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Love of Eternity Chapter 1

July 18, 2018
By Bagel04 GOLD, Kingsville, Texas
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Bagel04 GOLD, Kingsville, Texas
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Author's note:

This novel was inspired by my own trials through the past few months. And although I've never actually met any mythical creatures, I feel that Destiny is like a fictional being of me. We've both come to realize that the world isn't all it's cracked up to be and that life is gonna throw things at you...but you just gotta know how to dodge 'em. Writing has always been apart of me. It helps me to relax, to focus, and makes me happy. 

The author's comments:

This is the first of many chapters of my novel, Love of Eternity.

“ Destiny...Destiny...Destiny, can you hear me? Destiny...I'm waiting for you, Destiny...,” a voice called out to me. A chill runs up my spine, I see a bright light...a strobe of it reflects off the window in the pitch black room and shakes the force of the unstabled night sky. I see a tall, dark figure...then, I wake up. 

*7:30 A.M.* “ Good morning, sweetheart,” my older brother, Michael, teased as I descended the staircase. “ I had that strange dream again. The one where I hear a voice, see a light, then wake up,” I explained to Michael, as I took a seat at the table.“ Ohh...maybe it means you're gonna kick the bucket, soon, Dest,” he laughed. “ Quit teasing your sister, Michael,” my dad said, as he entered the kitchen.

*Los Angeles High School Gym* “ Destiny. Destiny. Earth to Destiny,” Sierra said, snapping me back to reality. “ Oh, sorry. Um...what were we talking about,” I asked, shaking away my thoughts. “ We were talking about the new guy. I swear, it's like you're not even alive, sometimes. Anyways, the new guy, Kaidan, what do you think of him,” Sierra asked, smiling teasingly at me.“ Um...heh. He's...unique,” I laughed awkwardly. “ No kidding. Did you see the way he looked at you,” Sierra laughed. I laughed and suddenly caught sight of of the new guy, Kaidan. He was tall, broad, incredibly good-looking, but...strange. There was something...different about him. Something just didn't set right about him. I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew that he was special. Suddenly, Mr. Smith, our gym teacher, entered the gym. “ Alright, class, let's do some arm and leg stretches, then we'll move on to volleyball,” he smiled. The whole class cheered. We loved volleyball.

*High School Courtyard* As Sierra and I laid under the old, oak tree, in front of the school courtyard. She was telling me all about her summer vacation in Hawaii. Then, we both saw Alexis and called her over. I've known Sierra and Alexis since the second grade, and even in high school, they're still my best friends. “ Hey,” we all smiled and hugged. “ It feels like it's been the longest summer, without you guys,” I said. “ Oh, honey, believe me, I know,” Alexis laughed. “ What's the deal with that Kaidan guy,” Alexis asked suddenly, looking behind me. I followed her gaze and saw Kaidan. He was staring at his phone, as he leaned up against the wall. Then, Sierra nudged me and teased, “ Go on. Go say 'hi.' You know, you want to.” I knew I wouldn't win this fight, so, I gave in. I walked up to Kaidan. “ Hi, I'm Destiny. Destiny Coleman ” “ Kaidan Evans,” he replied, without looking up from his phone. “ Don't worry about being the newbie. It'll get easier,” I laughed sheepishly. “ I'm not worried about that. Now, what do you want,” Kaidan asked rudely, finally taking his eyes off his phone, to look at me. His eyes were a velvet green, his skin tone was the perfect shade of tan, his hair was blond and a bit shaggy. Suddenly, I was lost for words, “ Um...I-I'! Never mind. Just forget I said anything. Not that I did.” He laughed, and my heart skipped a beat. I was about to walk away, when he grabbed my wrist. “ Wait, don't go just yet. I'm sorry, I was rude. I'm just really worried about my mom. She's in the hospital, giving birth to my new baby sis, and I just wanna make sure she's okay,” he explained. “ Oh, well...I sure hope the birth goes well,” I smiled. “ Thanks,” he smiled back, warmly.

*The next week at school...* As I was grabbing my Algebra books, from my locker, I felt someone's hand on my shoulder and jumped. I quickly turned around, and came face-to-face with Kaidan. As I looked into his eyes, I then noticed how beautiful and enchanting they really were. I was so lost in his gaze, I almost didn't noticed the other students watching us. Then, when I did, I turned away to hide my embarrassment, in my locker. Kaidan chuckled, “ Sorry, it was just too easy.” I smiled, but said nothing. “ You OK,” Kaidan asked. “ It's just...for the past few weeks, my dad's been unemployed and drunk. He's up in his room all day, he doesn't cook, doesn't clean, he's not even trying to look for a new job, 'cause he still hasn't gotten over my mom's death. I'm the one who has to do the shopping, I clean, I cook, I work, and I still come to school Monday through Friday,” I blurted out, before I shook my head and said, “ Nevermind. Sorry, I'm burdening you with my problems.” “ No. No, it's fine. You're going through a lot. I understand. If you ever need someone to talk to, you have my number. Don't hesitate to call me,” Kaidan said, taking my hand in his. “ Thank you,” I smiled.

