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this is the story of my life

May 17, 2022
By crosshair, Burnsville, North Carolina
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crosshair, Burnsville, North Carolina
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Author's note:

my life inspired this story

Hi, my name Is Drake. I’m 15 years old. I have a very good life. I live in a two story house with my mom and dad and a German shepherd named saber. That's really all I live with. oh i almost forgot my older sister named Mia. but she is going to move out in a few months. to go to college with her best friend Lille. So now let’s get to the real story. It all starts on a Friday. I just got out of school and that day I was going to my best friend Jake's house for a sleepover.  two other friends were coming over. Their names were Diego and Michael. So we all gathered up at a tree in front of the school till Jake's older brother got there. So we waited for his brother to get there and that’s when four bullies showed up. There we like the age of Jake's older brother jack. They came up to us and pulled Jake up off the ground and through him. He landed right against the tree. My mind was like (what the heck just happened) I jumped up and charged at the dude that threw Jake and he pushed me down like I was a stuffy. And he grabbed my shirt and leaned me up and started punching me in the face. Then a few minutes later I hear a car pull up. I thought more dudes were showing up. I closed my eyes and suddenly I hit the ground and blacked out. When I woke up I was laying on a bed with one girl standing on each side of me and Jack standing at the foot of the bed. He said that I fell down and hit a rock and blacked out. He said the girl on my left is his girlfriend Annie  and the girl on the right is Annie's little sister named Olivia. When I looked at her my heart started pumping so fast. I sat up and said hey my name is drake she said hi how are you feeling I said I’m OK. So I got up out of the bed and Jack and everybody left. I walked to the door and walked down to the kitchen to get something to drink. So I opened the fridge and got a coke out and then I heard Jake say hey are you OK I turned around and said yeah I’m fine. He said that he and the guys were playing Call of duty on his PlayStation 4. I said cool he said do you want to come play I said no I think I’m going to go hang out with olivia. He said why do you want to hang out with her? You came over here to hang out with us, not that girl. I said that you had a problem with her or something. He said no dude why you are being so protective of her. I said dude what are you talking about. He said never mind if you need me I’ll be in my room with the guys. I said OK talk to you later so I walked to the bedroom I was staying in. I go sit on the bed and turn the tv on. I started watching Cobra Kai . A few minutes later the door opened and Olivia walked in. She said oh I did not know you were in here. I said yeah what you need. She said I was going to do the same thing you are doing right now. I said oh really you can come join me. She said oh really thanks for what you are watching. I said I’m watching Cobra Kai . She said oh I love this show. I said oh really me too. Then later that night she fell asleep and I got up to go check on The guys. I open the door to find them passed out on the bunks. I close the door and go check on Jack and Annie. I open the door to find them sleeping in the same bed. So I went back to my room. I walk in and I go cover up Olivia. Then I go to the closet and get a blanket out. Then I go cover up and turn the TV off. Then I fell asleep.

The next morning it was Saturday. I woke up and Olivia was right against me. I rolled off the bed and walked out of the room to go down to the kitchen. Annie was making breakfast for everyone. She said what's going on with you and Olivia. I was like what are you talking about?'' I know when a guy likes a girl. I said oh hah. I sat down at a counter they have. She said here eat up later. We are going out to eat for lunch. I said OK talk to you later. She went back to Jack's room so I was alone in the kitchen. I ate my breakfast. Then later I went back to the room I was staying in. I went and sat on the bed and turned the TV on. Then suddenly I felt the bed move. It was Olivia waking up. She said Good morning, how are you? I said, ``How are you feeling? She said I’m fine. I said good if you want breakfast there is some in the kitchen. Your sister made it. She said OK I’m not very hungry. I said ok well do you want to watch Cobra Kai . She said yeah of course. I said ok then later a knock came from the door. I get up and go open the door and it’s Jake. I said what do you need?'' He said I just wanted to come check on you. He peaked in the door and saw Olivia sitting on the bed. He said what is she doing in there?'' I said none of your business dude. He pushes me out of the way and tells her to get out of here. She’s saying just because you don’t like me that does not mean he can’t like me. He said I don’t care, get out NOW! Then she walks out of the room he walks over and shuts the door and than 

