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Don't I Wish

December 3, 2010
By MikkiJeanne SILVER, Loganville, Georgia
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MikkiJeanne SILVER, Loganville, Georgia
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Author's note: I slightly based this book on my personal experiences. Once I read over a chapter I've just written, I'm surprised to see how much I've related the characters and events to myself, my friends, and my experiences.

"Oh come on already. He'd never asked me out," I stated firmly to my friend, Maddi.
"Fine, had it your way, but you don't know that for sure," she replied picking up her pace. We were walking through the hallways of Mountain Valley High School. We were in 10th grade and had just arrived. "Thank you," I said with a sly smirk on my face. She laughed.
"Only you would be proud of an unfair win."
"Whatev-" I stopped abruptly as I saw the guy we had just been talking about, Henry. I had a major crush on him. He had moved from Spain last year and was my age, 16. He spoke fluent Spanish and English, and he even knew a little Italian and French. He had lightly tanned skin from the Italian blood that ran through his veins. His dark hair, from his Spanish side, was slightly curled at the ends of its skater look. His brown eyes were like hot chocolate fondue that swallowed you whole. I don't know how anyone couldn't like him.
"-to Lanette!" Maddi exclaimed.
I whipped my head around at the sound of my full name. "Don't ever call me that again, Madison Marie Thomas! Call me Lana or don't call me at all!" Maddi started laughing at my outburst. It was a little louder than I expected and had startled a group a couple yards away. I flushed and walked past them quickly.I went to my locker(2984) and spun the dial.
"30,12,21," I mumbled turning the dial left and right. My locker opened almost hitting my friend Jerry in the face.
"Woah. Sorry to scare you, but you don't have try to knock me out with your locker. And it probably isn't a good idea to say your combination aloud Ms."30,12,21." Especially with how I remember everything," he laughed as I turned and glared.
"You wouldn't steal anything without giving it back before I even noticed it was gone," I said as I grabbed the last of my books.
"Come on. I'll walk you to class."
"Jerr-" but it was too late, he had already shut my locker and dragged me along with my arms full of books and binders. I sighed, but went along with him anyway. He was a faithful friend. A real gentleman too, which is why, I assumed, he was walking me to class.
We arrived at my classroom. He waved goodbye as I mouthed the words. He's so funny. I walked into class, sat down, and two minutes later, the bell rang. My mind wasn't on the history lesson but on Henry. I imagined my ocean blue-green eyes meeting his murky brown ones. He would have finally noticed me. He watches in awe as I pass by him in the hall. He leaves his friends and catches up to me. He asks me if I wanna hangout some time. I tell him I do. Time skips to the next Saturday. We're at the movies. He wraps his arm around my shoulders and turns to look at me. I feel his eyes burn into my cheek. I turn and face him. Our eyes met and he leans forward to kiss me...
"Ms.Hattiks!" Mr.Catree yelled.
"Yes?" I asked snapping out of my daydream. The class laughed and I flushed
"What is the year of-" The bell rang cutting him off. I dashed out of the room before he could say another word. Thank goodness. I didn't need another detention this semester. Thinking about the close call, I didn't watch where I was going. I ran into somebody and fell to the ground. My things spilled everywhere. I looked up and was frozen in shock. All I could hear was the laughter and gasps around me and that began to fade.
"Are you alright?" His sweet voice asked. I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out.
"Y-yes," I finally managed. I saw my books everywhere and sat onto my knees to collect them. He got down on his knees to help too. We picked up my books and stood. He placed the binder and two books he had picked up into the pile that was in my arms.
"Sorry," he said. I looked up and my ocean green-blue eyes met his murky brown ones.
"N-no. It was my fault," I stammered out, blushing.
"I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. Really, it was my fault."
"No, I wasn't paying attention. It was really my fault."
"I'm not letting you take the blame. It was my fault. And that's final."
"HENRY! Come on man!" His friend Jamal called before I could fit in another word.
"See ya later," he said jogging off.
"See ya!" I called in his direction, dreamily. I was in a haze.
I walked down the hall, slowly, at first, but then I began to gain speed with every stride. I payed attention best I could, still in partial daze.
"Hey!" exclaimed Tanya, one of my other good friends.
"Oh, umm...hey," I managed to get out. The thoughts of my run-in to Henry were flashing through my mind and distracting me still.
"Soo...I heard the news of you and Henry. Finally! But now? Really? After we've been friends for this long? I would have thought that my birthday would be more important to you than him," she flared out.
"What do you mean? I just ran into him in the hall because I wasn't paying attention to where I was going."
"Oh really. Because, as I heard, you two planned to go off on a date tomorrow and that you would be missing my birthday party!" she exclaimed. Hurt and sadness flooded through her eyes. So did anger and frustration. And now, I was mad.
"How would you think that just because a guy I've crushed on forever asked me out, which he didn't, I would miss your birthday!"
"Well Kailey told me that's what had happened! Sorry!" Wow! I know Tanya was gullible but really? Kailey? Kailey has been my worst enemy since 6th grade. We had met each other that year, both scared of middle school and 'scary' 8th graders. She turned her back on me when her ex-boyfriend from 5th grade, Samuel, asked me to the Valentine's Dance. She started rumor after rumor about me. I really had hated her after that.
Even though I knew it would be a torture of gossip and rumors afterward, I went with him anyway. We actually became pretty good friends afterward. We still kinda were but not as much as we had been. Kailey was jealous like crazy that Samuel and I were bonding so well. She hated me, and I hated her. We just haven't made up and I don't think we ever will.
"Tanya," I began, "Why the heck would you believe Kailey? You know how she is."
"Sorry; I jumped to conclusions. I feel terrible." Her face became thoughtful.
"Oh Tanya, I forgive you. Now, come on, we have to get to Math before the bell rings."
Math class was long and boring. Just another reminder before this quarter's exams. We had gone through everything about three times. My math teacher was fast and to the point. Anyone who didn't understand was put into a lower class, after all this was A.P. Math. Tanya and I had been placed in it, unwillingly. We were bored in our other math class, but our friends were there and we didn't want to leave. Plus, it would have been an easy A.
Secretly, I liked Math Class. Math had always been interesting to me. I wouldn't dare tell anyone though. Not even Henry...well maybe...just maybe. I could trust him, I suppose. Okay, now I sounded stupid.
My thoughts flashed back to my earlier day dream and my humiliation in the hall with the same guy. Oh...Henry. OMG! I realized something I hadn't even thought about. He had said, " See ya later." Did he mean he would just see me later? Did he mean that we would talk or hangout later? Was it just out of habit? I needed to know. Because, technically, now was later from when he'd said it. Maybe I should run into him again. No. I'd look too desperate. And rumors were already starting; I didn't need to make that any worse.
Finally, the bell rang cutting off Ms. Therman's rapid yells toward Johnny Hampton. He's the cute bad boy of the school. I don't know why, but I didn't get up my from seat. I suppose my thoughts were still running through my head too distractingly.
"Lana...?" Tanya tried to get my attention.
"Oh! Sorry." I got my things and and stood beside her as we walked out of the classroom.
"Are you okay? You've been kinda out of it today. Actually, I talked to Maddi earlier and she said you were this morning too," she asked concerned.
"Yeah. I'm fine," I proclaimed.
"Okay," she said. Tanya was not really one to dig too deep for information. She was a slacker for the most part. Even when it came to her friends, she seemed to be lacking the understanding of how people feel, no matter their words. My friends...
" are coming to my birthday party tomorrow, right?"
"Of course, Tanya. Actually, I was wondering if I could maybe spend the night tonight. Then, I can help decorate and stuff tomorrow."
"Absolutely. I was actually gonna ask you and Maddi to do just that."

