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November 19, 2011
By KierstenMarie, Houma, Louisiana
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KierstenMarie, Houma, Louisiana
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Author's note: I wrote this novel to show everyone that they are not alone in this world and you can make the best of everything even if its very hard.

The author's comments:
Tell me how you feel and what you suggest should some next and if I can add anything to the chapters to make them better.

“Hey Ginger.” my friend Beth said as she got out the car.

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Stressed, Oh my goodness, we have a test today. On the first day of school can you believe that? I’m going to fail.” She said with a sad face.

“No, you won’t. You’re the smartest girl I know.” I said truthfully and added a smile. It was true. Beth was one of the prettiest girls in our school, and she was really smart. Cliché? I think not. Beth and I have been friends since second grade when some jerk was taking her cookies. I decided to give her mine. Just normal kid stuff, but we became best friends after that. We don’t talk much anymore though. People change.

“Awe, thanks a lot Ging. Good luck on your first day. See you later.” She said while giving a nonchalant hug and walked away. She always gave suckish hugs, but I never said anything.

I’ve always been a goody goody. I got good grades, did everything my parents wanted, and I never did wrong. At least that’s what I think. Sometimes I wish my life would have a little edge to it. It gets boring being good. I was the girl every mother and father wanted to have. I had long dark brown hair, slim body, and had golden eyes. I wouldn’t say I was pretty, but people always said I was.

Today was the first day of 11th grade at Maxwell High School. Every student was wishing for good teachers this year. I decided to follow the students to Guidance to get my schedule.

“Name?” asked a guidance counselor. She had a blue and gray fancy looking shirt with gray gauchos.

“Umm, Ginger Hale.”

“Grade?” She asked.

“Eleventh grade.” I said with a smile.

She was looking through a stack of papers till she stopped and checked mine for any sight of problems.

“Ahh, here we go Ms. Hale.” She sounded like a person that was giving out papers at court. She handed me the paper and I thanked her. Lets see what I have this year.

1st period World Geography Mr. Zane 8:00am-10:30am
2nd period Geometry Mrs. Leonard 10:35am- 12:05pm
Lunch 12:05pm-12:55pm
3rd period Science Mrs. Bengo 1:00pm- 3:00pm

Not bad for this semester. They seem like simple classes. The bell rung so I guess its time to go to first period.

“Hello class. Please take a seat while I introduce myself. I am Mr. Zane and I am your Geography teacher for the semester.” He was saying as he started passing out work books. “These are your work books, pass them around. Make sure everyone gets one.”
I wasn’t a social person. People I’ve been going to school with for years I didn’t know. Personally anyways. I knew their names. James Conway, a jock, with his herd of so called friends around him. I recognized Lensay Matherine, George Savort, Derek Vamures, and June Dell. James wasn’t that good looking; I don’t know why they liked him so much. Maybe for his money.

“I expect you to do 3 pages starting from page 3 every night for homework till I tell you not too.” Mr. Zane said interrupting my thoughts.

Awes came from the students. They were disappointed to have homework on the first day of school. This should be an easy class, I thought. I was always good in Geography. What’s so hard about remembering history about countries, their capitals, and where they are located?

I was walking down the hallway. The school day was almost over when I heard a voice.

“Ginger Hale is that you?” A voice I didn’t recognize asked. I turned around. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Matt? Is that really you?” I said while feeling a little dumbfounded. Of course it was him. Who else looks like that?

“Yes! It is! Isn’t this amazing? I don’t have to hide anymore.” He said happily.

“Oh.. My.. God. That’s amazing.” I said while giving him a big hug.

I was surprised. Matt is an assassin. I haven’t saw him in 3 years because he’s been hiding away from his so called “Master”. He had never wanted to be an assassin. He didn’t like killing people. He was one of the sweetest guys you would have ever met. Meeting him you would have never thought he was something like that. He has blonde hair to the length of this chin with beautiful green-blue eyes. He was tall and muscular.

