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Poles Apart

September 4, 2012
By Chloejournal DIAMOND, Devon, Other
Chloejournal DIAMOND, Devon, Other
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Ruby wasn’t what you call your ‘typical teenager’. Instead of a rebellious life of hedonism, sixteen year old Ruby was living in a perfect nightmare and was girl who would never step a foot out of line. After years of the same old act and the control of her uptight mother, a curious thought changed everything. Feeling like no one understood her Ruby needed to escape and search for her own fun and excitement. She was growing tired and fed with her boring old routine she decided that things needed to change, a present from her parents was the perfect opportunity to reinvent herself as a new and exciting person. But was having an exciting life really better?
Jase was your typical moody and unruly teenager fed up with being the invisible one in the room. After years of being known as the ‘miserable one’ Jase decided that something had to happen. After a life in the shadows of personal heart-breaking tragedy and his best friend Callum Jase decided to find something else to fill the void in his life with. A simple action then changed the course of his life and made him reconsider everything he had ever known to be right but what would he do when he found out the truth?

Chloe H.

Poles Apart

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