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They're only animal instincts

January 25, 2011
By Yamini, iola, Texas
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Yamini, Iola, Texas
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"Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute." edgar allan poe
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Nothing seemed to go right for me I failed at living my life but, apart from that I failed at surviving in the real world but that, that... happens to everyone right? There was literally nothing special about me, guys... well there not interested, drugs I don't do so I'm not any sort of crazy addict. My grades well they weren't the “bee's knees,” but, I wasn't stupid either I was an average A, B, and the occasional C student. So there you have it nothing about me stuck out I was just plain boring and average.

The home life was bad but, every one has it bad in their own way of feeling. I shouldn't be complaining one bit naturally I should be grateful that my life ended up how it is at the moment. Truth be told I was dark not as in evil or overly tan but, I enjoyed the whole paranormal things like Dracula, gore, and slasher books, along with the movies. I know that my curiosity to search for things out of this world was what led me to commit my first mistake.

My lovely day started of as a chilly and lonely morning like usual, lazily I woke up hearing light thumps of rain bouncing of the window and, ready to do my usual routine which consisted of a hot shower, straightening my dark brown hair and heading out for the bus. I lived with my foster parents still, even though i was already seventeen had a job and had money saved up, but it was just so hard to leave them i owed them so much. My mood quickly shifted as I stepped outside letting the cold winter air hit my face, breathing in the smell of wet earth beneath me.

I wore my usual clothing a baggy hoody, dark regular jeans, and white sneakers, nothing especially great. Patiently I waited for the bus to come with only two other little siblings. Vicky and Rob offered to take everyone to school by car but i hated it, all the other kids were so loud I couldn't concentrate enough to allow, my mind to wonder.

As soon as I stepped foot on the bus I put my headphones on in hopes of drowning out the sound of every one else, which oddly enough worked. The aura that radiated from those on the bus was quite black... Monday’s right no one likes them I sulked into my seat quietly sitting , listening to my music while watching the trees and light rain fall. i hated the place i lived just because it was one of those ugly little towns where gossip seemed to keep it alive and thriving nothing went unheard of. i did however love my two best friends and the beautiful forest scenery along with the occasional snow fall. At school I sat and watched as other students sat around, talked and ate their breakfasts, I listened to my music again letting my head wander to the forest. "CIEL!, you awake," i suddenly came back to reality only to see my best friends hand waving in front of my face. "Kim what! did you really have to scream my name like that?" "yes stupid you were dozing off again you should really try waking up more ha-ha, any way come on lets head out to the bus its here already." i hated morning college it was a stupid extra credit class only a few of us had and it was a ten minute bus ride over to the next itty bitty town. "I'm coming," I got up and slowly walking toward the door after Kim, she was a tall and gorgeous girl. She was one of my two best friends since elementary and she was a beautiful cream color with dark dark brown hair that was shoulder length and silky smooth.

As we headed out a pair of double glass doors i remembered i needed my dumb book so guess what i had to do, that’s right run down the hall to my locker. "Hey Kim don’t let the bus leave me i have to grab my dumb book," "again really! You do this every single time Ciel!" “just please make the old man wait for me." Kim rolled her eyes and nodded "FINE! but hurry up." Turning around I hesitated a while debating in my head whether or not i did need my book but decided i should just go ahead and get it i took off running back into school, to soon did I realize why there was supposed to be no running in the halls.

As soon as I turned the first corner I smashed into a fellow senior, we both hit the floor hard. It turns out he was running too, in attempt to catch the bus on time. “Are you all right?” I was trying to be nice but, he wasn't, "Owe! watch it Ciely!," i rubbed by butt as i got up i knew that voice all too well it was Kaleb he was the only guy in the world dumb enough to call me that and the only one cute enough for me to allow him to call me Ciely. "Kaleb i think that hurt me a little more than it hurt you." "your right i mean I'm so muscular and stuff you probably felt like you hit a brick wall," he started laughing hysterically while i just rolled my eyes. He wasn't even that buff or muscular I will give him this though, he was an extremely handsome guy. His eyes were a simple brown color but I didn't care they had that glow, the sparkle I always searched for. To me they were like honey sweet and clear, I could melt by just looking into them. His body was structured perfectly for his face and height, he was neither fat or skinny and he was definitely not wimpy either. His wicked smile was enchanting just like his hair, there was nothing about that boy I could hate, him imperfections made him even more perfect in my book. I simply adored him and deep inside I knew he was meant for me.

"Yeah, Yeah laugh it up," I lowered my hand and he took it getting up, "so, are you going to help me pick up my things or what Ciely? I had started to walk away remembering my book but turned to look at him when he said it "Why should i help you?" "Gee I don’t know maybe because you ran into me hello?" "Nope you were the one that was in MY way, besides you were running too and why is that? Because you were late Agaaaaaaiiiinnnn." he started to pout and give me his dumb little look so i had to say yes i quickly helped him pick up his things and then he was kind enough to walk me to my locker and walk back to the bus with me.

The bus ride to further out country ville was so bad, the worse ride yet. First because of stupid Kaleb he had to tell all the guys on the bus about our encounter. Second not only was he telling it wrong but he was beginning to nag and question me, which forced me to listen to my music. Third there was this bird that kept bothering me i kept seeing it over and over but just in blurred flashes I decided I was loosing my mind that day or seeing things. The bird itself however was real it was either flying to fast for me to get a good glimpse or the bus was going to fast which i know wasn't it because it felt like we were going ten miles per hour.

Finally the bird stopped ahead of the bus in this dried up tree, as we passed it i managed to get a good view of the animal it was beautiful everything about this bird was amazing his feathers were a golden orange and his eyes were a golden copper color that was so vibrant they could stand out in the misty weather. the bird was huge it was a hawk of some sort but was a little bigger or maybe that was because he was in a tree above the bus? i couldn't really tell but when the bus finally past it i looked up to see if any one else had seen it but, no one had Kim was with her boyfriend listening to music and everyone else was just talking. Kaleb's small crowd however was talking about something, that something they were so eager to discuss, I soon found out was me. Once they realized that I had the nerve to tune them out the plotted a little revenge.

They had been planning a harmless joke which was not so funny as they played it out to be, they had agreed to trap me between the four of them. Once the two in front were of the bus steps the two behind me were supposed to trip me. I was just supposed to get scared and before I hit the ground the front two were to catch me, and only scare the living hell out of me. Let me just say something it worked but, not perfectly. I did fall to my doom but I landed on something quite cushy, that thing had a name it was Kaleb, turns out his friend the other catcher bailed. He landed with his back to the floor letting out a gasp of air when I landed face first into his chest. The group of guys laughed but none of them helped instead said, “wow looks like you two need some space.” I decided it was time to get of this hunk, I struggled to get up because a certain pain was going through my body crippling me only slightly but, I shrugged it of figuring it was a result from the fall. Apart from that the drama queen kept pulling my head back down pretending he was gasping for air.

