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In A Perfect World

January 5, 2011
By LeahB. BRONZE, tucson, Arizona
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LeahB. BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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I closed my eyes as the waves crashed against the sand. I loved to sit out there and listen to the water. I opened my eyes because a dark shadow was cast over me. A dark cloud was rolling in, there was going to be a storm and I knew it. I gathered my belongings and walked back to my mom’s cottage on the northern part of the beach. Looking to my left I saw the most beautiful water in Florida, and to my right I saw a street with cute little shops and not a lot of traffic. Today there was something different though. I looked at the stop light and noticed a big moving truck with a family in a van behind it. Usually people didn’t move to the town because it was really small. I decided to follow the van to see where it led.

I knew there was a house two blocks down from me that was for sale. Maybe the family was going to move there. I hopped on my bike and put my towel, iPod and iPhone in my purple basket and started to ride. The van made their way to their new house and it turned out it was the one two blocks from me. I watched the family get out. There was a tall man who looked like he was at least forty with brown hair. He had on jeans and a white t-shirt. Then there was the mother who was five five which was my height. She was also wearing a pair of jeans and a light blue shirt. Then there was the daughter who was ten with blond hair like the mom’s wearing a pink skirt and a white shirt. Then the oldest son who was probably seventeen, like me. He had floppy brown hair like Zac Efron, and was wearing a blue plaid shirt and a pair of jeans. He was the only one to look my way when he got out of the car and I was stunned. Not only was he good looking but he had the most beautiful blue eyes, they were an icy blue color.

I looked away quickly but not fast enough. He started to walk towards me and I couldn’t escape.

“Hi, I’m Molly. You’re new here I’m guessing.” I stuck my hand out. He shook it.

“You’re guess would be correct then. I’m Hunter.” He smiled showing perfect, white teeth. “Do you live around here?”

“Yeah, like two blocks away.”

“Then what are you doing down here?”

“Well I was at the beach and I noticed a storm was coming in so I decided to go. Then I saw a moving van and decided to follow you.” I said sheepishly. “We don’t get a lot of new people here.”

He laughed “Yeah I assumed. It’s a small town. I used to live in San Diego so it’s a bit of a change.”

“Yeah that is a change. Why’d you move here?”

“My parents were sick of living in a big city so they decided to move but I was mad because it’s my senior year and I didn’t want to leave all my friends. What grade are you in?”

“I’m sorry. I’m a senior as well. That’s cool that we’ll be going to the same school.”

“Yeah. You can show me around.”

“That’d be cool.” I smiled at him then heard my phone ring. The ring tone was “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” by Kellie Pickler
“Hello.” I answered. “Oh hi mom, yeah I’ll be home right away. Oh no…really? Well tell her to feel better OK. OK mom see you soon.” I put my phone down.
“I guess you have to go then.”
“Yeah my sisters not feeling well, she has leukemia.” I looked down. “I’ll see you at school then.” I responded then started to quickly ride away. Ten minutes later I arrived at my house.
“Mom I’m home!” I called. My mom walked out to the kitchen.
“She’s in the bathroom, throwing up.” I looked up at her sad face; she was probably wondering why she was the one to have a sick daughter. She went to church everyday and was nice to everyone. I gathered my long blond hair in my elastic and went to the bathroom. My sister was 14 and was so beautiful inside and outside. She was the girl that every guy stared at and the one all the girls wanted to hang out with. She was popular and nice. She helped out the homeless by giving away clothes and donating money.
“Hey there cutie. How are you feeling Mac?” She looked up with sunken in eyes. She looked so sick. I sat down with her and put her gorgeous brown hair in a ponytail.
“Hey.” She said weakly. “I’m not feeling very well but I’ve got chemo in the morning so hopefully I’ll feel better for your dance recital tomorrow. I’m just happy my hair hasn’t fallen out yet.” She laughed then started coughing. I rubbed her back.
“Hey if you’re not feeling well tomorrow I understand. Just make sure you’re OK for school on Monday.” She was also a dancer but had to quit once she was diagnosed it’s almost been a year now. Thankfully the doctors caught it early, but they’re still unsure whether she’ll fully recover. Mac’s strong though we all know she’s going to make it.
“There’s a new family that moved in two blocks down.” I said then filled her in on the rest of the stuff that happened with the Hunter and in school.

