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I Will Not Break

June 25, 2011
By Dudet95 GOLD, ottawa, Kansas
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Your mom, if you don't know the past... You're doomed to repeat it.

Author's note: This Book was inspired by my sister Caylin, because she has always wanted me to write something different yet paranormal,and to bring some history into it,so This is what I came up with.Thank you sis.

The author's comments:
I redid this one so the spelling should be better guys!

"Let me out!" I screamed. My voice echoed along with my violent blows upon the steel door. I kicked an banged on my only exit, but the only result was my soar nuckles and numb toes. Failure was not an option. I had to get out, because no one locks me up, I mean how dare they? I am not a animal! Who the hell do they think they are?
"Ugh!" I groaned in defeat. My arms hurt, my feet felt like jello and I was stuck with a filthy bed cot as my source of comfort; Lucky me.
The anger boiling inside me seemed to simmer down to sadness. Being stuck in a cell alone by yourself leaves your mind open to too many possiblilities.
I scowled as tears threatened to fall from being focused on reality too long. The reality was; I was never going to see my mother again. She was gone and I was stuck in a prison place held by my kidnapper.
The rusted springs on my matress squealed in protest as flopped down, and willed myself to concetrate. To think of a happy place, where no one could harm me, or mess with me. Being a baby about my situation was not going to make it any better. I need to think rationally, I need to think of a happy place.
My lips parted, and I took a deep breath to calm me and search my memories for a happy day. For just one small happy thought that would wipe away all of my despair and anguish. If only such things were possible, but nothing could distract me from yesterdays agonizing nightmare.

"Mom!"I hollered. My footsteps into the house should have annouced my presents home but my mother did not respond. All the lights were off and the only sound heard was my sneakers, and the grandfather clock in our living rooms swift ticking.
I reached over to flip the light switch in the living room but the house remained a dark cave of wonder. Great the power was out.
My arms shook from my heavy load of a purse, and I released it on our old worn out leather couch. The purse bounced on the brown cooshin and flopped on the floor making a loud boom on the wooden floors. I cringed, and waited for my Mother's usual screech of anger from dropping stuff on her new flooring but no sound came.
Mom was a neat freak. Everything had to be in it's place and if you dirtied it you better be prepared for a long ass speech and a list of punishment chorse. Usually if she heard stuff hit our newly wooden floors I would end up vacuming the furnicher, Dusting the old box tv, and windexing her padeo windows. No reply meant she either didn't hear or was purposely ignoring me.
Annoyance bubbled inside me, and escaped through my grumbled sigh, and I continued farther inside out house in search for my mom.
"Mom! Why's the power out? Did we blow a fuece?" My bellow echoed through out the deadly silent house, and My ears strained to hear any possible sound, but there was none. A dreaded chill slid it's way of my spine sending unwanted shivers through me.
I shook my head, and scurried into the kitchen hopeful to find mom looking for the flash light or something.
My nerves began to spike into sheer panic when I found the kitchen empty of my mother and in neat condition as if she hasn't been in here all night. Mom never stays out of the kitchen, she is either doing paperwork at the table or baking something incredibly delicious for dinner.
Our steel sink was clean of all dishes, meaning she hasn't cooked a thing all night, the white gas oven was wiped down to perfection and our marble counter tops had a towel draped neatly over them ready for clean dishes to dry. The windows above the sink were clean as all get out, and the sun flower curtains were drawn back ready for the sun to shine on her pichure of daisies sitting on the window seal. Where was my mother?
My worry was nagging at the back of my mind, so I reached over and grabbed the only thing visible near me on the counter tops... A butter knife. Just great, when you're in fear of the worsed make it better with a second to best weapon. No need to worry Ember you're just holding a eating utencil like it will save your like!
The pathetic attempt to find a weapon made me scowl as I caught a glimpse of my reflection on the padeo back door.
The glass reflected the moon on my reflection only making me look all the more like a foolish little girl. My choppy bleach blond hair stood at odd angles in the back of my head and the neck length ends of my raspberry purple streaks clung to my face, and my body looked like a pasty white stick. Yay me, I could pass for a stick... Grr.
I looked down at my reflection of my hand holding the knife and shook me head. This was stupid. Why am I holding this?
I reached down to set down the knife but before I let it go I heard a faint "Tap!" on the glass door. My grip on the knife tightened and I spun around defensively ready to chuck this sucker at a robber, but I caught a movement just below the image of my frightened blue eyes... A faint white hand was weakly trying to reach for the sliding door handle behind one of our shrubs. I rushed out the door not caring if I got wet from the rain again because that hand desperatly reaching out was my mothers.
"Mom!" I whimpered, and gently pulled her out from behind the bush, and held her in my lap. Her face was as pale as a ghost, and her lips were cracked with blood dried on them. I gripped her arm, and felt a light pulse, then she let out a light moan in protest as I tried to pull her farther away from the bushes.
That was when I noticed that the mud clots in her dirty blond hair, and stained all over her light blue sundress wasn't just mud... It was blood. My hair clung to my my face as water dripped down my cheeks. I couldn't tell if it was the rain or my tears.
Have you ever tried to speak but no sound comes out besides a cry for help? Have you ever felt like your voice was stolen from you and replaced by terror? Well that was how I felt when I cried out for my mother to answer me. To talk to me and tell me she was okay, but her response was the scariest thing I had ever seen from her...
She slowly tilted her head up, but the moment her chocolate brown eyes made contact with mine her eyes widened in utter terror. "Run baby girl! RUN! I can't let him get you too!" She wailed. Her body shook as she tried to push me away, too weak to succeed. I gripped ahold of her, and tried to stopped the blood pouring out of her neck... Two tiny puncture marks just bellow her jugular were the source of the blood flow.
I pressed my fingers roughly against them and begged the blood to stop coming out."Who mom? Who will get me?" I begged her to tell me. My heart was beating faster and faster as if it would pound out of my chest and beat for the both of us because hers was slowing down rapidly. A faint beat was all I could feel on her neck. She choked up and blood sputter out of her lips.
"The-the-Va-VAMPIRE!" She screamed. Her voice was stronger then I have ever heard come from her. It was a ear spilting scream of complete pain. "What-" She screamed again and again, and all I could do was slap my hands over my ears until her body spashimed in my grasp, then went completely still... Limp in my arms with no pulse.. No breathe. Nothing.
"No! Mom speak to me! Don't go please talk to me breathe mom breathe!" I cried over and over again. I begged her lips to move; I begged her heart to beat. I slammed my fists down on her chest begging her to move but she remained a lifeless corpse.
My mom was dead.
Tears flooded my vision raining down far more then the storm and my heart ached from pain and despair. It is said pain of the heart is the most dreadful kind of agony anyone can face... If this is true my heart is dead.
I hugged on to my mother in denial, and begged someone to come help us, but then I heard the "Snap!" of a twig. My gaze followed the sound and there at the corner of my house stood a shadow figure. A man had appeared.
At first I was relieved. I thought He had heard all the comotion and come to help, but when He stepped closer... His steps were more predetory then helpful. It was as if his steps weren't steps at all but, like he was floating- No gliding over the grass.
My breathing sped up, and my heart rate excelled as he turned the corner. He cocked his head to the side as if he was sizing me up, and my brain was screaming at me to run. I rose, cautiously with my back pressed against the sliding door. He stepped into the moonlight, his face became visible and I struggled to surpress a gasp of horror.
His skin was whiter then anyone I have ever seen. His cheeks were sharp, and his jaw was strong and firm, He towered over me even from a distance but that was not why I was scared. He was beautiful. The most beautiful man I have ever seen... He eyed me waiting for my reaction but I kept my expression impassive, I held all my fear and panic inside so he wouldn't know I was exploding with terror from the inside out. His blood red gaze flickered to my hand as it hover over the doorknob ready to run for it. His smirk tranformed into a grin, and He flashed me sparkling white teeth... And Deadly canine fangs.
I couldn't surpress my fear any longer. I slammed open the screen door and ran as fast as I could. My heart beat pounded along with my feet smashing into the wood, and I grabbed ahold of anything in my reach and chucking it behind me.
"Get the hell away from me!"I screamed. I rushed through my house and Gripped ahold of the front doorknob, and flung it open, but the moment I stepped out I smashed into something hard as rock and cold as ice. It was him. He grabbed hold of my wrists, and pressed me against the door frame, trapped against his murderous hold.
The rain poured down our faces, and dripped down his hair. It clung to his face around his ears and blended in with the pitch black night sky. His gaze stared into my eyes, and desperately I tried to tear them away from his but it was no use. His eyes were mesmerizing, and not in the good way. They were the color of crimzin blood, Deeper then any volcanoe known to man, and stronger then any gaze I've ever seen.
He brought his hand up, and gently stroked my cheek. I tried to pull away from his frozen touch but an inhuman growl escaped his cold dead lips. He leaned down to where his face was inches from mine, His nose touched mine, and those eyes never broke their hold.
His touch sent electrisity through my body awakening every nerve inside me. His gaze felt as if it was ripping through my soul and into my darkest secrets.
I hated him with every fiber in my body, but I also wanted him more than anyone in my entire life... That is the moment I decided he would die. I would not rest until this beautiful monster was dead.
The next thing he said was whispered so softly I would not have heard it, had he not said it right in front of me ear. He will one day regret saying it. " Welcome to the slave trade sweet heart. We will break you.”

Flash back over:
That was all I remembered from then until I woke up in this stink hole surrounded by darkness. The last thing I remembered was waking up in this cold, dark, and wet cell. It's been days, maybe weeks since they have held me in here. I would awaken to food and water on a tiny plastic trey every night.
Waking up in the day started to become harder and harder when they covered my only window with bars and thick black drapes, more ways to change me.
My prison was rather small too. It was maybe the size of a walk in closet. The walls, and floor was all concrete, There was a small light above the steel door exit that trapped me in. It never stayed on longer then ten minutes which was during the time I woke up and ate. Then it would flicker off and I would be trapped in complete darkness once again. There was only three objects in this crap hole, the old cot, a busted toilet, and a rusted sink. So much for treating guests with cleanliness.
The amount of of people here was unknown to me for quite some time until one night I was awakened by the sound of someone screwing around by the end of my cot bed. A shadow was placing a food full of food near it but had bumped into the cot startling me out of my sleep. I thought it was him at first so I lunged only to find out it was a very grumpy Chick... She caught me mid air and threw me back on the cot. The only destinct image I caught of her was the same glowing red eyes as him. I figured there was a lot more of them.
The reality of all this was it shouldn't be possible. Vampires don't exist, let alone kidnap people. Vampires were myths, legends everyone watched in scary movies, or stupid romance novels. This is not possible. I will seriously flip shit if they sparkle.
An overwhelming sensation filled my troubled soul annoying me more then those damn drapes, and I kicked the stupid cot I was on like an out of control soccer player pissed at the goaly. Pain sliced through my foot and I gasped, but nothing hurt more then my heart. Every day- Well night since I have been here memories of that night have haunted my dreams, fueling my anger and destroying my heart. All I felt was sorrow, pain and hatred.
I would never forget those glowing red eyes. Even as I stared at the pitch black nothingness of the concrete ceiling all I saw were those eyes. Irises the color of bright crimsin red,and Pitch black pupils. They held a slit like apearance that reminded me of a cat. I would never forget them, and Those eyes will see me again because my eyes will be the last thing they see before I rip His heart out. I will have my revenge... I will kill that monster.
My lust to kill him scared me more then my nightmares. I shivered as thoughts unknown to me before flashed through my mind... Images of murdering him. What scared me more is my first reaction was a smile. I leaped off the bed shaking in fear and tripped over the toilet merely two feet from my cot, and smashing into the wall. Great way to stay strong Ember, running into things.
"It's time to get ready," Startled by a womans voice at the door of my cell as she swung the door open I jumped back hitting my head on the wall... Again.
"Ow," I groaned. My head throbbed and the light shinning passed her stung my eyes and blinded my vision. At least she didn't sparkle... But then maybe I can't see well enough to know.
The woman's eyes emedietly hinted me off that she was indeed a vampire. They held the same slit like apearance as my capture but her pupil, and irises were both completely black.. No red. They caused her skin to look even whiter than it already had, as if she was made of snow. She was a very beautiful woman, well monster also. She had bright red hair that flowed down her super model figure and into lushes ringlets at her waste, a pointed sharp nose with full cheeks and ruby red lips where her fangs peeked out at me in a scowl.
“ Hurry up. I don’t have all day! ” She snapped. Her steleto high heel boots clicked on the floor as she impatiently beckoned for me to follow. She was wearing a women's dress suit the color of a faint grey, and a light blue tie. I stared at her unsure of whether I should listen to her or not but images of that beautiful monster coming my way gave me the strength to rise and obey her because revenge could be just around the corner.

“ What are you doing? ” I snapped. Pain sliced through my head as my hair was yanked backwards twisted in ways too tight for any girl whose kept her hair down as long as I do.
The vampire chick gave me what I was starting to guess as her signature scowl. Her lips tilted up exposing her fangs, long pointy scary fangs. "If you haven't noticed already I am trying to make you look decient enough for the auction! Which is seeming more impossible by the minute if you do not sit still!" She growled. Yes I mean growled at me. As in a very grumpy dog growl.
Confused, I looked at her with a blank stare. What does she mean auction?
"You feebleminded homosapien you are going to be sold to the highest bidder! As in you are a slave now young female," She stated flattly. Terror was my first reaction. I retreated to a salon chair next to me, and held a iron grip onto the handles willing myself to breathe.
The vampire chick took advantage of my willingness to sit in the chair, and pulled my head back into the sink to wash my hair. She had been trying to get me to sit in that chair for the last ten minutes now. She ran her hands through my hair ripping through the tangles and causing me more pain then I already had.
I was going to be sold. I sat frozen in shock scared that if I react I would scream. First they kill my mother then they take me and try to make me a slave? How dare they!
The vampire chick Finished up with my hair and yanked me out of the chair torward a wall lined with clothes. The walls were decorated in a floral blue design all over the room and salon equipment sat all over the room. The vampire chick shoved me in front of a mirror and examined my appearance with noticable displeasure.
"Do not worry child. It will give you rinkles and make my job all the more impossible. Besides as long as you do what you are told you shall live a desent slave life span," She assured me.
I frowned. You know that statment doesn't really make me feel any better. They think after all they have put me over I am just going to roll on my tummy like a dog and submit to their athority? Screw that. We all want things in life but lately that doesn't necessarily mean we are going to get what we want.
My frown turned in a mischievious grin, confidence, and rage piled all into one gave me a mind set to win. My new masters life was going to be hell because I am not a slave.

"Next up we have a fine specimen, a male homsapien at the age of seven-teen, and no permiment damage has been inflicted upon him. Blood type ---- ...." A speaker anounced the long introduction of the boy in front of me as we were led up on stage. A group of five was present, all human that I was aware of. There was a croud of people seated in long lines of chairs, all eyes were on the boy front and center, but something was odd about the way the examined him. Their eyes were like magnets drawn to the source of the attention, no ones gaze wavered nor did their expressions change. They made their bids silently with a raise of hands, and no changes of body language. The strangeness was at a level I could not understand, I frowned.
Nervously, I grabbed the hem of my dress so it wouldn't cause me to trip as I made my way up the auction stairs, no one noticed my entrance thankfully. I planned to make it through this thing invisible to most.
The dress the Vampire chick dressed me in was meant to make me look appealing and stand out more though so it made it a tad bit harder to blend in. The dress was a dark purple floor length gown with spaghettie straps, and my back exposed to the v-shaped dip stopping just above my butt. My hair was straightened to perfect, and a black bow was placed around my neck for extra appeal. I had to admit the chick knew how to fix a girl up, but I was going for descrete, not fabulous freak. A girl behind me gave my arm a hasty pinch ushering me forward more and drawing the crowds eyes on me.. They litterally froze. Panic hit me quick but I swollowed it, still as a rock.
Frustrated I tried to back up a bit to hide behind the others but they pushed me forward, eager to distance themselves from the stage.
"Next up we have a female Homosapeon, age unknown, color white, and blood type unknown, and extemely desirable and unique. Her scent has not been identified yet persay, but we will start the bidding at Five-thousand dollars," The speaker annouced, and turned to me, beckoning at the center of the stage. With a nervous gulp I stuck my head up high and marched to the center.
The auctioneer finished identifying me, and waited for the first bid, but the crowd just stared, slightly bored and slightly curious. All the females visible were giving me a disgusted look, and the males were sizing me up for their next meal. I guess you could say They unlocked my inner rebel, because I plastered on the bitchiest glare I could and flipped all of them off... On stage. I didn't care who these people thought they were or who they were, when you treat me like trash I will treat you like one too. My snicker was the only sound heard from the silence that followed. All eyes were on me, most were dumbfounded stares while others were pissed off. Then I did the stupidest thing ever. I hoped off stage... Then just like that the entire room erupted in bids. My impassive expression faultered for a moment and I gave them full few of my confusion.
"First time for this one in the slave trade, Still needs broken in! Do I have anymore takers?" Questioned the auctioneer. Then it donned on me. They didn't realize I was fresh meat, or a challenge as he just put it until I jumped off the damn stage. All the other slaves here looked like they were kill themselves if you asked, they were broken. I pretty much just said,"hey look at me! I'm a pretty new flower with my thorns still intact! Cut me please!"
I just screwed myself over.
"One hundred thousand dollars!" My mind bubble was popped as a bidder hollered over the roaring crowd. Silence followed, no one wanted to pass that bidder. "Sold to Mr. Graves!" The speaker yelled. My new owner wasn't that hard to pin point in the crowd dew to the fact they had seperated to make room for him. He was dressed in a completely black business suit, His hair was cut just at his ears and the color of midnight black. He was extremely well built and he had the face you could never forget seeing, but his eyes were the deal breaker. Irises the color of crimsin red, Pupils charcole black, and slits like a cat...
You've got to be freaking kidding me.
He was a boy.... A hot boy, staring right at me. He had fangs... And he was my mother's killer.
Fury surged through me, like a race horse headed for the finish line. I lunged at him, tears streaming down my face, Wild scream bursting free, and hands stretched out to rip through skin. If I had been in my right mind I would have realized something was off about me wanting to rip through skin or even hurt someone but I didn't notice. Nothing could make me care about what he was or how bad he could hurt me. He killed my mother and for that he will pay.

The author's comments:
I spell checked this and rewrote it so it should be good. Let me know what errors you see. Please comment:)

Everyone was oblivious to my anger, so I took the opportunity and lunged. He leaped out of my way, barely out of my reach, but took the moment to grab hold of me and crush my back to his chest.
Ice, that's what his chest felt like against my back. Smooth, cold stone that sent shivers through me, and my cheeks flamed, flustered and furious I looked for any possible way to escape his tempting hold. His gut was right in my aim so I took the chance and rammed my elbow right into it.

His grip on me loosened and I rushed away from him, gasping from relief. He staggered back in shock from my desperate blow but he regained his balance almost instantly, completely prepared for my next leap. Tears streamed down my face, fire burned inside my eyes, and an outraged roar burst out of my trembling lips.

The eyes of everyone in the room were drawn to me, glued to every move I made, but no one interfered, not even a noise was made at my defiance. My rage was swallowing me whole, grasping my very soul and over powering every other emotion inside of my heart. Even if I wanted to stop, I had no capability of it, because my anger had taken control, it had caged me in.

My cheeks warm from tears streaming down, my arms ached from over use, but I did not stop attacking; My revenge will happen.
With every ounce of strength with in me I swung at his face, but he caught my fist like I barely tossed it, then yanked me toward him again, one simple twist then he had my back pressed against him once again with my hands behind my back, trapped.

"I am going to kill you!" I screamed. He barely reacted to my furious outburst, but my body shook, unstable and nervous in his solid cold grip.
Frustration didn't even describe how I felt. It wasn't natural, he didn't even have to put up a fight, all he did was dodge and he was still hurting me more than I hurt him!

His breathing on my neck drew my gaze to him, his blood red eyes were hypnotized by the tiny droplet of sweat slowly dripping down my neck, right at my collarbone. His grip on me tightened and he clenched his jaw firmly, as if he was trying to keep his mouth shut, but then two very canine fangs slide passed his lips over his bottom lip.

His bottom lip trembled and a whisper escaped passed his lips, "I am sorry." Then those very sharp teeth stabbed into my skin.
"No!"I screeched, pain coursed through every inch of my body from every gulp of my blood he drank. Cry after cry I begged him to stop, to just put me down, but his iron grip tightened on me the more I struggled to break free. My head pounded against my own skull, then I began to feel fuzzy like a big cotton ball.. Fatigue washed over me, threatening to drowned me but I fought to stay above.

I can't die, I won't die because I will have my revenge. Something happened in that moment that I felt as if I was truly hopeless, nearly dead.... All of it stopped. The pain, fatigue, all of it abruptly disappeared.

The crowd of deadly supernatural beings disappeared and I was surrounded by complete darkness, my lips that had been shaking moments ago were firmly pressed against something silky smooth. A sweet tangy substance was flowing into my mouth awakening every taste bud in my mouth to a bitter sweet copper flavor that slid eagerly down my tongue.

Gulp after gulp I greedily sucked it down. My eyelids fluttered open, and I yearned to look at the Delicious substance, but once my gaze landed on it I froze in fear. My lips were coated in a Crimson red, running down skin that was not my own... It was someones neck.
My horror crashed into me the moment I recognized the person.
Bleach blond hair clung to her face, while her purple highlights were coated in blood. It was a girl.... It was me.

-Get out of my head!- A voice echoed in my own skull, my yelp of surprise pulled me back into my own head, back to the pain pounding through me and the fatigue that I would be smothered by.
All my will to fight, to kill him at that very moment evaporated as I collapsed on the floor with a big "Thud!" A thick puddle of a warm substance surrounded me, soaked my dress and clung to my skin...

That thick substance just happened to be my blood. Nausea hit me, even if it wasn't as big of a puddle as I believed it to be. I heaved but nothing came up besides a cry of agony.
"Shh, it's okay. Quiet." A voice whispered to me, comforting me. It was the voice of an angel, it had to be. That voice gave me just enough strength to turn to the body pressing me against them, whispering to me.
Dark crimson eyes stared back at me and I gave him an attempt at a deadly scowl.

"Get the hell away from me!" I snapped, I attempted to say anyways, but I believe the words coming out of my mouth were nothing but gibberish.
"I know it hurts, but it won't always be that way. If you wouldn't struggle so much you would actually enjoy the bite more than I do," He smiled, I glared.
Before I could respond with a nasty comment he swept me up in his arms, and I cried out in pain instead.

His hold on me was firm, careful but still firm. He rubbed his cheek against my own, angering me but he merely whispered in my ear, "Sleep."
I wanted to fight him with all of my might, to make him pay for my turmoil, but before I could say anything more my whole world went black.

The author's comments:
This is spell checked also.. Let me know what errors you see.

Cold, damp, and blind. Those were the first words that came to mind when I woke up from my deadly slumber. My body ached, and my poor limbs screamed at me to halt when I instantly sat up, panicked as to why I was surrounded by darkness. All light was absent from my prison cell, and well I wasn't even entirely sure it was a prison cell. Especially since I was blinded from no light!

I raised my hands in front of my face, concentrating hard on the area where they should be but all I got was an out line. Frustration caused memories of all of my pain from the last few days to flood back into my memory, as if I was reliving every painful act all over again. Now was not the time for a mental breakdown, but every fiber of my being wanted to let all the emotions building up inside me slide down my cheeks in snotty tears.

I slid my finger under my eyes to wipe away tears that didn't even fall, because despite the sadness, anger still seemed to dwell deep inside my heart from my need for vengeance. So instead of crying my eyes out like a little girl, I gripped the side of the bed I laid on and tried to stand.

Triumph was my first reaction as my toes touched the cool, hard surface of the concrete floor, but be wild me as I realized I was barefoot. Surprised by my loss of shoes I let go of the bed in order to search for my missing shoes, but was sadly disappointed when my hands met the cold stone ground with a painful fall.
An odd tingling sensation burst throughout my legs, like millions of ants were crawling their way up my legs, leading me to only two conclusions.
One, bug's were possibly crawling up my legs. Or two, my legs were asleep... I was really hoping it was option two.
With my new handicapped moment, I gave up on walking and went with plan B: Crawling!
The ant feeling began to subside after a few minutes of crawling around the room feeling everything in my grasp. I felt pretty confident I was alone after I covered every inch of the room, confirming my suspicions of being locked up in a damn cellar. The only objects in the room besides the usual crappy rusted framed bed was a small, dirty toilet and a sink that spat out water that smelled like mold.

I thank you, you stupid, murdering blood sucker.
To add to my list of awesome new things in this crap hole, there was only one exit... A steel door. Yes I just said steel!
After a few more moments of the ants, I finally had the strength to pull myself up off the floor with the help of the door knob.

So you figure after intelligently climbing my way up the door, I would have a better plan of escape but it turns out I didn't because guess what? I scream. “Let me out!” My voice cracking from a dried up throat, and my arms shake from instability.
Where is that damn vampire?

At the thought of that guy, my anger rose and memories of my mother started running through my mind like a video, which only made me scream, and pound harder upon the door.

Flash back:
It was the day of my sixteenth birthday, my friends all came over to celebrate another year of my splendid life, and nothing seemed like a better dinner then a old fashion family barbeque. Balloons were tied to every single plastic chair unfolded in the backyard, a gigantic banner hung across the frame of the house displaying ,”Happy birthday Ember!” No doubt hand made judging by the sharpy printed words. It was as if I was there, reliving the last happy moment I had with my friends. My mom didn't have any family alive as long as I have been born so my friends, well they were the only family I had ever known, along with my mother of course.

“Ember! Come on in the kitchen it’s time for cake!” My mom bellowed out the back door at me and my friends lounging in the outside tables. At the sounds of my mothers voice, we all scrambled to be the first into the kitchen for some of my mom's homemade cake. As playful as our pushing was, no one would beat me to my own cake.

As if he sensed my determination, my best friend, Jake grabbed hold of my waste, and lifted me into his arms rushing me through my crowd of hungry friends. Each one grumbled their own rounds of protest, but none dared push passed us. One because it was my birthday and two because Jake may be a nerd, but he's one tough cookie when he sets his mind to something, so despite their grumbles he slid passed them like a knife through butter.

My mom stood at the table, my cherry chocolate cake in her arms with sixteen purple candles lit, waiting to be wished upon. She grinned at me as I smoothly entered the kitchen first in the arms of our favorite neighbor, then handed me my yearly birthday hat.
It was a paper crown glued together with sparkles, and diamonds as it's blingedge. We made it was I was five and went through the princess stage every littler girl does, and we never really stopped using it since.

“Aw the birthday girl needs her crown!” Jake grinned at me like a cute little fool. His grin made his dimples show, and his Chocolate brown eyes Cringed up. I ruffled up his short black hair and playfully pushed him. See Jake was my best friend, we had been friends since we were little when my mother and I moved next door to his family. We easily became close after that, and he has been there for me ever since.

“Come on baby time to blow out the candles!” My mother urged me. She smiled eagerly to me, excitement all over her face, and I laughed. I inhaled through my nose a huge breathe, but before I could blow Jake spoke up. “Don’t forget to make a wish,” He stared at me with more care then I realize now that I deserved.

At that time all that mattered was my friends and my mom. They were my life, so my wish was something that would effect us all…I just didn’t know how real it was.
I wished for more adventure to envelope us all…
Flashback over:

“Let me out now!” I screamed again,and again. Panic swelled up inside me pushing it's way to my soul stabbing at memories of my home. My mom's eyes, and Jake’s smile, all things that reminded me I had lost any true happiness I once owned.

“Please!” I begged, my voice cracked with every syllable I uttered. Just once I wished this stupid vampire would understand what it was like to lose it all in a blink of an eye.

"Will you please shut up all ready? You’re being very impolite, and your giving me a headache!" A voice suddenly spoke up, annoyance spilled from his voice like water from a faucet. Startled by the new presents in the room, I swung around and pressed my body against the steel door, panic plain to see as my heartbeat excelled.

“Let me out now!” I snapped, praying that my fear was not as obvious as it felt. He chuckled, his voice growing louder, hinting he was getting closer, and sending me into panic mode. “You know I am actually quite thirsty.” Suddenly I could feel ice cold breathe hitting my collar bone, freezing me in place, and terror rippled through me.

Without even thinking, my hands balled up into fists and I swung them up with such ferocity and power that anyone within my reach would suffer with a big fat bruise... Only I never connected with his face. He caught my fist merely centimeters away from his face, then with the speed of a cheetah he twisted my body around and pinned my wrists above my head.

"Don't even think about it!" I growled. Venom dripped from my voice, like a snake poisoning it's prey. I wished with every fiber in my being my voice would poison the shit out of him.
His rock solid chest shifted forward against my back, sending unwanted shivers though me, and his face closing in closer to my neck. His thin soft lips connected with my neck, parting against my skin... His tongue taste, teeth poking... And I bit him.

He howled in outrage from my instinctive bite, then he tumbled backwards in shock, giving me room to breathe... And to move.

Immediately I crouched down as low as my body allowed, I swung a leg out towards him, and knocked his feet out from under him. His body his the ground with a painful “plop!” Then I sprung into action and ambushed him. Fury, revenge and pain fueled every punch I landed on his face, till he went limp, and I cried. They weren't loud sobs like you see in movies, they were silent tears, that snuck out despite my protest. Hesitantly, I crawled off of the vampire and walked back over to the door. I tried one last time to open it, but then slid into a sitting position in defeat.

Cold bitter blood soaked my tongue from one bite into his dead skin and my stomach churned because I was on the verge throwing up. ”God, that wasn't my brightest idea,” I mumbled, running my hands over my tongue, trying to wipe away the blood.
"Your right. It was a horrible idea." Suddenly his body was pressing me flatter against the door, muscular chest an all, but sadly he was smarter and kept his neck a good distance away.

"Get off of me,” I gasped, my lungs were being squashed by muscles my friends would die to lick, while I wished to beat the crap out of them... I think?
He laughed at my pathetic attempt to push him away. “Listen, if you want out of this cell you have to promise me you won't try to escape once I open this door.” I hesitated, I could lie, but it might jeopardize my only chance to get out of this damn black hole.

