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The Player Alpha Werewolf That Howled Love

July 11, 2011
By Morningglow, Tangerang, Other
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Morningglow, Tangerang, Other
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"Ignorance is a blessing humanity will never know of.. Treasure it."

Author's note: I love werewolf story. There's something about Soulmates and Pure love that caught my heart since the beginning.

The author's comments:
This is my first attempt for my first story, though it's the recent edited version Tell me and share if you liked it :)

Chapter 1

Ashling's POV

“Hey mate watcha doin?” Adam said as he snake an arm around my shoulder.

I shot him a glare. “You got exactly 3 seconds to get your hands off me before I punch you in the face. 1.. 2..”

“Okay, okay jeez. You don’t have to be so temperamental Ashling.” He retreated and took a couple spaces away from me.

“Whatever.” I waved my hand dismissively and continued to read my book.

Adam was one of the male models and he’s a one hell of a player. The other 2 models, Cam and Brandon, were not as much as a player as him. We all knew each other since we first started modeling, since we all came from the same management.

Brandon’s my best friend since we’re little, and he’s gay. Not that it matters in any way, he’s great and sensitive, yet protective of me at times. I never had a girl best friend. But I don’t mind, I already have the best friend in the whole world. He never judged, never forgot about me, and he cared me for who I am. That’s what I meant by the world’s best friend.

He just got back from Paris yesterday and I haven’t got the chance to meet him, due to my work and homework.

We were in the photo set location near the lake. I breathe the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine above me. My mind wandered back to home. I haven’t seen my parents and jet and also Effie for days. I miss them very much. I haven’t go to school so I haven’t See jet or Effie, and my parents were pretty busy too. Usually they come to the set, but I guess today they have something on their mind.

“Ashling, come here.” Kiera shouted from quiet afar. I closed my book and sprinted toward my lovely manager in my heels.


“Here are your clothes, now go change. The photoshoot is about to start.”

I nodded grabbing the turtleneck red sweater, Burberry white coat, black pair of silk pants and over-the-knee high boots. Heading to the dressing booth, I spotted Melissa on the make-up area screeching as her fake eyelashes failed to stick. Poor that make-up artist. Melissa always treated people like that, except hot boys.

“What are you looking at?” she shrieked, making a painful sound to hear, and pointed at me.

“Nothing.” I flash a fake smile and turned around. Just before I walked away, I spoke over my shoulder. “By the way, you got cream on the corner of your mouth right here.” I gestured the white spot, “Stop being a troublesome and just get on with it.” I gave a smile one more time before went to changed my clothes. I heard laughs from the staff and grunt from the devil but I didn’t look back.

I walked to the set with confident in my 8 inches boots. Suddenly someone swept me off my feet and spin me around. I squealed in the progress while checking who’s the punk. It turned out to be Brandon.

“Brandon, put me down!” I demanded, trying to do it sternly but failed, as I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Owh Ashy bear I really, really miss you.”

“Me too. How’s paris?” I asked.

“A-mazing. Seriously, I love it there. The foods, the people, the fashion, the view, all of it are amazing and fabulous. Autumn in paris. Aaah, such a romantic words to say.” He sighed contently and his gaze wondered up to the sky.

“Wait, what? Romance?” I asked, raising one eyebrow.

He grinned shyly. “I met someone.”

“Do tell!” I gasped but at the same time the photographer, Donovan shouted at us, telling us to hurry up.

“I’ll tell you later. I don’t want to get up in Donovan’s grill.” I smiled and nodded.

“Ashling you’ll be standing between those two boys. Uhm, what’s their name?” Donovan asked.

“Adam and Cam.”

“Yeah right them. No go and work your magic.”

I smiled and stood in my position. The make up artists fixed our make up for the last touch and we pose a few styles for the magazine.

Donovan here, like most photographer, were not very great with names. But surprisingly they always remember my name. I never asked why though, cause I didn’t want to feel like I’m being superior or something.

After a few shots taken and a few change of clothes and make ups, we finally wrapped it all. I was exhausted by the time it finished and I dropped myself literally to the sofa prepared in my tent.

