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Soul Mates

August 8, 2012
By SouthrnBelle4Life SILVER, pine river, Wisconsin
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SouthrnBelle4Life SILVER, Pine River, Wisconsin
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Author's note: I wrote this story for my best friend. This story IS 100 percent real. All that is differnt are the names :) I want readers to realize how sacred friendship is after reading this. If we didnt have each other, we would have nothing! This isnt the best peice i have ever wrote by far, but it is the most meaningful peice i have ever writen because it came straight from my heart:)

They were perfect for each other, and everyone knew it. Except for the two of them. They spent countless hours thinking about each other and when they went to bed…they dreamed about each other. They were both secretly in love with the other, but were not willing to take the chance of risking their friendship in order to become more than just friends. It wasn’t their fault though. His friends were not supportive of him liking her. At the school dances, he would try to make his way over to ask her if she wanted to dance with him, but his friend Nolan would always pull him away. The fact that his close friend Blake had dated her recently and still had feelings for her didn’t help matters any. He really liked her, but he had no idea how to show it.
She on the other hand, had all the support in the world from her friends. Her best friend Lauren, whom she called her dear, tortured her lovingly about it every day. She told her to ask him if he wanted to see a movie with her and when she failed to kiss him at the dance (even though it was clear that he wanted to) she made it clear that she would soon regret it. Her other bestie Raena agreed with Lauren and tried to talk her into doing something about her feelings. It was no use though; she would do nothing about them. The fear of being rejected overpowered her. It was like she was stuck in quick sand, being pulled down until she could no longer breathe.
If only there was some way that they could be together…

Daylee was probably the sweetest girl in the world. She cared so much about everyone else…that she sacrificed her own happiness for others. She had so many friends. Everyone loved her, even the people SHE couldn’t stand. She never said anything mean to anyone, and if she accidently did she would apologize immediately praying that she had not hurt their feelings. She was funny as hell and could make anyone laugh. When Lauren was upset, she would comfort her and crack a joke while smiling at her with her “creepy smile” all in the hope that she would laugh. And 9 times out of 10 it worked! She was always there for anyone who needed her…it’s easy to say that she was the most compassionate person ever. She was very sensitive, but she was probably one of the strongest people that have ever lived. She had been through so much, and yet come out kicking on the other side!
She was also very pretty! She had this gorgeous mane of brown hair with the prettiest natural highlights. It was naturally curly and always looked incredible. Even when she had just woken up. Raena and Lauren would often laugh at her when she would ask them to play with her hair, she was hysterical that way. She had these beautiful eyes…it’s hard to say what color they were because they changed color all the time!!! She was short, but that made her who she was. Don’t let her short stature fool you, she was strong as hell and would go ninja on you if you pissed her off. She had a big butt (), her friends called her BBD…big booty Daylee and GBD…ghetto booty Daylee. They all said this out of love though! She would worry that she was fat because people would say she had a big butt, but it was a good thing!!! She was entirely muscle, her legs especially! Lauren was jealous of them! Actually every girl was!!!

She had a great sense of style too! Her favorite thing to wear was short-shorts and a plaid shirt, an outfit she often rocked with Lauren. She looked great in anything, and everything fit her! Summer was her favorite time of the year. She loved pitching s*** with Lauren and Raena at Lauren’s house, and washing Lauren’s sheep, especially Belle who she had a special bond with! Her friends and she would run around in shorts and bikini tops, thrilled because they were getting amazing tans! During the summer, she had no drama. She was care-free as could be! And she liked it that way! During the school year, she spent the majority of the time babysitting, spending time with her large family, or hanging out with friends. As I said, she had a very large family! She had five siblings and 3 step siblings…Amarah, Brody, California Rose “Cali”, Gwen, and Keira. Her step siblings were Autumn, Danica, and Bryce. Since she had 4 younger siblings, she was very motherly. Which was a good thing! Lauren always said that Daylee would make a great mom!
Sadly, Daylee had been hurt over and over again by guys. She dated Greyson for a month in 7th grade, and fell completely in love with him. He broke her heart, making her insecure and making her feel like she couldn’t trust guys. She probably wouldn’t have gotten over him if it wouldn’t have been for Mason. Mason was there to catch her when she was falling deep into the black hole that was sadness. He was the ray of sunshine that brightened her life. He showed her that she could be loved, and more importantly that she DESERVED love.

