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Of Eve

February 15, 2014
By Verdiox, Edison, New Jersey
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Verdiox, Edison, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." Edgar Allan Poe

Author's note: Literally similar situations in my life morphed to snugly fit into the story. Learn that your words and actions are equally as strong

The water trickled down the gutter, slowly making its way to the young girl’s mouth, her rag tag worn clothes torn in the middle fluttered in the warm breeze and as it covered his field of vision; she was gone. The sun was beaming down at the bright citizens in their long clothes, wavering from side to side from a slight touch of the whispering wind, he cried out a small yelp, searching for the “lost” girl. A small shadow scurried across the floor and soon hovered between two buildings, falling to its imminent death as she claimed her prize, an outstretched arm laid on its grips across the gap and with a leap of faith, the rest of the body followed through as she had swung to the other building. Dust clouds rose from the roof tops as the figure continued to run, the sun resting on the mountain’s support as it gave a comforting light pink hue to the horizon.
A rumble occurred; a quenching emergence soon arose, catching the darting eyes for a brief second in time; until it finally fell straight onto the boy, a disgusting wrangled up squirrel lay before him, he gently brushed it to the side and continued on. The rumored one who never mingled, and was one to be mingled with rumors bounced. These thoughts and conversations he’d have with the folk would whirl through his head as he wandered aimlessly in the alleys, calling the bird to the nest. A whistle unique to taste, rolling with the rest of them.
What part of it this time will be mine? The thought spiraled away from her, whom was sliding down the hill of mud, plopping on the soft padded ground next to the boy.
“Of the filth you bring!” He exclaimed, “Alas, you came at least. Gratitude goes out to you, my dear.” He held her hand in his palms and kissed it gently.
“Still not accustomed to how you live,” she said waving the gestures done off. “Alex, I doubt they’ll ever accept me for who I am.”
“Now it matters?” Alex scoffed, “And don’t remember what I told you? Alexander, not Alex!” He scolded.
“Formality is not natural to me, Alex-… Alexander.” She corrected herself, holding out her cupped hands.
“Ah yes, quite anxious today are we. Not enough to catch lately?” Alexander said with a small smile accompanied by a chuckle, pulling the basket from behind him and handing it to her with his left hand.
She waved the question off, disregarding the negativity.
“When shall I know your real name, Scarlett?” Alexander said, eyes drifting down.
“In time. In time.” She said, disappearing back to the darkness, quietly enveloping her.
Have they accompanied her now? Alexander’s thoughts drifted off, into the laughter of the tainted.

Alexander entered the living room of his house, which was composed of many floors, the living room being the utterly neutral room filled with a fireplace and accompanied by hopeless furniture with dull colors to bore such guests.
“Alexander, why bother with her?” She inquired. “A hopeless cause she is.” She winded her hair around her index finger on the faded purple rocking chair.
“Pardon me mother,” Alexander said with emphasis whilst leaning against the wall, “But I prefer to live my own life.”
A brief pause occurred until someone else jumped in, “Ah but it is us who gave you that life, is it not?” His father had said coming around the corner, along for the ride.
“And gave you did.” Alexander said, gritting his teeth. “For was not a loan to be paid off.”
“Perhaps, my dear son, that this bastard world we live in expects a refund.” His father countered.
“A refund? Pah, don’t be over your mindsets now.” Alexander said churlishly. “I owe you my complete love, is that not enough to soothe your treacherous hearts?”
Wonderstruck, the parents backed off, but only forth a small step, until recovering from the loss of ground. “A bastard child in a bastard world is only normal correct?” Alexander’s mother whispered to his father, loud enough for their dastardly son to hear.
“Such can only be true by witnessing, and witness we had.” His father said with dead tone.
“A witness should be of pure heart, not one drenched of such reeking filth.” Alexander said angrily, storming out into the night to see this girl once more, leaving the parents to chatter all by themselves, in their lonely isolated loft in the middle of conjugation of houses.
What falls down my face? Alexander thought to himself, does father mind a tear or two? Such blows to his soul, his heart crippled as his mind shuts down. The sound between his lips calls out into the night sky, but where of the response? There is none to be found and Alexander glances behind him, even he is falling behind the mountains; his rigid finger pointing at his majesty, of what keeps us here. His legs start to move, trees whizzing past his blurry vision which shall be purged soon. His knees buckle under him, trees enveloping his body, shading him from of what light which seemed to come from nowhere. Where does one fall if they shan’t accept? Shall time conjure one another? Or shall she eradicate the lowly?