The devil walked in with a smirk on her face and stop in front of me. “What do you want Melissa?” I asked slowly due to the tiredness.

“I heard donovan didn’t like your performance today.”

I sighed dramatically fake and sit up straight. “Really? Oh wow. I didn’t know Donovan likes to talk behind my back.” I faked gasp also.

She seemed to believe my act and continued her plan to bring me down. “Yeah and I heard also he wants to repeat the photo shoot also.”

“Oh. My. God.” I said with slightly overdramatic effect. “He did not!”

“Yes he did.” She grinned happily.

I ended my act and place a flat expression on my face. “As far as I know, he’s a straightforward man so no way he’ll talk behind my back.” As if it was on cue, donovan’s head popped in through my tent’s entrance.

“Great photos you made today Ashling. I’ll repeat what I said last week and the week before that and so on. I’m very impressed with your ability. Keep up the good work.” He said with a nod and a smile.

“Thanks Donovan.”

He disappeared and I put a smug expression to face the devil in front of me. With just a smirk, she stomped her feet in desperation and sauntered out in defeat. Finally some peace! If I could just sleep a bit before my next set, that would be great.

“Ashling something happens.” Kiera barged into the tent and her loud plus sad voice woken me up from my not-so-likely nap.

“What is it?”

“Your.. you parents. T-they-”

“Just spit it out!” I said, getting frustrated.

“They had an accident.” She said, and finally let out tears. The second those words deciphered by my brain, it’s like some lightning struck me. I hold on her shoulder and stare at her teary eyes.

“Tell me this is just a joke. Please tell me-“ I stopped talking as Brandon walked in with a sorrowful face. Oh, no. This wasn’t happening. That’s when I realized tears pouring out from my eyes like a rainfall. A never-ending rainfall.

“Tell me where are they now?”

“They’re in the hospital. Come on we gotta go now.” Brandon said, grabbing my hand and ran to his car. The ride to the hospital was silent. I kept brushing my hand at my face to stop my tears. But it seemed hopeless. All I think about was I hope they’re okay. I hope they survived. Please, just let them live. And the list goes on.

Arriving at the E.R, I jumped out of the car and ran to my extent. “Where’s my parents? Are they safe?” I asked to a passing nurse.

“What is your parents name?”


“Miss Judd is right here, follow me.” my mind was wandering around as I mindlessly followed the nurse. So many questions still flowed through my mind. Why didn’t she mention my dad? How hard the impact of the accident?

These questions became clear as the nurse spoke. “A truck hits them when they’re taking a turn. It’s not their faults for all I know. I’m sorry dear but your dad.. He died instantly.” She stopped and gestured me to a room. My, my dad died? this can’t be happening. Someone wake me up from this horrible nightmare. Please, someone.

“Miss.” The nurse placed her hands on my upper arms. I prepared myself for the worse and took a deep breath as I walked in. I whimpered and stood in shock on the doorframe as I watched unconscious mom with many tubes inside and out of her body. Scars surrounded her small frame.

“Mom.” I let out a shaky breath. It seemed hard to breath right now.

“Mom, wake up.” My voice was shaking and my lips were trembling. I fell down besides my mother’s bed. Jet, Effie, and Brandon walked in a few seconds later. They did the same as I did previously. Effie cried hard and I hugged her tight, trying to soothe her.

“Where’s dad?” Effie asked, completely clueless. Jet was crying too. This was the first time I’ve ever saw him cried.

I held Effie tighter as I shook my head and look down. I felt a tug on the top of my head and I looked up to my mother. I instantly stood up, taking up Effie as well and only kept my gaze on her beautiful face and not her damaged body.

“Ashling.” She whispered. Her voice was hoarse.

“Mommy.” Effie cried.

“Effie darling don’t cry. Jet come here.” her tone was soft as silk as she spoke. Her voice was the melodious sound I’ve ever heard.

“Listen to me. Jet you’re now the head of the family. Take care of your sister and don’t forget you all, that no matter where we are, we’ll always love you.” I cried again, but held myself from getting out of control as my mother continued to speak.

