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I'm no Angel

April 7, 2013
By FallenAngel170198 GOLD, Bundaberg, Other
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“Yo, Boss man, I gotta’ go to my crew and check out my baby’s and you need to sign me up for the races,” I looked at my boss with my arms crossed over my chest.

He waved his hand dismissively from his desk,” All done, go do your s**t and make sure you race ‘cause if you don’t there will be hell to pay,” My boss raised his head from his notes and looked at me.

He had tattoos covering his arms, legs, and even his face. He had long grey hair and wicked one blue eye and one brown. Boss man is awesome, super funny and either always drinking something or smoking everything and anything. Right now he’s drinking Russian vodka from the bottle. I cringed slightly. That stuff burns all the way down till it hits your stomach when you drink it.

“I’m on it boss man, chill and go smoke something,” I grinned and bent down to grab my black helmet.

When I stood up, I flicked my waist length, layered blonde hair out of my big blue eyes. I tucked the helmet under my arm and grabbed one of Boss man’s smokes, slipping it between my full lips and lighting it with Boss mans naked girl lighter. I breathed in and let the smoke linger in my lounges then let it out. I took another drag then stomped it out with my leather high heel spiked boot then looked at Boss man with a small smile on my lips. Everyone believes I look like an angel with my large blue eyes that makes me look oh so innocent and my light blonde hair and curvy body but, I smirked then turned and left the room, I’m no angel.

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I walked through the hall, sliding past people with my helmet still tucked underneath my arm. I pushed the paparazzi out of my way to get to the races. I stopped and opened a door to my right, leading out to a large monster truck arena. I looked around the crowd to see thousands of lights blinking in my eyes. I heard people talking and screaming and singing to 'We Will Rock You' by Queen, stomping there feet and clapping their hands to their thighs to the beat. I turned my eyes back to the arena to see jumps being lined up, cars being driven underneath the jumps for the monster truck drives to jump over. I skimmed my eyes around the groups of men and women, fixing up there monster trucks till I see my baby. I felt a smile spread across my face smiled while I walked up to the men around the truck. I stopped walking a couple of meters away from the front of my beast. I ran my hand adoringly over the trucks bonnet then straightened up. I touched my black, white and pink racing suit then looked at my truck. We are going to win this baby. I grinned at the truck called ‘The Demon Racer’. The large wheels were a tiny bit shorter then I was because of how tall I was. 5 foot 10 is pretty tall compared to other girls out there. The springs were large and gorgeous. The black springs were circling a metal pipe, running to the body of the truck. The truck was boxy with a gorgeous paint job of a angel with her head bowed, her blonde hair flying backwards as if the wind was pushing it, fire behind her, her body in a white dress, and her white wings burning from the fire. Demons were behind her, climbing and reaching out for her. I painted the truck myself.

I sighed and grabbed the helmet from underneath my arm and slipped it over my head then started to climb into the truck. I sat in the driver’s side seat and turned on the truck to hear it roar to life. I sighed and shouted to my crew to get away from the truck. I pressed my foot to the pedal and made the truck roar and growl and move its wheels. I revved the engine over and over again to hear the crowd shouting and screaming and clapping for more.

“Demon Racer, can you please make your way to the first jump,” The speakers rumbled out the voice of Hans, the big man who made everything possible.

I drove my monster truck to the first jump and did a donut to make everyone roar to life then everyone went quite when I stopped. I waited and waited for the buzzer to go off for me to drive my truck over the jump and land onto the other side. I breathed in and out slowly, focussing on the task ahead of me. I felt my heart pound harder and harder in my chest. I remembered leaving my parents for this career at the age of 15 when I should be at school, not risking my life for the thrills. I blinked then opened my eyes.
The buzzer sounded and I put my foot onto the pedal really fast to get the truck to roar. I felt the adrenaline pump through my body making my breathing come out faster. I watched as the truck made its way up the jump fast and then I was in the air. I looked around to see people standing up, waiting for me to land the jump.

I blinked then I was landing, well, trying to then the truck flipped over and over again. I felt metal break and suffocate me. The world was spinning and I felt something warm and thick run out of my head, throat and stomach. The truck stopped spinning so it was lying on the ground upside down. I closed my eye and touched my stomach. I lifted my wet hand and saw blood coating my fingers. I looked down to see metal sticking out of my stomach. I looked straight to see people running towards me. I closed my eyes. Pain was everywhere, making me not able to feel anything but the pain. I felt someone reach into the once gorgeous truck and try to grab me. I breathed in and out and felt the darkness over take me.

