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February 9, 2011
By cookie_star_x, Winsford, Other
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cookie_star_x, Winsford, Other
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Author's note: hiya this is only the first chapter i will post more as soon as i can however please leave a comment to tell me what you think so that i can improve my work!

I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t know what I was running from all I knew was that I needed to keep putting one foot in front of another and get out of this dark wet forest. I could feel my heart beating hard against my ribcage. I was surprised it couldn’t hear me whatever “it” was. Suddenly I was falling towards the cold damp earth of the forest floor.

I woke up and found myself lying in my bed shaking all over “it was just a dream” I told myself , my alarm clock was making an annoying beeping noise. I turned it off and got out of bed. Dressing quickly into my school uniform I made my way downstairs to get my breakfast. I couldn’t believe this was the first day of year eleven, I would be leaving school and going to college next year. Looking through the window I found that the day was dull and bleak and the rain was hitting the pavements and bouncing off the top of the cars that lined the street. The car was gone, my dad must have already gone to work. My mum came downstairs then, I said good bye and hurried off into the lashing rain, with an umbrella to catch the bus.

I thought about the dream I’d had earlier on, I shivered at the thought of it and decided to push it to the back of my mind. “it was just a dream” I told myself again, yet I still couldn’t shake off the anxiousness I felt at the thought of it.

My bus arrived outside of school fifteen minutes before the bell was due to ring . I began to walk through the all too familiar corridors to my new form room. Opening the door I saw my two friends Emma and Rose sat in the corner of the room talking to each other. Rose ran over to me, her long blond hair flowing behind her and her blue eyes bright from excitement and happiness. She began with her usual fast stream of questions which sounded like she was asking me how me summer had been. “My summer was great thanks Rose” I told her.
“how are you Emma?”
“Oh I’m fine thanks” she said quietly as she moved a piece of her short light brown curly hair out of her heart shaped face.

More people started to arrive as it got closer to the bell.
Rose was telling us about her holiday in Spain when she stopped. It was like the whole class had been put on pause, nobody spoke a word. Rose was staring towards the door I turned and followed her gaze.

That was the first time I saw them. The people that would change my life forever, I just didn’t know it yet. They were beautiful. She was slender and had Dark waist length hair, pale skin and light silvery blue eyes that were framed by dark thick lashes. He was similar yet different, he had short, light brown hair that fell across his forehead, high cheekbones, pale chalk coloured skin and bright brown, deep mysterious eyes that were also framed by dark thick lashes.

The whole class watched mesmerized as they moved to the desk at the back of the classroom with such grace and fluidness that it was unreal.

The loud school bell pierced like a knife through the silence. I could vaguely make the sound of people beginning to talk again and movement, I guessed everyone wanted to find out about what were obviously new students. None of it seemed to matter to me though, something wasn’t right and I didn’t know what it was, I just had this feeling in the bottom of my stomach, a feeling that made me extremely uneasy.

“Kirsty, Kirsty”
It was Rose saying my name.
“Are you ok? you don’t look right. You’ve gone really pale.”
“yeh, I’m fine thanks its just…”
“just what?”
“Nothing, it doesn’t matter”
Rose just turned away and began chatting animatedly to Emma again.

I decided not to tell anyone in case they thought I was going mad. I mean its not exactly normal to get bad feelings about people that you’ve never met.

I glanced towards the new students, they were surrounded by most of the class, who it seemed were questioning them. Was it just me or did both of the ridiculously pale new students look uncomfortable being next to all those people? I was trying to figure out why when a movement caught the corner of my eye.
“Kirsty, Kirsty” once again I heard my name being called and I realised that I hadn’t been watching or listening to anybody. I wondered how long I had been doing this for.
“Really Kirsty, what is up with you today?”
“Sorry, I’m just tired”
“Me and Emma are going to try to talk to the new students, are you coming?”
“Um, yeah ok” I replied feeling unsure.
I followed Rose and Emma over to the other table feeling nervous the whole way there, despite not having any rational reason to fear the new students yet. As we joined the large crowd that surrounded the table Rose asked a girl named Kate if she had found out anything about the new students.
“There names are Theo and Eve Blake. She told us excitedly. I turned towards Theo and Eve, Connor was asking them where they had lived before.
“We have lived in many places.” Theo said. His voice was soft and fluid like his movements I had seen earlier. He spoke with a slight American accent.
“Where did you live before you came here?” Connor questioned them.
“We lived in California.” Eve replied. Her voice was soft and fluid the same as his but Eves voice also sounded high pitched and musical.

