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Loving My Dearest Enemy

October 18, 2012
By Writing-Queen46, Miramar, Florida
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Writing-Queen46, Miramar, Florida
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There is a fine line between sanity and insanity, and I have white-out
You laugh because I'm different. I laugh becase you are all the same
Dream as if you'll live forever,live as if you'll die today

Author's note: To my best friend in the whole world, I have written this story. This story may be short, but it holds most of our random topics, our criticism, and our attitudes. I tried hard to make it just as perfect as you are. But be warned, it’ll be bi-polar, it’ll be dramatic, it’ll be sad, and it’ll make you laugh (hopefully). Lol, I hope you enjoy this just as much as I have when I wrote it. This is a special story for a special friend! You better enjoy it! It goes by fast so keep up with it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! (oct. 11, 2012)

The author's comments:
Yes I know of the a/n. do not fret.

Once when I was younger, I was the new student. At the ripe age of seven years old, I had made the thing one would call an enemy.

Oh but it wasn’t the ordinary kind. No, I was the enemy of the cutest boy in second grade.

His name was Julio Gonzalez.

Probably the most handsome eight years old I had ever met. Eyes rimmed with green but with a Caribbean blue center. His black curly hair was even cuter. He had way too many Spanish heritage going on his background. Too bad I was focused on cooties to appreciate what he had to offer.

Back to the point, Julio was the vain of my existence after I found out that his good looks were the only good thing about him.

It was when I was first introduced to Mrs. Jelly’s second grade class as the Hawaiian native that he started his dislike for me.

“Being from Hawaii isn’t that cool.” He said cockily.

I raised an eye brow at him before looking to my teacher.

Ignoring the teacher’s confused stare, I went up to him with a big smile on my face. My short ink black hair was in a high ponytail, and my sun kissed skin was nothing in comparison to his own olive tone as I leaned across his desk.

“Hey… do you like chicken or beef?” I asked innocently. It was a simple question the males asked others who looked weak and pompous.

He looked at me curiously before smiling and said, “Beef. It’s ten times better then chicken.”

Now, I being from the island, I hadn’t know city people didn’t understand our kinds of threats and so on.

So imagine his surprise when my tiny little fist smashed into his face.

I can assure you, it was then and there ¾ the girl population of Johnny Seed Elementary swore to make me their enemy for the rest of their pathetic lives. It was also then and there I met my bffltdup, Trisha Jong, a very enthusiastic half American half Korean girl.

“It’s a pity that being Spanish in Miami is just as boring now.” I said with my nose in the air. Mrs. Jelly was stuck between fainting and sending me to the principal’s office for violence.

Either way, I never got in trouble.

The new kid excuse was always a lovely thing on the first day.

The author's comments:
Yes I know of the a/n. do not fret.

“Leilani!!!” I immediately turned at the sound of my name being called. I had just stepped off the over crowded bus and was stretching when my bffltdup, Trisha, had called my name. She had her long hair a high ponytail. She looked the same except for the three new ear piercings and her brown highlights…

“Trisha… Do I even want to know why you dyed your hair brown?” I asked not really wanting to know the answer.

She smirked at me widely, “Duh! ‘Cause we’re eighth graders!”

I rolled my brown eyes at her unnecessary enthusiasm.

“I fail to see how that equals that.”

She groaned, “Don’t bring up math into the situation. I’ve had it with all the damn math. I did enough over the summer.”

I brightened up, “You did math over the summer too!?” (a/n yeah I remember that little fact you freak :P)

Her head snapped to me, “Are you insane? Does that fact that I’m part Asian so doing math is a very possible outcome not ring a bell? Those racists are somewhat correct about Asian families, girl.”

I felt my cheeks heat up slightly, “Uh, sure.”

“I just hope I don’t have math first period this year.” Trisha muttered to herself as we passed the cafeteria.

“You are soo… lazy.” I commented nonchalantly. A strong breeze blew by and everyone nearby either held their materials tighter, their skirts down, or pushed their hair out of their eyes.

Myself included.

My ink black locks went wild even with the few clips I had put in.

“Do you have a head band, Trish?”

When I didn’t receive an answer, I turned to find her eating up an unfamiliar boy with her eyes. He was tall, he was tan, he had amazing blue eyes, and awesome hair.

