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An Angel's Hell

September 24, 2011
By Amieblossom, Garden Grove, California
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Amieblossom, Garden Grove, California
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"If I had to chase your soul to the ends of eternity, I won't stop until I find you, I promise."-Ash, from The Iron Knight

Author's note: My inspiration for this piece is from the Blue Blood Series and a novel called Personal Demons. Although I got ideas from those books, all of my ideas in this novel is my own. I hope readers enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it.

Chapter 1
Azriel’s POV
It was like watching a horror movie in front of me, the blood seeping onto the carpet like the black venom in Spider-Man 3, and the man screaming for mercy as big guys with guns beat the s*** out of him. And like a true mafia, there was always the big guy, with the fedora, expensive suit, and a cigar hanging from his lips as he sat on a big chair, behind a desk, watching the scene with smile on his face. Except this time, his seventeen year old daughter is also in the room. And no, she was not smoking a damn cigar, thank you very much.
“Enough boys,” my father gestured them to stop with his hand and the big guys immediately backed off.
My father, Lionel Helson (better known as Cerberus) looked like any middle-aged father, I suppose, except he sometimes he radiated malice instead of warmth. Instead of making dinner for you every night, he makes dinner for his pet lion out of human flesh instead. He has dark brown hair, piercing and cunning blue eyes, a cruel mouth, and looks like a true powerful man that can kill you with a single gesture.
“So, you see, Sid? Either get the money that you owe me by tomorrow at noon, or I will have my boys finish what they started. And mark my words; they will be using all types of devices when they do. It’s a hobby of theirs,” he said with an evil smile.
Sid immediately staggered up from the ground and limped out of the door as fast as he could, which wasn’t very fast since I’m thinking that most of the bones in his body are either bruised or broken from the abuse.
“How is my little princess doing?” my father asked me with a fond smile.
I looked at him and shrugged, “Just working on my essay for English, dad.”
“That’s my girl. After this, why don’t you and I go for some rounds in the shooting range?” he suggested and I gave him nod.
“Good,” he said and returned to his desk where he started counting money from a big envelope.
I don’t understand the reason why he insisted on me being with him when he tortures his victims. I mean, ever since I was twelve, he would call me in and make me sit on the couch next to his desk and would speculate him telling his men to start punching the victim’s to death. I did this so much that I built immunity to it; I no longer close my eyes or flinch for the sight, I learned to keep my face expressionless as I watched them beg for mercy.
And I am assuming that you can guess what I am. Exactly. The daughter of the gang leader, mobster, mafia leader, drug lord, and illegal-of-all kinds trafficking. The offspring of the man who controls everything in this part of town. The child of the man who had made many lives hell. Maybe that is why his nickname is “Cerberus.” Fitting, isn’t it?
Truth to be told, living my life is not all cracked up to be. Yes, I live in a mansion and get everything I want, but I don’t take that for granted. In fact, I hated here. It makes me feel fake. Throughout my years in school, I don’t have a single friend. Yes, I have fake ones; those who tried to befriend me because they are scared my dad would kill their family or those who tried to get close to me so they could kidnap me for ransom. And trust me, those that tried never succeeded. And it wasn’t my dad you fought them off, it was me.
Don’t believe me? Fine, but don’t be surprised when I tell you that I have mastered all type of self defenses, know how to use every type of weapons, and can kill a person with three fingers. Two fingers on a good day.
“Azriel, you ready?” my dad asked me as he got up from the table and I nodded, closing my laptop after I saved my document to my USB.
His men took positions behind us and my dad and I exited the door and into the long hallway that resembles the most luxurious hotels. The hallway contained many famous paintings and photographs that are most likely to be stolen. Hey, I’m just stating the facts here.
There were also numerous of rooms that had many purposes to them. For example, room 1-5 is for where my father keeps traitors, enemies, or those who owed him and refuse to pay. Those rooms are also where screams and cries seem to be coming out from the most. The rest of the rooms are either for the guards, or the recreational room, or the room where weapon are kept.
In this house, it’s hard to tell which room is safe to enter, because no rooms in here are safe. As a matter of fact, this house is where deaths occur in every direction. Well, except my room which in on the top floor. My room is the only room where no blood had been spilled. It was like a virgin in a group of those who already gave up their V-card.
After going through the hallway, down the massive staircase, out pass the dining room, pass the bustling kitchen where cooks were making tonight’s dinner, and out the back door, we finally reached out shooting range.
It was already afternoon, so the sun was almost setting, yet there was enough light for both of us to shoot.
The two targets are already placed about 60 feet in front of us, and I put on my glasses and ear muffs. One of the men handed me my rifle and I took it from him, trying to get comfortable with the new weight in my hands.
“Ready?” my dad asked, and I nodded.
“After you,” he gestured, and I aimed.
The weapon is held in alignment with my arms, as I gained my footing, breathed, and shot. Although the noised is muffled, I can still hear the shot rang out as I empty the magazine under ten seconds. After I was done, I lowered the rifle, and turn to my father who was giving me a proud look.
“How did it go?” I asked him.
“Every shot when in the middle. I’m proud to call you my daughter,” he smiled at me, and then shifted forward, getting ready to shoot.
Multiple shots rang out, and soon, he was done. I looked at his target with my binoculars and saw that his shot was less perfect than mine, but it was still precise.
“Mr. Helson, there is a lady outside who request to see you,” our butler, Thomas, informed my father.
“Who is she?” he asked, with a little bit of curiosity in his voice.
After all, he had many women who “visits” and “requests” to see him. It was like a routine.
“She said that her name was Beatrice,” Thomas answered, and my father smirked a little.
“Send her into my office, Thomas,” my dad ordered, and Thomas bowed respectfully to both my father and I before walking into the house.
After he left, Dad turned back to me with an apologetic smile on his face.
“I’m sorry to cut this short, princess, by daddy has to go take care of a guest. Why don’t you go eat dinner and get some rest for school tomorrow?”
“Sure, dad,” I gave me a bland smile and he kissed me in the forehead before walked away with his men, leaving me alone in the now dark shooting range.
I wasn’t disappointed, since I was all use to this lifestyle, but I just sometimes wish I grew up with a normal father instead of a devil incarnate. I sighed inwardly, and plopped down on the grass. It was now pretty dark and I looked up in the sky and smiled.
“Hi, Mom. How is it going up there?” I said aloud.
“I miss you so much, Mom.” I whispered, and tears started falling from my eyes before I knew it.
I haven’t cried since the day I found out that my mother had been murdered by a mugger when I was 8 years old. She was walking to her car after work one night and out of nowhere came a mugger and he kidnapped her. She was then taken somewhere in the woods and the mugger stabbed her, took all her money, then buried her body somewhere deep in the woods. My dad, who was a second in command gang leader back then, sent out a search party for her. They found a trail of blood and found her body buried deep beneath some mud and dirt.
That was the day that changed my life forever. I had a hard time coping since it was too much for an eight year old too handle. The only thing that kept me somewhat sane was the fact that my father was there with me when I cried. He would pat my head, and tell me that he will be here for me no matter what.
My life then again changed when my father got a promotion in the gang he is in. He was now the leader, and he had the reputation of a ruthless killer. Everyone knew him respected him or feared him, and he made sure that those who don’t paid the consequences. He only gained more power throughout the years, and soon, money began piling up. And so do the dead bodies.
He then decided to train me how to deal with weapons of all sorts as well as self defense moves. To add to the list, he would make damn sure that I was there to witness when he had his men beat the s*** out of people also. It scared me in the beginning, but soon, I stopped caring. I made myself feel empty, numb, and robotic. You can say he’s training me to be like him, devoid of all feelings because showing feelings is a sign of weakness.
I wistfully look at the sky one last time and smiled slightly.

“I love you, mom,” I said one last time before straightening up and fix my face so it can be a mask of nothingness. Like I said, emotions are weaknesses and now way in hell am I weak.