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I woke up to feel pain radiating from my stomach, head and throat. I opened my eyes to see a very white ceiling. I breathed in to smell a very clean room. I looked down at my body to see other people in beds like mine then reality hit me. My eyes widened. I’m in a freaking hospital! I thought to myself. I threw the blanket off of my body to see a blue gown that shows your butt when you stand. I lifted up the gown, not caring if I flashed the world my parts and looked at my stomach. I had a bandage wrapped around the place above my belly button and just below my ribs. I touched the bandage then winced. God it hurts, I thought to myself. I pulled the gown back over my body then touched my head to feel a bandage there too. I touched my neck, near my jaw to feel a patch the size of my palm. I groaned and sat up, not caring about the pain radiating from my body. I looked at my arms to see cords running off of my body to a drip, a heart monitor and another thing that I thought was for a pain killer for some sort. I ripped the cords out of my arm then heard beeping coming from the heart monitor. Nurses and doctors ran in to see me standing up. The nurses came running over to me.

“Don’t do that, you need to rest, you need the fluids,” the nurses chanted together.

I yanked my bloody arms away from them,” no I don’t, I’m perfectly fine! Leave me alone!”

I took a step towards the door then got pulled back by a grey haired nurse,” Don’t touch me!” I screamed in her face,” I want to go home! I want to get out of this gown that shows my arse! Leave me alone to at least change into something else!”

The doctors and nurses all looked at me like I’m an animal that can attack them at any moment… well, I guess I could. I took another step forward and saw my clothes on a seat on the other side of the bed. I walked over, grabbed the clothes and marched into another room with the nurses, doctors and the people that were sleeping, watching me walk away. I walked into the room to find it a bathroom. I went to the toilet, did my business and then washed my blood covered arms. Blood seemed to seep through my skin to run down my arms to cover my hands. I yanked off my hospital gown and ripped it up to make strips of fabric. I tied them onto my arms then got changed. I put on my racing suit that had a rip where a piece of metal entered my front. I cringed and then washed the blood off of my hands. I looked into the mirror to see my face looking very tired and pale. My blue eyes didn’t look full of light but looked dull and tired. I shook my head and left the room. I walked to where some nurses were talking in hushed voices, carrying stitching utensils. I stopped walking when they looked up at me.

“Angel, will you cooperate with us for 15 minutes then we will allow you to leave?” The grey haired nurse asked.

I nodded and sat down on the bed.

The nurses rolled up my racing suit’s arms and took off the strips of fabric covering my bleeding arms.
They put needles into my arms to dull the pain and started stitching up my skin. 10 minutes later they were finished and cleaned up the wounds and then bandaged them. I thanked them then left the hospital to see Boss man standing at the front desk of the hospital. He looked up and saw me. He looked tired.

“Angel, you can’t live with me anymore now that you got hurt. You can’t drive you trucks and motor bikes anymore; it’s the police’s orders. Also your parents don’t want you to be in my care anymore but they don’t want you either so I’m going to get a taxi to drop you off at a foster carers place,” I let out a sad noise,” I’m sorry Angel, I’m so sorry.”

He turned around and walked out of the hospital, for me never to see him again. I looked at the man at the desk and then turned around to walk to a seat, away from everyone.

I put my head in my hands. I felt my heart break. Why is everything now going to s***? I had a great life, a life I loved and now it’s just slipping through my fingers like it never existed. I sobbed, from the pain and from the confusion. How long have I been in here? My parents can’t make decisions for me now that they aren’t in my life any more. I buried my hands in my dirty, tangled, blonde hair and closed my eyes. Breath Angel, Just breath.

“In,” I chanted under my breath, breathing in,” Out,” Then out.

“Angel?” I looked up to see a taxi driver standing at the door with his uniform on,” Your taxi is here,”

I stood up and walked out of the hospital, following behind the taxi driver, sliding into the back of the taxi, buckling up.

“Is my stuff in the trunk?” I asked.

“Yes Ma’am, Mr Richards put it in the back before I came in to get you,” The driver told me.

Mr Richards was Boss man. I sighed and leaned my bandaged head gingerly onto the window. The car started to drive, out of the city, making his way to California where I assumed my foster parents place was. I sighed.
Why did everything have to have slipped through my fingers?