Mason was the hot country boy that every girl wanted. He had light brown hair, brown eyes, and was really cute. He was muscular and just plain hot. He was a true country boy. He wore steel toe boots too school all the time, and rocked plaid shirts constantly. He usually wore American Eagle Jeans with a belt that had a HUGE belt buckle. He wasn’t the kind of guy who wore clothes from Hot Topic or Spencer’s. He usually would call those guys Fags! Girls drooled over him, and totally wished that they could call him “Babe”! But he wasn’t interested in any of them.
Mason was a sweet guy. He acted all tough on the outside but deep down inside he was a romantic. He was funny, cool, and a smooth talker. That’s how he got every girl to fall madly in love with him. He didn’t mean too, but by just saying “Hey!” and smiling at a girl, he drew them in, making them want more. His looks combined with his smooth talking, made every teen girl drool.
You would think that he would have dated millions of girls, but he didn’t date anyone. He had a relationship with a girl that was two years older than him in 6th grade. She broke his heart, scaring him forever. He didn’t show it, but she had really hurt him. If you mentioned her name he would deny even knowing her much less dating her. Of course he had crushes every now and again, but he never really liked any girl. That is until he got to know Daylee. She made him laugh and smile. He knew that she was special, and that he had to get to know her better.

The story started out in 7th grade science class. Daylee and Mason talked…no more like flirted every day in that class. It was surely fate that brought them together. Mason came around at the right time, just after Greyson and Daylee had split. And Daylee was good for Mason because it taught him that not every girl would hurt him. Eventually, their feelings grew and one night at the last dance of the year, Lauren was determined to do something about them. Daylee wanted to dance with Mason, and he did too. But Daylee was too chicken! Mason was standing in the middle of the gym floor by himself, sort of pacing back and forth looking around, waiting for Daylee to come by him. Lauren was fed up and asked their friend Hailey who was in 8th grade to help her convince Daylee to just doing it!
“Daylee honey, he’s standing there waiting for you! Go over there!” Hailey pressed sweetly.
“Gosh darn it Day! Get your butt over there!!!!” Lauren and Hailey had no choice but to push Daylee over by him, and luckily Mason caught her in his arms, and they slow danced at last! It was so sweet and romantic! It meant the world to Daylee, and it no doubt meant something to Mason too.
When the school year ended, Daylee went to Kentucky for a month and Mason stayed here. They failed to keep in touch over the summer, only seeing each other at the fair.

“OMG Lauren!” Daylee sort of whisper-screamed.


“There he is!!”

“Who’s there? Who are you talking about?” Lauren asked.

“Mason! He’s right there with Logan and Tyson and Micah!” she said excitedly.

“Well go over and talk to him then!”

“No! I could never do that!”

“Hi Daylee! Hey Lauren!” said Tyson as he passed by them.

“Hey Tyson! Logan, Micah…Mason.” replied Lauren as she nodded to each one of them. Daylee was shockingly silent so she nudged her. Immediately, Daylee looked up.

“Um, hi guys.” Daylee added nervously. As they walked away Daylee turned to Lauren. “Did you see Mason? Do you think he was looking at me?”

“Eh, I wouldn’t doubt it!” said Lauren with a smile. “Come on lets go get a shaved ice!”

Pretty soon the school year started again, and so did Mason and Daylee’s cycle of flirtation. Lauren and Raena watched in the background as Mason won Daylee’s heart once again. They couldn’t help but smile when she did. Lauren listened as Daylee talked about Mason, and wanting to dance with him at the upcoming dance. Lauren decided to talk to Mason about it without Daylee knowing because she knew Daylee would never be okay with it. One day in Spanish class she saw her opportunity.

“Hey Mason!”

“Hello Lauren.” replied Mason.

“So are you planning on going to the dance this Friday?”

“Eh I don’t know. Should I?”

“Well duh! And you know you should dance with Daylee…” Lauren threw out.

“I have a girlfriend!”

“Psh no you don’t!”

“Yeah I do! Her name is Allisono.” He said with a smirk on his face.

“B.S.!” They continued talking about his imaginary girlfriend and the dance the rest of class.

He must have told Daylee about it because she texted Lauren about it later.
Daylee: Hey girl. Did you talk to Mason today?
Lauren: Yeah why?
Daylee: Bcuz he said you did! He said he told you he had a girlfriend. He’s only kidding you know.
Lauren: Lol yeahhh I know! I told him he should dance with you at the dance Friday.
Daylee: OMG you did?! Ahh! Lauren girl I love you!
Lauren: Lol I love you too!