Chapter 2
Michael’s POV
I stared at my sparring partner and my best friend, Josh, as I tested his movements. I took a step to the left, which he mistakenly fell for, and then I attacked. Adrenaline kicked in as I quickly raised my arm to punch him, which he quickly blocked. I hooked my leg around his feet, and he fell backwards onto the mat. I had him pinned down beneath me.
“Dude, I let you win,” Josh claimed as I help him stand up.
“Sure, you did, man. Is that why you fought back ?” I inquired, with my eyebrow raised.
Josh flipped me the bird and I chuckled in amusement. Around us, most guys are working out, running on the treadmill, or lifting weights. Some were sparring also. Here at FBI Academy, where we are trained to be future FBI agents, we trained like hell, and when we slack off, our life is hell. Trust me, I would know because me and Josh have been punished a million of times before. From running 50 miles nonstop, to doing 3000 pull-ups, we have experienced it all.
“Yo, Mikey! Director wants to see you,” Weston, one of my buddies, called out to me from the entrance and I gave him a salute to show that I understood.
“Shit, Michael, what the hell did you do this time?!” Josh demanded, and I shrugged.
“Nothing that I could recall,” I told him, and slapped him on the back as I grabbed my towel and put it around my neck as I walk towards the door.
“Thanks, man,” I said to Weston and he gave me a nod before leaving.
I walked out of the door and into the long hallway that held our bedrooms. It was long, but I finally reached the elevator and pressed the button to the very top level. The door dinged open and I gingerly stepped out, and up to the double door.
Before I could knock, Director yelled, “Enter!”
This guy is telepathic. Creepy.
I entered the office and there sat the director, Sampson Travail, a man a little over thirty with short cropped hair, kind gray eyes, and a smile with heavy laugh lines. Don’t be fooled, he is also the man who gives out severe punishments like washing toilets and scrubbing the gymnasium’s floor. He is also the man who happened to take dispatch a bomb in the White House under 10 seconds and took 50 armed terrorist all by himself. This guy is a legend.
“Do sit down, Michael,” he gestured to the chairs in front of him and I immediately obeyed.
“Michael, you have been here with us ever since you were 8 years old, and for 10 years, you have been one of my best recruits. Which is why I’m proud to say that you have been chosen for your first mission,” he stated, with a proud fatherly look on his face.
“Really?” my mouth was wide open and I couldn’t help but smile excitedly.
“Yes, really. But let me tell you something, Michael, this mission that you are about to do is not like any other. I’m asking you now if you are up for it. If not, then I can have Josh, who graduated today just like you, to do it.”
My face turned serious and I spoke truthfully when I said, “Sir, I accept the mission.”
Sampson studied me for a moment longer before nodding approvingly.
“Alright then,” he said, and he clicked a button on a small black device.
The wall behind him moved and a flat television popped out. Sampson clicked on another button and the screen showed a middle-aged man. From his sly blue eyes to devilishly handsome face, it was given that this guy is powerful, and he had money to prove it. He wore a dark suit, and golden chains around his neck. This guy looks like he was the head of his mafia.
“This is Lionel Helson, or Cerberus, and judging from the look on your face, I can tell that you know who he is. Yes, he’s the gang leader and the main mafia leader. He controls all sorts of illegal trade from here in Illinois to all over the world, but mostly to Russia. His trade consists of drugs and women, and sometimes children also.”
When he said that, I clenched my fist and resisted the urge to punch something. This reminded me when I was 8 years old, before I joined the academy. It was murky, but I remembered my mother and sister’s face when they were taken away from me by some men. I was hiding in the corner so they didn’t see me, but I saw them, and what I saw was pure malice. That was the last time I saw them.
“What am I suppose to do?” I turned to the director and he had a look of understanding in his eyes.
He knew my past, because he was the one that rescued me, but that didn’t mean that I was willing to elaborate with him.
“Michael, your job is to go undercover and report back to us everything you can find out about his illegal trafficking, unauthorized weapons, and drugs dealing. Make sure you do this ahead of time because we need to be there at the scene to stop him from doing it, understand?” and I nodded.
“Stay undercover, and eliminate anyone who stands in your way or is suspicious of you,” he told me seriously.
I nodded once more, and waited to be dismissed.
“Oh, and one more thing that I probably should tell you, Michael,” he told me in a strained voice that immediately caught my attention.
“What is it?” I asked.
“Lionel has a seventeen year old daughter,” Sampson said quietly, and my eyes widen in surprised.
“Azriel Helson was born to Lionel Helson and Monica Riley, but Monica had died when Azriel was eight years old. Lionel raised her, and let’s just say that Azriel childhood was not like most,” Sampson said in a sad tone.
“What should I do with her?” I asked curiously.
Sampson looked me in the eyes and sighed, “Nothing. Don’t interact with her because no matter what she looks like or how she acts, she’s dangerous. She knows how to use all sorts of weapons and has mastered self-defense. I can honestly say that she’s is as good as you.”
I narrowed my eyes, “No one is as good as me.”
Sampson chuckled, “Trust me on this one. You don’t want to mess with Azriel.”
I said nothing, but I couldn’t help but felt a little horrified at her name. “Azriel” means the Angel of Death in Hebrew, and that somehow really bothered me. Why would someone name their child after a death angel? Unless, the father was Cerberus, the mafia leader.
“Your stuff is already in your room, and you will leave tomorrow. In your bag, you will also see your key to your new apartment. It’s is really close to Cerberus’s mansion, so I suggest you keep a watchful eye around you. Oh, and remember this, Michael, keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. I have a feeling that you will use that motto exceedingly from now on.”
With a final goodbye to the Director, I opened the door and walked down the hall. Today would be the last day I am a recruit in this Academy, because tomorrow, I am a full-fledged agent out to spy on the Mafia leader. This ought to be good.

The author's comments:
This chapter is dedicated to Country_Storm_Inspired. Thank you so much for being my first comment! You are extremely awesome. (:

Chapter 3 Azriel’s POV Everything about my father is weird and making me go to school is one of them. I mean, we are technically rich as hell but he refuses to get me a private tutor. Instead, he makes me go to a school called the Spectrum School, where girls are sluts and the guys f the sluts. I believe I’m the only girl in school who is actually a virgin, but no one dares to make fun of me for it. If I was a regular girl, with a regular family, then my life at Spectrum would probably include endless teasing, dissing, and abuse. Instead, me, Azriel Helson, has a reputation of being the bad girl that no one wants to mess with. And I’m proud of it… sort of. Anyway, I straddled quickly on my silver motorcycle and sped to school. I zoomed pass the dangerous streets where gangs wars occur more than daily, as well as the gang members who are marking their territories. It used to freak me out going to school every morning, but by now, I’m used to it. Besides, these gangs belong to my father, and if they mess with me, they will face hell later on from my father. I finally reached the school and sighed, another boring day where people will help me follow my dream for the future. What a load of crap. Basically, school is just a place where parents send their kids so they would stay out of trouble, join gangs, do drugs, or get pregnant. Little do they understand that school is what makes kids get into trouble in the first place. I found a parking lot near the back and gingerly got off my back and peeled off my helmet. Somehow, I felt something was different. There was definitely a tangible feel of excitement in the air and it made me immediately wary. Something was up, that was for sure. I ignored the glances that headed my way as I walked into the school building. I walked pass the perky cheerleaders who stood five lockers down from me and eavesdrops on their conversation. “Holy crap, did you see him? He looked like an angel!” Ashley, the main cheerleader gushed to her equally perky friends. “Yeah, I know. He had soft blonde hair and soulful blue eyes that made me want to melt,” Katie second. “Do you think he has a girlfriend?” Jessica inquired. “Most likely, but I’m going to change that around,” Ashley smirked. I rolled my eyes at that and Ashley finally noticed me looking. At first she looked annoyed, and I raised my eyebrows at her, challenging. She looked scared then and quickly looked away. That’s right, bitch, you better look away. If it wasn’t obvious enough, Ashley and I hate each other guts with a passion. It first started when we were freshmen, and I didn’t build my reputation yet. Of course my father was leader then, but to everyone, I was harmless. Some kids avoid me, some kids ignored me, some tried to kiss up because of my money, and some hated my guts. Ashley was the leader of “Hate Azriel Club” and she did everything she could to try and humiliate me in public. Of course it never worked, until finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore and started trash-talking about my mom in public. That was when I snapped. Ashley ended up going to the hospital with a black eye, a near concussion, broken ribs, twisted ankle, and broken nose. Although a few months later, with the help of plastic surgery, she was good as new. But everyone knew not to mess with me from that day on. I smiled internally, and was in the middle of taking out my books for Anatomy and Physiology when the hallway turned silent. I could hear audible gasp coming from Ashley’s posse but other than that, it was like dead silence. I turned to see why and nearly dropped my textbook. A guy was headed towards my direction and he was breathtaking. Standing about 6’4, the owner of this body has hard but lean muscles at the right places. He was golden blond hair that was wind-blown and tousled, light blue eyes, a strong face with defined cheekbones, and pink lips that makes me wonder what if would feel like to kiss it. He is wearing black jeans, a tight-gray t-shirt, and a leather jacket that gave him a slight bad-boy, rebellious edge to his personality. In other words, he was definitely eye candy. “Hey,” Ashley blocked his way and she shifted her stance so he could have a decent view of her cleavage. He looked at her calculatingly for a moment before giving her a grin and said, “Hi yourself.” “So, what’s your name? I haven’t seen anyone as hot as you around so I’m thinking you’re new?” she asked him, batting her eyebrows. He chuckled and glanced up briefly to quickly glance at me, so quickly that I wasn’t even sure if he looked at me at all. I internally shrugged; he must be looking at something behind me. “I’m Michael Trent. And you are?” he asked, with a slight smile. “I’m Ashley Hudson,” she giggled. “A gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl, I’m not surprised,” he smiled slowly, revealing perfect teeth. Of course, Michael is a player. He would perfectly fit in with the rest of the boys in this school who slept with anyone that has a hole in them. “So, Ashley, what do you say about showing me around this place? We can find a spot to get to know each other a bit more before class,” Michael suggested, and Ashley was all to wiling to comply. By that time, I couldn’t take the disgusting scene in front of me anymore, so I gathered my books and headed to my first class of the day. Before I was totally out of earshot, I heard something that surprised me more than anything: Ashley’s so-called friends calling Ashley a whore. I turned around to look at them, and they continued with the insults. “Wow” was all I thought. My first class was Anatomy, so once I entered my classroom, I wasn’t all that surprised to hear the girls talking about Michael. I guess they don’t know about Ashley then. Even the guys were talking about him, saying how he would be a perfect Quarterback for the football team or something like that. I guess with his physique, he would make a perfect football player. The bell rang after I climbed into my seat in the back row and my teacher walked in. Mrs. Johnson was a pretty old lady with an easy smile and is one of my favorite teachers. She doesn’t seem to care who I am and how rich I was, all she cared about was my ability to do well in the class. “Good morning class. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend just like I did. Anyway, today, we are going to start on a new pro-“ her words were cut off as the door opened to reveal no other than Michael. All chattering was cut off and it was silent as the newest manwhore walked in the classroom. “Ah, you must be Michael. Welcome to Anatomy and Physiology. Please take a seat anywhere,” Mrs. Johnson greeted him and waved to the seats. Michael winked at a few girls who were staring at him and nodded at the guys as well. I looked around and saw that there were some desk available, but there was also one empty seat next to mine. I glanced at him then at the desk next to me. Please don’t choose that seat, I prayed. No such luck, for he dropped into the seat next to mine in the next second. Son of a gun. “Very well, let’s continue. In the next three weeks, I want you guys to start on a project where you will be re-creating a system in the body. Like the immunization system or the respiratory system. You can make it out of food, clay, tissue paper, I don’t care. As long as it is accurate and creative.” Right as she said that, Ashley walked in the door with a slight flush on her face. Mrs. Johnson scowled at her and said, “Ashley, you are ten minutes late. Do you have a pass?” Ashley shook her head, but still had a smile on her face. “I will let it go this one time. Take your seat,” Mrs. Johnson ordered and Ashley smiled as she wandered her eyes to look for Michael. Seeing him next to me, Ashley scowled but eased when Michael gave her a wink. “I will put you into groups,” Mrs. Johnson announced and began dividing people. Finally she got in front of my desk and said, “Azriel, you are with Michael and Ashley.” And that was when I began to dislike Mrs. Johnson. Ashley heard and whined, “Why can’t she be in another group?” Mrs. J looked at Ashley and narrowed her eyes, “Because I assigned this group to her. Either deal with it, or fail my class, Ashley.” I smirked and Ashley only growled in fury as she sat next to Michael. Great, this three people project is going to be fun. Haven’t Mrs. J heard of the phrase “Three’s a crowd?” “So, you’re the infamous Azriel everyone is talking about,” Michael grinned at me. I kept my face bored and impassive as I replied, “And you’re the infamous manwhore who’s been roaming this school.” “Wow, glad to know I have a reputation already,” was all he said, although his face hardened slightly when I said that. “Babe, stop talking to the bitch,” Ashley whined since apparently she hates it when the attention is not on her. I raised my eyebrows and gave her a sweet smile, “History is going to repeat itself one day, Ass-ley, and you don’t want to get another round of plastic surgery again, do you? Because all of that silicone is going to make you burst one of these days.” Ashley looked at me then, a mixture of hate and fear in her eyes, which only made me smile wider. “Hey, hey, hey, calm down. Let’s talk about the project,” Michael suggested, and began going through the list of options. Ashley then said, “You know, we can do the reproductive system.” I gagged but she ignored me as she ran her finger up his arm, “And once we’re done, I’ll show you how it works.” “Jesus Christ,” I murmured aloud. “What, jealous?” she asked and Michael looked at me for a moment. “Nah, I have standards as to who, when, and where I sleep with someone,” I responded. “Please, I bet the only penis you ever saw is on the Internet,” she hissed, and I smirked. “Better then have a trillion of them go inside of me every night. Tell me, Ashley, what sort of STD do you have? Aids, Herpes, Gonorrhea? Maybe even Crabs?” Michael stifled his laughter but it wasn’t good enough. Ashley only glared at me now, and I smiled. Checkmate, bitch.