“Ashling, you are a wonderful talented daughter. You can be everything that you want. Just believe in your heart. And promise me, when you’ll find that special someone, don’t let him go. Promise me.” I nodded.

“Effie you are strong, energetic kid. I’m so proud of all of you. I’m proud to call all of you my children-“ she coughed and I saw what she coughed out. Blood. I was terrified. “Mom, please don’t talk anymore. Please just rest.”

“No, I have to finish this first. Ashling, sometime soon you’ll find the one for you and he will make you understand the oddness of this family. Trust him.”

Her heartbeat slowed and before the heart monitor let out a long beep sound, she said, “I love you all. Take care of each other.” And then her body became limp and she closed her eyes, breathless.

The last thing I remember before falling into dreamless sleep was the doctors and nurses rushed in to help my mother to bring her back to life. But it was useless. My mother and father died. That’s it.


There’s no second chance in this world. I still cannot accept my parents’ death. How could fate do this? How could they? I felt this numb feeling inside me. And also the cold.

I watched mindlessly as people pass me with sympathy look on their faces and classic mourning words, ‘I’m sorry.’

We were gathering in my house, after the funeral. Many people, including family members and close friends were coming to pay respect. Even some of my work associates were coming.

Why people wore black at funerals? I don’t understand that tradition. Mother wouldn’t want this. She and dad would want the people wore colourful clothes and gave colourful flowers into their grave. Me, myself wore blue dress. Mom loved blue, and so am I.

I decided to go upstairs and locked myself in my room until the house was clear. I couldn’t stand those sympathy looks and sorrowful atmosphere. It was just too much. Locking the door of my room, I sat on the floor in front of the box in front of my bed and opened it gently.

It’s the only thing I got for the memories of my mother. There’s the gold necklace, which my mother got from her grandma, the wedding rings, and the flowery-beaded charm bracelet that mom and I made when I was 12. Others were photos of me and our complete family. I picked out one photo in particular and observed it dearly. It was the photo of my mom and dad, leaning against each other. They were on a vacation on Bali at that time for their 5th anniversary.

There’s also other picture of them two when they’re on a cruise trip. They used to call themselves ‘the travelers’. They used to tell us about the countries they have been visited. Now they’re gone, no one would ever tell me about the world. And things I have to know, advices, and wishing luck.

They were my wishing stars, the one I’ve ever hoped on. I thought they would live longer, but fate destined a different way.

They always looked so happy and content. I’ve always remembered those looks in their eyes when they looked at each other. It’s more than love. Words can’t even describe.

I took the looks of my mom. Our family has this signature colour of hair. All of us have chocolate brown hair. But I got this icy grey colour of eyes from my mother, while Jet and Effie got their green from dad. Both of my parents always looked so young, like they’re not even aged after years. Most people usually mistook me as my mother because of our resemblance.

My mom named me Ashling for a reason. I was born exactly on Christmas Day. And mom said she got a vision of what the future held for me. Hence, the meaning of my name. Though she never told me what's the vision told. She told me she'd tell me when I'm ready. Now I never know what.

I didn’t realize tears were freely flowing out again and I just heard the gentle knock on my door. “Come in.”

The door was opened and Brandon came in. “Hey sweetheart. What are you doing?”

“Looking through some photos.”

He sighed and sat closely next to me. “So what are you gonna do now?”

“I don’t know.” I said honestly.

“You know you can always live with me right? I already got my own flats. Or if you don’t want to live there you can move to my parents’ house. You know they love you to bits right?”

“I know.” I couldn’t help but smile a bit. “How about Jet, and Effie?”

“They could move with you too.”

“I don’t know it just didn’t feels right.”

Brandon slung an arm around my shoulder and made my head leaned on his shoulder. He kissed the top of my head and wiped off the tears with his soft fingers. “I’ll support you with whatever your decision is. I promise with all my might.”

“I.. I think I have to follow my parents’ expectation. To move to USA with my uncle.”