A body quite aching, the once white clothes, revived to a slight brown, what a new fashion for Alexander. Rigid ground began to pull away from him in his vision, already burning from the sun’s denial, so even Earth disapproves of me; Alexander thought.
Slapped across the face, Alexander lazily looked behind him, twisting his head in such unimaginable ways. “Do you know how far I dragged you?” The roughed up yellow hair seemed quite familiar in his eyes.
“S-Scarlett?” Alexander stuttered. “Pardon my appearance.” He said, straightening his clothes out, attempting to erase such brown splotches freckling his clothing. “I didn’t expect us to meet on such a certain occasion.” Alexander continued, slowly regaining his posture.
Scarlett scoffed, “You should check your back. It’s much worse!”
“Scarlett, how old do you think my appearance gives?” Alexander asked.
“I really do suck at guessing,” Scarlett said in a laugh, “How about in the teens?”
Alexander gave a small laugh, “Broad but correct Madam.” He said, and with that, he cleared his throat then gloomily saying, “I think I’ve had enough of this,” kicking up some dirt from the dry ground.
“Enough?” Scarlett pondered, a tiny flame occurring from the small magical wand.
“I don’t know how you keep leaving me on the edge of my seat, but I find it quite hard to do so.” Alexander explained, his hands gesturing and him in an awkward stance. He shifted his weight from leg to leg, “A jester can only keep up his act for so long I suppose tis’ what I’m saying.”
“So what you’ve been really doing is….?” She began, letting it drop out of her hand, engulfing the sticks in hungry flames licking up to the pan.
Alexander had a sudden interest in his shirt, “Well some of it could perhaps be called a “fraud”, but it’s more of my language that is of one. I guess all the discipline and tutoring from both my parents and teachers have made my language complex, or “sophisticated” as they call it.”
Scarlett shifted to a cross legged position on a halved tree stump, barely enough for herself, yet alone another visitor. She was contemplating because of what conversation sprouts from a dead-end? An unwavering silence hung around the atmosphere until Alexander’s eyes shifted towards her seat and sparked a quick cover up conversation, “A thank you is welcomed you know Alexand-,” Scarlett started.
“Alex, as of now, it’s shorter, simpler and more convenient,” Alex said and then now in a low whisper, “As long as they don’t hear about it, but when do I ever tell them about this?” He chuckled, as well as Scarlett, but hers of nervousness. What kind of garbage is he spewing out right now? Wait a minute…
“You’ve told them about this?!” Scarlett’s neutral mood soon bubbled with anger as she towered over Alex.
“N-n-no!” Alex said, backing away from Scarlett’s stern face and onto the stiff, cold ground.
“Well tell me the TRUTH for once, and maybe then I can finally trust you!” She asserted.
Appalled by the sudden outburst, Alexander dusted off his clothes, “Let’s keep this civilized Scarlett. They had known about it from their spying devils of servants that they keep in the house, pent up until they serve the only purpose they have….. To eavesdrop.” Alex said with such disgust.
“A filthy rich family you’re with? Or are they your true family?”
True family? “I know of only one family I have, and it is they.” Alexander said. “Even if to my distaste, they are still of family, one that I love and hate and such times and perhaps both at once.”
“Yeah, and I bet they’ll be laughing at me right now, ‘She’s just an experiment Alexander,’” Scarlett imitated, “‘Don’t waste too much time on her,’ ‘She can wait’, I bet you and your crooked family can say this calmly, ‘Disastrous girl!!’” She put hard emphasis on the “d” oddly enough.
He sat there with his hands clenching the long log in his grips, letting his knuckles turn white. A distant stare was withheld and the distance seemed far greater than ever between them.
“Don’t you have ANYTHING to say!?” She exploded, her face breaking through Alexander’s purple circle, Alexander falling off of his warmed seat.
“I’m sorry?” Alex attempted.
She shoved him aside, storming past him, who was now in charge of the fire and her little castle. What now? He thought to himself, still left on the ground as it grew colder and a new friend arose. A ruined relationship, burning of the bridges and slaughtering of the cows sends him crawling, but will she ever see me for who I am? Or for whom he is? Is 100 percent not of use anymore? Can it be that the universe is finally twisting, or would it be I who is? All in time….. He reminded himself.

