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March 23, 2013
By Anonymous

Author's note: Mystery, suspense, crime scenes. A lot of things out int this world.

The author's comments:
It's a kinda of sloppy chapter... But your guy's opinions matter! Pliz comment! :)

****************************** Delilah POV
Wow. I thought the cafeteria food can't get any better than this. I looked at my brown slob on the the side of the tray with a little carton of milk. Maybe I should keep bringing my own lunch from now and on. That would save me some bucks. "Earth to Del, are you there? " Alice said. Alice is my best friend, I have been with her since kindergarten. She is really pretty, with big blue eyes, blond hair, and an athletic posture. I'm the total opposite. I have ugly puke-green blue eyes, with skin that is the cheap version of a tan, and pin-straight frizzy black hair, and I am just fat.
"Ok, so I have decided that we should go somewhere to study for our midterms. Maybe your house? Because mine is too loud." Alice said.
"Oh, umm. Tonight?" I got worried because mom's boyfriend is coming over and I really don't want to meet him... "Maybe, the library is fine? I hope you understand."
"Yeah sure! Perfect. Ok sooo, see you after school?"
"Yeah sure, see ya!"

I turned around and walked towards the classroom. I sat down on an empty table and waited. Our english teacher, Mr. Ritz, walked in with a guy I have never seen before in my life. "Good morning students, we have a new student today. His name is Aaron, he is a transferred student from France." Aaron was actually kind of cute. He had bright-blue eyes, tan skin, straight black hair, and he was about my height. He caught me staring and I looked away. He looks like one of those jocks at my school. So that means I don't have a chance with him. I start writing my essay. Aaron scans the classroom and he stops and looks at the seat right next to me. He strolls over here and sits down. I quickly plug in my earphones to concentrate on my essay.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I took off my earphones.
"Hey, can you tell me what is going on so far?"
I explain what's going on as calmly as possible.
" So yeah, our school isn't the best. But of course, it is better than nothing."
"Yeah, I agree. So they gave me all my classes, they are all confusing."
He hands me the paper, he has all the classes that I have.
"Well, since we have all the same classes, I might be able to help you out whenever you want." What? Did I just say that?
"Umm, ok. Yeah, math is kind of confusing here. Maybe you can help me out with that? "
"Oh, umm. Yeah sure, I'm not available to help you out this week though."
"Oh, that's easy. Here is my number, you can call me whenever you want."
Oh my gosh, I'm blushing like crazy.
"Sure...uh, I have to get my books. See ya in class."
"Ok, see ya in class." He winked.

Wow, I cannot believe that the cutest guy in school winked, at me. I'm the ugliest one at this school. But he is so interesting and adorable! He has that cute British accent, the one girls easily fall for. No, I shouldn't fall for him. I don't even know him that well. Ugh, here comes Jack. What does he want?
"Hey cutie, what are you grinning about?"
" It's none of your business Jack."
"Hey, I saw you giving googly eyes to that new kid."
"I wasn't googly eyeing him Jack, I was explaining that I can help him out with his homework and stuff, like tutoring."
"Well, good for you. Are you guys going to start going out or what?"
"Get to the point Jack."
"Well...I was wondering...."
His voice was interrupted by the 4th period bell.
"I'm really sorry Jack, I have to go."
"It's alright, umm I'll call you later?"
"You don't even have my number." I said.
"Well, will you mind giving it to me?"
"I reaaally have to go. I'm sorry."
I didn't let him finish, I have a French essay due in 5 seconds.
****************************** Aaron POV
I walked into the classroom next to the teacher that came to the office to get me. The teacher's name is apparently Mr.Ritz. He was busy explaining this and that, but I was busy looking around the room. I caught this girl staring at me and she looked away. Embarrassed I guess. She was the prettiest in the class. She had beautiful green blue-like eyes that stared into your soul, pin-straight bountiful, shiny, and long hair, and she had a sort of a perfect tan. I looked around and saw that there was only one empty seat left, next to the pretty girl.
I strolled over there as causally as I could, to make the first impression of course. She immediately plugged in her earphones and started writing right when I sat down. So much for a good impression. I was really confused when I looked at all my classes on the the paper that the office ladies gave me. I lightly tapped her on her shoulder. I started talking to her and what turns out is that we have all the same classes together. She immediately asked me if I needed help with tutoring. She kind of blushed, which made her look more beautiful. Before I knew it, I found myself giving her my number and winking at her. She stood very stunned there for a second and walked away before I saw her talking to some jock.

