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September 28, 2018
By DrSnow, Battlefeild, Missouri
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DrSnow, Battlefeild, Missouri
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Author's note:

Its something I'm still working on in the hope it comes out how i want it to be.



Love a horrible mistake that evolution has made. People just want, kill, pay, steal, hurt for love the simple word drives someone to there certain death. It's just one of things that make no sense all tho it can create Chaos it can also supposedly create world peace. If that was so then why did they hate hippies.


Just makes no sense, but here i a just think i can explain the world. In all honesty i know nothing i simply enjoy playing video game Asing school, and just do nothing with my life. The only friend i have the mpc on my laptop that only can sell me pixelated items to defeat bosses. I just don't get it what make people go insane for that word. When i hear it i just laugh in say i don't need it.

Although i can admit that i probably don't know because i never received it. My dad always at work in college mom is always working in her office. I'm an only child i don't even have a pet. All i have is video games in electronice. Well i'm rude my names Snow in yes it just like the thing that falls from the sky in falls on your tongue in melts.

I'm in high school in republic high the best school you can get in the small town republic. Where nothing happens. So great right the perfect life. In yes i know you probably think i'm some stupid teenager who can't think, and going to find his true love in this story. Well all i go to say is if that's what your looking for shut this book in stop wasting my time telling you my story.


Chapter One! (The big day)

I hate the first day of school it so annoying. The busses are loud, teacher are fake, and people are happy to see each other after all summer. Me i just go to library in read shakespeare for the million time. I know, i know the most amazing first day right reading a book! I really don't care for it at least. In my opinion i think it fun reading poems. An you over here probably thinking wow he such an emo. Well you wrong i'm a goth get it right don't like it don't read this book.

Anyways back on topic my book was gone in i don't like that no one read Shakespeare: Volume II . Who took my book? That's not cool for the passed three years i've read that book what the heck? Ah man is this year already starting off horrible.

“ hay Librarian lady, wheres my book?”

She glances up at me with that young innocent librarian eyes. “ it was checked out two min ago snow.”

I grunted “why didn't you tell me?” She just shrugged her shoulders.

Ah i hate this school. Whatever, what my first hour? English III.. seriously already english first thing this morning ah this is just great i'm already going to hate this school year. I don't get it honestly just one thing i wanted to do today in just gets stolen. “RING, RING”, the bell ring i went to my first hour. Man english class really ug.

Why is this year going wrong like i had a nice summer, and i didnt have a problem waking up. Is it because it's a Monday morning?

“Good morning class how was your summer?” The teacher said in his high pitch flamboyentant voice. I swear he guy i really do like its just written all over him. You know i think its stupid every school year the first day everybody i mean everybody nice like eh.

What that going to do? It's pointless if its not true? What is the world going to do with people? Like your nice for no reason sep for your personal gain. That's not ok. It's almost saying hey i'm great at my job on the first day in then i won't try after that like ahhh. I don't get it i'm just going to wait tell the lsat bell rings, so i can go home in just lay down in think.


“Hi, Snow.. HELP BIG MAN.” Said a girl named Cera with her squeaky voice. A decently average size man, and i think he one of the councillors is running after her.

“Hay i'm trying to help you please stop running from me.” Said the Decently sized counselor. “Why do i bother with high school?” i thought to myself. Ah whatever i'm just going to go home.

“EEEEEEEEEE getaways from my please you big sasquatch!”

i hate my life why is there so many scary people ehhhhhh i don't want  to be here.

Wait did snow actually look at me or was that just me hallucinating from all this adrenaline super hero blood. Don't make fun of me if you are leave this book in never come back.

“I like who i am yes i may not like males doesn't mean i cant talk to one…” Man is he gone man he fast, but why did snow look at me why did he even try to reply is he High or something?

“Ah whatever the day is almost over anyways…” I'm just going to go back to library to return this stupid shakespearean book. I only got this so I can look like i'm reading this book in english class. Witch I don't know if snow you but he talks in dress very Feminine I like it but eh whatever stuff things.”High School bell rings”

“Ah, no i'm late for class.” Why is today such a bad day for everyone I hate that I people act like they have nothing wrong in just want to push people away.

“Snow” in a distance whisper in my head. “No, No, No, He's a big scary meanie who only cares for himself!” Wait why? *tears drop down my face* Why does he matter? Why do I want to help him?

“Cera, There you are you skipped class again did you run away from Mr.Handenger again?” Lynn said from a far distance. If snow hadn't told you already this Lynn guy is this Gothic, all black, pale skinned, dyed haired guy who has a huge obsession with black. Now let go back to what she saying.

“Hey Cera are you even paying attention to what i'm saying.” Lynn asked loudly. Yes, Lynn i'm listening what do you want?” She just stood there dumbfounded.

“Um,... Um… Um, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the library with me?” Lynn said quietly. I didn't realize this before on Lynns, but it was almost like she needed something there or that it was something insanely important.

“Ya, sure why not come lets go since we have really nothing else to really do.” I said passivagresivly.  We walked into the library in sall snow again at his usual spot. I look over to Lynn in all I could see is his eyes widen really big, and her shaking really badly. “What is it Linn why are you so shaky?” I said scarcely.

“Its..its.. Snow he right there I I I have his book…” Lynn said frighteningly.