2 Days Later
“Has the boy returned?” Alexander’s mother asked.
“No deary, as smart as he is, he is of stubbornness; it courses through the veins of every Razual.”
A wild knocking came, ringing throughout the house.
“My oh my, a visitor we have on our hands. Shall we have th-,” She began.
“No, I shall attend to it myself. That little rascal deserves what comes in my words.”
“William!” His wife called out.
Abruptly leaving his luxury seat, he roughly ripped the door open. “What do we have her-,” He started.
“Is Alex here?” Scarlett asked solicitously, clad in a skirt and a blouse, a new look for a new occasion.
“Of what concern involve a young girl?” He thundered.
“I have every right to be concerned of a friend at school!” It slid off her tongue smoothly.
“And of your name madam?” William straightened up to his relaxed posture.
“S-,” Scarlett whispered, then clearing her throat, “Madison. Madison Park.”
William’s eyes stared at her; a silent gap had been created. “A pleasure meeting you Ms. Hadows, and you said you’re attending school with our dear son Alexander? We never had been told about such a pretty girl with our son.”
A fake blush in an accompaniment lie, “Yes sir; I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with him as his partner in many of the classes we share together. Do you happen to know where Alexander has gone off to?”
“I’m afraid not Ms. Park, but if you do see him, please give us a knock!” He said, ending the conversation, hand on the edge of the door.
Scarlett somehow managed a curtsey while leaving the Razual household. A couple of freaks! Is THAT what they call a normal conversation?! Must’ve been years before Alexander was created! She thought as she wandered back to her sweet loving home. I miss them already! She looked disdainfully upon her attire, who says a girl has to always be a stereotyped housewife? We have as much freedom as any of those piggish men do, slobbering all over us. Scarlett thought this over as she entered her home but something seemed off. The little owlets hooted at her and even the sly fox danced around Scarlett. The plants curled around her feet while the spruce trees beckoned her in with stars perfectly aligned, burning so fiercely as they twinkled with delight, how could the moon have guessed what she loved the most? The whole forest seemed to teem with beauty yet the awe in her eyes never left until Scarlett met herself surprised when she looked straight ahead. The reflection from the water couldn’t have been any more beautiful alluring than it was, with wide eyes she gasped, to see who was standing there. A figure awaiting her arrival as it held out its arm, interlocking, Scarlett smiled a smile she had never once experienced or at all expected to happen in her lifetime.

