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Requited Love

June 5, 2018
By caleigh0013, Cornwall, New York
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caleigh0013, Cornwall, New York
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“I do not have a mental illness!” Mia exclaimed towards Ezra in the confined, white walled living room.  Her bright copper hair was a tangled mess and her emerald green eyes were shadowed by streaks of mascara while her lower jaw was smeared with the remains of Koolaid colored lipstick. Tears that had rolled down her face shimmered as the sunlight shined on her ivory skin.

“Mia,” Ezra began to state, as his brown eyes began to fill with pain and despair. “Hearing voices is not a normal occurrence.” He reached his hand out to wipe the tears from Mia’s face but before he got the chance to, she pulled away.

Mia walked cautiously out of the room only to turn around and say, “I am not going anywhere. I’m not crazy Ez. I thought of all people you would know that.” Mia began to walk out of the confined room but Ezra grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her back towards him.

“I am not saying you are crazy Mia!” Ezra shouted although he was trying to keep from becoming flustered. “You are hearing voices that aren’t there. All I said is that it wasn’t normal. Don’t you ev-”

“Don’t I ever what? Are you sure you want to finish that statement? Are you sure you want to unleash that wrath? I confided in you and you told me I was crazy. I am NOT crazy Ez. If anything you are the crazy one. You are the one going around hunting ghosts. How does hearing voices make me crazy if you claim to capture ghosts? The last time I checked you weren’t a Ghostbuster!” Mia tried to keep calm but she couldn’t and began to feel her face turn red like a merlot wine stain on a newly washed white shirt.

The blonde haired boy scowled at Mia, his bushy eyebrows narrowing towards his nose making it look as if he was plotting her murder. “You have no right to judge my profession. I am doing what I love and I make people happy with knowing that the ‘ghosts,’ as you call them, are no longer in their home. Mia, you hear things. You talk back to them. Tell me how making people feel safe is worse than hearing voices.” Mia stood on the rough carpet motionless. She opened her mouth as if she was going to say something but words somehow escaped her.

Ezra was still breathing heavily from his rebuttal to Mia’s accusations and his once brown eyes were now bloodshot and filled with anger that had replaced sadness. They both dropped their heads towards the floor and stared at each others beat up matching Vans in silence, trying to calm themselves down.

“I know you are trying to help me Ez.” Mia spoke softly to Ezra as she raised her head. “But I don’t always need your help. Why can’t you just believe me when I say I am not crazy?”

Ezra’s lips parted only to say what Mia did not feel. “I do believe you Mia. I just think you need help. I think you need to see a psychologist or somethin’ ‘cause I don’t know what to do or how to help.” Ezra tried to persuade Mia that he wasn’t judging her or saying she was insane but she refused listen.

“I can’t do this anymore. I can’t have to only person I trust not even believe me.” Mia uttered. “I am leaving Ez. I have to leave. I love you and you are my best friend but I can’t do this. I can’t promise that you will see me again.” Mia turned her back and opened the creaky oak door, leaving Ezra in a broken hearted state of mind. The door slammed behind the emerald eyed girl, the girl Ezra loved.

“I love you!” Ezra screamed but it was too late. She was gone and she probably wasn't coming back. Tears flooded from his eyes and in that moment he knew that this is a love worth fighting for and with that, he dashed out of the pale blue house after her.

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