oh no! Oliver should we run?" I asked him in mock terror. I couldn't help but smile, Landon was also smiling.

"The monster is very grumpy!" Landon's deep monster voice boomed down the hallway. Oliver started to kick his feet, even though I was holding and squeezed my neck.

"Run Cashie!" He screamed. I started to run, we were all laughing, Oliver was screaming and laughing. I heard Landon right behind us. Oliver picked his head up from my neck. He was laughing really hard.

"He's right behind us! He'll get us!" He screamed. I was kind of running straight, hoping something will look familiar to me.

"I have no idea where I am going!" I told them. I took a couple turns.

"Good, then the monster can eat you guys!" Landon grumbled. I laughed and so did Oliver. I saw the main stair case, and I slowed down. So did Landon. He jumped in front of me and scooped up Oliver and tackled him, lightly making sure not to hurt him. Landon started to tickle Oliver. Oliver thrashed and kicked. He laughed hysterically. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Cashie! Help!" Oliver screamed between breaths. I hurried and grabbed Oliver and carefully walked fast down the stairs. Me and Landon were laughing. I stopped in my tracks, both boys giving me a questioning look.

"Uh, where's the kitchen?"

"Here! Follow me!" Oliver giggled. I let him down and he grabbed my hand, us three walked in to a huge beautiful marble kitchen, the back wall was all windows and a door that went outside. You can see the lake, there was a table and beautiful chairs. A marble island. There was two doors, one leading into the living room, the other leading into another kitchen for the staff, wow, they had a staff? I women greeted me who I didn't know.

"Hello dear. I'm Judy. The nanny. You must be Charlie. You're quite a beauty and I have heard so much about you!" Judy embraced me in a hug. I smiled. She was adorable.

"Let her breathe Judy, your squeezing her to death. You'll kill her!" Landon chuckled. Lucas walked into the room.

"Keep squeezing." He demanded, took a muffin and walked out the other door into the living room. Landon made a face, looked at me apologetically smile.

"If you will excuse me for a moment." Landon said while following Lucas into the other room.

"That's Landon and Lucas for you. First, Lucas makes a rude comment. Then Landon fix's it. But they're best friends. I hardly ever see them in a real fight." Judy smiled while touching her heart. Lucas came stumbling in the room. He looked up at me.

"I'm sorry." Lucas mumbled then turned around and walked back into the living room. Landon came in with a smug look on his face.

"You didn't have to do that." I told him looking down at my shoes.

"But I wanted to." I looked back up and he smiled at me. I blushed when Amelia walked in the room.

"Hey you two, c'mon. We are waiting for you!" Amelia called out for them. Landon and I walked into the living room. Everyone was sitting at a very long beautiful table. There was another table at the end wall, which looked like a buffet. It had every type of lunch imaginable. We all grabbed our plates and stacked up on food. As we all sat down it got quite for a while nobody talked, just eating. I looked up and saw Amelia frowning at her plate.

"So Amelia, how was everyones day?" I asked, hoping to break the tension. Everyone smiled up at me, then mumbled there "Goods." Except Lucas.

"It was great, how was unpacking dear?" Amelia asked.

"It was good, thank you for my room, it's truly beautiful. The dance room is to." I smiled at her. Everyone started talking about random things to each other like school, friends, parties, and who is driving to school.


I walk back into the kitchen to see three women eating, Judy whispered something to them they both turned around and gasped. All the women got up, the two walked over to me, one short and kind of plump, and the other one tall and boney.

"Oh my, aren't you just the most precious thing ever." The shorter one squealed while hugging me.

"She's beautiful, really is. It's about time we get more girls in this house!" Said the taller one.

"Charlie this is Connie" Judy said pointing to the fat one, "And Linda." Gesturing to the tall one, she went on, "Connie is our top chef, we have three chefs. And Linda is our half maid and half nanny. Their about ten maids around here, cleaning up something." Judy explained. I was shocked. They needed ten maids? Oh well, I was about to go attempt to find my room when I heard someone call my name.

"Hey Charlie! How about that tour?" Landon asked.

"Yeah, I'd love that. Let's go."

"I'll show you the back yard first." He said and we walked out the back door.