As Friday grew closer, Daylee became more and more excited for the dance. She asked Lauren to text Mason and ask him if he would dance with her. Since she loved Daylee she agreed.
Lauren: Hey Mason. I was wondering…would you dance with Daylee at the dance on Friday.
Mason: I don’t know if I’m going to go.
Lauren: Well if you do would you?
Mason: I would.
Lauren: Aww that’s really cute Mason Lol.
Mason: Yeah yeah.
Lauren: Lol
Mason: Whatever Lol!

Success! She knew that Daylee would be very happy and as it turns out she was wrong. Daylee was EXTREMELY happy! She couldn’t stop hugging Lauren!

When Friday finally came Mason dropped a bomb shell on Lauren.
Mason: Hey Lauren. I’m sorry but I don’t think I am going to be able to go to the dance.
Lauren: Why?
Mason: Because I have to go snowboarding with the boys.
Lauren: Well Mason I wish you really would come. She’s going to be really sad. She’s probably going to cry.
Mason: Don’t give me that s***…I really wish I could.
Lauren: Well please try to make it…it would mean the world to her.
Mason: I will!
1 Hour Later…
Mason: I’m coming.

Daylee was super excited to see Mason at the dance. Reana, Daylee, and Lauren had a blast dancing with each other and walking around harassing little kids. Eventually, a slow song came on and Lauren saw that Mason was slowly but surely making his way over to Daylee. Instinctively, Daylee tried to get away.

“Daylee Eleanor Kettlewell! You get your slash over here before I kick it to candy mountain!” Raena pulled Daylee towards her. “Now, you have been looking forward to this ALL week! Get your butt over there and dance with him!” Lauren demanded out of love. Daylee went over to him and they danced to “God Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts and later they danced to “Far Away” by Nickleback and “Realize” by Colbie Callait. When they were dancing to “Realize” Raena and Lauren walked past them and Raena yelled…

“Daylee realize!” and Lauren screamed…

“Yeah Mason you should realize!” so that she could be heard above the music. Mason whispered something in Daylee’s ear and she grinned from ear to ear. After the song was over, Mason gave Daylee and very romantic hug, while Raena and Lauren stood there watching. They could both see that Mason wanted to kiss her, but Daylee was too nervous so she pulled away without kissing him. She came over by her friends with a huge smile on her face.

“You are going to regret that girl!” Raena and Lauren told Daylee at the same exact time. She practically jumped on top of her friends; she was hugging them so hard, and thanking them for everything they had done. All Lauren was thinking was Thank Gosh! This all worked out perfectly! She’s so happy! And he is too!

Mason and Daylee texted all weekend and when they came back to school neither of them could stop smiling! Everything was perfect! Daylee texted Lauren Wednesday after school to talk about whom else…Mason.
Daylee: Hey! (: Can I tell you something?
Lauren: Well duh!
Daylee: Do you know what I want?
Lauren: No what?
Daylee: One night and guess for what.
Lauren: Hmmm I don’t know. What?
Daylee: One night with just me and Mason.
Lauren: Well text him them! Ask him to go see a movie with you!
Daylee: No! I’m to chicken!
Lauren: Daylee…..
Daylee: Yes ma’am?
Lauren: IM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Daylee: I love you! (:
Lauren: Oh geezus! I love you too but girl you are crazy as heck! Some day you are going to get up the courage to ask him out on a date…but until then….i am going to be her for you all the way!(:


Eventually, Daylee got up the courage to ask Mason If he would like to go to a movie with her. Of course he said “Heck yes!” and they went to see Star Wars in 3D. They shared their first kiss at the movie…sending chills down Daylee’s spine. They ended up dating all throughout high school…and he asked her to marry him on the 4th of July, the summer before their junior year of college. Their wedding was gorgeous…lime green and purple themed. Lauren was the Maid of Honor of course. They had 3 kids…Landon Christopher, Xavior Brady, and Madeline Elizabeth. Lauren was Madeline’s Godmother…and she made sure that she gave her everything that her mom said she COULDN’T have! She spoiled Landon and Xavior as well. Mason and Daylee lived happily ever after, loving each other forever and ever.

Lauren ended up dating Jesse McCartney for all four years of high school…and she married him too. Daylee was the Matron of Honor in Lauren’s Camo and Zebra themed wedding and was the Godmother of Lauren’s first child Maci Mae, and was a great aunt to Laurens other children Mylee Marie and Malachi Mitchell. They remained best friends and sisters until they both died on January 1st 2100 at the age of 102.

And Raena…she ended up marrying Mason’s best friend Logan and becoming the first woman president. She also stood up in Laurens and Daylee’s weddings…and made sure that they didn’t have to pay any taxes what so ever!

Life was good for the three but they will NEVER forget the memories they made during middle school.

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