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Let Me Go!

June 24, 2012
By BatteryAfter, Kingwood, West Virginia
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BatteryAfter, Kingwood, West Virginia
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Wind blew in my face as I rode my motorcycle up to Cleveland. I was going to The House of Blues to see a concert with my friends Xepher and Daydric. They weren't the kind of people that your parents would approve of. About once a week they break into the liquor store. I didn't mind that, I would grab a drink with them now and then. We're old enough to drink. Xepher and Daydric are twins, both 22. I just turned 21 last month.

"Took you long enough, love." Daydric said with her head tilted back against the building.

"Yeah, well at least I made it at all. Traffic was awful." I said rolling my eyes.

"Ah! There she is. Good old Zaila." Xepher said putting his gloves in his pocket.

We entered the main hall of the HOB's, gave them our tickets, and entered the concert room. The floor. We went to see Vampires Alive we loved them even though it wasn't a British band that we usually only listen to. They were a small band that started locally.

The band came on the stage and talked for a bit then started playing. Xepher, Daydric, and I jumped on the stage and sat on the amp behind the drummer. They didn't tell us to move or anything. It's like they didn't even notice until the end if the concert. As we hopped off the stage the singer of the band came up and asked us to help load their equipment up. Of course we said yes. Xepher and Daydric each took a guitar and I took a symbol and a drum. It only took us about an hour to pack up. Dripping with sweat, we laid on the floor back stage. Daydric sat up and took a random water bottle off the shelf and drank it.

"Ew! Germs, Daydric." I said as I kicked my foot towards her.

"Oh, hell, let me live a little. PLEASE!" She enunciated.

"Whatever. Aids and all.."

"What the f-" She was cut off by Xepher squealing. A rat had crawled up his leg and was laying on his chest. Daydric and I laughed as I scooted the rat off of him. He jumped up as fast as he could and scolded us for laughing.

Back outside I got on my motorcycle and tried to start it, nothing. I tried again, nothing still. Xepher saw that some wires were hanging out of the bottom. Someone cut the wires. Who would do such an awful thing? We rolled it up against the building and went back inside for help. The building was empty. How? It had only been an hour since the concert ended. Quickly, we ran back outside. The bike was gone. I began to panic as my body slid down the building. Xepher and Daydric stared in disbelief at the spot where we left my bike. Someone was playing tricks on us.

Zechariah, the lead singer of Vampires Alive walked up to us. He had a smirk on his face that seemed to never go away.

"You okay?" Zechariah asked helping me up.

"My bike is gone. I don't know how it went anywhere because someone cut the wires. I went inside to find help but the building is empty." I sounded a little crazy because just then a woman walked out of the building.

"Okay. You guys need a ride home? My bus can take you."

"Sure." I sounded a little desperate then, well I kinda was. A hot singer just asked if I needed a ride home in his tour bus and someone stole my bike. It was defiantly a weird day.

We all walked down to the bus. It was black with a red strip down the middle and the band logo under it. Zechariah opened the door and we got on. This was unbelievable. He told the bus driver to take us home, he started driving. I never told him where I lived. I thought as I held my breath. Xepher sat next to the drummer of the band and was making small talk. Daydric was locked on to me. She never let go of my arm. Was she as freaked out as me? We stayed quiet the whole ride to my house. Xepher eventually shut up when he noticed the fear in Daydric and I.

The bus pulled up to my house and we all got off as quickly as possible. Zechariah followed behind us. I turned around to ask him to stop following us. He stood there with my jacket in his hand.

"You almost forgot this." Zechariah said.

"Oh. T-thanks." I said as I took the jacket from his hand quickly.

"Good luck finding your bike."

"Thanks. Have fun on tour."

"Thanks. Bye." He spun around on one foot and headed back to the bus. We watched the bus drive away and then quickly ran inside.

My house was filled with steam-punk decor. Not a single inch of the walls were blank. Gears hung all over them. My living room was styled the same way. We sat on the couch still in awe about what happened.

"That was unreal." I said, "Anyone up for hot chocolate?"

"Me." Daydric and Xepher said at the same time.

"Milk or water?"

"We want-" Daydric was cut off.

"Milk." Xepher finished his sisters sentence.

"Freaky twins."

I got up and went down the hall to the kitchen. The lights were off but I could still see enough to not turn them on because it was only mid-day. I opened the cabinet and got out three mugs an set them on the counter. Something moved behind me and brushed up against my shoulder. I jumped and gasped as I spun around to see what it was. Nothing. Someone tapped on my shoulder and I screamed.

"Calm down it's only me!" Daydric said holding her hands up innocently.

"Sorry, I thought I saw something. I guess I'm just seeing things." I said sounding a bit shaky, "Never mind."

My eyes opened suddenly when I heard a knock at the door. I got out of bed and rushed to the door. A woman wearing a long black and green dress stood at my door. She looked sweet yet creepy at the same time. Her black eyes looked at me, she didn't move.

"Um, can I help you?" I asked. She said nothing but her mouth twitched to the right as she pushed her way past me and into my house. "Hey! You can't just walk into someones house like that without an invitation. Get the hell out!"

