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Fighting over 'outcast girl'

August 20, 2012
By jodiemai, Davenport, Florida
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jodiemai, Davenport, Florida
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~ Noah ~

It's Saturday, the 15th of August, around 2 in the afternoon, I'd not long ago got up, seeing as it's summer break i like to spend as much time as possible in my bed before i have to go back to school. Me and my brother Lukas are playing FIFA on our Xbox in our games room. He's 18, a year and a half older than me. He's got longish dark hair and blue eyes, all the girls at school love him. I'm busy focusing on the game to make sure to beat him, but he's moaning his ass off as per usual saying I'm a cheater, when I'm not, really he just can't get over the fact that he sucks.

"Lukas, for the last time, I'm not cheating and you know it, you just say that to try and hide the fact that your just really s*** at this game" i laugh continuing to win.

"Noah, I'm not s*** you are chea-" he gets cut off by our mom calling from the kitchen.

"Boys! I need to talk to you in a minute come into the kitchen for me please!" I press pause on the game and head out of the games room. Me and Lukas are proper mommy's boys, we'd do anything for our mom, we're close to my dad too, but not as much as mom. I walk into the kitchen Lukas following right behind me. Taking a seat at the island in the middle of the kitchen i notice a huge plate filled with moms home made cookies piled on. I take a bite into one, closing my eyes enjoying the taste of the warm cookie in my mouth. I open my eyes as Lukas asks her

"Whats up?" he's leaning against the fridge about to eat an apple. Yep, Lukas is a total health freak, healthy foods non stop and gym gym gym.

"We're going to be having a house guest" she replies.

"Who? Why?" I question.

"A friend of mine, her daughter Skylar Johnson is going to stay for a few months".

Skylar Johnson... hmm that names sounds a bit familiar. I try to figure out where the name is recognizable for a few seconds, but give up, my minds gone blank.

"Name sounds familiar" I tell mom.

"Yeah, well she goes to your high school hun" mom says while chopping some vegetables up on a chopping board on the counter.

"Oh, really? What does she look like?" I still can't think of who this girl is, or have any idea why she's coming to stay with us, if I'm honest, I'm not too keen on the idea.

"Umm long dark hair with light bits at the ends, average height, slim, very pretty girl" mom replies. Nope, still no clue. Obviously she is a nobody or in a different grade to me.

"Don't know her mom" i reply.

"Well her mom told me you two are in the same grade" mom shrugs.

"Wait, i know her! She sits on the table right by the windows in the cafeteria with Kyla, Gabrielle, Ellis, George and all that lot!" Lukas pipes in, his eyes narrowed thinking. Ahh, i know her now.

"Yeah actually, i think it is. I think she might be in my gym class or something. But there like...the outcasts" i trail off huffing.

"Noah" mom warns me.

"What? It's true" i huff. Great, this is a disaster, this girl is such an outcast i didn't even realise who we were speaking about at first, i couldn't match her face to her name, and to make things worse, when people find out, I'm going to be a laughing stock for having one of the outcasts living at my house, not even for just a few weeks, for months! I start tapping my fingers on the counter top grumpily, i can feel myself frowning.

"She's quite pretty though... ya know, for an outcast" Lukas laughs. I try really hard to bite back my laugh, but fail, i immediately stop thought when i see mom shooting us a glare, she can be quite scary sometimes.

"You boys better not call her that again especially when she's here. It's not nice and she's having a tough time, you two are to make her feel welcome and at home here, understand?".

"Why? What's happening?" i ask.

"Not my place to say, now I'm going to the loo. Noah, finish cutting those up for me" she says pointing at the chopping board. I walk over and start chopping, but stop to glance up at Lukas,to ask what he thinks of this whole situation but he's deep in thought.

"What you thinking bro?" i ask.

"Nothing, doesn't bother me to be honest" he replies shrugging.

"Well, what will Jenna think of all this?" i question.

"Dunno and don't care. I can't help it if moms arranged it, plus I'm not gonna try something with someone like two years younger am i Noah. Brittany on the other hand..." he trails off laughing. I immediately frown, he's right, Brittany is going to kill me.