My hesitation must have been obvious because his grip on me tightened and he pushed himself harder against me. His closeness angered me, and confused me all at the same time. The closer he got to me the more I wished he would get off, but for some reason his touch made me nervous... It scared me.

"Would you rather stay in here with me some more or get out, and go away from me?" I knew there was a smirk on his face the moment those words passed through those evil lips. If I was out of his grasps I would bitch slap it right off his stone face. Sadly though he knew exactly what I wanted.

The moment the words escaped my mouth he pulled me up, but just when I thought he was going to let me out, something cold, metal snapped tightly around my wrists... Handcuffs!
Pain sliced through my wrists as I tried to pull me hands a part, and he gripped my hands softly, rubbing the area that hurt. I yanked my hands out of his grasp.

"We can't have you trying to beat me up again now can we?" I snorted. He thinks these handcuff with keep me from kicking his dumb ass? Try me. Without any more hesitation he yanked the door open, and pulled me out into the blinding light.

The light shining pushed me into momentary blindness and I abruptly brought my hands up to shield my sensitive eyes.
With no regards to my eyes, he continued to pull me along the concrete halls, and my eyes burned, like salt had been dropped in them.
Eventually my eyes adjusted to the burning light and I quickly realized the hall way he was dragging me through had tons of steel doors Identical to the one he held me captive behind... I could only guess he held others behind those doors as well.
At the end of the hall way there was a oddly shaped door that opened up into an old elevator. Music filled my ears in the tune of “Jingle bells.” Oddly enough it comforted me to hear something at least humanly normal, I even almost wanted to start singing along, that is until the big bad vampire shuffled me into the elevators claustrophobic walls.
Trapped inside an elevator with no other companion besides a blood thirsty vampire did not appeal to my comforting thoughts, so without any other thought I edged as far away from him as possible.
He was creepy, probably even creepier then normal vampires.
So without further thought I picked out Jackasses new nickname, Creeper. Yep suited him just fine.
Memories surfaced at the chorus of the elevator music, bringing me back to the last night I saw the closest family friend I had ever known.

“Jingle bells! jingle bells! jingle bell rock!..” Christmas music was playing, the ground was shifting and something dinged as doors opened, leading me to only one conclusion. Jake was taking us somewhere in an elevator. Ten minutes had passed since he stolen me away from my birthday party with all of our friends and my mother to show me his surprise.

“Where are we going Jake?” I wined, my voice hinting off I was about to start my fantastic puppy cries. I was excited, I was curious and I was terrified. Jake has never done anything like this before... So why now? My eyes blinked against the blindfold he had so cleverly placed over my line of sight, but luckily I still had two other senses!
“Shh it’s a surprise,” He scolded. A warm, soft finger pressed against my lips urging me to stay silent, and taking away yet another sense. Damn you Jake.
Grudgingly I nodded my head, and with his guidance continued to follow him up stairs down hallways, and through more elevators.
I sniffed, another sense telling me we were around food, because I smelled some major good cooking... Is that pizza? A burst of Cold wind pricked my nose as he opened a door hinting off to me that we were also outside. He suddenly stopped, and I stumbled into him until he caught me, holding me steady.

“We're here, you can take it off now,” He breathed closely to my ear, and I eagerly ripped my blind fold off. I gasped, surprised and overfilled with joy. We were on the roof of my favorite pizza place building, a picnic of my favorite supreme style pizza was lade out on a circular purple blanket, and a two plates perfectly styled, waiting to used.

“Oh my gosh, Jake!” I laughed, and threw my arms around his neck. He knew me so much better then anyone else, and no body else would have known my odd fascination with Eddie's home style pizza. He chuckled, then pulled back, happy with my response. “I'm glad you like it Em, I wanted to say goodbye in style.”

The grin that had so quickly spread across my face suddenly wavered, then disappeared. “What do you mean goodbye?”
A sad smile stayed on his face as he led me to the picnic before answering me. He sat down after I did, pulling a slice of pizza onto my plate. “I’m going away Ember. I won’t be coming back… I need you to promise me you won’t look for me.”

Confusion, panic and hurt hit me all at once, tears threatened to fall but I resisted their treacherous fall. My emotions must have been flashing across my face because he quickly continued, eager to take away my pain.

“I’ve found my real parents and they want me back. They can’t legally have me so I am running off with them. I’m telling you this because I want you to know I will always care about you and I want you to know the truth… This is goodbye.”
That was the last night I ever saw Jake again... He ran away that night, and the cops never found him... I never found him.
Flash back over:

"That room is where you will go if you disobey me. I am your master so you will obey. You will refer to me as master Graves, and I will punish you however I see fit. You are my slave, Understood?" Creeper asked, pulling me away from haunted memories and back to my living hell. He was looking at me with what I guessed was suppose to be authority but He looked more constipated than anything.

"I'm not your slave," I gritted my teeth. I was really rethinking that beat his ass with no hands thing because I wanted to knock the crap out of him.

He didn't respond to me but chuckled instead, then the doors opened, gifting me with the freedom from the elevator... Only to be yanked out and thrown.
My hands instantly went up to lesson the impact, but instead of hitting a stone hard floor, I landed on a soft brown couch.

I hastily sat myself up, and scowled at Creeper, but he paid no attention to me. Instead he made his way over to a long wooden desk, and picked up the phone. "Yes Grace I need you to come get one of my newest slaves, and escort her to the slave quarters, oh and watch out. She's a fighter," He hung up before anyone could respond, and sat down at his desk.

He then started messing with something on what I guessed was his computer, ignoring my presence in his office. Well I guessed it was an office because the walls were covered with books, there was a filing cabinet nearest the couch that I laid on. There were three exits, one was a small wooden door, the elevator we entered from and a set of double wide doors made of glass.

A soft knock startled me out of my inspection of Creeper's office, and followed with a small petite girl entering from the double wide glass doors. She looked about my age, with long red curls, bright green eyes, Rosie red cheeks, tan skin, and she looked scared beyond belief.

She quickly bowed to Creeper, and scurried over to me. I wasn't sure what to make of this girl but from the looks of it, she had been beaten into submission... And beaten well. She bowed!

"Take her," Creeper ordered, without even glancing up at her. He stayed glued to his pile of unorganized papers, while his lap dog bowed again with a squeaky “Yes Master Graves,” Then yanking me towards the door. I stumbled after her annoyed, but quite ecstatic when she relieved me of my handcuffs. Her hold was still on my hands though, because she pulled me out the door, eager to shut it... Sorry lap girl. I wedged my foot in between it, blocking it from shutting.

“Yo, Master Creeper!” I bellowed. He instantly looked up, his outraged gaze met mine, and I flipped him off. Content with the damage I had caused I moved my foot out of the way, and the Grace/ lap girl slammed it in Creeper's furious face before he could scream.
Ha Creeper got told.

Grace, flustered and annoyed with me, pulled me along, not bothering to hide her impatient eyes.

After what seemed like a maze of walking, she led me up a set of stairs, and right into what seemed like a lounge room filled with teenage girls. The walls were made of stone blocks, a fire place on the middle wall, and all the girls were clustered by it, desperate for warmth. Three brown old couches were placed around the fire place, but obviously not close enough because only three girls sat on them. Three unusual girls.

Two of them looked identical, leading me to the conclusion they were twins. Hair that flowed down to their mid arms and the color of honey brown. Round hazel eyes, long pointy noses that fit well in between their sharp cheekbones and pink skin. They both looked about “five' seven” in height, one of them was slightly thinner than the other, but looked as though the other one filled her curves beautifully. They both were wearing a blue knee length maid outfit that had short, puffy, white sleeves, and a black skirt look. Their facial expressions matched the rest of the rooms perplexed looks.

The other girl sitting down looked much shorter, maybe “five' three” with an average body weight. Her hair was the color of blood red, short to where it would pass as a boys hair cut but the long edged bangs that slid lower across her eyes evened it out, and she spiked up the short boyish parts, leaving the bangs to swoop naturally. Her eyes were a dark almost black color, and face was a little chubby, but in a way it looked good. Her maid outfit was like the others, except she had torn the sleeves off, and might I add it looked awesome. Instead of the copy cat shocked look, she gave me one of caution.

Awkward and what felt like alone, I just stood there. What was I to think of all of this?

“This is our girls lounge room, more easily understood as the one spot others may visit because the dormitories are off limits to others. Each one of us is roomed with three other roommates, and they are all down that hall to the left of the fire place. The other side is the boys dormitories, which is off limits us. This is your new home,” Grace spoke up, and stepped into my line of sight, all the girls perked up at the sound of her speaking, besides the three on the couch. It was as if she was their leader or something.

I nodded my head, then opened my mouth to respond, but she held up her hand and interrupted.
“Oh and a word of advice, Obey Master Graves, and you'll be fine, because either way he will break you. It doesn't matter if you're mad at him or not. We all were just like you, and let me tell you, it can be easy or it can be hard. Don't be an idiot, understood?” She stated, and her posture changed the moment she finished.

She didn't care if I understood or not. She thought I would bend to her new queen diva attitude like all her other clones. Well news flash Barbie doll, I'm not like you.

She glared at me and crossed her arms when she noticed my posture change also. My anger boiled, and fire burned inside my eyes. I stepped towards her, her panic quickly hidden, then I flipped the bitch off.

“I am nothing like you, and here's a news flash, I don't submit to people who try to push me around and you are wrong... I will not break.”

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“How dare you?” She gasped, her hand flying to her chest, faking innocents in the pissing off matter and the entire room irrupted in pissed of screeches. She backed up, her face facing me while her back was towards the girls. She glared at me and mouth a “Big mistake” while each one of her girls spat insults at me. Wow and they flipped because I told her that? I wonder what would happen if I smacked her. “Everyone calm down! Now!” A voice suddenly hollered over the girlish cries. The red head girl that was sitting on the couch stood, and faced towards me. The girls immediately went quiet, eager to see what she had to say. She leaped over the couch and walked closer to me, her head was cocked to the side, and her eyes focused on my steady frown. The room stayed silent, each pair of eyes on her but then she spoke. “My names Beth, and you're rooming with me,” She smirked. The room exploded in squeals again, and Beth took hold of my upper arm quickly rushing me towards the left side of the fire place. Each one of the twin girls scurried after us, and down the hall. …...... “So um... Hi?” I questioned awkwardly at the entrance of what was to be the room I shared with these three odd teenage girls staring at me might I add. Thanks to Beth whom was sitting at a desk in the middle of the room, I was free of girlish screaming but now I was surrounded by awkward silence, and strange staring. The twins were sitting on a bunk bed that was placed up against the west wall, with a tiny side dresser next to the bunk. Another bunk bed was in the room up against the east wall of the room, identical to the other with a closet on both sides of the room. A small window was visible on the north wall above the desk, but to my surprise it had bars on the outside, and red curtains were drawn open exposing them. The walls were plain white, and the carpet was a rough brownish color. There was another door in the room, which I was really hoping it was a restroom, because I have to pee really badly. You'd think that after I had been standing there for over five minutes one of them would stop staring at me and say something, but no. That's not what they want to do apparently. “So, um thanks for the save back there,” I muttered, an the red head smiled. Her eyes still held a bit of caution but also a hint of humor. She stood up, and extended her hand out to me, welcoming me to what was to be my new life. “As you probably heard back there, I am Beth. One of the only ones in this place that has any sense, and these twins over here are Ollie, and Ellie. The one Sitting on the top bunk is Ollie, and the one on the bottom is Ellie. If you have trouble remembering which is which, just remember Ollie has a small birthmark on the tip of her nose. The bottom bunk over there is your bed, and so is that desk. The bathroom is through that door right there,” She pointed to my desperately needed room. “I'm going to be straight with you. We won't have any problems unless you start crap with us. Got it?" She smiled. I smirked, entertained by her obvious gesture to the other room. “No problem as long as you aren't like that barbie doll, queen bee back there. I don't do well with orders. Now if you will excuse me, I have to pee.” She laughed as I rushed by to get to the restroom. …. "Feel better now?" Beth chuckled as I skipped over to my bed, giving her a big thumbs up in the process of plopping down on the mattress. Her voice had a deep girlie melody to it, but I had to say this girl knows how to earn respect. She sat in the same chair as before I went to relieve myself thankfully, and the twins watched me cautiously, still a bit nervous. “So what's your name?” Ollie spoke up, her tone was a bit questioning but at the same time intrigued. Her eyes watched me anxiously, while she fidgeted with the hem of her skirt. Ollie was the thicker of the two, with the curves I would have died for last year when I went through my gangsta stage... Don't ask! She looked like like the kind of person you would see hiding in the back of the class, in hope of not being noticed. I smiled at her, sort of hoping to earn her trust some day before I break out of here. She seemed like my kind of friend. "My names Ember," I answered. Despite the curves she bore she still looked as fragile as her sister who perked up at the sound of my name. “Ember?” Ellie questioned. Her face immediately turned bright red as she caught my gaze, embarrassed to blurting that out. "Sorry," She mumbled. I laughed, begging them to just chill, I promise I won't bite! Leave that for Master Creeper. " It's cool. My mom wanted something that meant fire, and it's the one she liked the most." Ellie sat up straighter, suddenly very curious and hanging on to my every word. "Um. If you don't mind me asking, why did she want to name you something that meant fire?" She asked. Normally I would be very uncomfortable about this subject, due to the fact my mother was just killed, but for some reason I felt a need to tell her, or at least answer her question. "Because During the pregnancy there were a lot of difficulties, and I made it through all of it. My mom believed that I made it through because I had a fiery soul.” She nodded her head. "I like it." Ollie grinned. "Thanks, so when do we get to eat?” I eagerly stood up. My stomach growled, echoing my spoken words, and the twins giggled, not bothering to hide any more laughs. Beth turned back to the desk and yanking it open and pulling out a bag of potato chips. “Here eat these. Our dinner period has passed so you'll have to wait till breakfast to eat anything filling. We'll be getting up around five thirty, so I suggest we all get to bed after you eat. They gave our room an extra amount of duties tomorrow since we gained another roommate,” She finished and tossed me the bag of heaven. “Wait do you mean five thirty in the morning?” I gawked at her. There was no way she was getting me up that early, and what does she mean by duties! My duty is to get the hell out of the insane house! She sighed, obviously she has to repeat this stuff often because she resisted it like a script. “Each dorm is given a list of chores based on the amount of residents in the dorm. You are required to finish the list before noon in order for you to proceed to readying dinner for the Masters. Anyone who fails to complete the list in time with either face time in the cells, or be given a punishment of the masters choosing. You will report to the Ball room on the second floor to be given your list from the your assigned master.” She finished, letting out a huge breathe she had been holding in to finish that damn speech. I sat, mouth hanging open, conflicted feelings of whether to be pissed off or impressed that she memorized that. “What are these chores like? Also what do you mean assigned Master?” I asked, intimidated. She twirled around in her seat, staring at Ellie, her eyes telling her to take the lead. Ellie groaned, obviously taking the hint it was her turn to explain to the newb... A.K.A me. “Each dorm is assigned to one master whom they obey over all master authorities, and must attend to their wishes whatever that be. There is a total of five masters in this household, and we are assigned to the eldest son whom will be taking over the family business. We are the luckiest dorm because well, he has never really done anything inappropriate like the stories we've heard from other slaves whom accompany visiting acquaintances of the masters. He is rare, even amongst his own home.” Ellie finished, eager to finish speaking, and Ollie took the lead this time without any need of informing. “The chores are pretty basic, clean the dishes, do the laundry, dust the shelves, make the beds. That sort of thing. Our Master is also the nicest because he has not had a blood slave, ever. They complicate things sort of.” Ollie looked to Beth, suddenly nervous to continue so I spoke up, still a little confused. “How are we lucky? All vampires suck blood, and what is a blood slave,” I retorted, getting pissed. I know I shouldn't be taking my anger out on her, but it frustrated me about how oblivious I was to everything around here. I knew absolutely nothing. Beth sighed again, and the twins glanced at her nervously aware of my question. “A blood slave is one of the closest bonds a human may have with a vampire, it is a connection of blood. It also is a slave whom belongs to the vampire for life.” Beth spoke up, also avoiding the twins eyes. Suspicion was leaking into my thoughts. It seemed like she was leaving something out. “Aren't we slaves for life anyways?” I asked. “No we are not. Well at least me, and um my sister and you are not. We will serve the master for ten years then he will erase our memories, setting us free to live the rest of our lives in peace, a blood slave is the giver of blood to the Vampire, and will be that until the day they die.” Ellie explained, but I was not unaware to the fact she left Beth out of this. “Beth why didn't she mention you?” I turned to her, confused. She avoided my eyes at first, an awkward silence filling the room, but then Ollie spoke up. “She's not a slave to the same master as us. She is a Blood slave to Master Rubin. She will be here passed our time. We are the only dorm to have different mastered slaves together.” Beth's eyes finally met mine, sadness dwelled farther in them then I even imagined. She was here for life, while we all would be set free some day. Sympathy was not something I wear often so when I do it is obvious. Beth saw it immediately and shook off all her sadness with one shrug. “I got over it along time ago, not something I like being pitied about. It saves most of Rubin's girls from ever being put in a situation of disobedience when he has me.” I admired her for that. Despite her obvious distaste of most of those girls, she protected them from what was a threat to her. “So um, how do they make you a blood slave?” Curiously, I watched her reaction to my question. Surprise lit up on her face but she looked to the twins before speaking. “Well, the main thing us slaves have realized is that when a vampire kill's a slaves family, cutting all ties to the outside world, they become a slave for life.” That was the moment all the blood drained from my face. My heart beat would have stopped at that moment if not for Ollie shaking me, trying to wake me from my trance. Creeper killed my mom... No no no, this can't be happening. “Ember what's wrong?” Beth asked, concern for me was something I was not use to since being taken, but I couldn't tell them.. I couldn't take the knowledge of it being true. Every fiber of my being was crying out, begging me to ask her if it was true, but I held my tongue. She watched me, confused and concerned but she merely stood up and made her way over to the closet before pulling out blue t-shirt and a skimpy pair of shorts. “Here. These are your clothes to sleep in. Pretty much every girl in this place wears the same clothes due to the fact the master's like organization.” She informed, blessing me with a change of subject and a new though to process. “Why are our outfits longer then the others? Most of the girls uniforms from what I've seen look trampy,” I scowled, well I tried. My mind was still buzzing, still scrambled. She smirked at me before looking at the twins. Ollie grinned at me and answer. “We have longer skirts because we have all been marked as the defiant ones, and our masters either show no interest in our bodies or they prefer to cover ours up from the males slaves. The other girls have taken on the submissive rolls, and our masters let them choose the length they want, which tends to be short.” Despite my unease, and panicked thoughts, that seemed to please me quite a bit because if I was marked as a defiant one that meant Creeper had no interest and me, therefore meaning I was not his blood slave. “Wait if you're a blood slave, why are you marked as a defiant one that covers up?” I snorted, still highly confused and a bit relieved to have chilled my unnerving thoughts. Beth frowned slightly and crawled up in her top bunch bed above me, her body out of my line of sight. For a moment I thought she was going to ignore my question and go right to sleep the moment Ollie shut off the light, but after a moment of silence and I was almost positive she was asleep she spoke. “I am marked as a defiant one because I fight my master every day, and he has me cover up because he does not want my boyfriend getting a free show.” With that not another word was said, and the only sound I could hear was the twins squeaky snores, and Beth quiet cries. She had a boyfriend here even though she was claimed by someone else. I realized right then and there as I laid in the comfort of my bunk bed blankets that I wasn't the only one that was suffering. All these slaves had been here longer than I, yet they still fight, or keep hope they will one day be set free. The sad part is, most of them have been tamed, or broken in as I would put it, but that was the difference between them and me. I will not break... Ever.

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Blood, tears, and screams echoed through my mind. My mom's bloody neck, tears falling from my eyes and her deadly screams replaying over and over. “Baby girl you have to run!” My mother cried out, begging me once more. I knew what was to happen, yet I said nothing besides, “Why mommy?” My hands stayed glued to her arm, my eyes on her petrified ones, and my lips trembling in fear.
She tried to grip my arm back, but her body weakened every second she tried to speak or be strong for me. “Because I can't let them take you away, I can't let them hurt you my angel,” She breathed, but her lungs weren't working like they should. Her air supply just wouldn't reach them, and she was slowly drowning in her own blood.
“Who take me? Mom who!” I screamed, begging her to answer me, to tell me who hurt her and why she was scared for me. Her eyes slowly shut, grip loosening on my arm and then then fell limp with her last word. “Angel.”
“Alright, everyone rise and shine all ho's alike! You've got fifth teen minutes to get your sorry asses out of bed and into the ball room for your assignments. Your time started the moment I spoke,” a loud girl cackled evilly through what was to be an intercom throughout the entire dormitories.
Sweat soaked my entire body, my heart pounded inside my chest wildly and silent tears were sliding down. Embarrassed, I wiped them away and crawled out of my bed along with the twins and Beth, who was making her way to the bathroom. “We each have two minutes to take a shower and freshen up. Time starts the moment you enter the bathroom. Dumbfounded I waited for my turn, doubtful that they would follow that plan but needless to say they did. Beth was out in two minutes flat with her torn maid outfit on and her body squeaky clean.
“You're next,” She nodded to me. Gratefully I rushed into the bathroom, and the games began. I've never taken such a fast shower in my life, but I managed to get out in two minutes an fifth-teen seconds. Ollie rushed passed me, a look of determination in her eyes and Beth raised an eye brow at me. “You over did your time.” I muttered a apologetic sorry and smoothed out my new uniform.
Yes I just said uniform. It was the same blue knee length maid outfit that had short, puffy, white sleeves, and a black skirt. I contemplated cutting mine off like Beth's but sadly I doubted I could pull it off as well as she does.
Right on time each of the twins finished their showers and we rushed out of the dorm into the lounging area. Beth rushed over to a fridge and cabinet area and ripped open the fridge. At first I thought she was grabbing herself something to eat, but then an apple got chucked right at my face... Thankfully I caught it.
”What the hell?” I scowled, panic was not my first reaction to situations like those. It was anger. “Figured you'd want something to eat. That is our breakfast, fruit. Eat it or don't. I could care less,” She shrugged and they rushed out the door. Apple in hand, I ran after them and took a big chunk out of that damn apple.
“Alright everyone here that you see, Master?” Grace's snotty voice filled the room the moment we entered the ballroom. chandeliers hung from the ceiling lighting up the entire room, the walls and floors were made of intelligent gray marble and the room was the size of my house!
Grace stood in the middle of the room in the same maid outfit as me( Her skirt was ten times shorter!), holding a clip bored with what I assumed as our chore lists. Her gaze was solemnly rested on Creeper who stood next to her in a charcoal colored dress shirt, and black cackles. She stared at him, hungrily waiting for his response but he paid no attention to her. His eyes were on me... D bag. My eyes found his immediately and a shiver spread throughout my body, enraging me and confusing me even more.
My heart beat sped up as his eyes trailed down my body then coming back up to rest on my neck. I glared at him and turned away to find Beth watching our exchange, eying me wearily.
“What was that about?” She asked, her gaze flickering over my shoulder at Creeper. I didn't have to turn around to know Grace was sending daggers my way with her eyes, because Beth began to chuckle, then smiled at me. “Never mind, whatever is going on between you and Master Graves is pissing Grace off and is good enough for me,” She grinned, and before I could deny anything between me and Creeper she walked away from me and the twins to stand in a line on the opposite end of the room. She passed each and every slave girl in the front and stood ahead of them all, now in the front of that line.
“I wouldn't follow her Ember, that line is for my brother's slaves. You are over here,” Creeper spoke up as I took a step towards Beth. She stared ahead, deliberately avoiding my gaze and Creeper growled lowly, drawing my attention back to him. He was pointing at the front of the line in which Grace now stood at the front of.
Hesitantly I made my way with the twins to the back of that line, but Creeper cleared his throat trying to grab my attention again. I scowled at him, his presence starting to annoy me. “Front of the line please Ember, that is where you belong.”
Beth's and every single one of the rest of the slaves eyes snapped over to me, wide in shock, while Grace screeched loudly in outrage. “That's my spot!” She shrieked. I stayed rooted to my spot, while Creeper's gaze stayed glued to mine.
“Grace you are my slave, nothing more. You do not hold the same title as Beth and Ember, now Ember, move to the front.” He turned away. Grace furiously stomped her way over to me, and yanked me out of my spot, pissing me off and shoving me towards the front. Right when I was about to deck her in the face Creeper spoke up.
“Grace you will continue to hand out the list of Chore assignments until I deem Ember fit to take that position. She is not as trained as you yet, but once she takes her roll seriously she will have it. Understood?” He Ordered, his voice was full of authority and all Grace could think of as a reply was a fearful nod. Creeper turned away from her and then marched over to the front of the row where I stood.
I heard every foot step, every breathe come from him as he came closer, but I didn't dare move. Despite my need to disobey, something told me that right now was not the time for a temper tantrum.
“Each and every one of you is aware of our newest member Ember. Once she is trained properly you will all refer to her in the same manner as you would Beth. Now Grace, Beth please hand out the assigned work for the day.” Grace pulled a piece of paper from her clip board and handed it to Bethany for her line of girls, The she turned to me and glared.
“Each day we are given a list of duties to attend to and I divide it amongst all of us evenly but since I will be training you, you will have extra tasks to understand how it works,” She snapped, and handed me a piece of paper.
Before the paper could fall from her hands, Creeper appeared right next to me and snatched it mid air. He examined the list carefully, his eyes never wavering from the sheet but once he finished he looked up at Grace, disapproval plain to see. “This will not due for Ember schedule, she is to work with Beth at all times because I need her to learn from her. You will take this and Ember with accompany Beth.” Grace was obviously super mad at this, but she didn't utter word as she snatched that sheet of paper away from him and stormed off. I wasn't going to lie, I loved the fact she was furious on something caused by me but I was also super confused and angry at the cause of her anger... Creeper.
He noticed the sudden change it mood from me and his eye brow raised in humor. “Is something the matter? If you have an issue, Beth will show you how to solve it,” He replied. Frustrated I opened my mouth to respond but he turned around and rushed off immediately leaving me gawking at thin air.
“Hey are you coming? You can meet the guys, we clean together with them,” Beth called out to me, the twins rushing off with Grace and her posse of followers while Beth led me and another group.
This was going to be a long day.
“Ouch! Watch it!” I growled as a book fell out of Beth's grasps and tumbled down the shelf and onto my head. She grinned down at me sheepishly, and continued to dust the book shelf. We were half way through our list of cleaning and only into four hours of the day. We were working on Creepers office, and Beth had kept true to Creepers command about me working with her, but most of the time she was chattering about the guy friends of her I would meet at our lunch break.
“They work on the yard till lunch then afterwards they finish up the day with us. You'll love Luke, he's a joker and Sam is incredibly smart, but he is taken,” She paused from her babbling and looked down at me with a territorial stare, and I laughed handing her another stack of dusted books to put back on the shelf.
“No worries from me Beth, I don't really care for relationship's. Too much baggage for my liking. I thought you were a blood slave though? How does that work?” I asked, confused and weary of her answer but she paused, mid book and sighed.
“I didn't choose to be his blood slave, nor did I want to. A blood slave is a sign of power to vampires and commitment. So in order to have a blood slave you must take them against their will. I have hated Him since. Sam was there for me when I rebelled, he helped me find happiness despite my lust for revenge. We all go through what you're now Ember, and we all eventually lost,” She smiled faintly at me, but I could see the sadness in her eyes. She was like me, he killed her family and took her. There was one thing she didn't understand though, I won't break like them.
“I can't give in Beth, I won't.”
She stopped, dropped the books down on the shelf, and immediately leaped off the ladder to stand in front of me, and gaze right at me. “You and I are the same Ember, you're just like me. We were both forced away from the family they killed, to be with a vampire whom we despise and we will never leave like the others will,” She exclaimed, her voice rising and her frustration peeked.
“We are here forever, and that is something you need to know. Grace hates you because you have something she doesn't, Master Graves. You're his blood slave Ember.”

The author's comments:
Spell checked! Please comment:)

“What?” I questioned, dumbfounded and unable to move from my spot to hand her another book. She realized I was trying to process this information but she sighed and watched me. “Graves chose you as his blood slave. I wasn't positive until he announced your presence this morning, and he has never done that for a slave before,” She explained. She moved away from the ladder and took my hand, urging me to pay attention to her every word.
“Master Graves has never chosen a blood slave, and Grace was obsessed with him so he picked her to fill that position until he chose a true blood slave, which in this case, is you.” My brain felt like it was going to explode from all this information but I couldn't even utter a word. All I could think was he had taken me, and I was going to be here forever... I would never go home.
“Ember, I need you to answer a question to know for sure if you're his blood slave,” Beth paused, and placed her hand on my upper arm. I stared at her, unsure what to say. Yes? No? I don't know! I don't want to be any ones blood slave! Her mouth opened, then closed, unsure of how to approach the subject. “What is it?” I asked, the words barely even formed into a whisper, but I managed to talk, my tongue dry and pressing against the roof of my mouth.
She groaned, turned away from me, to climb back up the ladder where our unfinished pile of dusty books sat. “What is the damn question!” I shrieked, my patients running thin, and my anger rising. Maybe there was a chance she was wrong and I was just another slave who could leave in ten years to start over. Someone who didn't have to stay with a murderer the rest of her life. Beth ignored my screech for a moment and finished dusting the shelf.
I stood there, waiting for her response, but she continued our work till the entire shelf was finished and jumped down from the ladder. Aggravated, I picked up the ladder and folded it down so we could carry it, but before I could pull it through the door, she stopped me with one hand on my shoulder. “When he bought you at the auction, did he pay an obnoxious amount of money?” She demanded, and I muttered unfortunately “yes.” Her face furrowed up in worry, and then her face twisted into an unbelievable amount of anger.
“Is the reason you freaked out last night when we talked about how to become a blood slave because he kill your family?” My blood went cold, and I forced my eyes away from her, away from the memories of my mother lying in my backyard, covered in muddy blood. My eyes burned, angry that I held back my tears and Beth yanked the ladder, pulling me with her through the door. “That f*ing bastard made you his blood slave alright.”

