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Love's Coma

August 1, 2012
By Anonymous



“Do you know why I’m here? Don’t answer, I’m here to give you a second chance. You know you wanted Rebbecca to kiss you, maybe even more, you know the darkness running through your heart. Over the years I have observed your actions with Janet, and they all seem half hearted. The last “I love you” you said to Janet was half toward Rebbecca, and remember I know you more than you know yourself. If you want Janet to love you, you must confess your actions with Rebbecca, Janet will forgive you, she always has forgiven you... I have plans for you and Janet, but there is no good future if you return to Rebbecca. This is the last time I will be here, but remember I’m always with you, just not completely in your sights..."


Love's Coma

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