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September 18, 2012
By EvaLuna, Englefield Green, Other
EvaLuna, Englefield Green, Other
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‘You want to bring Cameron? I don’t even know that guy.’ I said rejecting his offer.
‘That’s not true, you met him at the…’ he paused to try to remember when we last met. I give him a look, saying that I’m right. ‘Okay fine maybe you don’t know him as well as I do but I also deserve someone that I’m familiar with.’
‘What are you talking about? What about Elaina and John?’ I asked confusedly.
‘Don’t start that, you know that I’m only friends with them because of you.’ He said quite loud for his sister and Burt to hear us from downstairs. I lied down on his bed while he constantly changed rooms assembling his clothes for the trip. When he came back from the bathroom carrying a ridiculous pair of swimming shorts, I had to make a remark.
‘Oh no, put that away my eyes are hurting.’ I said, covering my eyes. Matt picked up my attempt of making fun of him and threw the shorts in my face. I threw them back when the look on Matt’s face suddenly became serious again.
‘We’re taking Cameron.’ He said before closing the door behind him. I didn’t run after him or call his name, because I knew I couldn’t change his mind.

Eva Luna Y.


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