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Beauty & The Beast

May 16, 2015
By I_Stole_Your_Unicorn, Muskegon, MI, Michigan
I_Stole_Your_Unicorn, Muskegon, MI, Michigan
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What would you do if you seen your two brothers get devoured by a monster and no one believed you? Ashlynn Lee was called crazy. No one believed her, they all thought that her brothers were abducted and that her imagination made it up.

But Ashlynn Lee knows it happened. After years of constant bullying, Ashlynn Lee transfers schools and meets some new friends who make her feel like she's crazy. There are so many secrets. But one boy seems persistent to get to know her and why she has a tattoo of two boys names on her wrist, and why she doesnt talk. 


Beauty & The Beast

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