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In The Blink Of An Eye

November 3, 2017
By SAlves, Mashpee, Massachusetts
SAlves, Mashpee, Massachusetts
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     Alex Davenport is an asipring artist as well as a junior at Columbia University in NYC. He fell in love with Clarissa Johnson freshman year of college. Clarissa had a vascular disease when she was young and is blind as a result. Alex supports and provides for her as much as he can. 

     Alex finally got a piece of his work featured in an art show and is running late. He bumps into a girl, who he then finds as Clarissa, and rushes to his show. Clarissa shows up at his show for support and Alex reveals that his artwork is a painting he created of her. 

     Alex takes Clarissa on a day adventure. There, Alex and Clarissa have a wonderful time and learn even more about each other than they had before and become even closer.

     Later, Alex gets a call about an unpassable oppurtunity. He tells Clarissa about it and all hell goes loose. Alex leaves for his oppurtunity in San Francisco.

      Alex returns from his journey and feels nostalgic about his past. He remembers his pasttimes of NYC and wlaks down memory lane to all his favorite spots. He recieves information and it seems as if history repeats itself.


In The Blink Of An Eye

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