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June 29, 2012
By BrokenWingsofVanityAndWax PLATINUM, Centennial, Colorado
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BrokenWingsofVanityAndWax PLATINUM, Centennial, Colorado
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Author's note: Insomnia... and a lot of energy drinks are really what inspired me to make this.

The author's comments:
This is where you meet Mistress... and who she works for.

Hello dear reader,

You are probably wondering who the hell I am, but, your eyes would deceive you and you would never know the "real" me, unless you listened closely to my, story. For I am a demon, a demon of past, a demon of now. And a demon of tomorrow. I am the daughter of Lucifer, but, he users me as a demon bidder. If I told you my name out would be a waste of my infinious time. Now wouldn't it be?
To tell you my story, I must tell you of his. His name was "Xavier Chisisi;" his name meant new house and secrets. I was to marry him, but he was my brother. He would be my biggest challenge, but maybe I could just pretend I didn't know him when I would be forced to say "I do."
Our story began on late Halloween night. The trick or treaters were inside, and the teenagers were eating the candy that their siblings got, while they slept. I was walking down the street to the graveyard's forest to meet a dark man with a dark purpose. Nobody moved and windows and blinds shut quickly as I passed them with seamless struts. The fog was rolling in and a breath would freeze in air; the cold followed me like a distant friend were ever I went.
The townsfolk knew I was not a Godly person, and I was the only one in this whole town, who was not Godly...
The tombstones, headstones, and mausoleums all had something to do with Christ; they had crosses, angels, God, and crucified Christ. Why my master wanted to meet here is beyond me, but I shall not disappoint. I am his bidder, his trickster, and his liar.
"Aw, there you are." My master's voice arose from the gloomy fog, " yes, I am here master." " Hush! Remember what I told you, call me Lucifer." I bowed my head low showing the back of my neck showing his claw marks; and the scars. "Ah, so you deliver it?" I raised my head slightly, " yes he's a healthy boy of 16 and is now in your army." " good," he said with a wheezy voice, " watch over him and when the time comes," he look straight at my lowered head, " bring him to me, I want to make sure my son is welcomed back to his rightful throne, the right way." I bowed my head, " yes mas... Lucifer." he looked pleased, "now go my daughter to watch your brother, for come tomorrow your brother will be there in this town of God himself and in the school where you are." He walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders, " now remember, once your brother is here, make him fall in love with you." I looked at him, "yes father." I look back down and I felt piercing fingernails slice another claw marking into my neck, and all you could hear was my ear splitting shrieking for miles on end. As he gouged his fingernails into my neck it seemed to end in a matter of minutes. When he was done he pulled his fingernails away, and then licked away my blood from his fingers. "Just remember my daughter, you are mine until you wed your brother." There was a flash of lightning in shock wave of thunder in the sky and he was gone. I raise my head back up. I could feel the blood gushing from my neck. The fog lightened up but the cold only got worse. My hard and heavy breath frozen mid- air, from the freezing air. I started to walk home, and the sky decide to open up and started to downpour, but I didn't mind, I love the rain. I love the way it felt on my body. The wind changed direction now it blew at my back, causing the rain to change too; stinging my neck cut. I suck to breath through my teeth and snapped my eyes shut, and even though it hurt, I push through and continued my incline to my house.
I looked up and there it was, hidden in the woods all you could see was the tips of my mansion. This is the only one of it's kind here; 400 centuries old, made by the very first dealer; Johnathan Jolon. I knew what is last I meant it, it meant a valley of dead oaks. I don't have a name yet, because Lucifer hasn't given me my name, all because I am still 16 and you only get your name at 17.