Lying down on the thick blanket in which sanctioned them from the cold, she slept lightly on his outstretched arm, with him thinking of how he would go about afterwards. He gently rested her head on the blanket, a little yawn slipped out of her mouth, but she was not yet awakened thankfully. He stood silently for a moment until he heard her snuggle back into her sleep and then set about the plan. He started to pluck them at first in the broad moonlight, until only realizing after two, they had been mushed together and now picked them off the ground. They were of assorted colors, red, blue, purple, yellow and light pink and frankly, looked rather well together. He pulled out the long string and tied them all together, however leaving one pink one to hold onto. Still asleep, he took a second to remark that even as sleeping she withheld her delicacy. Gingerly placing the pink flower in her hair which complimented her golden hair; he waited till the morning behind a tree, out of plain view, sleeping until she awoke. After a few hours, she yawned and extended her arms, why was a blanket on her? Stretching herself out, she stood up and looked around with him nowhere to be seen.
“Hell-,” She began but a finger was put up to her lips.
“Hey beauty.” He said smoothly, wrapping his left arm around her waist.
“Oh my Alexander, what are your parents going to think when they find out about this?” Scarlett said as a beatific smile awaited.
“Who says they’ll know? And besides,” he said while pulling the boutique from behind him, “I made you this.”
She loosened up and hugged him tight and locked into his eyes; all was calm and peaceful with the finches chirping and the dandelions unfurling while collision happened. For a split second, a ripple in time occurred until a racing newspaper girl sped by, hair and all flowing in the wind, catching a breeze stirring up leaves as the pine trees bristled.
She freed herself of his grasps, slowly trotting away with the grass swaying in motion as she paused for a moment. “Jay.” She whispered in the refreshing breeze, carrying her voice to the ear of Alexander whom smiled at such.
It was now midday, the rays browning their skins; they went their separate ways; between Alexander and finally facing his family and Jay embracing the cold facts, they didn’t look back. The woven rattan picnic basket lay upside down and empty, ants crawling and weaving their own paths, cleaning up of such food that lay in crumbs. The creatures stayed there, standing on the blanket that Alexander so happened “found”. With one look back, Alexander and Scarlett thought about what would happen next. But it was only a matter of time before such rolled upon, twas’ life never shall be on calm waters long….

Alexander strode in only to witness his mother do one thing of only he’s seen once. Weep….. He silenced his footsteps and observed her face; another one, perhaps Father? Alexander took time to ready his breathing and intentionally made himself seen, the ornate marble floor meant nothing if built upon blood.
“Mother…” He said gently, “I’m back. What happened?” He pointed to the broken lamps, shattered windows and torn off curtains with the sofa’s delicately knitted pillows made by his mother in pieces. The pink yarn in tiny segments, covering a wide area of the floor, his mother glanced at such as well. The deep sea blue pillow was stained with droplets of death on his mother’s lap.
“Ah it was a waste.” She said without stammering. “It can always be remade right?” She clutched her thighs tightly, eyes sealed.
Alexander reached for the handkerchief in his pocket, the ornate delicate linen embroidered with gold lines making out a fancy parenthesis which wrapped around the whole handkerchief in a curving arc. She groped for it and dabbed her eyes with mascara running down her face. Her lovely black dress sparkling with little specks of white couldn’t even daze father. How useless! She thought to herself, reflecting on what had happened:
“The ring was gone! “Crap!” William hissed under his breath while shaking off the water. He planted himself in the sand and relaxed on the foldable Adirondack chair while being baked out in the sun. He smoked a cigarette as the nearby kids coughed and death stared him which was returned by William with an evil scowl, sending the little kids scurrying away.
“Dear, of what act was that?” William’s wife asked, wondering about the children.
“Ah Kim, just of antics we fellow members of the puppeteer share. One cannot be enveloped by the overwhelming wave of change.” He replied.
“Indeed, that obstacle is one hard to overcome when inside. Now now, let’s put back our accessories back on and thank our humbly home.” Kimberly said.
Oh blasphemy! She and her sharp eyes!! “Yes deary, we should really be going. Shall we?” William held out his hand as she lightly grasped it.
With the car already started and warmed up, they set off for home, hopefully where that idiot is now. He’s probably lounging on the recliner chairs watching T.V and slacking off. That brat! I’ll send him in a world of hurt when we come back! How dare he do of crimes in the name of Razul!
“Dear, can you lower the A.C? I’m rather frigid.” Kim said.
“Oh really? Kim, I’m feeling rather hot. Ah I’ll just do an even split.” He said with a confident smile.
Kim nodded as she dozed back off into a life she can embrace. She left off a soft sigh as she indeed fell asleep on the leather seat, the black sedan weaving in and out of the city, eventually arriving at home. Awaking his wife, William returned back to his comfortable recliner chair as Kimberly resumed to questioning his authority.
“Aren’t you going to look for Alexander? I’m worried about him William.” She said with her hands clenching her wrists.
“That boy’s resourceful Kim, he can’t be defeated that easily, do you doubt him that much that you want to call the police? How disgraceful! Any Razual can go through hell and back!”
She paused for a brief moment and raised her voice, “Not as disgraceful as supposedly letting our son get kidnapped or worse! What kind of parent are you William?!”
He slapped the marble lamp aside, accident or not, yet the crashing sounded awfully similar to an abusive parent, “The kind of parent I am?” He scoffed. “Why, I am one who builds the next generation!”
Kimberly had suddenly burst into laughter with a small unnoticeable tear wiped away with her forearm she said, “By destroying the path before them? By letting demons ahold of them? By collapsing the ceiling which used to hang so high above them? You’re no good as a parent as a little baby, and at least a baby could be cute!”
William ripped the curtains from their home, tearing them down while exclaiming, “WHY DON’T WE LET THE WORLD SEE WHAT NORMAL PEOPLE GO THROUGH?!” Laughing maniacally, hands tearing through his hair, he fell on his knees, staring out the window.
“The only normal person here is you William, but you blend in with no one; maybe you should stick to that of an imposter; it’s about time to give up an act little jester.” Kimberly said with ferocity, tanned arms and legs crossed.
“When you want someone gone, expect repercussion!” He shouted at her, seizing her knitted coverings and ripping the yarn apart as it lightly tore to the ground.
“Get OUT of this house RIGHT NOW William! Or need I say of other actions you took before? You know I’d win the trial my dear.” Kimberly pointed to the door, now the tears were welling up in her eyes as she shut them out, she saw blackness and heard the door slam as she collapsed on the ground, curling up into a ball and then wept….”