Beth didn't say a word the rest of the morning. We did our work the way she instructed and we did nothing else. No talk of her guy friends, no talk of my terrible fate alongside her, but despite my anger and pain I was relieved that Beth was going to be there with me through it all, because we were both screwed either way. We both were doomed with a fate of slavery until the day we die. That comforted me a bit despite everything else that sucked.
“Alright everyone, time for Lunch! You have ten minutes to finish your list of chores and report to the cafeteria for lunch,” Grace's repulsing voice boomed throughout the halls, frightening every girl in the hallway. Beth was leading me down more identical hallways the color of pale blue, Doors lined the walls with what I guessed were rooms to clean but instead of following along with the other slaves, Beth lead me down another set of stairs wells. (I am really starting to despise them.) She stayed quiet as expected, but it was like she was leading me down to the dungeons, or cells. The walls soon switched from pale blue to the stone bricks like the lounge room and the cells.
“Where are we going Beth?” I questioned, confused and intrigued because despite the fact of how I hate those cells, I wanted to know every inch of this place so I had a chance of getting out. She glanced at me sideways, before she returned her gaze back on the hall.
“We're taking the shortcut to the cafeteria. It is on the basement floor, but everyone else tries to compacted in the elevators. Grace is the only other one I have known to take this way because the others are scared of lingering near the cells,” Beth replied, and sure enough the stone hallways opened up into a wide circular room with a large, wooden two way door.
I hesitated, unsure of whether I really wanted to go in there, because every single one of those girls knew I was a blood slave even before I did. Where is the justice in that? Beth paused, her hand on the handle, while her eyes were focused on me. I think she understood my hesitation but never the less she opened the door into my fearful unknown.
The doors opened up to reveal a large cafeteria room the size of a public school lunch hall. Girls lined up in front of a buffet table full of food such as turkey sandwiches, ham, roast beef and bags of chips. They each grabbed their own then slid down to the other end where large sum of fruit plates were placed, and let me tell you those apples looked freshly picked… My mouth watered at the sight of them.
Beth led me through the line, urging me to grab whatever wanted, but I was so focused on my surroundings that she just chucked random foods on my plate.
The room was filled with circular tables placed all around the room like you would see at a school, and almost every single girl in the room was wearing a maid outfits similar to mine, but each and every one of them had shortened then to the mid thigh. I think I have died and woke up in skank hell.
After we had accumulated enough food to fill a cow, she dragged me passed all the slut filled tables to a table nearest the back, where two guys sat next to twins… They were the only guys in this entire room? Both of them had light chocolate brown hair, tan mocha skin, they were dressed torn, muddy jeans and t-shirts that looked like they had gotten pissed on by a dog… I don’t want to know if that is true.
One of them was sitting next to an open seat between Ollie and himself, he had a lip, and ear piercing, while the other was piercing free. The one with piercing looked a few years older then the other and his eyes were emerald green. The other guy had bright blue eyes that would pop out on almost anyone. He sat next to Ellie and an empty chair on the other side of Green eyes.
You figure since there was only two guys in the entire room, they would have a lot of attention but none of the girls were looking at them… They were looking at me, well more like glaring. Their eyes were like daggers, willing to shank me till I fell to the ground under their gaze. They knew who I was and they hated me, well yay at least I don’t have to try to piss them off to make them leave me alone.
“Well who do we have here, Beth?” Blue eyes grinned at me as we approached the table. Beth took the seat next to Ollie and green eyes, which left my only option next to blue eyes and green eyes. “Guys this is Ember, Ember this is Sam,” She motioned to green eyes who was watching her with obvious love and affection. She then motioned to blue eyes,” And this is Luke. They are the only male slaves in our house besides the Mistresses blood slave.”
Luke leaned back in his chair, carefully examining me from head to toe, not bothering to hide his obvious liking. “It is a pleasure to meet you Ember. Such a beautiful name,” He winked at me, and I rolled me eyes over to Sam.
He nodded his head, but didn't say a word. He was focused on the frank look of panic on Beth’s distraught face. He leaned closer to her and whispered something in her ear and she kissed him softly on the lips before turning to me.
“Sam and Luke here are both blood slaves also, but they are the Mistresses slave, and well she has replaced them with a fresher bag of blood,” Beth spat, jealousy written all over her pixie face. Same chuckled before pulling her chair closer to him so her body was pressed closer to him. They were cute together, like perfect.
“They can have more then one blood slave?” I asked, confused. Luke leaned forward in his chair and eyed me seriously, his good mood quickly gone. “Yes but it is highly frowned upon and your Master isn’t one to change his mind so don’t get any ideas.” Luke stared at me, his expression weary but I didn’t care. Anger burned up in me and I scowled. “I’d rather die then stay his blood slave,” I snapped.
“That could be arranged,” a voice offered from behind, a load full of jealousy rolling around every syllable. I turned around to find Grace's maggot eyes staring right at me, her hands resting on her hips, and drama was written all over her snobby features. A crowd of girls surrounded her, each one copying the look of her like plastic clones.
"Grace goes die in a ditch.” Beth spat. Grace slid her eyes over to Beth for a moment, her lip tilting up in a sneer. Her posse of clones paused for a moment, unsure of which of the two to follow, because Beth may not have been Grace but she was blood slave. Their eyes switched from each one of us, confused out of which of the triangle was the boss. The new girl, which was me may have power, but to them it seemed Beth and Grace held seniority.
Annoyed, I rose up out of my chair, a screech echoed throughout the room as it slid back across the marble floors, and I turned walked closer to Grace. “Look, I'm sorry that I was rude to you last night, and I apologies for every insult I may have directed your way, but I would appreciate it if you left me the hell alone,” I stated blankly, silently begging she would just walk away before I got pissed off.
She smiled, nothing sincere about the way her lips pulled up into a grin, and I was deprived of such luck with her walking away. “You took my place, so no thanks, it's your turn to pay,” she giggled, and lunatic was the only word that came to mind. “What the he-” I stopped mid-sentence, confused as to what she meant, but before I could finish, her and her entire mob of wanna bees lunged at me.

The author's comments:
Okay so this is spell checked, and is also two chapters combined because I needed to squoosh them together.

Snobby girl... What to say, what to say? Well what would you do if a group of them decided to jump you all at once, following the leadership of the high snob herself? Run like a sane person? Or hold your ground like my dumbass? Yes I decided I was going to bring my fist up and give her a five on rie to the face (Knuckle sandwiche, as the oldies say.) because her smile just gave me the hibbidy gibbies.

Seriously, I mean the way she just shook her head as if it would shake away the pain, and then she used one long spiderly finger to wipe away the blood dripping down her lip. Her lips tilted up, and flashed me her teeth, creeping me out even more. My hand tingled from discomfort of hitting her, but I pretend nothing was wrong, other than the fact I wanted to beat the crap out of her.

Rageful attacks never were my problem before Creeper decided to disrupt my life and kidnap me, so what was it about this place that turned me into major hulk mode? I was almost a passifest when I lived with my mother, because the only time I ever hurt someone was when this guy hurt my best friend, and I lost my tempter and kicked his fat ass. He deserved it, but that was the only time I ever really lost me temper, so why the hell did I hit Grace instead of run? Cussing never was my thing before a came here either, but I flipped Grace off, so I am going to blame that one on her provoking.

Grace, and her possey paused while she delt with the pain rushing through her face, and I took the moment to glare at her in spite, quickly making my way over every one of her followers also. Her friends finally decided to step In when I went for another swing, their hands gripped my arms, and held them behind my back while Grace, grinned ear to ear. "Oh this is going to be good,” She laughed, sounding like wind chimes whistling in the wind, and she stepped closer to me, her face inches from my own, her breath hitting me, and my spit splashing her. Take that bitch.

Shock was the first thing registered on her preppy face, then ith went to rage. She frowned at me, her hand sliding over her face wipping off my spit. “Oh this is going to be really good."
A witty retort was sitting on the tip of my tongue ready to jump, but be fore it could be spoken, her hand shot out and smacked across my cheek... HARD!
I will never say this out loud but at that moment me cheek and eye stung so much I almost cried... Almost! Blood rushed to my soon becoming bruised cheek, and fury rushed up my body.

She stepped back, swishing her hips as she noticed look was staring at her, but she misinterpreted shock, for lust. Damn she is even dumb for a blond. She reached down her shirt, in what I thought was a seductive move of hers to him, but then she pulled out a small, rectangular blue object. ''Now I think we should warm you up. You’re looking a little cold,” She grinned, holding up the object for a better view... She was holding a lighter... She was also approaching me way to fast.
Oh crap.

Her friends grip tightened on me as I began to kick and yank for my freedom but they wouldn't budge and she was getting to close to my face with that lighter. My eyes squeezed shut, panic mode now in session along with my brain going into shock. Remain calm brain... Just remain calm.

"Back the hell away from her, you crazy whore!" Beth's furious voice spoke up, and the hands clasped on mine, digging into my skin released, and reliefed my arms from aching pain. My eyes snapped open to find the twins, and guys pushing girls away from me, a territorial vibe radiating off them like swet oder from a football player.

"This is none of your business.” Grace scowled, her face twisted in anger, but she immediately backed away, her lighter thankfully far away from my face. Beth eyes bulged, beyond pissed off now, and she stepped closer. "You just tried to burn my roommates face off, I think that makes it my business!" I gripped ahold of her, half heartedly keeping her from leaping frogging this bitch.

Grace wailed and tried to jump at her, but her clones got smart and grabbed ahold of her to hold her back. Beth slid out of my way when I pushed passed her, and stood directly in front of Grace's face. “Why are you trying to grill my face, are you just that crazy?” I demanded. Suddenly my body began to shake in anger, fury was sliding through my blood, but no one even noticed.

“Oh stop playing the innocent act, you know why. I have done everything Master Graves ever needed of me since the day I first came here, but then you come along and steal my rightful position,” She screeched, her evil witch eyes wide, and red almost in tears. If I was normal that might have made me sympathize with her but since I've seen how she acts, all I wish to say is go to hell bitch.

“Look, if I wanted your stupid pathetic position don't you think I would show a bit more appreciation but I hate your Master with so much passion that being his slave sickens me. Since the day he took me all I have experienced is pain and loss, so listen when I say say this; If you don't leave me the hell alone I am going to rip your pretty little blond hair out of your skull and shove it down your throat,”I roared. My body was convulsing at this point and my hands balled up into fists.

She stumbled back in shock, terror plain to see, but she shook her head and plastered a fake boost of courage on her face, but I saw the way her lip trembled in fear... Someone deep inside me her fear thrilled me.

Beth's hands clasped on my upper arm, drawing my attention to her, and she stared at me, concern written all over her face.
“Chill Ember, she's not worth it,” Beth urged, but before I could respond, a fist connected with my face.
“I don't care what you have to say. I will get my place back,” Grace yelled as her body hit mine, and her pack attacked my new found friends. "Time to play with fire Ember," She grinned.

She straddled me, her body weighed down on mine, and I pushed and swung but she batted my hands away like a fly. Beth leaped at her, but Grace's clones ambushed her, and no one could stop them... But me. A familiar sensation rushed throughout my body, my eyes burned and my body shook. Her lighter made contact with my shoulder searing into my flesh, and I screamed.

“Get the hell off of me!” I growled, my hands ripped out from under her body weight and I grabbed a fist full of her hair, yanking her hair to the side, and I slammed her body onto the ground beside me. She fought back against my hold but I had lost it. My instincts had taken over and I was pissed.

Her lighter hit my burned sensitive skin again but I pulled back immediately and rolled away from her reach. She scrambled after me, and animalistic wail burst out of her, and she tried to get me again, but my hands clasped around her lighter and twisted her wrist till I hear a “Snap!” and the lighter fell into my hands. She screamed bloody murder, and her eyes burned in fury, but I had had enough. My anger was beyond control and I was tired of this girl.

I rushed at her, my body smashed into her and she went crashing to the ground. I stood over her, enraged, she cowered beneath me but I didn't care. She tried to kick my legs out from under me but I jumped over them and fell on her stomach, then I took my chance and brought my fist down on her face, over and over again till her nose bled, her lips split open and her eyes swelled. She tried to claw at my face, but I didn't care because at the moment my shoulder was on fire with pain, and her face was the only thing I could let my pain out on.

-Stop Ember!- Someone screamed inside of my skull, my eyes opened and I looked down at Grace... I really looked. She was crying, barely able to move her head and I had caused this... I had terrified this girl beyond belief and I had liked it. Horrified and jumped away from her, that last hit I had done to her face had not her unconcious and her laid still on the ground.

My breathing was ragged and I could barely move. I looked up to find silence, and every single girl in the entire room had stopped fighting, because they were gawking at me. Their eyes went from me, to Grace and back again. Unsure of how to handle it, I turned away from Grace and looked at Beth who was watching me like the others, but she smiled hesitantly, and edged closer to me.

The others just stared, and I turned to walk away torwards the door but then I noticed every single set of eyes in the room snapped in the direction I was turning... The all froze in fear, and Beth was mirroring their expressions.
Sure enough the moment I turned I saw Master Creeper standing by the doors, anger plain to see. Well crap, this isn't going to turn out good.
"Ember why can't you behave for one minute?" He growled, his eyes trailing over me and the unconcious girl on the floor. I narrowed my eyes at him and scowled, ” She is crazy! She freaking attacked me!”
He stayed silent for a moment, before he slowly stepped into the cafeteria, his steps caused every single one of his slaves, besides me to immediately sit down at their tables... Including Beth. Their heads were bowed low, and no one dared to look up at me, or him.
"Grace is a obedient slave she doesn't attack people for no reason," He stopped as he reached me. He was now in front of me, my body had already begun to react to his closeness, but that didn't stop my anger. " So your saying it's my fault some sick freak attacked me!"
He smiled. "Precisely." What the hell? I glared at him, outraged by his brute comment, and he just stood there waiting for my response. Well he wasn't going to like it very much because I was angry, and frustrated. "Kiss my ass!"
That got a reaction out of every single slave in the room.They each made their own gasp of horror, and shock as if they hadn't thought it every time he ordered them around. Beth, whom was seated in her chair just stared at the ground, supressing a giggle as Creeper growled at me. My anger was getting the better of me again because I pushed my way passed him in order to leave the room, but right as I felt confidence in being out of his reach his cold hands gripped down on my wrist, and swung my body around to face him.
“You will not speak to me like that!” He scolded, but I yanked out of his grasp with a sarcastic screech. “Screw you!” A gasp echoed around the room from every single mouth present besides Creepers and my own. They were all in utter shock now while I was in utter rage mode. His eyes bulged, nostrils flared, but I held my ground with my chin held high and glare perfected.
“You will respect me or things will get very hard for you here, and you will wish you were dead,” he warned, but his eyes said enough unspoken words to tell me it wasn't just a threat... It was a promise. He had to be stupid enough to think that would stop me, because at this very moment none of his words mattered, not even my own. The only thing I could focus on in my mind was my mothers eyes staring into mine for the last time.
“I'm sorry to tell you this Master Creeper but I'm already there,” I spat. His fists clenched up, and his body moved closer to mine, noses touching and eyes in direct contact.
“You don't know the feeling,” He seethed, his cold breathe hit my jaw line and bottom lip. Every word he said was under his breath so no one but me could hear the rage in hid voice. He pulled back when I scoffed in his face and leaned closer towards his ear, my lips almost touching his lobe and I could have sworn he shivered.
“What do you think I felt when I found my mother? You've already taken my reason to live, so what else do you have to take? I will never submit to you, ever,” I fumed. His dark eyes stared into mine before it dawned on him what I meant and his gaze softened. His mouth opened as if he tried to speak but before he could mutter a syllable I turned on my heels in the direction of the door. Bitter tears threatened to fall and blur my line of vision, and I whipped my fingers across my eyes angrily but the water kept falling and blinding me even more. Before I knew it I ran straight into someone, and stumbled over, but strong arms caught me just as I almost hit the ground. It took me a moment to recover from the shock, but I regained my composure enough to look up at the person who still had hold of me.
He was georgous.... Chocolate colored hair spite at odd angles, grassy green eyes that popped out when they stare at you. He was dressed in a blue button down that was buttoned to his mid chest, a glimpse of skin peeked out beneath the shirt and his dark jeans bagged slightly at his hips. I admit I was checking him out but after he noticed it I regreted it instantly... He was sporting a cruel smile that transformed into a animalistic grin that flashed me a set of sharp white fangs.
Another freaking vampire...Not just any vamp either. Another dude vamp. Just wonderful!

"Well it looks like your new pets got a issue with authority Graves," He smirked as I Ignored his helpful hand a stood up on my own.
Vamp dude continued to stare at me even as I tried to get passed him, but before I could Creeper decided now was the time to stop me again. He was in front of me before I knew it, and he wouldn't let me pass.
"She has a lot of anger in her Damien," Creeper replied.
So that's Vamps name.

"Yum I like them with a temper," He grinned at me.
I glared and tried to pass Creeper again but he wouldn't move.
I sighed in frustration. “Look if you have something to say, say it, because I'd like to leave now. I'm tired of being told I'm the reason I'm here so either speak up or move the hell out of my way," I snapped.

Creeper frowned. "You will not talk to me like that, and you will follow me to the cellar. Beating up my Secretary will not go unpunished."
I gawked at him," Are you dense or something? I was using self-defense! She attacked me, and kept saying I was in her way! All I did was punch her, because she was trying to hit me, and she tried to burn my face off!"

Damien snickered, "Dude I find it hard to believe that Grace didn't deserve that ass kicking."
Creeper frowned at him. "Ember if you do not listen I will use force."
I looked him strait in the eyes. "Bring it."

Within seconds creeper flew at me. I jumped to the side, and brought my leg up high, and kicked him in the gut.
"Your so predictable Master Creeper. Maybe you should take some lessons from Grace. At least she knew what she was doing."
He regained his balance and scowled at me." Silence!"

I smirked. "NO."
He jumped again, and this time I stood my ground, and took the hit.
I'll admit I had the wind knocked out of me, but I ignored the sudden dizziness, and grabbed hold of his hair, and yanked his head back before he could bite, then head butted him.
He stumbled back in pain. "No snack today. I'm not a vending machine," I held my head up, and waited for him to attack again, but he stared at me.

"What?" I Questioned.
"She resisted you bite?" Damien's puzzlement drew my attention.
I looked at him. "So what? I don't like being attacked by a murdering creeper, let alone bitten."

His eyes widened. "You chose a defiant human as your life slave? She doesn't even feel a attraction to you!" Damien laughed.
Um that’s totally not true but there’s no way I’m admitting to thinking creepers Hot. Well for a creeper there is.
Creeper's frustration deepened. “I had some complications, and it affected her. She is immune to Vampire's sent."
This only made me confused, and Damien laughed harder.

''What the hell are you talking about?" I asked.
Damien grinned at me. "It means you’re a blood slave with no appeal to being drank out of. Which also means your no human."
Holy Crap.

Damien grinned as I rolled my eyes at him to hide my sudden panic.
"Yeah if I'm not human than you’re not a pain in the ass."
He laughed. “Boy Graves you sure know how to pick them."
Creeper scowled at him, but walked around him so he was close to me.
"Silence Damien."
Creeper kept his gaze on me, and I held it. I would not look away. I will not submit.
After about five minutes of this he finally broke eye contact and growled.

"Psh whatever I'm going now."
I spun around expecting Creeper to grab hold of me again but he never did. I exited the cafeteria with no complications and made my way back to the dorm.
"God I already hate vamps!” I groaned as I collapsed on my bunk.
I closed my eyes and let my tears I had been holding in fall.

Were they telling the truth? Am I really not human?
I jumped off the bunk, and ran into the bathroom to the counter mirror.
I stared long and hard at my face. My eyes were wet, and dark with grief. My hair was a static mess, my skin was covered in dirt, and my mouth was tilted in an impassive frown.
I looked like a dirty version of my self, but that's about it.
Wouldn't I know if I wasn't human?

I hesitantly backed away from the mirror, and edged back into the room.
Of course I'm human! He’s just an idiot.
I shook off my uneasy thoughts, and jumped back into bed.
"I just need some sleep.” I mumbled as my exhaustion took over.
My eyelids slowly closed, and before I knew it I was sleeping.
I really shouldn't have done that.

Something cold, and soft pressed against me in my dreams. There touch sent a wave of pleasure through my entire body. I yearned for more.my neck tingled, and my mind was blank as they pulled me closer to them. I felt safe in this dream.
I could feel my fear from earlier fade, and my paranoia was completely gone.
This was so.. So amaz-

"Slam!” I bolted up nearly falling out of my bed to pitch black.
It only took me seconds to realize I was back in the cellar.
"What the hell is with vamps and darkness?” I groaned, as I lade back down.
"It gets a point across.” A familiar voice spoke.

"Leave me the hell alone. Master Creeper," I snapped.
I should have known he'd be in here with me.
His presents in here made me worry at my about dream.
"I'm the one who gives the orders around here."
I Snorted. “You obviously didn't listen to anything I said."
"Actually what you said is what got you in here in the first place."
I continued to lie on my back, as I slowly slid my body closer to the bed wall.

"No what got me here was your murdering ass," I snapped.
He growled.
"Oh sorry meant to say your murdering master creeper ass."
"Why must you continue this Ember?"
I stayed silent.

I'm not falling for the “please forgive" crap I'm not stupid.
Creeper must have realized I wasn't going to answer so he spoke.
"You don't believe Damien do you?"
I suddenly felt the bed weight shift, and someone was sitting way to close to my feet!
"First off hell no I don't believe him second you might want to move out of my kicking zone."
He chuckled. “Fine let me prove it then, and you can't do very much damage to me Ember."

I hesitated. “Yes I could, and...How?"
He stayed quiet for a few seconds.
"Let me bite you."

Oh no he didn't!
"Back the hell away from me!” I yelped as I threw myself off the bed, and into the pitch-black concrete darkness to put some distance between him, and me or more like between him and my neck!
"Ember that is how I can prove you are not human,” He urged.
I stopped.
There was something different in his voice. It wasn't his usual impatient, stuck up bossy voice.
Was that Kindness?

I shook away that obscured thought and glared in his direction, but noticed something was stuck on my shoe.
"Your not getting anywhere nears my neck."
I slowly extended my hand toward my shoe, and pulled a small metal object that was sticking to a sticky piece of gum off my shoe.
Holy crap! It was the key! OH an ewww gum!
He sighed. "Alright, but then this means you will have to take classes then, because I can tell you will not listen to any of my ideas."

I hesitated. “What classes?"
I reached out toward the concrete wall and lifted myself up.
"History classes. They will explain what makes a immortal a immortal, and they will teach how to identify one, and it will tell you how we are made."
I slowly edged my way to the door. “What makes you think I will even take those classes?"
I wrapped my hands around the doorknob and stuck the key in the lock.

"Because you're not keeping the key."
I abruptly felt his body against mine, and his hot breath close to my face.
Something about how close he was made me more nervous than usual. I did not like it what so ever!
"And you don't want me to bite you so that is your only option,” He chuckled.
My neck tingled, as he said bite.

NO! Stop it Ember! Pull your self together!
I tried to bring my hands up and hit him, but he was ready, and definitely used to fighting me.
"What is with you and getting so freaking close to me?” I snapped.
His body pressing to me was making me shiver, and that's not okay!
He leaned his face close enough that I could feel his grin.

"Because it makes you nervous.” He leaned down, and pressed his cold freaking lips to my cheek.
Heat suddenly rose to my cheeks cooling down his cold touch.
"You have two seconds to back the hell up before I rip your vamp lips off got that?” I tried to hide the tremor in my voice.

He surprisingly backed away. “As you wish. I am done fighting you, but remember this. I don't have to be so generous. Please keep that in mind. I will be back to get you in two hours."
Before I had time to respond he yanked open the door, and slammed it shut behind him.
I collapsed on the concrete floor.
What the hell just happened?

I slowly brought my hand up to where he kissed me, and shivered.
Why did I suddenly have an attraction for him?
I shook my head."NO! I cannot like him! He is my mother's killer!"
Earlier I wanted to kill him, and now I want him to touch me?
Something changed while I was sleeping, and I did not like it one bit.

I sat with my back against the concrete wall and my but stiff on the dirty bed.
Where the hell is he? It’s been over two hours!
I groaned.
I was so freaking bored that I had actually tried to sleep.
It didn't work of course so here I am staring at a ceiling I can't even see.
Black, black, black! The whole freaking room is pitch black!

This is going to drive me insane! The silence was making it worse!
Wait I can fix that!
An idea suddenly popped into my head.
What if I screamed at the top of my lungs to get creeper to come back and get me outta here?
This idea made me kind of giddy.
I leaped up on the bed, and started jumping. The bed squeaked!

I laughed as I sucked in a deep breath and screamed at the top of my lungs.
Yeah I know I sound stupid, but you would to if all you've been seeing for hours is pitch black, and heard nothing but your own voice.
It felt so good to fill the silence in the room, and move at the same time.
I continued to jump as I screamed till I felt a sharp pain on my head.
"Ouch!” I yelped.
I dropped down on the bed as I realized I had hit the ceiling.
I examined my head and felt a slight bump.
Man that hurt!

Wait but that didn't feel like concrete? It felt like tile?
I glanced up in curiosity, and ignored the pain in my head.
Holy crap! There was a slight stream of light flowing through the ceiling!
I leaped up, and started jumping, and raised my hands up cautious of my head.
I hit the ceiling easily with my hands and knocked a bunch of it down.
Bright light filled the room!

Yes that was so tile!
Maybe I could get out through there!
I started taking higher jumps, and reaching up.
If I could just grip the side I could-
Oh got it!
I grabbed hold of the side, and hastily pulled myself up over my aching head, and bodies protest.
Once I had successfully gotten through the hole I glanced around the room.

I was in a really fancy hallway. The walls were covered in fancy wallpaper, and there were candles lit everywhere.
Where am I?
Oh wait I better get moving if I plan on leaving before creeper realizes I made a hole in the ceiling.
Ha ha, I still can't believe that ceiling isn't concrete. How stupid.
I took one last glance into the cellar, stood up, and started down the hall.
I was finally going to get outta here. I better hurry though.

Everywhere I went in the hall it was full of expensive decoration, and the walls were covered in old paintings.
There were a lot of scary people in the paintings.
I'd have to say the scariest one was old woman. Yeah I know old women shouldn't be scary but you didn't see it!
She was wearing a long elegant baby blue evening gown, and She hand long curly silver hair that was pulled back into a half bun half down look with a huge tiara I it. There were jewels all over the tiara, and she had earrings to match. Her eyes, and lips were a blood red, and she was scowling. This is the scary part. She had fangs showing! Seriously White pointed fangs!

Oh and her skin was dead white.
Yeah she was definitely a vamp.
I took one more look at it and continued down the hall.
There were tons of doors, but none of the looked like they would take me out of here so I continued down the hall till I reached a pair of big gold doors. Seriously gold!
I have never seen doors like it before so I couldn't help myself. I walked through them.
That was a huge mistake.

Right when I walked through a room full of dressed up vamps turned and stared at me.
With blood red eyes, and fangs showing too.
OH s***.
I pulled on the handle to the door again but they suddenly wouldn't open.
I was frozen in fear. They all looked really hungry.
NO show no fear! If I act like prey they'll acted like predators.

I got hold of myself some how, and put on an impassive expression, and stood straighter.
One of the vampires walked forward while the others stared at me hungrily.
She was a woman who looked around mid thirties. She had bright blond hair, round cheekbones, big eyes, small lips, and she was wearing a long black halter dress with beading on the hem. The rest of her looked vamped up.
She glared at me as she came closer.

"Slave! What do you think you are doing entering a formal party without your uniform?” She shrieked.
She had a high-pitched voice, and my ears rang as she got higher each word she spoke.
"Um, I uh?" I stuttered.
I don't know what to say. Crap!

She continued to glare at me waiting for an answer until someone else stepped forward and drew her attention.
"Ember what is the meaning of this?"
OH crap. Master Creeper was the person who stepped forward.
"OH so you know who this slave is? Well she is a mockery to us. I mean look at her! Shes suppose to be in a uniform, and she’s obviously not, oh and she’s completely filthy! Shes hideous!” She wailed.

"Excuse you? OH I'm hideous!” I snapped.
She turned her eyes on me, and they were scary as hell.
Show no fear. Damn this is going to be hard.

"Yes you! You are a hideous human, and you will not speak unless spoken to! I shall call you whatever I want. I speak only the truth."
Oh hell no!
"I'm hideous? Lady do you own a mirror? I may be ugly but at least I’ve got a woman body! You’ve got nothing but nasty bone! Good luck getting anyone attention with that."

HA what you got to say to that?
She growled, and everyone gasped.
"How dare you? Do you have a death wish or something? You will regret that, and I may not have meat but I have beauty you could only dream of!"
I snorted. “Lady you obviously don't know me. I don't want beauty, and I never have, plus yeah I guess I do have a death wish so bring it on!"
Yep come on bring it!

Her eyes widened.
"You dare challenge me!” She would so being spitting venom out her mouth at me if she could.
"Yeah I do-mmm!” I snapped, but before I could say anything else Creeper was holding his hand over my mouth, and holding me out of her reach.
"Silence ember!” He growled in my ear.

His sudden touch sent a shiver up my spine.
Dammit! This is even worse!
"Debra you shall not harm her. She is mine. “Creepers voice was filled with threatening anger as he spoke to her.
Wait I am not his!
Her anger turned into shock immediately.

"Yours? Have you chosen your Blood slave Brother?"
Wait brother?
He sighed in my ear. “Yes mine. As in you are not aloud to harm her. She belongs to me any way I see fit, and I don't need her bruised."
No I'm not!

The nervousness I was feeling from his touch was immediately gone when he called me his. I belong to no one!
She scowled at him, and bared her fangs. “I heard you the first time, but how have you chosen this thing? She has no respect for our kind, and she seems to have no problem with disobeying you!"
"My reasons are my own, but you will not touch her! Father has given me permission to keep her in my quarters until we solve her humanity issue so you shall not have an issue with her for sometime. Good day!” He finished, and without waiting for her to reply he swooped me up in his stupid cold arms, and ran out the door at vamp speed.

Oh hell no!

What the hell?” I Screeched.
Creeper slowly shut the door as he put me down inside what could only be his evil layer.
It had like a double king size bed on the west wall with Sleek gold drapes hanging from the posts of the bed that dragged all the way around the bed, night stands on both sides with Minnie fridges on them, and there was a Small picture frame of Creeper on it.
There were two doors on either side of the bed, a couch facing the bed, and a built in bookshelf right over the couch.
There were two wide windows on the north wall that were cover in the same gold drapes as the bed, and Double Glass doors in between the windows.
This room seemed rather plain to me. I mean the walls were gold too, but it just didn't really feel like someone lived here. No posters, family pictures (One picture of creeper does not count.), or anything Personal. It was like a hotel room.