“ I know. I’m glad I can finally be out in public. Master Hillan was killed and a new person took over. So as far as I know I can come out in public, but I have to keep on the down low.” He said babbling on and on.

“Matt, Matt, Slow down. Take a deep breath.” I said. He stopped talking right away and was taking deep breaths. I finally decided to take a good look at him. He didn’t change much. He was still the same good looking kid he’s always been. What is….

“What happened to your neck?” It was a long scar. It started at the bottom of his ear and who knew where it ended.

“No biggy. I’ll explain later.” He said while touching his neck. “For now lets celebrate. Me and you go down to the best restaurant in town.”

“Okay, after school call me.” Bloomington didn’t have many good restaurants, but I’m glad to see Matt. I just wonder why he’s acting a little strange. I wonder what happened while he’s been gone and how he got that awful scar.

“Okay, I will. See you later Ginger.” He said walking away.

“Bye Matt.” I don’t think he heard me.

“Hey Ginger, How was your first day at school?” My mom asked as I walked into the door. She had a big smile on her face.

“It was good momma. Thanks.” I said half-lying. “I’m going to go to my room and take a nap.”

“Okay hunny. Good night.”

I decided to walk in the bathroom and stare at the mirror and see if it was me that wasn’t normal. Nothing was unusual. My hair was there, perfectly. My eyes were still the same golden color they’ve always been. I think I’m just stressed. Maybe I should sleep.

I was wearing blue jeans, a purple T-shirt, sneakers, and a blue jacket. The same thing I went to sleep in. The smell of fresh water hit my nose. I was on a beach. I didn’t know which beach. Maybe the one on the Atlantic coast, But I’ve never been to the beach. Why would I dream about it?

“Hello Darling.”

I turned around.

“Who said that?” I said frightened.

“I’m warning you. Something bad is going to happen. Lies you’ll never believe possible before your eyes coming out.”

“What? What are you talking about?”

Yupp, I’m definitely scared now.

“Nothing is what it seems young princess.”

Young princess? I’m not a princess. Just then he showed his face. He was hidden behind a palm tree. It wasn’t there before. Was it? I’m going crazy. He had gorgeous brown curly hair, not nappy. It was perfect. He had hazel eyes that reminded me of honey. I didn’t know why it reminded it of honey either.

“Who are you? Don’t hurt me, please.” I was so scared I wanted to cry.

“You will know who I am soon enough. I am here in your dream to warn you. Nothing is what it seems.”

I stepped back just then.

“Please don’t hurt me.” I said over and over again, hoping this was all a nightmare.

“I won’t hurt you darling. I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to warn you.” He said sweetly. Almost too sweetly that it freaked me out.

“Who are you then?” I repeated.
I saw he had a sword; he was dressed all in black. He looked like a God, before I knew it he disappeared.

“Nooooo!” I yelled. “Don’t leave yet!”

What happened? What happened? I kept thinking over and over.
Just then I realized Matt never called me.

It was early morning. It had to be around 6:00. I got ready for school and went down stairs to get some breakfast.

“Good morning Ginger, want eggs and toast?” Mom said while looking at Dad.

“Yeah, Sure.” She handed me a plate and I sat down at the table and ate.

“Hey Dad.” I said.

“Hey.” He said flatly.
I looked at Mom with a confused expression. She just looked sad. Everything was fine yesterday. What happened?

“I’m going to school, bye.” I said fast, trying not to look too concerned, and walked out the door. As soon as I got to the car I knew I forgot my keys.

“Damn it!” I cursed, and walked back inside. I heard mumbling noises coming from my parents room. What’s going on? They never fought before. I decided to sneak toward the door and snoop.

“….. you have to tell her.” My mom was saying.

“How? She has been a good girl and we raised her this way for a reason.”

“I know sweety, but I think it’s time. She’s 17 years old and she deserves to know the truth.”

“Okay, Okay. We’ll tell her tonight when she gets home.”

What do they need to tell me? I ran up to my room to get my keys. When I got them I walked back downstairs. They looked at me.

“I forgot my keys.” I said and left the house and headed for school.