After about the second dime he did that I started actually gasping for air the fool had kept me face first in his chest and was smuggling me to death. I squirming for my life luckily for me the knuckle head noticed and rolled me next to him and smirked, “you want mouth to mouth?” I could have slapped him if he weren't so gorgeous. A better idea took hold of my mind taking in a deep breath I grabbed at my chest and began acting like I was unable to breath the smile quickly vanished from his face and his eyes grew with fright. He frantically began to look around for help asking me if I was O.K. I opened my mouth to say GOTCHA! But it was too late he had leaned in with the intentions of C.P.R, before our lips touched something strange happened it was like a million little needles pierced through my heart it was painful. I knew he felt it as well, he quickly backed away and placed a hand where his heart was. Sitting up beside him on the wet floor, I opened my mouth to ask him what had just happened but, was distracted by the glorious bird from before there was no mistaking it, I got to my feet and quickly ran toward it.

i focused on the orange bird flying in front of me, he was large and swift but acted like it knew i was following it. his flying was steady and low to the ground it never looked back at me or acknowledged that i was chasing after it.

I crossed the black paved highway that ran through the town headed for the thick woods up ahead I didn't even bother looking for cars. About two yards into the tall trees and shrubs the bird stopped ahead on an old tree stump. i tried getting closer but, decided against it for some reason i didn't want to get to close to the beast. I stood about three feet away from the bird admiring only it from afar his eyes where what drew me more to it they had a human compassion within them. The eyes felt like they were piercing right through me seeing everything i was thinking. On his right eye however there was a scar that lashed from the top of his head down to his beak. Apart from that their was nothing wrong with it. Its shear size was monstrous for a bird any way almost the size of her upper body. Slowly I inched my way closer to the bird stretching out a shaky hand in attempts to feel its feathery body. The bird watched it's eyes still locked on me suddenly I caught a reflection in its eyes a dark figure was running fast toward them. Retracting my arm I tried to turn to face the figure but was caught of guard by a huge gust of wind that the bird's large wings produced the gust caused me to fall on the ground as I watched the hawk propel itself strait up. Before leaving the bird locked eyes with me one more time “You scare to easy dearest Ciel,” those words rambled deep in my mind who said that how? The hawk flew away leaving me alone struggling to get up again. the floor i had fallen on wasn't just soil it was clay in other words "slippery when wet." The approaching figure was still coming running actually in no time i felt one of its hands come across my mouth while the other arm wrapped around chest.
The sharp pain came once again this time causing me to scream the figure however only fell back letting go of me. I turned to see Kaleb and sighed in relief, "what is wrong with you Kaleb that's like the tenth time today you scare me!" he simply sat up his mind was else where I could tell by the lost look expression his face contained. "Kaleb?" he snapped back into reality, "third time actually?" "what are you talking about?" he sighed and to my relief smiled, "you said it was the tenth time I scared you but, your wrong it was simply the third time. Once when we ran into each other, second when you fell of the bus, and third right now duh." I let out a laugh while Kaleb got up he stretched out an arm for me but, quickly withdrew it. I got up on my own wiping the mud of my body well trying any way instead it just smeared, "What were you doing?" his voice surprised me it sounded different slightly tense, "just nothing, i guess, actually i don't know what i was doing." his smile vanished in place anger appeared "Don't ever do that again." he turned to walk away as i followed. "What's wrong?" he stopped to face me "what's wrong with me? No Ciel what's wrong with you? Do you not realize you scared me without even knowing what you were doing you took of running after some dumb bird and cross a MAJOR highway without even looking for cars then run into a forest you've never been in?" Since the first day I met Kaleb he had never before called me just Ciel, he was serious. "Well aren't you going to answer?" looked up into his eyes and saw concern inside them but, didn't answer, "look just promise me you won't do something like that again." I felt my mood lighten up as his voice slowly came back to normal "I promise I'll warn you first," his smile reappeared "ugh fine, I swear I'm like your baby sitter." with that I leaned in for a hug but, he stepped back it was a slight movement but for some reason I felt my heart shrink into itself.
Kaleb noticed, " I'm sorry Ciel it's just you felt the pain, I want to hug you but, I need to figure out what's happening." lowering my head I walked past him heading back to school. "Ciel wait, I didn't mean to," before he could finish I interrupted him, "it's okay I understand."

When we arrived back at school I realized Kaleb and I were extremely late which meant that we got stuck outside the class room in the cold until class was over with for the next three hours. I let him keep walking ahead of me while I turned my attention to his backpack and my muddy book, "great!" his things had landed next to a puddle of mud my book unfortunately landed in the puddle. I hauled his backpack on my back and then picked up my book.
Kaleb had been sitting on the the pavements farthest end away from the class door. The look on his face was serious but gorgeous, I didn't head towards him instead I threw my book and his bag in front of the door and sat to the left of it. Pulling out my I pod to play the latest of my addictions, solitaire.
when i focus on something I tend to block things out of mind for example, my surroundings and in this case the curious boy that had silently started to walk closer to me. A sudden pain brought me back into reality Kaleb was sitting to close to me and the strange pain I had felt earlier came back again. I tried scooting away but his arms wrapped around me, as he did the pain increased I opened my mouth to scream but he covered my mouth with his hand and whispered. "Ciel look I'm in pain to but, just hold it for a second." The fierce stabs had brought me to tears, how was he able to with stand the pain? I looked into his eyes and saw the fear they held I knew his pain was as strong as mine because, the hand that was covering my mouth was slowly tightening and shaking.

He let his hand fall before he could exert any more force on my mouth and saw my tears. He held me tighter instead and slowly brought his lips to meet mine.

As soon as our lips touched the radiating pain vanished leaving in its place a blazing fiery feeling that seemed to illuminate every dark memory and sad corner that my heart contained. I was unwilling to let go of his soft lips and his touch wanting and yearning for it to never reach its end.

The kiss itself was so soft and still our lips frozen in place they had not danced with one another instead or mouths and lips were locked with each others letting the sensation flow through our bodies. We had been holding on tightly like our lives depended on it and our bodies were pressing closely. Kalebs movement was what disrupted the moment, his arms let go of me and soon his warm lips abandoned mine leaving them cold and alone. We sat kneeling in quiet silence staring into one another's eyes trying to figure out exactly what had happened for what seemed hours, before Kaleb pulled me into another embrace his face dug into my neck. “I'm sorry,” his whispered words shocked me sending my heart to sink into itself again. “Sorry for what Kaleb? Do you regret kissing me,” his voice was low and his lips seemed to tremble along with it, “no Ciely.” “Then what are you sorry for?” his head lifted and his mouth pressed close to my ear sending every kind of electricity and warmth possible throughout my body, “I'm sorry that I didn't do this sooner.” he slowly lifted my chin up to face him and pressed his forehead and nose against mine letting me feel his heated breath against my lips, I was sure I was dreaming how did this suddenly happen? I gave up on questions and closed my eyes parting my mouth allowing our lips to dance this time, giving myself up to his intoxicating taste. The fiery sensation flowed in once more only growing more intense with each minute that passed by, heart pounding leaving only small traces of tingling heat behind.