She stopped walking and turned around. Her cold, dead eyes stared as she gestured her hand towards me and flicked it to the side rapidly. I flew into the wall and fell to the floor. Gears fell around me as I moaned in pain. The woman ran towards me and grabbed my throat. I tried to push her away but she was stronger than me.

"Please." I choked out. "Stop! What do you want?"

"You'll see when you wake up." she said with an English accent, laughing.

"Wake up? Wait wha-" I was cut off when she struck me over the head with a metal gear from the floor. Everything went black and quiet. Soon I heard muffled sounds that made me force my eyes open. I was on the floor of a room that had an old Victorian style bed and a mirror on the wall that hung above a vanity. I got up quickly and realized I had been changed into a red and black vampiric style dress. My reflection looked different, not human. What did they do to me? Am I one of those things? I thought in my head while having an internal freak out.

"Not yet." The woman from earlier said standing in the doorway. "You still have one more phase to go, darling. Follow me."

"What? No, I don't want to! You can't make me."

She took my arm and pulled me towards her.

We walked out of the room and headed down multiple hallways until we came to these double doors. The woman pushed them open. It was a Gothic cathedral filled with people, or vampires sitting in pews. A man stood at the front holding what looked like a goblet in his hands. We walked toward the man and stopped inches away from him. The woman let go of me, bowed, and walked to the back. The man wore a thick, black robe down his body and a mask to conceal his identity. I could see his cold, black eyes staring at me which sent chills ran down my spine. To the right of me Xepher and Daydric were sitting and staring at me with the same cold, dead, black eyes as everyone else.

The man took a knife out of his pocket and held it to his palm. Slowly, he cut it open and poured the dripping blood into the goblet. When the blood stopped, his hand was completely healed. He gave the goblet to me. The metal was cool but it was slowly warming because of the blood inside.

"Drink." The man said softly.

"Okay." I said, not meaning to say that. I held the goblet to my lips and tilted my head back making the blood pour into my mouth. It tasted sweet yet salty and I couldn't stop drinking. I tried to pull away but involuntary impulse wouldn't let me. Finally, the goblet emptied and I fell down to my knees. The man walked behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. He whispered something. 'Sweet dreams'. I fell over onto my side, everything went black again.

It was still black but I could hear a conversation happening close by. I couldn't understand what they were saying; I think they were speaking Latin. My eyes started to burn and they came open. A woman stood over me staring. She held her hand out to help me up and I took it. We were still in the chapel but everyone was gone. The woman stood in front of me with short brown hair and wore a long black dress that matched her eyes.

"I'm Anastasia. You must be the girl that just got turned." She said in a sweet, low tone.

"Sure, I guess. Um, I'm Zaila." I said.

"I bet you want to find the way out."

"That and my friends."


"Yeah! Do you know where they went?"

"They just left."

"Then I have to go. It was nice meeting you."

I ran to a door to the outside and everything was bright. It was daytime. I dropped to my knees and covered my eyes. How could I have forgotten that vampires can't stand the sun? I found a pair of sunglasses in my pocket and put them on. Daydric and Xepher we're walking towards a bar about a half a mile away. I started running to them frantically screaming their names. They turned around and stared in shock and started to run towards me. I wanted to cry, I couldn't tell if I was happy or scared though.

In A flash, we all collided in a hug. My eyes were closed but I could tell they were both crying. when we all pulled away from our hug I opened my eyes. What I saw jolted me to attention.

In the corner of their eyes were three black diamonds in a row. They matched their eyes in a way that scared me. I jumped backwards and they gave me scared and confused looks. Had they not noticed their tattoos? This whole thing was unbelievable, I had to be dreaming. That's it, I'm dreaming, no, having a nightmare. It will all be over when I wake up. Xepher and Daydric are sleeping on the couch peacefully. I kept thinking to myself, thinking it would all be okay but there was something that made this feel all too real.

"Whats wrong?" Daydric asked frantically.

"Diamonds in the corner of your eyes." I answered in a low tone.

"You have them too, love. Don't worry, we freaked out too when we saw them, apparently it's a way to identify us from the humans."

"Why would they need to tell us part from humans?"

"Well, this woman came up to me and told me that humans can't see them unless under black lights or UV light. She also said something 'Don't be out after noon.' I couldn't fully hear her because Xepher and I started to run out of the chapel. By the way, where the hell are we?"

"What? Holy, hell. I have no clue."

I looked around at the foreign city, streetlights high above our heads were surrounded by tall building that were covered in neon signs. All the people that were walking down the street were oblivious to what was around them. Aside from the cars and the music playing from the bars, it was peaceful. It was normal. I made one last overall look of the city when I saw a familiar looking building, a little cafe that I went to when I went to Paris last summer for a trip. I walked toward it, Daydric and Xepher followed behind me closely.

The door open to the cafe as a woman walked out in a hurry, she was carrying two cups of coffee in each hand. When the door closed behind her scents of freshly ground coffee and cinnamon flew into our nostrils that made us all want a cup of coffee. We walked in and saw a cafe half filled with people talking to each other, some were talking in French, some in English. Across the cafe was a teenage girl sitting alone at a table. She seemed normal until I focused on her right eye, three black diamonds. I walked up to her and sat in the chair on the other side of the table across from her.

