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Stealing the Night

November 19, 2011
By ML.Sammy BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
ML.Sammy BRONZE, Hamilton, New Jersey
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When 15 year old Sami discovers that her mother comes home beaten everyday by her father, Sami decides to take matters into her own hands. She then picks up a rifle and shoots her father. The police gets information of this and tries to go after Sami and her siblings. Trying to hide their identities, they decide to dress up as boys and take on the boy life. They later ally with a group of orphan boys. But when the boys discover who Sami and her siblings really are, they kick them out of their group and turn them into the police. Sami and her sisters are later charged with murder. Realizing what they have done, the young boys help Sami and her siblings get out of jail and they reunite.


Stealing the Night

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