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The driver stopped at a large house. It looked more like a mansion. I sighed and got out of the car, feeling the stitches on my front stretch and pinch, making me wince. I felt a tear slip out of the corner of my eye and I didn’t wipe it away because I haven’t cried since I was very little. I leaned against the car with my eyes closed until the pain subsided then opened my eyes. The taxi driver had my stuff already at the front door, looking at me. I stood up and started walking to the front door, not caring how I looked in my ripped up, blood covered racing suit. I then noticed that I must have stayed in the hospital at least over night to have had been stitched up, maybe even carried into surgery. I sighed and started making my way to the front door. The taxi driver clicked the doorbell. I closed my eyes and muttered under my breath the lyrics to ‘Beautiful’ By Christina Aguilera.
“Every day is so wonderful
Then suddenly
It's hard to breathe
Now and then I get insecure
From all the pain
I'm so ashamed

I am beautiful
No matter what they say
Words can't bring me down
I am beautiful
In every single way
Yes words can't bring me down
Oh no
So don't you bring me down today.”
The door opened to reveal a very beautiful woman in her late twenties to her early thirties. I stared at her, memorizing her gorgeous brown wavy hair, her deep brown eyes, her full and pouty lips, her slim body and her short height. I sighed and deflated because I know I’m not as pretty as her and never will be.
“You must be Angel, I’m Hannah, your adoptive mother,” She smiled at me then stood in front of me, making me look down at her with my hand clutched on my wound,” You poor thing, your head, neck and waist, c’mon in, let’s get you fixed up,” She took my free hand then dragged me into the house… literally.
“BOYS! GET ANGELS BAGS FROM THE FRONT DOOR!” she yelled into the house.
I looked at her and thought to myself what the hell? Then she lead me up the stairs as I heard people… lots of people running around upstairs then I saw 2 boys that looked very young, one at least 12 and the other 9 zooming past me and Hannah. They both looked like brothers with their short blonde curls and there cheeky grins plastered on their cute faces then I heard someone yell in a deep voice.
“Liam and James, I will kill you both!” I heard someone stomping around upstairs then I saw a boy older than me with his wet blonde hair, bronzed skin and a towel around his narrow hips showing off his muscly body.
He gasped when he saw me then ran down stairs grumbling to himself about younger brothers and stealing his underwear. I laughed then gasped when I felt my wounds pound with pain. I closed my eyes then ripped off the bandage on my head to reveal just a scab on my head. I touched it gingerly then opened my eyes to see Hannah looking at me.
“Are you ok? Do you need to lie down hon?” She asked me with concern leaking into her voice.
I nodded, with that simple movement my head started to pound. I groaned then looked up. I heard ‘this is a story of a girl’ by three doors down (an awesome band by the way) being played in one of the rooms very loudly. I heard down stairs a boy squealing with glee, an older boy laughing his head off and the eldest boy talking to the boys about stealing his underwear. I smiled and kept walking upstairs with Hannah by my side.
“I’m sorry for the boys being rude; this is life in this house. We have 9 boys living under this house, 1 boy in college with his fiancée and a baby girl at the age of 1. Me and my husband have 5 children, 4 boys and one girl and all the others are adopted. You will get to meet them later. Let’s see your room. I HOPE ONE OF YOU BOYS HAS GOT ANGELS STUFF FROM THE FRONT DOOR!” She yelled into the house again.
I looked behind me to see the 2 little boys with blonde hair making their way up slowly with my large suitcases in there small hands, straining to get my stuff up the stairs. I smiled and turned around and made my way to the boys. I kissed both of their dimpled cheeks and grabbed my stuff from their hands. I stood up to see the boy in a towel smiling at me from the bottom of the stairs. He had my backpack in his hand and the other with my bike helmet in it. My face fell when I saw my helmet. I dropped my stuff and walked towards the boys, gently taking the helmet into my hands. I felt tears burn in my eyes. I touched the scratched paint from my fall, remembering my last time driving my truck. I kissed the helmet then walked outside the front door again, leaving the boys and Hannah to stare after me. I clutched the helmet to my chest and stared at the stars. The stars were twinkling down at me. I looked down at my helmet then growled and threw it onto the cement, hearing it hit the cement with a loud thump. I kept on picking it up and throwing it. I growled then threw the helmet again; knowing Boss Man bought it for me made me want to break it. I threw it again then fell onto my knees, clutching my wound sobbing.