I push the doors and they bummed against the wall quite noiselessly. I was greeted by my butler Joe, he knew what I was, " hello Mistress, how was your meeting today?" I sighed and showed him the back of my neck, along with my blood soaked shirt, " So it went well... come on Mistress let's get you cleaned up." he smiled and started to walk towards our kitchen, but before I could follow him there was a loud knock at the door. I walked up to the door to opened it. And standing there was a rain drenched guy who looked as if he had just been dragged through hell and back, "hello?" he spun around, " hello uh my car broke down here, but it's okay because of I'm suppose to be living here. But can I live here?" " May I ask your name?" " Xavier Chisisi." I looked up at him, " welcome, we've been expecting you," I turn to let him in, " you can call me Mistress. Um my butler is Joe, but he could help you too. Uh but your butler is Roy," I turned into the house, " Roy!" He walked out from the parlor, " Please Roy, you are the butler for Master Xavier. Make sure he is attended to." He bowed low, " will do Mistress." He said and readjusted himself, " Please Master Xavier, come lets get you out of those clothes and into something warmer." Xavier barely nodded his head, I looked at both of them as they climbed the grand staircase. Then I remembered something, " Oh wait! Dinner will be served in 20 minutes." He look straight at me, "Okay? I will see you there... Mistress." He turned and walked away, when he was fully upstairs, I sucked in a sharp breath though my teeth. The claw marks were still bleeding, and now my black shirt was a dark blood red in the back. "Oh Mistress, there you are! I was wondering why you didn't follow, so who is the young master?" I put my finger to my lips and tilted my head over to the kitchen. I was starting to feel woozy, "Joe can you help hold me up?" "Yes." He put his arm under my armpit and we walked into the kitchen. When we were in there I sat on a chair and Joe got all the medical supplies we would use to clean me up after meetings with Lucifer. "So... who is the new master?" I sighed, and lifted my hair out of the way, " my brother along with the guy- OW! That hurts Joe." I said as he start to clean up the claw marks. "I'm very sorry Mistress." "It's okay Joe, it just always hurts when getting cleaned," I could feel him put the bandages on my neck, " he's also the guy I am supposed to be married to. Lucifer told me himself, his ' name' is Xavier Chisisi. He's to be staying here until Lucifer says otherwise." "Okay you're all done. Now if you don't mind Mistress, I have to tell Rachel to set another place and Rebeca to make another plate. " I waved him off and he nodded, then walked over to the cooking room. I sighed and got up, I had to change out of these clothes since they were covered in my own blood. I walked up to the staircase and standing there baffled was Xavier, "hello." He nodded and I walked right past him, I could feel him follow me with his eyes. Then I remembered that my hair was still up, I freaked out and yanked it down. I looked back at him to see if he had noticed. He was staring at me with wide eyes. Well that will be interesting explanation at dinner. I sighed and walked through the hallways, they were painted a light gray. I knew where floorboards were squeaky, but I was too lost in thought of how to explain everything to Xavier to worry about where squeaky floorboards were. I would hit a floorboard that squeaked every now and then. My room was at the back of the hallway and it was the masters bedroom... well in this case Mistresses' bedroom. As I opened the door it creaked like the ones in horror movies, it was completely pitch black in my room, and my gargantuan window curtains were shut tightly. When I flipped on the lights, it illuminated everything. From my Transylvania king bed, to my walk-in closet. It was very, very cold in my room, and my breath froze in air. I look to my bed and sitting there was Lucifer. " Hello Lucifer." " So how is your brother Xavier?"

