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Immortal love

March 9, 2022
By Makyek BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Makyek BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"I'm not mad at you because you called stefan I'm mad at you because I love you"-Damon Salvatore
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I wake up to screaming outside of my door, I slowly open the door to see someone being run through with a sword. I gasp and close the door, I walk over to my wardrobe and push my dresses out of the way but not before stuffing three dresses, two corsets, and a few pairs of shoes into a small bag. I run down the passage and open the door that leads to my parent's room.

"Mama, Papa. Come on, we have to go." I say as my parents run to me and hug me. "Thank Ares you're alright." My Papa says. (Ares is the god my people worship). 

"Mija we can't, we have to protect the castle." My Mama says as my Papa walks away. "Go to Elris, he'll help you, take your brothers with you." My Mama whispers as she hands me my two little brothers who are asleep completely oblivious to what was going on. I hated them then because they could sleep through the war going on in the castle. I wipe away the tears leaking from my eyes and nod, "Okay Mama I love you guys." I say as I run back through the passage and out into the courtyard to my horse. 

"Hey Riven, you think you can carry two more?" I say as I feed him sugar and put the boys into my saddlebag. Riven whines and kisses my face as I get on his back. "Good boy Riven. Can you take me to Elris?" He neighs in response and gallops into the woods.


We get to the cabin to find a man with salt and pepper-colored hair waiting for us at the door. "Your mother sent me an owl. Come inside we have much to talk about." As I get my brothers out of the saddlebag and walk into the house, he says.

"There is a way for me to make sure you never die or age and there is a way for me to make it to where your brother's age but never die." He says to me as I sit my brothers down onto the bearskin rug. I sat across from him, "Do it." I say in the most steady voice I could muster. 

"I want you to take notice that if I do this then you will continue to watch people you love die correct?" I nod, "Do it, I don't want to live in a world where I am constantly getting chased because of the color of my skin." He walks over to the basin, starts a fire, and puts on some tea. "I want you to understand that your brothers will stop aging at age sixteen due to this being the age you are now, you do understand that I will have to appoint a guard to watch over  you guys and you will have to move around a lot to keep people from being suspicious of you aging." I nod. Anything to keep my brothers alive. He calls his son into the room. He walks in and stares at me with his silver eyes and I realize that he has a faint scar above his left eye. 

"Yes, papa? Did you need something?" He says breaking eye contact with me and turning to his father.

"Yes, Emilio. I would like you to accompany her Highness Irena and her little brothers as their guard. And I don't want to hear any buts, young man." He adds as Emilio starts to protest. He grumbles his response and sits next to me.

"I will be giving you all an Immortality potion that will last forever. You will not age except for the boys and you will not die." I take the flask he passes me and drink it all and then take two more and feed my brothers as I see Emilio drink his. Nothing happens for a long while until I double over in pain and cry out. My brothers (Antonio and Petro) start to cry and I scream out: "OH ISIS HELP ME!!!" Emilio screams out as Toni and Petro start to cry. After a while, the pain subsided and we all lay on the ground without realizing I was holding Emilio's hand. We both move our hands away at the same time.


As we go off on our trip Emilio carrying the twins and me with my arms around his waist on Rivens back I slowly fall asleep.

600 Years Later




I walk into school with all three boys at my side and walk to the front office. "Hi, my name is Irena Stuart. I called yesterday?" The receptionist looks from me to the boys and picks up the phone. She sticks her finger up as if to say one second and dials a number, "Hello sir. Yes, there are four Mexicans here and I was wondering what I should do. Yes sir of course." She put the phone down and turned to me, "I am very sorry but your kind is not welcome here." She says and it takes everything out of me not to jump across the desk and rip this b*tches hair out. "Ok thank you," I say instead and we walk back to the bus stop. "Why do people treat us like that?" Antonio asks me, on the verge of crying, "I don't know Toni. But we'll figure it out." While on the inside I was crying too. We came all this way. You would think that things would be different now, but I guess not.


I lay on my bed and heard a knock, "Who is it? I don't want to talk right now." I say thinking it's our foster mom.

"Irena it's me." I hear Petro's voice through my door, "Come in." He walks in with my favorite snack in the whole world. "I brought you some Churros. I wanted to check on you."

