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Sea Creatures

August 31, 2013
By Zeeny PLATINUM, staten island, New York
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Zeeny PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"When someone truly cares about you, they make an effort not an excuse"

Author's note: This story I would say is like a mixed up of The Little Mermaid.

“My! That necklace brings out your eye color.” Mom beamed
I touched the aquamarine stone against my neck “Thank you”
“So ready to see England?” my older brother Tobias asked
I smiled “It will be a sight”
My mother was invited to England for two weeks since her sister-Aunt Cassilda- lived here. Mother brought me a dozen dresses. Today I wore a lemon yellow dress with a veiled white hat. The stone necklace my friend Dora gave me. I have sea green-blue eyes and light brown hair. I was-
“Oh Patricia! Look” mom squealed inching the curtain of the carriage a bit to look outside.
I did as she said and adored England. The road was stoned, not like those in New York, which were paved. Women walked about in dresses with shawls relaxing on their slender shoulders. A Union Jack rapidly waved on the white pole as if it were greeting us. Soon the carriage stopped and we got out. My brother Tobias was 23 and I was 18. He had stormy gray eyes like our father and dark hair. One could easily mistake him as my father as a handsome man. Tobias was 6”4 and I was 5”10. Mom was only 5 feet, my father was tall. He died during my 15th birthday, I took the sight in. We were close to a dock with the sea, Boats-yachts were tied. I do not know but I was loving the sound of the sea and loving the smell of the sea. Mom turned white
“W-were living here?” she asked
“Yes madam Winters” a voice spoke
A man arrived to meet us. He wore a tight gray t-shirt and white jeans. He had crystal-green eyes and chestnut brown hair. He had caramel skin and looked to be about Tobias’s age.
“Good afternoon my name is Vane Herrington. I am Lord Samuels’s youngest son” he said but his eyes seemed to linger on me.
I looked quickly down and he smiled “You must be Madam Patricia?”
I nodded “Y-yes”
“This is Tobias and I’m Susan” mother introduced
“Nice to know you. Well come on in, you have to see this house” Vane replied
We walked into the house as one group. The house was a beach house 2 floors. Bottom was kitchen, dining room and living room, and the top was five bedrooms with bathrooms.
“The house is quite big but suitable for you three” Vane looked at Tobias “Is anyone else going to live here?”
“No just us” he answered
“Okay, three blocks away from here is our house. So all this shore is right behind our houses. Everything has been stocked. Theirs warm and cold water, a heater, the refrigerator has been stocked, pots and pans, and dishes and glasses. All ready for you people” Vane inclined looking at me
“Thank you so much Lord Vane” mom smiled
He bowed “Much obliged” then he left stealing a smile at me

I was hanging up my clothes up in my armoire when I caught my brother, leaning against the doorframe, arms folded grinning.
“Let me guess; you have something to say” I grinned
He chuckled “How did you know?”
“I’ve known you for 18 years” I told him
He looked around my room “Strawberry colored walls huh? I wonder who lived here before us”
“There must have been a girl in this room because of the wall color” I suggested
“Hmm. So Vane was eyeing you a lot” Tobias grinned
“Oh please, he could be married. He’s a lord’s son” I replied
Tobias sat on my bed and I continued hanging up my clothes
“Maybe he’s not” Tobias said softly
“Shut up!” I threw my pillow at him and he caught it in his arms
“Okay ok fine. Aunt Cassilda is coming in half an hour” he admitted
“Really? We just got here” I argued
“Do you think she cares? She is always bragging about her kids” Tobias said
I giggled “You’re such a comedian”
He grinned “Tobias the Comedian and Patricia Rose the Sea Lover”
I frowned “How do you know that?”
“I saw you looking t the sea as though it were a lost home” Tobias told me
“Stalker” I half-joked
He got out of bed “Come down for dinner. Mom made tuna pasta”
I made disgusted face “Tuna pasta?”
“Hey, we just got here for an hour” Tobias shrugged and wrapped his arm around my shoulders “I’m making strawberry cobbler later”
“Okay I’ll be there” I said “Now go I’m going to change” I pushed him out the room playfully
He left the room closing the door behind him. I changed into a silky pink gown and walked down. Aunt Cassilda was jabbering on about something.
“Patricia darling” she grasped my hands and kissed both my cheeks
I managed a smile “Aunt Cassilda, nice to see you”
“Oh you have to come sit. I have exciting news” she sat me between her and mom still holding my hands. Tobias sat on the other sofa giving me an apologetic smile.
“So, what’s the excited news?” I asked
“This Friday is the Summer Ball. Everyone is attending especially the royal family and me-of course- do you know what that means?” she asked
“Endless days of shopping?” I asked
Mom clucked her tongue next to me
“No silly! You people are invited too. The Herrington’s will be their too. Oh you guys are s lucky they gave you one of their houses” she squealed
“Yeah because your house is too small” I said coldly
Actually, Aunt Cassilda was a very rich woman. Her husband was a doctor for crying aloud and hello, they live in a mansion. Plus, they have their own business company and her husband is related to the royal family.
She nervously laughed and mom winced next to me.
“I think it’s time we eat” Tobias interrupted
Leave it to him to save the day.