*Algebra* “ Alrightly, then. Before we start, I'd like to bring it your attention that we have a new exchange student, Zayn Walker. Zayn, would you stand and tell us a bit about yourself,” Mrs. Luna smiled. As Zayn rose from his seat, I noticed how muscular he was. “ Well, there's not much to say, except my family and I just moved here, from Phoenix, Arizona, I enjoy playing the guitar and before we moved, I was captain of the Cardinals,” Zayn said, in a clear voice, as the other students murmured in amazment. “ Thank you, Mr. Walker. That was very interesting. You may sit,” Mrs, Luna smiled. Zayn sat back in his chair, but not before he took a quick bow and chuckled, while all the girls giggled and sighed dreamily. Oh, great. Just what this school needs: another attention-seeker, I thought to myself. Then, Zayn looked over his shoulder at me and winked. I batted my eyes sarcastically, then turned my attention over to Mrs. Luna.

*After Algebra* As I was walking to dance class, I pasted by one of the hallways, and saw a huge crowd of students. School fight, I bet, I thought to myself. Then, as I looked closer, I saw Zayn in the middle of the crowd, smiling and laughing. I rolled my eyes and was about to walk away, when I heard someone call out, “ Hey, you, in the blue jacket.” I knew that person was referring to me. I turned back around to see Zayn waving me over. I thought about this for a moment, before hesitantly walking over to Zayn and the crowd. “ Hey,” Zayn smiled at me. “ Hi,” I replied, staring at all the enchanted girls behind him. “ I never got your name,” Zayn smiled. “ Destiny Coleman,” I said, shooing away the crowd, with a flick of my hand. Then, a brunette girl gave Zayn a slip of paper, and smiled, “ See ya, hot stuff.” When I knew Zayn was looking at me, I rolled my eyes. Then, I laughed at how easily girls can fall for a guy. Well, all except me. I've never had a boyfriend, or even close to one. I guess that's why everytime I see a girl flirt with a guy, I feel so annoyed. Not because I hate relationships, but because it reminds me of how I've never had that head-over-heels in love feeling, and how I think I'll never feel it. “ Anyways, I was actually surprised in Algebra, when you looked at me like that,” Zayn chuckled. “ Really? Well, here's a news flash: not every girl is gonna fall for you everytime you flash a smile their way,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest. Zayn winced, “ First of all, that's cold. Second, what is it exactly about me that you don't like?” “ Hmm. Well, for starters, the way you just can't help flirting. Second, the way that more than half the girls in this school fall all over you, the minute you show up. Third, this school already has enough problems, without a heart-breaker showing up,” I explained. “ Hmm. So, you're saying that you think I have a flirting problem and girls' hearts are in danger,” he smiled mischievously. “ Exactly,” I replied. Then, Zayn leaned closer, his lips inches from mine, and asked quietly, “ Do you think your heart is in danger?” “ Not likely.” I answered. “ Why's that?” Zayn pressed. “ 'Cause if I spent all my time falling for guys like you, I'd have nothing to show for it, but a broken heart and wasted time,” I replied. Zayn laughed, “ OK, I get it. I'll back off.” “ Thank you,” I said, and walked off to dance class.

“ Afternoon, peeps. Hope you guys are ready to burn the roof to the ground,” Mr. Perez, our hip-hop teacher, laughed. Hip-hop was always my favorite genre of dance. I would always lose myself in the music. Everyone always tells me that I have my mom's dancing feet. She was a dancer before she married my dad and decided to have kids. When I was little, she taught me how to tango, waltz, hip-hop, and two step. Ever since then, I've loved dance, and I can't imagine my life without it. “ A'ight, everybody. Great job! Now get y'alls butts outta here,” Mr. Perez teased, and everyone laughed, as they each grabbed their duffel bags and water. Before I left dance class, Mr. Perez said to me, “ Wonderful job, Dest. Just like your mama.” “ Thanks, Chris,” I smiled.

*High School Courtyard* After Sierra's mom came and picked up her and Alexis, I sat under the old oak tree, and listened to the other students chattering. “ Hello,” someone said. I looked up to see Zayn, smiling down on me. “ Hi,” I said, watching him, as he took a seat beside me. “ So this is what single people do, huh? Sit on the sidelines, while other people are out, enjoying their lives,” Zayn asked. I ignored him and remained quiet. “ I wonder...if I were to ask you to at least give me a chance, to prove to you that I'm not just another player, what would you say,” Zayn asked. I thought about this for a second, then asked, “ Why me? Out of all these other girls, you chose me. Why?” “ 'Cause you're the only one who hasn't come chasing after me,” Zayn answered, intertwining his fingers with mine. As he held my hand, I noticed that his hand was cold, but I didn't think anything of it. I smiled at Zayn, and said, “ OK. You want a chance to prove yourself? I'll give you a chance.” Zayn smiled big and gave my hand a squeeze.

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