“So I saw you talking to that girl over there.” My mom said. “Does she live around here?”
“Yeah, she lives two blocks away. She’s a senior too.” I replied.
“What’s her name?”
“She’s a very pretty girl isn’t she? Well at least you’ll have someone you know in school now.” She kept talking.
“Yeah she said she’d show me around.” I said then started to leave so I could unpack as much as possible this weekend before I started school on Monday. I walked up the stairs to the second floor and walked down the long hallway on the right. I walked in to my decent sized room that we were going to repaint blue, I didn’t really feel in the mood for a bright pink bedroom. I brought up the three boxes I could hold and started to put them on the ground. I opened them up then didn’t feel like unpacking I did have two more days. I decided to go for a walk.
“I’m going for a walk mom!” I yelled. I opened up the white door and started to walk. I passed some shops then went down to the north part of the beach. Then I saw Molly on her porch painting her nails. I decided to walk casually past her house to see if she noticed. As I walked by she looked up. She smiled at me and I smiled back.
“Hey there.” She said.
“Come on up.” She said and I walked up the three wooden stairs to their cottage. She closed the cap of the bright blue nail polish bottle and looked up at me.
“You want anything to drink?”
“Umm… sure can I have a water.”
“Yeah come on in.” she said and I walked into the house. Her house was very cozy and nice, unlike ours which was huge and too spacey. When I walked in I could smell cookies. We walked into the kitchen.
“My mom’s making cookies for my sister.” She laughed “Hey Mac come here.” Her sister walked out of the bathroom looking sick. She was gorgeous though. She looked up at me and smiled it was a weak smile but she had cancer so I understood.
“Hey I’m Hunter.” I said and took my hand out of my jeans. She shook it.
“I’m Mackenzie.” Molly handed me my water and then got her sister some.
“So what grade are you in Mackenzie?”
“I’m going to be a freshman, if I make it there.” Molly shot her a look that said “don’t you ever think that, you’ll be fine!”
“That’s cool I’ll be a senior like your sister.” I said and molly led us to the couches.
“Have you finished some unpacking?” Molly asked. Molly was pretty but not close to her sister. Molly was a stereotype blond. Blond with blue eyes, she had perfect skin, a perfect body and perfect lips.
“Uh not really.” I said sheepishly. “I didn’t feel like it.”
“Because it makes moving more permanent, you know that once you finish you’re there for good, and you’re never going back.” Molly said exactly what I was thinking.
“Yeah it does.”
“We had to move too, to come here for my chemotherapy.” Mackenzie added in.
“Yeah it was a big change but we’ve been here for a year and everything got normal. Once you unpack it’ll get better. Plus you have at least one friend in you’re grade already.” Molly said then laughed.
“Where did you move from?” I asked curiously.
“We moved from Boston, Massachusetts.” Mackenzie said.
“Oh cool.” I looked at my watch it was close to seven thirty I had to get home for dinner. “Well I better go I have to get home for dinner.” Molly stood up to walk me out.
“It was nice meeting you Hunter.” Mackenzie said then went back out to the kitchen. Molly walked to the door then we both went outside.
“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” She said nonchalantly.
“She really is I responded, I’m sorry about the cancer.”
“Yeah me too, the doctors found it early so she at least has a chance of living. She’s gotten worse though, I don’t know what I’d do without her.” Molly said sadly then added. “On a happier note if you don’t have anything planned for tomorrow night at around seven I have my fall dance recital if you want to come.”
“Yeah that’d be fun. Does it cost anything?”
“Yeah but I’ll take care of it. You can come over here at seven then we can drive you over. It might just be you if my sisters not feeling well, she might be tired after chemo, but that’s fine.”
“Yeah OK sounds good. Well I better go before my mom gets worried. Goodnight.” I said then walked away. Perfect some more time to hang out with Molly. She looked like a dancer and I’m sure she’s really good. I couldn’t wait for tomorrow.
I walked home and walked into the house. I could smell chicken and went into the kitchen. My mom and dad were in there cooking and laughing away; I looked over and saw my sister in the living room reading. I had the perfect family and nobody was sick, I was so lucky. I hadn’t seen Molly’s dad but I caught a quick glance at her mom, maybe he was working late. My mom looked up at me and smiled. She brought over dinner and we all sat down and ate looking like the perfect family in a perfect house and the truth was we were.

The author's comments:
This is not the last chapter I have to add more to the story

I woke up early the next morning stressing about the dance performance. My mom had already been up with my sister. She had an early chemotherapy appointment at five am. It was six thirty am right now. I got up to take a shower and I blared the music. After I was done I put on my purple bathrobe and went to eat breakfast. I pulled out a purple bowl and poured in some special K with strawberries. My phone started singing “Don’t You know You Are Beautiful”. It was my mom.