Finally, it was lunchtime. I met up with Tanya, Maddi, and Jerry.
"Hey, daydreamer," Jerry greeted. The three laughed harmoniously.
"Haha," I said sarcastically.
"You know I was just goofing around," he pleaded.
"Yeah, yeah."
"Now that's the Lana I know." Jerry wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
"Jerry, if you keep it up people are going to think you are dating all three of us," Maddi chimed in. Tanya and I giggled, while Jerry, hesitantly, pulled his arm off my shoulders. As if it were perfect timing, Henry walked by and our eyes met. He winked, turned back to his friends, and laughed at a joke he had half missed. It all happened in less then a second, but it felt like hours to me. My cheeks turned hot pink after he passed. Maddi and Tanya looked at me in pure shock, while Jerry had a sour look on his face.
"What was that about?" he asked grudgingly.
I was speechless but managed to get out, "Did you see that?" Tanya, Maddi, and I squealed when we were sure Henry and his posse were out of earshot. Jerry groaned and walked ahead. We barely noticed until he turned and stood right in our pathway.
"What?" Tanya glared. If you didn't see her face, you would have been able to tell her attitude towards him at that moment by the sound in her voice.
"If you like him that much, why don't you go talk to him," Jerry seemed angry with me, but I don't know what I had done. I bit my lip and my eyes glittered. I looked over at Maddi.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked her, hoping she would understand.
"I think so," she said hesitance in her voice.
"Jerry?" Tanya cut in, getting my point, "If you think that's such a great idea, why don't you go talk to him for her?" Jerry stood grimacing for a second, but then jetted off toward Henry's group. Halfway there here wheeled around and came back.
"I'm not getting myself into this girly crap," he chimed walking past us.
"Please?" I begged.
"No," he stated firmly.
I put on my best pouting lip and puppy dog eyes, "Please?" I asked pathetically.
"No." I grimaced and walked past him. Maddi and Tanya followed voluntarily. We headed to the cafeteria. In line, I grabbed a slice of cheese pizza, a fruit cup, and a water. I payed and went to sit down. The girls came and sat down by me. They looked at each other like they were saying, "No, you do it." "I'm not doing it, you do it."
"What is it?!?" I said harshly,
"Sorry, it's been a long day."
"It's okay," said Maddi, "I understand. But, umm...., Tanya wanted to tell you something."
"What is it?" I asked innocently and calmly.
"Well, Maddi was gonna tell you, but I guess I'm gonna have to," she began. She stuck her tongue out at Maddi, "Isn't it obvious though?" Jerry walked up then. He sat down and Tanya became quiet.
"Are you really going to be mad at me for that?" He asked, sounding a little upset.
"Maybe." He gave me a "are you serious" look. "No. I can't stay mad at you. Any of you. You three are the only-. Actually you three are some of the only people who can break me."
"Chill Lana!" Tanya and Maddi said together. They planned it out for when I'm thinking/talking about Henry to much.
"Sorry. Now, Tanya, what were you saying before Jerry came over? What's obvious?"
"Nevermind," she piped quickly. Too quickly.
"Tell me," I whined.
"Later." She gave me a weird look. I agreed unwillingly. The rest of lunch passed by easily with small talk. We mainly talked about Tanya's birthday party this weekend.
After lunch we went our separate ways. One more class to go. Home Economics a.k.a. Home Ec. We're baking today, just like every Friday. I walked into the class minutes before the bell would ring. I sat at my usual desk where, normally, my partner, Sam, would already be sitting. Weird. He's always here before me. He's almost never missed a day of school before either. Maybe it was a class swap?
I grabbed my apron, tied it on, and went back down to sit at my seat. Sam's seat was the only one left open. I turned over to look at the girl across the isle.
"Do you know where Sam is?"
"Class swap."
"Oh." I paused. "How do you know?"
"Oh, umm...cause we're dating now." Her olive skin became deep red on her cheeks.
"Aww. Congrats. He's a sweet guy."
"He is. Thanks."
I turned back to face the board and rolled up my sleeves. I pulled my black hair into a tight pony tail, and clipped my bangs out of my face. Time to cook. Ms. Scarla, as she insisted on us calling her, instead of Ms. Cullinsae, walked in. She shut the wooden door behind her.
"Hello last period!" She whispered, but not quietly enough.
"Hello last period teacher," some immature boys called from the back of the room.
"Knock, knock, knock," sounded a fist on the door.
"Come in!" called Ms. Scarla, looking annoyed.
The class looked back as the door opened swiftly. Henry walked through to the front of the room. Am I lucky or what?
"Mr. Moreno?"
"Hi. I got a class change." He handed her what I supposed to be his new schedule.
"Okay. Go sit beside Ms. Hattiks, please. And on the way there, pick up an open apron. We'll get your name on it later." I guess I knew right from "I got a class change" that he would have to sit by me, like I said before, Sam's old seat was the only one left open, but I was in shock. "Okay, calm down Lana." It didn't work, "LANETTE MADELYN HATTIKS," I screamed in my head. That did it.
I calmed, and my heart slowed.
"Hey," Henry greeted me.
"Hi," I managed, keeping my cool.
"Told you that I'd see you later."
I laughed quietly, "Yeah, you did."
"I'm glad I kept that promise," he offered.
My heart stopped and my eyes widened. Then my heart began to beat with the speed of a jaguar. My cheeks turned as red as Joslynn's blouse. I turned, and wished my hair had been down to cover my blush. He laughed and looked away too. I thought, and hoped, he was blushing too. But he seemed to outgoing for that.
I looked up when Ms. Scarla started class, "Today, class, we'll be making something easy and delicious, like every other Friday. Turn your recipe books to pg.64 of the Dessert Section. At the top, obviously, it should say Soda Cake. Class begin. You have 20 minutes to make the cake."
The cake did look yummy. The Dr.Pepper Cake that was featured looked like a chocolate version of a pineapple upside-down cake with chocolate chips on top.
"Do you work in pairs?" asked Henry.
"Yes," I began, "That's kinda why the desks are like this, fit for two people." I laughed lightly. " If you get the bowl and spoon, I'll grab the ingredients from the back of the class."
"Okay." He paused. "Where are those at?"
"In the cabinet on the side of the desk."
"You're welcome." I turned and headed to the back of the room. I grabbed a can of Dr.Pepper, a box of chocolate cake mix, and a bag of swirled chocolate chips. I walked back to the table. "Here we go, " I proclaimed.
"This seems simple enough," Henry stated as I sat down beside him.
We began by placing the chocolate chips at the bottom of the pan. Then, Henry poured the Dr. Pepper into the cake mix and began to stir. He stirred it a little too fast and some spilled out over the edge of the mixing bowl.
"A little slower," I began, " Like this." I stood and put my hand over his on the spoon. I stirred at an almost perfect amount of speed as he held the bowl.
"Oh. Okay. I understand," Henry said. I hoped I hadn't made him uncomfortable; that was the last thing I needed to do. We poured the batter over the chocolate chips and placed it in the microwave. I set the timer for eight minutes and he pressed the start button. While the cake baked, we washed the bowl and spoon. The microwave beeped and Henry took it out. It sat for three minutes. During that time, we had a kind of awkward silence.
I flipped the cake over onto a platter and it looked absolutely delicious. Too bad that we had the one rule in the class: Teacher gets to taste test it first. I walked to the front of the class after complaining to Henry about the rule and told Ms. Scarla we had finished. She walked back to the table with me, where Henry had already cut a slice for her to taste. She forked of a bite and popped it into her mouth. She chewed and swallowed while my heart thudded like a hummingbird. She thought about it for a few seconds. She put a disgusted look on her face.