Chapter 4 Michael’s POV I could feel the stupid override of hormones as I entered the school building and it made me feel so dirty and disgusted. Especially when I had to talk to Ashley just to get some information about Azriel. I swear, Ashley can talk non-stop, especially trash talking about Azriel. From what I gathered, Azriel is introverted as well as a bad-ass bad girl. And it was a known fact that Azriel can beat up anyone and anywhere. But when I saw first met her eyes in the hallway, what I saw wasn’t a hardcore chick. I saw sadness and somewhere inside her in broken. Although I have no reason to care, I felt the need to protect her from whatever that is hurting her. Which is ironic, because my job is to kill one of her family member. “Better then have a trillion of them go inside of me every night. Tell me, Ashley, what sort of STD do you have? Aids, Herpes, Gonorrhea? Maybe even Crabs?” Azriel asked Ashley, and I smiled. “Ladies, calm down. Let’s talk about the project before Johnson get’s pissed off,” I suggested, although nothing would make me more amuse than hearing what Ashley has to say for herself. Ashley just rolled her eyes and Azriel put on a cold mask of empathetic, something that irks me more than it should. “Anyway, what system should we do this on?” I asked them. Ashley opened her mouth and Azriel glared, “Whore, if you suggest the reproductive system again, I will not only totaled your car, but I will also do everything in my power to make sure we fail our project.” “You wouldn’t,” Ashley growled, although her face looked more like a constipation crisis than fierce. Azriel just smiled and said, “Try me.” Wow, Azriel doesn’t play games, that was for sure. If she is like this, then her father must be twenty times worse. What the hell have I gotten myself into? Knock it off, Michael. You are an undercover FBI agent, and you kick ass. You are not afraid. But when I thought that, I knew I was lying to myself because deep inside, I am afraid. Not of killing Cerberus, but of Azriel. I snapped out of my reverie when I noticed that both Ashley and Azriel were looking at me expectantly. Ashley looked at me with goo-goo eyes, but Azriel was merely curious with a hint of something else that I couldn’t identify. “Sorry, just thinking. What were we talking about again?” I asked them. Azriel sighed and said, “We need to think of how to make it. We could use, I don’t know, clay or something to build the system.” “What system did you guys decide to do?” I asked. “Immunization,” Ashley replied, and her leg bumped mine. I tried hard not to roll my eyes at Ashley. This chick is basically telling me to fuck her in class. It was just cheap. “We could go your house or something this weekend,” Ashley suggested. I thought about it for awhile, but shook my head. “How about we go your one of yours. I still have a few things to take care of before my house is settled.” Azriel looked away as if she’s trying not to bring attention to herself. Ashley smiled at Azriel cruelly and said, “How about we go to your house, Azriel? I mean I hope that wouldn’t be a problem, would it?” Azriel stifled a smile and looked at Ashley hard in the eyes, “You sure you want to see my house? Because I won’t be responsible for what happens inside that house if something happens to you.” I coughed and looked at Ashley, giving her a smile, “How about we meet at your house this Saturday. I would love to meet your parents.” That was a total lie, but this was my job. I couldn’t let anyone or anything risk this. The bell then rang then, students grabbed their things to leave for next class. By lunch, it would seem that every single girl except for Azriel have given me their name and number, hoping for me to give them a booty call one day. I have to admit, was I was tempted, but this is a mission. I can’t play the field now, knowing that I have a mission and lives are at stake. I walk dutifully to my locker and stuff everything inside when I saw a few more slips of paper dropped from my locker. I narrowed my eyes, and leaned down to retrieve them. I opened the note and shook my head. More damn numbers and names. I crumpled the offending thing and threw it, then made my way to the cafeteria. The smell of food made my stomach grumbled because, seriously, and growing dude like me needs food constantly. I am just like any teenage guy after all. I walk pass the doors and the cafeteria fell into silence, and I rolled my eyes in response. I know I’m good looking but no need to stare, damn it. Trying to ignore the giggles and titters, I made my way to the line and grab a slice of pizza. It wasn’t until I was about to pay for my food and when the sound grew loud again and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and was met by a suffocating scent of perfume from Ashley’s body. “Hey, hottie,” she greeted me, and I gave her a pained smile. She is getting on my nerves. “Come on, sit with us,” she grabbed my arm and pulled me to the table full of jocks in letterman jackets and girls in pom-poms. Damn the stereotypes. The guys nodded at me, while the girls stared like I was some angel. This is creepy. With no other choice and of course, being the gentleman that I am, I pulled out a chair for Ashley and sat in the empty one next to her. That gesture seems to shock all of them. “So Michael, you play any ball?” a dude asked, and I looked at him for a moment. “Leave the new kid alone, Jason,” the guy next to him smiles apologetically at me. “I’m Taylor,” he smiled and I smiled back. This dude seems nice. “Actually, I play some football and basketball,” I answered. I did play football and basketball with the guys back at the Academy, and I was pretty decent at it. “You going to join the team?” Taylor asked. I shrugged and Ashley squealed, “You should! Then you could see me do SPECIAL cheers for you.” I shrugged again, and then the cafeteria turned quiet once more. What the hell? I turned to the cafeteria doors and saw no one other than Azriel walked in with all her glory. Or sins. “I don’t even know why guys think she’s hot. I mean she’s not even pretty. I bet all of that is fake,” Ashley snarled and I tried to lose my temper, because Azriel is all real. I can see all the guys drooling after her, and in my perspective, I could see why. Azriel was not like all the fake girls here. She was definitely real with her long wavy light brown hair that turns red in the sun, her slim and toned body that most even models would kill for, and perfect face that held wide, secretive blue eyes, a perfect nose, and luscious lips. She was the most real that you can get. And her clothing made her stand out of all the sluts here. She wore black skinny jeans, white v-neck tee, and a leather jacket, unlike the rest of the female populations which consists of booty shorts, and revealing tank tops. If it wasn’t for the sign and the teachers here, I would have believed this was a strip club or whorehouse. “I mean, look at her, she’s completely plastic. I bet her daddy bought her those,” Ashley droned on while I tried hard not to lose my temper. As if she knew I was thinking about her, Azriel met my gaze and held. I looked through her blue eyes that she had undoubted inherited from her father, and found something that nearly broke my heart. Through the façade, I can see vulnerability. I don’t know how I saw it, but I guess it’s the training kicking in. Azriel then hardened her gaze and turned away, as if she couldn’t bear to look at me anymore. Azriel then took her food to the table in the secluded corner while Ashley sneered in her direction. That little movement immediately caught Azriel’s eyes , she turned to face Ashley with a steely gaze that made me shiver. It was absolutely frightening, even to me, to see her blue eyes flash and glared. I saw Azriel tensed, and I had a feeling that she was about to pounced. “Hey, Ashley, stop it,” I quietly said to her. “She started it,” Ashley turned to me and pouted. I rolled my eyes and replied, “Just stop, okay? She will kill you.” It wasn’t a figurative language when I said that, because I know Azriel is very capable of killing Ashley. The blondie scoffed, but didn’t rebut. Ashley knew as well as I did what Azriel was capable of. Azriel is a ticking time bomb that is about to be set off any second. “She’s so f*ing hot. I would totally tap that ass,” Jason smirked, and I narrowed my eyes. I grind my fist together to keep from it flying to his face. Damn, this mission is really working my temper than anything. More torturous of stupid Ashley and her friends later, the bell rang and I got up from my seat as fast as I could. Which was pretty damn fast, and bolted out the door for my next class. I hurried to my next class, ignoring the whispers and giggle from the girls, and reached for the door to my English class. Weirdly, I got there the same time as Azriel and our fingers both reached for the knob at the same time. My finger tingled from the touch and I met Azriel’s eyes. Azriel shook her head, and I opened the door. “Ladies first,” I said, holding out the door to her. Azriel didn’t said anything and glided past me into the room. I followed her in, and went up to the teacher who was reading Vampire Academy. She looked up at me and closed her novel as she said, “You must be Michael. I’m Ms. Garner. Take a seat anywhere.” “Thanks,” I smiled at her and turned around the fact the room. The students were already filling in and the only empty seat was next to Azriel in the corner. I walked in her direction while Azriel stared out the window with an emotionless mask. “Can I sit here?” I asked her inanely. She didn’t look up at me but she said, “It’s a free country.” “Not for everyone,” I murmured, and she turns her blue eyes to me and the narrowed. “What do you know about freedom?” she challenged, and I shrugged. “Well, freedom is part of our natural rights. Or at least that is what John Locke argued against Plato,” I stated. “Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness,” she said softly and her expression saddened.