All of Trisha’s standards in finding a potential man.

I watched bemused as Trisha straightened up to her full 5’6” glory. She dusted off imaginary dust from her grey ripped skinny jeans, and gave her graffiti high tops cursory glance to make sure they were pristine and tied. She continued to fix her perfect hair and check her ears for her silver hoops with a giant smile on her face.

“How do I look?” she asked under her breath.

I grinned highly amused, “Perfect. And here he comes.”

I immediately looked at him as he came closer. He looked ten times better up close. Not my type, but still I had to admit he was handsome.

“I’m Nathan. Do you know where I can find the main office? I need my schedule.”

“I’m Trisha. And this is my bff, Leilani.”

He briefly nodded at me before focusing on Trisha once more.

“Oh yes. You don’t need to go the office. In front of the cafeteria,” She pointed at the cafeteria with her black nail, “there’s a list for kids who didn’t look on plutogrades (a/n creative right?) to see their schedules.” She explained all with a flirtatious smile on her pale face. Her blue eyes were glowing as he nodded and smiled at her.

“Thanks… I’ll see you around?” He asked curious.

Trisha nodded, “Definitely.”

He nodded once more and waved to me as he left.

“Sweet baby Buddha Jesus. That boy is fine!” she exclaimed as we continued walking.

I shook my head, “You are too much girl. Focus on school!”

She gave me a look, “I focus enough on school. And the same goes for you. Without even trying, we ranked 2nd and 3rd in school. You need to focus on a getting a man.” She froze and looked behind me, “Speaking of which…”

“Jong. Tom-boy.” An all too familiar voice called out.

I instantly formed a scowl on my face before turning to face him.

“Gonzalez. I thought you had been sent back over the border.”

His right eye twitched, “And I thought that the volcano in Hawaii had reached your hotel and covered you in soot. Too bad neither came true.”

I growled, “Oh shut up. Why don’t you bug off, Pansy.”

“I’m not a pansy.” He argued.

“When you get punched by the same girl three times, I think you are a pansy.” Trisha piped up.

“¡Cállate!” He growled.

Trisha giggled and smirked. We walked away with our noses in the air as we heard the stampede of his fan club.

“You two bicker like an old couple who’s been divorced, remarried, divorced, married other folks, and gotten together to have an affair.”

“… I refuse to comment on that simile at all.” I dismissed unable to take her seriously.

She laughed aloud but her laugh went unheard as we passed a huge crowd of sixth graders who looked lost. The entire sound was unbelievable. They sounded like bees gathering for a huge fest.


“I guess that’s our cue. You know where you going?” I asked.

“Nope.” She said as she shut her phone off. As much as Trisha said she couldn’t stand school, she still turned her phone off so she wouldn’t get messages during class. I did the same thing when I got in class.

What’s so important that you have to text your friend about during class that can’t be done at lunch or in the hallway? (a/n pet peeve!!!!! Lol)

“I’ll see ya then. I have to go to Coach Mano for homeroom.” I said waving.

She nodded and went to the cafeteria to see the list. Just as I was heading to the first floor of c building, I heard:

“You willing did math over the summer!?!?” she bellowed.

I suppressed a grin as I sprinted for Coach Mano’s class.

In Coach Mano’s Class

God hates me, Was my single thought as I banged my head against my wooden desk. Coach Mano thought being paired up by boy girl would be a good thing. I agree.

However, I completely disagree when the boy I must share a desk with is Julio Gonzalez.

My worst enemy.

“Ok, Class. For those who don’t know me, my name’s Coach Mano. I’m thirty-seven. Married, three kids, and I don’t like fools so don’t act like one. I will be your homeroom and biology teacher. Please do not ask to change you seat because the answer. Will. Be. No.” He said.

I groaned again and continuously banged my hand into my head.

“Keep it up Tom-boy. Keep losing any remaining brain cell’s you have left.” I heard Julio say.

I growled, Just three and a half more quarters Leilani. Just three and a half more.

“Now, for the first exercise. Look at your partner. Analyze their appearance and tell them something no one knows. Not something big but something only you and at least one other person know.”

I growled before facing Julio. He was admittedly more handsome. His jaw line was more defined, he looked to be taller. His arms were obviously toner. Even a blind man could tell from the way his black v-neck hugged his body. His black locks were an inch or so longer. His ear was pierced. Specifically, the left. His olive oil tone seemed to suit him more. His odd Caribbean Sea eyes were currently staring at me with such intensity that it almost, almost, made me shiver.