Our form tutor, Mrs Williams walked in then. “Right everyone sit down please. I see that you have met our two new students, Theo and Eve Blake. I would appreciate it if you would all make them feel welcome.” she handed out the new timetables then. I studied mine carefully and was about to turn around and ask Rose and Emma what lesson they had first when…

“Excuse me”
My stomach lurched as I heard the same gentle fluid voice I had heard earlier. I turned to face him feeling as nervous as ever. “Could you tell me where Mrs Coopers English class is please?”
“Um, sure I can take there if you want. I have English too.”
“Thank you”
I turned away again feeling sick. I tried to tell myself that I was being stupid, that there was no reason to fear Theo and Eve Blake but no matter what I thought I continued to feel uneasy and as form went on and I pretended to be listening to Rose and Emma’s conversation, I was beginning to wish that I had not told Theo that I would take him to his first class.

I jumped as I heard the bell that I had been dreading for the past 15 minutes. I turned to find Theo already stood there waiting and watching me pack away my things. I said goodbye to Rose and Emma before walking out of the classroom with Theo following closely behind.

“So, Kirsty would you mind telling me what the school is like?”
“How do you know my name?” I asked confused trying to remember if I had told him when I said I would show him his class. A look of worry crossed his face ,as if he had said something he shouldn’t have, I tried to work out why but the look was gone as quickly as it had come.
“oh I just heard one of your friends calling you before.”
“oh.” I said wondering how he could have heard that with all the noise from people talking during form.
“Well, there’s not much to tell really its just like any other school its nothing special you get bored pretty quickly around here.”
We walked quickly across a Yard that was packed with students all rushing off to class but also staring, staring at us, or rather at Theo which wasn’t surprising seeing as everything about him from the way he looked to the way he walked and spoke was completely inhuman and angel like.

We reached the small packed English classroom just as the second bell signalled for first lesson to start.
“Thank you” Theo said as I walked through the door.
“ My pleasure” I replied without looking at him. I walked quickly towards a desk in a corner at the back of the classroom, glad that the short journey between classrooms was over, while Theo walked over to the teachers desk to speak to Mrs Cooper.

I sat down at the desk not daring to look up and see him, see his perfect features, see his bright, smouldering eyes.

“May I sit here please” once again my stomach lurched as I heard his voice. I looked up to find him standing next to my desk, the only desk left with a free seat in the entire classroom.

“Sure” I said knowing that I had no choice.

He sat down with a smug smile on his face. For some unknown reason it seemed to really annoy me. However despite my strange feelings toward him I suddenly found myself asking him what he found so amusing without really thinking about it. The question just seemed to bubble to my lips:
“If you don’t mind me asking but what exactly do you find so funny” I questioned him angrily.

“Nothing” he replied with a slight hint of a smile still on his face.
“Why are you so annoyed when you know perfectly well you have no reason to be?” he asked me with a note of curiosity in his voice.

“How would you know whether or not I’m annoyed?” I countered. Once again that same look of worry I had seen on his face earlier reappeared. But just as before he quickly composed his face.
“No reason you just seemed to be annoyed with me” He muttered quietly.

I looked down at the table to nervous to say anything else to him. There was a short awkward silence before Mrs Cooper finally began her lesson about the poetry of William Blake. Throughout the lesson I did my best to ignore him, to just pretend he wasn’t there, that it was just an empty seat next to me rather than an impossibly beautiful angel like person. However every so often I could feel the stare of his bright brown eyes upon me. Every time this happened I felt my cheeks redden deeply and out of the corner of my eye I would see that small smug smile return to his face.

The second the bell rang to signal the end of the lesson I stood instantly breathing a sigh of relief that I was free at last from his intimidating stares. I quickly hurried from the room and I was sure that I heard a quiet chuckle as I left.

It was break. I rushed out onto the yard taking deep breaths of the wet cold air trying to clear my head of him. I tried to rid the image of his mysterious, smouldering eyes, of his of his perfectly smooth skin. The day continued the same as it would have done any other day, except for the fact that no matter how much I tried I couldn't stop thinking about Theodore Blake. He was also in my last class that day which was Art he made no sign that he had spoken to me in fact the complete opposite, he never even made eye contact. and I was happy to do the same. However the thought that he was there still made my stomach turn. The reason for this i was still unable to fathom. The bell rang and i left the classroom in a hurry hoping that maybe just maybe i had imagined it all and tomorrow would be different...

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