I looked over a Creeper, and noticed him disappear into the door on the left of the bed.
I shrugged, and yanked off the evil shoes of mine, then drew the drapes open on the bed to lie down.
"Holy crap," I muttered.
The Bed covers, and sheets were the same gold, but there was a roof part in the bed, and it had a mirror on it. That's just plain creepy!
Not to mention the wall had a flat screen TV built into the wall.
I was just about to climb on the gigantic bed when creeper emerged from the closet wearing only boxers, and holding a white undershirt, and basketball shorts.
No shirt...

I quickly snapped my gaze else where as my cheeks burned, and my heartbeat picked up.
If he noticed my nervousness he didn't say anything. He just walked over to me, and handed me the clothes in his hand.
"Change into these before you crawl into that bed. If you must there is a shower through that door," He pointed to the opposite one he came out of.
I nodded my head and raced to the bathroom, and locked the door behind me.

Oh God what is wrong with me? Its just creeper! He's not even that good looking!
Even after I thought it I new I was lying to myself.
I shook my head and hastily stripped down to take a shower.
After about twenty minutes of pure heavenly hot water I exited the bathroom in the clothes Creeper had given me, and my hair brushed, and damp.
Creeper was sitting on the couch as if he had been waiting for me.

Oh crap. Here comes the punishment.
I waited for him to say something but he just continued to stare at me.
"Take a picture it lasts longer," I murmured, and decided to climb up on the comfy bed.
Oh wow the blankets felt so amazing. I Think I'm lying on a cloud.
Once my head hit the pillow I started feeling awfully tired.

I felt the bed shift as more weight was added to the other side of the bed.
"Yes?" I answered.
"Why did you destroy your cell?"
I burst into a round of giggles. "Sorry that room drives me crazy. You shouldn't have left me there even longer."

He snorted. "Ember I don't even know what to say to that."
I shivered as I felt his cool breath on the back of my neck.
"What's my punishment going to be this time?" I smirked.
I'll admit I don't like being punished but I will not obey.
"There is no punishment other than sleeping in my room with me, and in my bed," He edged closer, and I could feel his body pressed closer to mine.
I was suddenly aware of every move he made.' 'Why am I not in trouble?"
He chuckled. "Because you pissed off my sister, and that is worth not punishing you, although you'll have to be with me every day now because she wants you dead. The fact you didn't cower away from her is enough to keep you out of trouble with me. She's a Twit."

Oh! Okay. "Well um.. If I have to stay in here could you scoot back on your side before I get pissed?"
I felt his hands wrap around my waste, and pull me even closer.
"Fine, but I just have to tell you that you look adorable when you blush," He kissed the back of my neck then put me back on my side.
I was too shocked to do anything. I was like completely frozen in.

My heart was pounding even louder, and I tried to steady my breathing.
How did he know I was blushing? I was facing the opposite direction as him?
Oh crap. The mirror!
I glanced up, and sure enough he was grinning at me.
I scowled, and yanked the covers over my head.
I do not like this one bit! What is wrong with me, and why am I feeling this way?

I'm doomed.

Sweet bliss. That's all I felt. Warmth flowed through my blood, and the tingling spread from my neck to every inch of my body. The happiness I felt was so overwhelming that I could barely breathe. Someone pulled me tighter against them, and ran their hands down my lower back.

A Frosted touch made my neck ache for more. It felt so good I didn't want them to stop.
I pulled them closer, and they squeezed tighter to confirm they understood. They liked it too.
I felt a sudden urge to look at the face of the one bringing me so much pleasure.
I opened my eyes, and could see the outline of a guy. He was well built, and his boy was fitted against mine.

"Look at me," I Whispered.
He slowly lifted his head and stared into my eyes.
OH no.. I know those eyes.
They're the very same blood red eyes of my mother’s killer. Those very same eyes were getting closer.
He leaned in, and gently brushed his lips against my own.
Pull back!

I screamed at my body, but it had a mind of its own. It wanted him.
His breath was cold and minty, but he smelled like fall air.
I could taste a copper pennyish liquid on his lips. It was so warm.
I finally felt my body pull back, and I stared at the substance dripping down his mouth.
It was blood...My blood.

"NO!"I Gasped as I bolted up in creepers bed.
I instantly grasped my neck, and was relieved to find it clean, and no bite marks. I felt warm tears running down my face.
Sweat made my clothes cling to my body because my skin was burning up, but my blood was running cold.

I looked around the room, and was grateful to be alone. I t was just a dream.
I slowly climbed out of the bed, and hesitantly knocked on the bathroom door hoping I was lucky enough for creeper to be gone so I wouldn't have to worry about him being a door away from me.
Yeah I'm not so lucky.
Creeper lightly pulled the door open, and stood in the doorframe with nothing but a towel to cover him.... His chest was showing. His very well built chest...

I quickly looked away, and tried to cover up my burning cheeks.
"I need to use the restroom," I muttered.
He nodded, and quickly walked past me leaving the door ajar.
I hastily shut the door behind me and splashed cold water on my face.

OH God what is wrong with me?
I had so many questions, but no answers.
Why am I dreaming about creeper biting me and it being pleasant when the only time I've been bit, it was pure agony? Why am did I want creeper so bad, and Why Did I enjoy that?
I cried out in frustration.

I glanced up at myself in the mirror, and Gaped at my appearance.
My skin was so pale! What’s wrong with me?
More questions no answers.
I groaned, and exited the bathroom, and headed toward the bedroom door.
"Where do you think your going?" Creeper questioned.

"To go find something to eat. I'm hungry."
"I will order room service then. Stay, You are not to leave this room without me. You are in danger walking those corridors."
I snorted. "I'm fine. I'm getting my own breakfast."

Before I could even grab the doorknob he was blocking my path.
"I don't think so," He frowned.
"You think wrong then."
I tried to push him out of my way but he was ready, and grabbed both of my arms, and pinned them at my side.
"I believe I think right," He chuckled.
I brought my knees up, and kneed him in his soft spot. He grabbed his crotch in pain, and I lightly pushed him over.

"You believe wrong then too," I grinned, and walked right out the door.
I was almost half way down the hall when I was suddenly in his arms, and pressed against his bare chest.
"My beliefs are always right."
Within seconds we were back in the room, and he was placing me on the bed, and keeping a firm grip around my waste keeping me pressed to his nearly naked body.
I could feel him breathing in my sent, and he nuzzled his nose at the crook of my neck.
I shivered.

"What are you doing to me?” I snapped.
He chuckled, and pulled back to look into my eyes.
I looked away at the sudden memory of my dream.
"It is not I that is doing anything to you. It is your very blood, which calls to me. It yearns for my bite, because you have only been bitten once which starts our bond, but to strengthen you, you must let me bite you a second time, and then drink of my immortal blood," He Explained.

"No. You are not biting me a second time, And how is it suppose to strengthen me?"
"You are my blood slave. That is a very important thing. You must understand that? You are mine for eternity. Which means we are connected by blood. It's the closest thing any vampire can have with a human, or even another vampire for that matter."

"I am not your blood slave!"
He chuckled. "Whether you believe it or not you are. You can not always live in ignorance."
I glared at him as he extended his legs over mine.
"Don't even think about it," I gritted my teeth.

He smirked. "I will not force you to do anything. I want you to want me also but that will not be forced. I ache for your blood but I do not wish to anger you further anymore. I will let you have a decent amount of freedom, but you still have to lie with me in my bed."
He pulled me tighter against him, and grinned at my nervous glare.
This is really starting to piss me off.

He leaned in slowly for a kiss. "NO!" I Snapped.
He sighed and leaned back. “Very well. I shall not push you further than this."
He leaned lower against my neck, and started rubbing his nose on it.

"You smell so divine. I have never smell someone so intoxicating before," He murmured.
"Uh I don't know if I like that compliment."
I wiggled uneasy at his closeness.
My blood boiled at his breath hit my neck, but my mind screamed no.

He immediately leaned back, and looked into my eyes. "I will not bite you Ember. Not without your permission again. Its more painful that way then it should be with you. I do not want to cause you pain."
I stared back at him, and my nerves subsided.

He meant it. I could tell. "Okay," I nodded.
He smiled, and slowly released me, and climbed out of the bed.
"I'll be back in a hour or so," He informed before racing out the door.
I jumped up, and ran toward the door, but then I heard a "Click!" From the other side, and the knob wouldn't turn.
Oh great. Another cell.

Okay so my blood calls to him so what? I don't need him...Right?
My nerves began to calm down after about ten minutes of his absence, but then boredom had taken effect.
I would have to say creepers layer is the most boring room I've been in, in years.
I tried reading but all his books were in foreign languages, and then I tried the TV, but it wouldn't even turn on!
I mean damn whose bedroom is this dull?
I sat down on the couch, and stared at my lap.

Ugh I really need to change clothes.
My Short was ratted, and I was sick of wearing them.
I stood up, and walked over to the closet door.
Holy crap. I should have checked this room out ten minutes ago.

Once I opened the door I stood in aw.
This room was bigger then the dorm room I was in with Beth and that was made for four people, and it had men, and women's clothes too!
The east wall had tons of women's clothes hanging up, and small wooden dressers under it with tons of different types of shoes on them .The west wall was almost identical, but with men's clothes, and here's the best part. It wasn't just a closet. It was a music room too!
The Whole north wall had lines of different instruments against the wall!
There was a drum set, a piano, a shelf full of different sheets of music, and there were tons of different guitars, and basses hanging on the wall.

I smiled, but decided to get dressed before I had my fun.
I took my sweet time in searching through the clothes until I was happy with my choice.
I had decided on a tight dark purple long sleeve shirt that falls off my shoulders, and is held up by spaghetti straps, and has awesome rips down the side so I put a black undershirt on also. I got a ripped pair of dark skinny jeans, and a pair of black converse, then I grabbed a dark gray sweatshirt that had skulls and cross bones on the front from the men's clothes.
Ha I really liked the sweatshirt.
Happy with my choice I decided to check out his piano.

I Slid onto the wooden bench, and placed my hands onto the smooth keys.
I let my hands glide from one key to the next playing the one song I knew best.
My mom’s song. Memories flooded my mind as I played the soft song.

I was ten and my mother sat next to me teaching me to play. She laughed and sang to every note.
"Mom what's this song called?" I giggled as she slid her hands next to mine and played another soft tune.
"It's the song your dad wrote for me when I was pregnant with you. He played it for me every night till you were born," She smiled, and placed my hands on the right keys, and urged me to play more.

"I know that but what is it called?" I Stopped and looked up at her.
She smiled and wrapped her arms around me.
"It has no name baby girl. It's nameless, because he never finished it. It go's on and on. I like the think of it as my everlasting fire, because it never ends, and it’s about you."

Tears slid down my cheek as I shook away the memory of my mother. She's gone now.
I use to play it hours on end for her.
I closed my eyes, and let my fingers glide over each key, and let the music take me away to happy memories.
"What's it called?"
I jumped at the sudden question, and accidentally knocked over a pile of sheet music on the floor.

"Oh um I DI-didn't here you come in," I stuttered, and quickly leaped off the bench, and started picking up the mess.
"You didn't answer my question," Creeper pointed out, and bent down to help me clean up.
"UM it has no name."
I quickly placed the papers back on the piano, and tried to walk out, but creeper gripped my arm, and pulled me back to the bench, and pulled me down with him to sit.
"Please play it again," He softly whispered in my ear.

My heart raced, but I placed my hands in position, and quietly played.
He listened, and waited till I stopped playing, and I tried to stand again, but he stopped me once more.
"Who taught you to play like that?"
I sighed and looked strait into his eyes, and glared. "My mother."
It only took him a minute to realize my sudden anger, and regret passed over his eyes.
He tried to speak, but I Clasped my hand over his mouth.

He looked at me, and he slowly pulled my hand away, and stood up.
"I liked the song," a faint smile spread over his lips.
I turned around this time without anyone stopping me, and walked over to the couch.
He followed me out, and sat down next to me.
"Beth will be coming to get you shortly. I need her to prepare you for the ball tonight."
I looked over at him in curiosity. "What ball?"

He grinned. "My sister decided to inform my parents of you, and they thought they should throw a ball for me since I have reached the vampires man hood. You will be my date because you are the reason for it."
I burst into a round of giggles. "Man hood? Wow!"

He scowled. "Having a blood slave is a show of my maturity in my vampire nature. It is a sign that I am growing, and you are a sign I can commit. I am worried though because my sister is up to something. I know it. I want you to be careful. "He leaned closer, and stroked my cheek.
I held back my smile as he closed in.

His lips gently brushed my cheek.
I shivered as he trailed down my neck. My mind screamed at me to tell him to stop, but my blood burned for his touch.
"Knock knock!"
At an in human speed he pulled me lightly to my feet, and pulled me to the door.
Once he opened the door Beth stood there grinning at me.

"Yes take care of Ember, and make sure every ones eyes will be on her." He ordered to Beth.
She nodded as he pushed me to her, and shut the door.
She turned to me, and smirked.
"Let's go get you ready princess."

Okay so I have nothing against dances and stuff but there's just one tiny problem...I can't dance.
No matter how hard my mother had tried she could not teach me to dance. So I am positive that no matter how good Beth makes me look I will look like a fool if I dance.
I'll admit she's doing a killer job at making me shine and crap.
She had taken me to a women's dressing room full of gorgeous gowns, and vanities. The walls were covered in mirrors so I could see every move she made.

"I'm going to make you hotter than any damned creature their," She grinned.
She was painting my toenails a midnight blue shade.
"I'll believe it when I see it."
She rolled her eyes at me and finished up my last toe.

"Is your hair naturally that reddish color?" She glanced up at me.
I snorted. "No, my hairs naturally black. I colored it before I was taken. If you look closely you can see my natural roots showing now."

She stood up, and examined my roots. "Yep I see them. What if I told you I could take the dye out of your hair? Would you let me do it?"
I stared up at her. "How the heck are you going to do that?"
She smiled. "It a vampire trick some chick taught me when she helped me with my hair. It's a vampire secret recipe."

She grabbed a white bottle off the vanity, and started squirting some of it in my hair.
"Hey I never said yes!"
She laughed. "I was going to do it either way. So sit back and let me work my magic, or in this case vamp magic."
I rolled my eyes. "Whatever."

Okay so I kind of did miss my natural color, but I liked my multicolored hair!
I sat back letting her run her hands through my hair, and take away the false color for about ten minutes, then she started rinsing, and blow drying.
"I'm done, 'She announced.
I turned my seat around, and smiled at my old reflection.
My hair was now to my shoulders, and it was teased, and strait ultra black.
"Did you make my hair grow?" I asked dumbfounded.

She laughed. "Yeah it always grows a little when you use this stuff. I can cut it if you like?"
I shook my head. "No, I'm fine. Now hurry up and finish this makeover."

She laughed once more, and quickened her pace.
"So how's it been sleeping in his room?" She asked.
I looked at her in surprise. "Uh boring, and stressful. Why?"
She laughed. "Because that's awesome. You realize everyone in the house hold is talking about you two?"

I looked up at her. "About us two?" I questioned.
"Oh come on Ember don't tell me nothings going on. You're his blood slave! It's natural, and it's very hard to resist the blood call. Trust me. Plus he has over looked so many things for you. You destroyed a Cell!"

"That's because I can kick his ass, and what do you mean? How do you know what the blood callings like?"
"Ember he is going easy on you. He would never hurt you, and..."
She hesitated." Because I am his brother's blood slave."
I gaped. "You are?"

She grinned. "Yeah. I tried to resist the call too, but I couldn't. I wanted Rubin so bad. So I gave in, and I'm satisfied with him."
I frowned. "Well, I'm not Satisfied with Creeper. He killed my mother remember?"

She sighed. "Ember you can't always hold that against him. Rubin killed m family too."
"And you still love him?"
She stared at me. "I never said anything about love. I hate the bastard, but that doesn't mean I can't be happy with him. I'm stuck here so I'm going to make the best of it."

"I'm glad your happy, but Beth this isn't enough for me. I can't stand the thought of loving someone that hurt my mother."
She shook her head. "Ember I didn't say you had to love him, but it sounds like your scared of what you already feel."
I scowled. "I do not. I hate him, and I am going to break the connection he has with me.''

No matter how bad I like it.
She sighed, and gave up trying to convince me, and was silent till she finally finished up, and looked over me.
"Nice. Your to die for."
I laughed and looked over my transformation.

I was wearing a ball gown that flowed down like the ends were ripped and torn looking a little Gothic, and the top heart shaped my chest, and the straps fell onto my shoulders leaving most of it open, and my back was completely bare.
She had put a midnight blue diamond neck less on me, and flats for my fear of dancing. She did my makeup with a dark Smokey eyes, clear lip-gloss, and dark eyeliner.
Damn I look kind of scary.
I smirked. "I love it."
She smiled. "Good now let's take you to Master Graves."

"Away to Master creeper please," I pointed toward the door, and skipped holding the ends of my dress.
She laughed. “Master creeper? Wow that's funny."
She shook her head as we headed to the front door.
I stopped.
The front door...

I was leaving this prison! At least for the night!
My mood kept getting better, and better.
Just then Creeper walked up to me, and his eyes widened.
"Ember...you look Divine."
His eyes traveled up my body in lust, but he quickly shook it away, and wrapped his arms around my waste.
I nodded my head.
He looked even better...

He was wearing completely black suit with which made his built body look amazing, and his hair was wavy, and seriously sexy.
S*** no! Ember look away!
Realizing I was still staring I looked at the front, and waited for us to leave.
Beth wiggled her eyebrows at me, and blew kisses faces as Creeper lead me out the door.
Okay this night was going to be a little longer than I thought...

The car ride there was very long, and quiet. I could feel his eyes on me the whole ride there but I pretended not to notice, and stared out the window.
Okay so I'll admit I was very nervous considering what Beth said about not being able to resist the blood call but I was partly pissed cause there was nothing I could do about it. I mean this was forced on me. How the hell do I deal with that?
Oh And what About her and Rubin? If they are so good why the hell is she all over Sam? I'm going to need to ask her about that because I'm confused.

I sighed in frustration.
"We're here Ember."
I looked over at creeper, and just realized that we weren't moving anymore. Creeper was out of the car, and holding his hand out to help me exit the car.
I ignored his helpful hand and crawled out of the car on my own.
"If you'll be so kind as to take my arm I will escort you inside. I would really appreciate it,” he grinned at me.
I rolled me eyes, and took a hold of his arm.

The Ball was held at some type of museum looking house. It had a castle feel to it, and it was made out of old stone. The front doors were the size of a two-car garage, and the windows could fit a car through them. The lawn itself was surrounded by tons of beautiful plants, and fine art statues, and a valet hurried down the steps to help us with our car.
He was a man around his late twenties, balled, bony figure, and pale complexion, but completely human.
Creeper pointed the guy to the limo drive then led me up the marble steps.

Once we were inside another human man in a white tuxedo came up to us, and led us through the hall, and motioned for us to stop at the steps.
The room was magnificent. The walls were painted a brilliant silver with a multitude of paintings along them, the floors were a white marble, there were fragile chandelier's hanging all over with glass tables all along the walls covered in food. Down the steps were hundreds upon hundreds of finely dressed vampires, and human servants standing in the main room.
"Be polite, and I beg of you to not punch anyone tonight,” Creeper whispered in my ear, and we started down the steps.
"I can't promise anything,” I smirked.
Creeper looked like he was about to say something, but before he could the whole room fell silent, and stared at us.

"Graves! How wonderful that you have arrived,” Debra smiled as she pushed out of the crowd of people.
"Yes it is. After all this is a party for me, and Ember, “He forced a smile on his face, but kept a very bored tone.
"Ah yes Ember. Your Blood slave, or shall I say bag of blood,” She turned her bitchy eyes on me.

I smiled at her, and put as much sarcasm in my voice that even a dog would understand it.
"Yep that's me, and yes your Debra his sister or shall I say the ugly flat chested hag."
Her smile faded into venom filled glare.
"Why you little-"
""Now girls play nice. I think me, and Ember are going to go dance,” Creeper pulled me away before the evil hag could say anything else.

Every ones eyes were on us as we traveled through the crowd to the middle of the dance floor.
"You should have let her continue so I could kick her ass," I muttered.
Creeper chuckled as he stopped, and pulled me against him, and took my hands to dance.
"I would prefer you to not fight with anyone tonight Ember."
I rolled my eyes. “Whatever, but um Why are we dancing?"
I suddenly felt very nervous, and uncomfortable.
"Because I want to dance with you," He started guiding me back and forth.
"Uh I can't dance,” I held on but only moved my legs back and forth.

Creeper laughed. “It will be fine. I’m good enough for the both of us. Just follow my lead."
I Glanced down at my feet, and nodded an okay.
Creeper wrapped his arms around my waste, and I put my hands round his neck, and held my face back a safe distance away from his face.
"Every ones staring,” I frowned.
"That's because everyone wants to see my beautiful Blood slave."

My cheeks started to warm up, and I scowled.
"Ha ha real funny."
He chuckled. “It is true. You are a big deal. Tonight you will be treated like an equal to almost everyone in this room. This is our night."

I leaned back a little and raised my eyebrows. “Almost everyone?"
"Well my mother, and father are over you of course."
I snorted. “Whatever. You’re making it sound like we're married or something. Really cheesy."

Creepers face suddenly went very serious. His eyes stared down at me, and his mouth formed a strait line. “Ember this is much more than a silly marriage. This is a commitment that cannot be broken. You are mine, and I am yours. We are connected by more than just a ring, and piece of paper. We are connected by blood."

I pulled back, and stepped away. “I don't think I want to dance anymore."
Creeper didn't respond, so I just walked away, and stood at by one of the tables.
Okay deep breaths Ember. Deep Breaths.
I closed my eyes, and held in my sudden panic.

There is really no way to break this bond. Ah hell.
"Excuse me Miss but would you care to dance?"
I abruptly looked up, and saw a hand stretched out in front of me waiting for a response.
The hand belonged to a Vampire who looked a few years older than me. He had pitch black hair that reached his eyebrows that was spiked up in all directions, Blood red eyes, pinkish skin, and he was all vampire built. He was totally hot, but wickedly scary.
"Um no thanks. I’m good."

He looked very disappointed. “Is there anything I could do to change your mind?"
Okay I had to admit he seemed really sweet and cute just by looking t him, but I don't feel like embarrassing my self again.
I gave him a faint smile. “Probable not. I can't dance."
He grinned. “I doubt that. Your legs aren't broken. Just one dance."

He bowed down a little, and took hold of my hand and kissed it.
"Okay just one..."
At a vampire speed he yanked me out onto the floor.
"So May I ask your name? “He asked as he led me in the song.
He was looking at me with a curious gaze, but something about the way he stared made me want to hit him then run for my life. It was either that or stare at his sexy face which for some reason didn't look all that sexy now that he was inches away from me...He kind of looked dangerous, and not a sexy way either.

"Well that's a beautiful name. Graves is a lucky immortal to have a lovely one such as yourself,” he smiled as he spun me around, and tilted me a little.

I blushed. “Luck had nothing to do with it, “I muttered.
"How is that?” He asked.
Oh s*** he wasn't supposed to hear that!
"Oh nothing."
He smiled, and led me farther out.
"You smell Divine you know, “He breathed in.
His face as now inches from my neck, and my body and mind screamed at me to protect myself.
Okay a little creepy.

"Um thanks."
"Yes. So tell me how did Graves come upon something as lovely as you?"
I shifted uncomfortably. "UH like all blood slaves I guess. By force."
I didn’t like the dangerous vibe from him.

"Hm interesting. Very interesting. Did he leave your mother outside or did he hide the body?"
"I don't know ask h-wait how did you know my mother was outside?"
I abruptly pulled away and back up several steps.
What the hell is going on here?
He reached out for me, but I yanked my hand back, and glared at him.
"How did you know?” I repeated.

He frowned. “He must have told me. No need to get so worked up about it."
"Oh sure why the hell would he tell you? Who are you to him?” I narrowed my eyes.

"Oh Ember there you are. I’ve been looking for you, “Creeper suddenly appeared by my side.
"Hello Graves."
Creeper looked up suddenly finally noticing my scary companion.
"Oh uh Ember I see you've met my brother already,” Creeper’s voice suddenly held a lot of anger.
Wait did he just say brother?

"Brother?” I asked.
Creeper looked at me and frowned. “Yes my brother. Your little human friend is his Blood slave. This is Rubin."
Oh s***.

"This is Rubin?” I asked in complete shock.
Please be joking.
"Yes this is my brother," Creeper confirmed impatiently.
"It was a pleasure to meet you but it looks like my brother here is in a hurry, so I'll bid you goodbye," Rubin smiled, and it suddenly made him look even more dangerous.

He bowed again, and took my hand, and kissed it once more." Until we meet again lovely one," He met graves eyes as he said this.
I pulled my arm back as if it had been shocked, and he was suddenly gone.
"Your brothers creepier than you."
Creeper looked at me, and took hold of the hand that Rubin had kissed.
"He wants you, you know."

He stared off into the crowd with a worried expression.
I scowled. "Screw him. He's messed up in the head."
That earned a smile from creeper, which made my stomach do an unwanted flip.
"What did you two talk about?"
I frowned. "He.. He said something about my mother's body, how did he know you killed her
Outside?" I asked suddenly fearing the answer.

Creeper went still. "He knew?"
I nodded my head, and stared at him.
Creeper didn't move, and his eyes narrowed.
"What does that mean? I have a really bad vibe coming from him. He feels dangerous. More so than you."

Creepers head snapped in my direction. "He feels dangerous to you? What do you mean?"
"I asked you a question first."
He sighed. "It's nothing. I just feel like he's up to no good. Now what do you mean?"

I could tell by the way Creeper looked at me that he was lying, but I gave up. "I just feel like I shouldn't trust him. I feel like I need to keep my guard up. I just feel like every time he gets to close I should kick his ass."
Creeper stayed silent, but pulled me through the crowd of vampires.
"We need to speak with my father," He muttered.
"About what?" I questioned as he pulled me farther and farther through the crowd.

"About you."
I froze.
Creeper stopped, and stared at me.
"Ember we really need to get to my father. He's just through the crowd."
He pointed in the direction we were going.
I stayed put.

He sighed. "Ember I promise nothing will harm you. You have to trust me. As long as you either stay quiet or only be respectful to him you will be fine. I won't let them harm you. Your mine," He stepped closer toward me, and breathed in my sent as he traced his fingers down my back.
Okay the mine thing would normally piss me off, but at this moment it was what was keeping most of these vamps from attacking me so it helped. Plus I kind of believed he meant what he said. His eyes held so much truth.

Crap Ember Your turning soft!
I nodded, and stepped side ways out of his reach, and ushered for him to lead the way.
Anything to get him a good distance away...
He smiled, and led me through the rest of the crowd.
When he finally led me out of the cluster of vampires we were standing in a circular opening that had a long round dining table with only Six people. I recognized three of them.
It was Debra, Rubin, and Beth.

Beth smiled at me, but Rubin covered her smile with a hard kiss.
Ewe I think I might barf.
I smiled back at Beth when I noticed she was wearing a blue version of my dress, and her hair was not spiked up.
We're twins ha.
Debra was giving me her usually hag glare, but I noticed a man sitting next to her with an arm around her waste. He was a bright red head with tons of freckles, pale skin (Shocker), And tall lean figure, but he was human. He must be her blood slave.

"Mother, Father, this is Ember," Creeper suddenly spoke up, and bowed.
He was speaking to the two vampires I didn't know. His parents.
His mother had light red hair, dark reddish eyes, sharp nose, plump cheeks, and a round figure, but still quite skinny. She was wearing a plain silver ball gown with long sleeves, and her hair was put up in a tight bun.
She was smiling at me.
"Ember!" Creeper suddenly pinched my thigh.

I nearly smacked him right then and there, but I quickly realized he was trying to get me to bow.
I curtsied.
Creeper nodded in approval, then brought his gaze back up to them.
"So this is the one you chose? I've heard quite a lot about her," His father spoke.
His father was examining me from head to toe.

His father was a very scary man. He had The same black hair as Creeper with a shade of gray, dark almost black eyes, Sharp tight cheekbones, the same thin sharp lips as Debra, And chalk skin, and he wear a gray tuxedo.
"Yes father. She is."
I looked at Creeper, and noticed something. It shocked me...He was nervous.
"Well she smells divine, and She's quite pleasing to the eye, but I've heard she's got a foul tong," His father shook his head in disapproval.

Anger, and possessive feelings seeped into me faster than anything I've ever felt. They were radiating from something else. Holy crap I'm feeling someone Else's emotions?
My eyes widened, and I looked around for the owner.
Creeper stood next to me with a pissed off expression.
OH.... crap. Another connection dammit.
"She learns fast though father."

I felt fear seep in. Why was he scared?
"That may be but does she show any signs of breaking? If not you know you will have to dispose of her."
Oh crap I understood now. He was scared for me.... damn.
I felt my own emotions mixing with his, and all I wanted to do was help him.

"Father that is not necessary. She is perfect."
I could feel my emotions wanting to come undone, but I had to keep them in check.
"I doubt that. Your sister says she has no manners or respect what so ever."

Creeper's mom suddenly spoke up. "Dear don't you think you’re over reacting? You haven't even spoken to the girl! She's standing there confused. See for yourself if she is worthy of our son."
His father narrowed his eyes. His fangs poked out of his mouth and rested on his lower lip.
"Very well then. Human do you fear us?" He looked me strait in the eyes.

I wanted to turn away. I wanted to never look at him again...But I also wanted him to know I did not fear him.
I held my head up high, and looked him strait in the eye.
"No I do not."
His eyes widened in rage. "Human do you realize you may very well die if you are not worthy of my son?” He stood up, and his eyes pierced me like daggers.

Creeper was immediately behind me, and holding onto my hand.
I felt his fear, and fury flooding into me, and mixing with my weary emotions.
I narrowed my eyes at the man. "Yes I realize this, but you asked me if I fear you. That answer is no. You did not ask me if I thought I was worthy of your son. I do not fear you because fear is weak, and I am not weak. I'm sorry if I have angered you Sir but I am merely speaking the truth. I do not wish to lie to you because that is also a sign of weakness," I kept my head held high, and waited for him to speak. I needed to be as respectful as possible.

