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wanting normal

January 18, 2016
By nathalyacosta_, Chatham, Other
nathalyacosta_, Chatham, Other
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Hakuna Matata! 'nolite te bastardes carbonrundum' (don't let the bastards grind you down)


Want to know what is really is infuriating and tiring? Having to act proper. No really it is, I can't remember the remember the last time I went out without having to pretend I had my shit together. Even while wearing sweats I still had to look as if I had never farted in my life.

I just wanted normal, no schedules, no responsibilities, no fake friends and more importantly no pre decided life. Just something normal.

So like the brat I was, I got what I wanted. I ran away, it was quite the thrill.

that decision resulted in the longest and craziest five months of my life.

Nathaly A.

wanting normal

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