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Upward Tilt

July 10, 2013
By jjgrace, Austin, Texas
jjgrace, Austin, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"But when it comes to human beings, the only cause that matters is the final cause, the purpose. Once you understand what people really wants, you can't hate them anymore. You can fear them, but you can't hate them, because you had the same desires."


At first it seemed fun, made all the more wonderful by the recklessness of the action- running away with Caden, boarding that midnight plane to New York- to Iris, it was almost a good plan. Even if their reasons for leaving were anything but. But there’s a hitch in this plan, completely aside from the obvious parental and monetary issues- the plane. It’s stuck- stuck in a three degree, upward tilt- and it’s not stopping for anything. And when the passengers of flight 808 are told the worst, that there are only two parachutes on board, suddenly, Iris and Caden aren’t the only two people with problems. With stories to tell, reasons to live, and a daunting time limit over their heads, everyone seems suddenly aware of the age old saying- all that comes up, must come down.


Upward Tilt

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