"Lukas, shut up alright, I'm already worrying about that" i huff crossing my arms over my chest. Brittany is my girlfriend, she's a cheerleader at our high school, tiny, bright blonde hair, green eyes, not head cheerleader but still, everyone knows who she is, and who i am, I'm in the schools football team. She is the jelous type, she's not insecure at all, but I'm not allowed to talk to another girl or she kicks up a huge fuss causing an argument, I'm getting pretty fed up of it. Then, when she finds out there's a girl coming to stay at my house, who's our age, goes to our school, outcast or most popular girl in the school, she wont like it. She will shout, blame me, as if I'm the one who has planned all this, and I'm not looking forward to it. When mom walks back into the kitchen, she takes one look at my face and instantly knows somethings up.

"Noah, you ok?" she asks straight away.

"Not really. I just don't know what Brittany is gonna think about all this" i groan.

"I don't care" mom shrugs. Wait...what?

"Maybe you don't but i do. Why can't she just stay somewhere else" I snap back. Mom stops chopping a carrot and looks up at me, she doesn't speak, just stares.

"Well fine, don't like it, then go stay with Brittany and her family, whatever. Penny Johnson is my good friend Noah, she needs my help and I'm there for her, and her daughter. If Brittany doesn't like it, tell her to talk to me about it, not you. Skylar's staying, end of".

"But-" I start but get cut off.

"No but's, I don't like Brittany to be honest Noah, she's bitchy, she's rude and she thinks she's amazing. And quite frankly she's not the best influence on you either, before her you'd be happy to help, now your being rude just like her to. She's changing you". Mom snaps. Woah, she's hasn't been this blunt and angry with me for a long time. Her words make me angry but upset at the same time. I haven't changed... have i?

"Oh, that's what you really think is it?! i shout. "What about you Lukas, you think that too!? Lukas just looks away avoiding my gaze, staying quiet. "Well i don't give a s***!" I rarely shout at my mom, as soon as it escapes my lips i regret it a bit. Mom walks over to the TV on the wall, turns it on then goes back to cutting the vegetables.

"Yes Noah, it is. Now go away and leave me in peace" she replies. She's mad at me, very mad. I sulk, then turn away and head towards the stairs, halfway up i pause when i hear my mom speak.

"She really is changing him Lukas, i don't like it, she's a horrible girl". Mom sighs.

"I know, but it's his choice. If he wants to carry on being bossed around and shouted at by her then it's his choice. Nothing we can do, it's not like we didnt warn him" Lukas replies. I sink down onto on of the steps putting my head in my hands, pulling at the ends of my hair in frustration. This doesn't happen, we don't fight in this family, ever.

"I suppose" mom replies.

"So, when is Skylar coming?" Lukas asks cheerily. Mom laughs.

"Well you seem excited Lukas, she'll be here in 2 days".

"I actually am ya' know. It will be cool having someone else around, she's an outcast at school yeah, but she doesn't seem too bad" Lukas chuckles. Great, only two days until she comes, so she'll be here for a few weeks before we even go back to school. I stand up and make the rest of my way to my bedroom not wanting to listen to them having a conversation when they don't want to speak to me at all. I fall down onto my bed and close my eyes. Maybe i have changed.


~ Skylar ~

"But dad, why!?" I screamed down my phone to my dad. He was sending me off to live with Noah and Lucas Gilbert for a while, two massive jerks and he expects me to just be fine with it!? This has to be the worst news ever.

"Why cant i just come stay with you for now?" i asked hoping he'd agree.

"Skye, I'm halfway across the world, besides you have school-"

"But I'm on summer break!" i insisted.

"Yeah, for about two more weeks, besides it will give you time to settle in before having to go back to school. I'm sorry Skylar, there's just no other option here" he said firmly.

"Why can't i just stay at home? I'm almost 17!" i shouted stomping my foot on the ground. I was not a happy girl right now.

"Skylar, there is no way you are staying home alone for a few months. No way".


"Skylar, it's not happening, get it out of your head and continue to pack your bags. Ok?" my dad replied. I knew there was no point asking again, it would just cause a big row and I'm not in the mood for it. "You're to go there Friday, 2 days time. I have to go, ring me later ok Skye, love you".