"So you do not think you should fear us? If you do not fear us then you do not respect us there for you will make a horrible slave!"
I shook my head. "Fear is not respect. It is simply a way to get order. I respect my elders as much as I can, and I am terrible sorry if I have shown you otherwise."
Okay so maybe I was over doing it just a little, but hey I know how to show respect when I want to! I could have cussed him out by now if I wanted to.

"Then how do you respect my son if you do not fear him? Give me a example human."
"I respected his wishes when he asked me not to kick his sister's ass again tonight."
Okay so I probable blew it with that smart-ass comment but hey he wasn't helping either.
Before I realized what was happening Debra was on me. I felt her hands close round my neck, and her fangs exposed as she hissed.
"You filthy have breed!" She snarled.

I heard screaming, and yells but it faded as her grip tightened.
I gasped for air, but I couldn't get any.
My instincts kicked in and I was about to give her an ass kicking, but I saw Creepers father looking at me with a triumphant smile. I stop the urge to fight back, and let Debra keep her hold on me. I can't fight back. I have to prove I can respect his wishes.
My instincts fought against me, but I held back.
My eyesight blurred, and I started drifting off.
Before I was completely gone the pressure loosened, and I was falling.

I collapsed in Creepers arms, and he cradled me against his chest. His warmth was safety.
I looked over at Debra, and saw her lying next to me glaring, and Nursing her bloody hands.
Creeper had saved me.
"She's mine! You will not touch her!" Creeper growled.
I could feel his chest vibrate.

My neck ached, and my Heart was racing, but I was starting to feel more awake again.
Every vampire in the room was watching our every move.
"She's Part human, yet you still defend her like she's your own! She will never obey you, because she is immune to our smell!" Debra shrieked.

Everyone was quiet.
Creepers mom was standing, and glaring at every one of them.
"You all should be ashamed of your selves. This human girl bares the blood of an old immortal, yet you treat her like a dog! Her smell is the richest I have smelled in decades, and Graves has her. You all want to take that from him! Can’t you see she holds more care, and respect for him then anyone here does? She was willing to let Debra choke her just so we would see she would obey Graves. She Stays."

The whole room fell silent.
Creeper's father turned to his wife." My love she May bare the smell of a immortal but she will never break."
Creeper's mom shook her head. "Then do not try to break her. Her blood is immortal so it was never meant to be broken in the first place. She is one of use. NO longer is she a slave."

She stepped around the table, and walked over to me sitting in Creepers lap.
She smiled. "Child you are free from the blood slave name. Your new place is my son’s eternal blood mate. You shall rule beside him once you have chosen your immortal form. Until then you shall be as my child." She smiled at me and her son then leaned forward and kissed my for head.

Her eyes showed nothing but kindness and a fierce protectiveness. “Take her home. She must rest. This has affected her more than we can guess."
"But mother she is not one of us!" Debra persisted.

His mother was suddenly standing right in front of Debra. "Is that so? Well do you think the same of you beloved blood slave? Is he not one of us also that you brother may strike him dead?"
Debra's face suddenly filled with panic and fear. "NO!"
"Then you shall not argue with me! Now Graves take her home!"

Creeper stood carefully making sure no one was near me, and at a Vampire speed took me to the limo.
He carefully sat me down next to him, but did not release his hold.
"Sleep now Ember. Nothing can hurt you now," He whispered in my ear.
Any other time I would have argued, and demanded he respect my personal space, but this wasn't like any other time. I was tired as hell, and His body suddenly seemed really comfy.
So I Obeyed.... But I did not break.

"Ember wake up,"
I groaned, and turned to the other side begging my body to fall back to sleep.
"Ember you need to get up or you will be late, “Creeper urged me.
"I'm not awake shut up."
He chuckled, and started poking my side.
My eyes flew open, and I nearly fell off the bed. “Stop!" I yelped.

He sat up, and grinned. “What are you ticklish?"
His playful smile widened as he saw my hesitation.
"No I just don't like you touching my side is all."
Yep total lie but he didn't need to know that.
He raised his eyebrows at me, and ran his fingers through his hair leaving it messed up, and sticking up at the ears.
I snickered.
"What?” He asked.

I shook my head as I reach out, and smoothed his hair down. “You have serious bed head."
"Oh it can't be any worse then what I'm seeing right now."
My eyes widened, and I leaped out of the bed, and ran towards the bathroom, but just as I reached the bathroom Creeper was in front of me grinning. “I’m kidding. Your hair looks fine. Beautiful actually. Now go get something to wear. You need to get ready."

I eyed him quizzically. “Why? Where am I going?"
"To school. Since you are now my blood mate and my mother has confirmed my suspicion of you having immortal blood you must go take the classes and learn as much as you can before you blood chooses its immortal form," He nodded as if he had just said the most normal thing in the world.
I gaped at him. “OH your mom."

I stood there in shock as everything from yesterday played through my mind again. From the dancing, and meeting Rubin to his father, and being attacked by Debra then being claimed a blood mate. I’m not human.
"Wait what is the difference from a blood slave, and blood mate?"

"A blood slave is a human who is the giver of blood. You share emotions, and longing for the bites. A blood mate is two immortals who share each others blood with one another, and are joined for eternity. They are much closer, and a strong enough bond can read each others thoughts,” Creeper eyed me waiting for me to respond.

I shifted uncomfortable. “So I'm not a slave anymore?"
He smiled. “No you’re much more than that. You’re my blood mate. You are equal to me in every way. Once you choose a immortal form we can begin the ceremony."
"Wait what ceremony?"

He stepped closer to me, and took both my hands in his. “Our union. It is similar to the one humans do to join together except we share blood then pledge ourselves to each other, and we become one.
"We will be together forever, and you will never be a slave again," He finished and leaned in closer. His lips were inches from mine.
I wanted to close the distance between us, and make him mine sooner, but my mind knew better. These were the blood calls wanting not mine. That was the only reason I wanted him.

He killed my mother, and made me his slave. I can never forgive him, and I can never be his in the way my body wants him.
I pulled from his grasp and turned away. “What will I learn in these classes?"
"Everything there is to know about immortals, and how we came to be. You will learn the how to predict what immortal you will become with your transformation symptoms,” His voice cracked as he walked closer to me in confusion.

"How many immortal types are there?” I asked.
"What am I going to become?” I turned around to face him and waited for an answer.
He shook his head and sighed. “I do not know. All I know is your blood is very unique so I have to be something special. Blood that smells as rich as yours always turns out to be something very powerful."

I just stared at him, and breathed scared to voice my biggest fear. The one thing I felt that mattered most. “Will I lose my soul?"
I waited and watched his face very carefully waiting for a response.
He sighed, and turned away. “I do not know. Most of us believe we lose our souls but there are still some out there that believe we still have it, but its buried deep inside us."

I stepped closer, and hesitantly touched his shoulder, He looked at me, and I almost broke down right there.
The urge to kiss him burned brighter in me then ever before.
His eyes held sadness, and his face cringed with worry. So I spoke softly hoping he didn't break as easily as he looked like he would. “What do you believe?"

He waited a moment, and kept staring into my eyes. Then before I knew what was happening his lips were on mine.
His lips felt cold, but soft as he gently pressed his to mine. He took my top lip in between his, and sucked, then he pulled my body tight against his.
My body made me respond to his touch without thinking, and kissed him right back. I took hold of his bottom lip and bit lightly then pulled with my teeth.
He growled, and threw me on the bed with his body on top of mine.

My mind screamed at me to stop, but my body screamed yes!
His hands found there way at the edge of my shirt, and they felt cold as they touched my wasted but his touch burned me to the core.
I lightly licked his bottom lip, and his tong snaked out and found mine.
Stop Ember stop!
I put my hands on his chest, and pulled him closer.
He responded by kissing me harder, and trailing his kisses down my neck. He made circular motions around my jugular before I felt him scrape his fangs across my skin. Nipping my neck.

That’s when I saw my mom’s lifeless eyes filled with torture, and blood oozing out of two punctures in her neck.
"Stop!” I screamed as I shoved with all I had in me on his chest, and I sent him flying across the room, and slamming into the wall.
I bolted up right gasping tears streaming down my face.
Creeper stared at me eyes wide in shock.

"I uh need to g-get um re-ady,"I stuttered, and jumped off the bed, and ran into the closest.
Creeper didn't follow.
I collapsed on the floor, and let my tears fall.
I didn't care at the moment that I'd just used an inhuman amount of strength to shove creeper. I didn't care that I needed to get ready or that I'm turning into something that might not have a soul. That didn't matter.
What mattered was that I had just almost let Creeper bite me. The man who killed my mother, and kidnapped me, and worst of all...
I had wanted it. I wanted my mothers killer. I am a monster.

By the time I had calmed down from my temporary break down, and picked out a decent outfit Creeper was no where to be seen.
Breathing out a sigh of relief I exited the closet, but to my surprise though Beth sat lounging on the couch wearing her very confident smirk.
"Ella luv. You miss me?” She greeted me in a cheesy fake British accent.

She leaped up, and skipped over to me as I rolled my eyes at her clothing choice.
She was wearing Black, and hot pink t-shirt that clung to her body and showed off her curves in just the right places. Her hair was spiked again, but a crossbow clip held her long bangs to the side. Her shoes were hot pink ballet flats, and the best part of all was she had a pink tutu on. Seriously ha.

"I thought I was going to die if I didn't see you soon! My heart doth belong to you! Oh and I love the look!” My sarcastic cries made her grin widen.
She skipped around me, and nodded in approval.
"Ah so nice to hear some humor from someone other than me every once in a while. It's a relief to know not everyone is deadly serious here, and thank you. You don't look half bad yourself,” She chuckled.

She eyed my Dark holed skinny jeans, and black escape the fate Band t-shirt with my amazing converse before paying more attention to what I was saying.
"So what brings such a fine comedian as yourself to such a gloomy humorless creeper hangout?” My question leaned more toward why isn't she with one of her boy toys?
She grabbed hold of my upper arm, and yanked me towards the door.” I’m taking you to school with me."

Oh...I'd almost forgotten about that.
"So I don't have to go with...Uh Creeper?” I asked.
Please say no. Please say no!

She hesitated before shook her head as she noticed my sudden change in mood. “No you'll meet up with him later. He wanted me to take you today since your first few classes are with me. I'm your new study buddy!” She pounced up and down attempting to pull off a perky girl act, but it just made her tutu bounce up, and down.
It looks like she could get lost in that thing!

"Awesome! My new buddies a tutu girl! YAY!"
She smirked. "Hey I like the tutu, and why do you keep calling him Creeper? Graves sounds hotter."
I frowned. “I don't care what sounds hotter He's creepy so he's Creeper."
She laughed. “Okay."

"Awesome well then let's get going I'll race you,” I eagerly pulled her out the door and sped down the hall with her falling behind till I reached the front door, and grasped the heavy handle, but when I yanked at it, it stayed firmly shut.
Beth stopped, and gasped for air.
"Damn girl when did you get so fast?"
I look at her with an impatient expression. “So why are you going to the school?"
Oh my God she's not human either!

"Because I'm a blood slave, and if I want to be able to keep seeing Sam I have to let Rubin turn me into a vampire, and in order for that to happen I have to take these classes. “Her face suddenly filled with pain and sadness, but she quickly hid it as she pulled a small key out, and unlocked the door ushering me outside.

A warm night breeze flew by us sending my hair flying, and Made my whole body feel relaxed, and calm.

My eyes widened. “Why do you have to let him turn you in order to keep seeing Sam?"
She sighed shook her head. “Because blood slaves aren't aloud to be with anyone else other than their masters, and Rubin told me if I want to Make Sam mine forever I have to let him turn me into his blood mate, then I can have Sam."
The limo was parked in the same spot as last night, so I rushed to it, and we hopped inside.
I scowled. “So you knew about this blood mate thing too? What is with all this blood crap? Vampires are sick. I say screw Rubin. He creeps the heck out of me."

She smiled, and rubbed my shoulder as if I was the one in pain.
"Actually Rubin only made that offer last night after His mother announced you a immortal to be, and Graves new Blood mate. He’s always jealous of Graves, and trust me if I could get rid of Rubin I would. I hate Him."
Beth's voice held nothing but venom as she said those last words.

"Something’s messed up about that. Something about him just doesn't seem right, and if you hate him why do you give into him?"
She looked at me with a sideways frown and shook her head.
"Ember you of all people should know what the blood calls like. Your body wants him, and that's it. I have no feelings for him at all. I don't even feel an attraction for him unless he uses his vampire smell crap on me. What Rubin and me have is strictly physical. Nothing more, But what me, and Sam have is everything. I feel him in my very soul, “She stared me strait in the eyes, and begged me to understand.

But I couldn’t. That’s not how it was like for me earlier. My body wants him all the time, and even the thought of him makes my breathing speed up.
Just thinking about the way he kissed me earlier, and how his lips trailed down my neck and-
And how he almost bit me. She right it's nothing but bad crap.
"Beth are you worried you'll lose you soul?"

She looked at me with a perplexed expression. “No I'm not. I’m not one of those people who believe immortals are damned. Immortals are just like humans. We are all having souls but sometimes we tend to forget it's there. I think Immortals use that as an excuse to do more wrong. Which blackens their soul, and yes that can turn you into one of the worse things imaginable but that's only happened once in world history."

"Wait what is the worse thing imaginable?"
She groaned in frustration. “You don't know? Hasn’t Graves told you any of this?"
"No he hasn't told me very much of anything!"
She gave me an annoyed look but continued to answer me. "The worse possible thing is to become a Demon, or as a lot of people like to call them fallen angels. They turned their backs on God and are cursed to forever live without him. I don't no much about it because Rubin hates talking about it but I know he fears fallen angels more than anything. It’s the one Immortal you can't be made into by another. You have to either be made by God or born from one Angel and a human. It’s only happened once in the all of history. They are the ones who lose their souls. Once you become a fallen angel evil runs through your veins. "

I gaped.
She smiled, and pointed to the door. “Look we can talk about this later, but we need to go now. We’re here."
Sighing I climbed out of the limo and examined my surroundings.

The school grounds were covered with lush green grass, lean thick trees, and the moon shined high with a clear beautiful reflection in the pond. The school looked like any other school with walls made of brick, and a wide concrete path that swerved around the entire school a campus. The path was covered with a crowd of teens, and even some adults. I had a feeling not all of them were human.

A nervous sigh escaped my lips as I prepared myself for the new facts I was about to learn.
Okay I can do this.
“Hey looks like your man is here to greet you,” Beth Chuckled.
I looked up, and sure enough Creeper stood about fifteen feet away from the limo.
OH hell I can't do this!

Sometimes the only way to protect the ones you love is to keep them in the dark
Seeing Creeper standing right in front of me made all the emotions from last night came back just as strong, and the shame was too much. I averted my eyes from him.
“What’s Wrong Ember?”
Beth Grabbed hold of my shoulder, and turned me to face her worried expression.
“Nothing.” I muttered.

I shook her hand off my shoulder, and shut the limo door.
She ignored my obvious discomfort with talking about it and continued. “Did something happen between you and Graves?”
Making no attempt to answer her I glanced up to where I had seen Creeper, and Relief flooded through me when he was nowhere in sight. I quickly started to make my way to the school.

“Since you ignored my question I’m guessing that is exactly what had upset you, and why you don’t want to see graves.”
She followed along quickly, and continued to pester me, but I still stayed mute and pushed my way through the crowd of people. I recognized a few of the older ones from the party last night, and they all stared as the remembered me, and the scene I had made with Creepers father. I just continued along, and ignored the curious stares I was getting.
“Hmm no answer? Well I’m guessing you guys had wild crazy sex, and afterwards you felt guilty and awkward so now you are scared to face him? Hm answer me woman or I will make a big scene in front of everyone here!” Beth threatened me.

My cheeks flamed with the realization of how close to the truth she was. Well partly anyways.
She grinned as I gave her the death glare.
“You wouldn’t dare,” I Growled.
She shrugged, and took the lead as we continued down a long hallway.
“Oh I definitely would.”
I Groaned.

“Fine. We were um… making out and stuff but I stopped him when he tried to bite me, and threw him across the room. Then I locked myself in the closet till you came.” I Spat it out, and held my head down as she looked at me with surprise.
I avoided eye contact with her, and continued down the hall, till she stopped me in front of a classroom door.
“This is our first class, and why did you stop him from biting you?”

I bit my lip. ”Because He killed my mother. I can never be with Creeper without seeing her face just before she died. I just can’t.”
The agony and sorrow filled me up again, and my eyes water up.
Realization swept across her face.

“Oh Ember You can’t hold that against him Forever. He really cares for you. He attacked his sister at the party yesterday for you!”
I looked strait at her and glared. ”He may care for me now but he obviously didn’t when he killed my mother, and I could say the same to you about Rubin. At least I have the guts to tell Creeper no.”

Okay so that was a little harsh but she isn’t helping one bit.
She cringed back as if she’d been slapped.
I immediatly regretted saying that.
“Oh Beth I’m sorry that was harsh.”
She Glared at me, and shoved me. I made no attempt to shove back.

“I don’t fight back because he threatens Sam every time I do. Rubin is a Heartless Beast. Graves is not! He loves you, and you don’t even care. You just care about being free, and getting revenge on him for something he didn’t even do! Graves could have anyone he wanted, but he chose you! Do you know why that is? Of course you don’t! He did it to save you from being chosen by Rubin, because your stupid defiant nature would have gotten you killed!” She screamed.

My heart sped up, and Anger poured through my veins like blood.
“I’m sorry Beth. What I said was uncalled for, but if Creeper didn’t kill my Mom who did, and what the hell do you mean?”
She slapped her hands over her mouth as she realized she had said something She probable shouldn’t have.
“Beth Answer me now!”
I stepped closer to her and shook her.

“Ember stop now. Time for class.”
Suddenly Creeper was pulling me away from Beth, and shoving me into a classroom full of people.
Creeper stepped in right behind me but kept his distance, and smiled at the teacher.
The teacher’s appearance almost shocked me out of my anger. She looked about twenty-six, and about six feet tall. She had waste bright blue curly length hair, Bright Blue eyes, Pale white skin, and claws! Seriously her fingernails were like an inch long, and were painted blue. She was like all blue!

Her outfit was a long Black robe, and she was bare foot.
“Oh hello graves. How nice of you and your Blood mate to join us. Please sit down.“
Creeper nodded, and pulled me to the back of the room, and I had no choice but to follow.
“I will explain everything later, pay attention in class and it will make more sense,” He whispered in my ear before he sat down.
I glared at him before I turned my attention back to the teacher.
She was smiling and looking strait at me.

“Class I would like to introduce myself. My name is miss Weathers, and I will be your immortal history teacher. As you have noticed I have a particular look. That is because I am a Blue fairy. One of the many, and yes we have wings.”
She took off her giant robe, and sure enough she had two Blue fluttery wings sprouting out of her back. The resembled a Curtain type look but they looked see through.

I was so shocked I almost forgot about what Beth had said, but sure enough she walked in…with Rubin by her side.
She was frowning, and Rubin was wearing an evil smirk. He yanked Beth down in a seat next to him She clumsily fell on him, and her tutu went up a little exposing a very big purple bruise that looked like handprints.
My pulse quickened, and an urge to kill filled my head.
I don’t care who killed my mother anymore. Something’s messed up about Rubin, and he’s hurting Beth, And for that he must die.

The author's comments:
I hope you like it.I'm trying to get into the history of how immortals came to be.

Anger coursed through my veins and the urge to kill filled my mind.
A rush of power flowed through me making me feel invincible, and definitely able to kill Rubin.
I needed the kill, I wanted it.
An image of Rubin’s blood pouring out of him like rain filled my mind causing me to lick my lips in hunger.
No Ember stop!
A feebly attempt to control my Killer urges caused me to snap my desk in half with a unusual amount of strength.
Every ones gaze shifted toward me…including Rubin.

His eyes were filled with sadistic humor until he noticed I was staring at him, and his eyes immediately filled with fear from the expression on my face.
The smell of fear radiated off of his weak vampire form like body odor from a athlete.
I forgot about everything else in the room. Nothing else mattered but my need to kill.
I could easily snap him in two.

“Ember are you okay?”
A wave of worry seeped past my urges which gave me enough strength to tear my eyes away from Rubin for a split second.
Creeper was staring at me with a worried expression, because someone was standing at the front of my desk…
Miss weathers.
My urge to kill quickly evaporated, and was replaced by a sudden need to pay attention to everything miss weathers says or does.

She took one look at my broken desk and smiled like it was the most natural thing in the world.” Ah your immortal form is showing a bit. You will be a strong one Child. How ever the time for you to be growing in your strength is not in my class so I would appreciate it if you controlled your urge to kill during my lesson.”

I wanted to ignore her, and attack Rubin, but a powerful force was holding me to my seat making me obey her every command. I had lost all control.
What's wrong with me?!
She nodded in approval, and walked back up to the front of the class.

“As I’m sure you all have noticed you can not make a move out of order now. Well that would be because we blue fairies having the gift to control humans. You feel as if you want to do everything I say. Yes I know you all have immortal blood but your blood has not chosen a form yet so you’re still considered human. While you are in my class you will listen, and stay seated. Are we clear?” She asked.

We had no choice but to say yes.
“Very good. Now let’s begin shall we? Does everyone know the story of Cain and Abel?” She paused for a few seconds then continued.

“Well they were two very special children. Cain, and Abel. They were the eldest children of the very first humans to walk the earth. Cain was the eldest, but he was an evil, and troubled soul. While Abel was kind hearted, and loved God.” She eyed us.
Is she seriously talking about a church children's story?I may not be able to stop paying attention but I cant still be pissed that I have not free will in the class,and I'm back in Sunday school class!
I glared at Miss Weathers as she paced the room I swear her feet are going to leave a mark.

“As you all should know Cain became jealous of His brother Abel because God favored his sacrifice. This Eventually Led to Abel's death, Seth's birth, and Cain’s Banishing.
This story should be very common to all of you but there is a piece of history missing here. The human’s history states that Abel died, but that’s not just it. God stilled had great plans for Abel so he created another species. He Brought Abel back as an undead immortal. He made Abel the father of all immortals. The blood that flows through all of your veins is Abel's."

" The first immortal to walk the earth was indeed a Vampire, but as time progressed we began mating with humans, which created hybrids such as werewolves, fairies,and etc... All immortals take a different immortal form based on their DNA. Which is why we still have not mastered the process in which it takes to change. Can anybody tell me what the only immortal ever made that is truly evil and damned?” She asked.
She abruptly stopped pacing,and watched each of us daring for someone to actually answer her.
Creeper raised his hand.

Once she saw that hand Her face lit up with Surprise.“Yes?”
Creeper shifted uncomfortable in his seat as she eyed him.“A fallen angel?”
She smiled, and went back to her pacing and history speeches.
”Yes a fallen angel. For all you believers here no one will lose his or her soul unless you are a child of a fallen angel, which would make you a likely one to become lost in true evil. I will assure you though it is very unlikely that any of you are a child of a fallen angel because they rarely mate with humans, and it has only happened once.no need to fret.” She looked at a girl in the front row that started Hyperventilating.

I rolled my eyes.
Are they seriously that dumb to think they are angels?
“Miss weather? “A boy in the middle row suddenly spoke up.
He was raising his hand slightly in the air and slouching in his chair like he wished for nothing but to sleep.He had dirty brown hair that fell into his black eyes,a large gray Hood,baggy jeans,and DC,that hid almost every inch of his Carmel skin.
She turned her gaze to him quizzically.

“Yes Matthew?”
He shifted uncomfortably. ”What are the signs for a fallen angel child?”
She frowned,and slowed down her pacing. ”Well we don’t know very much about fallen angels because they hide from us, but we do know a little. I’m not sure I am at liberty to discuss it though.”

The room suddenly broke into a chorus of “please miss weathers!” over, and over again.
She sighed. ”Alright alright.”
She hesitated and looked at each of us with a doubtful expression.

“Spawns of angels usually have symptoms with angry outbursts, a sudden urge to spill blood indicates that the evil has found them, and is already trying to force it’s way into your soul. When your closer to becoming an immortal you will start growing your wings, and the color of your wings will depend on if your soul is still pure. Each angel will develop a small star formation on their lower back.When they fall it is crossed out with a crown. There are very few symptoms that we know of. You might have an outburst in strength, speed, agility, or hearing, but you have all of those in most immortals also. OH and any false hair color would fade. Along with those you will feel either a need to protect the innocent or to kill them. "

"That depends on if you will fall into your evil nature. That is all I will say on the matter. Class dismissed.”
A loud bell rang all throughout the school making each of us jump out of our seats,and miss weathers sitting in hers ending the subject completely.
We all felt the hold From her lift as she went to stacking papers on her desk. I felt exhausted like I had been up all night.
My sudden killing outburst was still gone thank God.
Something was wrong with me, and it was definitely starting to worry me.
I slowly made my way to the door,and Creeper quickly caught up to me.

"Are you okay Ember?"
I stopped,and looked at him blankly.His face filled with worry.
"No I am not.Something is wrong with me.I just about killed your stupid brother back there, and the only thing that stopped me was our teacher who happens to be a fairy, and have the power to control me!Sorry that's A lot for me to take in!"I Snapped.

Okay deep breaths Ember deep breaths.
"Wait what?"He stopped.
"What did you not hear me the first time?!"
"Ember would you please come back into my class room for a moment,I would like to have a word with you."
I jumped as miss Weathers suddenly appeared by my side.
"Uh i guess?"
Oh crap I'm in trouble for the desk.

I took one last look at Creep ed before turning my back on him,an facing the teacher alone..Again.
I'm really starting to hate my life

The author's comments:
Okay so thankyou all of my first readers for commenting:)It makes me want to add more.Sorry if there is continually Errors and horrible gramar.I still can not figure out how to edit the chapters after posting.

I grudgingly followed miss weathers back into the class already seeing the lecture to come.
her every move kept my mind alert, and waiting for any signs of her intruding into my mental motives.
"Is there something specific you wanted me for miss weathers?" I Questioned.
She stood behind her desk messing with her notebook again and glanced up at me.
Her eyes study me very carefully as if she was waiting for me to have another outburst of anger.
Heat flooded into my cheeks of the thought of making a fool out of my self again.
Something was seriously wrong with me and I knew it wasn't good.Outbursts of strength and anger weren't normal for me.Well before I was kidnapped by a insanely hot annoying vampire they weren't.

"Ember have you had outbursts like earlier before?"she finally spoke.
I looked away uncomfortably. I did not want to answer her but I knew if I didn't she'd control me again and I was so not going to wait for that.
"Um Lately sometimes.The strengths only happened twice, but ever since Creeper took me I've always had the outbursts of anger.It's never been this bad before though."

She nodded the a be wild look crossed her face."Who's Creeper?"
I snorted, and a grin spread across my smudge face."Um sorry I mean Graves Ma'am."
She smiled,and came around the desk to face me."Ah yes the hateful nickname.I almost for got about those."

"What?"I asked.
She sounded like I was a observation, and this has happened before.
"Yes Most teenagers kidnapped By The opposite sex tend to cover up they're hidden attraction with hateful nicknames,and nasty comments."She nodded as if she approved of it.
"No-I um no.I' m not attracted to Cree- Graves.He's a stubborn jerk, and That's it."my words dripped with nervousness.

She laughed."I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable.It's only natural for a young woman to feel attracted to a Man such as Mr.Graves.He's a very good looking young man."
I am SO Not attracted to him!
"Never the less that is not what I wanted to see you for.I understand that the outbursts do not seem normal to Graves.He told me Yours are a lot more extreme then most beginning Immortals.He's told me your symptoms,and my diagnoses of you is a few estimates.You will be very Strong,but It is very difficult to tell what you will be.I'm not a hundred percent sure,but I'm eighty percent."

She paused,and raised her notebook she had been holding all through class,urging me to take it.
"You won't be any normal immortal Ember.You are going to be very special.I would very much like you to read everything in this notebook so you can be a little more prepared for your change.It has my diagnoses in it too."
I looked at her speechless, and slowly took it.
she reached up,and patted me on the shoulder.

"That is all,But be careful.If I am correct on any of them then your blood will be very rare,and wanted by all species.You are lucky to have Graves to protect you.oh and You should think about calling him by his name.."She smirked, and raised one of her eye brows at me then turned away.

All of a sudden my forehead began to tingle,and I felt my control slip from my grasp.
Dammit! not again!
I Glared, and tried to shove back at her invasions.I felt her pushing at my free will.

"That is all.I'll enjoy having you in my class this year ember.Your will against me is very strong,but until you become immortal you cannot block me out.Nice try though.good day"
With that she ,made me walk out of the class room before releasing her hold.
I really am disliking her gift.

Once her hold lifted Dizziness slipped over me causing me to run into someone in the hall way.I collapsed on my butt,and knocked them into the lockers.
"Hey!What it Freak!"A familiar diva voice rang in my about to be def ears.
I looked up in horror and sure enough Grace stood in front of me wearing her usual pissed off bitch smirked,and standing with her groupies.
Oh crap.Not again!

The author's comments:
Hope you like it.lol

Grace smirked down at me,and glanced at her followers.
"Well look who it is girls.Miss wanna take my place.I'm guessing you are the one who's turning into a immortal for Graves instead of me?"She glared.
regaining my composure, I stood up,and stood my ground in front of her.
"Actually yes I am turning into one but I'm not taking your place,because who'd want to be count bitchula queen of the wanna be group?"
Oh yeah I said it!
That same Embarrassed glare of hers took over her facial expression as she thought of something witty to say.
Man she really has the brains of a mouse.

I never would have thought this small petite girl would be the one to get pissed at me when I first came here but look she's done it!
She possessively stepped into my personal bubble space,and looked up at me.
"You just think your so smart,and cool, but just you wait.I will get my place back.You're not the only one turning now.I've found a new Master who will give me what I want,"She snapped.
A Furious growl escaped my dry throat,and my heat beat sped up.I felt my anger rising,and Fury burning in my veins.