Before ending the kiss Kaleb's lips lightly brushed against mine leaving a small gentle kiss behind, leaving his own unforgettable signature, I decided to take advantage of his closeness kissing him one more time leaving a small pull and nibble as my signature.

After about another hour or so of silence and sitting next to each other Kaleb finally decided to talk, “so what now Ciely? What are we going to do.” I sighed, “I don't know Kaleb I don't even know what happened.” before he could speak the classroom door burst open sending out a flood of annoyed and enraged seniors mumbling in their groups with frustration and occasional sighs here and there. Kaleb stood up taking my hand and lifting me up with him, “hey Kim, what are you guys so angry about?” Kim turned around surprised by my voice, “there you are! And we are mad because we have to write a 1500 word story by next Monday about a stupid poet none of us like.” her focused dropped suddenly from my face to the hand that connected with mine, Kaleb. “Ciel?” I followed her glance and let go of Kaleb, “Yeah what's up Kimbo?” “is there something you wold like to tell me?” I stood quietly trying to find my words but didn't have to because, I was interrupted by the bus honking. Kim took of toward it with a simple “you better talk or else” glance and stepped inside the bus I let a couple people go in before me ending up following behind Kaleb. He took his usual seat which was about four seats ahead of mine, suddenly the crushing pain reemerged only this time it was like a string pulled me back as well no matter how hard I tried I couldn't keep walking without the sudden jerk back and increasing pain, soon I began to feel tears form and I felt myself nearly fall to the ground before, a pair of hands held me up and walked me to my seat, “Kaleb did you feel that?” the pain slowly vanished again with his touch, “yes Ciely.” “What's going on?” he shook his head as he held my head against his chest. “I don't know.” I didn't even care about the staring eyes we had managed to attract with our sudden closeness and touch. I fell asleep but woke up right away with a familiar voice that somehow seemed was talking directly into my mind, "Ciel wake up and stay alert at all times now that you two have awakened you must remain close, when the time is right we will meet again."

As the voice vanished from my head I jerked up quickly and away from kaleb attempting to look out the window. It just had to be that bird the last time I had heard the thick accented voice was when kaleb had attacked me and the bird was the only one there. “Ciely?” I had completely forgotten tat Kaleb was there, “oh, um yeah what's up?” I spoke to him without breaking contact with the passing trees, “what are you looking for?” I wiped the now foggy window with my arm trying to avoid breathing on it anymore, “it's nothing just... something.” I felt his hand touch me sending fire through y veins and for the moment making me forget about the hawk, slowly I calmed down and sat back down next to him. Allowing his hand to move up my arm, neck and finally resting on my cheek slowly his lips came closer giving me a slight peck on the cheek.

Even the simplest affection I received from him sent waves of burning straight to my heart it was like ecstasy. I lowered my head down hoping he didn't see me blush, I let my bangs fall down to cover my eyes before grabbing for Kaleb's hand and lacing my fingers delicately through his. I was still blushing but I didn't know from what either the heat I felt with just his one touch or the fact that I actually made a move this time and held this gorgeous boys hand. I looked away toward the window but, this time I didn't search instead I enjoyed the feeling that came from Kaleb's touch.

As the bus pulled back into the school, suddenly I couldn't think about what it would be like to not stand next to Kaleb the thought was frightening. I mean the pain alone for me was too much to bare apart from that I only had one other class with Kaleb and that was last period. I looked up to look at Kaleb wondering where his thoughts were. “Hey Kaleb, what are we going to do?” his face came to meet mine, “I don't know.” as we got of the bus I heard the birds voice again, (who I so creatively decided to name feathers). “You have to stand the pain a while longer Ciel just do not stray to far or else.”with that the voice vanished, “Wait no! I have to ask you something please.”

I had lost sight of my surroundings, “Ciel? Hey Ciel?” I was standing in front of the same double glass doors I had walked out from earlier with about ten people in front of me, staring and Kaleb waving a hand in front of my face. “Did I say that out loud?” The crowd stood still only Kim spoke laughing, “actually no Ciel, you yelled it.” the crowd laughed but, I ignored them focusing on the sky and the surrounding trees, “so what's up with you guys?” I looked down and focused on one of the guys who had spoken, “huh?” the boys name was Matt, your typical pretty jock boy with icy blue eyes and short blonde hair, “well why are you two so close now, like holding hands and stuff?” I looked down at my hand and quickly released Kaleb's but once I did I felt a surge of strange pain, unlike the usual this one was different like what I had just done hurt Kaleb somehow. I turned to look at him but, Matt spoke up again, “so are you two together or what?” This time his focus landed on Kaleb, “I don't know Matt, besides what does it matter to you?” Matt laughed and looked at me, “well I mean it's about time I mean she is always staring at you and your always telling her to draw on you or just sit next to you in class.” At that I looked down feeling myself blush again, Kaleb's laugh filled the air, “Please Matt, she doesn't stare and besides I think she just wants to be my friend right Ciel?” pain rushed into my body this time my own pain. I looked up at Kaleb looking into his eyes there was pain in them, “I never said that Kaleb.” His pain was still there I could feel it, “you know how I feel about you, you always have.” With that the bell rang for our regular classes starting off with fourth period. I felt the group disperse but, I stood frozen Kaleb's pain was still there inside of me. What had I just done? I looked up to see Kaleb staring down at the ground a couple feet away with his back facing me, this time I had to do something. I walked closer to him letting my arms wrap around him and letting my head rest on his back, “I'm sorry.” I felt his hands gently pull mine of off him, this time I felt the rejection him me, my blood turned cold. I stepped away before turning to leave but he caught my hand, “where are you going?” I looked up at his smiling face, “I just thought...” he laughed pulling my body against his raising my chin up searching for my eyes. “You think to much,” his hand brushed the hair out of my eyes, “and Ciely don't cover your eyes they're gorgeous especially when you blush.” I felt my face burn crimson causing him to laugh and gently kiss my lips. No matter how many times they touched the fire that was produced always felt new.

Once more the kiss ended placing us both back into reality, I wanted to ask Kaleb so many questions. Did he feel the same fire I did, the pain, and did he even hear the voice? But it all had to wait for later, right now I had had to focus on school and the needles of pain that would come with it.