I walked towards my next class. All of the girls seemed to be staring at me.
Not like the beautiful girl did though. Shoot. I don't even know beautiful girl's name, pathetic. This class was French, which is my first language. The teacher, Madam Delùre, assigned my seat. Great, I am going next to miss diva, while beautiful girl gets to sit next to some jock. I see her laughing and blushing. I grew a bit red, I have no idea why. I snap back to reality when the girl next to me started talking.

"So, are you the new transferred student?"
" Yeah."
"So what's your name?"
"Cute name, my name is Kimberly."
"Are you interested in any ... sports?"
" Soccer, swimming, lacrosse, basketball, and baseball."
"You are like those hotties over there aren't you? "
She was pointing to a table full of jocks. I really don't know how to answer that.
"You can say I'm close."
"Well... I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out at Starbucks?"
"Oh, about that. I have a thing going on with my host family and so..."
"It's ok, I understand. Here's my number."
She made the phone thing with her fingers and pressed them close to her ear.
"Call me."

******************************Jack POV
Great. There it happened again. I've had a crush on Delilah ever since I could remember. She is beautiful and honest, unlike other girls. I have a feeling that she doesn't like me. I have no idea why. Have I done something to her? Or has she seen that I cheat and I am a professional player? I mean, does she not like how I look? I have bright green eyes with curly , dark brown hair. She is a cheerleader, but she is wayy different than the others. She gets along with everyone, especially Alice.
I wonder if..... no. Delilah would HATE me if I did.
I can't be that heartless and selfish. I tried talking to her today, to ask her out. But I feel like she rejected me. Me of all people! All the chicks at this school would DIE to be with me! I'm the most popular jock at this school! It's that dude from France. She is starting to hit on him, I can see it. Right now I'm going steady with Kimberly. It's expected because she is the captain of the cheer leading team and I'm the captain of the football team. I have to find a way to get Delilah's attention, but I have to get rid of the French dude first.
******************************Alice POV
"Del, what's going on? You have been staring into space for the past five minutes!" I look at my best friend. Something is going on, she is usually ruff and tough. But today, she is acting differently. She is beginning to act real soft. I don't...wait...what?
"Del! Tell me! What's going on?!? I KNOW that face anywhere! Who are you in love with?" That last question seemed to zoom her back into reality.
" I'm not in love with anyone! I am just thinking."
"I'm just tired, that's all."
"Del, spill the beans."
" There is a new boy. His name is Aaron. I met him in English today. He is really cute, funny, and adorable."
So she goes on and on about this boy... Aaron. Sounds like a jock, but different, I seem to like him even though I've never seen him before.
" And when I offered him tutoring without knowing it, I started blushing like crazy! I could literally feel the heat radiating off my face when he gave me his phone number! We have the exact same classes together! Ee!"
"Shhh! " we hear Miss Birch, the librarian, shush us.
"Sorry" ,I whispered back. "Go on..."
" And when I went to my locker, Jack was waiting for me. He sounded like he was about to ask me out but the 4th period bell rang, I had to go. I had a French essay due in 5 seconds! He said he'll call me and he remembered he didn't have my number. So I just gave it to him and I ran into class."
She finally stopped and took a long deep breath. I understand the Aaron thing, but I don't understand the Jack thing. Since when did this crush on my best friend begin for Jack? But she's a big girl, she can go through it. I mean she is really into this Aaron dude. Oh well...
"Ok, let's become our smartie selves." I said.
******************************Delilah POV
I arrived home as tired as heck. "Delilah, were have you been? Alex came over and left before you could've met him! Will you please begin to find time for me to
Introduce him to you?"
"I'm sorry mom, I went to the library with Alice to study for midterm tomorrow. I'm really tired, I'm going upstairs. Sorry that didn't meet Alex."
"Oh, so many midterms? It's alright, you'll meet him sometime. Go upstairs and rest."
"Thx mom."