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Chapter 5
Azriel’s POV
I looked at Michael and shook my head, “I’m pretty sure the saying is for most of the population, but there are few who are out of the loop.”
“Are you?” he asked and I tensed, as I stared at him for a moment. Michael seems to know more than he lets on, and that scared me more than my father.
I ignored the question and said, “So how come you end up here in Illinois of all places? Like California. You look like the type who surfs.”
He looked amused, “I need a change in scenery.”
“What about your parents?” I asked him.
He looked away for a moment then whispered, “They’re dead. I’m emancipated.”
I raised my eyebrows but didn’t say anything more. I was saved from the awkward pauses when Ms. Gardner started taking role and began the lecture. I ignored her and stared out the window once more.
The whole time, I could feel Michael giving me curious looks, but I ignored him completely. Even though I ignored him, I was totally aware of the girls in the classroom ogling him with lust and hunger. Give them half a chance, they would all jump him right then and there.
After a boring hour of grammar later, it was time for my physical education class. Out of all my class, this class was on the top of my list because for one, it doesn’t required me to talk or raise my hand, and two, the girls in there are all afraid to mess up their hair and clothes so they would sit out of a sport and would avoid from the balls and such.
As I entered the hallway, I couldn’t help but notice the different groups/stereotypes of the school. There were introverted nerds and wallflowers, dramatic and loud drama students, guitar carrying singers, big and stupid jocks, and slutty as well as annoying cheerleaders. And of course, there is always the bad girl or guy that everyone is afraid of. Lastly, there is one eye candy, the guy or girl that everyone wants to be or be with. Somehow, here in Spectrum, each and every student fit into some sort of stereotype. It was obvious who I was, and of course Michael. We are polar opposites, which confuses me why he is right behind me at this moment.
I kept silence as I trailed my way through the hallways and towards the girl’s locker room. Michael, who was five feet behind me the whole time, headed towards the guy’s locker room, and I sighed. How many classes do I have with this guy?
When I walk inside the locker room, I could hear the instant chatter of the girls as they gossiped to their friends about Michael.
“OMG, he totally opened the door for me in my history class,” one gushed.
I pass more girls and I heard, “Have you seen that body? Damn, he is so buff. I bet he can like beat all the football players here,” another sighed.
I finally reached my locker and twirled my combo open. The PE clothes were there and I quickly changed into shorts and t-shirt, before I walked out into the field. Most kids were already out here and I sat down on the bleachers as I waited for the PE teacher to come out and take roll. Off to the side, I saw jocks tossing around a football while some cheerleaders were warming up and doing some jumping jacks that made their boobs bounce up and down.
And then it was silent; I didn’t have to looks to see why. Then my PE teacher, Coach Winhold, blew the whistle. Everyone gathered onto the bleachers and he placed Michael at the end with the rest of the kids with the last name “T.”
“Alright, today, we are going to be running four laps under 12 minutes. Those of you who are not going to try, then I suggest you get out of the way for those who actually want to pass this class,” he told us sternly before leading us to the track.
The people who don’t care sat down the grass while the rest of us stood erect, waiting for the whistle to blow.
When it did, I sprint pass the joggers and tied with Michael, who was smoothly sprinting beside me. Damn. Usually, I was always the first one done since no one could keep up with me, but Michael is not even panting like most kids are yet.
I tried to sprint faster, but he still kept at my pace with irritate me but at the same time, pleasantly surprised me as well.
I glanced back and saw that we were ahead of the class by half a lap, and only gaining more distance when they began to walk. Michael beside me caught my eye and smiled, his face clearly impressed by my speed.
We sped through the second lap, and when we reached the third, my muscles began to scream profanities at me. My breath was semi-labored and so was Michael, but we still maintained our speed. We finally finished our fourth lap and we shed it in 5 minutes flat.
Coach Winhold looked at us with his jaw gaped, and I felt a little smug.
“Nice, Azriel. I’m surprised that you actually kept up with me,” Michael commented.
I shrugged, “Ditto.”
When he said my name, I felt my stomach did turns and flips, but I shrugged it off as that effects of running on adrenaline for five minutes.
When my heartbeat slowed, I sat down the grass a few yards away from the slackers. Michael plopped down next to me and I can see the girls looked at us curiously, but no one dared to meet my gaze or glared at me outright.
“So, Azriel, who the hell are you?” Michael said, sounding quite frustrated.
“Excuse me?” I asked sharply.
Usually, when I used that tone, people would back off but Michael looked at me unflinchingly. It was like he was trying to decipher me and gaze into my soul for whatever I have behind the mask.
“Azriel, I’m trying to figure you out. You are clearly not like the rest of the girls in the school, people are scared of you for some reason, you don’t give a shit about what people say about you, and you can run as fast as me. And trust me, I bet no one here can run as fast as me, besides you,” he remarked.
I couldn’t say anything to that so I said, “Who do you think I am, Michael?”
He demure softens when I asked that and said, “I think that you are-“
His reply was cut off short when Ashley plopped onto his lap and gave him a wide smile that was supposed to be seductive.
“Hey, Michael. Can you give me a ride home?” she asked, running her finger down his chest.
“Ashley, I’m talking to Azriel,” he said, and pushed her off her lap.
“But, Mikeeeyyy, I need a ride,” that whore whined and climbed back onto his lap much to his disgust.
“First, I hate it when people sit on my lap and second, I can’t give you a ride because I need to get home after this,” he said sternly.
I smirked when Ashley turn to me with a hateful look; she clearly blame me for her rejection. Ashley fumed but didn’t say anything to me. She was a smart girl. Sort of. She stomped back to her friends and turned to look at Michael one last time.
“Should of said yes. Save me from listening to her fucking whine,” I remarked.
“My ears were bleeding from the sound of it,” Michael said and I laughed for the first time since my mother.
I stood up and Michael followed in suit as we walked to the locker room.
“So, we really should get together to work on the anatomy project,” Michael told me and I nodded.
“Didn’t we agree to meet at Assley’s house this Saturday,” I reminded him.
“Oh, shit,” he moaned and I smirked.
I smirked at him, “That’s what you get for hitting on the chick and saying you want to meet her parents. Now, she’s going to expect you to kneel on one knee and propose.”
“The fuck?” he asked me, with obvious panic in his eyes.
“Good luck,” I laughed and waved before walking to the girl’s locker room, leaving Michael in his panic attack.