“Hi honey, Mac just went into chemo so it’ll be like two hours. I’ll call you when were done.”

“OK mom. I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetie.” Then we hung up. I was sick of being cramped in the house so I decided to go to the beach and relax. I got my iPod, iPhone, and towel and started the mile walk to the perfect spot. When I got there, only a few people were in the water, mostly the people who lived a few houses away. I laid my towel out and sat down. I put in my headphones and started playing some We the Kings, Check Yes Juliet. I loved the song. As I lay there I could feel someone watching me so I sat up. I looked around but no one was near then I looked toward the water and saw Hunter. He waved, I liked Hunter but sometimes he was creepy. He watched me a lot I could always see him but he didn’t know I knew. I waved back. He started swimming to shore with his surfboard. When he finally got to the sand he started running towards me. Man, he had a great body and a nice six pack. I had to stop thinking those thoughts I had to have at least one guy friend that didn’t become my boyfriend. He finally arrived to where I was and sat down. I was excited and nervous that he was coming to my dance recital.

“Well, hello there.” I said to start the conversation. I was so nervous to talk to him even if I didn’t seem like it. His wet suit was still unzipped to show his muscles.

“Hey.” He said then smiled his fantastic heart-warming smile.

“Well I have to be at the dance studio for last minute things at 3:00 and I may not have enough time to come back, so you’ll have to drive yourself, or you can come with me and you can hang out at the studio for three hours, then we’ll go to the arena where were dancing. So it’s your choice if you want to come with me or drive yourself.”

It took him awhile to respond. “I think I’ll go with you.” I smiled. We sat around for awhile just looking at the blue waters crash onto the shore. It was nice, and quiet, comfortable.

“Do you want to go get lunch with me?” he asked the continued. “because I'm starving and I think my stomach is going to explode if I don't eat.” I laughed and right then his stomach made a loud growling sound. I laughed even harder as he got up and put his hand out to help me up. When I reached for his hand an electric shock followed. I knew he felt it too because he kind of jerked back making me almost lose my balance.

“Sorry about that.” he said shyly. He smiled and for the first time I noticed he had dimples making him even cuter than before. I smiled back and grabbed my stuff then we headed up the beach to the food shack to get something to eat.

“This was the best I could do considering my money issue. I might as well be a gentlemen and pay for you though.”

“Oh you don't have to do that don't worry I can pay.”

“No its my pleasure.” he said matter-of-factly.

"Do you want to go somewhere before my recital?" I asked.


"It's one of our famous attractions." I said as we kept walking. When we got there I looked over at him.

"A carnival." he said and smiled
"I love carnivals."

"Well thats good because we have three hours to kill." We walked up to the ticket booth and I bought our tickets. When we walked in we headed right to the pirate ship. The last ride we hit was the ferris wheel. It was such an amazing view of the ocean from the top.

"Well that was fun." I said and Hunter nodded. I looked at my phone two thirty perfect timing.

"We should probably head to your studio." he said exactly what I was thinking. We started walking back to the car taking in the smells from the cotton candy to the popcorn and the views of the ocean, to a girl screaming after she dropped her ice cream on the dirt covered ground. I opened up the door to my blue Honda and hopped in. We drove to my studio and arrived five minutes early. We walked in and my teacher Ms. Wilson smiled. She was 25 with short brown hair cut into a bob. She was medium height with bright green eyes and was very nice. Her boyfriend Zack who was also a dance teacher sometimes sat in on class. He was in there today practicing a dance in the mirror. He was tall with brown hair that was sort of longish. He waved when I walked in.

"Hi guys,this is Hunter Do you mind if he sits in before the performance?"

"No thats fine with me." she responded in a quiet, sweet voice opposite from Zack's loud voice. I showed Hunter where to sit and the went to the barre to warm-up. I took two ballet classes,one hip-hop,one jazz,and one tap. Today was ballet the performance was all different kinds of dance though. Dance was the one thing that set my mind and body free. I could express myself so well through dance. Other girls started coming in and said hi to me. My best friend Emily came in and hugged me then noticed Hunter and looked at me.

"He's new in town." I said and smiled.

"Like the movie." she responded and smiled back. We practiced the 8 songs we were performing then went into a pep-talk then into clothing and make-up. it was almost 7. Ms. Wilson then let us drive to the concert hall we were performing in. We finally got to the hall and I showed Hunter his seat. Before I left he gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered.

"Good luck Molly." I smiled then disappeared to tell Emily what happened. We both started squealing then cracked up laughing.

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