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November 9, 2011
By sparklylittlereddevil SILVER, Jyoyo, Other
sparklylittlereddevil SILVER, Jyoyo, Other
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When Lilith wakes up into a desert world overrun by vampires with absolutely no recollection of her previous life - except to know that something is very, very wrong - she decides to focus on the little things; mainly that she's being sold as a slave. Fortunately, her buyer is a controversial, eccentric, vampire genius scientist whose main concern in life is the mysteries of the human psyche and how that connects with the quality of their blood. But for Lilith, overwhelming odds aren't even a consideration; all she knows is that slavery and humanity don't mix well together and that sends her on a quest to stir rebellion into the minds of the sheep-like, brainless human population who have become all too used to slavery. But, as Lilith finds out; nothing is ever as it seems, and there is no such thing as clear-cut good and evil.

Anita K.


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on Aug. 29 2012 at 7:26 pm
JulianaLee BRONZE, Poway, California
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Post-apocalyptic vampire fiction is extremely rare, despite obvious sense that it makes.  You have started wonderfully.  You have an unusual number of typographical errors, mainly inconsistent names, but I understand that you are from Japan.  It is a small matter, though, when you consider how compelling your story is.  I usually can't find description as original as yours.  Did the Rossetti painting Lady Lilith inspire you to give your character red-gold hair?  Thank you for sharing your book!