says. Why are you hanging out with her dude? You do not want to fall in love with that girl. I said why not? He said because her sister is very picky over her dating boys! I said ok for one her sister likes me for two she doesn't care if I wanted to date Olivia  or not so. He said what makes no sense since this is the second time that she has met you. I said whatever got out I opened the door. Then I pushed him out of the room and said bye bye. He said wait. I shut the door right in his face. I went and sat on the bed. A few minutes later I hear a knock at the door. I get up and go over to the door and open it. I start saying dude I told you to go away. Then I look at Olivia with a surprised face. she said you want to go away she smiles and comes in. In my head I’m like (what just happened) I look at her and sorry about earlier. She said it’s fine. I said I do not know why he is so mean to you. She said that he asked me to date him a few months ago and I said no and then he started telling boys to not date me because of my sister. I said yeah he told me about that. Her face turned red so fast . She said wait, you like me. I said maybe I really don’t know. She knew I was lying. She said you do. And then she said something I thought I would never hear she said yes. I was like what. Then I said yes. She said yes I’ll be your girlfriend. I felt my heart skip a beat. In my head I was like (oh my gosh). So later that day the trip to go eat somewhere was canceled. So me and Olivia sat in the room later down on the bed. Watching TV and I said I’m going to go hangout with the dudes if that’s OK. She said yeah that’s fine bye. I said bye. I opened the door to walk out and went across the hallway to Jake's room. Suddenly I hear Annie’s voice. She said so did Olivia and you worked out. I said yeah actually it did. She said that’s great. I said thanks then I walked into Jake's room there so excited to see me. I said hey guys and they all said hey. Then I went and sat down on the floor and we all played call of duty for hours and then we noticed that it was time to get to bed. We all get ready for bed. We all say goodnight and go our separate ways and I go into the room with Olivia. She said how was it? Did you have fun? I said oh yeah I’m tired you want to lay down. She said yeah so I am tired. So we lay down a few minutes later and she passed out on my arm. I get done texting my parents that night and I turn my phone off and plug it up. Then I turn the TV off and the lamp. And I fall asleep.

The next morning it was Sunday I woke up just like any normal day. I woke up against my beautiful girlfriend. I told her to wake up. I Did not get a response. I said wake up again. She said good morning. I said good morning. How are you? She said I’m fine, how are you? I said I’m good. I heard a knock on the door. I go to answer it and it’s Jake. I said what is it?'' He said nothing just wanted to check in on you. And of course he peeks in the doorway. He said what the heck are you two doing anymore. I said We are not doing anything at all OK. He said really do you expect me to believe you?'' I said dude we are not doing anything promise. So of course he pushed me out of the way and took her by the hand and took her out of the room. Then he pushed her down in the hallway. Then I jumped up and ran and tackled him down like a bullet. He said get off of me. Then I started punching him in the face. Later I felt a pull on my back. It was jack. He said what the heck are you two doing. I said he pushed Amy down on the ground. He said OK that does not mean you push him down and start punching him. Me and Amy looked at each other. He said oh I know what’s going on you are dating Olivia  aren’t you. I said yeah we are. He said I would do the Same thing. I said really. He said yep. So I pulled Jake up off the ground. So he went to clean up. Olivia and I headed down stairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. I made her a sandwich. So then we sat on the couch and ate together so Jake and Diego and Michael came down to get a bite to eat. When they got done they ran upstairs to Jake's bedroom. So we got done eating. Olivia went to wash the dishes. I said hey I’m going up stairs. She said OK I will be down here. I will come up when I am done. I said OK. So I go upstairs to the bedroom. I get on my phone and text my parents telling them how much fun I’m having. Then Olivia comes up there. And one thing I forgot I took my shirt off. She ran through the door. She was so shocked she ran out and shut the door and said `` get a shirt on . I said OK. I got my shirt on and said you can come in now. She said OK. So she came in and I said I’m so sorry. She said it’s totally fine. I said OK what do you want to do. She said want to watch a scary movie. I said heck yeah but will you get scared she said a little. I said OK. I put my arm around her and we watched Halloween.She got scared a couple of times I said you OK. She always said yes. So later that day it was maybe five o'clock. She fell asleep. I just sat there trying not to wake her up. So I got on my phone and texted my sister she was excited about me getting a girlfriend. I sat there for about an hour and then Olivia woke up. And said what are you doing I said nothing. She said OK and got up to go to the bathroom. I sat there til she came back. We thought maybe we would go to bed. So we said goodnight to each other. And she fell asleep. I just started thinking about all that’s gone on. I just thought of it. I'm going home tomorrow, oh gosh. So I turn the lamp off and go to bed.