“Madam Patricia?”
I turned around and met Vane
“Yes Lord Vane” I spoke
He smiled “Please, just call me Vane”
”Okay then, Vane” I replied
Today I was on my way to the shore to listen and feel the waves but he arrived. Not that I was mad but still
“Can we take a walk on the shore?” he asked
I nodded. He held his arm out and I laced mine through it as we walked.
“So how was your day yesterday?” he asked
“Very tiring. My aunt came to meet us, her names Cassilda-”
“Cassilda Vale?” he asked
“Yes before she got married she’s Cassilda Williams now” I told him
“S, your Hannah Winters granddaughter?” he asked eagerly
I frowned “Yes of course”
His face turned dark and cold his eyes fierce
“Lord Vane-”
“Hannah loved the sea right?” he interrupted again
I slowly nodded “She used to go on about creatures that lived in the sea”
“Creatures?” he said slowly
“Like mermaids and mermen. She was quite a lunatic; father took her to the nursing home. She used to go on about a Shell Necklace that sand lullabies and a mermaid called Amphora.” I admitted
He looked as though he were about to explode.
“How do you know her?” I asked softly
“She grew up young with my father. A very close friend” he told me “Did you believe her? The things she said about sea creatures”
I shook my head “No of course not. Mermaids and mermen’s don’t exist”
“Is that you saying it? You love the sea” he said walking again
I walked by him “Well yeah but wait! How did you know I love the sea? We haven’t met till yesterday”
“I now you more then you know your self” He said softly
I shuddered
“There are things Patricia-Rose Winters humans can not see. An eye sees what you want it too see. If you let it take over, things impossible become possible. Ever hear the phrase ‘keep a sharp look at the horizon’” Vane replied
“What do you mean? That my grandma was right. Mermaids and mermen’s are real. Do you see them everyday” I nearly yelled
He arched an eyebrow “You don’t?”
“No, she was a sick old woman!” I yelled throwing my hands in the air.
“Oh really? The Shell Necklace was real. It did sing lullabies” he said darkly
“I don’t know how you know this, but you’re starting to creep me out. My grandma was 87 years old and wouldn’t sleep-”
“Without listening to the sea. I know” Vane interrupted “Do you know who Amphora?”
“No, but grandma said she looked exactly like me but she had gold flecks in her eyes” I told him
“Amphora was a mermaid” he said
“And?” I urged
“Don’t you get it” he squinted his eyes
I frowned “No, what?”
“Amphora’s a mermaid and she looked exactly like you. She lived in the sea, Hannah loves the sea, and you do too. Your mom hates the sea and Tobias does not even care about it. Get the dots together. You mother would do anything to keep you away from the sea away from your grandma. Want to know why? You’re different-”
“I have a headache” I left him and walked off listening to him call my name

