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All of the Unknown and Forgotten

June 25, 2012
By Ice_Queen PLATINUM, Peoria, Arizona
Ice_Queen PLATINUM, Peoria, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
Love is anterior to life, posterior to death, initial of creation, and the exponent of breath.
-Emily Dickinson


Who are you? I know your face, but I don't know you and you would do well to step back away from me.

This is what I told him. I broke his heart, but he never seemed to get the picture. I don't understand what is up with this boy. . . or this girl that I can't remember the name of.

These people drive me crazy. I'm told everyday that we're friends. I even dated the boy! Oh, what is wrong with me? They say I've changed. For the better I'd say!


All of the Unknown and Forgotten

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