"Love you too" i muttered putting down the phone. Ugh, life is so unfair. I stalked over to my closet in my room that i wouldn't be living in again for a while and started chucking clothes, shoes underwear pj's and everything else I'd need into my suitcase without bothering to even fold and make it fit nicely. Why did this have to happen to my family?


'Beep beep beep'. I groaned rolling over in my bed and slammed my hand down onto my alarm clock to make the stupid thing shut up. I rubbed my eyes and peered through them to see the time, 9:13 am. Friday, time to move in with the Gilbert's. Woo.

I got out of bed and trudged over to my bathroom to take a shower. Twenty minutes later i stepped out instantly feeling better. Strolling over to my closet to find some clothes, i instantly cursed to myself as i stared at an empty closet, remembering I'd packed all of my clothes, not leaving anything out for today. Stupid me. Yanking open my suitcase to grab some clothes, i grabbed whatever was near the top of the mounding heap of stuff. Settling on some ripped denim short-shorts and a white floaty tank top with some gladiator sandals i moped over to my dresser to pull a brush through my long wavy dark hair.

Half an hour later i was ready after unpacking my hair dryer, drying my hair leaving it down my back naturally wavy and repacking my hair dryer AGAIN and applying some makeup i was at the front door with my two suitcases and purse, ready to leave home. And soon enough, i was zooming along the streets of Florida, my hometown in my white Mercedes Benz c63 towards the Gilbert's house, well actually, not zooming, i was going as slow as possible. I was gonna use the excuse of being late from 'getting lost' but my stupid dad had already told them I'd be fine to get there by myself because of the built in sat nav in my car. Stupid technology. 10 minutes later i had pulled up into the Gilberts drive and parked up, they had a big private drive with quite a lot of space, the same as ours. Pulling out the keys and stepping out of the car i glanced around and took a good look at their house. It was big, cream with wooden windows, lots of plants and flowers, a water fountain in the centre of the drive, a bench off the side sat on the grass and a massive stone path that lead up to the huge wooden front doors, it was nice. I walked round to the trunk of my car to get my suitcases out, about to pull them out when a voice startled me from behind causing me to jump and wack my head on the car.

"Let me help you with that".

"OW!" i shouted as i hit my head, hard. The annoying person causing me to hurt myself was actually stood chuckling at me in pain. I spun round to glare at him, only to see Lucas Gilbert pretending to not be chuckling at me... and he was offering me help? Wow, who knew.

"I got it, thanks. And besides, you are too busy laughing anyway" i huffed yanking both the suitcases out the trunk, pulling my purse onto my shoulder and slamming the trunk shut. Going to grab the handles of the suitcases, his two big muscly hands beat me too it.

"No, i insist, you're our guest, let me help" he spoke walking off towards the front door. I was stunned that he could actually be... kind of nice. But then again I'd never spoken to this boy before, he completely ignores me because I'm 'an outcast'. I jogged forward to catch him up.

"Uhh... thanks." i mumbled.

"Not a problem, I'm Lucas by the way" he spoke. Duh, obviously i knew who he was, or did he not even know we went to the same high school?

"I know who you are. I'm Skylar" i replied.

"I know who you are" he mocked me glancing at me, a big smirk on his face.

"Really?" I'm shocked. "We've never spoke before".

"My mom told me about you" he replied shrugging his shoulders. Oh. Ok.

Once we arrived at the front door, he pushed it open dragging my two suitcases in behind him, then left them right in the middle of the hall, and walked off... he left me, on my own, in this house, where i know no one, or where I'm going. What the? Jerk.

"Wait Lucas-"

"What?" he spun around raising his eyebrows.

"Nothing" i spat putting my purse down.

"Whatever..." he mumbled walking back off. "There in the kitchen" he said before disappearing upstairs. I took off my sandals pushing all my stuff out of the way to the side so it wasn't accident prone to anyone, especially me, I'm a clutz. I wandered forwards glancing in each room until i found the kitchen. Finally i found it, and Mr and Mrs Gilbert were sat at the island in the kitchen watching something on the TV that was placed on the wall. I nervously walked in.

