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Saved By Him

September 26, 2011
By humblewriter2011, eustis, Florida
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humblewriter2011, Eustis, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"While you try to make someone love you, you lose the ones who really care."

Foot steps warily approach me and I can hear the intake and outtake of
his breath. His plan to catch me by surprise has already faltered. He
comes armed, and might I say a very good selection of weaponry. He
carries a pistol and a wooden stake. The pistol won't help but the
stake will. I'm guessing he hadn't quite figured out what I was yet
and decided to bring choices. The choice was vampire or werewolf. If
this goes down in my favor he thinks I'm a werewolf, but if not I will
have to take caution. He is getting closer only about twenty more
yards to go. Since he is aware of my supernatural abilities then he
knows I am armed as well. But with stronger and more disguised
weapons. I decide to wait letting the table turn so that I have
control. He may know these woods, but not as well as I do. I ponder
over what to do next and my decision becomes clear. I will have to
disarm him then go for the attack. There is no use of attacking if he
is armed with deathly weapons. He has reached his destination. And
also his death.

I first came to the agency three years ago when I was 13. I had just
discovered what a horrible monster I was and what I was capable of
doing. One day when I was on my "nightly run" I was about to make my
kill when a girl came up and stopped me. I tried to get around her but
she was very skilled and strong. After she had calmed me down she
explained how I didn't have to be like this and how I could be better
and help people. And since then I have been with them. I walked back
to my house and decided to take a shower then report that my job has
been completed. I drove my car, which is a Porsche, back to the hotel
near my house. The hotel is where the agency is currently staying. I
knock on the door and whisper a saying in Japanese. We created this so
that we can stay hidden. Marc let's me in. Marc is the second in
command around here.
"Took you long enough Evangeline" he whispers. He is always a joker
but he doesn't laugh when I playfully punch him in the arm. Instead he
whimpers in pain.
"Should’ve see that one coming Marc, you know how easily her fume
lights. Glad your back Evangeline how'd it go?" questions Kris,
another vampire in the agency.
"Same old same old. Just a guy who thinks he is all tough because he has
a gun. Yeah it was fun though when he cried in fear" I told him. He
laughed at that. Then I heard a faint step coming from the hallway.
And turned to see Veronica, the leader and the girl who saved me that
day. “Did anyone see you?" she questions as she walks by.
"None and the body were disposed of. What did you do tonight?" I
replied. She hated it when we tried to get in her business, but I
didn't care. She stopped walking and spun on her foot. Both guys
walked away aware of what I had just done. Babies.
"If you really want to know I went to check out another agency like
ours except they don't have vampires in it. They seemed highly trained
and looked qualified enough to join us. And for future times, stay out
of my business or we will have a problem Evangeline" Veronica turned
away towards her room and left. Ugh, she thinks she is so big just
because she started this but really she is just a big headed brat. So
I walked into the kitchen where both Marc and Kris whispering.
"So how'd it go this time?" Marc asked. He also knows Veronica and I
don't get along.
"She talked about joining with another group. Which I think we
shouldn't but hey, she is the boss." I turn toward the fridge and pull
out a water bottle.
"I mean how much could they help us? We have vampires they don't and
on top of that more people mean more attention. And I think we don't
need that but hey that's just my opinion. “I sarcastically point out.
"Well there has to be a good reason or she wouldn't do it so we just
have to trust her." Kris said. I just stalked off towards my room.
Hopefully she will learn not to be such a brat. All you can do is hope.

The alarm sounds and we all get dressed and ready for an ASAP meeting.
All you can hear as we head towards the meeting room is the charge of
boots and groans of people.
We are all wondering the same thing, why is he calling an ASAP meeting
at three in the morning? He usually waits till at least six, never had
a meeting like this before.
When we get to the room we see our leader and some other girl. She
looks about nineteen maybe twenty. We all are curious but we sit down
and prepare to be given a new mission or some important news.
"I have called all of y'all here to discuss a new movement. We will
join forces with another clan of hunters. Their leader, Veronica, has
gladly come to discuss different things about the movement. So pay
attention. “He walks away and gives Veronica the stage.
"Thank you Klaus, well I came here to observe your abilities. I know
you have had numerous successful missions and have splayed many
vampires. But it all comes down to how you will cope with my clan. We
are very special in many ways. First of all we have only ten members
compared to your thirty, and most special if all, we have two vampires
on our side. This may confuse you but let me finish. Thy have sworn to
help us and to only feed off of animals. Ever since they joined our
group we have become as successful as yours. That's very hard to do
with only ten people. So with that said tomorrow we will do a meet and
greet with both of our groups and then make further decisions. Thank
you" she walks away and says something to Klaus before heading out. I
can't believe it! She must be crazy to allow vampires in her group.
That's who we are trying to kill! I can't even begin to think why
Klaus even considered joining groups! Well at least now I can go back
to sleep but I'm still going to dread the meeting we have when we wake

