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Night's Gazing

May 3, 2014
By DaneMartin, Clayton, North Carolina
DaneMartin, Clayton, North Carolina
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The story focuses around a depressed young American man who is down on his luck. This man, who is left unnamed, ponders life as he roams through the streets of Paris. While feeling empty and despondent a drunk man meets his prescence. The drunk man speaks freely and ends up telling the main character the stories of his life. The main character is drawn in and positively effected by the drunk man's stories and wisdom.
The night continues with the man roaming through Paris. He sneaks into a nightclub where he sees and meets the girl of his dreams. They talk and dance and there is an instant connection. They leave the club and admire all Paris has to offer as they begin to fall in love in one mystic night.
The story concludes with the two sharing a beautiful moment together in front of the Eiffel Tower. The story focuses on the main characters swift transition from pessimism to living in the moment which is a lesson that everyone can learn from.


Night's Gazing

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