I blushed slightly at the feeling of his stare.

“What’s wrong? Finally realize you’re in love with me too?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes before hissing, “Not on your life bub.”

“Ok, Now that the observation is done. Let’s get down to the facts.”

I sighed heavily, “My Father left us when I was 7.”

For a split second, his face held a smidge of sympathy.

He looked down and sighed. He looked back up at me and scratched his neck, “My mother died after she gave birth to me.”

I immediately sympathized with him. While we both lost an important member of our family, my own left on his own free will. His, his, was taken from him before he could actually get to know her.

A pregnant silence was all that was left between us. Everyone else had already given their detail and was talking amongst themselves.

“I- I’m sorry. Do you know what she looks like?” I asked gently.

I saw his head nod slightly.

I smiled, “That’s good. Well at least you know you were wanted.”

“What do you mean?”

I looked back at him, “Whether a mother means to or not, she will always love her child. If she left this world by giving birth to you, at least you know she gave it her all to birth you and hold you in her arms. That’s the most she probably wanted.”

He looked thoughtful. He seemed to be digesting what I said.

“Your father is an idiot.” He said finally.

“Huh?” I replied.

“If he had stayed, I'm sure he would have known what he missed. Like you… becoming… grown…” a steady blush crossed his face.

Just as I was about to say something, the bell rung and the class packed up quickly.

While everyone lined up to receive their schedule from Coach Mano, Julio and I stayed behind to pack up slowly.

I finished zipping up by purple Jansport and walked up to Coach Mano. Just before I walked out, I turned back to Julio.

“Gonzalez- No, Julio!” I called out

He looked up at me with a new sort of curiosity, “What?”

I grinned, “I don’t hate you anymore. That’s all.”

Just as I was about to turn around, I saw him do something he had never done to me before.

He smiled. Not smirk, or grin.

But an honest to god smile.

“Yeah… Me too. Tom- Leilani.”

For some reason, when I walked away, I felt like my face was extremely hot. I don’t know how I got to geometry, but I do know when I walked there I was in a complete daze.

Just as I walked in, Trisha who had been talking to that new kid who we met this morning, looked up at me.

“Lei? What’s wrong? Are you sick, girl?” She asked tenderly.

Instantly, the thought hit me like a ton of bricks.

“Trish… I think I like…”

“You think you like what?”

“Ju- Jul- Julio.” I mumbled.

“Speak up! You know how I feel about mumbling!” she growled.

“I think I like Julio Gonzalez!” I whisper yelled.

Trisha looked at me for a good 45 seconds before she broke out grinning.

“You Realized it!!!!” She all but screamed.

“…Huh?” was my oh so intelligent reply.

I walked to my English two honors class with a skip in my step. My black locks bouncing with each little jump on back. In my arms I held the script for my drama role. Mr. Jack said my potential as an actress is phenomenal. To bad Physics was all I truly cared about.

Once in the classroom, I took my respective seat in front of Trisha. Her tenth grade style was traditional straight black hair with red highlights , but it contradicted with her ice blue contacts. Her ears still had many earrings but she looked like the same Trisha I’d known for years. She was completely one with her kindle as her eyes scanned over every word, letter, and symbol.

“Trish.” I called out quietly.

“Hm?” She hummed obviously hearing me.

“Guess what?”



“Plbsbs…” was her completely focused reply.

“Don’t you use your distractive gibberish on me!” I reprimanded

“Ugh! What woman!?” She asked irritated. Her ice blue contacts were on fire as they glared at me harshly. Her small pale nose flared furiously.

Obviously I was interrupting a good part… I mused.

“Mr. Jack is going to let me try out for the schools Drama and dance team!” I exclaimed unable to keep the grin off my face.

It took Trisha a whole 30 seconds before she switched her kindle fire off and glued her eyes to the things in my arms.

“Gimme!” she commanded.

I happily complied. My good mood going higher and higher as she looked at the DVD and scanned the script. Her eyes widened by practically meters when she saw the personal note Mr. Jack had wrote himself.

“… I’m soooo proud of you!” She squealed in delight.