"That," she spat out, " was absolutely, the most... delicious soda cake I have ever tried. A+'s for both of you." She grabbed her slice and her fork and walked off to taste test the others' creations.
"Can we try it now?" asked Henry.
"Yes, " I said smiling. He sliced us both a piece and we ate it quickly. Ms. Scarla was right about the cake. It was great! The bell rang after Henry and I split the cake in half and put it in containers to take home with us.
"Lanette?" Henry called. It took me a minute to realize he was talking to me.
"Uh, yeah?" I asked.
"Do you wanna go to the movies with me this weekend? Some buddies of mine were going. They invited me, but I'm the only one without a date."
"Oh I'd love to," I squealed, "But I can't. Sorry. Tanya's birthday party is this weekend and I have to help her set up. I won't have one free moment until after the party." My phone rang at the sign of a text. "Oh sorry." I lifted it out of my bag. It was from Tanya asking where I was at. I replied and told her that I'd meet her at her house later, just in time for Ms. Scarla to speak up.
"Mr. Moreno? Ms. Hattiks? Since you two are the only ones left in class, would you mind cleaning the room up before you leave?"
"Not a problem," I chimed.
"Sure thing," Henry joined in.
We began to clean the room, washing bowls and spoons that were left out, wiping off tables, and just as I was sweeping the floor, Henry spoke to me.
"Too bad about this weekend. I mean, good, for your friend, but too bad, for me."
"Oh, uh, yeah." I blushed.
"Maybe next weekend we could hang out?"
"Yeah maybe." Tanya texted me again.
It said : Ask henry if hell come to my party. 4 u of course. I replied : No. R u out of ur mind??
"Oh my gosh," I whispered to myself.
"What was that?"
"Oh, nothing. Just talking to myself," I paused, "Umm, Henry?"
"What's with the sudden interest? In me, I mean? I'm flattered , but before today I don't think you had ever spoken a word to me?"
"Oh, well, I've seen you around. A lot. And before today I never really had the chance to talk to you. Plus, my friends aren't really, well, you know."
"Oh. Not to push you, but does that me you were interested before?"
"Maybe. I think I'll leave that a mystery."
"Ugh. You're no fair. This is going to kill me!"
"How about I tell you next Friday night?"
"Okay, but what's next Friday night?"
"Our first date."
"Oh, so you're not going to ask me? You think you can just tell me? I'm not like other girls, you know." I scolded with slight attitude in my voice.
"I know you aren't. And I always do that. If you don't like that, you must not know me enough to like me."
I laughed gingerly. "Well, maybe I do like it. The over confident, jock-type thing. Maybe that's what I like about you most." I looked at him in a flirtatious way.
"Really?" he asked, more interested now than before.
"I said 'maybe'. I guess you'll have to wait till next Friday."
"Nice one. Reverse it on me. Maybe I'll have to move the date up a couple days." I laughed again.
"You don't have to do that. I'm sure if you pester me enough, I'll end up telling you."
"Thanks for the advice. Now, only you will be in agony, waiting desperately for Friday."
"Desperately? So now you think I'm desperate?" I said sarcastically. We laughed together and then I added something in, " I'm glad you kept your promise too." I put air quotes around 'promise.'
"What? Oh. But why the air quotes?"
"Because you never actually said, 'I promise.' Or anything like that."
We finished cleaning about 5 minutes after that. We grabbed our stuff and started walking towards the parking lot after stopping at our lockers.
"Do you need a ride home?" Henry asked in his honey-like voice.
"Uh, actually I do, but I don't want you to go out of your way to have to take me. I can walk the mile and a half."
"Oh. No. I insist. Let me drive you home."
"I really can't ask you to do that."
"Lanette. You're not asking me. I'm telling you that I'm driving you home."
"Okay, Mr. Over Confident." We laughed together. OMG! We had an inside joke together. I was all melty inside, but on the outside I was composed, except for a gentle blush on my cheeks.
Henry and I walked to his car which was a gray Nissan Skyline. He opened my door for me, very gentleman-like, I noted in my head. I thanked him before he shut it. He walked around to the driver's side and climbed in. He started the car and began to drive to the exit. He came to the stop sign and looked at me.
"Do you have a music selection?"
"Anything works. I listen to a variety of music." He laughed to himself and turned the dial on the radio to the country station.
"I'm talking to much, aren't I?" I asked.
"No. Of course you aren't. Which way do you live?"
"Take a right. Keep going until you get to the four way. Take a left there and it's the fourth street on the right. My house is the third one on the left. "
"Nice detail."
"Welcome?" I wasn't sure if he was being sarcastic or not. He laughed to himself then it grew quiet and I focused on the music. Rain is a Good Thing by: Luke Bryant was playing. I hadn't heard the song in a long time. A few more songs passed and Henry laughed to himself.
"What's so funny?" I asked curiously.
"I was thinking." He said, "About how if anyone calls you Lanette you flinch or yell at them, but with me, you don't seem to mind."
"Oh. Well, that's because, I don't mind. I haven't known you that long and don't expect you to call me by my nickname. And... you say it in a sweeter way, a way that makes it seem more well, more different, more unique, but not in a weird way like everyone else does."
"Or is it because you like me and as long as it's me, you don't care what I call you?" I blushed a little.
"Maybe it has to do a little with that too."
"Speaking of maybes..."
"Here we go," I sighed.
"You like that side of me. The side where I tell people what to do, and I don't ask them. I know you do. You're pretty easy to read."
"I'm not easy to read! Okay, only when I want to be. Or when I lose my guard from some hot guy talking to me." I gasped."Did I just say that out loud?"
"Yes you did. And thank you. You're very hot yourself."
"But not enough to fit in with your clique." I looked out the window and took my hair out of the ponytail. I grabbed my brush and started pulling it through to flatten out my hair.
"Clique's are also based on personality."
"All people have the same personality. They just show different sides to different people and then they're judged by it."
"That's like saying you don't judge people, Lanette." He said my name in that sweet way he does.
"That's not how I meant it to be. I do judge. I judged you by saying you were hot, and I judged myself by saying I'm not good enough for your clique." I put up my brush.
"So you're not in my league? Not good enough for me? Should I drop you off on the side of the road?"
"You know what I mean."
"Haha. Yeah. I was just kidding. I couldn't let somebody as pretty as you go that easily."
"Oh next turn on the right. That's my street. Harper View."
"Okay," he said turning onto the street. He drove down to where my white brick house was. Its light blue door matched the Autumn sky.
"Thanks," I said as he pulled into my driveway.
"No problem."
"I'm sure I took you out of your way at least a little."
"Actually I only live about five minutes away from here. My street is just two over and the second house on the right. Same direction that we were driving."
"Oh. Well, I'll see you later. Bye and thanks again."
"You will see me later, but later might not be until Monday this time and you're very welcome. The pleasure was mine, although you might argue, so: the pleasure was ours." We laughed and I began to get out of the car.
"Wait, Lanette." He grabbed my wrist, then pulled his hand back.
"Yes?" I asked, heart beating wildly.
"Let me get your door." He jumped out before I could reject.
He walked around and opened it. He helped me out.
"One last thing. Are we together already or is that not until our date?"
"It's up to you."
"No it's not. You say whats what. Not me. Remember," I said playfully.
"Let's wait this one out until the date next Friday."
"Okay, but that means right now, we are friends, and I give my friends hugs." I wrapped my arms around him neck, and he wrapped his around my waist.
"See ya." I stated letting go and walking to the door.
"Good-bye Lanette," he sent his farewell sweetly.
"It's Lana until Friday!" I called back.

