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A Love That Spands A Lifetime

October 29, 2012
By SteffyWeffyKins BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
SteffyWeffyKins BRONZE, Tampa, Florida
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Its been four years. Going through the motions of everyday life. It wasn’t always this way, but ever since Diana left, the world seemed like shattered glass everywhere he went.

The scenery was changing. The wind was picking up and the leaves were turning beautiful shades of orange and red. John was fresh out of college and ready to head out into the world. Nothing could change his optimistic mood.

As he was walking down the familiar street to his parents home, he was secretly hoping to see Diana. Diana. Even saying her name made John have a goofy grin that spread from ear to ear. You see, John and Diana grew up together. They had been inseparable ever since Diana moved across the street from him. Even when they were three, their parents always used to joke around and say how one day they will fall in love. Nobody knew that it was inevitable.

Stephanie M.

A Love That Spands A Lifetime

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