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Tarot Curse

February 2, 2012
By kar_rawr BRONZE, Barnegat, New Jersey
kar_rawr BRONZE, Barnegat, New Jersey
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"I no longer had to sleep to be in a nightmare...

Rae Holmes can't sleep at night because every time she does, she dreams of horrifying things, every night worse than the one before. She believes she's poisonous and separates herself from everyone else - she doesn't even connect on any level with her twin brother. She has no one.

Until her poetry teacher mysteriously retires in the middle of the year and taking her place is the young, strange, very charming Mr. Matthews who shows a special interest in Rae's talents. This small amount of attention changes Rae's life.

She and an assortment of other people are all parts of a thousand-year-curse based off of the characters painted on the future-telling Tarot deck.

Rae isn't just any shy, alienated teenager. And she's relieved for one reason: She isn't crazy.

Just cursed.

Karley P.

Tarot Curse

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