"Hey, um, do you speak English?" I asked her.

"Yeah. I'm a freak. Why do you want to talk to me? "She said keeping her head down.

"You're not a freak, love. I'm Zaila, by the way."

"You don't know, trust me. I'm not even human. I'm Nicole."

"Neither am I, or my two friends over there standing over by the door."

"What?" She looked up at me and saw the diamonds on my eyes, then she saw the same with Daydric and Xepher. "It's almost noon, you guys will be killed if you don't get back to the chapel."

"Wait, what? Aren't you coming too?"

"No, I'm sick of being a freaking vamp, my brother is the leader and they changed me when I was 2. I've been hiding from humans since."

"Who's your brother? Plus, won't he just stop you from being killed?"

Nicole let out a sigh. "My warnings are up. My brother is Zechariah. Not the archangel, the singer of a band and the leader of a vamp cult. Anyway, you guys need to leave, now."

I got up from the chair and walked towards my friends and told them we had to leave. They didn't ask why they simply turned around to the door and walked out. We looked around to see which way was our way back. Behind a huge building stood the chapel that was covered in concrete with black, hypnotizing swirls that ran up the wall behind growing moss.

A loud siren went off and we all stopped mid run. We looked around and saw everyone around them hurry into pockets and purses for a little flashlight. They all turned them on and I noticed that the lights were mini black lights. They shined them in the corner of their right eyes showing that they are humans. Do vampires own Paris? Why is everyone freaking out so much about vampires? I thought.

"Kids, why are you out so late? You do know that it will get you killed?" Zechariah said walking towards us.

"We were just on our way back. Uh, the siren scared us and we stopped we didn't know what it meant, please don't kill us." I pleaded.

"Hmm, since you three are new I will give you a warning, you get three, actually. But, do not use them up like my sister. Do you know where she is?"

"No." I lied.

"Fine, just go back to the chapel and sit in a pew until I return. Now, go."

Daydric dug into her pocket and took out three cigarettes and gave one to me and one to Xepher, we lit them and continued walked towards the chapel. When we got to the door we stopped to finish smoking. The buds hit the ground and we stomped them out. We walked over to the front and Daydric and Xepher walked through. I stopped in the doorway, I couldn't move, the fear was too strong. My heart was racing, knowing that when Zechariah got back he would do something awful.

"Come on, love." Xepher said as he turned around.

"Xepher, how the hell did we get here? I mean I woke up a few hours ago in Paris only to learn that I've been vamped out. When Zechariah gets back he will probably kill his sister right in front of us." I sounded like I was going insane.

"Calm down, calm down. You're overreacting. Now, let's just go into the chapel and sit down."

"Then what? We wait for our possible death?"

"Zailia! Jesus, fine you can either come in and sit peacefully or you can leave and get killed. Your choice. I don't care."

"It was nice knowing you guys."

I felt a cold hand rest on my shoulder and I jumped up. Zechariah and two men stood behind me. The two men were holding Zechariah's sister, her long, brown hair was tossed over her unconscious face. They pushed past us all and walked inside the chapel and into the main room.

"You aren't leaving, Zailia. This is your home now but if you break the rules, this will be you. Come with me, kids." Zechariah said as he pushed past us all and walked into the main room of the chapel. We followed him knowing that something was going to happen to Nicole. "Alright, you three. This is Nicole my sister. She didn't follow the rules because she doesn't want to be a vampire. You know what that means? It means she gets to stay, locked up here forever. Follow the guards, kids. So you can see where you could end up if you misbehave just because you want to die."

The two men turned with Nicole tightly in their grips and walked out of the chapel. We followed close behind in a tight little group. We walked outside into the street where people seemed to be living their normal lives until they heard Nicole screaming. She was begging for them to kill her. A crowd gathered as we walked down the street and the one guard scolded Nicole by slapping her across the face, making everyone flinch.

We reached the gates of an old cemetery that had to have been here for thousands of years. Cobwebs grew up tombstones and dust covered the mausoleum in thick blankets. The guards walked over the the mausoleum door and opened it, it made a horrible squeaking sound. We all walked down the stairs leading to a room that held the other bodies is pure concrete tombs. The room has secured by a gate so no one would get in. The guards opened the gates and shoved Nicole into the room.

"Is that all you've got? I could easily break the bars and escape." Nicole sounded a little hysterical.

"Check again, iron bars. No demon is getting past them." One guard said.

"So what? I'm going to sit here in a room for the rest of my long life? Doesn't seem so bad."

"It's not at first but just wait until your extreme hunger sets in. You will go mad. Have fun."

The guards led us up the stairs and out the the cemetery. We headed towards the chapel slowly, hearing Nicole's screams for help get quieter and quieter. I looked over and Daydric and Xepher, who were holding each others hands, I took Daydric's and we walked in a straight line the whole time back. We would have ran but the terrifying thought of being locked in a mausoleum for the rest of our lives didn't sound so great, and we have no clue what's waiting for us back at the chapel.

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