“Why, why did you leave me? What happened to me being your girl? Your shining star? Did it all fall to s***? I didn’t mean to crash my truck and end up in hospital. I didn’t mean to,” I whispered while drawing my knees to my chest, ignoring the pain from my front and sobbed.
I felt an arm wrap around my back and another wrap underneath my knees, lifting me up off of the cold cement. I clutched the boys shirt, not caring who it was, just making sure I don’t fall while I sob. I open my eyes when I quickly stopped crying and looked into a boy’s endless light blue eyes. I memorized his bronzed skin, his full, lush, pink lips with snake bite piercings, his high cheek bones, his black scene hair with a blue raccoon tail running through the fringe and his strong jaw line. I watched him watch me then slowly put me down onto the ground on my two feet. I slowly backed away from him and looked around to see 8 boys standing around all staring at me including the boy that carried me in. I felt like I was in a cage, being watched by others like I was a new specimen of an animal. I swallowed and looked around to find Hannah smiling. I closed my eyes and touched my sore wrists with bandages on them. I opened my eyes to hearing a childish laugh. I looked around to see 2 very young children running towards me with bid grins on their faces showing dimples.
“Angel!” They both squealed at the same time,” Mommy told us you were coming.”
I smiled and sat down to see them at their level,” Really? What has she said?” I asked with a smile on my face.
“That you got hurt weally badly and couldn’t go home with your fake daddy and your weal mummy and daddy couldn’t have you so you are staying wif us,” The girl piped in and I laughed.
“What else?” I asked, drawing the children towards me with my arms wrapped around there little bodies, they both sat on my lap and played with my hair that had blood in it as well as knots.
“That you are vewy bootiful and that we have to love you no matter what,” The boy told me while poking my cheek, I giggled,” Does your head, neck and arms hurt? We can kiss them better? Mummy kisses our booboo’s better.”
I smiled and nodded,” They hurt so much and need kissing better.”
The 2 twins with brown hair and brown eyes grinned then started kissing my sores. The girl kissed my head and arm while the boy kissed my jaw and other arm. I smiled sweetly at them both then kissed their noses making them giggle.
“What are your names?” I asked them.
“Sammy,” The boy informed me.
“Tammy,” The girl told me with a huge grin on her face.
I smiled,” Well, Tammy and Sammy, will you show me to my room please because I don’t like people staring at me without speaking to me,” I told them, speaking loud enough for the others to hear.
The children stood up then started jumping up and down. I slowly stood up on my 2 feet, cringing with the effort then the children took off up the stairs. I grinned then ran up the stairs after them. I grabbed the closest child, which was Tammy and swung her into the air, making her squeal with delight and giggle uncontrollably as I sat her down on her 2 feet. I ran up another flight of stairs after Sammy with Tammy next to me then Sammy stopped to reveal a door.
“Is this my room?” I asked him and he nodded, trying to act like a big boy that only made me laugh.
“Open the door, open the door,” They both started bouncing up and down.
“Ok,” I reached out a hand to the door knob then turned to reveal a large room with a built in closet, bathroom and a window seat next to a large rectangle window.
I gasped at how beautiful the room was. It was in the attic but it was still so gorgeous. I walked into the room and spun around, taking in every detail. I looked at the queen sized bed then collapsed onto it making the place below my ribs and above my belly button sting with pain. Tammy and Sammy both tried getting onto the bed but failing because of there heights then I lifted them both up, not caring about my weak state. I took of my shoes and curled up onto the bed. I yawned which made the children yawn.
“Are you guys sleepy?” I asked them, half asleep.
They both nodded then feel asleep. Not long after them, I slept a dreamless sleep as well.