“I think that’s for the best, since that’s your parents’ will and wish. So, you’re gonna quit the modeling world?”

“I think I am. I need a new start. Later when I’m ready, or when my heart desire, I’ll come back here and maybe continue my career.” I flashed him a fake smile. But I knew he knew it’s fake.

“Just let it go, Ash. Let it go.”

I cried, hard. I just cling tightly into my best friend as I cried with all of my might. But even I did that, nothing could fill this hole in my heart. I just lost 2 most precious people in my life. It will never be the same for me.


Saying goodbye was the hardest part. Packing the things and stuff was not easy as well. Everytime I saw my mom and dad stuff, tears were always threatening to go out. By I held it, for the sake of my family. I didn’t want them to be sad and drown into my own sorrow. The second reason was, my mom always told us to be strong, no matter what happened. And I must keep that promises.

The house was not going to be sold, and also my dad’s and mom’s will all be left there, just in case we’re going back there again. Maida, the family’s loyal housekeeper was going to live there to keep things in line.

The flight was long and uncomfortable. I couldn’t sleep knowing that I just left my own country and my friends and family there.

My uncle, Dex, and his wife, Jenna was trying hard to cheer us, even though I knew they were sad too. So Jet made us promise that we’re not going to make things more difficult for them.

As the car drive into somewhere I don’t know, I stare out of the window. All I could see was trees passing by fast and pedestrians and bikers. I made a statement that this are where they lived was still undamaged from the heavy pollution. Seemed good to me, since I love this kind of place.

Soon, Dex stopped in front of a 3-stories house. It’s quite big and spacious. I have a hunch I’ll enjoy living here. The front yard was guarded with white fences and white-painted fences and covered with different colour of flowers making my heart warm. I traveled back and wandered around. It turned out there’s a thick forest behind the house. I stared at it and suddenly shivered as something came up on the edge. It was something furry, something dark. But I couldn’t make up what’s the creature, cause one second later it disappeared.

“Ashy!” a kid’s voice shouted my name. I turned around to see Mason running toward me and jumped to my embrace. Mason was Dex’s and jenna’s son. He’s about 5 years old and very smart for kids his age. We grew in fond when we first met at the funeral.

“What’s up Mase?” I carried him as we walk back to the front door.

“Mommy said you have to choose you room.” I chuckled at his cuteness. He’s just so adorable.

I stop in front of the house that I must now called home.


“Ash!! AAASH!! Sis, could you step away from the path? You’re blocking my way.” I turned around to see my sister carrying a big box of her stuff.

“Oops sorry little sis," I said smiling, ruffling her hair until it gets messy.

She yelled, “Oh come on Ash! Just step away.”

“Okay, okay,” I replied. I stepped away from the path, and get bumped with someone with a hard chest. Ouch. I looked up to see Jet smirking. Should have known. Since he turned 17, his body seemed to harden and built. I always asked if whether he work out on the gym or using steroids or something. He used to have normal, average size of body with a bit of muscle. Now, he enjoyed living a player life since girls notice him when he gets those biceps.

Me on the other hand, have a petite figure for a model. I stood about 5’8 from the ground, last time I checked, and I got a natural thin body figure. So there’s not really much curves on me, but I liked it the way it is.

Effie was quite tall for girls her age. Boys from her class used to mock her because of her height, but I always told her they just wanted her attention. You know how 12-years-old boy do to gain their crush’s attention, right? Yeah, by picking fights, mocking them, and made them cry just to get them noticed.

But nevertheless, Effie is pretty. She has the looks of mom and dad.

“Hey, be careful ash,” he said will grinning wildly.

“Whatever,” I said walking away.

“Come on Ashling honey, you haven’t picked out a room yet. Let’s go. And maybe when you guys finished unpacking, we could go to the mall to buy dinner since I’m too tired to cook,” Aunt Jenna said smiling widely, wrapping one arms on my shoulder.

“Okay, aunt jen.” I said.

“What do I say Ashling, call me Jenna, or Jen. I’m not that old you know.”