As fourth and fifth period classes dragged on so did the pain it was coming and going in strong and long pulses that were unbearable I couldn't focus on anything except the pain. Why in the world was this happening? I couldn't even move I was frozen in place just simply sitting there with my head down in my arms. When fifth period was over I had to wait ten minutes before that wave of pain had finally diminished as soon as it did I ran out for the lunch table attempting to reach my seat before another pulse of pain whisked in, what I saw however crushed me completely. It was Kaleb as soon as I saw him I realized that he had never felt the same fire or even the pain that came from being apart. I turned to run away before he saw me but, I couldn't I knew wave of even greater pain emerged I gasped for breath and knelt to the ground. Kaleb saw me I heard him scream my name but, Kim came to my side before he did she quickly picked me up, “don't let him come near me,” I managed to faintly whisper those words before even more pain swept in again. “Ciel! Ciel! Wait!” Kaleb's voice was full of worry but, for some reason I didn't believe it any more. “Go away Kaleb I'm taking her to the nurse not you, why don't you go play with your little friend over there instead?” Once Kim spoke those words to him I rush of agonizing pain flew in however it wasn't needles it was like pure Ice poured into my bones numbing them with throbbing pain, this was way to much for me all I remembered was the look in Kaleb's eyes then everything went dark. I don't know how long I was out but when I woke up Kim was still there and so was my other best friend Vivian another tall and creamed coffee colored beauty with red and blonde highlighted brown hair. “Ciel! Your awake finally, your always doing dumb things I swear!” I looked at Kim half smiling in between small stabs of needles, “hey hoe, about time you had us worried sick they almost called an ambulance ya know.” Vivian wasn't smiling but, I knew she was glad to see me awake I sat up, “so how long was I asleep for?” they looked at each other and laughed, “are you serious Ciel you were just asleep this whole time?” To that I laughed, “yes I think I mean, I had a dream so I must have been asleep.” Kim's eyebrow shot up “oh I bet I know who you dreamed about, Kaleb right?” I looked at her and remembered the scene that had caused me to go into pain. “No, I dreamed about a huge hawk, it was so beautiful every single one of his feathers was different than the others but had the same colors. He was beautiful his eyes however where sad and different than the last time I saw them and his scar was still there.” Vivian was curious, “just how big was she and how many times did you dream about her?” I looked at her and smiled, “HE is huge I think probably to my waist or a little below my chest, and I have only dreamed about him once. Why do you ask?” she looked at me curiously, “well you just said he was different from the last time you saw him.” Damn! I had forgotten I said he looked different, “oh my bad I forgot I had dreamt about him twice maybe even three times.” Kim sighed, “okay okay who cares about the bird I want to know about Kaleb and you.” Vivian's eyes widened “WHAT! Oh my gosh did you two get together because, if you did I'm so glad you've liked him forever and o wow” my eyes saddened at the thought of him, and the pain quickly came back with the thought, I held it in the best I could holding my breath before speaking, “well we kissed a little and held hands but, no we are not together.” Vivian's face fell, “Oh.... so what happened then?” I looked away not wanting to talk about it and shrugged my shoulders, Kim however didn't take the hint and spoke, “well you see Vivian that ass hole used her because as soon as he got back into school he asked that hoe Lacey out.” what she said grabbed my attention, “he did? When?” Kim's dark brown eyes met mine, “during fourth period Ciel I'm sorry I tried to find you between classes but I couldn't and by the time I reached you at lunch you had already seen him kiss her.” The image flew back into my head he had been sitting next to her leaning down only a tiny bit and locking lips with her. I admit the girl was pretty her tan was perfect, her hair a flowing blonde, and big boobs any guy at school would kill to date her. She was my complete opposite my hair didn't flow it flopped in the color of brown, with pale skin to match, not to mention I was shorter, and while she was a size one or zero I was a six, however my body was fully proportional with itself my boobs and butt balanced out perfectly along with my thighs. I had bad vision however forcing me to wear contacts, they were brown colored. My natural eye color had been a sea green mixed with blue they were something I had apparently inherited from my real parents' who I had never had the pleasure of meeting. My eyes were my secret and the only real beauty I thought I had something I would never let Kaleb see not now any way. “Ciel?” I looked up at Vivian with sad eyes, “yeah?” “do you need a hug b**ch?” laughing I nodded holding back tears as both of them held me tightly. Turns out that I had been asleep for a little more than two hours and I had missed most of my important classes but, I didn't mind. The pain still flowed and pulsed inside of me with every beat of my heart remaining steady and somewhat weaker or maybe I was getting used to it. We made our way to the main high school building, Kim taking of in a different direction while Vivian and I checked the office to figure out what class period it was, “It's eighth period baby.” Damn it! That meant it was theater arts which also meant HE was in there.Today was not a lucky day there was good news though, I had Vivian with me and the teacher was care free, never forcing us to do work or stay in her room so long as we asked. Grabbing Vivian's hand we ran to class it had already started about ten minutes ago so, maybe Kaleb was no longer in there. Stepping on my tip toes I peeked through the narrow side door window feeling a sharp stab as I saw him there, sitting down at one of the front tables with his head down. Maybe if I was quiet and lucky I could get in and out without making noise? I knew he wouldn't be able to feel my presence like I could feel his since he didn't feel the same stabs anymore. “Okay hoe do not make any noise, Kaleb is in there and I want to avoid him got it.” Vivian stood straight up and saluted me, “sir yes sir!” sighing I walked in hoping no one would say my name. The teacher looked up from her on screen movie, I walked towards her hoping not to step on any of the students lying on the dark floor some sleeping and others focused on the movie. I got close enough to the teach to whisper, “Mrs. Payne is it okay if me and Vivian go to the computer lab? I haven’t been feeling to well today, and the nurse is close by.” she nodded, “sure go ahead but, if any one asks you're working on a project or something.” With a huge smile I turned around to leave but, a handsome boy stood in my way, “hey Ciel, where you going?” I looked around to search for Kaleb finding him still asleep. “Oh hey Trevor, I was just heading for the library.” His deep green eyes questioned mine as he let his hand run through his short dirty blonde hair, “are ya sure that's where you're headed?” Nodding I began to walk past him but, couldn't move he had grabbed on to my arm stopping me, “hey Kaleb your girls here!” horror and agony filled me, trying as hard as I could to push past him. His shear strength and height was to overpowering compared to the lousy fight I tried to put up, “you can't leave Ciel, I'm sorry you know I luv ya but, Kaleb wants to talk to you bad. Kaleb get up!” My eyes focused on the unmoving mass that was Kaleb and noticed why he wasn't even looking up his headphones where in. “Yo Kaleb wake up!” Trevor's Gaze shifted from Kaleb to me, and back to him, finally releasing me he made his way toward Kaleb. That was all I needed he had given me enough time to grab Vivian and run out full speed into the joining junior high building, giving both of us a first row seat at the fake hide and seek game that Trevor and Kaleb unknowingly were playing with themselves. They passed the building at least three times running back and forward only to double back to the same classroom they had abandoned. We watched and waited only about a minute before getting out and heading for the computer lab cautiously listening for any incoming footsteps. “You know Ciel, you can run but you won't always be able to hide from him, sooner or later you will have to face him,” I rolled my eyes what was she now a psychiatrist? “Not if I hide good enough,” her laugh rang in my ears calming me only slightly. “You so Fanny,” I sighed and looked at her as she laughed hysterically at her own joke opening the door to the lab, “that wasn't even close to being a Chinese accent Viv.” We took our seats playing different computer games for the remaining class period. When school finally let out I made Vivian walk in front of me while I crouched down behind her, “this is so ridiculous Ciel! Do you even know how dumb we look right now, and besides why go through the trouble?” I only clung tighter to her back digging my face deeper in her sweater, “what do you mean by that?” Her walking slowed as she spoke, “I mean that you both have college tomorrow, which means you ride the bus together there, you sit a seat behind him during the class, oh and guess what you ride the bus back home with HIM!” Crap on a stick! How had I forgotten about that and worse yet today was Monday, the week had just begun, “I'll figure something out.” “Yeah I'm suuuure you will,” had she just been sarcastic? “Just wait Vivian you'll see... I swear I hate you sometimes,” she laughed giving me a hug at my bus, “I hate you more baby.” I shook my head and sent her a flying kiss before stepping inside the bus. After the third step up something was weighing down on me, continuing to walk I tried ignoring it. With a snap the weight left vanishing and leaving an immense sense of pain, steadily I began to walk slower and hold on to the seats one by one before collapsing into mine. I tried to grab at the pain but, failed it was coming from every where inside of my body, I closed my eyes and breathed in long simple and lasting breaths in attempts to soothe the horrible needles. When my stop came I somehow managed to get up and of the bus feeling myself get weaker with every step I took. Collapsing on my bed as soon as I walked into my room, I had to control myself but only managed to increase the suffering that my body was going through the needles shifted into a feeling of breaking bones. I rolled of the bed landing flat on my back knocking what little breath I had out of me completely, I wanted to scream and cry but, didn't let it happen. Rolling to my stomach I saw the rain start to lightly fall on my window, water I needed warm water. Slowly I began to drag my body digging my fingers into the carpet and pulling myself forward pushing the restroom door open still dragging myself forward until reaching the tub. I reached up twice before managing to grab a strong hold of the bathtubs edge heaving my self up with all the strength I could manage. Allowing myself to slide into the tub still wearing all my clothes and shoes I turned the warm water on but, it wasn't warm at all the icy water hit my face causing me to let out a huge gasp and kick a little. The cold water continued to rain and after about five minutes of hypothermia or hyperthermia, whichever one it was the warm water began to soak through my clothes relaxing me and subduing the pain enough for me to move.