"You Think I wanted this?!You think I really wanted him to kill the one person who mattered most to me in this whole world,and kidnap me just so he could force me to take your stupid preppy asses place?!I don't give a rats ass about any of this!"I through my hands up,and pointed around me.

"All I've wanted since I got here was to get my mom back and be normal again!I don't care who turns into a stupid immortal or not!I just want to go home!So get over your stupid selfish ass and leave me alone!Your sad excuse of living isn't making any ones life better!All you're doing is pissing people off and making the wrong enemies!So back away now!"I yelled.

Power coursed through my muscles, and agonizing pain ripped down my back,causing me to stumble,and Grace,and her crew to back up in fear.
Her eyes watered,and her friends ran.A group had formed around us,but they quickly retreated.
Where is graves?!
I screeched as I collapsed on the floor,and my back spasmed.
"Someone get Professor Quin!"A soothing familiar voice screamed frantically as they pulled me to them.

I heard every ones foot steps running,but My eyes remained shut in a agonizing pain.
I could feel every ones fear washing through my blood.I could feel Grace's terror,and guilt.Every feeling showed up as a color in my mind.Graces was A pinkish yellow shade,and everyone Else's was a dark yellow.
Another shot of pain ripped through me.My back felt like something was ripping through it and tearing its was out.
"GRAVES!"I Cried.
Help me help me!

"Shh.It's okay Ember you're going to be okay.Quin is on his way.He'll know what to do,just relax,"Graves voice filled me ears, calming my terrified mind.
"I can feel them.I feel everything!I see they're fear graves!Help me,"I sobbed as he pulled me tighter to him.

"What's happened to her?"A dark whiskey voice appeared next to me.
The new person was showing a light blueish color.
"We-we we-re arguing ,and she blew up,and started screaming at us.Her eyes turned completely clear,and then she collapsed screaming.She said her back hurt,"Graces frightful voice rose a octave higher.
"She keeps saying she sees there fear,and her blood smells like Holy water," Graves Added.
"Get her into my office immediately,"The unknown voice ordered.

I felt something sharp pierce my back,and I screamed snapped my eyes wide open.
"Get the hell off of me!!"I Growled.
Graves crouched next to me cuddling me against him,and a grown man Sat next to me sticking a needle into my side.
He looked at me with concentrating Bright blue eyes,and furrowed sharpened face.His hair was Pitch black shoulder length,and falling in my face.
My instincts instantly told me I needed to run as far away from this man as possible.Fear washed through me,and I tried to crawl away,but whatever was in that needle of his paralyzed me.
My body suddenly went numb,and everything went black.

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Ooh so much Bad guys.Aren't I cool?Haha no I guess that would be ember. Well guys I need sugestions. Series name:The Chronicles of Ember Stone Book 2:I will Not fall You like?Comment and tell me your oppinions please

"She should be waking up any time now."Quins voice lowered as he said waking up.
"Do you think her blood mate knows what she's becoming yet?All her symptoms are exactly like Yours were,"Graces asked.
I lade there paralyzed,and fully awake as they discussed me thinking I was knocked out.
My body ached, and I was still seeing the feelings in color even though my eyes were completely closed.
Quin was a Dark Blood red color, and Grace was a Dark yellowish Gray color.

"No hes oblivious to it.No ones knows but us,and that dimwitted teacher of yours.She nearly gave it away to her.We can't have her Figuring out what she is till Rubin has full control over her.She will be his,and Then we can pursued as planned."
Wait what am I and what the hell?!I am not going to Rubin!I'd rather die here right now.

"You know she's going to figure it out, and we have to figure out what was in that folder,and what she did with it,because it was with her when we were arguing,but once She fell it was no where in sight,and I couldn't snatch it."Grace Growled.
Oh that bitch is dead!I'll teach you to try and steel from me!Wait what was in that folder?
My anger flared up,and I tried to rises,but my paralyzed body would not respond.

"We must fine them!You Incompetent Child!We need those so she never figures out who I am,and what she is!Her Heritage has been blocked from her mind,But she will start remembering it soon enough.We need her to choose Rubin in order to get her to fall.It is the only way!"
Suddenly Quins Colors burst into a fiery red,and Grace shank back,with her colors turning dark yellow.

"I am sorry my Lord,but She is a lot stronger than she looks, and I did not want to be hurt again from her.Her Powers grow every day.I heard She threw Graves across the room once by one of his maids.No ones ever been able to best Graves in a fight.You know that must mean she has your blood running through her immortal veins.She will either want to spill the blood or save it soon enough.Then you will be able to tell if she is to be a true fallen or not."

"How dare you say she might not be a fallen?!Of course she is.She is Her fathers daughter.Now go find that damn notebook and bring it to me.I want to be here when she wakes.Alone!"
Quins Colors shifted to a Light green,and Graces changed to Dark red.
"Yes my lord,But remember who brought you out of hell.Remember it is not wise to cheat me.It would not be wise to replace me with this Half-ling,"She Threatened.

I expected Quin to yell again,but I heard her heels click,and with that she was gone...And I was alone with Quin.
Oh Crap.
Suddenly I felt a cold hard hand touch my cheek.I wanted to lash out and shove him away,but I couldn't.
"Oh my Ember.How much trouble you will be in when you fall,But no worries.We will make you strong,and you will rule over us all."

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Quinn sat with me for Hours.My body was slowly gaining control,But I waited.
I would not let him be aware of my consciousness until I had full control.
Oh Graves if you can here my through this damn Blood call thing get your ass here!
Quins hands stayed frozen on me and It took every ounce of strength in me not to yank away till I had control,but Once I did...Well I'm pretty sure you can guess what I did.
"Get the hell away from me!"I yelp flinging my body away from him.
I had launched my body off the table,and far away, but once I stood my body collapsed.

"crap,"I muttered.
A burst of laughter caught my attention,and I Glanced around as I crawled backwards toward the wall.
Quinn stood around the table laughing so hard he was holding his stomach in pain.
I narrowed my eyes at him, and felt a familiar sensation go through my body.Shoulder blades warmed,but as suddenly as the feeling came it disappeared.
My anger faltered into confusion,and Quin stopped laughing and glanced at me.
"It's not time to change yet young one.Your time will come soon enough,but for now lets get you up, and I'll call for Graves, and Rubin,"He smiled.

He turned away from me,and stepped toward the exit door.I glanced around the room and noticed I was in a small nursing room.A few nurse beds,cabinets,bathroom door,and a ton of medical supplies but nothing out of the ordinary,But there was noway I wanted to be in a room with Rubin,Quinn and Creeper.I was still a little messed up so if anything went wrong creeper would have to fight on his own.
"Don't call Rubin!"I snapped.

Quin stopped, and turned to face me with a small smile played on his lips.
"and why not?Is he not another master in your household?I do believe You are both of their slaves."
I wanted to bitch slap him across the face..But I couldn't get up.

"First off,I'm not a slave I'm a Blood mate.Second off Rubin has no authority over me nor will he ever,third off if you don't stop looking at me like that when I can move again I will bitch slap that look right off your face."
My response left him speechless and gave me enough time to use the Bed frame to stand.
My legs wobbled,and I felt queasy,but I could stand.
Faintly smiling from my triumph shook him out of his dimwitted daze and back into life.
"Oh what a Mouth you have child.Rubin may not be your Blood mate but he still has authority over you until you take immortal form.All immortals have authority over you so I would be best if you hold your tong when speaking to someone higher then you,"His voice was full of pride and it pissed me of to no end.

"Listen you son of a b-"
Before I could finish my sentence the door swung open knocking Quinn aside,and Creeper rushed in.
"Graves!"I yelped as he neared me and I through my arms around him.
He responded to my closeness by rapping his arms around me and breathing deeply.
"Don't you ever scare me like that again,"He murmured burring his face in my hair.
My body filled with warmth as his hold on me tightened,and the tension grew.
My body wanted him again.

As if Creeper could hear my thoughts his hands lowered to my waist,and he drew back to look at my face.
His eyes,oh his eyes.Sooo dark.
"Excuse me,but Where is your Brother?"Quinn Broke the mood,and we immediately pulled away from each other.

Creeper looked at Quin as if he just realized his presence,and nodded."He was following me.Him and Beth should be here shortly."
"Beth!"I jumped.
My body was responding more easily now,but Creeper had to ketch me from falling.

"Someone say my name?"
As if on cue Beth walks through the door with Rubin at her side.
I leaped at Beth,and we both Embraced each other.
"I am so sorry about earlier.I don't know what came over me!"I cried.
She nodded,and tears slid down her face."Me too I Didn't mean to be so judgmental."she took one look at Rubin then gave me a look that said we'll talk later.
"So the beautiful Demon Feels better now i see."Rubin stepped closer, as Beth stepped back.

A surge of power flowed through me again.
The memories of Beth's pain, and the anger from class wanted to come out.
"Ember chill,"Graves voice soothed me,and the anger disappeared.
So instead of beating the crap out of Quinn and Rubin I did the most unlike me thing in the world.
I smile at them.
Not a sarcastic smile either.I genuine smile so I could get the hell out of here.

"Yes I am fine so if that is all can we go now?"I looked at Graves.
His face filled with confusion.
"Well ah no we can't.We have class."
My face hardened."I just had a freaking spasm attack and you want me to go back to class?!"I Glared.

"Yes actually it's demanded that you do.Your changing so fast that you need to learn as soon as possible, and you don't actually think you're the first students this has happened to do you?It's normal now Rubin will escort you to your next class,because I believe you to are in the same own while Mr.Graves,and your friend have have swimming with mermaids.Dummies guide to Surviving fish attack(They aren't all pretty and Nice you know)."Quinn ordered.

I was really starting to hate this guy,
"There is no way in hell i am going anywhere with this Douche bag,"I Stood my ground.
I waited for Graves to back me up,but he stood silent.
I turned to him,and him,and Beth were leaving...While Rubin Grabbed me,and yanked me out the door,
DAMMIT!Quin wants a war hes going to get a hell of one from me.

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Okay sorry I take so long to update.My moms surgery was doubled, and so was school.I tried to add a chapter last week but it deleted it again!grr hope you like it:)

Any other time if Rubin had grabbed my hand,and pulled me into the unknown I would have pimp slapped him and left it at that,but Before my pimpness could come into effect he had pulled me down the hall,and out the back doors with his vampire speed.
After I realized where we were I yanked my hand away from him,and gapped.
We were outside at like a huge military field.Most high schools would have football fields,and tracks,but no.This was a battle field.
There were trents,fighting equipment on the sidelines,all of the field was muddy,and full of Trent's,and it smelled of blood.
The Sky's were darkened,and the air was filled with fog.
The worsted part was there were students out here lined up like soldiers,and none of them were human...except me.

There was more supernatural species out here then I could have ever imagined.
Goblins,multiple types of fairies,werewolves,vampires,ogres,and freaking weird ass shifters!
A group full of fairies were clustered together around one very unique fairy(As if they all weren't unique enough as it is!).She was around six feet tall,her skin held the tone of purely white.Her face was sharp,full,and completely scary.Her eyes blazed black,and her whole feel black.

As if she felt my gaze she turned my way,and met mine.Her thin lips turned up in a terrifying grin showing off all of her razor sharp teeth.Now that's one bite to fear.
"Rubin I am not taking this freaky ass class!I am the only human here!"I Snapped.
He pushed me in line with the rest before I could say anything he turned his snotty ass face to me.

"You have to.Your little escapade proves you need higher class teaching because you are turning faster then you're suppose to.The other humans haven't even come close to as far as you have.You need to be able to defend your self against other immortals who wish to harm you,because your blood tempts even the strongest of us.You need this class now hush!"He whispered.

"You son of a-"
"I hope I'm not interrupting you love birds,to tell you to Shut it!I am trying to teach a class!"A deep furious voice screamed in my soon to be def ear.

A large man appeared in front of us Glaring as all get out.His eyes were so brown the were almost black,his teeth were shaped as canines,and he woar a army Sargent uniform,and he stood over s"6'9'!His hair was shaved to completely balled,and he had no facial hair at all.
The Teacher turned his angry gaze to me,and sniffed.As if my smell appalled him his eyes lit up in complete and utter madness."What is a human doing in my class?!"He roared.
"She has been assigned to you because she is turning much quicker than the rest,and as you've noticed she tends to draw fights to herself."Rubin spoke.

I turned to him,and smacked him smag dap across the face.
"I do not draw fights!"I growled.
That caused the teacher to bust out laughing ,and Rubin to glare.
"She may stay,but she will be treated as a immortal so no special treatment!She fights as the rest and takes the beating as the rest.Understood?!Now Begin!"He Yelled.

Before we could respond all hell broke lose.As if on key the Werewolves attacked the Vampires,and the Goblins leaped at whoever was in site,while the fairies dove for safety.
That's when one fairy noticed me.Her eyes lit up,and she ran.She wanted my blood spilled all over this place.I could feel it.
As if Rubin sensed her,he tackled me to the ground.
Well hell I'm going to die.

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Heehee hope you like it:)

My Body connected with the Flat hard ground,and pain rippled through my body as Rubin used his body as a shield.
"What the hell is this?IS he trying to kill us all?"I screeched.
My elbows were scraped and this was putting me in a really pissed off mood.

"It's training.The supernatural world is more dangerous then you think.This helps you learn to fight back.He won't let any one die here,just get a little bloody."Rubin stated with a matter of factness in his voice.
"Well its crap,so let me up, and I'm out of here.Anyone who gets in my way better be ready for hell."I grumbled as a shoved him off.

He rolled away and smirked at me."You know you're going to make one hell of a immortal.I can't wait to see how hot you are."
I snapped my head at him and glared.
"You forget you have a blood slave,and I am off limits dumb ass."I shoved him off then started to walk away.
Making up my mind I ignored the fact he had just saved my life from a blood thirsty fairy seconds ago,and I ignored the fact their was a battle in effect.I just walked on.

A sudden blow to my back reacting with a sharp pain, and My vision darkened causing me to slow down to a halt.I swayed then felt my legs fall out from under me.I didn't even try to break my fall.I just fell.
"That's right girl.Fall down before me,your blood will be mine."A woman's high pitched laughter gave me strength to open my eyes.
The fairy that was before me was the same one who smirked at me when I came here.The same fairy who's teeth scared me...

I tried to stand again but my body wouldn't react.
"Don't even try to get up.My bite will leave you numb for a few minutes giving me time to drain you dry.The coach won't even notice till you're gone,"She laughed.
I scowled at her and ignored her advice and still tried to move but it was no use.
Seeing my struggle she crouched down,and gripped my wrist bringing it to her lips.
Panic swelled in me as her lips touched my wrist.
"Goodbye chosen child,"She whispered,then her teeth connected.
I screamed.

visions flashed through my eyes.
War will rage on.Pain will fill us all.No human shall survive the fight against immortals.
My eyes were seeing nothing but dead bodies.Humans drained dry.Vampires slain bodies torn apart,fairies plucked of their wings,and bled to death,everyone shall die,but one breed.
A man stood in the barrens of all the bodies,and my eyes strained to focus on him.
Before I could get a closer look The fairies teeth were torn from my wrist,and the images disappeared.

Rubin had thrown her like fifthy feet away,and looked entirely pissed off.
She collapsed in pain,but her eyes never looked to Rubin...They stayed on me.
"That child will kill us all.I have seen it in her blood as for told!"She Yelled.
The terror in her eyes was covered in rage.She leaped at me,but Rubin Took the blow.

She bit deep into his shoulder causing him to go numb from her bite,but she didn't stop drinking.Every gulp quickened,and became deeper.Rubin's struggle lightened and his body became limp.He was going to die for me.
No matter how much I hated the bastard I couldn't let him die defending me.

My body heated up,as feeling returned to my body.My back was burning as feeling teared through me.My fists burned to connect with her jaw.
I rose not even attracting the fairies bitter attention.
I slowly walked toward her with complete confidence.
A knife laid at my feet, but I kept my eyes on her.
The immortals continued their fighting not even bothering to look at us.To them this was a game,and that's all it would ever be,but to me this was war.

Her gulps became louder,but once I reached her,the last gulp choked down her throat.
I didn't even have control over my own body.
The need to kill filled me completely.
I yanked her head off his neck,and gripped deep into her throat,Leaning down close to her face.
"Big mistake."A growl so un human, and totally unnatural for me escaped my lips.
I made her gaze meet mine and she quivered in fear.

She let his body fall to the ground,and i through her.Her head connected with a rock causing blood to pour down.
I sniffed the air and her fear made me hungry for more.
I ran at her leaping for her body,but she rolled away just fast enough for me to strike her leg.
She cried out in pain.
"Yes!Finish her off!"Rubin's weak voice egged me on.

I didn't need to be told twice.
I slammed my foot down on her leg,and pulled her closer.
I could taste her fear at the tip of my tong.
My mouth watered.
More I want more!
My mind was running itself.It was as if I was watching a movie I couldn't stop.I saw what I was doing and knew it was wrong but I couldn't stop it.I was in the back seat of my own car.

"Please i beg you stop!I won't touch you again please have mercy!"She cried.Her face was nothing but pure agony.
It sickened me to say I loved it.
"How does it feel to know I am stronger than you?How does it feel to know I will rule over you?"I laughed in a voice unknown to me.

"Ember stop!"Graves voice pulled me from her,and I turned my attention to him.
He was now here only ten feet away from me staring at me in shock.
Everyone had stopped fighting to watch my encounter with this fairy.No one was fighting besides us.

"Ember finish her off!!"Rubin's voice pulled me back To the fairy,and my anger made me want to finish her off.With a evil grin unknown to me I picked up the knife at my feet,and raised it above my head for a deadly blow.
"EMBER NOO!!"Graves Screams echoed in my head as I brought the blade down.

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Like it?I'm trying to get Ember to open more to Graves cause they are in for one bumpy ride.lol

"NO!"I screamed as the blade came down. My control came as the knife pierced Graves chest...Not her own. He had taken the blow.
My breathing came horrible fast, and hot tears streamed down my face.

"Dammit Ember!" Rubin Yelled in anger.
I yanked the knife out of his chest and took off my top layer of shirt throwing it on the wound to clog the bleeding. I fell to my knees and pulled his injured form against my chest.
"Oh God oh God Graves I am so sorry.I-i didn't mean to do it," I balled.
He looked up at me raising his hand to wipe the tears off my eyes.

"Ember calm down I'll be fine.What happened to you?" His eyes were showing nothing but pain.
His body glowed a faint gray.
I shook my head repeatedly in denial. "I don't know I-I keep losing control of my own actions.It's like I'm not even in control.The power...Graves I wanted the power.I wanted to taste her fear!"I cried even harder.

"What is the meaning of this?!"The teacher pushed his way through the crowd.
Once his eyes landed on me, and my victim he stood flabbergasted.
"H-how did you manage to hurt a immortal human?"He demanded.
"She's not human that's what I have been telling you."Rubin spoke up,and he limped over to us.

"Back the hell away from me!"I yelled.
He stopped and even looked at me.
"I only seem to have these issues when I am around you!You were egging me on to kill her!"I snapped.
"What!"The teacher boomed.
"It was a accident,"a faint voice croaked.
We all turned to the sound and sure enough the fairy I almost killed was looking at the teacher.

"It was a accident.We didn't mean for that to happen,"She repeated.
The teacher looked at me suspiciously,and she turned a deadly look at everyone of the students who watched what had happened daring them to say other wise.No one dared to tell.
"Is this true Miss Stone?"The teacher narrowed his gaze on me.
I nodded.
He didn't look convinced but he turned away.

"In that case miss Divine please head to the nurse,with them seeing as you are beat up also."
Then he walked away.
The fairy girl,or as he called her Divine tried to stand but her leg that I broke caused her to collapsed back down so one of her fairy friends rushed to her aid.
"Follow me,"She urged then turned around.
I helped Graves up,and gave him support as we slowly followed all the way the the nurse.
She wasn't very much help.

She made him lye down in one of the private rooms,and told me he needed blood...from a blood connected human.
"No,"He flat out answered.
she looked dumb founded."But you need it."
He shook his head no."Just let me go home and I will get the packaged.":
she looked frustrated but nodded and walked out.
I sat down at his left side of the bed and took his hand.

"I am so sorry Graves."I whispered.
A faint smile spread across his even worse white face.
"You're calling me Graves now."
I looked away as a blush spread over my face,but my shame still held.
"I'm scared of my self Graves."I closed my eyes so I didn't have to see his face when it would eventually light up in disgust.

My feelings for him didn't ever want him to hate me but I am a monster.
His touch to my face caused my eyes to flutter open,and see he had leaned in close to my face with out any sound or horrible movement.His lips were near my own,and his cold breath touched my hot cheeks.
"Ember Don't fear yourself.We will figure this out okay?You are stuck with me so stop trying so hard to get rid of me."He grinned against my cheek.
Then for the first time ever I kissed him.

He seemed horrible surprised at first,but then he wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me on the bed.His lips felt gentle and soft against my salty teared ones.His hands gripped my waste lightly,and his body pressed lightly against my own.
I never wanted this kiss to end,but he pulled back and laid his forhead against mine.
"Ember oh Ember you have no idea how bad I want you."
I desperate breathes died down as our heart beats slowed.

"Graves do you need blood bad enough that you will die?"I asked.
His face lit up in pain as he turned his face away from my own.
"I-I'm fine,really."
I pulled his face to face my own then kissed him long and hard.I pressed my hands into his hair,and the back of his neck so he couldn't retreat,then slowly I pulled away.
"Bite me."I breathed.

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Graves face transformed into a scowl, and his body tensed.
He shoved me away, and his chest vibrated as a furious growl burst out of him.
His face looked ashen from the loss of blood which made me want to give all the more.
"No," he snapped.
He tried to hold himself out of my reach as I leaned forward to him exposing my neck, which only reacted in him holding me farther away.

"Ember no! I am not going to bite you! I'm fine really I just need a little bit of packaged blood and I will be good as new." He tried to fake a reassuring smile, but it looked more like he was grimacing in pain.
Maybe I should just back off...I don't need to let him bite me. He'll be fine,and so will my precious neck...No! It's my fault he's here and I will be the one to help him!

My conflicting feelings about being bitten lost in the over run because I put him here in the first place.
My heart beat felt as if it was going a hundred miles per a hour, and the pressure made it feel as if It would explode out of my chest.
"Graves I put you here, and you are lying your ass off. You are seriously hurt, and that nurse said you need my blood so you're going to man up and take it if it's the last thing you do,"I commanded.
Before he could come up with more argument inside him I jumped on top of him straddling him,and put my neck right in front of his nose.
My confidence in his sense of smell is highly to large...
A gasp of breath hit me in the neck,either from his pain of me sitting on him or the smell getting to him. I couldn't tell.

One thing I could tell though was the smell was weakening his will to fight back.
He began to nuzzle my neck as I slid into a comfy position on his side with my neck still beside his nose.
He tickled my neck with his extracted fangs, sending shivers through my body.
A sense of panic rushed to me like a cheetah, but I tried to suppress it as he licked my skin, tasting me...
"Maybe just a bite," he murmured.
Okay breathe Ember breathe!
He took a hold of the back of my neck and positioned me just right. His cold soft lips pressed against my neck, slowly opening...His fangs pressing against my flesh...

"Hey there big brother! How's the feeding?" Rubin's sarcastic voice entered the room as he burst through the door, striding over to the seat on the other side of the bed.
The sudden entry cause both me, and Graves to leap apart gasping.
Rubin looked at us suddenly with recognition but shrugged it off, and through something he held in his hands at Graves.
Graves easily caught it with his Vampire speed, and the item turned out to be a bag of blood.
"Figured you'd need it since your blood mate is a no biter," he snickered at the thought.
A relief I didn't even know was there came over me as I realized I was not going to get bitten.

Graves glanced at me,noticing my change in mood,but quickly bit a hole in the bottom of the bag and sucked it dry like a leach.
Ewe that could have been my neck...
I shuddered at the thought.
"Yeah I thought you'd need that.I got you some once I finished up with my blood supplier,Beth,"He grinned.
Anger rose up in me, but Graves shot me a knowing look that shut up whatever speech I had rising in me.
Taking a better look at Rubin I did notice his injuries were all gone.His legs looked perfectly fine. I examined Graves too to see if that blood had had any effect on him also,Which it had.
His face was gaining more color, and he looked less tired.

"Thank you brother. Now why did you really come to see me?"Graves raised an eyebrow, and crossed his arms.
Rubin chuckled,and leaned back in the chair resting his too quickly healed legs on the side of the bed.
I glared at him, and sat down in the chair opposite sides of him.
"You know me too well. I came to give you the blood, and also to tell you we all must have dinner with the parents tonight...Including your Girl here.She must attend because mother insists.Also I came to warn Ember about the fairies," He turned his eyes on me.

I looked at him blankly waiting for him to respond.
"You've attracted the fairy Governess daughter's attention today.That is the one you tried to kill. She is fascinated by you now, and that means all the fairies are going to be watching you.Be careful," a sense of fear slipped through his calm voice.
Graves let out a growl when he finished speaking and I looked dazed and confused.
"I just tried to kill her and she likes me?!"I asked astounded.
This chick must be crazy!

"Yes because she is a fairy. Fairies are deadly,and you are still human so what you just did was seen as impossible till now," Graves added.
Groaning in distress I through my hands over my face.
Graves slid a comforting hand on my lap, and rubbed my thigh.
It didn't help that I liked that.

"Okay so what's this about me having to go with you to dinner?"I deliberately changed the subject.
Rubin hesitated.
I gave him a look that said tell me or die.
It worked.
"My mother wants to see if she can predict your turning,"He responded.

My response was barely over a whisper."What does she think she is going to predict?"
He laughed,and tried to hide his unease."She uh thinks you're a where wolf."
Oh crap...

The author's comments:
Heya Sorry I'm lazy about updating fast enoughXP I'm trying to get into a steady updating time,but it's hard with the little computer time.Comments plz:)

My face fell into a irritated frown as I took in what he had just said.
"There is no way in hell I am a werewolf!" I snapped.
My hands crunched into fists,turning purple,yellow,and the blood flow felt as if it was not going through them.
Graves sent me a a thoughtful look and nodded his head as if it made sense.
"I can't be a werewolf!"I persisted.
Rubin chuckled, and I Abruptly stood and started pacing back and forth my nerves going over time as I thought this through.
Could I be a werewolf? That would explain my temper an outbursts but why haven't I shifted yet?

This thought formed a brilliant Reasoning into my head,and I turned back to them with a triumphant smile plastered on my face.
"Why haven't I changed yet then?" I asked my winning question.
Rubin frowned and looked at me confused."What?"
Why have I not changed yet then? Don't you have to be born a werewolf or get bitten?That's what I've seen in the movies?Unless they are terribly off an I don't turn till 'puberty',"I mocked at the thought of having that add to my hormone level.

Graves tried to sit up and think this over as Rubin's face turned into a losing scowl.
"werewolves are technically born wolves an change from birth unless you are bitten and in that case it takes one full morn cycle to change.You'd be shifting by now if you were,"Graves frowned.
I grinned."Well then it's settled I am definitely not a werewolf,"I shuddered at the thought of turning into a fluffy dog every full moon,and wagging a tail I do NOT want.

Graves shifted his weight to get out of bed drawing my eyes to him.I noticed he looked almost healthy again, but his eyes still had heavy bags under them.
Quickly reaching for his hand, I helped him up,and grabbed another bag of blood Rubin held in his other hand an placed it in Graves grasp.
He gave me a curious look before tearing a hole in it like the last one and chugging the bags remainder.
"There has to be a explanation as to why she believes you are a where. She will explain herself tonight, which you will be attending of course." Rubin assured himself without even asking me for sure.

My eyes squinted at him as if they could shoot him dead with just one look.
Damn I wish I had super powers like superman and shoot him with my Lazar beam eyes.I'd be set for life.
"What makes you so sure I will agree to go to this dinner so she can examine me like a screwed up experiment and try to dissects me the supernatural way?"I snapped.

Rubin's cocky smirk formed on his face as i finished snapping, took one look at Graves before replying,"Because Graves will make you because he obeys mothers wishes,always.Your mate here is a mommy's boy,"He grinned.
Graves growled,before looking away from me in embarrassment.
"Am not,"He mumbled.
Rubin chuckled before making his way to the door." See you later pups," he winked at me before swinging the door open and disappearing from sight.

"I'm not a Mommy's boy,"Graves muttered again before walking passed me to the door.
I smiled faintly at that and followed him out.
"You sure about that? I mean its perfectly natural for you to be," I laughed.
He growled and started walking a little faster.
"Aw come on I was kidding," I giggled.
He glared at me but took my hand and pulled me down the hall, and started leading me on.
We passed down the same hallway that lead to the History class, and turned left to a double door exit to outside. The same door we entered in this morning.

"where are we going?"
I eyed him quizzically as we rushed outside down the steps and right towards the car like this Morning.
He shoved me into the car before answering my question and crawled in with me.
Once he was situated an the car took off he gripped my waste, and yanked me on his lap.
"What the hell?"I yelped.
He chuckled and began nuzzling my neck.
My heart beat sped up, and my cheeks flooded red.
"um Graves?"I questioned.

He paused but did not lean away."hm?"he mumbled.
"I would like to sit in my own seat," I wined.
He humphed before letting go of me and placing me in the other seat."Fine."
I smiled partly out of him giving up so easy and letting go of me,but another part of me felt disappointed.
"So uh what are we doing?"I questioned.

He turned an looked at me with a irritated expression."What does it look like we are doing?We are going home so we can get ready to have dinner with my parents damn."He snapped.
I flinched at the sudden change of mood,before narrowing my eyes at him.

"What the hell crawled up your ass and pissed you off?"
Before he could respond I knocked on the window thingy to the driver and asked him to turn the radio on loud.
The driver nodded before doing as I asked and I stared out the window ignoring Creepers staring.
He wants to get pissed at me then fine.Two can play at that game.I pone at it.

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Sorry bout all the spelling errors. I suck at that. lol Commenting makes me want to update btw:)

The complete ride home was awkward and the air was filled with tension.Neither one of us wanted to speak so that was the way it stayed.
Once we arrived at his house I was out the door and heading up the steps in seconds in attempted to get to the room before Creeper.
(yes I am back to calling that douche bag Creeper. It seems fit considering he is a jackass at the moment.)