"Uhh, hi Mr and Mrs Gilbert" i spoke quietly. They looked up, great big smiles plastered on their faces.

"Skylar! Hi!" Mrs Gilbert shouted running over to me giving me a big hug. She pulled away placing her hands on my shoulders. "My god, look at you all grown up, you're even more beautiful then i remember! If that's even possible!" I looked down blushing, compliments and me do not go well together.

"Thanks Mrs Gilbe-"

"Call me Julie, ok sweetie" she smiled brightly.Then Mr Gilbert walked over giving me a hug.

"Skylar, great to see you again. Call me Steve" he smiled.

"Skylar, where is Lucas? We sent him out to get you..." Julie said her eyebrows furrowed together.

"Oh, he did. But he went upstairs once we got in" i replied.

"Jerk" she mumbled. I laughed then covered my mouth up trying not to sound rude, i just found it funny how she was calling her own son a jerk. She smiled, then i heard footsteps coming down the stairs. They started to get closer and closer.

"Noah!" Julie screeched brightly causing me to jump. "Come in here!".

I turned around to face the door, just as the Noah Gilbert came sauntering into the kitchen, damn he was even more attractive then i thought he was, dark hair sticking up in all angles, his dark brown eyes, his perfect plump lips, his muscly arms bulging from the short sleeves of this plain white tee. When he looked up and saw me he stopped dead in his tracks, staring right at me. His eyes travelled all over my body, from my face down my body slightly showing my tanned toned stomach to my golden long legs, then proceeding back up to stare right back into my eyes. His eyes were twinkling slightly and he even went a little pink himself as he realised i knew he was staring. I blushed and looked away.

"Noah, Skylar's here" Julie spoke. He didn't say anything, just continued to stare.

"Noah, don't be rude" Steve huffed. I decided to be the polite one seeing as i was staying in there house.

"Uhh, hi Noah" i spoke quietly forcing a small smile to appear on my lips, very small. What a jerk, making me feel awkward.

"Hi" he grumbled as he got himself a glass of water, then he walked right back out of the kitchen as if i weren't even here. I turned back around, embarrassed, appalled, shocked. He obviously didn't want me here, neither of the boys did. Lucas was nice when i first got here, but in the blink of an eye when straight into jerk mode. And Noah, i don't even know what happened there. I cant believe I'm being made to live here with these weirdos. Julie and Steve were staring at me apologetically.

"Umm, could you show me to my room please?" i asked politely.


"Thanks" i walked out to the hall to grab my stuff. Oh great, Noah is walking right in my direction, he's not looking, he's gonna bump right into me. I moved as best as i could out of his way, but he still slammed right into me.

"Ow" i spoke after my head slammed into the wall. Noah had dropped his phone and car keys to the floor in a clutter and spilt some water down his top making it go see through, don't stare Skye, i told myself firmly. I bent down to grab his phone for him, being polite, but not realising he did the same causing us both to knock our heads together.

"Ow!" we both said at the same time. I was about to chuckle to try and hide the humiliation of this whole situation, but Noah beat me too it by grumbling

"F*** sake" rubbing his head and grabbing his phone he glared at me. "Watch it will you" he growled then walked away.

I stood there, stunned, upset, and wanting to go home. I'd only been here 5 minutes and I've never felt so unwelcome somewhere in my whole life. Just take me home.

"Skylar, this way!" Julie beamed at me motioning me upstairs. What a fun few months this will be.

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on Dec. 8 2012 at 5:21 pm
SweetDreamer78, London, Other
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Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write some moe, i'm dying to know what happens next!

on Aug. 27 2012 at 10:58 pm
C.L.Erins BRONZE, Nunn, Colorado
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this is AWESOME!!! i love it!! write more soon please :)

CAPS_LOCK said...
on Aug. 24 2012 at 4:36 pm
I really like this - continue writing more?

on Aug. 23 2012 at 7:42 am
SweetDreamer78, London, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind

wow, this book is great! I can't wait for you to write more so please do!