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I woke up to hear Tammy and Sammy giggling over something. I groaned and rolled over to bury my head in my pillow.
“Angel, Angel Angel!” They chanted while giggling.
I peeked out from my veil of hair and saw the children laughing hysterically while pointing their fingers at me.
“What?” I asked groggily.
“You look like you just died,” Sammy said and I laughed while sitting up, making my stitches stretch and me wince from the pain.
“Is that so? Is it because just a couple days ago I nearly died?” I asked them while dragging their small bodies towards mine for a hug.
“Yes… you nearly died!” Tammy exclaimed with her eyes wide with shock.
Tammy and Sammy hugged me while saying not to die because they love me so much and I smiled while kissing both their heads.
“I’m not going to die, I promise,” I smiled at them then yawned,” I’m going to go for a shower, ok?” They both nodded and I went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me.
I turned on the hot water then made my way to the mirror and slid out of my racing suit, knowing I was going to throw it out. I looked down at myself, took off my bandage on my front and touched the swollen flesh. It was inflamed and red. I took off the bandage on my neck and saw that it was healing. I smiled slightly then looked at my face. My eyes had a twinkle in it that I had not seen in a while and my face was not pale but glowing with life. I smiled and walked into the shower to feel the hot water pelting onto my tired body. I smiled and turned on the cold water. I used the shampoo and conditioner in the shower which was herbal essence and washed my blood coated hair. I then washed my body with dove soap then washed my face. I sighed then let the water run down my face and down my body, massaging my sore and tired muscles. I turned off the water, got out then dried myself and my long hair. I walked out of the bathroom in just a towel and saw Sammy and Tammy playing around in my room. I smiled, grabbed some underwear and put it on, not caring that the door was wide open. I sighed then dropped the towel, looking for some pants. Sammy and Tammy stopped playing to look at me.
“Angel, what happened here,” Sammy pointed to the wound underneath my chest and above my belly button.
“The accident sweetie, did your mummy not tell you what happened?” The children shook their heads,” Ok, well I was driving a monster truck, do you know what they are?” They both shook their heads again.
I stood up and said,” Well, a monster truck is a huge truck with wheels this big,” I used my arm’s length,” And this tall,” I put my hand above my head, motioning how tall the wheels were,” And the truck is huge that jumps over huge jumps, destroying cars and also other monster trucks. My truck was huge and fast and my baby, her name was the demon racer. She was gorgeous and everyone wanted her to win all her races and everything. The truck was my most prized possession as well as my bike. I was a dare devil and motor bike racer. I was the trickiest and the most likely to succeed in doing so. I was loved and cherished. I was everyone’s role model and now, I’m here. I was in my truck, I did a jump, then it crashed and I got hurt, Never to ride my babies ever again.” I sat down on the ground in front of the 2 children and sighed.
“Poor Angel, Mummy can make you feel better,” Sammy ginned,” She makes us laugh.”
“You guys hungry?” I asked them while they nodded and I smiled.
I grabbed my skinny jeans and a baggy shirt, slipped them on then looked at the kids.
I started to make my way to the door,” The last one to the kitchen is a rotten egg!” I shouted while running down the stairs with the 2 children giggling while chasing after me.
I looked behind me while running down the stairs till I ran into something. I hit the ground with a big thud on my bum and laughed as the 2 children ran past me screaming,” Angel is a wotten egg!”
I shook my head then looked up to see what I ran into… Well… who.
“Are you ohk?” A boy with brown curly hair and brown eyes asked while offering his hand.
I took it and got up,” I’m great, but you made me the rotten egg,” I frowned while pouting.
He chuckled while smiling,” I’m Tyson, 19, not adopted, Hannah is my mother, mechanic,” He informed me.
I smiled,” Angel, ex monster truck slash dare devil slash motor bike racer, mother and father are butt faces and my ex-boss dumped me because of my parents and police, I’m 17 and hungry,” I informed him and he laughed again.
“So, you ride monster trucks and motor bikes huh?”
“Yep… well… did, I got into an accident in the championship in my turck and now I’m here.”
He looked down at his feet,” I’m sorry, hope your ok…”
“I’m great, just need to go to Mommy and get her to check my booboo’s,” I smiled when he looked at me with a funny look.
