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January 28, 2018
By Sugar_Girl2, Allentown, Pennsylvania
Sugar_Girl2, Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Detention. It was a word Charlie Ackerson was used to hearing. This time, he had been caught trying to shove an exchange student into a locker. The kid had been cursing at Charlie in Spanish.
            The detention teacher, Mr. Renzo, didn’t even look up at Charlie when he walked into the room. He just groaned and said “Welcome back, Charlie. I didn’t see you for a whole 24 hours.”
            Charlie spent the entire time staring at the clock, as usual. At some point, though, Mr. Renzo got up to use the restroom. This was his chance.
             He crept up to the desk, grabbed Mr. Renzo’s wallet, and snatched a 20 dollar bill inside. He didn’t get caught, of course. He never got caught.

Jaylyn F.


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