I went upstairs, threw my backpack, and jumped over my bed. My head hit the headboard and I moaned. I hear One Direction singing "What Makes You Beautiful". I get up and grab my phone, hmm. Four new messages, two from each guy. I responded one at a time, I can only text one guy at a time.

Aaron: Hey Delilah, can you help me out a bit with math?
Aaron: Can I also call you Del?

******************************Delilah POV (continued)
"Mom! I'll be back around 8!" I yelled to my mom. I looked at my clock, 5:56pm. I ran out towards the door. It's raining, great. I grabbed my raincoat and I put on my uggs.I started speed-walking, I guess I'm gonna be late. I hear One Direction singing and I grab my phone.

Aaron: Del, were are you?

The author's comments:
I feel like this is a very different chapter, but I'd love to hear suggestions from my readers! And maybe I'll make some changes;)

****************************** Jack POV
I can't believe it! He already asked her out? But she has only met him last week! How can she go out with someone who hasn't even spent a week with! Wow. I need her as my girlfriend! He is NOT going to win her over! I need him to get rid of her, so she can be mine. But how? Hmm, I rather just break up with Mackenzie. We don't even talk or go out. Let me text her. No, I'll tell her on Monday or I'll just go to the mall and I'll tell her there.
****************************** Delilah POV
"DEL! Look! " I turned around at the sound of Alice's voice. I saw Mackenzie crying and running from Jack. Great, he broke up with her. Thanks to me. "Mac! Wait!" I hear him yell. He is starting to walk towards me, uh oh.
"Hey, um I need to talk to you for a bit." He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the exit. I snatched my hand away from him.
"What do you want?"
" We need to talk a bit."
" Don't tell me that you just broke up with Mackenzie to be with me because one : that is so messed up and two: I already have a boyfriend!"
"Look, Del. I just really like you and I know you like me so why can't you just admit it already and dump that French dude?!"
" Jack! I can't even believe you! How can you be so selfish? Why can't you just be happy for me and apologize to Mackenzie?"
"Because I have feelings for you and I can't change them..."
" If you really cared for me, then you would be happy for me!"

He just looked at me with his sorrowful green irises and got closer to me.

"But I really care for you Del."

" Why did it take so long for you to like me, huh? I had liked you before, but ever since we've entered high school, you've been acting very stupid and messed up. You didn't care about me before, why till now? Now that I have an amazing boyfriend that cares and actually lo-mmpph!!!"

Someone quickly covered my mouth with a cloth, it smelled funny and I started getting dizzy, then my world went black.
******************************Alice POV
"Del? Where are you!" I ran towards the exit where Del was talking to Jack.
But I couldn't find her ANYWHERE! What am I going to tell her mom?!? Should I report to the authorities? OMG, she won't answer her phone! I'm going to call 911! Wait, a message?

Unknown: I have Del, she is going to sleep over. Tomorrow I will hand her over to you. Cover for me and tell her mother that she is sleeping at your house. If you don't, you won't see her again.

Who is unknown??? I need to know! How is she going to sleep with a complete stranger! Oh, but unknown is threatening me! I don't want them to hurt her, I better call her mom.
****************************** Jack POV
" Put her over there!" I yelled at Joey and Sam, my best buds. " I can't believe you made us kidnap her! How is that humanly possible? What if she blurts and tells?" Joey says.
" You guys! I had no choice. She already was going to go out with him and she refused me! No matter how many times I asked her!" I said.

" But you took it to the extreme! What if your mom finds out? What are you going to do? Keep her in your closet overnight?" Sam said.

" Uuggghhh" a sound comes from the closet.

"She's waking up! Cover her mouth with the cloth!"

They quickly covered her mouth with the cloth. I can't believe I kidnapped her, I don't know why I took it to the extreme! What was I thinking? But I needed to talk to her and she didnt give me the chance.
"Thanks you guys, I need you to go now. I'll see you guys on Monday." I said.