I can’t believe they are acting that way. What are they suppose to tell me? They never acted this way before? Did I do something wrong?

“Hey, watch it.” Matt said.

“Oh, sorry.” I said embarrassed for running into him. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“It’s okay. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, why didn’t you call me last night?”

“I tried. Your parents were saying you couldn’t talk.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Meet me at the Mid-Hudson Buffet at 4 sharp.”

“Okay. See you later.”

“Bye.” He said.

So I guess I’m going eat Chinese. Yum. My favorite.

School has been going by so fast lately. Sometimes I forget I even go. It’s 3:45, I’m early. I looked around the parking lot to see if Matt was here yet, but he wasn’t. He’s nowhere to be seen. I got out the car and walked towards the restaurant. My car was an old BMW, but it still worked.

“How may I help you?” A Chinese women at the counter asked her.

“Table for two, please.” I said as formally as she could. I decided to wear my best blue jeans and a nice formal red tank top. I thought I looked good.

“Right this way.”

I followed.

I waited and waited. It’s 4:40pm. He’s 40 minutes late and he was telling me to be on time. Maybe I should leave. Then I saw him walk through the door.

“Sorry I’m late. I had some things to do.” Matt said. He looked tired.

“It’s okay. Sit down.” I said with a smile.

Poor Matt. He was always busy these days.

“I remember how you always wanted to come here. You always loved Chinese food.”

I blinked in surprise. “Yeah, It still is. That is something that will never change.” I’m surprised he remembered. We haven’t saw each other in a long time, and why was he bringing this up anyways?

“Your still very pretty like I remembered.” Okay, this is getting sort of freaky. He continued, “I remember when it was late December and it would snow. You would always want to make ice cream out of the snow. It was your mission every year, and I would help. But every year we would fail.” He had a frown on his face like he was living old memories.

He was right. I’ve always wanted to know how ice cream would taste with snow. I stopped doing that after he left.

“Yeah, we never knew what to use to make it taste good.”

“I never wanted to leave you, you know that right?” I nodded and he continued on.
“ I never wanted to make you unhappy then all of a sudden I had to leave. I’m sorry for that Ginger.”

Is this why he wanted to come? To tell me that he was sorry for leaving?

“It’s okay Matt. At least you’re here now. Friends forever.” I smiled.

“Friends forever.” He repeated.

The food got here and we started to eat.



“ You still never told me about the scar on your neck.”

“You want to know the truth?” He said.

“Of course I do.” Why would I want him to lie to me?

“Okay, I want you to know that I’m not really an assassin first.” Huh?

“What you mean?” Seriously. I’m getting confused here. If he isn’t an assassin then what the f*** is he?

“I told you that to keep you safe. Bad things are going to happen and I need you to know the total truth now. You need to believe me.”

“I believe you. Go on. Tell me everything.”

“My brother and I fought and he’s the one that left the scar on my neck.”

“You have a brother?” I asked feeling dumbfounded.

“Yes, and he’s dangerous. Can you answer a question for me?”

“Sure anything.” I said. I have nothing to hide. Obviously. But it looks to me all my life he’s been lying to me about what he is. I thought we were best friends?

“Has anything weird been going on? Any weird dreams? Hallucinations?” He asked. He seemed serious. Why would he want to know what my dreams are?

“ I had a weird dream a few nights ago.”

“Is that all?”

“Yes, I think so.”

“It can’t be happening now. No, no, no.” he whispered.

“What shouldn’t be happening?”

He ignored what I said and asked, “What was it about?”

“I was on a beach. Weird because I’ve never been to the beach before. A guy was saying that nothing was what it seemed, that there’s a lot of lies going around, and that something bad is going to happen, why?”

Why does he need to know this?

“What does the guy in your dream look like?”

“He had brown curly hair and hazel eyes. Why are you wanting to know about this?” Come on. Tell me something. I’m getting worried.

“What was he wearing?” He looked mad.

“Umm, he was dressed in all black and he had a sword.” He looked like a God, but I wasn’t going to tell him that. “Are you going to tell me why you want to know now?”