I smiled as we walked into the house. “Okay, au- I mean Jenna.”

Elliot POV

Oh help me out from this hellhole. I can’t stand it any longer. The meeting has proceeded for about 2 hours and it hasn’t stopped. I got the feeling that it will be an hour longer more. This meeting really sucked. I would rather be in the school, studying until my brains are washed out. But I couldn’t because my father, his majesty Alpha, ordered me too. And I don't think that you wanna know what will happened if I don’t.

I lived in a small town Ridgeville in USA and so does our entire pack’s member. Although we’re not the strongest pack, we still have a large amount of power on the rank, seeing as we have about 100 families here. We are werewolves. No human knows about us and we are ordered to keep it that way. My father owned some of the business in my town. Including my school, Danton Academy.

After the meeting stopped, I shot out from the room and into the kitchen knowing that there will be foods that my mom prepared. Jackpot, a freshly baked cookies served on the table. I went closer and picked one up. One thing could describe the taste, incredible. My phone rang and I instantly picked it up. “Hello.”

“Hello dude, Elli, my man, Whacca doin?” he said.

“Dude how many times I have to tell you. Don’t call me Elli! It’s a girl name!” I said.

I heard him laughing and said, “So, what’s up?”

I sighed,” I just finished the meeting. Wanna hang at the mall? Find some girls. I don’t know. I just want to refresh my brain.”

“Sure. I’ll call the guys. See ya.”

With that I rushed to the garage. I’m halfway through when I heard footsteps behind me.

“Where are you going son?” I turned around and saw the two most important figures in my life. Being an alpha has done well to my father, seeing that now he was big and muscular, while my mother was sweet and so much shorter than dad. She has a curly blond hair and pretty sky blue eyes. So you could see that I inherited mom’s hair and my dad’s eye colour.

“I’m going to hang with the guys. Do you need me for anything?” I said, worried that he might ask me to do some chores.

“Nope not really. Relax son. Have fun,” dad said. “Thanks dad. Bye mom.”

“Bye dear,” my mom said. Before I went trough the garage door, I glanced back and saw my mom and dad looked at each other so lovingly towards each other. That expression, no one could ever explained. It’s beyond affections, it’s pure love. How can I ever found that someone special in my life? A mate of my own.

I took my Ferrari and drove away. After parking my car I went into the mall. Waiting on the popular hangspot, I looked around and saw Candice walking toward me. I smiled as she waved and smiled flirtatiously and sat on my lap.

Ashling POV

After I half-finished un-packing my clothes, I went to shower. I got a room that was decorated with beige wallpaper, classy furniture, a beautiful balcony that has a wonderful view of the forest and a huge walk-in closet.

Its like this room was made for me.

After finished showering, I picked a black bra and matching underwear and I dried my hair. My hair was pretty long now, and I made a note to myself to re-style it. I went to my closet and picked a short short jeans, electric blue tank top and black cardigan. I so love this style of fashion. It’s even better if I fuse this style with a platform heels or ankle boots. I think I’ll go with ankle boots this night.

“Ashling, are you done yet dear?” Jenna shouting from below.

“Yes. Just a second!” I went running down the stairs.

When I arrived at the bottom step of the stairs, a little boy come running and hugged my leg. “ Hey, mason,” I said cheerily.

“Ashy!! You’re going with us right?” he asked, with sparkling eyes. I bent to pick him up.

“Of course you silly boy. Look! I’m dressed up aren’t I?” He looked at me with his sparkling brown eyes, smiling widely.

“Come on, let’s go, let’s go!” he said impatiently.

We went to the garage. Apparently, 1 car isn’t enough for 6 of us. So Jet, Mason, Effie and me took one of the car and uncle Dex and aunt Jenna took another car. Uncle dex led us to the mall and when we arrived, we took our separate ways to find an empty parking lot.

After he parked, we walked to the mall. As we walk in, I realized that Mason’s missing. “Hey where’s Mason?”