Alexander stayed silent for a moment to take this all in and then said with an edging smile, “A bastard father in a bastard world.”
She erupted in laughter and patted Alexander on his head and smiled, as Alexander broadly smiled as well, and that was when knocking sounded the door, no use of the doorbell as low grumbling came behind it; “You sure this is it?”
Another voice sounded, “Yeah, this is it.”
A short lived cough crawled its way to them followed by an assertive voice stating, “Is this the Razual’s residency? Someone’s reported a woman possibly with a young boy in this house. Open up!”
Silence followed, the family sat perfectly still until another voice arose disturbing the beams of sun warming the floor, “Mam, we know you are there. Please, do not overcomplicate this matter.”
Kimberly gently walked over, bare feet dodging assorted plants and weaving through the shattered glass reflecting multiple rainbows.
She turned the knob, squeezing it tightly as the door was shoved open, her back crashing against the closet. A perturbed face was underneath, heavily plastered with gritted teeth and a forced face. “Who are you?!” Alexander yelled out.
“Boss said ‘No excessive force.’” The deep edged voice sliced through the air, negating Alexander’s existence entirely.
“Yeah yeah.” The skeptical man waved it off pulling out shining metal handcuffs; letting out a low sigh, “You are placed under arrest for abusing your husband Mrs. Razual….”
“Do you have a warrant to come barging upon our home without welcome?!” Alexander yelled.
“Young man, do you not know the laws of our good green state? I think you should look into it,” The “boss” gestured at some probably fake laminated paper that supposedly said the state’s laws.
That’s it! 1, 2, 3! Alexander thought hastily as he clenched his throbbing fists and then came thrashing at him.
Grabbing a handful of Kimberly’s hair, she cried out in pain and held her in front of him. “Na-ah-aahhh! Wouldn’t want to hurt a citizen under arrest. Don’t be offended if we charge for aggravated assault too.” The man picked up a blunt object and hit Kimberly in the back of the head with it; crippling her to be forced on her knees, eyes rolled back.
He came closer to Alexander whom backed down with hands up and pummeled his gut; spit spewing out of his mouth, he fell to the ground, with fuzzy vision of the man and his unconscious mother slung over his shoulder.
“Now, it’s all the time to prove it. I’m afraid your mom shall be detained for a while,” carrying Mrs. Razual off to the car with a covered license plate.
How illegal does bad get? He sat cross-legged on the floor, phone in hand, smeared with regret and anger dripping from the ends of the world.

