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Losing or Twinning

January 17, 2020
By samdeangelis, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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samdeangelis, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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“Scott hurry up we are gonna be late for kickoff”

James and Scott got ready to meet up with their friends at the football game. Lynnfield played their rival the Hornets and it was an important game under the lights.

“Relax, James I’m tying my shoes I’ll be out to the car in a minute”

“Nah, dude come now you don’t understand the whole school is gonna be there we need to get a good seat”

“Ok, ok I’m coming”

The boys rushed out to the car. Scott drove and James hopped in the passenger seat.

“Let me hookup to the aux”

“No, I’m driving I get to play music”

“Your music sucks”

James’ phone rang. He answered. It was Charlie.

“Hey can you guys pick me up I don’t have my car my moms running errands?”

“Ya sure, we will be there in five. You better be waiting outside or we will leave without you”

“Ok thanks, see ya in five”

While James was on the phone, Scott plugged his phone into the auxiliary input.

“Dude what the f, gimme aux I’m not listening to your music all you play is country”

“Fine here play your shitty rap music”

James shuffled his favorite rap artist, J. Cole.

The boys pulled up to Charlie’s house blasting the music over the car speakers.

James reached over and laid on the horn. Charlie ran down his short driveway as fast as he could, as if he was being chased. He hopped in the back seat.

“What’s up Charlie” James and Scott scarily said at the exact same time.


James looked at the time.

“Scott step on it we gotta get there”

“Relax we can just go to the front of the bleachers and get everyone to push back”

“I mean I guess but I wanna be there for kickoff”

“We will be, we are two minutes away”

Scott pulled into the parking lot. Cars were lined all around the edge of the school and the parking lot was filled. The traffic was worse than rush hour on a Friday.

“Yo, Scott you should go to the back of the school where the teachers park in the morning you’ll probably find a spot back there”

Scott drove around back and found a car pulling out so he waited by the spot to pull in once the car left. James and Charlie got out of the car quickly and ran to the gate to buy tickets while Scott was behind them locking the car.

Scott caught up to them at the gate.

“Yo can someone spot me I left my wallet in the car”

“Ya, sure James I got you”

“Thanks, Charlie I’ll get you back when we go back to the car”

All three of the boys said hi to Ms. Johnson as she collected fifteen dollars from them for three tickets.

“C’mon guys lets go sit in the front with the rest of the seniors” James said 

The boys energetically cheered on the football team and acted a little too crazy.

The principal came over to the fan section and told all the students to keep it respectful. Lynnfield was beating the hornets badly and once the buzzer went off for halftime the stands began to vacate. The boys went up to the top of the stands and ran into Joe who was in English class with all three of them. He said he was having a party at his house and had no parents home.

“Are you guys gonna come?” asked Joe

“Ya why not it’ll be fun we got nothing better to do” replied James

“Ok I’ll see you there, I’ll text you my address”

The boys walked to the car planned the night out.

“Yo guys, can I sleep over so we can stay out later because if not I gotta be home at 11:30?” asked Charlie

“Ya sure, my dad probably won’t mind. You can sleep on the couch in the basement.” replied James

“Are you drinking James? Because we gotta sneak you in or dad will be pissed.” Scott asked

“I mean ya if we can stop at the store” James replied

“Oh shit, James your fake came in?” asked Charlie

“Ya, I got it Tuesday” James said

“You wanna buy me stuff?” asked Charlie

“Sure, we can split some beer.” replied James

“Ok, here’s some money” Charlie said as he handed James a ten dollar bill.

“Well, I guess this makes me the driver.” Scott said

“Relax Scott, you hate drinking anyway.” replied James

“True, plus I won’t be screwed when dad sees me walk into the house normal and sees you walking in shitfaced.” Scott said

“Scott stop up here on the left, I’ll go into that store and get the stuff.” James said

Scott pulled up to a sketchy liquor store and James’ tall stature got out of the car shakily and was very nervous about buying alcohol for the first time.

“There’s no way he gets stuff.” Charlie said

“Ya, he’s a f'ing idiot.” Scott replied

The boys spoke too soon. James walked out moments later with a case of Bud Light.

James got in the car, opened the case and poured the beers into his black nike backpack. Scott drove down Main Street to get to 20 Evergreen Avenue, which was Joe’s address that he texted Charlie.

The boys pulled into the quiet neighborhood and realized it was a dead end street. Scott parked the car on the street and the boys got out and walked up the stone steps to the door nonchalantly hearing the music blasting from inside. Joe opened the door and the house was lively, flashing disco lights, music blaring and around thirty people hanging out and some playing beer pong.

“There’s more people coming after the game.” Joe said to the three of them

“Ok, sounds good, thanks for having us.” James said

“Yo, James let me get a beer from your bag?” Charlie asked

“Ya, get me one too.” James replied

“Here.” Charlie said as he handed James a beer.

“Make sure my bags zipped.” James said

“I did.” Charlie replied

Charlie and James cracked open their beers and dapped up their friends. They looked back and Scott was nowhere to be found. James didn’t think much about it. They walked around the party. James saw Billy but didn’t say anything to him. He said what’s up to all the people around Billy though. They glared at each other but nothing happened. Billy was a bit of an outsider and had few friends so James didn’t worry and enjoyed the party.

