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OGM in Zombieland

October 5, 2017
By Ivan8497, Thornton, Colorado
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Ivan8497, Thornton, Colorado
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-What’s up with you-
-Here we go again huh-
-What do you mean-
-Another story that’s what I mean-
-Well I wouldn’t be an author if I didn’t write any stories-
-Well what’s this next one about-
-Oh, you’ll see-
-Nha just tell me-
-Who do you think you are-
-Who am I? Who are you?-
-I’m the narrator-
-And I’m the author-
=Both of you shut the f*** up and get to the story=
-Whoa, who’s man?-
-I don’t know but let’s not stay to find out-
-Well if you insist-
=If he don’t I will=
-Yea we good-
-Ok then, here I go-
OGM in Zombieland
BOOMB!!!! “Holy f*** what was that?” As OGM  awoke he heard the bomb's from miles away. He looked out his wall window expecting to see the same view from last night but instead he sees something much worse. The green trees that filled the mountains had been torched by the bombs dropped from the air. He used his telescope to take a look at his city. Chihuahua had been completely leveled to the ground. The only thing he was able to see was his own trucks spraying bullets to a crowd of people. He thought that his men had gone rogue. Later what he thought to be impossible was confirmed. “What the hell are you guys doing?” he said to his general. “La gente se volvio loca (the towns people have gone crazy)” “What the hell you mean crazy? When haven’t they been crazy?” “No boss… this is different…” OGM got in his helicopter and flew over the city to get a better view and he saw the same people he once lived with eating each other. OGM’s first instinct was to go to the U.S. and so he did.
-Ok if he’s the mastermind behind the biggest most dangerous and most successful cartel in all of history then why would he go to the U.S.?- -He’s got family up there- -Wait… he doesn't live with his family- -nope- -why not- -maybe because he’s the CARTEL!!!- - so?- -Well many people would be scared of you if you ran an entire cartel- -Why tho- -Because they would now quit interrupting and let me finish the damn story- -FINE- As OGM flew over the border he saw nothing but chaos. The U.S. had automatically closed all access to the U.S. Any survivors from south of the border were being condemned by the fact that the U.S. was not going to give them shelter. “Land this thing” said OGM to the pilot. As he landed military personnel gathered around his chopper armed and ready to kill anyone with Zombie like aspects. As OGM walked out of the chopper the General ordered that the guns be put away. “What brings you to the border sir?” asked the general. “What can you tell me about what’s going on” “A new virus struck by surprize. Somewhere between 65-75% of Mexico has already been infected.” “Is it airborne?” “Not that we know of.” OGM stood at the heli-pad looking down at his home country. “Never thought this would happen in my lifetime” said OGM to the general. “None of us did sir… none of us did…” OGM ordered the general to help those who did not appear to seem infected. The General refused at 1st. “I will not put my men at risk of being contaminated by that thing.” “Look General I’m headed to the White House to speak with your commander in chief. I can either have him send help or have him drop a bomb with you in the radius. It’s your choice” “The president responds to no one” “You’re right, however the president will want to drop a nuke somewhere just because he can and I mean he’s got lots of nukes what’s there to say he won’t nuke the northern part of Mexico” “He won’t drop a bomb no-where near the U.S.” OGM’s smile changed to a grimy one. “If he don’t you, already know I will” “Well I think that’s one way of getting what you want” The General agreed after a couple seconds of silence. After OGM arranged the way help will be delivered, he hopped back on his chopper and headed to his old hood. When he arrived he decided to head straight to his set and check up on the headquarters. He showed up and everyone was armed and ready to kill anyone and anything. The 88th mobbers, others called them the Gaylords. Mainly because of where their headquarters were. Eppinger & Gaylord Thornton, Co. 80229. Yup that whole neighborhood was owned by OGM and his gang. What was once a good friendly neighborhood is now the most peaceful place due to OGM. OMG did not enforce violence or gang banging. OGM turned it into a drug spot with no violence. People loved him for this. OGM was hated and loved by many -Why the f*** are you talking to them about OGM- -Why not they need to know- -So what if they don’t- -Then how the f*** do you expect them to know what Thornton means to him- -Just say it means a lot- -Nha it’s how I want to tell it not you- -fine- =Just tell the story= OGM showed up to Thornton and the neighborhood looked calm. He headed to his headquarters. “Boss! What do we do with the infected?” The headquarters had been turned into a refuge. Some were healthy, others were in pain from bites. “Lock them up in the gym. We don’t want no infected running loose in the city.” OGM’s right hand man ordered the rest to do as he said. “MIGUEL!!! What hell is going on” A short curly haired girl yelled directed towards OGM. He turned looking for the girl with an angry expression in his face. Anger turned to relive when he saw who it was. “Thank God you’re ok” said OGM as he gave the girl a hug. “It’s not like you care either way” Come on Delilah, why wouldn’t I care” “Oh so you care for me like you cared for mom?”
Reactions to Action.
September 25, 2001. North Suburban Hospital. “NOOOOOOO!!! NO she can’t die this can’t happen.” “Sweetie calm down she’ll be ok” The clouds were grey, the air was chillin. The hospital was empty. The staff were scattered. No one around to help. What had started as a typical physical checkup turned into a nightmare. “Yea I remember that day” said delilah. “I never saw the gunman coming.”
OGM had a wife once. He used to be way more kind and caring. However for him to ever be like that he would’ve had to have a girl in his life to show it to. Let’s just call her Z. Z was OGM’s reason of being. She was the reason OGM became a hitman before a drug lord. OGM never wanted to be the head of the biggest cartel in the world. All he wanted was to be able to give the baby in Z’s belly the life he never had. Before OGM was OGM he was simply Miguel. Ivan from Northside Mafia. Ivan the homeless, the jobless, the “addict” and the bumb. However Z didn’t care. Z loved him for him. After he got with Z he changed for the better. He got a job, not a stable one however still a good way to make money. “I mean, I’ve been around death my whole life. My grandma died at the age of 8 followed by my father at the age of 10. At the age of 12 I lost his younger brother to a drunk driver he was only 4. My mother devastated by all the losses started using. The addiction caught up to her with an overdose.”
This didn’t matter when the time to kill came around once again. This time his daughter had gotten bitten and now he had to choose. Kill or be killed…

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