He walks over to my bed and hands me one of them. "I know you try to be strong for me and Toni but you're still a teenager you have way too much on your mind for a sixteen-year-old. Let Toni, Emilio. and I handle some of the weight." I look up at him and start crying, "We left the kingdom because of the color of our skin, Papa and Mama got captured and are probably dead and We still have to deal with the same bullsh*t as before. It's not fair!!" I scream the last part into my pillow. I start crying and feel Petro holding me. "Shush, it's ok. You don't have to try and change the world. That's not your job. Your job is to love us and be there for us as our sister and best friend. You are more of a mom to us than anyone else in the world. We love you, Ren." I laugh at the old nickname, "I have six hundred years' worth of racism built up inside of me. We left the kingdom because the people didn't like the fact that Papa was black and Mama was Mexican and now we have to pay the price of Six hundred f*cking years' worth of Discrimination and beating for the color of our skin." By the time I finish I see that Antonio and Emilio are at the door, Antonio is crying and I see tears in Emilio's eyes. Our foster dad comes to the door probably because he heard what I said and hugs all of us, "I'm sorry you guys have had to deal with that sh*t for so long but Sharon and I are going to get you guys into a good school with no discrimination, I promise." I nod and wipe my eyes. "Thank you be- I mean Dad" We told Ben and Sharon that we were immortal when they first adopted us they told us to call them mom and dad. I struggled with calling them that for a little while and I only just started calling them that. He lets us go and walks out of the room. Everyone left except for Emilio. "It's going to be okay and we will find a school." He says after a while. I get up and close the door, turning back to see a confused Emilio. "We have known each other for Six hundred years now and we know everything about one another." I say walking back over to him. "The one thing we haven't seen about each other is our bodies." I say as I sit so close to him that our thighs are touching. "I want to know what you feel like, all of you, your body, Your lips, Your hands." I lean over and kiss him. He hesitates and then kisses me back but fierce and harder. He breaks away and catches his breath before saying "I've loved you since I first laid my eyes on you." We kiss each other until he pulls back and I let out a frustrated groan when I feel his lips on my neck. I let out a moan of satisfaction when he starts to lick the sensitive part of my neck when Antonio busts into my room, " Hey sis-" He cuts off and smirks at the sight of my hands in Emilio's hair and Emilio's mouth on my collarbone. "Hehe about time." He says. We pull apart when he shuts the door and hear him calling Petro telling him what he just said. I and Emilio look at each other wide-eyed and start trying to run out of the room when Emilio stops me and points to my neck. I look in the mirror and see hickeys on my neck and collarbone, "What the hell Emilio?!?!" I say as I try to cover it up with makeup.  

We go out into the hallway and see the twins with Ben behind them. As we walk to their room we see Sharon sitting on the bed.

We walk into Ben's room and close the door.

"We are willing to let you keep seeing each other under one condition. You have to stay in the garage when you are intimate ok? I know you guys have six hundred years of hormones pent up inside of you but you have to promise us that you will stay in the garage. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. I nod my head and we walk out of their room.

"If you try to get us in trouble again I will kick you in your balls, Do you understand me?" The twin's nod and I smirk as we walk away.

The garage is filled with stuff like old couches, Tables, and a foosball table. "Do you think we should get the twins to help us?" I ask and she nods and leaves the garage and comes back in holding the twins by their ears.

We finish up and she pushes the boys out and locks the door after shutting it. She looks at me hungrily and comes and sits on my lap. She kisses me hard and I kiss down her neck wiping the makeup off of the hickeys. "I like it better like this,” 


We sit on the couch sweaty and panting. "That was amazing." I breathe out. "You're telling me." She replies kissing me as she gets up and wraps herself in one of the robes we found earlier. She leaves into the house. I get up and start cleaning up myself and the couch. She walks in about ten minutes later and wraps her arms around me. She smells like kiwi strawberry shampoo and I can tell she just got out of the shower without looking at her. "Go get in the shower you're all sticky." She says and I walk into the house and get in the shower. 

I walk into my and Petro's room and sit on my bed uncomfortable and traumatized by what I just saw and heard.

"Toni." I hear Petro calling me and I look up. "Huh?" "You good bro?" He asks. I shake my head. "I don't think I will ever be alright after what I just saw," I say trying not to gag.

"What was it?" I look up at him and tell him the whole story.

When I finish he runs to the bathroom and throws up. When he gets back he's shivering. "Dude that's f*cking disgusting. I am very sorry you had to deal with that. And that you told me this." He sits next to me and I lay back and out of nowhere, I'm just so tired I close my eyes and eventually fall asleep.

I look over to see Toni asleep and I lay him on his bed covering him in his blanket.