Ther- I mean our back yard was beautiful. It had a pool, half outside and half inside. A hot tub. A basketball court, and a skate boarding section, also a batting cage. A nice place to tan, and a big tomb sort of thing, it has stairs and if you walk up you can either go down slide one, two, or three and go into the pool. There is a little gate fencing everything in. You go past the gate and there is a huge area of grass. I'm guessing this is were they play football or something. Then there is a path either going straight or to the left the left path has another garage and Landon told me thats were they keep there ATV's but they rarely ride them, and going straight leads to there dock. They have four boats, a speed boat, a pontoon, a row boat, and a paddle boat. Also a couple of jet skies. In the middle of there huge lake there is an island.

"Who else is on this lake?" I asked.

"Well, we own this whole lake, and property, it was all to much. So we give it to our friends families to live. So everyone on our lake is our close friend." He explained.

"Wow that is really cool. You have a lot of boats, I never been on a boat." I told him looking at his speed boat, he didn't say anything so I looked over at him. He was just staring at me wide eyed.

"Lets go, were going on the spe-" Landon was cut off by the sound of a jet ski.

"Hey Landon. Is that the new girl everyone is talking about?" The mysterious guy asked.

"Go away Brandon." Landon shouted.

"Aw c'mon, I want to meet her."

"Go." Landon was getting mad.

"Fine, but you can't hide her forever." He shouted, and rode off.

I laughed and so did Landon, but Landon looked distracted. He snapped out of it.

"Right here is where everyone jumps off to take a swim. It's really fun." He said walking towards the edge. I followed. Then all of a sudden I was picked up and thrown into the lake by someone, and it wasn't Landon.

"What the hell?" I screamed when I came above the water. I looked next to me and Benjamin is there laughing and Nathan and Lucas is by Landon. They were all laughing at me.

"First time in the lake Wo-" Ben got cut off by me dunking his head under water.

"Ha. Very funny guys. Now help me up." I told them, looking mad as I can at them.

"Oh don't be mad Char, we were just messing." Landon explain he gave me his hand and yanked it and he went flying into the water. Everyone started to laugh and Lucas and Nathan looked at each other both of them started to wrestle and push each other in. I snuck up on the deck, Lucas pushed Nathan in and Lucas flung his arms up.

"Victory!" He screamed but I ran into him and he flew into the water.

"I don't think so Lucas." I giggled while Lucas and all of them laughed. They all got out of the water while a worried women came over and handed us all towels then rushed back inside.

"Uh, what's wrong with her?" I asked looking back a the women.

"That's Marile. She is always worried and scared that if she messes up she will be fired. We try to calm her. But it's stuck in her head. Poor girl." Nathan explained. We all started to walk towards the house.

"Well, I guess we will have to postpone the tour... Again." I told them, "I am going to go shower.. Again!"

"Same here."

"Me to."


We all walked up towards the stairs. I acted like I knew where I was going. But I didn't have a clue I just followed them to the hallway and hoped I walked into the right room. I did. Thank god. I walked straight to the shower and while I was taking a shower I thought things were actually looking good for me.

In the middle of the night I started to dream,

My mom was laying there, dead. Her and my dad, just turning around and walking out of my life.. Like nothing was wrong. Andi went with them, I was alone.. In the pitch black, I had no family, nothing.

I woke up in a fright. I was sweating and I don't care who I was with I had to be with someone, I couldn't be alone. I quickly ran out of my room, forgetting what room Andi was in. I just ran in to the room next to me. I ran straight till I reached the bed.

"Hey! Wake up!" I was panicking I was shaking the body till it started growling I took a step back.

"Who is that? What do you wa- Oh Charlie. What's up?" The boy asked.

"Landon? I'm so sorry to bother you but can I sleep on your floor or something, I can't.. i just can't be alone right now.." I couldn't hold back, I broke down, letting the tears fall down. Landon quickly saw my face and shot up to comfort me. When I saw his body I couldn't breathe. He was the most beautiful thing I think I have ever seen, his body was a gods body. His sleepy face, was beautiful and when he was sleepy his voice was completely sexy. He came over and hugged me, I tensed up for a minute, then relaxed and hugged back. I realized I was still crying.