The author's comments:
Longest Chapter so far. I hope everyone likes it. Please Rate The book. hopefully the next chapter will be out soon.

My hair was wet, due to my relaxing shower, and it hung loosely on my thin white shirt. My back was cold and soaked by the time I reached my phone. I lifted it up and pressed down 3 for speed dial to Tanya. The phone rang four times and went to voicemail. I hung up and retried.
"Hello," a voice said over the line.
"Hey Tanya, sorry I'm not there yet. I got a little caught up in Home Ec. Ms. Scarla asked me and...well, she needed my help to clean the room. I blushed as I thought about Henry and I together this afternoon."
" and who else? I know Ms. Scarla she always asks two people to clean, so that she doesn't have to."
I screamed into the phone.
"OUCH!" Tanya yelled back.
"Henry?" she asked.
"YES!," I said excitedly, " then he gave me a ride home. It was amazing! And guess what else?"
"I have a date with him next Friday!"
"Oh my God! I'm so happy for you!"
"Thanks! I'll drive over as soon as I pack my things. I just got out of the shower, so I'll probably blow dry my hair too."
"Okay. See you then."
"Au revoir."
I laughed as I hung up. I tossed my phone on my bed and grabbed the bright blue duffel bag out of my closet. Halfway to my dresser, my phone beeped to tell me that I had a text. I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans, a green shirt, a cami, and a pair of booty shorts. I threw them into my bag and grabbed my cell.
"1 New Message," the screen read. I didn't recognize the number. I opened the message regardless. It said, "Guess who?"
"Idk. Tell me," I replied. I set my phone down and rushed to grab the rest of my stuff. Then, I began to blow dry my hair. When I finished, I grabbed my stuff, threw it in my car, and left for Tanya's. My phone began to ring at a red light, halfway there. I hooked it up to the speakers so I could talk without being distracted.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Now do you know who it is?" A recently familiar voice asked.
"Haha. Yes I do, but I'm driving to Tanya's now, so I can't talk now."
"Sorry, I can go, if I'm distracting you."
"Nah, it's hooked up to the speakers. It doesn't bother me unless it's right to my ear."
"Oh, okay, but I'm still worried about distracting you."
"Don't be, " I reassured him, rolling my eyes.
"Well I am, so I'm going to hang up and you can call me when you get to Tanya's."
"Okay. Oh, how did you get my number?" I asked, just realizing I hadn't given it to him.
"Later. Good-bye."
"Fine. Bye." He hung up, ending the call.
I drove in silence the rest of the way to Tanya's. I pulled onto her street, and into her driveway. I grabbed my bags, and I locked my car. I let myself in.
"Hello?" called Tanya's mother.
"Hey!" I called. I hugged her and Tanya's father. These people were like family to me. I headed to the stairs.
"Lanaaaaa..." called Charlie, her little brother, hugging my leg.
"Hey squirt," I said scruffing up his hair.
"My birfday's toomoorow too!" He exclaimed, cutely. He was only 2, and adorable at that.
"No, just Tanya's buddy," tears grew in his eyes, " But yours is really soon," I added on not to hurt his feelings. "Now I need to go upstairs. I'll talk to you later."
"OK!" He scurried off, and I could hear him making airplane noises from his room.
I continued my climb up the stairs. I reached the top and silently crept down to Tanya's room.
"Boo!" I yelled,opening the door, trying to scare my best friends. The place was trashed. Drawers were overturned. The bed unmade. Old Cd's, that I didn't even know she still had, were on the floor. I heard a mumble from under the bed. I crept over, hoping whatever or whoever it was wouldn't see me. I lifted up the blanket and got onto my knees. I jumped up and onto the bed. Bursts of laughter and groans of pain filled the air from under the bed.
"Oh my gosh, you guys! You scared me to death. I think I might have almost had a heart attack." They continued to laugh, and watching their faces, I couldn't help but to join in.
We laughed and laughed, finally we were able to stop when her mom called me down to move my car so that she could go grocery shopping. I did and her mom was off.I went back upstairs and saw Maddi and Tanya cleaning the room.
"I still can't believe you guys did that. I thought you had been kidnapped or something." They laughed at my worrisome expression. "I'm not kidding," I scolded them.
"Aww...Lana, I'm sorry," she grasped me in a quick, unexpected hug "By the way, it was Tanya's idea, not mine," she whispered in my ear. A fluffy green pillow flew across the room and hit both of us in the face.
Tanya gasped, "Sorry Lana, that was meant for Maddi." Maddi snatched the pillow from the floor and pitched it across the room. Tanya wasn't paying attention as she laughed, and it hit her straight in the gut. I ran over and grabbed the pillow before Tanya could react.
"Okay guys, chill out." Then I giggled and hit Tanya with the pillow. Then, I threw it and hit Maddi in the face, "Now this is over." Maddi threw it back at me, and then it hit me. I don't mean the pillow, well it hit me too, but I was talking about Henry. I told him I would call him when I got to Tanya's! I stood there frozen for all of 2 seconds then I dashed across the room to my bag and pulled out my phone.
"What are you so crazed about Lana," Tanya asked.
"Do you really need to ask that?" Maddi contradicted her.
"I promised Henry I would call him when I got here." I yelled back, going to my received calls. The newest number popped up. I pressed call and sat on the bed, "You guys have to be quiet."
"Hello?" I heard his sweet voice over through my phone.
"Hi," I replied, blushing like a fool. Tanya and Maddi giggled uncontrollably. "Shut up!" I mouthed.
"I guess your at Tanya's? I can hear her and somebody else laughing in the background," Henry spoke to me.
"Yes. It's her and Maddi acting like fools," said glaring them down.
"If you want, I can let you go with them and you could just call me after they fall asleep?" He offered kindly.
"That's probably a good idea, but no thanks," I felt special that he would put me in front of his want to talk to me.
"Translation: They like that idea, but you don't. Lanet-. Lana, I'd rather you talk to me too, but if you're there for your friend I should let you go."
"No. They don't care that much, if they do at all. Plus, I can multi-task. I'm good at that, you can ask them"
"That's okay. I'd prefer just to talk to you," I blushed as his words filled my head."
"Lana...oooh...." Maddi began, but ended with laughter.
"Shut up, Maddi, she's talker to her lover," Tanya threw in.
"Oh my gosh. You didn't hear that did you?" I asked Henry.
"If I say no will it make you feel better?"
"Oh gosh. You did. I feel so embarrassed now."
"Nah. You're fine," Which definition? I thought to myself, " In more than one way," he mumbled, almost reading my thoughts.