James and Charlie both finished their first beer.

“Yo Charlie go back in my bag and grab me two more.” James said

Charlie unzipped his bag and grabbed three cans of beer, one for himself and two for James.

“Here.” Charlie said as he handed James the beer.

James chugged the first one real quick and let out a big burp but the music was too loud so nobody heard it thankfully. He started to sip on the other beer as Charlie did the same.

“Hey James, let's go find Scott.” said Charlie

“Nah, it’s fine, he’s around here somewhere. Why do you care? Are you tryna leave right now?” replied James

“Nah, I guess you’re right.” replied Charlie

“Ya, just keep drinking, let’s get f'ed up.” James said

They both finished their beers quickly and Charlie grabbed four more from James’ bag.

“Charlie, chug the first one with me” demanded James

“I don’t know man, I can’t really do that” replied Charlie

“C’mon don’t be a p***y” James said

“Fine” Charlie agreed 

Charlie and James both chugged their beers and then they went to sit down at the kitchen counter next to Joe. They started talking to him

James asked, “Joe, you want a beer?”

“Nah, I’m all set I’m gonna stay sober and make sure my house is still in one piece at the end of the night” Joe replied

“Ight” James said

James got up and went to the bathroom after he finished his beer. He was walking out and before he could even get the door open. A bunch of the boys barraged him and pestered him into taking shots with them. Of course he agreed and someone filled up a shot glass of vodka for him. James picked up the glass and drank it in one gulp and winced at the taste of the vodka.

“C’mon James do more.” Charlie said from the seat at the kitchen counter.

Mike poured James a row of three shot glasses filled with vodka.

“Do it, James.” Mike said

“Don’t be a p.” Charlie said

“How about you guys do one with me while I do these.” James said to Mike and Charlie

“Deal.” replied Mike and Charlie

Charlie and Mike drank their one shot. Charlie hated the taste. He was not a big drinker. Finally, James was amped up by everyone’s attention that he had to drink all three shots. He picked them up one at a time and drank them in one gulp, and without pausing, he picked up the next shot until all three are gone. By now James was drunk and he was having a good time enjoying the company of his friends.

“Charlie, let's go find Scott.” said James

“Ok.” replied Charlie

The boys looked around. They checked the basement and found no sign of him. They went back up to the first floor. The boys looked in the living room and didn’t find Scott in there. Charlie opened Joe’s dads office door and saw Scott making out with a girl. His jaw dropped and James turned the corner and saw the same thing.

James screamed, “‘atta boy Scott.”

People came over to see what the commotion was about. The girl got up and James saw who it was. It was Emily. James was shocked he didn’t know how to react but before he could react, Billy reacted first.

“Stay the f away from my sister.” Billy said

James chimed in for Scott. He was drunk and acting stupid but he stood up for his brother.

“Why don’t you just f off and keep drinking your life away.” James said

“Oh, I see, twin bro has to do the talking for you.” Billy replied

“Nah, what’s there to talk about? I don’t have anything to say to you.” Scott said 

Nothing escalated and everyone went back to enjoying the party but there was some tension between James, Scott and Billy. James was pissed off and drunk so anything else would set him off. James and Charlie went back to drinking their beer and went over towards the kitchen counter. Scott was leading the way towards the seats. Billy backed up into Charlie and his red solo cup of alcohol spilt all over Charlie’s sneakers and James’ white Yeezys.

“You’re a f'ing dumb drunk just like your father.” James said

“Hasn’t your mother ever taught you not to swear.” Billy replied

The whole house went silent. James lunged for Billy’s throat with his hand. He pushed him against the wall. Billy was looking up at James with fear in his eyes. James threw a right hook towards his face and everyone gathered around. Scott and Charlie made sure it didn’t get broken up but at the same time, they made sure James didn’t kill him. Joe was making sure nothing broke and was freaking out. James threw two more punches to Billy’s face and he stumbled partially due to his drunkenness but also getting punched. The fight then got broken up.

“Don’t ever talk about my mom ever again or it’ll be worse next time.” warned James

James was pissed off and upset about what Billy said and it was about that time to leave anyways. Scott and Charlie both got the hint.

“Yo, James we are leaving Dad wants us home at a reasonable hour.” Scott said

“Ok.” James replied

James tried to keep his cool acting like nothing bothered him. They all went to thank Joe for having them and James apologized for the fight.

“It’s all good, shit happens.” replied Joe

Joe could tell James was pissed off.

The boys left and went to the car. Once they got into the car James started to rant.

“I f'ing hate that kid.”

“I want him to die.”

“He’s a bum ass drunk just like his father.”

“James relax it’s over.” Scott said trying to calm James down.

“Shut the f up, you care nothing about mom, making out with Emily” James said

Charlie was in the back and felt uncomfortable.

“Hey can you drop me off my mom wants me home tonight?” asked Charlie

He completely made that up. He just didn’t want to be in the middle of the argument.

The car ride was silent until they got to Charlie’s. James got out along with Charlie and didn’t say anything. He just started walking down the street. James tried very hard to walk home but could barely walk straight. He didn’t want to be around Scott. James was pissed.

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