“I don’t know. I thought he’s with you.” Jet’s said. Seeing the situation, I decided to stop talking and start searching for the little boy. We decided to split to look for him. After searching for what seemed to me hours, he finally found at a big toyshop. “Oh God mason don’t do that again. You make me scared,” I said, kneeling beside him.

His face turned from happy to sad. “I’m really sowwy ashy. I will not do that again,” he frowned.

Before he started to cry I said, ”Oh its okay its okay mase, don’t cry. Come on lets play hide and seek.” I didn’t even realize what I’m saying. Where the hell did that plan come from?

His face turned normal sparkling and say, “Okay! I hide you seek. Close your eyes and start counting ashy!”

“O-okay dear.” I closed my eyes and start counting to twenty. Then I opened my eyes and started searching for mason. I searched the whole store and I didn’t find him. I felt like an idiot, wandering around the shop. The employee has given me a weird look and I took it as a cue to go out from there.

Where did he go? I went left and search him until the end of way peeping in to every store. I walked toward what seemed to be a hangout spot, because there were so many kids my age. I spotted Mason’s red shirt and brown hair and jogged to him to find him talking to a bunch of guys and girls. And let me tell you, those guys were all so hot from what I took in a glance.

“Mason, I told you to not running away. I’ve been searching all over for you,” I said to him, ignoring the stares from them.

“I’m sowy ashy. When I’m hiding I spotted Aaron, my friend, walking across the store,” he said while pointing at one of the guy, which I predicted would be Aaron. He has a red-haired girl sitting next to him.

“Hey,” he said, “Sorry for troubling you. I didn’t mean it. I thought he was wandering alone. So I bring him here.”

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.” I smiled half-heartedly.

I looked around and my eyes locked with this boy sitting in the edge of the sofa. He has dirty blonde coloured hair, a masculine jaw line, and high cheekbones, tan skin and from what I could see, he definitely has some muscle under that shirt.

He’s wearing a tight electric blue v-neck shirt, same as mine, and jeans. His eyes were midnight blue coloured. Wait, midnight blue? Wow I’ve never seen it before. That was the most beautiful colour of eyes I’ve ever seen. And it’s looking, no, staring at me. Oh, and then I snapped out of my reverie when I noticed a girl sitting on his lap, glaring at me. How did I not notice that earlier?

Elliot POV

‘MATE!’ That’s what my wolf yelled inside me when she walked by. She looked perfectly beautiful and rather thin and tall. Her skin was light cream. She has luscious chocolate brown hair and its pretty long, stops at her small waist. But from all of this, what caught me the most were her eyes. Her eyes were so beautiful and mesmerizing. It was grey and when you looked closer, you could see a small hint of blue on the corner. The light from the chandelier above her made her eyes more clear to see.

“Mason, I told you to not running away. I’ve been searching all over for you” I heard her voice for the first time. It was so angelic and I’m so in love with her british accent. Wait, british accent?

She hasn’t looked at anyone of us yet. “I’m sowy ashy. When I’m hiding I spotted Aaron, my friend, walking across the store,” mason said pointing at Aaron. Oh so this was Dex’s nephew. I ahould have known, if I wasn’t too intrigued by her figure.

“Hey,” Aaron said, “Sorry for troubling you. I didn’t mean it. I thought he was alone. So I bring him here.”

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.”

Then she looked in to my eyes, and froze. For a minute or 2, we’re staring at each other. Then she looked away. I wanted to tell her not to look away, but I knew it would freak her.

“Hey, are you Ashling Judd, the British model?” Meagan asked. She’s one of my friend’s, Lucas’ mate.

“Yeah. But now I’m officially an ex-model.”

“That’s such a shame, why is that?”

“Uhm,” she hesitated, “Got some family issues. So I’m permanently moving here now. “

“Oh that’s cool, so you’re going to Danton right?” Lacey asked. She’s Aaron’s mate and also my sister. Not biologically though. She’s actually my cousin but when her parents died, mom took action and took the custody.

Ashling nodded, “Yep I’m going to transfer there. So I guess you guys go there too?”

“Yup. Most kids around go there too. I’m Lacey by the way.” Lacey said, shoving a hand.