The author's comments:
fixed it!

The way that Kaleb had held and watched Lacey was so intense, he was captivated by her, he loved her it was so plain to see. I on the other hand was nothing just a simple worthless mistake to him. He had looked so happy and full smiling almost gleaming next to her the way he looked made me smile inside and strangely enough almost completely ridding the immense pain from my body only leaving a slight pulsing one behind but, it was manageable. I figured as long as he was happy my longing body would only slightly ache for his. I let the tub drain out of water and finally stood turning on the shower to fully wash my body, letting the water dance on my skin before heading to bed.

The following day school was not on my list one day less of having to encounter Kaleb sounded great, I searched my room cautiously for a very important paper I had long forgotten.

The gracious family that had taken me in after my parents chose to abandon me where just like real parents, caring and kind so I never really bothered searching for the real ones. What for I mean they chose to leave me behind.

My foster mothers name was Vicky short for Victoria of course but I'm sure that was obvious my foster dad's name was Rob, Robbie, Robert. whatever I was in the mood to call him I they didn't mind what I called them they said as long as I always loved them was what mattered fully to both of them, and of coursed I loved them both so much. I had about ten other brothers and sister I helped take care of all of them, we weren't blood related, but we fought, laughed, lived, and hugged one another like we truly where.

Vicky and Rob took care of many kids some of them though would not stick around. I chose to stay these people needed me and I needed them. They said I was found dropped off in a black velvety basket with an envelope stuck to the side. On the envelope was a note saying how sorry my parents were that they decided to leave me behind, that they loved me very much but they just couldn't handle to take care of me it wasn't that they lacked the money or were disabled themselves but just they didn't want me. Its okay though, because they left me with two lovely people.

When i was finally fifteen they let me open the thick envelope in it was a Will of some sort but not a death Will since my "creators" where still alive. Once I actually read it I couldn't believe what they had left me they left me a house and money i didn't know exactly how much money but i did know that they had paid the house of and i didn't have to worry about any of that for a long while it said. To me however it was too much, did they think that with this they would fix the fact about leaving me? I never cared for money, gifts, or cars, only the amount of love shown, they however would never know that about me. How could they?

After my mind thoroughly processed the written ink I showed Vicky and Robbie the note and sat down to talk to my fosters about it and they said that when i was ready to leave I could. I know they wouldn't miss me their house was packed and they didn't really pay any mind to me but i understood i was already grateful to them and owed them so much. I chose to stay a couple of more years working and only helping out in the house.

This day however was different it was finally time to move out and start my own life. When I found the envelope I read through various pages of detailed, typed, documents some of which I understood absolutely nothing written. I only stopped when I saw the map and street around the area calling a taxi I gave the young man directions to my soon to be house. I was rather surprised at the quiet drive there it was only slightly rainy and very dark outside the driver was silent as was I. It was a comfortable silence however I relaxed letting my heart picture Kalebs' glowing face. I did notice occasional glances from the driver but ignored them regardless. The drive was long and I began to wonder what the old house would look like with over grown grass, trees, and ant piles. As we arrived I was quite surprised to see the house which turned out to be a nice place at least a lot nicer than what I had thought it would be.

It was a medium size old white stone house that was big enough to fit an average four person family. The where several downfalls though; the house itself was a bit rather too large for just me, it required a major redecoration, and was oh just about two hours away from the small town in which I lived, and an hour away from the closest city. Apart from the few bad things there where upsides as well, the house had an attic (which I most certainly would use) it was fully paid for utilities and all, it was surrounded with thick wooded land on fifty acres, and the best part was the gorgeous clear water running creak.

I wondered inside the house searching for any sign of my parents within it, a clue or at least a small picture but there was nothing but dust and old furniture. For an obvious reason it left a small simple hole of agony in my heart. After I searched the house I curiously walked outside heading for the creak letting my sneakers get soaked from the still dew, glistened grass. The creak was beautiful and some what closer to being a small river than a creak the bottom was filled with black, brown, white, and occasional red rocks that where clearly visible, along with different types of fish. Some of them small while others where large in size, I watched them dance and wriggle with one another admiring their beauty as they seemed to fly carelessly, and easily within the water.