Shifting the weight to her left foot as she let her arms droop down, the bearings were quite heavy this time. Suddenly, a division of stumpy figures came parading over to her. Their face peered into the basket, a sigh of relief as they relieved her of her duty and heaved the bountiful basket over the walls with prancing shadows upon thee. Night had fallen upon them and yet keen eyes maintaining a vigil on the little buggers. The echoes of munching ricocheted throughout the chipped stone corridors as rubble crumbled to the flimsy hardwood floor with ‘explosives’ everywhere; the little ones pointing out the points in which the mines were set upon the floor to the taller, peculiar figure.
“Whatever you do, don’t wake the devils!” A voice whispered.
“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The loud pronunciation quieted the group.
The pitter patter of tumbling feet and shuffling hands as they shoveled down their throats while handing the extra to the end. Writhing with delight, tingling down their spines they all smiled brightly. But of course, one little monster had missed the carry-out, the apple and banana tumbling to the ground, enough to make a loud thump! Perturbed faces turned to each other, unnatural light came waving about while they scampered away; all spreading out in a spider web of directions and as always, the little one who is caught, thrashing about in the clutch of the embodiment of the devil; the head priestess.
“Tell me Oliver,” rasp flew out of the wrinkled mouth as if smoke, swirling and choking the youngling. “Who is this guardian angel of yours?” The high priestess questioned the boy as a fragile lip quivered held up by wobbling legs under wooden planks.
Fear seized and with one last conscious act, he closed his throat, and proceeded to fall to the ground. Unfortunately, with one swift action, the head priestess scooped him up but somehow growled to another priestess to call the ambulances at the same time, and then finally put on quite the entertainment for the foolish paramedics. Such ignorance! How many times is that now? Ten? Hauntingly, a stone was edged slightly-so over causing a hawk-eye to turn its attention to the source.
“Excuse me,” she said to the paramedics hoisting Oliver to safety as she hastily left the scene; searching the vicinity.
A small amount of light entered the hole, “How long,” she mouthed.
She held up her shaped fingers to make an “O”, wait….. No, a zero. Great! She thought. “Sorry Jay….” The other girl whispered.
Jay cocked her head to the side and threw up her arms in a moment of confusion until light poured in and beamed on her clearly, revealing nonetheless dirtied, battered and ripped clothes.
“Good job Caroline.” The prominent figure towered over the hidey hole while patting Caroline on her head. “As for you,” she said turning to Jay, raising her voice, “You are in big trouble young lady! What were you thinking assaulting and breaking into an orphanage?!” She gripped the cuff of Jay’s shirt, still inside the hidey-hole as Caroline scurried away.
A police officer’s attention that was focused on writing the police report veered to the conversation as the head priestess smiled wickedly.
Jay was petrified; she stared into the head priestess’s void for eyes, a black abyss with a tiny woman overrun by waves of rolling darkness was all she can see. Her eyes drifted down and admittedly, tears did fall. The officer’s pencil scribbled down sloppily some key words.
“Ooo a soft one aren’t you? Finally breaking down?” She mocked Jay.
Jay clasped her shoulder with her chin tucked down and said, “I’m so sorry Audrey.”
Audrey immediately loosened her grip, she grimaced and let Jay hug her while she stood still, staring blankly into the distance as a single and final tear drop fell.

The author's comments:
Mixed feelings much?