“That’s not a dream.”

“How isn’t it a dream?” I demanded to know.

“It’s real. He got to you while you were sleeping.”

“Who got to me?”

“That was my brother.” He looked like he didn’t want to say anymore than that.
He hesitated and said, “I’m not an assassin like I said. I’m a dark angel. One that chooses to do good, and well… My brother he’s dangerous.. And Ginger.. “ He looked like he was going to hit something.


“He’s coming for you. We can’t let him.” Is he joking? Angels aren’t real.

“When your not joking around and decide to tell the truth then talk to me. Because nothing of what you are saying is true. Dark angels aren’t real.” I yelled at him. “ I’m leaving.”

“Ginger wait. I want to tell you something.” Ginger stopped and looked at him.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the truth before when you would believe me, I just couldn’t.” Why is he telling me lies? Does he know how to stop? “I love you Ginger. I always have since I met you. I’ll do anything to keep you safe.”

“I hate you! Leave me alone!”

I walked out the restaurant before he could say another word. I ran to her car and sat down. Tears running down my face. Why is he lying to me? He was supposed to be my friend and now he’s saying that his brother is after me. Dark angels aren’t real. Are they?

“Mom, Dad, you home?” I yelled throughout the house. I repeated it over and over, but every time I didn’t get an answer. I wonder if they went out to eat or something. I decided to walk through the house to see if they would be sleeping, but they are normally in the kitchen when I get home.

I stopped, mountains of tears came tumbling down. Oh no. This can’t be happening. Please let this be a nightmare. I’m sleeping, I have to be. My parents were in the kitchen waiting for me to get home so they can tell me what they wanted to tell me. When I opened my eyes everything was still the same. My mom was laying on the floor of her bedroom with a sword through her chest and her dads throat had been sliced. I couldn’t even bare to look at it. It was nothing you could imagine. It was the worst thing to see in your whole life. Your own parents dead in your own home. I ran to her Dad to see if he was still breathing, but he wasn’t. He had to have been dead for hours, and my mom wasn’t breathing either. I looked at my moms hand and she was holding a piece of paper. It read:

Ginger, we are sorry. Both me and your father for you to have to see this. We love you dearly, yes, but we didn’t want to go through it. There’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you. You are not our identical child. You were given’ to use to raise when you were very little. Your real mom was a telepath and your dad was a white angel. They are both dead so its no use to find them. People, Very special people, not human, want you because you are important to them. Why? Because you have very special talents. I know your friend Matt is a dark angel and he’s someone you could trust. You have great gifts coming and you need to learn how to use them wisely. It is your mission to bring peace to this world. Bad things are coming. We don’t want the police investigating this. So please leave. We love you.
- Mom and Dad

I, I, I can’t believe this. I’m not human. These aren’t my real parents, and my real parents are dead. Now I have to go through this alone. Wait, no I don’t have to go through this alone. I have Matt. I feel like a dumbass because I didn’t believe him. I should call him.

“Hello?” he answers.

I started crying.


“Yes. I’m sorry for not believing you. Please come over and meet me in my room, asap.”

“Okay, I’ll be right over.”

Thank goodness he’s not mad at me.

*line ends*

A few seconds later I hear a knock at my door and jump. That was fast.

“Come in.” I say, barely speaking. “Read this.” I hands him the paper I found in my moms hand.

He examined the paper like it was some lost treasure. His face expression hardened. It changed from utter worry to fear. I could see in his eyes that he was not okay.

“What’s wrong?” I said. Obviously it was a stupid question. Everything is about to change. Nothing was okay now.

“Your sure your, umm, mom wrote this?”

“I’m positive. It’s her handwriting. I would know that.” I was getting scared now. I knew it was my mom’s handwriting. She has wrote school excuses for me when I was sick. It looked the same. I was sure, I had to be.

“I think Gabriel was here.” He said.

“Who?” I asked.

“My brother, he has to have been here, and nothing is going to stop him till he gets his hands on you.” The room was in complete silence.

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