My attempt to be the one to storm off utterly failed when Creeper flew passed me and out of sight before I even reached the stairwell.
"Jackass," I muttered as I continually stomped.
My feet slammed down on the marble stairs making a echo all across the house which angered me more so I slammed harder to fill the silence.
"Ignorant child," Graves voice yelled down the stairs causing me to leap on the last step up.
He definitely heard me.That's for sure.
I scowled down the hall he disappeared to and shouted back,"Pmsing vampires shouldn't be aloud here!"
The silence that filled made me smile in triumph and continued down the halls.

It took me a while to find my way to our room because I sadly usually had a guide that always accompanied me. Too many hall,and stairwells up later I arrived in a opening living room that seemed unfamiliar and too toasty. It was a gigantic room with Two black leather sofas lining the walls.There was a fire place directly across from the entrance hall,and it was lit with smoke slowly rising and puffing up the chimney.
That's odd..why would a fire place be on in the middle of spring,and at a vampires house? Isn't that like super deadly?
I cautiously entered the room unsure of whether my entrance was safe or not,but my stupidity said otherwise.

"Hello? " I left the questioning hello out into the room half wanting someone to answer,and the other half just wanting to find my damn room.
That fire place does look pretty cozy...
I hesitantly made my way to the fire place an plopped down on the floor right in front of it.
hm now that feels good.
Laying on my stomach I cozied up by the fire and started to feel a bit drowsy.
Something felt wrong about this room but I couldn't escape the comfort of it.My eyes slowly drooped shut and I drifted off in a pleasant slumber.
Smoke clouded the Sky's,and fire covered the grounds.Bodies splayed across the burnt out patched of Creepers front yard.
The house was at aflame and piece by piece crumbled down.
My foot steps hovered just above the burning flames but did not touch ground.I stayed afloat, only to see the ruins in front of me.

I scanned over each body begging to not see anyone I new...I was horrified at the sight of Beth's body white as a ghost untouched by the flames,but stone still.
She layed there lifeless with her head turned the the side with her neck exposed..and also to very bloody bite marks.
My screams echoed everywhere as if I was in a building but no one heard.My feet would not move to her side and tears would not form.

My eyes flickered around and around looking for anyone.. Anyone who could help her...but all I saw were bodies of everyone..drained dry.Everyone I knew was dead. That's when I spotted Graves..oh my god Graves.
His body was drenched in blood.from head to toe.Not his own either..Burn marks covered him like patches,and the only way I knew it was him because his face was left unscratched.
My chest burned and as if the fire was reaching them,and my soul felt dead..
I begged my feet to move but I could not.

That is when I saw him..Standing on the ruined steps of Graves house.
a outline of a man.
At the sight of him my body flew forward on its own accord.I didn't stop till I was standing two steps away, and his form was completely clear.
"My child.You've done well," Quinn Grinned.

"What is this thing doing sleeping in my Personal chambers!"A roar so loud it woke me from my Nightmare rung just a few steps from my sleeping form.
I snapped my eyes open and leaped away from Creepers father who stood hovering over me like a freaking ghost,but with pissed off eyes.
His eyes were passed their usual anger and into straight pissed offness.His mouth was twisted into a angry scowl, and he was shaking in anger.

His eyes widened and he nearly would have ripped my head off if Graves hadn't entered then and there pulling me to the door.
"Sorry father she didn't no.Good night!"He muttered and yanked my ass out of there.
Before I could even try to keep up he picked me up like usual and ran at vampire speed.
Once we reached the room he through me on the bed and glared at me.

"What the hell were you thinking going into my fathers study!"He growled.
I narrowed my eyes at him and rose up out of the bed.
"First off I didn't know that was his room and second off I wouldn't have been in there if some over reacting vampire didn't leave me all alone at the door!I would have made it perfectly fine to the room!"I yelled.
He paused for a moment."I did not overreact" He muttered.

I through my hands in the air in frustration.
"Yes you did!!You got pissed because I was uncomfortable in your lap in the car!"I snapped.
He appeared in my face within seconds and gripped the back of my head and did the last thing in the world I expected him to do.He kissed me.

It was a desperate lustful kiss...Nothing more.Neither of us spoke until he pulled back."I was upset because you tease me none stop Ember.First you say I may not bite you ever,then You throw yourself at me and beg me to bite you.Then the next moment you are pulling away.It's like your fighting your feelings for me.You know you have them ember dammit I love you!"The words tumbled out of his mouth before he could take them back.

I stood astound.
He..He loved me?
That's when I remembered the bond.

I pushed away the disappointed tears getting ready to come,and put on my biggest scowl.
"No you don't.You love what the blood tie makes you love.You only love me because of the blood bond.All the feelings you think I feel are not real.I could never truly love a monster like you."
He looked at me..
I held my glare..
He turned..
Then he spoke. "I am sorry You could never love a monster like me."
Then he left.

The author's comments:
-Tear falls- So sad right?:( It's okay the good stuff always comes with sadness:)

My eyes swelled with tears the moment the door clicked shut, and my chest felt as if it would explode from the agony I was causing myself.

I closed my eyes an slowly sucked in a steady amount of air before Slowly pushing it all out of my lungs.
Denying my feelings for him was one of the hardest things I've ever done but I had to do it. These feelings aren't even real. They are all the blood call and that's all they can ever be. I can't live like that forever knowing its not real.

Bringing myself back to the here and now I hastily made my way to Graves closet for something suitable to wear.
The dress section seemed a bit over done for just a dinner with his parents but well they are his parents..
My hands shook as I shuffled through them trying to keep busy but flashes of his stricken face kept making me want to cry.
I wasn't really paying attention to the dresses as I flipped through them but one dress caused me to stop and stare.
That was my dress..

I snatched it off the hanger and quickly putting it on to prove my suspicions correct.
It was a deep blood red strapless sweet heart neck line dress that clung to my chest and waste then stopping at a midnight black velvet belt that had a bloody black rose attached to it then it flowed down to my knees with a tutuish look to the belt down half.
A sob burst past my quivering lips at the sight of my self in this dress.I bought this dress the week he took me..

Flash back:
"Mom look at this dress!" I cheered as I burst out of the dressing room eager to show my mother my prom dress.
The sight of me in the dress made my mothers face brighten into a huge smile and she rushed to embrace me in a hug.
"Ember you look beautiful!"She gushed.
I grinned ear to ear as more girls stopped and stared at me.

Prom was nearly two weeks away and I never expected to find a dress this amazing this late. I also didn't expected to get asked either..
"Baby you look amazing.that boy is going to pass out from the sight of you,"She giggled.
"Mom aren't you suppose to be a mom and tell me to cover up and be a good girl?" I raised a eye brow at her(A skill I mastered in fourth grade).

She backed up and faked a frown."Why Missy now that you remind me that dress is a bit too cute.We can't have that now can we?"She faked a scold.
laughing I pulled her back into a hug.
"I love you mom,"I smiled.
If I had known that would be the last time I said those words and hugged her I never would have let go.
Flash back over:

I rushed over to the girl section in his closet and ruffled through all of the outfits and dresses my eyes scanning everyone now. Almost all of my old clothes were in this closet. How had I not noticed my own clothes before?
He has been back to my house..
Anger swelled up inside me like a hurricane.
How dare he take my Dress!
I turned away from the mirror without a second glance and left the closet.
I'm going to wear this tonight and I am going to make sure he knows I Know.

A hour later I was successfully dressed for a damn good meal and I'd have that slime ball drooling at my feet even if he knows I'm pissed.

No one hides something like visiting my home from me. No one!
I looked at my success in the mirror and grinned at my appearance. My hair was let down straight framing my face,my eyes I went all out on makeup that made my eyes brighter,and those were just the icing on the cake. My dress was the main deal.
Stopping at my knee and then my black high heels finished it off.

Time to go.I sucked in a mouth full of air before spinning around and rushing out the door.
I paused for a second not knowing which way to go,but before I could decide Creeper Appeared at my side, and gripped my upper arm.
He didn't speak he just yanked me to the left and kept his hold as we walked.
"I can follow without your hand thank you very much!"I snapped..
He dropped my hands like I had shocked him, but kept moving forward at a faster pace. I glared at him but kept following him.
"Well hello again Ember!" Creeper's Mother graciously smiled at me and took hold of my hand.
I don't think I'll ever be use to her kindness. It was on a whole new level of weird.
Creeper ignored mine and his mothers greeting exchange and quickly seated him self at the dinner table.

The dinner table was seated with twelve chairs,and each seat had a lovely red velvet cushion, and in those place sets sat clear dining wear plates and eating utensil's.The food lined down the table like a magnificent feast with steak (Bloody rare), Chopped up lamb (Just as bloody) and multiple plates of bloody rare meat, Nothing edible in my taste.
Creepers mother quickly lead me to a seat near the end of the table where she urged me to sit as she took the end and her husband took the other end.

Creeper seated across from me and his brother sat at my side with Beth..Then Creepers sister seated by Creeper with her Blood slave.
She avoided my eyes, not wanting to ketch my gaze anymore then me her.

The dinner progressed in a slow pace. Beth smiled at me a lot but she never spoke. They ate while I nitpicking poked my food.I didn't pay attention to any of the conversation until my name suddenly was spoken loudly and viciously.

"So tell me Ember how was your first day,or should I say night at School?" Creeper's father smirked at me.
Douche bag knows what's happened I am guessing.
"It went alright, turns out my violent's out does even the worst of you supernaturals.Wouldn't you say?"I snickered.
He frowned," The best immortals do not have uncontrollable Violence.You are going to be unstable which in my opinion is a waste of immortal blood."
My anger rose,but I suppressed it as much as I could because I can not prove him right.

"Her blood is perfectly fine.I say she will make a excellent immortal.I can not wait to see what she becomes.I have a few guesses myself," Creepers mother smiled at me.
Unsure what to say I smile back.
Creepers mother gave me a unusual feeling.

"Maybe she'll turn into a a mermaid so we can go fishing for her and eat her for dinner," Creepers sister muttered.
I snorted kind of finding that comment funny myself considering they'd eat me now before they ate me as a fish.
I expected Creeper to growl or say something,anything but the moment I look up at him he is laughing at her joke.
"She would make a horrible fish because she'd slap everyone with her flipper," Creeper grinned.
What the hell?
My fists form into balls as I shoot daggers at Creeper.

"The only one she'd really be hitting is you two because your jackasses.You're suppose to be her blood mate,"Rubin snapped.
Rubin's comment left his sister gaping and me smiling.
Creeper narrowed his eyes at him.
"She doesn't hit us because she thinks we're jackasses. She hits us because she keeps everyone who cares about her at bay and scares them off. She selfish and That is why she hits! She has no heart and She isn't wanted here,I can never love a heartless monster, I can never love her.She is no blood mate of mine,"He growled.

Even though he copied my own words and I deserved everyone of them it still hurt.
She is no blood mate of mine...The moment those words were spoken something snapped.
That was the moment my temper snapped...
That is the moment My back tingled and Bloody tears poured down my face...

That is the moment he broke my heart.

That is the moment I died.

"What the hell did you just do?"Beth screamed at Creeper.
His gaze along with everyone else snapped to Her,but she wasn't looking at him...
She was crying and looking at me.
Me who was suppose to be pissed and lunging at him right now was clutching my chest,and trying to stop my bloody tears.Tears that aren't suppose to fall blood red..for any human.
My chest felt as if it was on fire and I collapsed out of my chair in agony.
Bethany leaped out of her chair to come to my aid along with Rubin and His mother.

My eyes blurred and all I could see was the out line of all of them blackly tinted.
My chest was burning,burning inside like a raging forest fire.Knifes pierced my heart and my blood boiled swirling out of control like a confused hurricane.Blood that pulled away from my other blood poured out my nose,eyes,and ears It came up my throat but I swallowed it back down.Finally the blood flow stopped after what felt like a eternity of flowing.

"What have you done?"His mother gasped.
The fire in my chest began to subside but it ached and ached like a opened wound.
"He did what he should have done in the beginning.He renounced his blood mate," His father grinned.
Graves stared down at me..His face was the one clear one I could see.His face looked broken and dying, but that didn't matter.He just stared at me.

He broke the blood bond...He actually broke it..I am free.
Why do I still feel broken then? Why do I still want him?
They said it was impossible to break yet he's done it...

He doesn't want me.
And I have died.

I closed my eyes and sucked in air before making myself rise against the pain. I rose pushing everyone off me tearing my gaze off Graves.I felt nothing but pain and that is why I must move.
NO matter how much this broken bond has caused me I made myself push passed everyone and head for the door.
They all hollered at me as I walked but I ignored them..I felt def and my body began to numb. I walked right out the door.

Down hall after hall with them screaming at me and following, but I continually walked till I found the front door.Then I walked right out.

I found the car...And I stole it.
Then I left..No one followed me out the house..or even after I drove...I was completely free..and alone.

The author's comments:
>:( Evil evil Quinn. What should I do to him?>:D haha Comments anyone?:)

My hands shook on the stearing wheel and my numbness was slowly subsiding... But my chest still had a burning flame of pain imbelished inside my chest.
My face was stained with my bloody tears along with my clothes from the blood loss. I drove for hours not even paying attention to where I was going and My driving skills have dimbed drastically since I have been with... Him.

The pain in my chest intensifies everytime he is brought to mind. It has caused me to swerve out several times.
My shaking is caused from my pain,and Nothing has seemed to destract me...until I saw the exit sign.
A exit sign that said I was two miles from my home.
I spead up and emedietly took the exit. My pain faided back to just a ache as my attention was directed to going home.

Excitement took over and I completely forgot about the blood all over me.
I spead through my home town and down the fimiliar street known as my block then... Then stopping in my drive way..
I turned the engine off,and climb out of the car...Up the steps... To the door.
Hesitantly I grip the door handle and turn it all the way and it swings open.
The door creeks as it opens and deathly silence follows.

No ones been here to investigate my disapearance or my mothers death.
Images oy my mothers bleeding neck apeared in my mind causing me to burst in to tears as I run down the hall and right to my kitchen.
I expected to find the kitchen a mess and my mothers rottng body visible through the glass. I even expected to just find blood everywhere but the moment I entered the kitchen I saw... Nothing.
Not a thing was out of place. It was as if it never happened and we just...left.

My feet pulled me to the screen door and I slowly opened it. No body Was out side. No blood even touched the ground.
My steps outside shrinked into small touches and I just couldn't keep going once I reached the spot,the spot my mothers body should be laying.
"Where the hell did you put her?!" I screamed into the night.
My legs gave way and I collasped on my knees.

My mothers scared eyes flashed in my mind. Her scared expression and her bloody neck.
"Run baby girl. He's here,"She whispered.
I stared at the image of her as if she were a ghost.
This can not be real.
I was halusinating but I didn't care.

"Who mommy?" I wimpered.
My eyes were almost blind from my tears but I could see her so clearly.
She gripped my hand in hers and smiled a sad weary smile.
"The man that killed me."
Then she was gone.
And a man stood in her place.
Not just any man either...Quinn.

He grinned at me before edging forward.
"Why hello there Ember. Did you want to see your mothers dead body again? Well I'm sorry but Graves burried her after he took you from me."
Confusion must have been plastered on my face because he emedietly started gloating and explaining.
"Why has your presious vampire not told you? Oh that's right he kept it a secret. He never truly owned you."

Terror was creeping its way into the back of my mindand my instincts told me to run. I was in danger.
He kept his eyes on me and began stepping forward each time I stepped backwards. His movement was one of a predator hunting it's prey.
My body was alert to every move her made. His body language screamed at me"I am dangerous!"

A grin spread across his face as he noticed my uneasyness towards him."You are nervous with my presents here? You should be and you shouldn't be child. I am many things but I never murder my own blood."
"What the hell are you talking about?" I blurted before my smartness could stop my idiotic mouth.
He shook his head and casually walked around more.

"Not yet. I will explain that more in due time. For now you must undertstand who your real blood master is," He Smirked.
Anger boiled up in me at that stupidity, and A sudden protectivness over my former blood bond surged past my aching chest warming it to the core.
"Look here Dude I bet your going to say you are my rightful master? Well news flash I have no master,and I am positive you can't be because in order for that you had to have bitten my mother and news flash dogs don't drink blood! So back the hell away from me before you really piss me off,"I snapped.
My veins boiled and a sudden fimiliar tingled spread down my back as he chuckled mocking my anger.
The aching in my veins was throbing now along with the new sensation in my shoulder blades.
Panic swept through me as I realized I might get out of control again.

"Child I am no master of yours. I have authority over you yes but that is another story. I am no dog.Whoever has informed you otherwise is foolish.I am the blood of anchents as are you.We are the rightful rulers as we shall be.Your presious Graves did not truly own you either," He paused to read my facial expression, then continued as if my expression comfirmed something.

"He may have sealed the bond but he was not your true picker.He did not spill the blood of your mother. He took the ownership for something he had no right to! You are by Vampire law rightfully Rubins," He finished.
My Breathe paused.
"Graves didn't kill my mother? But why do I have a bond with him?" I questioned.

"You had a bond because you are tecnically his blood mate.You were in a sense born for him because it is as you humans call it soul mates. That is why your bond was formed and It is why you are still hurting. A normal bond broken would erase all feelings for each other but yours way no ordinary bond child. For that I detaste him but Rubin shall make you forget soon enough.Come child," He turned abrutly.
Tears touched the edge of my cheek and the pain in my chest burned like acid.

"So I was his soul mate?"I whispered to myself.Closing my eyes in regret.
He didn't kill my mother and he was made for me but I still drove him away... He was never the monster. I was.

"Come now we must go. Rubin awaits your return.You will be joined as soon as you complete your transformation tonight. I can feel your change coming quick,so come now," His tone was becoming impatient.
He was in front of me before I could blink and gripping my hand.
A visious growl Roared through the backyard the moment his skin touched mine.

"Gets your demon hands off my Mate!" Graves leaped over the backyard fence and had Quinns grip off me in seconds.
Graves Gripped me and pushed me behind him and away from Quinn.
The moment his skin touched mine the pain flared up, and my body went rigget.
A agonizing scream burst passed my trembling lips.Graves touch caused more then my heart to ache and this pain confused and hurt me beyond repair.

"It would not be wise to touch her Boy! You already broken her heart as you broke the bond. She will feel pain until the Pain is fixed.You know as well as I do denying your mate kills them slowly,which is why no one does it! You are a discrase.You may not have killed her mother but you are the cause of this powerful beings death!" Quinns suddenly yelled.

Quinns sudden burst of anger followed with his violent shaking and He spasmed out of control.
He was changing. He was turning wolf.
Grave pushed me up against the side of the house but the feeling of him against me shocked my skin causing me to yelp and him to pull away slightly.
He never took his gaze off of Quinn and neither did I.
Quinn fell to the grass, and howled in pain but he Wasn't growing fur or changing.Why is it taking so long?

"Why Dear professor are you trying to stop your change? Do you not want Ember to see the monster you claim she is to be?" Graves taunted Quinn as he glared up at him.
"She is not a monster! She is a God and she must not see the change until she has changed herself.. It is law!"
Quinn steady his breathing and slowly rose. He had stopped himself from changing.

"And for your information I did not kill her. She is still alive isn't she?" Graves growled again.
His eyes were glowing red now,and his fangs were poking out of his mouth onto his bottom lip. He balled his fists up and Protectivly stood in front of me.
Quinns face suddenly showed no emotion and he started to circle us like we were his prey... Again.

"You have not killed her yet! If she does not become someones Bloodmate soon she will die of heart break.Your father has forgotten the pain it causes to break a soul made bond. You can not just break it and everyone be fine and be with someone else. A broken bond only completly breaks when one has died!Which I will make sure is you tonight!" Quinn Roared.
He lunged for Graves and Graves threw me out of the way.

I went air born but before I could hit the ground Quinn redirected his Intentions and went for me.
He caught me with a inhuman speed and gripped me by the neck.
"I grow impatient with this. Ember you are coming with me or this boy dies now instead of later."
Out of all the pain Graves had caused me that Quinn had said Nothing compared to the way Graves was looking at me now.

I stared into his blood red eyes,and Begged him to explain why. Why He took me when I was happy at home.Why he bit me,Why he Made me grow feelings for him and why he threw me away...Why he came back?
It is said the eyes are the window to the soul and if thats true then Graves soul.... Ached for me also.
Longing and terror for me filled his eyes.They pleaded with me to understand.How am I knowing this from just one look? How?!

"Don't do this Quinn. She's just a girl," Graves pleaded.
Quinn laughed Evily and smirked at Graves before looking at me.
"You should know better then anyone Ember is not just a girl, And for someone who says she's just a girl your deep dark wishes have alot to do with this 'girl'," He yanked me farther away from Graves.
"Ember wake up!"Graves cried out desperatly.
And I did just that.

My heart broken daze snapped with one look from Graves appearance.
He looked miserable.
Why the hell am I letting this guy push me around while Graves stares sadly at me? No one hurts me or pushes me aroud without getting hurt!
My blood boiled and I felt power run through my viens like water.Quinn tried to pull me again oblivious to my hunger.
I need blood. I must spill it.

I stared at his neck and imagined ripping his throat out and letting his blood pour.
Quinn tried to yank me away yet again but this time I was not going to obey.
I yanked away from Quinn, and before his shock could take place I gripped his neck... Hard.
He didn't respond well except trying to break my hold.

The Blood hunger urged me forward. He new Graves didn't kill my mother and he didn't tell me. He must die!
My hands gripped his neck harder as he struggled for breathe. Somewhere Graves screamed at me to stop but my hunger Was more important. My hunger for Pain.

I waited to feel Quinns fear seep into me and feed my thirst but there was no fear... He felt... Pride.
Narrowing my eyes at him I threw him at the fence, He collided with it at a force meant to do damage but it didn't.
He rose from the ground easily and stared at me with proudful gaze.
"Ember look at me!" Graves pleeded.
Slowly I look at Graves to see he was right next to me. Two inches from my face was... His lips.

He was gripping my side, and I was feeling the pain but it felt.. Good. I wanted more of this pain, and I knew how to get it.
Before Graves knew what was happening I crashed my lips against his.
My body exploded with sweet sweet pain. So beautiful.

Graves was resistant at first but I knew he wanted me just as badly as I wanted the pain.Quinn completely forgotten about began to laugh but I was too buisy intoxicated by this pain. I pushed Graves against the side of the house and kissed him harder, gripping his chest to keep him there. His hands fell to my waste and smashed me on his chest sending more waves of pain through my body.
I need more! Grave was lost in me within moments. I wonder if I have always known he was this addicted to me.

I flickered my tongue against his bottom lip,teasing him and begging for more of his touch... More of his pain!
He let me in but before I could drink in his pain I was yanked from him.
"Well well it looks like you can not resist her Inner demon Boy!" Quin chuckled as his hold on me tightened.
"Release me Weak one!"A voice unknown to me hissed passed my wet lips.
Quinn looked down at me and with suprise.

"Release me and I will consider spairing you for today!"
Where was this voice comming from?
More fear, and pain. I need more!
"Child you can not take me.Your demon may be stronge But you need guidance and I can give that.You do not know who you are speaking to!" He rebuked.

Quinn Smirked at me and looked at Graves."Well at least you now know she wants you. How long has she denied her feelings for you boy? Too bad you don't get her anymore.Come We must take you to Rubin,"He ordered and pulled at me.

"I NEED HIM GIVE HIM TO ME NOW!" My hunger demanded.
Quinn looked at me and then at Graves."What do you need from this boy?"
"Hunger! I need to feed my hunger!" I wined.

Quinn smiled at me."We shall feed your hunger soon child but he is not who you must feed on.You can not build that connection with him.We must go now!"
Before I could even fight him or the hunger within me My body tingled and Fatigue swept through me. I blacked out.

The author's comments:
OH snap I did it again...WHat is Ember?:D haha comment!PLZZZZ

"Has she fed yet?"A fimiliar voice asked waking me from my Sleep.
Ouch.Where am I?
Confusion and hunger hit me the moment I tried to move causing me to fall limp.
I was extremely soar.

"Not yet. She tried feeding from her former master but I quickly stopped her. He was useless against her Demon control. She has no idea what she's turning into. He did but she was very stronge. She will be a stronge immortal,"A second voice spoke.
This conversation woke me completly and I froze as earlier events flooded back into my memory.

Graves didn't kill my mother.
My eyes tingled as tears threatened to fall down. My throat felt like sand paper as I tried to swollow, and the pain in my chest from after the dinner still burned.
It burned from heart break... That is what Quinn told me.
Please dear God make the burning stop.

"Are you sure she has not fed from Him? We can not be too late to feed her because if she has fed from him then she will know there is another way,"The first voice spoke with Annoyance and thats when I put a face to to the voice..Rubin.
"Yes I am sure! He had no clue what was happening and he was all to pleased with the way she was going to take it from him.
He can not resist her as much as he thinks. She is meant to rule over him not be with him. Plus she was in demon mind moad.Her voice was full of her potential power," The other voice snapped.

What are they talking about and why the hell are they calling me a demon? What do the mean I have to feed?
Annoyance with feeling so much in the dark feuled my body to get up. I slowly sat up and opened my tear swollen eyes.
I was in a weird Like jail cell, Literally.It was sort of like the cellar room Graves put me in when he first bought me but they were jail bars binding all over the steel door.
Why were they trying so hard to keep me in here?

"Calm down Quinn. I am just asking. I just don't want her to find out the other way. She has to feel as if this is the only life her kind can live. She is one of the few born in over a hundred years and you know it because you were there. She will be mine as she will be your future ruler as you wish.We both need her,"Rubin Pleaded with him to undertsand.

The problem with that is I understood well enough that I wanted to beat the crap out of both of them now that I know it was Rubin and Quinn.
I stood clumsily and Stumbled over to the door,but before I could knock Quinn spoke again.
"I don't just need her I have rightful ownership over her.You do not yet because you failed to kill her mother completly that night.You are the reason she has gone this long without Explination and why Graves got ahold of her. If you had not opened your mouth about who you were going to mate with he never would have found out about your plan to steal his soumate. It would have been to late but You pity your brothers loneliness way too much. If you had done as planned Graves never would have saved Sarah from me and Ember would not be in love with him!" Quinns anger was rising as was my pissed off ness.

These assholes killed my mother! Wait what do they mean Graves saved her? I am not in love with Graves dammit!
Their shadows stood infront of the steel door, and Rubins was easy to identify.He was cringing away from Quinns shaking form.
Thats it I want answers and I want them NOW!
"What do you mean saved my mother?"I screeched through the steel door at them.

There shadows froze for a moment before Quinns moved hastily at the door and swung it open. The steel bars blocked me from attacking.Damn.
Quinn stood in the same clothes as he was in when He showed up at my house and Rubin coward behind him in the clothes we dined together in.
My glare directed at Quinn Only caused Him to crossed his arms over his chest and act worryless.
"Well hello Ember I see you've finished with your slumber,"He plastered a fake smile upon his face.
"Sure, how long was I out?"I questioned.
Rubin stepped in front of Quinn to answer that one with a apology noted in his voice.
"Prosically sixteen hours."

He muttered a sorry as he saw my glare direct at him and I ingnored my shock of sleeping so long.
"Yes you have slept for quite a while but no matter you needed it before you feed," Quinn nodded as he shot a annoyed look at Rubin.
My temper was rising and I was growing impatient.
"What must I feed on?and You still haven't answered my first question. What do you mean saved my mother?"I demanded.
Rubin gave Quinn a pointed look before directing his attention back at me.

"He um Saved her soul in a sense.Now we are going to let you out but first you must Begin to change,"He suggested.
They waited for me to begin changing but I crossed my arms and Just glared at him.
"First off even if I knew how to change at will I wouldn't unless it involved me ripping your throats out, and second tell me what the hell you mean by feeding?"I snapped.
Quinn chuckled and swung open the jail bars and before I could even think about lunging he attacked.

He gripped my arm and through me out of the cell and out into the room they were in,then lunged at me again.
My instincts kicked in and I jumped to the side gripping his hair as he fell into the spot I was in two seconds ago and exsposed his neck.
"Do not attack me!"I hissed.
My back was tingling again at the shoulder blades and my throat burned harder than before.
Quin's movements were swift and he quickly escaped from my reach and took a fedal position.
"Do you feel it?"He suddenly asked.

Confused I stared blankly at him.
"The thirst,"He explained.
"I need water," I coughed.
He was right.I was extremly thirsty.
He shook his and Stop standing in a defensive position."That will not help. You thirst for something more important and powerful."

My eyes narrowed as Suspision came into play.
"What would that be exactly?"I mocked.
That's when Rubin stepped forward and gripped my hand in his."Me."
Laughter burst passed my chapped lips and my mockery could not be surpressed.
His anger came fast and he dropped my hand."It is true. You feed off of feelings and my anger will feul you completly full."He persisted.

I stopped laughing."What do you mean I feed from anger?"
"You feed from anger like a vampire feeds from blood. You also feed off of fear and pain.Which I am sure you noticed."Quinn spoke up.
Fear rushed up my spine as the words he said felt so true."What am I?"
Quinn smiled and spoke so quiet I don't know how I heard him."You my dear are my daughter.A ancient one."
What the hell is he then?!

The author's comments:
Hmm For a human Beth kicks ass:D haha

Sunlight burst through the only open window in my room causing me to wake from my slumber for the first time in months daring the day. It felt unnatural to be awake when the sun was out now, but my home sickness got the better of me.
Climbing out of my Small cot bed In the corner of my room, I tip toed over to the window and peeled back the see through curtains.Warm sun light rays warmed my face and awakened me fully. I had to admit this room was a lot more accommodating then the other jail cell.

After last nights fight they decided to take me to a better more comfortable Jail room as they called it to sleep.
It turned out to be a closet size room with bars on the window and door. There was a cot, toilet, sink, and surprisingly a tiny dresser with a new set of clothes.
If those douche bags weren't so douche baggy then Graves might be able to learn some tips from them.

The though of Graves immediately made my chest begin to burn, A feeling I am slowly growing use to, and found out I will have to live with for the rest of my life... As I slowly die.
Quinn and Rubin spent hours last night trying to get me to feed off of Rubin but I had lost my hunger quickly after He told me I was a demon.
Seriously who wouldn't lose their appetite once they were told they are a Descendant of a ancient demon who feeds off people pain!
Sadly it made sense and explained my anger issues but something didn't add up. They said there was another option when they didn't think I heard them.