All day and all night, I thought about what Vane said. How does he know me? How does he know my family? On the other hand, Hannah? I have never seen Amphora but grandma said she talks to her. Who was wrong and who was right? My grandma never talked about anything. Only sea creatures. Like I get it if she mentioned fishes and sharks, but she talked about mermaids and mermen’s. I look up from the plate of chicken popcorn I was eating and looked at mom
“Mom, did anyone believe Grandma Hannah?” I asked
She paused chopping the onion and spun to face me
“Why’d you ask?” she asked
Tobias nervously drank his grape wine
“Just wondering. She used to say their was a mermaid that looked exactly like me but had a bit of gold in her eyes” I replied
Mom clenched her jaw “Amphora?”
“Yeah” I said
“Don’t worry about it. Eat your food” she chopped again
“Patricia! Eat” she ordered
“Why did we come here? Aunt Cassilda doesn’t care about us-”
“Patricia Rose?!” mom yelled looking at me “Enough is enough. Eat your food or leave!”
I got out my seat and left to my room. I was going to get to the bottom of this. Grandma may be right. Where was Vane when you needed him?

Late that night I heard a woman singing Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together. The voice was so beautiful and as familiar as thought I heard it before. I place on my robe and listen carefully. It was on the shore by the sea. I get out my room, and pad down the hallway, out the house, to the shore. The voice was clear now and close. I walk down the cool sand barefoot. I walk down and catch a girl around my age sitting on a rock as the waves crashed. She sang so beautiful. I paused and looked at her, from the back she looked –oh, my god- like me. Same hair length but hers was a shade darker.
“Excuse me?” I called
She looked at me and I felt as though someone hit me hard in the stomach. She looked EXACTLY like me jeez! She had gold flecks in her eyes.
“Amphora?” I whisper
She jumped into the water her midnight purple tail glistening. I just met a mermaid.
“You’re not eating Patricia” Tobias arrived and brewed coffee
It was 12:00 in the morning and my breakfast stayed untouched and turned cold. I had stayed awake ever since I saw Amphora.
“I’m not hungry” I said gloomy
“Why not?” he said worriedly “Should I call mom if it’s a girl problem?”
“No, it’s about our grandma” I sighed “She’s our mom’s mom. She always talked about sea creatures Tobias! Goddamn, their was one she said looked like me!”
“Grandma’s been dead for nearly three years” Tobias said softly
“Still, I’m confused” I told him

Today was Friday. Today was the Summer Ball. I really do not want to go. What is the use? Mom is wearing a gorgeous scarlet dress looking like Scarlet O’Hara. Tobias is getting his suit on. I think about everyone now. Hannah, mom, Tobias, Vane, Amphora, and me. Why did we look so much alike? Why does mother hate the sea? Why does she hate grandma? Why does Vane know so much about me? How are we all connected? My door opens and Tobias walks in. He holds his tie out.
“Madam?” he grins
I tie it for him
“Why aren’t you ready?” he asked
“I’m not going” I replied
“Oh come on Pat, for me” he pouts his face
“I don’t want to Tobias” I neglect
He sighs “Lord Vane came during the morning”
I finish tying and look at him “How come?”
“He had a box and told me to give it to you” he replied “It’s on your nightstand”
“Okay I’ll look at it” I said
He leaves and I open the lid of the box and find to my surprise sea green heels. I lay them aside and gasp as I take the dress out. A gorgeous sea-green color matches my eyes. I find a note and open it