Why is it so cold? I saw my breath twirling into the atmosphere. My leg just twitched….. I paused for a moment. Why? Straightening my back against the wall, I cupped my hands and blew into them, legs extended transitioned into being cross-legged. Winds of change came around as I cradled myself, Music, where’s my music? I groped the gravel floor and found a tiny white capsule, dusting it off; I shoved it in my mouth, gulping it down. Left arm numb, right arm numb, left leg numb, right leg numb and tightness in chest; left hand clutching chest. I breathed uneasily, music always had repercussions, but it works doesn’t it? No pain? Check. Chest pains confirmed though. Head throbs? Not at the moment… “Hey Thain, is anyone around?” I asked.
“You know the answer to that; no one is ever around anymore.” Thain responded as he rests his head on a box with a long gaze.
“Why are you looking out there?” I asked Thain. “It’s uncharacteristic; we have everything we need here….” She paused, “Thain, you’re not acting the same.”
His dull response, “Don’t we all dream?” A little glint from his smile told a different story.
“It’s her again; isn’t it?” I said.
He shrugged, “Two sides are of fragile, and one side is of me, people with reason, as lost as can be.”
“She said that, as always, more than one meaning.” Thain said contemplating at the thought.
“Don’t be so secluded! Hang on the line of words strung by her and she’ll let you fall into that chasm!”
Thain went silent for a moment; his eyes stared into the ground, a mixture of gravel, dirt and assorted frivolous items.
It stayed like this for a moment, just a slight slice in the time spectrum until he lifted his face up and retorted, “Secluded?!” He gave a little chuckle, “don’t get started on secluded if you’ve made this up!” He said bitterly, grinding his teeth.
He now abruptly stood up, box kicked and all, but that wasn’t what surprised me. Thain’s facial expression, he was…. Crying? “Look, I’m sorry Thain, I di-,”
“It’s, it’s not… Not about me anymore.” He wiped the dripping tears away with his dirtied sleeve. “It’s not even… About us. Look, I know this isn’t easy for you, but can’t you just try? You’ve seen me. You’ve lived, but is this really living? Darkness corruption and gashes; that’s how we’ve always lived; but in reality, we’re supposed to live with interaction justice and most importantly of all….” He looked me in the eyes for the very first time with his own dark chocolate eyes, “love.”
I looked away for a few seconds, not letting him see the refraction I saw as I stared at the empty boxes that served our as our shelter. I soon returned my gaze to find that Thain wrote on the ground, three words spelled out on the gravel,
He did a rather weaker salute than the other ones before, maybe it’s because of our little argument. His eyes never met mine and I swear I could feel his eyes staring into my soul from behind me as I walked away, understanding what he wanted. I saluted back, long and high, as the tube of music lay knocked over on the ground spilling, its contents under the overly bright sun…

A hug, a fist, a slap and a nod was all it took to get reacquainted with each other after a week of “personal business”, they had called it. Jay and Alex strolled around the town, having their fun until they came across an eerie and gloomy building with “Queinton,” as their name weirdly enough.
“Let’s go inside it!” Jay whispered, arm in arm with Alex.
“Wellllll….” Alex said until Jay started dragging him towards the frightening structure.
There at the front door, the rusty hinge creaked as Jay rushed to push the door open.
“Hey! No kids allowed. This is a bar.” The owner shouted at us, who just stared at him. It was hard not to laugh, let alone grin as I gritted my teeth.
Jay put her most innocent face on and said, “Oh I’m sorry! I thought this was a store!” She backtracked with me and I bursted out laughing, bent over outside for a good minute on the curb.
“Wait wait, who,” she paused for a brief moment hardly able to contain herself, “who’s that girl?” She snickered, pointing at the girl strolling with a dark blue outfit, misfit and estranged with hair frizzing, coming even with the split ends as her eyes are squinting upwards as she attempted to look at the building’s names.
Alexander heaved a sigh as he contained himself, “Jay, you know I don’t like stuff like that,” half looking at her and the girl.
“What?” She said snickering, “weirdos like her?” She was laughing so hard she had to wipe a tear away.
Meanwhile, I stayed gawking at the young lady, accustomed to open life, change in personality. Note taken. “Hey, wanna follow her?” I said while tapping Jay’s arm.
She held her stomach, “Yeah! Just give me a second here, it hurts a bit.”
I grabbed her hand and started dragging her along as the girl started wandering aimlessly away into a sketchy alley-way.
“Um,” I began but she didn’t hear, “Exc-,” Jay interrupted me.
“What did you think you were doing?!” Jay exclaimed. “I said my stomach hurt, and yet you still rushed recklessly knowing I could’ve been run over or worse!” She stared at the girl; rainy visuals clogged up as I imagined the propaganda on T.V for some random medication.
“Jeez, I can’t leave you alone for one second!” Jay said.
The girl heard that and swiveled her head, “Ar-e you g-guys l-lost? I-I du-don’t know this ci-city too well.” She managed to spat out.
“Oh, well that’s all and well. Are you alright though?” Alexander said solicitously.
“M-m-me?” She pointed to herself, “well so far I am. I-I’m actually quite p-proud of myself.” Stammering non-stop, a constant in her inconsistence.
“Yes, that’s very nice young lady without a name. My name however, is Alexander. Nice to meet you.” He held out his left, bold hand that radiated confidence.
Her shaky hand met his and shook it nervously. “M-my name’s Dixie. C-cool to meet you.” She said a little more relaxed, arms still jolting, a small but too wide smile formed at her lips.
Jay leaned against the walls as she noted the reeking cardboard boxes. “What’s up with you being here?” She questioned, staring right at Dixie.
Dixie shifted and weight instantly as she said with monotony while looking at the ground, “This? This is my home.”
Alexander’s eyes shot up, “Wait, really?”
She glanced around fidgeting with her fingers, “Yes… Really. Is there a problem?”
“Sorry for troubling you Dixie, but it was nice to meet you.” Alexander said waving a goodbye with a reluctant Jay following whom after a long ways of walking, pulled him over to the side.
“What’s with you all of a sudden?” She said snappishly. “You rushed here and then just abandoned her.”
“Jay, I don’t think you’ll understand it…” Alexander said.
“What?” She said with retaliation. “Think I’m just some stupid street girl?”
“Your ignorance is cute, it really is Jay.” He said bitterly, “try to understand people better and open up your eyes! And no, I don’t, you’re much more than that.” He softened his voice.
“Whatever Alex, I don’t even care anymore. While you hang out with Ms. ‘Awkward’ over there, I’ll be waiting for you to be begging me back!” She said stomping away in the direction of her makeshift home.
He remained seated and sighed with his heart racing, his hands messing up his hair. A chain that binds all, to whom, may stall, unknown for which to call, they became the doll… Hah, now I’m in the mindset of my wretched father. His heart’s pounding rung in his ears as his chest tightened up making it impossible to breathe steadily. Alexander sat there, bent over as his unresponsive body hung in of low figure.