"It's okay. Listen, you can sleep in my bed, I promise I won't try anything. I am not like that. If you need anything I am here for you. Let's get to bed, you still need that damn tour, and it will happen." He chuckled a little, I giggled I let him go and climbed in, I snuggled under the blankets, I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep, but I needed to act like it so Landon wouldn't worry.

"Psst, Charlie.. Are you awake?" Landon whispered to me.

"Mhhm, yes. I can't sleep. Ha, why can't you sleep?" I asked him while flipping around to see him laying there looking at me.

"I don't know. A lot on my mind." He sighed. The way the moon light shined in the room, he was beautiful. Just thinking of his body. Unf.

"Want to talk about it?"

"No, what I want to talk about is what brought you in here." Landon asked with concern in his voice. I looked in his eyes. There was no point in lying.

"I just, well.. It's kind of stupid, but I had a really bad dream.. I couldn't, I mean I just can't be alone. I am so sorry to bother you..." I whispered, I'm so embarrassed.

"Trust me, you didn't bother me. I always wake up at," He turned over to look at the clock on the side of his bed, "4:00 AM."


"No. Haha"

"See, I'm sorry!" I hid my face in my hands. He pulled my hands away. I looked at him in the eyes.

"We should try to sleep." He whispered. I just nodded my head and turned around. I thought about Landon and how beautiful and sweet he was. I quickly fell into unconscious.


I woke up to giggling, I open my eyes to see Benjamin, Nathan, Jonah, and Noah smiling and Lucas scowling at us. I jumped up giving a little 'Yelp'. Which made all of them laugh louder, including Landon, who is now up. My cheeks turned bright pink.

"I'm going in my room." I mumbled, and before anyone can say anything I walked out the door.

I quickly ran to the bathroom, and took a quick shower and went into my closet and put decided wear yoga shorts and a sports bra, I went to the other side of the closet and put on flats, and looked my self in the mirror, my long brown wavy hair went down to my belly button, my flat stomach, and my belly button ring, not to sound conceded but i definitely wasn't ugly. I decided that I would dance for a little and work on my lyrical solo, I also decided to bring my high top Osiris up, just incase I wanted to do hip hop.

I went up my ladder and looked at my ipod list, I'm not gonna lie, Amelia had some good songs on here, but I was hoping she had the one I was looking for, when I found it I smiled. I plugged the iPod into the stereo, pressed the sound proof button, and played the song. I closed my eyes, and danced while the music took me away...

When the music stopped I took a breath and opened my eyes, I jumped and again, let out another 'Yelp' while I saw, again, Landon, Nathan, Benjamin, Lucas, and Noah.

"Uh, guys... Haven't you ever heard of privacy?" I asked. Making my self stay there and not run away embarrassed. All of the boy just stared at me, with a weird look on there face, all of there eyes wide and there mouths hanging open. I coughed and looked away. I couldn't help but be a little shy. All of them blinked and snapped your mouth shut.

"All right! Cash with the moves!" Benjamin jumped over to me and hugging me.

"Is it even possible to be flexible like that?!" Nathan asked while smiling at me.

"You're like a dance goddess!" Noah complimented me.

"That was seriously beautiful!" Landon smiled.

"Good moves." Lucas said in a flat voice. We all shot him a look. He turned around and walked away.

"Where is my sister? If you guys want I can show you mine and her duet for hip hop." I smiled at them, Noah pulled out his cell phone and called Jonah to tell him and my sister to get up her, and for Andi to bring her hip hop clothes. In the next 5 minutes Andi and Jonah were up here.

"Ready?" I asked.

"What song?" Andi asked me while pulling up her hair.

"Dance (ass), the one we did for fun. I miss it, lets do it." We smiled at each other, I played the song and let the music take me away.

Before I knew it the song was over and I was tackled by the ground. I was laughing my head off when all of the guys were saying how good me and Andi are, when I looked over at Jonah I saw a twinkle in his eyes any time someone mentioned Andi. He definitely liked her. We all stopped talking, or even smiling when we heard the intercom go on.

"Cash, can I see you for a moment." Caleb asked. My heart sank and everyone just stared at me.

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