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Cradled In Love

October 8, 2013
By Eklavyaa SILVER, Kolkata, Other
Eklavyaa SILVER, Kolkata, Other
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Aftab is much older than his age. The orphan has seen a lot of world already. What he hasn’t seen is love. The true essence of love enchanting his soul and the feeling of togetherness with ‘the one who belonged with your heart’.
But love did find its way eventually to him. He was bewitched by her beauty, her innocence. She meant the world to him, although he never chose to spill his inner feelings. What stopped him was a terrible story from his past. A past he cannot ever forget. A past which will haunt him forever. A past which has to answered.
His battle made him go far, far from her. He did not want her to be a part of his grave battle. But he promised to come back. And she? She promised to wait. Even if it meant eternity.

Sneha D.

Cradled In Love

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