I felt my face heat up and the appraisal. While I was good at dancing, it was Trisha who wanted to make a major out of it, so hearing her say that made me extremely happy.

“So Mr. Jack let your clumsy *ss try out?” A scratchy voice commented.

I didn’t even have to turn around to know who it was. Trisha’s stank face said it all.

“Oh hello, Lindsey.” I drawled.

“Whatever. Like I was saying, why would he let you try out, when he wouldn’t even let moi try out?”

“Maybe it’s because you have two left feet, and the acting of a special patient?” Trisha mumbled loudly.

“Excuse me?” She gasped.

Trisha’s large brown eyes widened further, “Uh… um”

“How dare you!”

I finally decided to face the girl and blanched at her outfit.

Her bleached blonde hair was curled to perfection and her face was covered in make-up. She wore a tight short pink top and you could clearly see her stuffed bra. The fact that her shorts were to disgraceful to all shorts didn’t even phase me even more.

“Lindsey… Still stuffing your bra’s in high school? With your money one would think you’d have had surgery for implants by now…” Trisha mused aloud once again.

“I wish… They said I was too young for the surgery-”

She stopped talking the moment she saw my astonished and Trisha’s disgusted face.

Trisha and I never thought about such things. For some reason, we were both blessed with the Thunder Tits.

“I mean… How dare you!” She screeched.

“Will you shut up?” Growled Julio, whom had just walked in.

Lindsey instantly placed on her flirtatious smile. I resisted the urge to jump her as she attached herself to the (unfortunate) love of my life. “Julio!” She screeched, “Thank you for trying to help me shut those-”

“I was talking about you.” He dead panned, “Your voice is unbelievably scratchy.”

I held back a smirk as he snatched his arm back. I unconsciously licked my lips as my eyes traveled up his biceps in his tight white v-neck. His long legs carried him toward his assigned seat beside me. I couldn’t help but notice how sexy his hair looked combed back…

“Girl! Stop staring. You’re drooling!” I heard Trisha hiss in my ear.

If possible, my face felt like it was on fire. Let me clarify, after the incident in eighth grade when I found out I like Julio Gonzalez, I had been very unlady like about showing my feelings. I would trip, or hurt myself when he was near or I would do or say something stupid.

“Shut up…” I mumbled.

“What?” I looked behind me and found Julio looking at me with his sharp Caribbean blue eyes.

“Uh… um… Nothing.” The hell?, “I thought Trisha was behind me…”

A smirk lit his face, “She moved to beside you. Something about needing to see over your big head.”

That heffa! She’s taller than me!

It took me .5 seconds to realize his insult.

I bristled, “That’s rich coming from the bastard with the huge ass ego!” I whisper yelled.

I true bright smile slithered onto his face, “There we go. That’s the Leilani I know.”

“Wh- what?”

“You’ve been weird around for the longest time. It bothered the crap out of me. You better not be falling for me. I trust only you and Jong when it comes to being friends who are girls. You don’t drool over me.”

It felt like my heart had been shot.

His trusting smile sent another bullet through me.

On the inside, I was preparing to cry my heart out. On the outside, I faked a grimace and stuck up my nose.

“No way would I ever like you like that Julio.”

For a split second, sadness flashed through his eyes before it was gone, “That’s the just way I like it.”

“Ok class!” Mrs. Masters spoke, “Let’s get started. Take out the yellow text books and flip to the story on Julius Caesar. We shall take turns popcorn reading.”

Begrudgingly, I turned back around and grabbed the book from under the desk.

A small piece of neon pink paper flew onto my desk.

I raised a single eyebrow and looked to Trisha. She hastily made the ‘open it’ motion before flipping through the book for Julius Caesar.

What happened? Her not so elegant hand writing read.

I sighed, I was rejected without even having to say anything.

I flicked the paper back and looked away as her eyes didn’t even reread the sentence before her left hand started to scribble something.

What’d he say?!

He said that he’s glad you and I don’t drool and fawn over him. We’re the only girls he trusts and likes enough to hang out with basically…

THAT BASTARD! No wonder he can’t have steady girlfriend! He doesn’t understand a girls feeling’s!

… it’s cool. I’m just going to be his friend and find someone waaaaay better.

A visible grin crossed Trisha’s features as she read my note.

^_^ You do that girl! I’ll hook you up!

