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Make Me Insane

October 26, 2016
By LemonCandy, Hinsdale, Illinois
LemonCandy, Hinsdale, Illinois
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Ivory frowned, “What difference does it make if my status is of the upper class or not?” Elizabeth rolled her gem like eyes, “It matters the whole world,” Elizabeth leaned closer to Ivory, “Don’t you ever want to get married and have a nice life, Ivory?” Elizabeth pouted, “You are quite close with Laurence, are you not?” Ivory gulped, “We are close friends, yes.” Elizabeth smirked, “Only friends Ivory? I hope you are not deceiving me. Laurence is, after all, my fiancee.” Elizabeth smirked, “You can always tell me the truth. I’m sure we can figure something out that would work for everyone.”



Ivory soon fell the floor beneath her feet swirl as she felt her shoes sink. “No! This can’t be happening!” Her yells were drowned into the ground as the girl herself was also dragged into darkness. She heard a sinister laugh surrounding the little space that she was in.
What was going on? What had she done?


Ivory would have never succumbed to this pit of darkness if she had never met Laurence, but she still loved him no matter the situation. 


Make Me Insane

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