"What was that?" I asked curiously, though I heard what he had said.
"What was what, Lanette?"
"Henry, what did I did I tell you earlier?"
"Oh, sorry. I just feel like Lanette is more you than Lana is. Do you get what I mean?" He asked.
Thankful for his question, but hesitant to answer, I replied," Yes, I just don't, well, it's hard to explain to you, because...I don't think you would understand. Plus, I'm having a hard time putting it into words," I paused and drew in a breathe.
Before I could continue, he said,"I think I know what you mean. Earlier you told me that you don't mind me calling you Lanette because I say it differently, 'sweeter'? I think you said." He practically quoted my words. My heart melted, and my cheeks grew red. He actually remembered.
I have to admit I was a little nervous that this may be some kind of trick. Maybe to get back at me for something I did to one of his friends without knowing it. I'm too skeptical sometimes.
"Uh...yeah. Oh!" A thought came to mind, "How did you get my number? You never told me."
"Oh...yeah. Ask Tanya," His voice had mischevious tone.
"Oh Tanya," I called sweetly, I loved my acting skills.
"Henry!" she rattled under her breath, "Yes Lana?"
"How did Henry get my number?"
She grimaced,"Ha. Ha. That's a funny see...well...umm..I kinda sorta gave it to him."
"Oh! Ok." Then, I went back to Henry," So..." Tanya had a confused look on her face, like she expected me to attack her or something and was surprised that I didn't.
"Ummm...what movie are you and your friends going to see this weekend?"
"Probably Red I think. Jamal has been dying to see it. I'm sure he'd like to take Cierra to see it too."
"His girlfriend. And, just in case you don't know, Jamal is my best friend, we're like brothers."
"Yea. I know who Jamal is."
"Okay. I wish you could come this weekend."
I blushed profusely, "Me too. But at least we have Friday." I started daydreaming again. Where would we go? What would we do? What would he where? What should I where?
"Yeah. Are as excited as me?" His voice sounded hopeful.
"You'll have to wait and see."
"Oh, Lanette, not his again. Please just tell me."
"Nope. It's a secret."
"Lanette, please." He begged.
"You aren't making this easy for me Henry." I sighed. I suppose I could tell him, but that would ruin our flirty fun.
"Henry! You aren't gonna find out anytime soon! Especially, since you keep calling me Lanette, after I repeatedly told you to call me Lana until Friday!" I had a scowl on my face though, most of it was acting.
"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I just thought you'd like me saying Lanette better than Lana." He put extra emphasis on "me," and he was right. I loved him calling me Lanette, but I didn't want him to think I was easy to get. I needed to show him that. I explained it to him and we got off the phone shorty after.
"Sooooo..." Maddi pressured me as I fell backwards onto the bed. My cheeks were burning red as she and Tanya 'aww'-ed. I closed my eyes and replayed the conversation over and over. I was so happy. Henry and I were that perfect fairytale couple. And this book was finally being written.
"I can't wait 'til Friday," I said a little a above a whisper.
"Now if only we were as lucky as Lana..." Tanya joked.
I grabbed the pillow we were throwing around earlier. Apparently one of them had brought it back up during my conversation with Henry. I threw at Tanya.
"Nice miss," Her sarcasm hissed as the pillow whizzed pass her ankle.
"Give her a break, Tanya. She's love struck after all," Maddi pitched in.
I rolled my eyes at them as Tanya's mom called us down to help her unload the car from grocery shopping. We walked down the hall and to the stairs. Well, I walked in a dream-like state as Maddi and Tanya walked in front of me, jokingly making fun of me. We got downstairs, and they walked outside. I snapped out of my haze when Charlie's toy truck tripped me, and I screamed as I fell. I landed on my elbow and twisted as a jolt of pain shot through my arm and my ankle. Legos stabbed into my left ankle and both thighs. A nice bruise would probably in all three places by morning. Maybe more in my pain struck ankle.
"Are you okay?!?" gasped Maddi as she ran over. She must have heard my scream from outside. Tanya and her mother followed behind, arms full of groceries. I guess they thought Maddi could handle me by herself.
"Oh My Goodness! Are you alright Lana?," Mrs. Lampton cried, "Charlie! Get on here young man." Charlie walked in and gasped as Maddi helped me up. "Apologize to Lana right now! Your toy truck tripped her and she fell and hurt herself!"
"Lana! I'm so sowry!" Tears came to his eyes, and he hugged my right leg tightly.
"It's okay Charlie. I know it was an accident." I went to pat his head with my left hand, not a good idea. More pain shot through my arm and I groaned in pain. Charlie jumped back.
"Why don't you pick up your toys, Charlie?" Tanya suggested. He jumped to it and wiped his tears on his sleeve. "Come sit down Lana I'll get you some ice." Tanya dashed into the kitchen as I hobbled in, putting my weight on my right side.
I sat at a stool by the island. Tanya gave my a Ziploc bag with some ice in it and a dish towel wrapped around it. I placed it on my elbow. I gave a slight gasp of pain. I looked down at my ankle and tried to move it. The movement shot pain through my calf. I hissed in pain.
"Lana, I'm taking you to the ER," offered Tanya.
"No, I'll be fine. I think I just sprained my left ankle and left elbow. Okay so my left limbs."
"Just? Okay, I'll admit all of us have had worse, but still..."Maddi said sympathetically.
"You'll have to drag me." I responded sternly.
"Tanya?" Maddi called.
"Way ahead of you." She smiled suspiciously and had her phone out in seconds.
She held her phone to her ear and after a few seconds said, "Hello? Henry? Sorry, I had to call. Lana tripped and sprained her ankle and elbow and begged me to call you and ask if you could carry her to my car so that I can take her to the ER."
"I did n-" Maddi covered my mouth before I could finish.
Tanya gave her address to Henry."Mhm...Okay, thank you so much Henry; I owe you...oh, never mind then. See you soon." Tanya stuffed her phone in her pocket. I glared at her.
"Henry offered to drive us all over. He said, quote, 'How could I not? My soon to be girlfriend needs me and apparently she desperately wants me to be there for her. ' He put emphases on 'desperately' as if that's supposed to mean something." I blushed remembering our earlier conversation. Tanya said, "Maybe I was wrong though."
Tanya and Maddi helped Mr. and Mrs. Lampton unload the groceries after bringing them all in. I offered to help, but nobody would let me. They just hurried every time I asked. Henry arrived right as the four of them finished with the groceries.
I tried to answer the door when the doorbell rang, but the pain and the noise of them telling me to stop and sit back down got to me. I half-hoped Henry would come, but half-hoped he wouldn't. I didn't want to seem demanding or begging, but I did like his presence around me. He gave me a happy, joyful, distressful feeling to life.