Lol. I’d rather find a guy on my own.

“Pop Corn… Leilani.” Francesca, an acquaintance of mine, called out. She had a teasing smile on her face.

Someone knew I wasn’t paying attention…

A note came flying over my shoulder and my eyes widened. I opened it and rose an eyebrow at what it read:

Page 450, line 25 Line 35.

I immediately recognized the writing as Julio’s.

I smiled and looked for the exact position.

Maybe being his best girl friend won’t be so bad.

When I finished reading, I said, “Pop corn Trisha.” And she didn’t fail to glare at me harshly before sitting up to read fluently.

She causally flicked a paper to me but I ignored it as I wrote Julio’s reply.

Thx! >.< I was lost! Using my ninja skills, I folded it and tossed it over my shoulder super lightly.

I then opened Trisha’s, Suit yourself love -.-

I shall! :P

I flicked it back over to Trisha’s desk and focused on the story. Betrayal, loyalty, romance, power… blah blah blah…

You’re welcome Ms. I don’t pay attention

Before I could write a reply, the bell rung and everyone stood up.

Trisha, like a panther, pounced onto my arm and dragged me out of the classroom.

“Man hunting time!” She exclaimed.

“It better be for Lei.” A deep voice said from behind us.

Trisha froze before smirking at the voice, “Of course it’s for me. God knows my man doesn’t love me.”

A tall, tan, lean, and toned teenage boy stood behind us with a black Jansport lazily hanging on one shoulder. His brown locks were short and fresh as though he had got a new hair cut. His green eyes were flamboyant as they stared at Trisha in her black off the shoulder top and her grey ripped skirt. Her black stockings were clearly visible and her brown leather lace up boots completed her whole ensemble.

Nathan rubbed his hand through my hair affectionately before he shoved it in his jeans pocket as his right hand took Trisha’s left and stuffed it in his jersey pocket.

“Where are you fine ladies heading now?” He asked.

“Well since it’s time for third period, we ALL are heading to Mr. Rodriguez.” I said shuddering.

The man was our Pre-calculus honors teacher and lord knows he was terrible. One moment, you see a simple function rule on the pristine white board, you blink, and the man has already pulled thousands of numbers out of his Spanish ass. It was unreasonable and unfair. Everyone barely passed his class and we are not allowed to switch out. Thank god Trisha’s part Asian so her parents taught her before hand or Nathan and I would be failing terribly.

“Oh god. I hate him.” Trisha groaned.

I was about to reply when I bumped straight into someone. We both fell over, me dropping my try-out forms and him his books. From the amount of books he was carrying, he was most likely a new kid.

I instantly bent down to pick up my papers.

“I’m soo sorry!” I exclaimed embarrassed.

I looked up and his blonde highlights hit me first. His hair color was obviously black, but the highlight caught my attention.

A further observation pointed this guy out to be of Indian descent.

I held back a blush as his green eyes stared at me in… awe?

Before I could introduce myself, his hand was stretched out.

“Rasheed Dawn. Junior age 17. Aspiring to be a Psychologist. Hate drugs, and cigarettes. Most Important? Single.” He said with a grin on his face. I could feel Trisha’s urge to do the happy dance as I took his out stretched hand.

“Leilani Edmund. Sophomore age 16. Aspiring to be a Physician. Likewise, I hate drugs and cigarettes. Most important? I am most definitely completely free.” I said with a flirtatious smile on my face. I had no idea I could do the flirt smile.

I knew for a fact that Trisha was resisting the urge to jump up and down with pride.

I rummaged my bag for a pen and managed to write my number down on a piece of paper.

“Call me when you’re free.” I said. I stood up and dusted the imaginary dust from my tights and straightened my over sized purple lace shirt.

With more grace than I thought I had, I grabbed my book bag and walked to m building for my third period.

Behind me, Rasheed was smirking at my number.

Trisha finally caught up with me when she asked, “What the hell was that?”

“… I honestly don’t know.”

She looked ahead and shook her head, “Either way. You’re a lucky girl Lei! That boy was drop dead sexy. Did you see his eyes?”

I looked to her and we did the squeal.

“I saw! They were like emeralds girl!! Emeralds!”


We looked back to Nathan.

“Oh, but y’know. My type is the sexy white boy type…” Trisha brushed off.