My Dear Patricia,

Today is the Summer Ball and I want you to shine. I hope you

wear this dress tonight

V. Herrington
Maybe I might go after all

The coach stops and we get out going inside. The room is golden. Golden walls, golden streamers, golden dishes and glasses. I walk away from the crowd because I saw something on the table. I walk closer and grasp the Shell Necklace. I open the lid and a lullaby plays. I feel as though I am swimming and then theirs a voice coming from the necklace. Hannah’s.
“Find the Ice Crystal. Hurry and find it. Amphora will guide you”
“What Ice Crystal? From where?” I ask
A madam looks at me and I notice she cannot see the necklace.
“From the sea. Your sister will guide you” she replies
My sister? I do not have a sister. Then I Think of Amphora. She is a mermaid. I am a human. What is going on? I shut the necklace and scan the crowd for Vane. Where was he? I ask a girl and she points to him talking to a few men and laughing.
I walk over to him “Lord Vane?”
He turns around wide-eyed “You look absolutely gorgeous”
“Thank you, I have to speak to you” I say
“In a minute” Vane replies and turns around
“It’s urgent” I replied
“In a minute” Vane repeats
“Now Vane Herrington!” I yell
Almost everyone stares at us and I feel embarrassed.
“Come with me” he holds my wrist and leads us upstairs to a room, where we go in locking the door.
“What’s wrong?” he asked
I reveal the necklace and he gapes
“Where did you get that?” he asked
“It was on the table downstairs. Something strange happened. I opened the necklace listening to the lullaby and all of a sudden, it stops. Then Hannah speaks to me and says that I have to find an Ice Crystal and Amphora will guide me. She said something about me having a sister” I explain
Vane runs his hand through his hair
“What does she mean?” I asked
“The Ice Crystal is in fact a crystal found deep within the sea. Amphora will help you get it. Now your sister is in fact Amphora” Vane tells me
“Once?” I repeat
“You were born in the sea as a mermaid. At 6 weeks old, you were in the sea swimming and you mother Susan who is not your mother found you. She thought you were drowning and saved you. Once she got home, she opened the cloth and realized you were a mermaid. As soon as she touched your tail, it vanished giving you legs. You see Patricia, Susan never believed in sea creatures and whenever she admitted it one dies. She touching your body trapped you in a human body. Susan longed for a daughter and when she found you, she would not let you go. Your memory and home was taken away from you. Hannah knew this the first moment she saw you. I know this because I once fell in love with you. I left the sea to find you” he said
“You a merman?” I asked
“Yes” he sighed “The Ice Crystal is he only thing that will give you your body back. You will know the crystal very easily. But theirs a problem”
I shift one foot to another “What sort of problem?”
“If you go into the sea, you automatically die. You’ll have to go on a boat” Vane replied
“So what are we waiting for?!” I asked
He cannot believe it “Now?”
“Yes now!” I said eagerly

The coach stops by my house and Vane and I get out.
“Change into something comfortable” he replied
I go into my room and change into my nightdress. I walk out and he is in the kitchen looking at the Shell Necklace but not touching it.
“What now?” I ask
He looks at me “We call Amphora”
We both go onto the dock and Vane opens the Shell Necklace letting the lullaby drift in the air. We wait patiently and soon Amphora sprouts out the water and looks at us. She was absolutely breath taking.
“Vane” she coos and looks at me “Patricia”
“Hello Amphora” I smile
Vane closes the necklace “Hannah has spoken to her”
A smile creeps on Amphora’s face “She knows everything?”
“Everything” Vane replied
Amphora slowly looks at me “So you will get the Ice Crystal yes?”
“If that’s what it takes to go home then yes” I answer truthfully
Vane interlaces his fingers in mine
“You’re going on a dangerous journey sister, but I will keep you safe with me” Amphora promises.
“Will I get all my memories back?” I asked
“Everything. But you can not meet Tobias or Susan” she says seriously
I realize now that I have not said goodbye to them.
“By the way, the Ice Crystal will work on one person. Once you turn into a mermaid you will forget me” Vane said sadly
“It is your choice. Do you want this life or the life as a mermaid?” Patricia asked
I look at mine and Vanes locked hands and make a decision.

Every night I watch Amphora swim in the water. The Shell Necklace is always on at night the only way I could contact her. I forgave my mom and become a better daughter and sister as well as a better wife. I look at my engagement ring and Vanes face. I do not want to lose anyone. Love is not just a word. It is an act. What you do to those you love, what you will do, and what you have done. One day I will want to be a mermaid. I am not in no rush. Not when love actually blossomed for me.

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Zeeny PLATINUM, Staten Island, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"When someone truly cares about you, they make an effort not an excuse"

Thank you Allison I really appreciate it

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