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The Oak Tree

February 15, 2022
By XichenWang BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
XichenWang BRONZE, Culver, Indiana
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Generations of Asian families live in the same house in Korea Town. The oak tree in the front yard grows and dies as time passes. Read stories of three young girls' poignant life.

"We live in Korea town, in a surprisingly big house, considering how much my parents make. We live here because my parents can’t speak English for their lives."

"I hated it. I didn’t like to celebrate Chinese New year, or anything Chinese. I wanted to put ornaments and lights on the oak tree like a typical teenager in America."

"I just spent an hour scrolling through a racist Instagram account made by one of my classmates at school. This account went viral in my grade as soon as it was discovered."

Xichen W.

The Oak Tree

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