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December 8, 2010
By Phatom, Grand Rapids, Ohio
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Phatom, Grand Rapids, Ohio
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"Where everything seems possible, and nothing is what it seems"

I think the first time we met, was in the gas station, three blocks down from my house. Yeah, that’s right; she was wearing a short skirt that you questioned if she was even wearing because her long, ripped shirt was covering it. I should’ve looked better at what she really was wearing, so I knew what world I was getting myself into. Thankfully I didn’t look to bad that day, I’d feel stupid, though, it was more of the middle of the night, and I was only getting some butter and milk to make some Mac and Cheese. Another night of being home alone. She looked at me, with this smile. No, not a smile, but a smirk of temptation. She went to the checkout, getting an energy drink. And I was just holding the butter looking stupid. She started to walk towards the door and glanced at me just before she opened the door, and just gave me this look… this look that said, “Come and play,” I froze when she closed the door. I didn’t know what to do, thankfully the cashier came up to me and hit me in the head, “What the f*** dude? Go after her.” He pushed me out the door. Next thing I knew I was running right, down to the city I never went near. I was a good hundred feet away from her on the sidewalk and she looked back, “Slow poke,” she gave that expression; she knew what she was doing. I, on the other hand was clueless. Then she turned right, into an alleyway. Something in me didn’t let me stop going after her, she made me really, curious. I wanted to know who she was. I wanted to know where she was from, and where she’s going. I was going rights and lefts and all over the place following her. I really don’t know how she had the energy, or I to follow her, but I did. We finally reached a main road and she runs across it with no problem, I finally get to it, and all the oncoming traffic halts me, “come and catch me” she screamed with emotion and I wanted to so desperately. So, I ran, and almost got hit, the car honked at me and the lady behind the wheel, “What the hell? This is a road! Find a cross walk!” I just kept running across trying not to lose her, so I kept running after her, she’s faster than I ever thought someone could be, should be! After running for forever, she ended at doors to one of the largest warehouses I’ve ever seen. She looked at me, and gave me another look, “still wanna try?” and I looked at her and smirked and spread my arms out giving the expression, “why not?” she smiled and went in. I didn’t know what came over me that night and sometimes I still don’t. Before I went in, I really didn’t know what I was expecting, but it wasn’t what was inside there when I came in, it was a rave. Those Things with strobe lights and black lights and glow in the dark paint on the walls and neon everywhere, and everyone’s high on ecstasy and weed and god knows what. Everyone was on everyone, I didn’t know how to get through this crowd, I didn’t know how they could breath, I was having a hard enough time as it was. I started shoving myself through the sea of drug inflicted bodies, trying to get myself through to find her and getting this the crowd was pretty hard, and I was afraid I lost her, but then I saw her hair and knew it was her. I shoved my way through trying to find her and was pushed into a door, pushing my self off of it so I could open it. When I came in, there she was, in the center of the room, with the restrooms behind her and the techno music still running in my ears. I think there were people in the corner having sex actually, but I wasn’t paying close enough attention. She actually looked like she fitted this scene I really didn’t look the first time, she was wearing loads of neon and edgy bright clothes. She looked at me with a warm smile, and walked closer to me, so close I could feel her breath on my neck, it was cool and she was warm. She took her hand and touched me with her forefinger running it down my chest, sending shivers down my spine, “ you’ve seen what’s in the rabbit hole, you sure you want to stay down here? Or do you wish to leave? This is your choice, choose it wisely,” it was the first time I heard her voice, and it was so soft, so delicate, and so perfect. I looked at her and she was waiting for the answer, “ why would I leave when I haven’t seen all there is to see? I wanna see your world,” I smiled. She looked at me and smiled, but then looked serious. “This isn’t my world and I have no control of it, only me, please make sure you are ready to take the responsibility of your answer.” “I wanna take this path don’t worry, I’m sure.” “Okay,” she smiled, “then let’s have some fun.” She grabbed my hand and we went out the door into this wonderland. After that I really don’t remember what happened that night, I just remember waking up the next day questioning if it was a dream, but then I realized I woke up with nothing on, and there was a light blue laced bra on my bed. And note on my table: Had fun last night? Hope so, I’ll see you around Charlie, Your White Rabbit V.

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Patichka said...
on Dec. 23 2021 at 11:36 am
Patichka, Portland, Oregon
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Hey! I really love this book so far... make sure to keep it all in past-tense though, I noticed a few times you were switching to present-tense which makes it more difficult for readers to follow: for example, "she’s faster than I ever thought" should be "She was faster than I ever thought. Keep this in mind, and keep making your amazing work. I'm very excited to read more. :)