I tilted my head then shook it,” Chow Tyson, see you around, oh and your hot,” I winked then made my way down stairs again to see Sammy and Tammy looking at me with big grins on there faces.
“I know, I know, I’m the rotten egg,” They both giggled then hugged my legs.
“We love you Angel,” They both said and I giggled.
“I love you guys too,” I hugged them then looked around to the kitchen to see Hannah looking up at me with a small smile on her face.
The kids let go and I walked up to her,” Mummy,” Her eyes widened and I frowned with tears welling up in my eyes,” Can you fix my booboo’s please, they hurt really badly,” She smiled.
“Ok hunny, show me your front,” Lifted up my shirt to show her my inflamed flesh, she winced,” Hunny, that’s really bad, I will need to patch it up again and put disinfectant on it. Stay there,” She turned away then started opening and closing drawers.
I looked touched the wound and winced. It had pus in it. I groaned. Not attractive at all. Hannah came back and started putting creams and liquids onto the wound then put a huge patch on it then bangabed it to my body so it wouldn’t fall off. I sighed.
“Thank you Mommy,” I smiled and hugged her small body.
“It’s ok honey,” She smiled at me then pulled away.
“Yeah?” She turned around again.
“Can I make pancakes?” I asked her.
“I can make them.”
“I want to make my famous pancakes for everyone in the house.”
Her eyes widened ,” Everyone?” I nodded,” Ok, better get cooking.”
Hannah turned and left the room in her cute striped pyjamas. I turned to the 1 year old twins and knelt onto the ground infront of them.
“I got a mission for you two, go get all the boys, wake them up and tell them that I’m cooking pancakes,” I smiled at the twins as they started to run up stairs, not looking back while giggling.
I turned around and started getting the ingredients out for my pancakes. I was making chocolate pancakes, normal pancakes and maple pancakes. I started beating the batter as well as cooking them then I heard commotion upstairs. I looked up from the food when Sammy and Tammy ran down stairs with a long line of boys following behind them in boxers, pyjamas, some in just there underwear but I didn’t care. I looked at The twins near the kitchen.
“Got them all?” I asked as the boys started to sit at the table.
The twins nodded then I saw another lot of twins with auburn hair. I smiled as they all looked up at me and smiled but I did not see the one boy I wanted to see. I looked down at the pancakes cooking them caught Tyson looking at me.
“Yeah?” Tyson made his way to the kitchen bench with only his boxers on, revealing his rock hard body while the other boys groaned since I did not know their names.
“Umm, can you cook this for me; I need to go do something,” I told him.
“Sure,” He smiled then grabbed the egg flip from my hands.
“Thank you,” I smiled at him then made my way upstairs slowly.
I was nervous, shaking from head to toe. I looked p and heard music coming from a closed room on my right. I walked up to the door, hearing the song. ‘Whispers in the Dark’ by Skillet was playing from the room. I smiled then knocked on the door. I heard steps then the door opened to reveal the boy with a blue raccoon tail and snake bites. I gaped at him, my mouth opening into a small ‘o’. He was sooo hot. He had the perfect body, tan skin and muscles everywhere. He was taller than me by at least 30 centimetres. He smiled then put his finger underneath my jaw, lifting it to close my mouth.
“I’m sorry, I should have put some clothes on,” He looked embarrassed.
“No, don’t you dare,” I said in a breathy voice, looking him up and down while he looked at me.
He chuckled,” I need to put some clothes on at some point you know,” I smiled as he said that.
“Not if I have a say in it.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, god you’re sexy,” He smiled down at me as I blushed.
“You’re cute too,” He blushed lightly which made me giggle.
“I, I’ve made some pancakes and was wondering why you weren’t down with the others…”
“I didn’t know if you wanted me too,” He looked down at his bare feet as I looked at his long pyjama pants that were hanging low on his narrow hips.
I looked at the pictures closer and saw..
“Ducks? You’re wearing duck pyjama pants? Oh my god, I think I’m in love with…” I trailed off and blushed furiously while looking at my feet.
I looked up to see the boy smiling while looking at his feet.
“Wow, well… that was awkard, I’m going to leave you, arghh, do what ever you were doing,” I turned around and bumped into a wall making him chuckle, I looked back at him,” I’m sorry for making things awkward, I will keep my mouth shut next time,” I hit another wall,” If there will be a next time, ok, now I’m talking not stop and I do that sometimes but not a lot so that’s a bad sign,” I hit another wall.” Bye,” I ran down stairs while I heard the boy laugh… Jeez, I didn’t even know his name!