I let my body head upstream a little more but was interrupted by a silky deep voice, “I'm sorry miss but you said you would only be a minute.” I rolled my eyes and turned back to face him but let my anger fall, “I know its just I wanted to explore more, sorry for the inconvenience this is for you but, I did ask you to keep the meter running so I wouldn't just be wasting your time.” A little red color appeared on his skin, “'s just that I thought I shouldn't charge you for this since you would only be a minute, and I didn't think it fair some one like you should pay for a wasted simple minute.” I allowed a simple smile to trace my lips, “you know you're probably the nicest guy I have met.” his face was crimson now, highlighting his almost black hair and slightly tan face and wonderfully clear hazel eyes. “thank you miss, you're one of the prettiest girls that I will ever ride, wait no I mean, you have a pretty ride! Damn it no not that I'm so sorry I mean...” I let my laughter ring causing him to stop trying and instead relax him, “I know what you meant don't worry, now come on I need to go buy a car.”

There was such a strange feel of familiarity about him the way he was, reminded me of someone. Heading for the taxi the driver opened the door gently for me showing off I figured but, went along with it, “why thank you sir.” He only replied with a delicate smile that gleamed. The ride into the city was no longer quiet but, filled with laughter and joy from both Neil and me. Somehow we had gotten into the subject of comedy, his jokes and rhyming of our names fed me laughs and giggles a small girl would make, he seemed like a long lost friend, one that I really needed. “Okay, Okay, Ciel tell a joke,” I pondered for a while before speaking, snapping my finger at the dumbest joke I could think of, “got it! Why where the blonde's boobies square?” His smile was large, “mmm... I don't know why?” My face was serious while I responded, “because she forgot to take the tissue out of the box.” His laughter filled the taxi, “Ha! That's what I'm talking about, original and funny.” I laughed with him for another minute before my phone began to vibrate. Opening it I read the text carefully feeling my heart go numb when I realized who it was from “hey we need to talk, and why weren't you at school-Kaleb.”

My hand shook as a sudden wave of pain flushed my body. I closed the phone and put it away, was he serious did he truly not know why I didn't go? I tried to simulate the fact that I was in agonizing pain, “hey are you ok?” managing only to answer with a small nod, “are you positive? You look pale and sick.” Nodding again I placed my focus on trying to control the pain grabbing at the image of Kalebs' gleaming face once more. “There is no way that you're ok,” by now Neil had pulled into a gas station quickly stepping out and opening the back door to sit beside me, watching me cautiously as I tried to grab at a pain that was eating me alive. It only grew feeling like it was eating at my blood and chewing on my bones I let a stream of tears flow biting my lip to hold back a scream of agony. Strong warm arms had suddenly held me tight, “can you take me to a shower, or tub please.”His arms tightened, “to that house we where just at?” I only managed to whisper, “no there's no water or power there yet, just any where will do. Do you think you can carry me?” I felt his head nod, “yeah duh I'm strong.” I managed a light laugh with his smooth joke, “I might pass out but, just place me in the water any way I'll be fine.” I felt his body stiffen, “pass out from what? What do I do if you do?” I gulped at the words I was about to say but, I didn't care the faster the water would soak in the faster the pain would subside. “Take off some of my clothes and place me in the tub with warm water, I swear I will wake up soon enough just don't call an ambulance.” For a strange reason I knew that he had turned red at what I had said. Giving up on controlling the pain I let it grow until I no longer saw color only darkness.

When I woke up I was in a long T-shirt soaking in warm water. The tub was large and elegant and the bathroom itself was rather large and impressive. The pain was once again under control allowing me to shift slightly up and gather my surroundings. Looking around I noticed dark spiky hair at the opposite end of the tub, quietly I made my way to the tubs edge. Neil was fast asleep with his head reclined on the tub almost purring with a light snore. Smiling I got out of the water making as little noise possible trying to find a towel, I looked down at Neil noticing a light pink towel. I was sure it was meant to be mine, delicately and without disturbing him I managed to get the towel. Carefully I pulled of the white long shirt which I figured was his, then taking off my water soaked undergarments, finally I wrapped the towel on me placing the shirt and underwear in a neat pile beside the tub. I headed to wake Neil up, hoping he would have me clothes ready. Man was he a heavy sleeper it took me about five minutes to wake him up, when I finally did he had gotten up to fast slipping on some water and hitting his head hard on the floor. In panicked I made my way to him, his eyes where shut but his breathing sounded normal and his heart was still beating.

I ended up having to drag his unconscious body to the next room. In the struggle of dragging him I lost my towel but, didn't care letting my concern fall on my shy hero. Using all my strength and force I could manage to gather I picked up enough of his upper body to throw on the bed. Then gathered up more power to lift him leg by leg, when he was finally up I pushed him rolling him on his back. He had begun snoring by now, I looked around the room floor hoping for any kind of clothes but found none, my eyes landed on him. Gently I ended up taking his shirt off and wearing it, I took the time to lean over his body and check his head for injury. I felt something moving and froze then his voice began to vibrate on my stomach which ended up being plastered on his face while I was checking the back of his head.

The author's comments:
How do you get rid of major and I mean MAJOR writers block??? Help!

Getting off slowly I felt myself turn red this time, and looking at his face I noticed he was too. His eyebrows and his eyes scanned the shirt I was wearing finally landing on his own naked abs, “trying to rape me where you now?” The red left my face being replaced with a laugh only glad that he was okay, “Ooh yeah ya know it.'' It was so strange that I had befriended a perfect stranger and was now in his shirt and room within a couple hours of having met him. I had to admit to it I felt easy and trashy even though we hadn't done anything but, he had already seen me almost naked but, the way he was and his face I knew him somehow and it didn't bother me. “So what happened to me?” I began to explain to him in small detail, “you got up, slipped, fell, and hit the floor hard. So I had to drag you to the bed and was checking your head when you woke up, simple as that.” He began to feel the back of his head looking up at the ceiling, “you must be really strong then, thank you.” I changed the subject, “ I got a deal for you Neil, I'll give you your shirt if you give me my clothes.” He had paused a while pondering something then laughed nervously before speaking, “funny thing about that actually, you remember when you asked if I could carry you?” I nodded my head, “well it turns out I could but... the problem was with the mud and how I couldn't really get you out and you were all dead and wobbly... well I kind of dropped you.” I should of probably been severely pissed but, truth was I couldn't help but, laugh. “ So let me guess, my clothes are in the washing machine?” He nodded placing himself at the beds edge where I was standing, “so you're not mad?” I shook my head about to speak but, was interrupted by his huge arms taking me into a huge hug, I relaxed and let my arms wrap him up as well. “Thank god you're OK Ciely! I thought you were going to die!” I gulped hard at the way he had said my name only Kaleb would call me that, it didn't sound or feel right when any one else said it. Letting go of Neil I punched him lightly, “hey! I'm no little girl don't call me that.” He merely laughed and nodded.