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Chapter 6
Michael’s POV
I stared at Azriel in shock as she walked away from me. I know I was told to stay away from her due to my mission but it seem quite impossible. Azriel was unlike any other chicks and she made me laugh and smile for the first time in forever. Josh and my buds tried to make me laugh, but it never felt as genuine as it was with Azriel.
I quickly changed and walked out the locker room as the bell rang, signaling that the school day is finally over. I saw Ashley a few feet to my left as I headed towards my Black Mustang and I quickly ducked beside a car and a shiny silver motorcycle. I admired the motorcycle for a few more seconds before I check to see if the coast was clear. Ashley was still talking to her friends and is looking around to look for me. I sighed internally and cursed the parking spot where my car was parked.
“What the hell are you doing?” a voiced asked me.
I turned and met Azriel’s blue eyes.
“Hiding from the blonde bimbo,” I replied tersely and she grinned.
“Sucks to be you, dude,” she said smugly and straddled her motorcycle.
Of course, leave it to Azriel to ride a sweet, shiny motorcycle. Azriel then put on a pair of black aviators and looked at me, who was looking at her.
“Get on,” she commanded and I looked at her confusion.
“What?” I was completely off guard here.
Nowhere in my training was I taught to deal with blonde bimbos and getting help from my target’s daughter.
“Do you want to make it out her alive or not? Assley is not going to give up on you and it is my job to make sure she fails at her goals. If she want to be with you, then I am going to help you escape. Take it or leave it,” she said while balancing her bike.
I stood up from my crouch and straddle the bike behind her, unsure of what I should do with my arms.
I heard Azriel sigh and said, “Put your arms around my waist, unless you want to fall on your face.”
I complied and put my arms around her, feeling her thin waist around my arms. It was flat and toned; clearly, she worked out. Azriel body stiffened when my arms were around her, but she slowly relaxed and revved the engine before shooting out of the parking lot. I noticed many people stared, especially the guys, but Azriel doesn’t seem to notice.
I felt the wind blowing through my hair, and Azriel’s hair whipped around my face. The scent radiating off her hair smelled like vanilla, and I had to admit, that was a total turn on. Crap, I glanced down at my jeans and groaned inwardly. It’s not cool to have a hard on right now when I know Azriel can feel it. Shit, I tried to distract myself by thinking of Ashley and it worked. My hard on totally deflated. I sighed in relief.
Azriel drove us around town for a moment, and finally she stopped in front of Baskin Robbins 31. This shocked me a little because she doesn’t look like the type who would eat ice cream, although that was really stupid.
Azriel turn to look at me as we got off her bike and said, “Let me guess, you are surprised that I would take you here.”
I replied, chagrined, “Kind of.”
Azriel smiled without much happiness when she said, “This is the only place Ashley and her barbies refuse to go to. They are scared of the frightening calories that are in ice-cream.”
“And you’re not?” I questioned.
She just looked at me for a moment and shook her head, “I thought you claimed I was different from the girls at our school.”
With that, she turned and walked inside the store with me following right at her heels. She was right, I did know she was different and that made me smile.
The employees were a college age dude and a twenty year old red-head chick, whom both looked up we entered. The guy has his eyes glued to Azriel while the chick stared at me like the girls at Spectrum. I inwardly sighed once more.
“Heeeyyyy! How can I help you today?” the chick leaned towards me across the counter, putting her cleavage in display.
Azriel, beside me, stifle a laugh, and smirked instead.
“Give us a moment, would you?” I asked politely as I could.
The dude who was ogling at Azriel said, “Let me know if I could help you with anything.” It was obvious he was directing his words at the girl beside me.
We didn’t reply to him and walked to the cases where the selections of ice-cream confections are display. The choices range for vanilla to a very colorful ice-cream that looks like a rainbow threw up on it.
“What’cha going to get?” Azriel asked me after we looked at the flavors for about a minute.
“Mint and chip. You?” I asked, with a slight smile on my face.
“Quarterback Crunch,” she answered.
I looked at her then and shook my head. Azriel gave me a weirded look and asked, “What?”
“Seriously? Quarterback Crunch?”
She looked offended and I had to smile to let her know I was joking. That last thing I want is to be on her hate list and have her kill me right now. After all, she did save me from Ashley.
“Just, you know, if you like Quarterback Crunch, I was wondering how you would feel about real Quarterbacks and football,” I told her honestly.
“Hold that thought,” she told me and gestured to the dude for her ice-cream. I did the same with the girl and she scooped out my ice-cream.
“Anything else?” the red-head asked me and I shook my head.
“How about you?” the guy asked Azriel, using his most flirtatious voice.
Azriel smiled seductively at him, and I felt my temper spurned. She better not take up on his offer to get into her pants or something.
“Nothing you can offer,” Azriel said, while the smile is still on her face.
I snickered at the guy’s embarrassment while he blushed. Azriel is good. Hey, but at least she let him down easy, because if it was Ashley, I bet she would of called the guy a loser for hitting on her and tell him to go to hell or something. Azriel might be badass but her heart is sweet and pure, although I’m willing to bet there is a part of her heart that is black and cold also.
We paid for the ice-cream and went outside. Azriel took a seat on the curb next to her bike and I sat next to her, eating in silence.
“Anyway, to answer your earlier question, I don’t have many problems with the jocks. I just hate it that they act like jerks and play girls like they play with the football,” she murmured.
“But I’m willing to bet you have problems with the cheerleaders though,” I told her gently.
She chuckled, “You caught that, huh? Let’s just say that if Ashley and I are in a room alone, one of us is going to end up alive while the other is going to end up in a coma.”
“I have a feeling that Ashley will be the one in a coma,” I stated.
Azriel didn’t say anything while she licked her ice-cream. Watching her like this, it’s hard to imagine Azriel anything other than a normal teenager.
“So are you thinking about joining football or something?” she asked me, tone neutral.
I shrugged, “Maybe.”
“Go for it. If you’re good at it, I said why not? Besides, maybe with you on the team and their leader, they’ll be less assy,” she shrugged her thin shoulders.
I pondered about that while we finished our ice-cream. Azriel readjusted her sunglasses, while I straddled the bike and put my arms around Azriel. The touch made me feel lightheaded and her scent was really addictive. It was like I was bombarded with lavender and freesia together. We zoomed out of the lot and rode back to the empty school within minutes. Damn, this chick knows how to ride.
We stopped in front of my Mustang, and I got off. I took out my keys from my pocket and turned to face Azriel.
“Thanks,” I flashed her a smile and she looked at me, expressionless.
“Sure. Laters,” she said and left.
I gazed after her for a few minutes and got into my own car. My cell phone rang and I flipped it open.
“Michael, you have any updates for me?” Director’s voice boomed from my phone.
“Negative. But I think I made progress with his daughter,” I admitted slowly.
“Azriel? Michael, I gave you specific orders to leave her alone. She’s innocent,” he said.
“I know, Director, but how else would I get close to Cerberus? Azriel is my only connection to him, I need her,” I told him.
He sighed but then said, “I trust you will accomplish the mission cleanly. But make sure Azriel doesn’t know it was you and do not harm her in any way.”
With that, he hung up and I leaned against my seat. Director ordered me not to hurt her in any way, but at the same time, I’m the one who has to end her father’s life. This mission is getting more complicated by the second.