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I got down the stair to see all the boys gobbling up there pancakes. I giggled when I saw Tyson with batter in his brown curls and chocolate smeared on his nose from the chocolate pancakes. I walked up to him, licked my thumb then cleaned up the chocolate. I got it all off, onto my finger and licked the chocolate off it. Tyson just couldn’t stop staring at me as I licked my finger. I looked at everyone at the table as they talked very loudly and threw food around. I grabbed a pancake and shoved it in my mouth whole, not caring that all the boys stopped playing with their food and looked up at me.
“What?” I asked around a huge mouth full of chocolate pancake… mmm, it was awesome.
“Umm, haha, love,” I looked at Tyson, s till chewing,” You got something on your chin,” He motioned to his chin.
I grinned with a full mouth and wiped my mouth, only to wipe it on Tyson’s rock hard stomach.
“EWW! ANGEL! THAT’S DISGUSTING!” He yelled while running to the sink like a girl.
“Your bisgusting!” I told him then swallowed my food, grabbing another pancake and shoved it in my mouth.
I hear Tammy and Sammy laughing at me and I grinned at them with a mouth full of food. I walked around the table, eyeing the boys. I grinned when I caught the eye of a guy older than me. I stretched out my hand for him to take.
“My names Angel, your’s?” I asked the slightly chubby guy.
“Connor, your like super pretty. Can’t believe you got hurt. You would have been a total babe to all the guys in the world in your truck. We should go shopping, like oh my gawd, I love your hair,” He grabbed a bunch of my hair and put it near his face,” would I look like super-hot with this coloured hair?” He asked everyone at the table and I laughed.
“That’s totally your colour honey, it would bring out your eye colour,” I grinned.
He smiled back and wrapped an arm around my waist,” She’s so cute, I love her already but not as much as some,” He looked at a blushing Tyson in a kitchen and I grinned.
“Naww, Tyson, don’t blush. Just because I’m so irresistible like oh my gawd,” Connor giggled next to me as I talked in an ‘I’m-so-up-myself’ voice.
He blushed a deeper red then looked at the stairs. I followed his gaze to see a fully dressed boy with snake bites. I swallowed and looked down at Connor as he looked up at me.
“Connor, what’s that boy’s name?” I asked him in a whisper.
“Taylor, adopted, 18, brothers with Harrison over there,” He pointed to a guy with sun bleached blonde hair, blue eyes and I knew straight away he was a laid back type of guy who like to surf or skate board but looking at the tan, he was a surfer.
“Hey,” Harrison nodded his head at me while speaking in his hot deep voice, finally I have a name to the face that I saw in a towel when I first came here, I thought.
“Ahoyhoy,” I grinned then sat on the chair next to Connor and also next to the eldest boy I kissed on the cheek yesterday.
I turned towards him,” What’s your name sunshine?” I asked the kid.
He smiled,” James, 13, adopted.”
“Angel, 17, I guess I’m adopted too,” I smiled at him sweetly then groaned,” I want to ride my bike,” a tear slipped out of the corner of my eye.
I looked up to see Taylor sitting on the opposite side of the table in front of me, eating his pancakes without taking his beautiful eyes off of me. I turned back to James.
“Well, James,” I looked up thoughtfully,” James, Hmmm,” I turned back to him with a straight face,” I like the name James, James, Yes; it tastes like honey on my tongue. Sweet but not too sweet,” I smiled at him,” You know what else is sweet?” He shook his head and I leaned my face closer to his ear and said the one word that made me start singing,” Sugar.”
“Sugar, dodododododo, oh honey honey, do do do do do do, you be my candy boy!” I grinned as Connor started singing with me.
I reached over to a auburn haired boys plate and grabbed one of his chocolate pancakes and shove it into my mouth,” HEY!” he yelled out,” You stole my pancake!”
“Yes, Yes I did, want it back?” I opened my mouth and he shook his head laughing.
“ I’m Zack and he’s my twin, Jack,” He pointed at his twin sitting next two Taylor,” We’re adopted, and 16 years old and Angel, you are hot!” He grinned while reaching out and cupped one of my boobs in front of James who looked worried.
I just sat there, hoping I looked bored.
“Finished touching my boob?” I asked Zack.
He withdrew his hand and I laughed. I got up and bent down to whisper in his ear so he and only he could have heard.
“If you really needed to do that in front of our family to prove a point, whatever but I’m not comfortable with guys I barely even know, touching my boobs. If you’re so desperate, I will make out with you right now, like whatever,” I stood up and took in the shocked expression on his face, his hazel eyes, wide opened,” Understand me?” He nodded.
“I-I will take your offer though…” I rolled my eyes, grabbed his auburn hair with my hands and kissed his mouth.
I felt Zack start standing up, slowly backing me up against the wall, with his hands grabbing my bottom. He was tall and very muscly making him very hot for his age. I slipped my tongue into his mouth and felt his tangle with mine. I pulled away fast, knowing in my mind, I’m not kissing Zack, but kissing Taylor. Zack backed away and I looked at the boys at the table and Tammy. I looked at a very sad Tyson then my eyes fell on Taylor. He stood up really fast, kicking his chair, making it hit the ground then ran into his room, slamming the door behind him, then music came pouring out of his room in loud thumps. I looked at Connor, who was smiling at me and then looked down at my feet.
“I’m going to my room,” I murmured, grabbed Connor’s hand then lead him into my room.
I closed the door behind me quietly then sat down on my bed, ripping off my shirt and pants in the process so I was only in my bra and panties. I buried my head in my pillow.
“Wow, Angel, making the 2 guys that have a crush on you jealous and cranky? That’s amazing! Your amazing. I wish I had a bod like you but instead I’m a gay guy wanting a boy to notice him,” I looked up and sat up.
“Connor, any guy would be lucky to have a guy like you. Most guys are fa**ots anyway like Zack; he decided to grab my boob while everyone was eating breakfast for crying out loud! I didn’t want to kiss him and when I did, all I could think and see in my mind was…”
“Taylor,” I looked up at him,” Am I right?” He asked me and I nodded.
He sat down beside me then wrapped his arm around my waist, being careful not to hurt me and I wrapped my arms around his waist, burying my face into his shoulder.
“I- I want to tell him I like him but god I just can’t… He’s to good for me. He’s so god damn hot. I love his hair and his eyes. I love how he looks at me like I’m the only one he see’s. I want to be his and be owned by him. I want him to feel the same way I feel about him. I want to live in his arms, jjust looking at his strong arms makes me want him, but I know it won’t happen. I’m a nobody now that I lost everything. I have no hopes and dreams anymore. They all just slipped through my finger,” I lifted my hands then clenched them into fists,” I wish I was pretty, pretty enough for Taylor to want me as much as I want him. I wish for my life to go back to the way it was, racing, and monster truck riding, not all these confusing feelings.”
“Oh Angel, what about Tyson? He’s my big brother and I don’t want him to get hurt. He loves you heaps!”
“I don’t know, I see him as a big brother type, not a boyfriend. Sure he’s like super sweet, caring, beautiful like everyone else in this freaking house but I just can’t…”
“I understand.”
I looked up from Connors shoulder to see his light brown eyes, chocolate brown from thinking, locking himself in his own little world. I nudged his chin with my nose and smiled as he looked down at me with a cute half smile on his face.
“I got an idea!” He yelled while standing up, looking down at me on the bed.
“Oh sh*t.”

