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The Forgotten War

June 4, 2017
By abbs.mckenna BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
abbs.mckenna BRONZE, Exeter, New Hampshire
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Keith Edward is fresh out of Buckingham High when an underclassmen, Lauren Roberts, bumps into him and they make their first connection. Soon after, both of them are caught in a car crash that was on purpose, starting war between England and Germany. Lauren is sent off to stay in a bunker and Keith is drafted into the army to help defend his country. Lauren spends her days thinking and writing by candlelight, while Keith fights to protect his country and avenge his father who was shot and killed in World War 1. When Keith gets a similar fate to his fathers, Lauren has to keep her hopes high and pray for him. Read the novel to find out what happens to Keith and what happens to their relationship. 


The Forgotten War

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