" Ok" they both said at the same time, and left. I have strong feelings for her that are hard to control. I try not to cause commotion, but I really don't want her with that Aaron guy. I need to get rid of him. I hear footsteps coming towards my door. There's a soft knock and my mom appears at the door.
" Hi honey, you should go to bed now. You need the rest." and she closed the door and left. I had Del tied up in the closet, is that really bad? I have no idea.
I'm taking off my shirt and changing. I hear a groan, but this time I don't have a cloth so I have no choice but to take Del out of the closet. She is on the ground all tied up with her eyes opened in, what fear?!? And I followed her eyes that were giving me the up-down look. I was only in my boxers, oops. I didn't really expect her to wake up this early. I bent down and I picked her up. She was squirming and murmuring something I couldn't understand. She didn't weigh much, actually she weighed less than Mackenzie. I plopped her down on my bed and she squirmed for what seemed like 20 minutes until she gave up. I untied her arms, legs, feet, and her mouth.
" What the heck?!?!?!" She yelled at me. She was looking like was going to make a run for it but I grabbed her arms and held her tight.
" What are you doing? What do you want from me? I have money if thats what you want! But let me g-nnmmhh!"
I turned her around and shoved my lips unto hers before she could say anything else. She slowly but tensely, relaxed and stopped squirming and yelling. She pulled herself away from me.
" Stop, I know what you want, but no. You can't do that, you are just jealous of Aaron and the fact that he has me and loves me! You can't just kidnap me and get away with it! You are going to pay for all that you've done!"
I had no choice, but to let her go. She started rubbing her wrists, they looked red. I feel very bad.
" Del, I-"
" I what? You think that you can kidnap me and get away with it? Do you really think that treating me like this can make me fall in love with you and forget about Aaron? Well then, your crazy and desperate. I appreciate that you have feelings for me and that's sweet, but don't kidnap me!" I started scooching to her, she got up and I got up. I put my hand behind her back, pushed her towards me and I started kissing her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and she kept kissing me. I walked backwards a bit by bit and I tripped over my shoe, landing perfectly on the bed with her falling on top of me. Still kissing me until she pulled away from me.
"No I can't -" and she fell on me. She fainted, great. I picked her up and lied her on one side of my bed. She still wouldn't wake up considering the fact that she fell on me, which shouldn't have hurt her at all.
****************************** Delilah POV
I wake up with sun streaming unto my eye, making my pupils smaller. I smell the house I'm in, cinnamon. That isn't how my house smells like. I feel something heavy across my waist. i looked down, a arm.I look around while laying down, the room is a boy's room with trophies and blue walls. I'm in an another house, but whose? I turn around to the other side and I flinch because I see a pair of green eyes staring back at me.
"Good morning." He is so close to me, that our noses can touch.
"What am I doing here?"
"Well, last time I checked, you were making out with me."
"Why did you kidnap me? That is really stupid."
"It's because I wanted to talk to you and wanted you to be with me."
"Please tell me that this isn't about Aaron, you are so ignorant." I took off his arm, and got up. I was stunned to see that I was wearing only a oversized button up shirt.
"Why am I wearing this?!?"
"It's because-"
"Tell me that you did no take advantage of my weak/fainted body. Or else your going to pay for it!" He quickly got up, he was only in his boxers. How pathetic. I grabbed my clothes from the floor and speed-walked towards his restroom. I quickly changed and went back to his room, handing him his shirt. He was already dressed himself.
"You have to drive me home, that is the last time I talk to you."
We went to the kitchen, and we saw a note on the fridge from his mom.
"My mom isn't here so, maybe we can-"
"No, you have to drive me home."

We went outside and got into his car. He turned the music on then off. I just sat in the car stubbornly. And started talking.
"Why do you hate me?"
"I don't hate you, I dislike you a lot."
"Because your a jerk."
" Why am I a jer-"
"To the right, shut up."
"Shut up, stop here."
I unbuckled my seat belt and walked into my house. I cheated on Aaron, and I really don't want to tell him.

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