Looking around the room I noticed it's size and beauty it was a deep red and black color with red and black matching sheets and pillows as well as a large plasma TV on the wall opposite to his bed, “you like?” “Yeah is this your room?” He got up stretching, “yup and I decorated it myself along with the rest of the house, do you want to see it?” I got up following him to the door, he lead me to the connecting living room, then the kitchen, dinning room, and finally an office. The rooms where large in size and decorated bachelor style, with large and expensive things in them. “So what do you think?”

I looked around before answering, “it's great, really unique, you should be a designer.” He was a nice guy shy but, funny and quite handsome. We took a seat in the living room as he searched the channels for something good. I took the time to stare at him searching in my head trying to remember how I knew him. “Neil? I have a question.” After his head nodded in approval I asked my question, “can you tell me how long I was out for? Oh and what time is it? Will your girlfriend be mad if she sees me here? How old are you?” Maybe a couple of questions where asked, his face turned to face me a big smile on it, “Okay let me see, it was about eleven in the morning when you passed out, it is now seven thirty and lets say you woke up about twenty minutes ago so what like eight hours? That answered two questions now for the rest of them, I am currently twenty and I do not have a girlfriend.”

I had been out eight hours! That was worse than last time how could that be? “Oh okay thanks, and how do you not have a girlfriend?” Sadness flushed into his face but, he managed to shake it off, “nope it's my turn, I get to ask a question or ten now.” His finger came up, placing it beneath his chin and humming, “how old are you? What exactly happened back there? And final question, who is Kaleb?” My heart sunk a little at the mention of his name, “okay I'm eighteen, and frankly if I told you what happened you wouldn't believe me, and how do you know Kaleb?” “Try me if you are telling the truth I will believe you, and I don't know him but, your phone has been ringing and vibrating like crazy, so when I looked at the screen I saw his name, that's all.” I scanned the living room, “where is my phone any way?” Neil got up heading for his room and emerging with my phone in his hands, “here you go I swear it was going psycho, so who is he any way, your boyfriend?” I laughed at that question which caught him off guard, “no he's just a guy who thinks I'm nothing more than a mistake.” There where a total of thirty missed phone calls, ten voice mails, and sixty text messages all from him. I didn't bother and checked none of them instead, I shut off the phone.

My mood had darkened just by his memory Neil seemed to notice, “there is no way you would be a mistake.” He began to come closer but I didn't mind, “well apparently I am it's just that I hurt when I'm not next to him, and I don't know why.” It caught his attention, “well I guess you're just going to have to tell me the story then, please.” I hesitated but in the end poured it all out to him, the stranger I trusted. I spoke about everything except, the voice I had heard and Feathers. I didn't cry but leaned into Neil's arms. Hurting inside when I spoke about Kaleb and Lacey. I simply sat there held in his arms. He held me for what seemed hours before he spoke, “is that why you're moving?” I didn't know how to answer, I didn't even know the answer to that question, “I really don't know.”

Neil's voice continued, “you're alone aren't you Ciel?” My body shook with his words, “no I mean not exactly, why do you ask?” His expression softened as he looked into my eyes, “because, you're moving to that house alone, and no parent in their right mind would allow a girl like you to live alone.” I was alone, “What do you mean a girl like me?” He only smiled, “i mean a girl as gorgeous as you. If I were a parent no way in hell would I let my beautiful daughter out of my view, there are weirdos out there you know, and you're lucky you didn't run into one.” This boy knew just what to say, “ yeah well I don't really have parents, parents per say.” I couldn't believe I was opening up to him so much but, I felt like I knew him, “what do you mean by that?” Sighing I gave in, “i was left at a families doorstep, and they where kind enough to take me in.” This was the first time I told any one, and for some reason I didn't seem to understand I didn't care. “You were lucky to have been taken in, I know we just met but, there's something about you...I'm sorry if my question bothered you.” I shook my head and asked for his full story, “Okay I shall start in the beginning. For starts I used to live with both of my real parents who loved me very much but, they really didn't pay any attention to me. They where always busy with work and business, they ended up you know unable to pay attention to me. Their work consumed them and forced them to neglect me but, I knew their jobs where important, so I was able to cope and understand. They where rich and decided to give me love through plastic cards and hopeless gifts of empty joy. Both of their lives where successful but, short. They died when I was sixteen in a car accident. I decided to sell everything, their mansion, cars, and sold the business keeping forty percent of the stock shares. I moved away and ended up living here and working as a taxi driver which is more like a hobby, since I really don't have a need for money but, I want to feel like I earned it. That my dear is pretty much my story.”

The author's comments:
Thank you to any one who has read this story it means a lot. I know I have tons, maybe thousands of grammar problems and I want to apologize for them. Its very difficult for me to not have them, sorry once more.

Neil had kept his story short but detailed enough to understand him a little more, “hey Ciel can I ask you another question or two?” “Shoot,” I looked at him curious as to know what his question would be. “What's your full name?” No one had ever asked me that, “Cielo Azul.” “What does it mean?” I laughed slightly, “what makes you think it means something?” His face came to meet mine, examining me closely, “because everything about you has meaning.” His eyes, I had seen them before, “it means blue sky in Spanish but, it's reversed in English my first name is sky and last name is blue but, at school they know my name simply as Ciel Manson, no meaning behind it.” His face separated from mine slightly, “what are you going to do about school and that guy?” I hadn't thought any of this out, “ I have no idea honestly I guess just figure it out on the way.” He sat quietly for a minute, “also one more very odd question, Ciel but, I swear I know you, every time I see you it's like I remember you, and I was wondering if you feel it too?” It was like he was reading my mind he did seem familiar like I knew him from somewhere, “yes but, the harder I try remembering the further away I can seem to recognize you, if you understand that?” I stopped talking, thinking for a minute whether or not to continue, “also it's more than that I feel like I trust you and actually know, know you.” Neil tackled me, hugging me tightly and catching me by surprise, “you know that house you will be living in, you won't move in until it's ready and I will drive you to school tomorrow so you can check out and start school here in the city.”

I had not been expecting those words to come out of him, “no.” He wouldn't accept my answer we ended up arguing about it for a long while, he convinced me to stay. “So you live in the city?” I had no idea where I was just simply that I was in his house, he nodded standing up, stretching, and yawning. Suddenly he picked me up cradled in his arms into his bedroom, I was laughing at his classic ways. “What are you doing put me down!” He didn't speak but, placed me down gently on his bed then headed out back into the living room, “where are you going?” He continued walking, “to sleep in the living room.” “What! Why? Besides one of the couches is a love seat and the other is a recliner” He stopped in his tracks, “it can... recline.” I chased after him, “I agreed to stay here only if I didn't bother you.” He turned around to face me and held me in his arms, he really enjoyed hugging, “you aren't a bother besides, I'll...” I didn't let him finish instead, I started pulling him by his hand in attempts to drag him to his room. I would stay in the living room instead.