I look at my phone and see that I have no new messages. I start crying and lay on my bed. 'Why is he such a d*ck? Why can't he see that I love him?'

Two years ago I met this guy named Tyler and we connected. Or so I thought, After I had known him for a while I told him how I felt. He called me a homo and slurs and made me feel really bad about my sexuality. 

I turn around and see that Irena is standing at my door with a worried look on her face. "Are you okay Petro?" She asks and I nod my head. "You know, you should soundproof the garage, Toni heard everything." Her jaw dropped and she looked apologetically at the sleeping Toni. "I am so sorry, I didn't think anyone could hear us."

"Yeah well, we did," I say colder than I intended.

She shrinks away and I get up. I walk over to her and wrap her in a tight hug. "I'm sorry, I know how long you've been trying. I'm just a little on edge. Tyler won't answer my calls." She stiffens at the mention of him.

"He's a douchebag. If he can't see how amazing you are then that's his bad. You are a great kid."

I laugh at that, "I'm 759 years old, I'm as much of a kid as you are." I point out. She starts laughing and lets me go. "I am truly sorry. I know how much you hate it when I date someone. I know it brings you down. Te amo Hermano." I smile at the use of our language. She always uses it to make me happy.

"How do you think Mama and Papa are? I mean there is no way in hell they are still alive, I mean it's been 600 years." 

She looks at me with her eyes brimmed with tears. "I don't know Petro, I don't know." She says as she walks back to her room.

I walk to my room and shut the door. 'Why does life have to be so f*cking hard?' I think and as if he read my mind Emilio answers, "Because they are afraid of us. They think that our race is a bunch of demons. Thank Ares we were raised to know around our people, and we know how our kingdom worked." He sits next to me and starts singing to me.

(Listen to Dandelions by Ruth B)

I start singing along as he wipes my tears off of my face.

When he stops singing I kiss his cheek and lay on his lap. "I love you," I say as I fall asleep on him.



I wake up and it's dark outside. I walk out of my room, down the stairs, and into the kitchen where everyone else is sitting around the table with two strangely familiar people.

"Irena, come over here, there are two people here to see you," Ben says as I realize who they are. "Mama, Papa!!" I yell as I run over and hug them. They hug me back as the twins hug them as well.

"Ay Ninos look at how big you've gotten," Mama says as she hugs us again. "How are you guys here? I thought you guys were dead." I say as tears fall from my eyes, " No Mija, Elris got us out of there after you guys fled. He gave us a potion of immortality. We've been following you guys for so long now but we were too scared." Papa says. I walk over to Ben and Sharon and hug them, "I hope you guys know that we love you but we have to go now. Can you still get us into school?" They nod and wipe tears from their eyes, "We understand, we know that you have to go with your parents now, we want you to know that we love you guys and that you are always welcome here." I envelop them in a big hug before going to my room and packing.

Two weeks later


We walk into school and head to our lockers. Irena and I have lockers next to each other and the twins are down the hall. Irena and I walk to class and take our seats, "Ok class we have a new student today. Milos please come in and tell us about yourself." Our teacher says, that name sounds so familiar but I can't quite pinpoint where until I see my little brother's long red hair that looks just like mine enters the door. "Holy hell," I murmur as he walks in and spots me, his eyes immediately light up. "Hey, my name is Milos, I just moved here with my dad, We just moved here from Spain looking for my brother. I like reading, singing, art, and science. I am sixteen years old and have a black belt in MMA." He finishes, staring into my soul, and leans against the door, " Ok Milos, why don't you sit next to the red-head with the under-cut?" He walks over to me and slips something into my hand, I look at it and almost start crying: "I missed you, big brother. Dad is waiting outside for you."

I raise my hand, "Miss can I go use the bathroom?" I ask and she nods her head. I run out of the classroom so fast I didn't care if anyone thought I was weird.

I get outside and see my Dad standing next to a Toyota, I almost bust out crying, "Dad, oh my Ares, you're ok. How did you find me?" I as he pulls back and holds my face in his hands, "My boy, you've gotten so big. I got a message from Irena's parents saying that you were here." I stare at him for a while.

"Emilio, where the hell are you?" I hear Irena call. I wave her over and she hugs my dad. "Oh my god Elris you're ok." She says as she lets him go, He kisses her forehead and wraps his arm around me.

"We should get back to class. I missed you dad." I say as we walk back to class.

We head back to class and spend the rest of the day going to class and heading home, me in my dad's car, and Irena and the twins with their parents. I spent the whole ride catching up with my dad and brother from the last six hundred years.

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