“I swear i hate this school, First I lose my book that I love to read, Second I am late for class today, And third I just am tired from all get out.”

i'm just going to head back to the library to my spot in just stay there all day. Hm, that's odd why is lynn and cera in the corner of the hall. Ah, well again my point there just probably doing something there not whatever i'm just going to go to my spot.

“Cera what should i do?” Lynn said shankilingly. “I don't know, no one knows him or what he is capable.” Care said sternly. Witch if you reading this in think that he going to fall for me haha you are so wrong more than you know.

Care taken by this weird guy that looks like a guy jack daniels commercial, but anyways this story like i said ant typical love story we gots some tweets to it now I think we should tell you what happens next instead of blabbering to whatever nerd reading it. Cera looks at Lynn one more time an says frantically.

“Lynn what is wrong with you do you want to die a horrible unicorn like death i heard they are very painful?”

Lynn looks at me in giggles and says with a cheery voice.

“Ya i bet, i don't care i think he cute and needs a friend i think we can help him silly he can't be that scary lol!” Lynn what are you thinkin? I thought to myself what am i going to do with you your so careless with you choices why can't i be like you. With a no care free zone to do something nice instead of selfish. I hate you Lynn why cant i win. He always wants to do the right thing and never says anything bad about anyone no matter what. What does he have that i don't why can't i be brave like him…

“Hey you, You have my book… Why do you have my book do you even know how important that book is to me?” I said so abruptly to Lynn. Lynn looks at him with a smile.

“Well i don't know so how about you tell me” *giggles* Lynn said to snow. “ Do you even know my name, do you know who i am?” Snow asked Lynn.

“Yes but i don't care who you may be, or what people say you are i want to find out myself so why don't you tell me?” Lynn said.

“Lynn what are you thinking he a mad man and your poking him with a stick what are you doing why are you doing this?”

Cera thought to herself. “Well Lynn don't you think it time for use to go to class now?” Cera nudged Lynn. *Cera grabs lynn's hand and run away from snow*

“HEY, GIVE ME THE BOOK BACK PLZ?” snow said loudly. Why can't i just get my mom's favorite book it's the only thing i have left of her… Why can't people stop hurting me it not fair. I know i don't have much friends. I know i'm the freak of the school, but doesnt mean they have to treat me like one.. Yes i know what type of kid can fight in with a dead mother, and has no friends or social skills. It's just not fair it really isn't. Why do i have to fight for everything. I really don't understand. WHat did i do wrong what did i do to deserve this.

“Cera what the hell was that for?” Lynn said angrily

“I was helping you ok i know that you want to help him i know that you want to be a nice person but you can't fix him Lynn you just cant ok?” Cera said sadly… (Why can't he realize that you can't save everybody, and why cant he for once get out of LA LA land. You can't just appear an be like hi i want to be your friend thats a psycho path.) Cera thought to herself.

Lynn looks a cera with a frantice glar. (Why can't she understand that i just want to do something right he's not a freak he's a human being. He just needs someone to fight for him and make him see that he not alone.) Lynn thought to herself.


“Lynn just stop ok, just stop being so stupid be selfish stop fighting, it been three years and you've accomplished taking his book. You can't just be in someone life that doesn't want you in it. Trust me you just can't i know from experience.” Cera said selfishly.


“Just stop it Cera, PLease just stop you don't understand he needs someone. Someone like me no matter what other people think as long as there love there's always hope, and if you don't believe that then leave me alone. All you want to do is run away when things get serious. I..i...i just want to help ok he's all alone he doesn't know what true love is, and he doesn't know what it is like to have real friends.” Lynn said vilantly.

Lynn needs to stop, i started feeling really hot in my eyes starting to water. It's not fair Lynn's my friend first he doesn't deserve him what so special about him. Why can't i ever win, Why can't he just be mine?


I know you probably reading this in like what the hell is going on where did this all start but to tell you truth i don't know either so why not just sit in read in find out with me. Because ain't life just a rollercoaster that doesn't have an ending. Also here a quote for this chapter. “Where theres love theres hope.” lol i'm going to go back to the story now. Talk you y'all later!

“What was i thinking for things to stay the same.” i told myself. Snow what a stupid why did they have to name me so cold why not a warm name or hell a normal name like logen. Why are people just trying to make my life painful what is the angle here. Can i ever get a brake or at least time to get myself alone forever. Is that so much to ask for?

“RING RING” goes the high school bell.  Well i guess that my single to go home...  Lets go see how that goes….

“Hi dad how was collage?” Snow asked his dad.

“Oh it was great, How about you son?” He replied.

I shrugged my shoulders like always. There no point of talking to my dad he just would say “ya, ok, keep up the great work son.” Like that such a supportive parent. I hate my life why can't things just be better. Why can't i just be able to go into my video game in have a part to play in the world.

To be honest it was kinda nice to have someone to notice my existence for once in not asked how my mother died or hay why are you a freak. Maybe there's hope after all. Ah what am i saying there's really nothing to look for in life. I'm just worthless i have nothing here for me. Not even a mother…


Come on Lynn cant be mad at me forever… Can he? I'm his best friend in the entire world. This isn't fair i'm only trying to help him. Why cant he see that i just don't want him to get hurt. That psycho path is crazy he don't belong here. I have to get rid of him somehow.


That is the end of part one hope you guyes enjoed see you in part two! :P

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