"wake up!"
"Own!" I screech. He can be so ruff!
"That’s what you get for punching me last night." marc explains. I rub
my head and head towards the kitchen to grab breakfast when I see
"morning, how'd you sleep?" she asks.
"Great, so what are we doing today?" I saunter off to grab some blood
to heat up. I like it better fresh but I'm to lazy.
" well we are going to meet the new clan I told y'all about last
night. They need to get along with you guys or this won't work. So get
dressed and be ready in thirty minutes. I'm going to get some donuts,
want some marc?" she says over her shoulder. Marc yells sure from his
room, and then she walks out the door. I head to my room and slip on some
jeans and a shirt and grab my leather jacket. I pull on my boots and
head to the bathroom to finish getting ready. After fixing my hair I
round up all the other hunters and we head to meet the other clan.

" on your best behavior today because the other clan is going to
be here. Be nice and welcoming. And don't challenge them or you will
get from me. Ah, here they are. “General Klaus turns towards the
double doors. First Veronica walks in head high and with eyes that
could kill. Behind her two guys walk side by side whispering something?
I can tell the one on the right is one of the vampires. Then the other
vamp walks right behind them both having the same expression as
Veronica. But she looks allot prettier. Her black hair hangs down past
her shoulders. You can see the blue tint illuminating her hair. She
has a nice frame she looks fragile but I bet otherwise. Her hazel eyes
look mysterious and really adds to her beauty. What am I saying? She
is a vamp, end of discussion. They walk to the front. Then he starts
introducing them one by one.
" this fellow here is Marc. Next to him is Kris, one of the two
vampires in this clan. Next to Kris is Evangeline the second
vampire.........." he goes down the line introducing all of them. When
he finishes they disperse and the greetings and mingling begin. Nobody
walks up to me but I can see allot of my friends talking to them. I see
that Evangeline is standing alone. Why not welcome her? I walk towards
her and notice that she has a smirk on her face. I winder why.
"Hi, my name is Dander, I saw you standing alone and decided to keep
you company. “I give her my best smile. She stares daggers at me then
a wicked smile spreads across her face.
" thank you, but your company won't be needed dander, I was just about
to leave actually. I don't like this movement thing, I mean we are
fine being separate. But Veronica is a little hard headed, and also
she has the leading skills of a squirrel. Maybe it's because she is a
human or maybe it's because she never had the proper guidance. The
world may never know......" she turns on her heel and starts towards
the door. But I spin her back around. I guess she didn't like it very
well because she grabbed my hand and twisted my arm and pulled it
behind my back in just one second.
"Now listen here Dander, nobody touches me and gets away with it. So
for future occasions don touch me. Got it?" she releases my arm and
stalks off.

I need to cool off. I head towards the one place that will help me
right now. I shouldn’t have gone off on him like that. I mean, what did
he do? Try to help me? Keep me company? Why is that such a crime? I
should probably go back and apologize but where will that take me?
Probably look like a stressed out vamp that needs a chill pill. When
really he just catches me off guard. Nobody has done that in a long
time, not since Veronica. But that problem ha thankfully died off.
Suddenly everything changes. My stress is released and my mind is
clear. I have reached my solace. This place hasn't changed much. The
Happiness still flows through this place. Many memerories have been
made here.

California, 1999

my mom thought that we should go out as a family and have a picnic
together at the park. So we packed a basket and headed out. Once we
got there mom spotted a beautiful domed pavilion that had four
pillars which had an angel on the front of them. It was all made of
stone, hand carved and beautiful. We sat underneath it on an
outstretched checkered sheet. Mom prepared the food while dad and I
walked over towards the swings. We sat there talking about childish
"Damien, Evangeline, it's time for lunch!" she called. We raced over
and dad had let me win. We ate delicious chicken salad sandwiches with
pasta salad. After eating we walked down to the pond and fed bread to
the ducks. Little did I know that was the last time I would see my
happy cheerful parents.

We head to training. Today I’m going to work on my defensive moves.
They are very important.
"Ok Dander, I want you to come at me and try to stake me." Klaus says
as he finishes up his stretching. This means my butts going to get
whooped. So I stand in my position and advance forward to strike a
kick at his face. He goes to reach for my leg but with me being fast
and all I switch legs in mid air and he takes a blow to the face. Then
while he is stunned I swipe my leg by his foot and knock him
backwards I grab my stake and raise it over his heart.
" impressive," he grunts " now it's my turn" he gets up with a sly
grin. Now this will be the hard part. I stand ready to take a blow. He
goes for a punch and I grab his hand and twist but he untwists and
knocks me smack dab in my left cheek. I falter then he goes for a kick
which I dodge. Then I'm about to go for a punch so I spin and am about
to serve him the blow when he had the same idea and my face gets
punched in. Not the greatest feeling in the world.
" remembers the best offense is defense. Or u will get even worse than
that. “Klaus gets up and heads to the showers, I decide to hit the
bags and work up my arm. After about an hour, I head to the showers
and wash the pain away.

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