I sat on the stool at the island waiting for somebody to help me out to the car. I would go myself, but they would demand against it. Henry walked around the corner into the kitchen.
"Hey," I waved my arm pathetically
"Lana," he shook his head, "you are so desperate."
"Ugh! I am not!" I objected to accusation.
"I know. It's just fun to make you blush."
My face was probably as red as a tomato. He put an arm under my knees and another behind my back. He lifted me into the honeymoon pose and carried me into the grand room. Tanya and Maddi laughed, but with worried looks. I understood they were worried, but I really thought they were over-exaggerating.
Henry carried me to the car, his car. He placed me into the passenger's seat. Tanya and Maddi got into the car. Maddi sat behind Henry and Tanya behind me.
"So, how exactly did this happen?" Henry asked with a smirk on his face.
"She tripped-"
"-over Charlie's toy truck and fell on his legos and landed on my elbow," I finished Maddi's sentence.
"Good job, Cadette Clumsy," Henry joked. I glared at him halfheartedly. Though I could put the pain back a little farther in my mind, it still hurt, and Henry was supposed to be helping me not making fun of me. It was too early for jokes. "Sorry. A bit early for jokes I guess. I hope you get better, really soon. I'm sure you wouldn't have much fun on our date next Friday night with a sprained ankle and elbow...Oh, wait, so did you tell them about that?"
"Yeah, I did. what do you have planned...Wait, what exactly do you have planned?"
"Nothing you need to know about yet. I want our first date to be a surprise. A very, very special surprise." He smiled and his eyes glowed. His teeth sparkled and his cheeks turned pink. I so badly wanted to lean in and kiss him, but I didn't want our first kiss to be in front of friends.
Tanya and Maddi whispered in the back. I asked them what they were talking about and they stopped abruptly.
"How are you feeling?" They asked simultaneously.
"The same as I have been. I just think they're a little more swollen then they were. Even with the ice."
We chatted small talk the rest of the way, with them asking my state every few minutes. We eventually got to the emergency room. Henry carried me in. "Aww..." 's were flying as he carried me in, holding me in the honeymoon pose again, and set my down in a chair. Tanya and Maddi sat to my sides. Henry went and got the paperwork. He handed the clipboard to Tanya and the pen to Maddi. I giggled at his nonsense. He lifted me which I frowned about and sat me on is lap as he stole my seat.
"Nope you're sitting here. I'll make you stay if I have to." He wrapped his arms around my waist, "I promise," he whispered into my ear. A chill run down my back.
Tanya had moved over to where Maddi was.
"I'll write it all down, girls. It'll help me learn more about my dearest Lanette." I elbowed him in the stomach. Oooff!
"I told you not to call me that. Plus, if I picture you holding me 'against my will', it doesn't really look like this."
He blushed a little, "Oh really." I just blushed and smiled. "Okay, now, to fill this out. Name:first, middle initial, and last. Date Of Birth."
" Lana-"
"Lanette." He interrupted.
"Lanette M. Hattiks. March 13, 1995." He asked the rest of the questions, and I answered them. Luckily, the waiting room wasn't full and didn't have any big emergencies, so within half an hour of arrival, my name was called. Maddi came back with me. My diagnosis was correct a sprained ankle and elbow. The nurse wrapped them and said I should keep them iced regularly. Also, I needed to keep my ankle elevated while I'm asleep.
Henry took us back to Tanya's. We thanked him. Tanya's parents had took Charlie and went out for dinner; they were still gone. Maddi and Tanya rushed into the house. Henry stood, facing me. He had his arms around my waste to hold me up. He leaned into kiss me. I followed eagerly. He put his head down and nodded from side to side.
"Not yet. Friday." He said.
"It is Friday," I reminded him, lift is head with two fingers under his chin.
He laughed, "I love your sarcasm Lanette."
"I was being serious," I pouted for dramatic impulse.
"I know you were, but not until next Friday. We aren't even dating yet."
"We can be. All you have to do is ask."
"And you just have to say yes, but still...not yet."
"Fine then, but I better get that kiss." I joked.
We laughed as he walked me inside. Tanya and Maddi were in the kitchen.
"Wanna stay for ice cream?" Maddi offered in her sweetest voice.
"I would love to, but I've really gotta get goin'. Bye Lanette." He kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door.
My heart sped. My cheeks turned rose red, as Tanya explained later, and my eyes sparkled. When I saw his car pull out of the driveway, I squealed with a high-pitched tone. Maddi and Tanya made fun of me as we ate our ice cream. They seem to do that a lot. I'm glad I know they're joking.
We went to bed right after we were done with our ice cream. Getting me up the stairs was more torture for Maddi and Tanya than it was for me.
"Too bad Henry isn't here," Tanya joked. My thoughts played over everything that had happed today. From my denial to a kiss on the cheek. Today had been amazing.
I laid on the floor and had a pillow under my ankle. They protested but gave up in the end.
We all dozed of around the same time. My thoughts of the day turned into dreams. My ankle and elbow were healed. I stood in a floor length red, sparkling dress, black stilettos, and I was wearing a 3 piece diamond jewelry set. The dress had a slit from the floor to the middle of my thigh. My hair was styled fashionably. Henry stood beside me in a tuxedo.
We were walking down a red carpet. Camera lights flashed. We entered a building, which seemed to be some type of premier. Probably a movie based on the popcorn and paper cups scattered around. We entered another room. A basketball court, decorated with balloons, ribbon, and a DJ. Prom. Henry took me onto the dance floor. We were instantly surrounded by other dancing couples. I didn't notice where they came from.
Nobody spoke. We all slow danced. Henry leaned in to kiss me. I leaned in as I stepped forward to get closer, but the closer I got the farther away he seemed. Everything faded to black and then I saw a dog chasing a man in a highlighter yellow jumpsuit as the sun rose in the sky. A police officer came up and asked me which way the dog went I pointed to the left. A rabbit hopped out of the bushes as the cop ran after the dog and man in the yellow jumpsuit. The rabbit began to talk to me.
"He doesn't love you. You don't love him. He loves me, and I love him. Stay away from Henry. He's mine! Take Jerry. He's obviously head or heels for you." The rabbit disappeared, and everything faded to black once again.