That day finally came. I had to go home so all morning Diego and Michael and I had to pack up to go home. So we told each other bye and stuff and I noticed that Olivia was not down there. So I went up stairs and into the room that me and her were staying in. I open the door and there she is crying on the bed. I said what’s wrong did someone do something?'' She said no I’m just going to miss you. I said yeah same. She padded on the bed for me to come sit down. I went to sit down beside her. She said I don’t want you to go. She lays her head on my shoulder. I said you will be fine. I will try to come and see you any chance I get. She stopped crying and took her head off my shoulder and looked up at me. I looked at her and she told me to close my eyes. I said why. She said I have a Surprise for you. I said ok and closed my eyes and I felt something on my lips. In my head I was like (oh my gosh she is kissing me). She stopped and I opened my eyes and she smiled at me. I said bye. I can’t believe I just said this but. I told her that I loved her. She smiled and said she did too. I walked out of the door downstairs. Jack said are you ready I said yeah. He said let’s go. So later he dropped me off at my house. He said I know that look she kissed you didn’t she. I said yeah she did. He said I knew it, that's why I dropped you off last. I said oh really. He said ok well bye. I said bye bye. So I walk up my sidewalk to go open my front door and there is my mom and dad waiting for me. I ran in there with excitement and gave them a big hug. So I went up to my room. I put all my stuff up and everything. I just went and sat in my window and just thought about Olivia and sadly I never got Oliviaś's phone number. She said so. I said so what? She said do you miss her?'' I said yeah I really do. I knew you did. I said oh really. So she got up and came and gave me a hug and left the room. It was close to bedtime so I got ready for bed and I turned my lamp off and went to bed but for some reason I woke up in the middle of the night by a sound coming from my window. I just sat there all night. Then later I heard a knock on the door. I went to open the door and it was my sister. I said what do you need?'' She said I knew my little bro was growing up. I said what I heard about your little kiss. I said what who told you that?'' She said it was Anna. I said oh gosh. She, I knew you would kiss her. I said oh you did. She came in and sat down on the bed and I went and sat back in thp to go check it out. It was my mom and dad saying come out here hurry. I said ok. I ran down stairs to the front door, got my shoes on and went out the door. They said get into the car. I said ok. So I hop into the car so then they start the car and we drive off. I kept asking where we were going. They said it was a surprise. So we pulled up to this house and there she was my beautiful girlfriend. I said what is going on. They said that Mia told them everything. I said what. So I jumped out of the car and ran up to her and kissed her like no one was around. I stopped and she said I miss you so much. I said that to myself too. I saw that there was some luggage. I said what’s with the luggage. She said it’s for me to come to your house. My jaw dropped so far. She said ok. I said yeah I’m fine we’ll i guess come on. She said ok. We get into the car and drive home. And there we were right there in front of my house. She said you have such a beautiful house. I said thank you. We walked into the house. I said you can take my room if you want. She said you can sleep in there too. I don’t think my parents will agree with that. I looked over at my parents and they said we don’t care. I turned and looked at Olivia and said let’s go. So we ran up to my room and just sat there on the bed. She said so what do you want to do?'' I said I don’t know. So I go over to the window and sit in it. She said something wrong. I said no I’m fine. She said well do you want to go to bed?'' I said yeah sure. So we lay down on the bed and just lay there. And I looked over at her and she looked at me. She said is there something wrong with me?'' I said What are you crazy about?'' There is nothing wrong with you. She said OK. She smiled and went to sleep and I did too.