What resulted was a tugging war between one another, we argued and laughed until finally both of us were in his room. I managed to push him on the bed and run out but he had caught me by the waist picking me up from behind and making his way back into the room trying to throw me on his bed. He threw me but I got up quickly this time he picked me up again in attempts to throw me once again it didn't work instead we both fell, he ended up on top of me, we stopped laughing staring at one another face to face he was really gorgeous. “You're really handsome you know that?” The question erased the thick wave of awkwardness that had flown in. “Yes I do, actually,” he laughed rolling off of me laying next to me we stared at the ceiling.

“You know how everything about you has meaning?” “Yes I remember your cheesy self saying that Romeo.” He laughed but, continued, “what's the meaning behind your eyes?” I froze, “what do you mean?” His pause was long, “this is strange but, when I see you, the color of your eyes is what doesn't fit, for a reason I don't see them being brown.” I shrugged in relief, “I don't know.” “What color are they really?” My relief vanished, “you have to take your contacts out any way and throw them away until tomorrow, when we stop by your old house and get your stuff.” Why was he always right? How did he know that? I thought a while longer, “guess.” He shifted to his side reaching for my face and turning it to face him, his eyes where so familiar I definitely knew them, it was bugging me madly. “Ummm blue?” I shook my head with a smile, “red, purple, green.” I laughed out a no, and got up, “wait where are you going?” I didn't answer walking into the restroom I pulled off the contacts throwing them into the trash. Staring back at the reflection of bright eyes that where mine, sighing I stepped out with closed eyes. I heard Neil get up walking to me, “open them please.” I did as he told me. “They're incredible Ciel just like you,” this time I hugged him, no one ever said I was incredible.

I ended up sleeping on the small love seat, on the condition that we would take turns swapping days. Sleep came easy knowing that Neil was just a couple of feet away.

I woke up before Neil, making sure he was asleep I grabbed my phone and turned it on. I wanted to find out what the messages said and what the texts read the curiosity was eating away at me. With a shaking hand I turned the phone on and listened, “Ciely call me back we need to talk.” “Ciely why weren't you at school today?” “please pick up.” “Ciely answer the phone I'm Desperate.” “Why are you being like this?” “Stop being so stubborn, I have to talk to you now!” “Do you want me to beg? Is that it huh? You want to see me craw at your feet and beg?” “I just want to make sure you're okay” “I'm sorry but, please answer.” “I miss you bye.” I was so glad to know that I had gone from being stubborn to being missed in a couple of short minutes, he was so full of it. In no way was I going to go into the cycle he would be, a hate and love relationship that would never happen besides that, he would never give up on Lacey.

I turned to the text messages scared to read them. They were all sweet in almost all of them he said he missed and needed me but, my hears didn't melt. I had never heard Kaleb beg to a girl before but, I wasn't dumb either. Ever since seventh grade we got along, I took care of him when he broke his foot opening doors, carrying his back pack, and just being his friend. The years that had followed after that were no different. Kaleb and me ended up being close friends some years but, we never hug out after school we only supported our friendship at school, and sometimes we were indifferent toward the existence of one another. It was sad but I never cared to mention the strong feelings that I had for him, I didn't have to, he said they where obvious. However it was true, when he missed a day of school my eyes would roam every hall and every person only hoping it was him, when he was at school I would sit and listen to him not wanting to stray from his side. We dated different people, he would talk to me about his life and plans, his heartbreaks, and loves. I knew he didn't care about me because he only ever wanted to talk about himself but, I didn't care. The phone began to vibrate with a new message from Vivian.
“Hey hoe where you at?”
“I'm at this guys house, it's complicated.”
“what! Who?”
“um my taxi drivers”
“what! How did that happen did you two have sex?”
“NO! And it happened cuz I passed out again last night and he helped me..”
“why did you pass out? So you stayed the night at his house? A guy you never met before? Is he cute?- Kim wants to know”
“you can answer that when you see him today. And I do know him kinda”
“he's bringing you to school? Why?”
“cuz he's going to help me get my stuff”
“what do you mean?”
“I'm moving”
“what! Why didn't you say anything?”
“cuz I didn't know until yesterday”
“where are you moving?”
“I'm moving in with Neil for the moment but, then I'm moving out to a place two hours away from town”
“are your parents okay with that?”
“I need to talk to you guys about something you two don't know yet”
“ur pregnant?”
“NO! Ugh just wait till I get to school I'll ask Neil if we can all go out to lunch together”
“ I don't have money Kim said she doesn't either sorry”
“It's ok I'll pay for u two, bye”

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on Jul. 12 2012 at 6:58 pm
Tongue_Blep PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
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I Loved this!!!! Please! PLEASE! Write more!!!! You can't leave it like that!!! :D Great job!!!!


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on May. 9 2011 at 11:37 am
DarkenedSparrow, Tempe, Arizona
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"The Key To Your Passion Is To Never Give Up."

Even if there are spelling errors, this is a very interesting book. It being in first person makes me feel like someone is actually speaking about their life. Keep it up and great job!

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Thank you :) that made my day 

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This is very good, even with the spelling and grammar errors. Continue the rest, it's quite addicting. :)

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Favorite Quote:
"Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute." edgar allan poe
i have many more but not enough room

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And I suck at writting because of that the grammar problems

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It's not bad, there are a few spelling errors and other errors. also some run on sentences, but all in all it is very good. You should be proud that you got this far. :-)

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Favorite Quote:
"Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute." edgar allan poe
i have many more but not enough room

thanks for the comment, I'll do my best to fix it.

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I didn't read very much because I couldn't get past the glaring punctuation errors. I think it needs work, especially the run-on sentences, which readers will find very off putting.

Yamini said...
on Feb. 26 2011 at 7:45 pm
Yamini, Iola, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute." edgar allan poe
i have many more but not enough room

thanks!! and i will most deffinitely continue :)

on Feb. 25 2011 at 11:40 pm
Donttrust BRONZE, Fort Collins, Colorado
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you should deffinetley continue with it.

Yamini said...
on Feb. 22 2011 at 6:20 pm
Yamini, Iola, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute." edgar allan poe
i have many more but not enough room


Yamini said...
on Jan. 29 2011 at 3:56 pm
Yamini, Iola, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute." edgar allan poe
i have many more but not enough room

it's a hawk that's supposed to be a guardian haha and the pain is something along the lines of soul mate i want to continue writing chapters so let me know if you would like to continue reading

TARDISin221B said...
on Jan. 29 2011 at 11:06 am
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interesting. was the bird a pheonix or something? what was with the pain whenever Kaleb came close to her? I wonder. Very mind twisting. I like it