Chapter 7
Azriel’s POV
Driving home, my mind was filled with the mystery that is Michael Trent. First, although he was flirting with Ashley, he admitted that she was annoying and tried to hide from her. Second, behind an angelic face and extreme handsomeness, he was a decent guy who, no doubt, would not sleep around like the rest of the guys at school. Third, he is puzzled by me and is the only one to ever try to figure me out. Fourth, he made me forget about my life, at least for those minutes when we were eating ice-cream. Fifth, he made me smile and laugh for the first time since my mother died and my dad began controlling my life.
I pulled into my circular driveway and parked my car in the automatic garage, right next to my silver Audi R8 and my dad’s black Mercedes that he never drives since he has his guards to drive for him. The car made it obvious that my father was home. I kept my face emotionless and apathetic as I entered the mansion and into the kitchen, my shoes making a squeaky noise beneath my feet.
“Miss Azriel, welcome home. How was school?” Marie, the head cook as well as the person who made sure everything in this house runs smoothly, greeted chirpily.
Marie was around fifty-one and she was sweet, but completely badass when she needs to be. To me, she was like the grandmother that I have never known, but to those who annoy her, she has a death glare that can make my father sweat. And that is saying something.
I gave her a hug and said, “It was uneventful. Same old, same old.” It was a total lie, but I refuse to think about Michael, Ashley, or the fact that Michael made a dent in my inner wall.
“Are you hungry?” she asked me, and I shrugged.
“Sit down, and I’ll make you a sandwich,” she commanded and I obediently sat on the stool by the kitchen island.
As Marie shuffled around the humongous kitchen, where some other workers are fixing up dinner and such, I pulled out my iPhone and tapped on the Angry Birds app. It was so hard to kill the green pigs, but I was getting there. Since all my concentration was into the game, I didn’t hear my father walk into the kitchen with two big guards by his side.
“How’s my princess?” my father ruffled my hair somewhat affectionately.
I kept my voice even and straightforward as I replied, “Okay.”
He smiled at me then turned to Marie, “Marie, get me a bottle of Vodka and some caviar.”
Maried complied and set my sandwich down, then went to retrieve my father’s requests.
“What’s the celebration?” I asked him, nibbling on my sandwich.
He shrugged, then said, “Just recruited new members today. Might as well celebrate.”
I nodded. Of course, my father would celebrate the day he initiated and tortured new gang members to do his dirty work out on the streets for him.
“Plus, I need to discuss something with you,” he said, pouring vodka in a wineglass.
“What is it?” I asked.
“I’m going on a business trip in Russia for a month, and I need you to be in charge of this place while I’m gone,” he turned to me, looking at me straight in the eyes.
I knew he was testing me, seeing how tough I was and whether I would dare refuse his order.
“What would you have me do?” I took the challenge and met his hard gaze with my own.
Like father, like daughter, I thought darkly.
Cerberus smiled, pleased at my reaction, and said, “Nothing much. You just need to make sure all my boys remain loyal, and if they don’t, you will carry out their punishment. I will have my most trusted men patrol and spy on all the members, and if they are disloyal, the guys will be brought to you to deal with. That’s it. Think you can handle it?”
Although he said it like a question, both he and I know that I cannot and will not refuse him. Once again, he was testing my limits. Fortunately for him, I had no limits.
“Sure, dad, why not?” I smiled at him.
“That’s my girl. I trust you will not be merciful,” he nodded approvingly and drained his cup of vodka.
“When are you leaving?” I asked him.
“Tomorrow night,” he answered and I nodded.
The bell then rang, and both of us waited for Thomas to reply and report back to us.
“Mr. Helson, a lady is here to see you. She say her name is Lola -,” before Thomas could finish, a girl who was only about twenty-five barged in.
The chick was wearing skimpy piece of cloth that looks nothing like a dress that covers her breast to her butt. Oh, and it was made of lace too.
“Lionel!!! Why haven’t you call me?” she whined and I tried my best not to choke on my sandwich.
“Lola, sweetheart, I was busy,” my dad reply soothingly, turning on his charm.
She pouted and she reminds me of Ass-ley so much that I began to think they could be twin sisters. Lola then jump into my father’s arms and I looked away, refusing to look as she was rubbing herself all over my dad.
“Let’s go up to your room,” she said, ignoring the fact that I was sitting right there.
“Give me a moment,” Cerberus said as he turn to me.
“Azriel, I’ll see you after school tomorrow, okay? Oh, and if anyone ask for me, say that I’m busy today so I can’t see any guest. But if it’s really important, then you need to handle it for me,” he gave me a short hug before leading Lola upstairs.
I shook my head and sighed. I got up from the chair and walked up to my room, which unfortunately pass my father’s. Damn, and the porn soundtrack was loud. I heard heavy groaning and moaning that I feel like I was going to be sick. I quickly ran to my room, my haven, and sighed as I lay on my bed.
I was half-asleep, when I heard a beep. I opened my eyes and heard another beep. I sat up, confused, then relaxed when I realized that it was my phone.
The number was unknown, and I slid it so I can answer.
“Who are you and how the hell did you get my number?” I demanded.
“Well, hello to you too,” Michael’s voice pleasantly greeted.
I sighed, of course, it’s Michael. We exchanged numbers just in case we need to discuss something about the Anatomy project.
“So, you got home safely?” he asked me.
“No, I didn’t. I’m in the middle of the street, bleeding to death,” sarcasm heavy in my tone.
“Jeez, someone’s crabby,” he joked.
“Shut up.”
“Anyway, I need to ask you something. Since we need to do the project, and my house is crappy, and I refuse to go to Ashley’s, can we go to your house?” he asked me.
“Why don’t you want to go to Ass-ley’s?” I asked, while trying to breathe. The idea of them coming to my house is out of the question.
“Umm….” He pause.
“What? I can’t hear you,” I smiled a little, loving the fact that a confident guy like him hesitates at the thought of going to the whore’s house.
“I don’t want to meet Ashley’s parents, and end up marrying that bitch,” Michael said breathlessly.
I resisted the urge of laugh, but failed because a snicker came out.
“It’s not funny, you know,” he remarked.
“No, it’s not funny. It’s hilarious,” I said cheerfully.
“Shut up.”
I was pleasantly surprise since he was the very first person to tell me to shut up. Other people are too scared to tell me to do anything. This kid has balls, or maybe he doesn’t know about me or my reputation yet.
“Sure, why not. Come the day after tomorrow, though,” I told him in all seriousness.
“Okay, thanks. You are a lifesaver, Azriel,” he sounded really grateful.
I shook my head, but did say anything. I was not a lifesaver, more like a lifekiller, but he doesn’t need to know that.
“Alright then. Is there anything else?” I asked him.
He paused for a long moment, so long that I had to wonder if he was still on the line, but he finally spoke, “Azriel, you are not who you think you are. Remember that.”
Before I had to chance to demand what he was talking about, he hung up.
What does he mean that I’m not who I think I am. If he means that I am not an evil incarnate, then he was wrong. I was after all, my father’s daughter.