It came the next Tuesday morning , so I woke up right beside my girlfriend. That morning she passed out like a dead person. I got up without waking her up and went downstairs to the kitchen. And made a bowl of cereal and went into the living room. I sat down on the couch and ate my breakfast then I headed up back to my room. I opened the door and saw something that I thought I would never see she’s awake. I said you're awake. She said yeah I just woke up. I said oh cool well if you want breakfast there's cereal in the kitchen my parents left and they went to work they will be gone for the rest of the week. She said OK do go far away from home. I said yeah. She said don’t you get lonely. I said no I have my sister but sometimes she leaves so that’s when I get bored. She said oh ok. I said I’m pretty sure that she’s going out today. She said will you won’t get bored?'' I said why. She said you have me remember. I said oh yeah so what do you want to do? She said we could go watch some TV. I said OK but what do you want to watch? She said we could watch cobra kai. I said OK let’s go. So we went downstairs to watch TV. We go and sit on the couch and watch cobra kai. She said I just love this show. I said oh heck yeah. She said are you hungry?'' I said yeah I’ll go make us something. She said no I will do you like sandwiches. I said oh yeah I grew up on sandwiches. She laughed. Then she went into the kitchen to make us some sandwiches for lunch. She came back to the living room for us to eat. Later we got done with our food and headed up stairs to the bedroom. I walked into my room and went to sit on my bed. She said what’s wrong. I said nothing was wrong. She said I have been very quiet and have not said anything. I said no I’m totally fine. She looked at me like I was lying. I said I am totally fine OK I promise. She said OK I believe you. I said you worry a lot I can tell. She said yes to you. I said there is no need. I can worry about myself OK and you can worry about yourself too. She said OK but I’m going to still worry about you a little. I just laughed at her. She came over and pushed me down on the bed and said stop. I just giggled. I said you want to go see my dog. She said you have a dog, what kind is it?'' I said a German shepherd . She said I love German shepherds. I said you do. She said yeah I do. I said well let’s go see it. She said OK what’s its name. I said saber. She said I love that name. I said you do. So we go down stairs and out the back door. I said be careful he likes to attack people. She said WHAT. I said yeah he’s a Guard dog. I said let me call him off I said down boy this a friend. He ran and knocked her down and started licking her. I said are you ok?'' She said yeah I’m fine I love your dog. I said I can tell he likes you too. She just laughed. I went and sat down at one of the tables outside. I watched her play with a saber and run around. I just looked at her and smiled. She said come and join us. I said I’m fine. She came over there and said what’s wrong. I said nothing wrong. She said I know when there is something wrong. I said there is nothing wrong, OK. She said ok. Well, do you want to go inside? I said yeah. So we went inside and up stairs and went up to my room and talked. Later that day my sister gets home and comes up there to check on us. My sister says what are you guys doing?'' We said nothing, we were just talking. She said OK well you guys better go down stairs and eat supper. I brought Big Macs. We got so excited and ran down stairs and ate supper. Then when we got done eating supper we went and got ready for bed. But sadly her sister came and picked her up. We told each other goodbye and I gave her one last kiss goodnight. Then I went up the back stairs and went to bed. So that’s the end of the story guys so I hoped you enjoyed it. To be continued

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