I was on my way to my new home an old building that was 400 centuries old. It was out a little ways out from the town of North Montevello. I was to be staying here until it was my time to leave this Godly realm.
It was dark and my vision was starting to go funky, a face appeared and I slammed the brakes as hard as I could. My car' tires squealed and blew out in front of the house I was to be staying at. It was still quite some ways away to walk, and it was down pouring rain. I just say back staying warm inside of my car. I got bored and decided to look out of the window. A girl around my age was walking to the house... even though she was a silhouette, she w as beautiful, wait, no, she was gorgeous. I watched as she threw open the doors to the mansion, and out stepped towards her was what appeared to be a man, but I've been wrong before...
The doors closed, and my car battery decided it had to die, "well, do much for staying warm and dry." I mumbled to myself and took the keys from the ignition. I threw the door open, and I was drenched from head to toe in a near 5 seconds. I made a mad dash for the doors of the mansion, when I got into the courtyard of the place I slowed into a fast jog. It amazed me how big this place really was; it was 5 stories and probably a dungeon, the tops of the circular "castles" were above the trees. I still continued to jog to the doors, once my feet hit the marble staircase, I banged the humongous knockers on the doors. Turning back around to face the courtyard I noticed how beautiful it was even in the down pouring rain. Ivy covered everything, and there were many toys of living trees here; oak, pine, aspen, you name it, they probably had it. In the middle of the courtyard was a burnt black tree, that amazingly still stood. The door opened behind me, and I spun around at a voice that sounded like honey to my ears, "Hello?" I could feel my face become as hot as lava, my heart skipped beats, she was even more gorgeous than I had imagined. She looked at me impatiently, "Hello. Um my car broke down here, but it's okay because I'm suppose to live here. But can I live here?" She looked at me up and down with a questioning look, "May I have your name?" "Xavier Chisisi." I replied happily, even through I didn't have a name yet. I'm not yet 17.
She looked at me almost directly in the eyes, "welcome, we've been expecting you," she turned and called a guy named Roy, then explained who I was, and just everything. Roy said something I was barely attention to, and just nodded lightly. Roy started to show me the way to my room, but halfway up the grand staircase, Mistress called to us, "oh wait! Diner will be served in 20 minutes." Roy bowed and I nodded again and mumbled, "okay? I will see you there... Mistress." Her lips tugged at the corners a little bit, I left it be, and followed Roy to my room. The hallways were light gray and peoples' portraits hung on them. Roy lead me to a humongous room painted very beautifully. The room was a dark blood red, but not a crimson, the floors were white carpet. There was a large mirrored closet in the corner, a white arm chair, with a reading table next to it.
Behind the table was a window with a view of the while town. My bed was blanketed white... it looked so welcoming. Roy turned on the little Victorian Era lamps and it looked just so peaceful. I was about to sit on the bed but then I remembered that I was soaked to the bone. Roy left my side and to the closet, "boxers or briefs master Xavier?“ I looked at him stunned, no one had ever asked me that! "Um... ah..." "Simple question master Xavier. Boxers or briefs?" Still stunned, "um, boxers?" He grabbed something, and brought me a simple pair of black skinny jeans, a black muscle shirt, black boxers, and some black socks and a pair of brand new Vans. I thought to myself, they really have been expecting me. Good taste too. "Thank you Roy, now if you don't mind ," I turned around, and he wasn't there "would leave..." I was now officially creeped out, but I didn't let that bother me. I got changed out of my wet clothes, and into the warm ones. Aw man, they felt so good, they felt as if they had just came out of the dryer.
Once I slipped them on, I decided to, go wondering, Mistress said nothing against it. I walked out and Roy was no where to be seen. Looking down the hallway, there was a large mural hanging there of a guy I thought I knew, as I walked up closer to it. The plate below it read, "Lucifer, God's own cast out angel." I should have been scared by that but instead I found it interesting that we shared something together. I turned around and there stood a women, "best be going downstairs. Diner will be on soon." I nodded my head, "thank you... uh?" "Oh uh, its Maria." "Okay thank you Maria." As I walked back through the hallways that I came from, I couldn't help but feel as if I was being watched. I rounded a corner and I was by the grand stairwell. Walking down it, I saw Mistress walk out of what appeared to be the dining hall. She didn't even notice me as she started up the stairs.
Her hair was up and her shirt in the back had a look of crimson, and as she passed me, I saw the same claw marks as my mother had. There were 3 new ones by the looks of it, and 9 old ones. She saw me looking and scrambled to get her hair down. I knew what they were, but I only wanted to ask why would she ever do it? Why make the deal with Lucifer? Especially when you're already that gorgeous. I knew why my mother did it, she was dying of terminal brain cancer. She had done it so I would never get cancer. During labor she gave birth to me and as the story goes, she had another child, but the child died during birth. My mother lived until I was 6, then died on her birthday.
I snapped out of my thoughts by a girl almost screaming, and bouncing around hyperly, "hello master Xavier, I'm Rachel and my sister is the cook here, her name is Rebeca. We hope you'll enjoy living here as much as my sister and I have." "Um, okay. Good to meet you." I mindlessly said as I walked into the dining hall. The table was large, enough to fit the towns folk and the whole employees plus Mistress and I. Rachel lead me to the seat left of the head. As I sat down Mistress walked seamlessly in wearing gray skinny jeans, a gray long sleeve shirt, and gray Jack Skellington slippers. She looked at me, "good to see you found the dining hall," she liked nervous, like something was worrying her a lot, "um Rachel," Rachel left and came back with another place setting. "Um, Xavier, uh we have a visitor," and as soon as she said that, the man my mother told me sorties about walked in... Lucifer. "Hello son. See you're quite comfy now, so lets eat." I seemed to glare at him, Mistress sat down as Lucifer pushed her in and then smirked. I was about to say something but Mistress kicked me. I leaped into the air, "ow!" I yelped, Lucifer looked pissed, "son, that was quite rude." I looked baffled, the first time I had thought that it was a slip of tongue. But the second time? "I'm your son?" I asked confused as hell, "yes, just like Mistress-" Mistress shot him a glare that could kill, "so does that mean I'm the prince of hell?" Lucifer rolled his eyes and Mistress nodded her head.
Wait, so I'm now what the Christians call the son of the anti- Christ?

Its a good thing I'm not a Godly


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