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Chapter 8
Michael’s POV
Watching Azriel getting off her motorcycle was a total turn-on, and it was proven because every single guy who was in the parking lot stop and stare. Even the guys with girlfriends next to them. I looked at Azriel again, and I realized that she is beyond what someone would describe as “hot.” She was gorgeous, but what made her stand out from most girls is that she doesn’t flaunt it. She keeps everything to herself.
I then decided to make my move and stepped out of the car. With my sunglasses on so I wouldn’t make eye contact with anyone, I match my stride with Azriel as we walk into the building.
“Don’t you have any one else, like Ass-ley, to hang with?” she ask me without looking up.
“Yes, because hanging with her and having her all over me is so damn fun,” I shot back and her lip curve up.
“Most guys like girls who throw themselves at him,” she told me and I roll my eyes.
“I’m not like most guys. Besides, if I’m so attractive, then how come you don’t throw yourself at me?” I gave her my crooked grin.
She looked at me for a moment before saying, “Because I’m not like most girls.”
Touché. Azriel measured in a different scale than the rest of the female population, and for that I’m grateful. Sort of.
“So, we still on for the project tomorrow?” I asked her, hoping she would say yes.
“Yeah, and you do realize that Ass-ley will be there too, right?” she asked with a raised of her perfect eyebrows.
I sighed, but nodded. Why couldn’t the project be partners, instead of a three-people group project?
“Hey, Michael,” Ashley and her entourage stopped us before we could enter through the door.
“Hello, ladies,” I smiled politely.
Beside me, Azriel scoffed and sidestepped the girls so she could get pass them, and they willingly let her pass. I tried to do the same but I wasn’t as lucky.
“So, Michael, are you free Saturday night? I was thinking since you’re new here, I can show you some places you’ve never been to before,” she winked, and I immediately understood the double meaning in her words.
Breathe, Michael, breathe. Control was one of the first things we had to learn in order to an agent, and thankfully, it was something I mastered. Azriel saw me trying to contain myself and smirked, but understand lit up her eyes. She knew how I felt right now, trying to not blow up was something she and I had in common.
“I’m sorry, Ashley, but I can’t. I’m busy,” I said vaguely.
“Busy with what?” she pouted, trying to look cute or something like that.
I wracked my brain to come up with something that was believable, and my eyes immediately flashed to Azriel pulling books out of her locker.
“Azriel needs to tutor me with some schoolwork. I’m behind so I need to catch up,” I said nonchalantly and Azriel eye’s quickly flashed to my face, then narrowed.
Ashley scoffed, “I can tutor you.”
Azriel rolled her eyes and said, “I think he meant that he needs a tutor who actually knows what she’s talking about, bimbo. You don’t know squat.”
Ashley immediately turned around to face Azriel, “Bitch, are you calling me stupid?! I’m smart too, you know.”
I felt the tension thick and the air and came up to Azriel’s side to put my hand on her arm. The last thing I need is blood spilling in the hallway. Although I do want to see Azriel fight, I just did not want it here where she can get into trouble over something as dumb as Ashley’s IQ.
Ashley and Azriel’s eyes both flashed to my hand. Azriel remain impassive, while Ashley glared.
“Get this through your stupid head, Ass-ley, you are the worst imbecile that I have ever faced on this planet earth. You trying to beat me in this game is worthless and idiotic. Get over you self, chick, because in the long run, no one cares that you have the nicest clothes, coolest cars, or rich parents. Don’t believe me? Just ask your friends,” with that, Azriel shrugged from under my hand and walked towards her first class.
Ashley turned to her friends and remarked, “That bitch is never going to win this game. Even if she beat me up again, I’m going to sue her and get more plastic surgery. I need more enhancements anyway.”
Ashley winked at me when she said that, and sashayed away with her friends in tow. I quickly walked away to my Anatomy class to find Azriel sitting alone in the back, with headphones on. I dropped into the chair next to her, and she spared me a glance.
“Where’s the beyotch?” she quipped up.
I shrugged, “Who knows. Probably planning to kill you?”
I wasn’t joking, but Azriel chuckled, “I’m not doubting you, dude. But she can’t do that, trust me.”
I looked at her then, and realized she was speaking the truth. Her eyes were thoughtful, but there was some darkness lurking behind the beautiful blue irises, and that scared me more than her father himself.
“So, you want to give me your address so can I come by tomorrow?” I asked her.
“I’ll text it,” she said, and whipped out her Sidekick 4 and typed some stuff in.
A few seconds later, I felt my phone buzz and I opened the text. I already memorized her address before, but if she knew that, then the mission would be compromised, plus she would probably think of me as some creepy stalker guy.
“I’ll be there tomorrow at 9.” I said, and Ms. Johnson walked in with a cheerful greeting to the class.
And as the school day passed by, I walked with Azriel to all over our class, and that received more stares and whispers. From what I had gathered, Azriel was anti-social as they come, and seeing her with the new kid would surge some surprise and questions among the student body.
“People don’t know how to mind their own business,” Azriel muttered, and I grin.
“Could be worse,” I replied as we head towards the cafeteria.
“How so?” she asked me.
I shrugged, “Ashley could be talking.”
Azriel grinned and let out a tiny laugh, which sparked up a laugh from me. Soon, we were both cracking each other up and more stares followed. We entered the cafeteria and all but ignored the looks on people’s faces. Instinctively, I placed my hand on the small of her back and led her to the line.
Azriel didn’t react, but she didn’t pull away from my hand either. Just was we were about to get our food, Taylor and Jason made their way to me and Taylor said, “Hey, Mike, football tryouts is after school. You should do it, man.”
I look at Azriel, who was grabbing a tray and placing grabbing some red Jell-O onto it.
“Should I do it, Ariel?” I asked her.
Jason and Taylor both looked and Azriel. Taylor gave her a polite smile, while Jason was staring at her chest.
Azriel glanced at me and replied, “You should do it, if you want to. Maybe if you’d join and our teams would actually win.”
Then she set her eyes on Jason and gave him a toxic sweet smile, “Jason, stop looking at my chest or else I will castrate you with this fork.”
She held up a plastic fork, and her eyes were dead serious.
Jason immediately looked away and laughs nervously, while Taylor and I grinned. Taylor and Jason left, and I followed Azriel, grabbing a Turkey Sub, a cookie, a fruitcup, and apple juice. She made her way to her usual table near the back, and I slid in across from her.
“How come you’re not sitting with your friends?” she asks, her gaze directly at my face.
“I am.” I answered.
She shook her head, a half-grin shot up her face, and she peeled off the lid of the Jell-O. I was about to comment when I felt someone beside me. Both she and I tensed, and I turned to face the newcomer.
“Mind if I sit here?” Taylor asked us, and I relaxed.
Azriel, however, was still stiff, but she didn’t look like she was about to hurt anyone.
“This is getting weird,” she murmured.
“Why?” Taylor and I asked in unison.
“Because I had the impression that you, Taylor, hated me. Yet, here you and you,” she pointed at the both of us, “are here, sitting with me.”
“I don’t hate you,” Taylor replied.
“As a matter of fact, I respect you,” he continued.
“Umm….why?” she asked.
“Because, Azriel, you don’t take shit from anyone, and you can handle yourself very well, and you can kick anyone’s ass,” he grinned, and she gave him a tiny smile in thanks.
“Though, dude, Ashley’s pissed off,” Taylor turns to and grinned at me.
“Whatever,” I acknowledged.
Lunch was oddly pleasant, and Taylor’s body parts remain intact because Azriel didn’t injure him or otherwise. Taylor was a good guy, but if Jason were here, he would probably end up with stitches to keep his body parts together.
After lunch, I walked with Azriel to English and then again to P.E. This class was personally my favorite class because this class does not require thinking, testing, or writing. I quickly dressed, anxious for some reason, and waited for Azriel in front of the locker room. Girls streaming pass stared, but I was fixated on the door and on the lookout for Azriel.
When she finally approached, with her hair in a ponytail, and shorts leaving her long legs , I stare at her perfection.
“You know, I don’t need an escort,” she grumbled.
I grinned, “No, but I do.”
She laughed, and said “Ah, so my job is to protect you from girls. Wonder why I didn’t figure it out before.”
We reached the bleachers and sat in our designated face, while I kept Azriel in my line of vision. She was intriguing, and I lied when I told her I needed a bodyguard. The simple fact was, I wanted to be next to her. She was fun, amusing, mysterious, but scary and unpredictable at the same time.
Coach Winhold halted my train of thought when he blew his whistle to gain our attention.
“Today, we will begin the game of softball, class,” he grinned at us.
“I hope you are all familiar with it, but if you are not, it is similar to baseball. But for your protection, we are playing softball. Basically, there are 9 positions: pitcher, catcher, first baseman, second baseman, third baseman, center field, left field, and right field. Since this is not an official team, you can sign up for any positions you want, while the rest will get a chance to bat. Clear?”
We all nodded, and he led us to the softball fields. The jocks were clearly smug because, apparently softball is a sport where strength lies in. Some kids were not as enthusiastic, but had no choice.
I reached Azriel and she looked sort of excited.
“I see someone is happy we are playing softball,” I remarked.
“Softball is my favorite sport,” she shrugged, but said no more.
We reached the fields and he divided our class into half. One half would play on the left field while the other half will play on the other field. Azriel and I go the left field.
We grabbed the balls, bats, gloves, and bases and started to set up.
“I wanna be pitcher!!!” Ashley yelled, and with her glove and ball, she ran to the mound.
Azriel looked pissed off when she said that.
“The only reason she wants to be pitcher is because she knows I want it,” she growled beside me.
“Hey, relax, we bat first anyway,” I nudged her to the dugout.
With Ashley pitching and a football jock catching, and 8 more positioned on the field, it was time to play ball. A girl stepped into the batter’s box, and waited for her pitch. Ashley threw it underhand, but the ball never reached the strike zone. 1 ball, no strikes. In the end, Ashley ended up walking the chick. It was my turn next, and I grabbed the bat. Ashley grinned at me, but I didn’t answer her. Instead, when the ball was miraculously in front of me, I hit it with all my might and it ricocheted off the bat with a “zing!!!” The ball flew over the gate, and I scored up a home run.
Azriel grinned at me when I returned and said, “Nice hit.”
She grabbed the bat and entered the batter’s box, dig her feet in deep, and gave the pitcher a level stare. Ashley, looked intimidated, but the ball was at the strike zone, and Azriel swung the bat. Hard. The made a huge ‘whack!’ and once again, the ball was over the fence. She grinned, and began to jog around the bases, until she reached home.
“Damn, you were serious when you said you favorite sport was softball,” I remarked.
She chuckled. More batters came up, but didn’t score, and finally, it was our turn to play defense.
Azriel and I grabbed gloves, and I decided to play catcher, while Azriel headed towards the pitcher’s mound. The first batter was a cocky linebacker name Adam, and he gave Azriel a leer that made me want to punch the crap out of him.
Azriel met his gaze, and quirked up a mischievous smile like she knew something he didn’t. He positioned himself in the batter’s box, and waited for the pitch.

Oh...just a little note...don't worry...the first kiss is almost coming up. ***squeal!!!*** Bear with me for a few more chapters, and then the real crazy ride will start soon.


I have been struggling with myself over this issue, but I think it would be better if I receive the readers opinion instead. If you an idea of what the couple's name should be, please write it in the comment box.*** <3 guys, peace. out. Next update will be soon.

The author's comments:

Chapter 9: Azriel’s POV
I slyly smiled at Adam and he look momentarily distracted, which was of course when I threw my seventy miles per hour windmill pitch. The ball landed perfect in Michael’s glove with a hard smack. Adam looked at me in shock, then anger penetrated over his face like hot lava. I smiled wider, and then I heard Ass-ley protest.

“She can’t do that!”

Coach Windhold, blessed his heart, gave Ass-ley a hard look and said,
“She can. She pitched it underhand and it’s perfectly legal. Ashley, if you actually look at professional softball players, they pitch it like Azriel.”

When Coach Windhold looked away and I gave Ass-ley a cocky wink and she sneered at me in return. Michael then made eye contact with me and he smile and shook his head.

It’s safe to say that our entire game consisted of me throwing strikes after strikes after strikes.

The other team didn’t stand a chance. Soon, we were dismissed back to our lockers and I waited until most of the students were ahead of me before I lagged behind in the back. I noticed that Michael was headed towards me when I felt a presence behind me. I turned quickly, and snatch his hand as he was about to touch my butt.

I took his arms and twisted it behind his back, making in yelped.

“You know I like it rough, baby,” he purred and that pissed me off more than ever.

Making sure Coach Winhold was not paying attention; I kicked his leg under him and mashed his face onto the grass, keeping my knee sharp at his back.

“Adam, let me tell you something. The only way I will ever touch you is when I’m threatening you or in the process of killing you. I swear to god, if you try to grope me again, then I will make sure football season will be over for you,” I said into his ear with an acidic smile.

I pushed his arms a little closer of emphasis and asked him, “Are we clear?”

“Bitch,” he spat on the grass and I leaned his arm closer to his back as he grunted in pain.

“I said , ‘are we clear?’” I asked him once again.

“Clear,” he managed to spit out and I smiled, then I released my hold on him.

Once I got up, Adam sprinted towards the crowd and I smirked. Looks like I scared another jock. Surprise, surprise.

“I think you traumatized him for life,” a voice suddenly appeared beside me and I grinned.

“I doubt it. Look, he’s hitting on some cheerleader right now,” I nodded towards the curly brunette and him laughing at something.

Michael sounded serious when he said, “He deserves much worse for trying to touch you like that.”

I glanced at him and he met my eyes. His eyes showed an emotion that made my stomach do cartwheels and flips. I breathe and I caught a whiff of his scent. It was a little bit of aftershave and cologne, mixed with a bit of his natural manly smell.

I shook my head slightly and clear it and replied, “No worries. I can deal with perverts just fine.”