“Mhmm.” Nathan said. Trisha smiled innocently and skipped up the stairs to M building.

“Why are you skipping?” I asked.

“Because my bffltdtup is growing up!” She exclaimed

I rolled my eyes and smiled.

“Whatever…” I mumbled blushing. She giggled and took my hand and Nathan’s. Soon we were pushing the slow ass freshman from or oath and blatantly ignoring the seniors.

Secretly, I reveled in the fact that some guy took an interest in me as well. Being given attention by a handsome guy who knew what he wanted was… exhilarating.

For once, I was confident and enthusiastic.

Not ditsy and a blushing fool.

I have a good feeling about this.

‘I have a bad feeling about this.’ Was my only thought as I watched behind my hiding spot with Trisha. We were all just partying about how FCAT was finally over at the warehouse that we rented when this gang showed up. They were pissed, drunk, and dangerous, but well out numbered.

Our guys were bigger and tougher, but these guys had weapons.

Class A weapons.

Every girl had flipped over the tables and was cowering. Everyone but Trisha and I of course.

We don’t cower.

We shiver and curl into a ball.

In the head line of the guys protecting us were, Julio, Jason, Rasheed, Shaq, Aaron, Keith and Nathan.

If anything, Nathan, Shaq, and Jason were renowned for being good fighters, but again, those guys had weapons.

“What do you want?” Nathan asked.

The leader, a big tattooed Spanish boy staggered forward.

“Aye Man, -hic- this is our territory!” He yelled out completely drunk.

Jason and Shaq, two twin Jamaican brothers, bumped elbows and chuckled silently.

Behind me, Jason’s girlfriend, Brianna, was near tears and silently calling the cops. Shaq’s girlfriend, Angelica was praying with Trisha, Trinity, Katelyn and Sammy. Every other girl was hiding by the walls holding their purses and other valuables.

‘How could a simple party go downwards? We were just having fun dancing and playing truth or dare seconds ago.’


After that, all I heard was a Trisha scream:

“My baby!” and jump up.

Sirens were heard in the distance and the gang members tried to escape.

Shaq and Jason were being held back by their girlfriends to keep from murdering the Spanish leader. Every other guy had tackled the few members to the floor and kept them there till the cops came in.

I watched Trisha cry over Nathan’s cold lifeless form. It took all my strength not to cry with her. Nathan was like my other brother. And here he was, bleeding to death on a cold floor with Trisha crying over him.

I held Trisha’s crying form with Brianna as she cried and hollered. When the cops covered his body in an orange plastic, Trisha fainted.

Rasheed came to my side looking pained and rueful.

“I’m sorry.”

All I remember after that was crying my heart out.

Four months after the incident

“We should break up, Rasheed.” I said silently.

He could only nod. We both knew this was going to happen. After Nathan’s death, no one had been the same. Especially Trisha. She never left her house, hardly answered her phone, and from what I heard from her mother, she hardly ate. In fact, the last we all saw of her was when she spoke at Nathan’s funeral.

“I guess I’ll see you.” Rasheed said. I didn’t look at him. Instead, I watched an elderly couple walk around with their grandchild. The boy looked to be around seven and he was grinning.

The sight made me smile, How cute. I wonder if I’ll have grandchildren…

“Call me when you get home, ok?” He asked before he kissed my head and walked out of the little café.

He left a crisp twenty dollar bill on the table for the bill.

Hey sista, go sista,
Soul sista, flow sista.
Hey sista, go sista,
Soul sista, flow sista.

He met marmalade down
In old Moulin Rouge
Strutting on the street
She said Hell-

“Trisha? Oh gosh! Why haven’t you-?”

“They charged him!”

“Charged who?”

“The bastard who shot Nathan girl!!” Her voice yelled through the phone.

“… For real!? How long?”

“50 to life!” she exclaimed.

A grin exploded on my face. I stood up and put a five on the table for a tip and ran outside. The sun was bright and the birds were singing.

“I broke up with Rasheed.”

“Oh honey! It’s my fault isn’t it? I’m so sorr-”

“Don’t apologize. We had been growing apart for a while now. It’s not your fault.” I took out my keys and unlocked my car, “You know how it is. He’s a senior going to college. He’s looking for better things. I can’t be the thing holding him back.” I put the car in reverse and adjusted my phone on the speaker above my stereo.