The author's comments:
Forgive Me?

I apologize for what I'm about to say. I know many of you were looking forward to ore of Don't I Wish, but to tell the truth, I've really fallen out of the whole writing thing. I'd rather go into the visual arts. Art, Photography, Design, Graphics, Dancing, Singing, Acting, Modeling. It's more my calling. I know I used to say that writing is my passion, but not anymore. The truth is I just like to vent, complain, and be the center of attention. As a Best-Selling Author I could do that. But through art, expressing myself, perfecting dance routines, facing my fear of crowds, singing to my hear'ts content, maybe even traveling, pretending to be somebody I'm not for fun, being the center of attention. I want it, more than alot of things right now. I'll go ahead and post what I have so far of the next chapter. I'll then give a breakdown summary to let u know how it ends.

The author's comments:
Turns out Tanya invited Henry to he Party Just For Lana. He begins to call her Lanette from that night forward. They continue dating. Lana becomes just as popular as Henry. She leaves her friends behind who say they can never forgive her. Jerry is heartbroken. Then, Kailey spreads a nasty rumor about Lana.Her popularity comes crashing down until Jerry saves it by posting a picture of Lana hugging a kitten in the school newspaper. Lana just smiles at Jerry in the hall as a thanks. She never goes back to her friends. Her and Henry stay together until one night he gets a little to touchy. Lana breaks up with him and starts believe rumors that Kailey has once again started. Lana tries to go back to her friends, but they won't except her. Not even Jerry, who is still in love with her but is now dating Maddi. Nobody accepts Lana anymore. She's an outcast to all. Her parents agree to ship her out to an all-girls boarding school When things still aren't working out, Lana commits suicide in her on-campus dorm. Everyone feels as if it is their fault, when really it was because of Lanette Madelyn Hattiks's own egotistical self-centralism.