Michael didn’t say anything on the way back and he just looked deep in thought. It makes me want to know what he’s thinking and that bothered me a little. I have never reacted this way to a guy before. But then again, most guys that I interacted with were jerks and asses. Michael wasn’t.

We stopped at the girl’s locker entrance and he turned to me with a worried look,”You’re okay, right?”
I smiled at him and said, “I’m fine.”

He returned my smile with a crooked one that nearly left me breathless and said, “Well good. But I’m still going to terminate him during football tryouts. I’m going to make it look like an accident though.”

“Michael, haven’t they teach you violent is never the answer,” I mockingly told him.

He chuckled, “Yeah, they have, until I met you.”

He leaned close to me, putting his face a few inches away from mine and said, “No one is going to do that to you and get away with it.”

He smirked then and began walking backwards towards the guy’s locker room.

“Wish me luck,” he called to me and I waved.

I quickly dressed into my clothes and once the bell rang, I walked quickly pass the other kids and to my locker where I grabbed the books that I needed to do homework. As I walk to my motorcycle, I saw a gaggle of girls walking towards the football field to speculate the tryouts. Looks like Michael made some fan girls already. I tried not to let that bother me too much.
I look towards the field and saw that Michael was tossing around the football with Taylor. He throw was perfect and the spiral landed perfectly in Taylor’s arm. I heard some clapping and I looked at the sidelines to see Ass-ley and her cheerwhores jumping up and down and clapping for Michael. I rolled my eyes and put on my aviators, then straddled my back.

I drove out of sight and pulled into the garage in my house. Dad is leaving today and he wanted to see me before he leaves for Russia.

I walked into the living room to see his stuff being carried out by his driver.

“There you are Azriel,” he said behind me and I turned around, carefully keeping my face blank.

“Hello, dad,” I said in my most controlled voice.

“Remember what I told you,” he said and I nodded.

“Good, I’ll see you in a month,” he smiled and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

With that, he walked out the door and to his car. The car pulled away and once it went through the gate, I breathed. I felt as if I weigh five thousand times lighter. The house felt oddly silent when he’s gone and I quickly walked upstairs into my room. I took a quick shower and dressed in shorts and a tank top, then got started on my homework.
It was liberating, doing homework without the screaming in the background or otherwise. I was finished in three hours and when I was done, I realized that it was already seven o’clock. I was getting pretty hungry when I heard my phone went off. The caller ID said it was Michael and I smiled a little. Just a little.

“Yo,” I picked up.

“Hey, Azriel. I made the team. First string quarterback,” I could hear the smile on his face.

I grinned, “Well, now hopefully our school would suck less.”

He laughed, “The guys invited me to
celebrate. Their bringing their girlfriends, and since I don’t have one, will you go with me?”

“Are you asking me on a date?” I asked him, my stomach doing that weird flippy thing again.

“If this is a date, will you say yes?” he asked me.

“I don’t know, are you asking me?” I asked him right back.

“Azriel, you are making this difficult,” he sighed and I waited.

“Okay, yes, I’m asking you on a date,” he said, exasperated.

I chuckled but didn’t say anything.

“Azriel?” he asked me, worried now.

“I still don’t hear anyone asking me anything,” I told him.

He sighed again and asked, “Azriel, will you go on this date with me?”
I smiled and said, “Okay, but if this date sucks, I’m kicking your ass.”

Michael laughed and said, “Now that’s the Azriel and I know. I’ll pick you up in fifteen minutes.”

“Gothca,” I told him and hung up.

I stared at the phone for a minute and said, “Shit.”

What the hell am I suppose to wear anyway? And then I want to hit myself because I’m acting like those girls I made fun of a million times. I sighed and sorted through my closet. Wow, let’s just there is a lot of dark colors. I smiled because at least I’m original. Even for Michael, there is no way in hell I’m going to wear pink.

I pulled out a pair of dark-wash ripped mini-skirt and a double layered lacy tank top. Black of course. I carefully undressed and put those clothes on. I matched if off with a leather bomber. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled.
It look good, but I don’t look like a whore.

I put on some chapstick and brushed my hair then padded downstairs and decided to put on my black Vans. I saw a car pulled in front of my house and put my house key inside my pocket and walked out to meet Michael.

Michael looked like an angel as he leaned on the passenger door waiting for me. I can feel his eyes roam over me as I walked towards him. I returned the favor and he looked good. Washed, tousled hair, with a t-shirt that shows his muscles and Levi’s with boots. He looks as if he’s a combination of an angel with a bad boy edge. I grinned wider.

“You look gorgeous,” he smiled at me and his eyes land on my legs for the second time tonight.

“You don’t look so bad yourself,” I replied and he smirked.

He opened the door for me and I settled myself inside. Once he was inside, his smell wafted to me and my stomach did more flips. Damn it, stomach!

“So, where are we going?” I asked him to stop my cheerleading stomach.

“We’re going to Club Angelfire,” he told me and I nodded.

He doesn’t need to know that I’ve been there with my dad before. I should be embarrassed right? Going to a dance club with my dad? Not really, more tensed. My dad and I went there to find a man who owed my dad three million dollars and didn’t return the payment. It was quite…bloody to say the least.
The ride there was short, but the club was crowded as hell. We finally found a space near the back, the one with the worse lighting and parked. I opened my door and Michael walked beside me as we approached the thundering club.

“Shit, there’s a line,” he said close to my ear.

And there was a long line, but I noticed that the bouncer at the front was giving me the “eye.” I gave him a flirty smile and his face went slack. Gotcha, I thought.
I took Michael’s hand and led him to the front of the line and the bouncer waved us through. Well, that was easy.

Michael looked at me for a moment, then shook his head. I noticed a slight smile on his lips. Michael held my hand tighter and the electric current that ran through me
made me shiver. We walk pass the gyrating dancers and the couples who were making out.

Michael led me to the back, where I noticed the guys on the football team with the girls on each of their laps. Interesting.

“Hey, Michael, what up man!” Taylor called out and gave me a friendly smile.

I grinned back at him and smirked to the rest of the group who were a)giving me flirty winks and perverted looks or b) glaring at me like they wanted kill me. They made space for us, and Michael pulled me beside him, rather than on him. The girls saw this and smiled a little. They then went for the kill.

“So Michael, you were amazing at tryouts today,” one purred.
Another one pulled her chest a little closer to his direction and smiled, “Yeah, you were.”

The one sitting on the other side of him moved from her guy’s lap a little closer to Michael’s lap and giggled, “I love your shirt.”

I looked at these whore’s boyfriends and realized that they didn’t pay attention. Why? Because they were all staring at me…or rather, my chest.

I clenched my fist under the table and refrained from punching the crap out of them. That would ruin Michael’s night. The girls continue to flirt with Michael, and an idea came to my head.

If they want war, they got it.

“It’s hot in here,” I said aloud and shrugged out of my leather jacket slowly, but surely.

I noticed that the guys were practically drooling and all of the girls were now glaring at me. I smirked, and once my jacket was off, I handed it to Michael who set in behind his seat.

“So…um…Azriel, do you want to dance?” a football player ask me and
I gave him a level stare.

He gulped and I said, “Maybe. Right now, I feel like dancing with Michael.”

I got up and Michael took my hand and led me to the dancefloor. I turned around to see the girls looking as if they want to kill me this second. I gave them the finger, and pressed closer to Michael.
Michael pulled me closer to him and leaned to whisper, “You are incredible. I’m willing to bet all of the guys at the table would totally dump their girls for you right now.”

I leaned back and smiled, “Yeah, but I don’t want them.”

I turned around and pressed my back to his chest and move my hips in rhythm with his. Somehow, I ended up facing him again and his lips were running down my throat and I clutched him closer to me.

He kissed his way up to my ear and said, “So who do you want, Azriel?”
I turned to face him and pressed my face close to his, “I’m staring at him.”

I stared into his eyes and it said more than words that he wanted me too. Badly. He didn’t say anything as he took my hand and led me to the back of the club, where everything was much more quiet. He opened a door and led me inside. It was a janitor’s closet.

“Wha-“ I turned to face him, but he pressed my back to the wall and his lip pressed to mine.

I ran my hands down his chest and under his shirt and ran my fingers down his tight abs. Michael growled deep in his throat and his tongue swept mine and I shivered. I pressed myself closer to him and he carried me up in his arms while I twined my legs around his torso.

Our kiss deepened and I was about to pull off his shirt and he pulled away.

Our breathing was loud and fast, and I looked at him in confusion.

He smirked at me and said, “Azriel, I really be doing this anywhere else than in a janitor’s closet.”

“I knew that,” I told him and he smiled.

He leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the lips and I shivered.

Michael groaned, “Damn it, Azriel, I’m using all my power to not continue what we started and you shivering when I kiss you is not helping.”

I smiled, “Well, that’s not my fault.”

“Well, then I guess I’m going to be making you shiver whenever I want now,” he smiled.

I looked at him, “Sorry, only boyfriends will have the power over me.”

He looked at me for a minute and then shook his head.

“I’m going to have to ask you if you want to be my girlfriend or not, right?”

I nodded with a smirk and he said,
“You are so difficult.”

“Sweetie, that’s just part of my charm,” I replied.

He sighed and looked at me in the eyes, “Will you be my girlfriend?”
I pretended to think about it for a minute and said, “Sure. But if you are a sucky boyfriend, I’m kicking your ass.”

He chuckled and leaned into kiss me once more.
Then he said something that made me melt, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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