Hey, it wasn’t texting and driving.

“Whatever… Lei…”

I furrowed my brows, “What?...”

She sighed, “I’ve decided I’m going to attend Kirin Dance Academy in South Korea.”

“… What!?!?!?” I yelled. I accidently swerved the car and honks were heard all around.

“I just… I think Kirin will be good for me. I’ve always want to further my career in dance. You know this.”

“Yeah, but Kirin? I just got my best friend back!”

“I’m sorry. But the whole incident left a sour taste in my mouth. Plus, Nathan would want me to go. He wouldn’t want me to brood about his death and forget about my dreams. So I won’t. You go on to become a Physician girl! I’ll be sure to only get my medicine from you.”

I rubbed my nose and rubbed my eyes to stop from crying, “I’ll be the one making the drugs Trish. Not prescribing them…”

“Oh…” Laughter was heard on the other end.

“Stop crying *sniff*.”

“I’m not crying…” I mumbled, “I’m sweating through my eyes…”

She scoffed, “Yeah sure.”


“Gotta go Lei. Mama’s calling!”

“Yeah I hear her. Bye bye.”

“I’m leaving July 16.” She said quietly.

I almost choked on a sob, Their anniversary date… How romantic.

“Ok. I’ll be there.”

On my way home, I passed an old park. There on the bench, a hunched over body was sitting on the bench. It had black hair and the shoulders were broad. I could make out a slight blue hue to the shirt.

“Julio?” I whispered to myself.

Instead of taking the street to my neighborhood entrance I turned towards the park’s entrance.

I confidently walked toward his hunched figure. My high tops making very little sounds. A light breeze came by and swayed my dress. I clutched my sweater closer to myself.

For April in Miami, it’s damn cool. I mused looking around the park. This was the same park I last punched Julio in. He had had the nerve to insult my short hair which I had had to cut because my brother thought I would have been funny to stick gum in it.

I quietly sat down on the wooden bench next to him and stretched. I gently pushed a strand of my hair behind my ears and waited for him to say something.

“I love you.”

I immediately stumbled out of my seat. On the floor, I looked back up at him. His oceanic green blue eyes were looking at me intently.

Just like eighth grade, I thought to myself.

“I-I love you too.” I stuttered.

“No. Let me rephrase. I’m in love with you.” Again, his eyes were looking directly at me.

I felt a hot blush creep up my neck.

“H-how long…?” I mumbled.

“Since the moment you punched me in the face at this park. I thought you were so braze and courageous. You were the only girl to proudly where your hair short after I had openly declared I only liked girls with long hair. Minus, Jong of course.”

I chuckled, “Oh… that was because my brother stuck gum in it so I had to cut it. But I was going to cut it anyways.”

He smiled sadly, “I can see that possibly happening...”

“Why are you telling me now?” I asked.

“Because I’m going to try and forget you starting now. You’ve moved on with Indian boy so I guess it’s my turn to.”

I gaped at him, “I just broke up with him. Like thirty minutes ago…”

It was his turn to gape, “Why?”

Shrugging I glanced at the swings. Usually, two or three kids would be fighting over it by now.

“I don’t really know. We’ve just grown apart I suppose…”

He nodded, “So?”

“So what?” I asked looking at him.

“Your feelings.”

“Oh… since eighth grade. But then I met Rasheed and my feeling got a bit confusing….” I groaned.

“So how about now?...”

“Sure. Now that you bring it up. The feeling never really went away…”

“So we can…”

I scoffed, “No. I’m not going back into a relationship for a while.”

He smirked, “I doubt that. Now that I know, I won’t stop bugging you.”

I rolled my eyes and smirked back at him, “Challenge accepted.”

I stretched out my hand, “Deal?”

He grasped my own. I took that short moment to admire his soft olive tone skin. It was completely larger than mine own. I never really noticed when It came to Rasheed’s …

“Trato.” With that, he pulled me closer kissed me on the lips. For once, I finally understood what romance novelists always wrote about. My lips didn’t tingle, they exploded. “Now, our deal is formal.”

I watched half dazed as Julio’s swag walked toward his hummer.

“… You Jerk!!” I stood up and chased him. My ink black locks flowing in the wind. When I caught him, I did something; I hadn’t done in under 10 years.