"Wake up." I heard Tanya whisper to Maddi. Maddi groaned and ignored her.
"Hey."Maddi yelled from the bed. I'm guessing Tanya had hit her with a pillow or stripped the blankets off of her.
"Shhhh..." Tanya urged, "I don't wanna wake up Lana. She'll want to help, and there is no way in hell I'm letting her do that."
"Too late Tanya," I mumbled, tiredly, "And I am so helping. I don't care what y'all say."
"Y'all...." Tanya joked.
"Shut up." Now my country accent was kicked it and it wouldn't be gone for awhile. We all laughed. "Thanks a lot. I'm never gonna be able to get rid of this accent by the party."
"Which reminds me...MADDI!!! WAKE UP!!"
"I am awake," she mumbled under her breathe.
"Then get your lazy butt up and outta bed. I can decorate all by myself."
Maddi huffed and slouched over to the bathroom. She came out looking wide awake and like she just stepped off of a runway.
"I still don't understand how you do that so dang fast," I said, "Now somebody help me up, please. I've gotta pee and I don't think Tanya wants her house smelling like it for the party."
Tanya jumped to help. I was soon up, dressed, relieved, and ready to help. I started down the stairs. Mr. ad Mrs. Lampton were in the backyard with Tanya and Maddi, decorating. Charlie was playing with his spaceship at the end of the stairs.
"Lana! Lana! You're alive! You're alive!" Charlie squealed. He ran to the French doors in the back of the house. He brought back his dad and Tanya. "She's alive! She's alive."
"Of course I am, Squirt." Tanya helped me down the stairs and to a chair on the back deck. I heard the doorbell ring about 30 minutes later. "I'll get."
"No you won't," Tanya ran and slid on her socks to the front door. She fixed her hair, stood in a poised stance, and opened the door. I couldn't tell who it was. It seemed to be some delivery man. She handed the man a folded envelope and grabbed 3 bags. They looked like dress bags, but I don't know...I don't think...would Tanya really have bought us all dresses for her Sweet 16. Oh no! She would have! She did!
"Girls!" she half-sung, half-yelled across the foyer. "Come see what I got for you." I hope my suspicions wouldn't be found and proved correct. But of course, I was. And they were for the party.

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Hello stranger, I enjoyed your tale. I would recommend writing a spicier lead. Something that would snatch someone, and hurl them into your imaginative world. Feel free to check out my work as well!

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Thanks, but I wanted tragedy not cliche. I'm done with writing. If anything, I'll post poems, but no more books. I'm done.

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ummm.what you wrote on the side of chpter that really going to happen because if it is i think you messed up on that part.i think she should keep her best friend.if you dont mind i would like to give you a should make the ending like Henry breaks Lana heart and Jerry is their to help her.But Henry dosent want to let lana go so he does anything to get her back.but she's already taken by jerry.

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"Live life as though you would die tomorrow
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It's alright. I'm writing more. Unfortunetaley, it probably won't be posted until MAy or June. It takes me along time to write a chapter with how busy school is and piled my room is. Lolz

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"Live life as though you would die tomorrow
Learn as though you would live forever..."

Thanks for rating my story everybody. It's rated a 2 1/2 out of 5...can you tell me what you didn't like so that I can make it better

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I absolutely love this book! you have to write more. Ill be waiting. You have a talent. Keep writing!

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I love this book! Please write more. I can't wait. I'm always checking to see if there's more. You've done an excellent job!

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i absolutly love it!!!!!!!!!! You absolutly have to post more. im in love with this story!

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i sure will tell other people i kno...and i am sooo waiting for the next chapte..cant waiiiit!!:)

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"Live life as though you would die tomorrow
Learn as though you would live forever..."

I'm so glad you like my story. I'm currently working on the next chapter. Things are even more exciting! Please recommend my book to other people you know.

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OMqqqqqqqqqq..i really i want to kno what happen next...your story is sooooooooo gooood