The author's comments:
To be truthful, this ending made me quite sad.

My heart on one side of the scale, their hearts piled next to each other, one never higher than the other; gaping holes in their chests make them collapse and I blink, as all of it goes away in an instant.
“Hello? Anyone in there?” Kim asked, slapping Alexander’s face a few times as his eyes opened slowly.
“Ugh…” He said groaning, “Mom? What are y-?”
“You’ve been out there for 5 hours without a single call returned! What do you think I did?”
“Sorry…” He muttered under his breath.
“Yeah you better be! You and your lazy self; go get yourself changed Alexander!”
“Wait…. Why? There’s no school today.”
“You,” she said pointing at him, “you mister, are going to apologize to her. And don’t try the ‘but’ reasoning because it’s going to come back around to you if you don’t address it properly.”
He groaned and ruffled through his hair as he prepped his attire for the now evening; a beautiful dusk it was as Kim stared at its’ majestic ways. He fitted through his formal clothing consisting of a white dress shirt with a black vest atop as well as a black bow tie and his unnamed pants. The moving trees and the speeding metal whizzed by the asphalt paving, the clearing soon arrived and with that, Kim parked the car on the side of nowhere and impatiently tapped her foot.
“Well kiddo? You gonna go, or do you need me to push you?” She said smiling.
Alexander got out of the car and slowly treaded through the ankle high grass with his hands fidgeting with each other. His eyes soon met with the abandoned site, black ash in a circle, surrounding what used to be their warmth, an overturned fallen tree in which they sat upon and a pile of shredded flowers. He stood silent for a second observing the scene as a gust of chills overcame him. With a nearby stick, he jabbed it into the petals from the flowers and sat down on the hard, chilling ground, kicking up some dirt just like last time. He slowly inched up, craning his neck in high hopes with no outcome. Alexander grasped the closest tree and stared at the home once again and with a single glance back, he began walking back to the black SUV as the rustle of leaves remained unheard. Beady eyes gazed at the imprinted grass and with a back against the hiding tree, the figure fell down.

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