I wacked him upside the head.


I stuck my tongue out and hopped in my car and drove off before he could catch up to me

“Nooo!!!” I whined as I clung to Trisha’s top. She too, was clinging to me like I was her life span.

“I don’t want to go anymore!” She balled.

“Then don’t!” I said with a huge smile on my face.

“Hahaha! No.” She dead panned.

I pouted, “No fair!”

“Whatever. When I get in Seoul, I’ll call you. Just promise to keep in touch. You better keep me updated with the whole Julio thing.” She demanded with a wink.

I blushed and pushed her away, “Go! You irritate me.”

She gave a hearty laugh before looking at me, “Take care of yourself, Leilani.”

“Back at ya, girl. Don’t chase every Korean guy you see.” I joked with big fat salty tears cascading my cheeks.

She chuckled and sniffed, “Bye best friend.”

I choked on a sob, and waved her bye as she walked away and onto her plane.

The second her plane’s doors closed, I fell to my knees and started crying my heart out. My mother and brother helped me up and ushered me out of the airport. I resisted the urge to rush to a viewing window to see her plane take off.

Instead, I settled for wiping my nose and eyes on my brother's shirt and walked the rest of the way out with my head held high.

“Leilani Edmund!” Principal Cher called out.

I stood up and bowed to the claps and cat growls from my friends. My black curls bounced as I walked up the steps to the stage. My heels making an elegant clack with each step.

I grabbed my diploma and shook Principal Cher’s hand.

“Congratulations Edmund.”

I smiled and nodded, “Thank you Mrs. Cher.”

Once again, I walked down the stairs.

Three hours later, every student had a diploma, Rachel, the student body president, had given her speech.

Near the end, the football team (our ace sport) a/n yeah right had done a killer prank by releasing thousands of water balloons on us all. The cheer team had cooperated by filling each balloon with glitter.

Enough said, we all walked out looking like the Cullen family.

When I walked outside with Angelica and Brianna, they both creamed and rushed ahead.

There stood, a red head with short hair. Her blue contacts were icy and she had a huge smirk on her face. In one hand, she had a fancy looking certificate and in the other, a bag. She wore a simple green and black dress that went to her knees and on her feet she wore green heels.

I smiled and walked up to her but left a three meter distance, “Red hair? Really?”

She shrugged, “Hey? What are you gonna do with me? Besides, I thought it looked awesome.”

I smiled, “Trisha!!!!!”

“Leilani!!!!!!” Just as we were about to do our reunion hug, someone coughed.

Trisha’s eyes looked behind me and she and Brianna and Angelica disappeared like ninjas.


I slowly turned around to face the voice. Considering the owner was a good 5 five inches taller, I’m 5’7”, I had to look up.

I small smile made its way onto my face, “Julio.”

I examined every part of him. From his dark curls, to his fine eye brows, to his intoxicating eyes. His lips held my attention for a moment before the dropped to the flowers in his hand.

“Will you go on a-”

“Just shut up and kiss me already!” I demanded.

He smirked and happily obliged, “Impatient are we?”

“You know me.” I mumbled into the kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he wrapped his own around my waist.

“Woohooo! Go Leilani!!!” Trisha, Brianna, and Angelica yelled.

Shaq, Jason, Aaron, and Keith whistled loudly before clapping.

“Get some, Man!” Aaron shouted.

I, with every elegance of a lady, flipped the off with my shiny green finger.

I removed myself from him and we walked to our friends.

“Trish!” We all looked to the sound of the voice.

A few car rows down, a tall handsome Asian man with brown hair and beats around his neck jogged up to us. We all could see his light brown eyes and his toned body.

“Trisha?” Brianna asked with an eye brow raised.

She shrugged, “Don’t kill me for trying to seek love and finding it..”

I shook my head, “Girl, I thought I said don’t chase them?”

She shrugged her shoulders and stuck her tongue out before leaning on my car, “What? He chased me.”

I laughed along with everyone else, “Girl, you are crazy!”

“You just realized that?” Julio asked as he put his arms around my shoulders.

I resisted the urge to punch him.

Oh yeah, I’m growing out of it. Hitting your boyfriend is not cool.

It’s so hard to love your enemy.

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This was really good. I loved the way that you fit so much, and so many powerful emotions into this story. Really good job:)

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