Connor ran out of my room, leaving me in my underwear, sitting on my bed. I sighed, grabbed my clothes, slid them on my body then raced after him to find him standing in front of Taylor's opened door, talking. I hid behind a wall, trying to catch bits and pieces of there conversation.
"She….Me?" Taylor said, but I could not catch the second word he said.
"Yeah… your to… to see it!" Connor exclaimed… God, I can't hear the whole conversation!
"Your not joking right?" Taylor asked.
"Go talk to her and find out," I hard someone walking my way then Taylor came walking around the corner.
"No, she would never like me. She doesn't even know me so how can she like me? Stop sh*itting with me Connor, I've had enough of everyone's bullsh*t so f*ck off and leave me alone!" I head Taylor exclaim then a door close.
"Stupid son of a b*tch, can't trust or even listen to any of his brothers and adoptive brothers," I heard Connor mumble while walking down the stairs. I walked softly towards Taylor's door then stopped.
"I can't do this," I whispered to myself then made my way down the hall to see all the other rooms.
I saw a room full of boys playing the xbox. James, Liam (James's little brother), Zack, and Jac k. I smiled at them all then kept walking deeper into the hall. I passed a room with Tammy and Sammy playing with there toys and then another room with Tyson in it reading. I knocked on the door, startling Tyson. He looked up then noticed it was me and smiled.
"Come in," I walked into his room and sat on his bed near his feet.
He sat up and looked at me," What's up?"
I shrugged," Roof right now."
"Haha, smart arse, no seriously, what's wrong?"
"I just wanted to apologize for kissing Zack in front of you. You looked very sad and I only kissed Zack to make sure he never touches my parts again, I promise, I don't love him or anything," I touched his cheek," I'm sorry."
Tyson covered my hand with his large one then leaned forward," It's ok, I forgive you," He said, his breath on my face.
I looked into his brown eyes then kissed him. I tangled my hands into his brown curls while he wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him. He laid down onto his bed with me on top of him and kept on kissing me. I felt my heart accelerate and my breathing coming out in short gasps. I ran my hands down his shoulders and chest, to rest my hands lightly on his hips, feeling his soft, warm skin under my fingers. I slid my tongue into his mouth while he tangled his tongue with mine, stroking and teasing me. I pulled away slightly and opened my eyes to see Tyson slowly opening his. I smiled against his swollen, slightly parted lips. I opened my mouth and breathed into his, teasing him then pulled away. He smiled up at me then ran his fingers threw my blonde hair. I giggled at him then kissed his jaw, then got off of his body. He looked at me as I stood up.
"More?" I asked him and he nodded.
I giggled then used my finger to beckon him up off of the bed. He got off the bed, dropped his book called 'The Angel'… which is erotica, as bad as 50 shades of grey. He stood in front of me then backed me up against his wall. I grabbed his hips as I hit the wall hard then he bent down and kissed my mouth. I groaned into his mouth as he lifted my shirt off of my body, dropping it on the floor, and kept kissing me. I dug my nail into his back, scratching and clawing his skin. He kissed my neck as I regained my breath and kept moving his lips down. He kissed my cleavage then saw the bandage wrapped around my ribs and waist. He ran his finger along the fabric.
"What happened here?" He asked me in a husky voice.
"When I crashed my truck," I swallowed," a metal pipe imbedded itself into my body,7 centimetres in I think…" He kissed the bandage then moved back to my lips.
He took my mouth and kissed me more slowly and thoroughly, unhurried as we remembered the feel and taste of each others mouths. I ran my hand up his neck softly, causing him to shiver then brried my hands into his hair again, tangling my fingers into his curls. I pulled away and looked up at Tyson, his swollen, wet lips making him look so much hotter and the fireworks of pleasure and desire in his eyes. I swallowed.
"Umm, I need to," I pointed my thumb at his opened door.
"Ok," He replied, not moving but gazing at my lips then lazily back to my eyes, as if he was memorizing me.
I stared at him for a moment longer then slipped out of his room, making my way slowly back through the hall.
I touched my lips, still wet and swollen from Tyson's kisses. I smiled lazily and crookedly. Boy can that guy kiss, then I frowned. But he's not the guy I want...

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