“Nice to meet you.” She smiled, as the other girls acquainted with her too. I was about to get up when I realized Candice was still on my lap, glaring at my mate. I tried shoving her off as gently as possible but there’s no luck in my action. “Candice can you please get off of me?”

“Why? Don’t you like it when I do this?” she asked while grind her butt on my cock. It usually turned me on but now, I just want to pushed her off. And so I did. I stood up and walked toward my beautiful mate, not once my eyes adverted from her eyes. I smiled at her, “Hi I’m Elliot.”

“Hi.” She smiled then looked away to talk to mason. Just like that. I cannot believe what just happened. She just ignored me while I was showing her my most dazzling smile that usually made girls fell for my feet. But, nonetheless, I liked the challenge. I will tame her and made her fall for me, sooner or later.

Ashling POV

My phone rang after I talked to that guy, Elliot. He’s handsome, I admitted. And his deep voice made me shivered and his dimples made him look cute, yet hot. I don’t know how did he manage to get that look. But from his looks I could guess he’s kind of player. And I don’t play with players, that’s for sure. I slid opened my iphone and looked at the caller id.

“Hello, Jet?”

“Hey Ashling where are you? Are with Mason now?”

“Yeah I’m with him. I’m at the second floor, near the food court now.”

“Great okay then we all are in the sushi curb. Come here as soon as you can. Bye.”

“Wait!” I wailed, but he already hung up. Great, now how could I found my way? “Guys do you happens to know the sushi curb?” I asked, looking at all of them, except Elliot that standing by my side. The way he looked at me, it just creep me out a bit. It’s intense, very intense. It’s like he could suck the life out of me. I know right? How a simple intense stare could do that to you?

“I could take you there.” A voice beside me made me startled.

“Hmm, no thanks. Just tell me the direction and I’ll be fine.” I said to him.

“Oh no that’s not necessary come on I’ll show you the way myself.” He smirked, then slinging his arms on my shoulder and pushed me forward. I really, really try hard to shrug him off, but his grip only becoming harder. His body temperature was so high, it’s like he just got out from the oven, freshly baked. Sighing, I took mason’s hand and bid adieu to my new friends.

“I think it’s not polite to leave your girlfriend like that.” I said, not looking at him.

“Oh she’s not my girlfriend, trust me.”

I stopped and come face-to-face with him. “I come to learn to not trust a man that said ‘trust me’.” Then, I continued my walk with mason.

“Okay then if I tell you she’s my friends with benefits would you believe me?”

“That, I believe. Geez ‘friends with benefits’? That sounds.. beastly.”

He laughed and we walked in silence. Soon enough, we reached the sushi restaurant. I murmured bye, without looking at him and about to storm in before a grip on my forearm stopped me. And I gasped in surprise as an electric shock ran from where he touched me. The shock then turned into tingles and sparks. How in the world could he do that?

“What did you just do to me?” I said as I took a step back.

“Nothin.” He just smirked. I squinted my eyes, trying to intimidate him.

“Any road, thank you for the walk. Cheerio.” I walked in toward the restaurant, taking a peek of glance of him. He was still in the same position, standing with a goofy smirk. When I joined with my family in the table, I looked outside to see him gone already.

Elliot POV

I waited for her to enter the restaurant, and then I walked back to the spot. When I got back, they were giving me a knowing smile and congratulate me. Candice was nowhere to be found, thank God. Maybe they chased her off, or teased her to embarrassment. Either way, I’m glad she’s gone.

I smiled happily at the thought of seeing my mate again. I probably should tell my parents. They will be so excited, especially mom. Oh I wonder what she would do when she knew. I hope she’ll take this slow.

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on Aug. 11 2012 at 5:40 pm
witchchild1234, Wilmette, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Only one link of destiny can be handled at a time." - Winston Churchill

Love it!!!! Plz post more!!!!!

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“One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it’s worth watching.”

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today”

Great job:D


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Storms a comin (its somthing i picked up from my family. we r werid like that. its amazing lol)

please write more its very good so far