I hated the thought of becoming a demon because Quinn's stupid comments all fit together now. All those stupid things he said that I thought meant he was crazy scared me the most because they were true.
Graves thought I had a good side and I could love him back but this proves I have no love to give him. Once I feed I will become a heartless demon that knows not love. That is why I am so scared to feed. I will become a monster worse then Any of them.

A shadow fell over my face blocking the sunlight from my view. My eyes flew open and I yelped in surprise before Stumbling back.
It wasn't just a shadow of a tree that blocked the sun. It was a person... It was Beth!
She stood grinning from ear to ear holding up a set of pliers and a very scary gun.
She mouthed hold on before disappearing out of my view.
I eagerly stepped back and waited.

Five minutes of impatient torture flew by before the door to my cell opened and Beth stood on the other side of the bars with her pliers. "I don't have the keys so these will have to do," She smirked.
She Lifted up her heavy duty pliers and got to work cutting the bars.
"Hurry someone might come and check on me if they hear that noise," I urged nervously.
She gave me a shut it look then went harder at the clipping. "No ones awake.They are all in a lower floor because they can not be out in the sun light."
Grimly I nodded and waited as she cut the last bar.

She backed up, giving me room to crawl through, which I did hastily and the moment I was all the way through she threw herself at me pulling me into a huge hug. "He didn't mean it," She whispered.
Nothing in my body could have froze more then I did right then."Who?"

She pulled away and looked at me intensely. "Graves. He didn't mean what He only said that because he felt you truly wanted free. So he freed you the only way our father ever taught him. It is rarely done because of how painful it is but He never wanted this to happen," She bawled.
My body shook and my chest burned hotter as the nights conversation replayed. "It doesn't matter. What's done is done. We can't fix it. All we can do is move on, Which we need to do quickly right now," My voice shook as I spoke.

She nodded her head and turned around to a unknown direction to me.
I followed her into the unknown.
"The exits right up this hall and we'll be out of here before they even wake up. Graves will be so excited and relieved to see you. He's acted like a zombie ever since you left then after you were taken he's been plotting none stop how to get you back," Beth eagerly rushed us closer and closer to the exit.
My feet froze in an instant.
She looked back at me before turning to me."What did I say?" She questioned.

"I'm not going back with you to Graves. I can't Beth. Once we get out of here I am going to disappear," I shook my head.
She narrowed her eyes and gripped hold of my hand dragging me along with her.
If anyone else had done they they would have lost that hand, but Beth knew she could get away with it. "Does this have anything to do with something that Quinn said?" She asked flatly.

I ignored her as she pulled me along. At the end of the hall she tugged me to the left turn. Once we saw that door we immediately stopped in our tracks.
Right in front of the door was Quinn... Looking highly pissed off.

"Beth you should know better That there is always one of us on guard. Your master night, and I am day. Surely you did not think the day would hinder me like all the blood suckers? I am not just of the night. I am of the same blood as this child," He taunted us as he blocked the only exit.
Oh crap... 'I am of the same blood as this child.' He means we are the same type of immortal. "you're a demon!"I blurted.

His smirk widen even more, then before we knew what was happening we were attacked from behind. A set of arms gripped me from behind.and held a gun to my temple.
They yanked us down all the way back to the jail cell I was in before and threw us both in at one time.

Before Quinn shut the door he looked me straight in the eye and smiled. "You know this works out perfectly now. You don't have to feed off of Rubin. He won't be too happy but you will both share a feeding donor. Lets see how long you can keep from feeding from your friend," He laughed then slammed the door.
"Don't listen to him. He's just trying to scare us. You have perfect control," Beth insisted.

It helped a lot that Beth had more faith in me then everyone else. It's hard to believe she's my only friend since I came into Graves life. "Thanks that really h-Helps," I began to smile but as I turned to look at her. Bright yellow colors swirled around her whole body.. Her colors made something spark up inside me, and my back tingled.
Slowly my steady good thinking began to disappear... And the hunger was awakened again.

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Beth noticed the sudden change in my mood as soon as the hunger took over.
The colors swirled around her like the wind blows in the fall. Chrystal flecks fell from her as they moved faster and faster the closer I came to her.
"Ember Control it. Don't let it control you. You are not just the monster he says you are. Graves was going to tell you the night you left what you were, but you are not this. Quinn is lying to you. There is another way!" She Tried to break through to me as she backed up against the wall.

Beth's face caused my Hunger to dimmer down a bit but the burning was horrible. I rushed away from her and curled up on the bed in fear of myself.
She hesitated before edging closer. "No! Don't come any closer!"I begged her. She stopped but did not move away.
Her face no longer held fear, but kindness and she began to hum softly.

"what are you doing:?" I whimpered, but she ignored me and kept humming the soft melody. Suddenly my eyes began to drupe shut and fatigue took over. I collapsed in a Peaceful sleep.
When I awoke Beth stood by the door eying me worriedly and watching the door at the same time.
My throat burned even worse than before and my eyes water from resisting it.

I groaned and gripped my stomach as the pain intensified. "Shh Ember calm down.They will be here soon. I can feel it. Graves promised he would come as soon as I sent the call," She assured.
My eyes focused on her and a question untold hung in the air. Would they come before I attacked is the question?

"They will get here. I just can't figure out how to do the call exactly yet," She muttered, and my anger burst.
"What do you mean you haven't figured it out?! Shouldn't you know it?" I bellowed.
Her eyes narrowed and she glared at me. "I didn't get that far. I was too worried about saving your ass," She snapped.

Furiously I snarled at her ready to yell but her colors returned again... Only brighter.
My mouth watered and my throat burned harder Then last night with Rubin. The hunger was worse then before, but A aching feeling filled my chest as her feelings didn't look as satisfying as the ones Grave held.
I wanted to feed from him. Not her!

Suddenly I could see him. As clear as if he was right in front of me.
He was rushing around his house screaming words I could not understand. His mother rushed after him filled with worry, and his father merely stood his face expressionless.
Graves picked up a desk with his vampire strength and tossed it across the room like a toy. It shattered into hundreds of pieces against the wall.
"Graves calm down we will save her! It's not to late!" His mother tried to reason with him.

He looked at her with a wild dangerous look in his eyes but the moment he looked at her it disappeared and in it's place was agony and tears fell down his face.
He fell to his knees and screamed as his mother rushed to his side to comfort him. "She's gone. I Did this to her! I can't do this mom I can't live without her. I need her!" He fell on his mothers should like a lost littler boy.

His mother rubbed his back and held him against her before sending a deadly look at her Husband.
As if her eyes willed it a lamp flew across the room at Him and he caught it will ease but with a furious Look he glared at her.
"This is all your fault! If you had left those two alone and happy she would have began to love him and he would never have been convinced to free her that way! Now both her and our son will die as soon as she is changed. She turns as will he. The blood they spill will be on your hands," She Growled. Her voice was filled with the power of a queen and very deadly warrior.

Her husband suddenly Was in front of them and he placed a hand on his son.
Graves barely looked up at him before his father yanked him off the ground and away from his mother. At first I thought he was going to attack but instead he yanked him into his embrace and wept.

"I am so sorry my son. I just wanted what was best for you. I did not think a Meir girl as her could be what you needed but I see now that I am wrong. Go save her while it is not to late. Beth left a clue where to go. She said not to trust you brother so he is most likely one at fault. Save her and never let her go," He then let go and pushed him to the door.
Graves barely had enough strength to walk let alone find me.

Anger and sadness boiled up inside me and My chest burned all the way to the cor. "Graves I am right here!" I Screamed, begging him to hear me.
As if I had screamed in his ear his eyes snapped in my direction and his tear swollen eyes widened in shock.
"Ember?" He asked barely over a whisper.
Oh my God he heard me! "It's me They are trying to make me feed off of Beth! Graves I am a demon!" I screamed hastily scared he might not hear again.

He ran toward me and tried to grab me, but as soon as he touched me my back burst into flames burning through my flesh and His bright black colors sent my Power over edge.
Hunger burned in my throat. I need to feed. Not just on anyone either... I WANT HIM!
As soon as the hunger took over Graves disappeared and I was in the cellar with Beth again. I could feel my hunger and all it saw was Graves...

My back began to tingle even harder, then Something started to rip through.
"Hell!"I screamed as pain ripped through my back. It felt as if steel bars were ripping out of my very flesh.
My body collapsed and I withered in pain."Ember!" Beth screamed. She rushed to me forgetting I could rip her in two, and gripped my hand as I screamed over and over again.

My shirt tor and The steel objects ripped all the way out covered in blood.
My eye sight blurred and All I could see was weird colors surrounded by flames. Beth was disappearing from view and the flames engulfed everything. My eyes burned,my feet, arms, chest and most of all my back. Oh God my back. It was torture. I never knew one could feel so much pain but I was experiencing it first hand and I just wanted to die.

"Graves!" I screamed, I bellowed, I cried but he couldn't possible still hear me. I was alone. Just me.
-And me.- A Familiar voice laughed as if my pain was exquisite.
What the hell?

-Do not fear. I am hear also. I am you, no I am a stronger you.You don't need anyone else. Embrace me and you will never be alone again!- It urged.
Is that my hunger?!

-Yes I am not just a hunger. I am power beyond power. I am all of you! Embrace me finally! You have waited long enough without me now is the time you finally get to take back everything that was stolen from you!-
The burning brightened but the moment I began to think of the hunger It began to diminish and Graves picture formed in my head again.

I want him, I need him. I must feed from those beautiful lips!
My eye sight did not just clear up, it intensified to a level I've never seen.
The burning began to stop and the steel ripping was gone, but my back still felt warm. Not a bad warm though, it felt natural as if I was born for this feeling. As if it was me.
My body quickly adjusted to this feeling and I easily rose, aware of Beth cowering in the corner away from me.
I turned to her and grinned.

"I am fine Human. No need to worry. Your service will not be needed because you will not satisfy my thirst. I need a must stronger soul," My hunger assured her of her safety.
Her eyes widened as she realized the human Ember was completely gone, and I was the new.
Air filled my lungs as I sucked in the sweet smell of her fear and aw. "Why do you feel awe toward me human?" I questioned.

She slowly rose from the floor cautious of me,but then she pointed to me,and stuttered ," You have wings Ember. And they are beautiful. You are beautiful!"
Be wild I looked over my should and saw beautiful large majestic silk wings over my shoulder.
They sparkled like diamonds and flowed down to my waste from my shoulder blades and were laying flatly. Oddly enough though they didn't just have one color. They shifted from a stone black as Cole, and a white as pure as driven snow.

A need to stretch them rushed through me, and at the thought they immediately stretch wide and long exposing Weird tattoos spiraling down my back,and trailing around my waste.
A smile spread across my face at the beauty of them. I need to use them!
"Ember?" Beth Hesitantly called my name in worry.
I turned my gaze on her and she flinched but did not look away.

"Come human. I must find my mate so I may feed. My hunger must be satisfied," I beckoned for her to come.
If I ever realize I just said mate in my hunger I will die of embarrassment.
Beth slowly walked to me, then took my open hand. Before she even realized what was happening I pulled her against my almost naked body and Hid her under my wings.
Electric power flowed through me and every inch of me tingled. Smiling I looked up and opened my eyes and the power let loose. Powerful colors burst from me exploding walls, and everything blocking the sky.

The first sight of moonlight I spread my wings, and burst into the air. Cool wind hit my face as I hid Beth against my side and flew higher.
Time to find my mate.

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Wind rushed past us as we flew through the sky, prickling my nose and images of Graves face flashed through my mind over and over, prevoking my need for him even more.
Anciously I rushed even faster careful of Beth holding onto me, her fear was taunting me but my need for Graves over powered her lovely fear. "What are you fearful of Human?" My hunger questioned.
She glanced at my face, then down at the ground causing another wave of fear to hit me... Tempting me. "It's so-so far up," She stuttered as she eyed the distance between us and the ground.

My hunger chuckled at such a simple fear that tempted me but I struggled to ignore it and keep flying. Toward where my gut told me to... Closer to Graves.
The burning in my chest sparked even brighter the closer I get to him. My need begged me to hurry up and just get to him but I could only move so fast.

-Hurry you are almost there! You must feed soon so we may unite completely!- My hunger urged me further aware of my little control.
If Her fear rose anymore I would not be able to control myself... It is so tempting to just attack her and forget about him, but a aching to feed from him was so much easier to consintrate on. I could picture him in front of me as I fluttered my wings faster.

His eyes so dark and intense, His smile so dark and sexy, and his lips, oh his lips. Touching those lips and feeding from them was the most entoxicating thing to think about because I urged my need even more. I must feed soon.
-Do not torture yourself. It only makes it worse. Consitrate on the feel of flying, you will love it.-

Irritation tugged at the back of my mind from being so vonerable to this hunger but it was right, flying was amazing.
The wind sliding down your body as you slice through it,and hitting my newly wings sent shivers down my side but the adreneline from flying so high was amazing. My skin adjusted to the high alttitude rather fast so all I had to worry about was Beth.
She shivered against me and was on the verge of bursting into tears from fear.
"We are almost there,we shall be safe soon," I assured her of her safety, and flew a bit lower for to calm her a bit.
She nodded her head, and I was about to speak again but before I could my senses went all hay wirer. A whisling noice echoed in my ear,and I looked over my shoulder to see a red colors aproaching fast.

My instincts told me instantly it was a threat, putting my body into action mode.
I used my new wing muscles and slammed down on them sending us flying even faster and harder scaring the crap out of Beth.
Her screams pierced my new ears horrible but I did not slow down. The whisling got louder and louder even over Beths screaming But I could not slow down till the threat was iliminated or We reached Graves.
-Turn to the left! He is merely a block away! We must hurry the other acient is gaining speed!- My hunger rushed.

My new wing muscles ached along my chest from the closness to Graves but I pushed harder. We had to reach him! We must!
I used my muscles harder and faster, a feeling of determination flooding through my blood stream, and adrenline adding to my hurry.
"You can not out fly me Ember, I am more powerful than you until you feed. You must stop at once. You do not want to defy me!" Quinns furious voice carried through the wind to my ears, and angered my hunger even more.

-How dare he talk to us like that?! We are more powerful than him he does not control us! We are his leader! His master! Hurry to our mate so we may feed and put him in his place! GO!-My hungers plead sent messages all throughout my body awakening more strength and throwing me farther forward, and faster down to a fimiliar neighborhood... My home.
My home at ruins barely standing, Anguish seeped through my hunger and into my actions. I lost control and we slowd down about to crash into the earth.

My old instincts kicked into gear and I flipped my body putting me in between the earth and Beth to save her life.
I would survive. A part of me knew that.
"Ember we are going to die!" Beth screamed, her grip cutting the circulation to my hands.
Seconds later we hit the ground.
Pain irrupted all through out my body from my wings to my back, to my head.
A scream burst through me and echoed through the street.

Why people did not wake from their slumber I do not know but I felt as if I was dying.
"Ember?" Beth wimpered as she crawled off me and examined the damage done to us.
She was unscratched, I on the other hand was a bloody mess.
My wings were covered in blood oozing from my back and head,but my wings were not damaged some how to my relief.
I couldn't move a muscle. "Graves," I cried.

He is here somewhere. I know it! My chest burned from his closenes somewhere and my hunger was killing me.
Beth paniced and gripped my hand bawling and telling me he is not here, but I knew otherwise. He was.
"Find Graves, He is here. Beth please!" I pleaded with her.

Her frightened gaze searched mine for something,what I do not know but she must have been satisfied with what she saw because she was up, and running. "Graves!" She bellowed as she ran.
The pain running through me was behong comprehension. My eyes were Feeling heavy and I couldn't keep the opened.
Graves I need you.
I cried silently for him.

"Ember!" His paniced voice caused me to snapped my eyes open against their will and search him out.
He had been running at me and he collasped at my side with Beth following behind.
He lifted me off the ground against my cries of protest ,and positioned my wings so he could cradle me against his chest muttering words of apology, and love to me.
"Ember oh god Ember please forgive me I am so sorry I can't forgive myself for what I did to you. I can't live without you. I Need you don't die on me please!"He begged and begged.

Tears flooded down my face and against all the pain and the hunger I pulled his face to mine and I kissed him.
It wasn't a kiss of passion and lust, or even spite for that matter. It was a kiss of need and forgiveness.
We pulled away and he rested his head against mine staring into my eyes with fright and need.

He was scared for me. " Graves It's okay. I'll be fine. I am new. I will heal and be stronger than before. My hunger told me," I assured him and hugged tighter onto him.I felt like I never wanted to let go.

Shock formed onto Graves face, and he pulled away slightly to look at me better. His eyes searched mine, Wanting to understand, but my hunger was something only I could understand. Only I could feel and only I could control... If that was possible.
"Your hunger talks to you still? You aren't one?" Graves fear was imediete.

-Feed-My hunger urged. My eyes focused on Graves eyes wanting him to understand how much my hunger yearned for him right now. How much his fear radiated off of him like sweat. It was abvious the colors that shined around him was his fear I was seeing. I some how could feel it. The way the colors swirled around him taunting me, wanting me to taste. His fear smelled amazing. I need it.

The lust must have made it's way to my eyes because Graves saw it imedietly.
His eyes mimicked mine,and his gaze drifted down to my lips. My heartbeat was suprisingly steady but I was so nervous and shaky nothing could keep that from being noticeable. Especially to Graves. "You should be lost in power by now. We both should. Especially since Quinns made you feed," Graves muttered but he was lost in the lust.
This face leaned in closer to mine as if I was gravity pulling him in. Our lips found each other before I could come to my senses.
My chest burned, but it felt good,and Graves fear was completely gone, but my hunger was not.

He was filled with a much Better emotion that Smelled so much sweeter.Our lips moved with the others, and Graves carressed my face in his hands.His tongue darted out and teased my lip wanting access. I wimpered and granted him access,which he took emedietly, his tongue rubbing up against mine,and pulling my lip between his teeth. He ran his hands down my body,my pain slowly faiding some how. His hands rubbed my bare back cooling my burning skin. Then he ran one hand up to my neck trailing it down the front feeling every inch of my body.

That's When it sparked up. My hunger, my need. It burned. It Swirled around inside me like a volcanoe waiting to irrupted. A posessive urge within my hunger needed Graves more than ever. Graves was in my reach and I needed to be closer to him. I needed to make him mine!
Graves hands were rubbing up and down my body in a manner so much more tempting that I could not hold it in any longer.

"Graves I need to make you mine!" I breathed between kisses.
Something was different about Graves he pressed me tighter against his chest, and Kissed harder."Then do it.I cant live without you.I won't, and I want you as mine," He urged, and explored secret places under my torn shirt.
-Do it!- My hunger said excitedly.

I did not hesitate. My hunger took control and I let it loose.The hunger instincts knew what to do, and how to get it.
I pressed my lips even harder against his and used my lips to open his mouth completely to mine. My eyes were closed but I could see the The emotions boiling inside him. It was like a big red ball of fire bursting inside his soul.
My hunger leeched onto it and pulled.

At first I thought Graves would be mad or would struggle but the moment I started sucking the emotions from him it flared even brighter and he pressed harder against me. A growl rumbled deep in his throat and he pressed his lips deeper against mine urging me to feed more.
The more I took from him the more It flared up, and I sucked in more.

Something changed between us as I fed. His emotions became mine, and his pleasure mine. It was as if our original bond was formed again but twice as stronge and twice as hot. Now my hunger was more than just feeding, it was passion. I needed to feel more of him. I had made him mine as I fed. His emotions became mine, making me just as pleasured as him.

Above all my hunger suddenly changed. It wasn't as if the hunger was a voice in my head. It was as if It was my own concious now.
"No Ember!"Quinns voice shattered My need to feed and my fury burned.
Graves Gripped me tighter against his chest posessivly, and I broke away slightly to get a look at Quinn... The threat.
I broke away from Graves and he pulled me against his chest posessivly.

Quinn was in front of us now, but he was changes. His wings was so much like mine it scared me but his were a midnight black. His Skin was Smooth as a pearl and his eyes shined white. His Body language pointed out he was abviously Horrified of some sort and extremely pissed.
My hunger was warm and happy from finally feeding from my mate, and forming our bond. He was mine, no one could have him... But me. This Demon would not take him away from me either.

A inhuman Growl rumbled deep inside of me. It held the warning not to even think about separating us.
Quinn Glared at my growl and he sent a gush of wind at us with his powerful wings. The air felt cool against my skin but the threat was obvious in the gestur.
"Mine," I growled. Graves gripped me tighter in aproval but Quinn let out a roar of anger.

"No he is not! You are not his! We will break this bond like the last! You will make this bond with Rubin because I say so!You will obey me!"Quinn lifted himself a few feet in the air trying to show of his power but it was just pissing me off.

"Who the hell do you think you are? He is mine and he will stay mine! What right do you think you have to telling me what to do?" I snapped.Graves gripped loosened on me as I forced myself and him to stand. My wounds were healed from feeding off of Graves energy but my anger was beyond calm so Someone else was going to be in pain.
Quinn lowered himself to the ground and he stared me down before answering.
"I have right because I am your father."

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Okay SO GUESS WHAT THIS IS?!!! The second to last chapter in this book:'( The next chapter is the last and most revealing of all! No worries though. There will be a second book and I have even bigger plans for Ember. I can not believe I am almost done:'( I never thought I would finish this anytime soon because I just loved writing it so much but I have to leave secrets for the next one:) so I have the Last chapter finished but I will not be uploading it until I have comments on what you guys thought of the book. Any series names suggestions? All of you guys that read my book are awesome and you are my inspiration because I never would have continued writing it if it wasn't for you guys.:) Thank you so much

The night sky darkened and the clouds circled us. Funnels formed all around and the thunder boomed as Energy flowed through me. Fury burned deep with in my veins and Quinn's expression made my blood boil and my adrenaline flow.
I must destroy him!

How dare he claim to be the man that ditched me and my mother before my birth? He is dead to me and that is how it will stay. No one could fill that position because my mother was all I needed.
Graves let out a growl of protest as I pulled from his grasp.
My body shook, and heat spread through out my body burning the tip of my wings, as my need to kill spiked up. My shoulder blades twitched which caused my wings to follow the motion, and send a gust of wind at Quinn.

Water began to sprinkle from the sky splashing onto my face, and steam rose from my body from the heat. My hair began to cling to my face, and neck as it soaked up the water and dripped down my almost bear back.
Graves stepped toward me but Quinn sent him a warning glare to stay back. This was between me and him. "I have no father," I stated flatly
My urge to attack was becoming very hard to hold back, but something was helping give me the little control I had. It was the way the stars shone passed the storm clouds, and lit up all around me. Or the way the moon light made my wings tingle with light energy urging me to stay calm.

A calm voice whispered to me in the back of my mind.
-Not now. Today is not the day you must rise. You have too much to learn my child. He will destroy you if you do not wait. I will guide you in the right path.-

As the voice spoke to me The first thought I had was it was my hunger but no. My hunger feared the voice speaking, and a submissive feeling spread throughout my body as I heard it. The voice sounded neither male nor female. It sound natural , and full of power beyond recognition. It was something I'd never heard before, and feared at the same time. Was this God?

-I am not God half ling. I am merely a servant of him. He can not speak to those in the physical bodies because his power is too great for your mind to understand. I speak for him when I tell you , you are never alone. He has guardian's over you , but you must not fight the Fallen today. It is too soon for your Angel being to take. God has seen your struggles with your new form coming in and Has sent help. Do not fear.-

The moon light shining above began to diminish and Quinn's angry stare was directed at me, and me only. "I see they have already contacted you. God already thinks he can help you. Psh He can not stop the fall, and You have a father no matter if you do not want to I am your father," He Paused watching the clouds circling us, as my anger vibrated inside me as he spoke.

"You are my child no matter how much you wish it not. I am the man your mother fell in love with and I am the same man that left her when I heard news of you. It is rare for a Demon to be able to impregnate Human females, and even rarer for the child to bear the gift of the wings. I wished you to grow normal and to die the life of a human but It was not was was for told. You will rule over all human kind, and immortals alike. You will acknowledge me as your father and you will fulfill your destiny as ruler over us all!" He said rising up into the sky staring down at me,taunting me to deny our blood.

If I was his daughter, then I was a... Demon. I can't be. I don't want to live to kill, to kill in pleasure and to revel in the suffering of other. To be a demon was to live the life of death,and I will not do that. I must not.

"I am not a demon," I whispered. My denial fault false even on the tip of my own tongue. The truth in his words was obvious and made more sense then the lies I had been told about him my whole life. I'd always thought That my father was just a immature man with no responsibility and he could commit to me and my mom. So I excepted that I would never have the father I wanted... But to know he's right here in front of me, a man more evil than anything I've ever known and he left me because of that tempted me more then ever to hear him out. How am I suppose to cope with this?

I looked over at Quinn and he was just chuckling at my ignorance about him. "You are a demon my child. You will become more demonic than even I once you embrace the power within your hunger. I do not know how you were able to avoid that when you fed from your precious mate over there glaring at me, but soon you will feel it eating at you like insects," He paused to look at Graves who was Growling furiously.

" Those temper tantrums you've been having are not just coincidences. That is your power begging to be set free. You are a demon and that is all you will ever be. Embrace it and I shall be the father you always wanted as a child and more. I will guide you into leadership and you shall be more powerful than even God!" He rose his voice and stared up at the night sky as if he was yelling at God.
His words were so tempting... He would be there for me.

But He was never there before so why now? He only wants to be in my life because of what his DNA has done to me. I am doomed to become just like him. Helplessness was baring its way into my heart and tears of frustration were dropping down my cheeks. Graves tried to get closer to me but the funnels above us were accompanied by winds stronger then even him. They pinned him against the side of my house and He was breaking threw the sides.

Sadness overwhelmed me. Graves was trying to get to me but Quinn kept him pinned sending wind after wind at him. This is what I will be like. I will be a demon with no love, no kindness, just death, and pain to swallow me whole. Nothing within me wanted to forget the love I felt for Graves, friendship I had with Beth or even the screwed up relationships between Graves family and I. I did not want to be against God, and be more powerful. I just wanted to love and be normal,wait no. I just wanted to be with Graves... And I wanted to be good.

As if Graves was reading my mind he Cried out to me. "Don't you give up Ember dammit! You can't honestly believe him? He may be your father but he is still a demon and he will say anything he has to, to obey his master. You are not a demon! You have not fallen! You were born with the blood of an angel,which is his blood also. His blood did not make him a demon, his choices did," He yelled in pain as pieces of glass began to dig into his back from the glass window, but he kept his eyes on me.

" You have a choice Ember. You were given humanity from your mother that he will never have. She gave you a gift. It was not your mother that was suppose to die that day. It was you. He was trying to kill the humanity within you by killing her. Your supposedly father killed your mother. Your mother saved your life for a reason. You were given a choice of what you want to be!" His screams caused him to stop speaking but He had said enough.

The anger was back, but so was my hope. I can choose. I am not my father. Graves screams of agony angered me more then my own. The funnels began to form even faster heading closer to Quinn and the lightning began to strike.

Quinn Gaze at me, Then back at Graves, "He is right. Your humanity should have died the day she did. her love was what kept you human, and I do not know how you have not fallen yet but you shall. It is for told. You do not have a choice, because all half lings eventually fall. You will fall especially since you have my blood. Your mother merely gave her a gift from God! Humanity is hardly a gift!" He spat.

Lightning immediately struck right for Quinn.
He leaped out of the way faster than I had ever seen anyone move, and the lightning struck right where he should have been.
"How dare you try to harm me child? You can not compare to me yet!"He roared and With a flick of his hand all the lightning I controlled moments ago was hurled at Graves.

"NO!" I screamed. Terror consumed me, and I threw myself in the way of Graves.
It was as if the lightning was moving in slow motion, Because Graves yanked me against his chest and switched us around. His eyes bore into mine, and his kissed me softly.
"I can't live without you," He breathed. Then the lightning struck.

"Graves!" I Cried. His body was way beyond the heat he could live through. He needed the cold, and His collapsed. I fell to my knees begging him to be alive, to stay with me.
-God if you can hear me please save him! I can't do this without him Please!- I cried out to God begging. I just got Graves back. I can't lose him again.

"Graves please don't leave me dammit I love you don't die!" I slammed my hands down on his chest over and over begging him to respond, but he laid motionless.
Every ounce of me felt dead. The humanity within me broke. I was gone.
My hollow gaze rose to Quinn, and Within me I felt nothing.
I rose up and just stared at him impassive.

He chuckled in curiosity." It only took the death of this blood sucker to Break you? Well child It was a honor breaking you into the fall. Now you must come with me. We have much to do," He came toward me to take hold of my hand,but I acted fast.

You ever seen star wars? Well What I did next was similar to what you would think is the force. The power within my numb chest exploded and Became like a purplish force field bending to my will. It took a hold of Quinn and squeezed his neck to the point of breaking.
He struggled to breathe and I squeezed tighter. No feeling registered within me. No sadness, anger compassion. Nothing, I was just living. That was it.

The funnel clouds closed around us, and tightened around Quinn. I just stared at him, expressing nothing but my being, "Let-goo!" He gasped.
I just stared.
"Ember let him go. You don't have to do this. You can still save Graves,"A voice spoke up.

The sound of the voice Caused feeling to spread into me, and tears ran down my cheek.
"Graves," I choked out and purplish force field shattered dropping Quinn.
The voice belonged to a woman Standing a few away from me. She stood in the shadows, but the moment she stepped out I recognized her immediately... Miss Weathers.
The tears flooded down my face and I ran to Graves pulling his body against me... He was completely still.

Miss weather looked over at Quinn and frowned. He glared back at her as he tried to ketch his breathe." What are you doing here?"He snapped. His was trying me make his voice sound threatening and angry, but it cracked as he spoke... He was scared... Of Miss Weathers?

"You should not even have to ask that question Dear Quinn. You are breaking one of the most ancient laws of time. You know as well as I do You must let the child's nature decide which side she will become. You are not aloud to make her take a side. She has a choice and you know it," She scolded.

The wings she kept so wrapped up against her body in class unfolded and Stretched out farther then even ours... The weren't blue anymore.. They were white? The bluish colors that enveloped her while she was our teacher were gone. Her hair was a still Bright blue but her wings were like ours, and pure white. The only blue on her was her hair.

Quinn's expression was clearly one of anger and fear, but That did not stop him from speaking his mind. "She is my daughter of course she will fall. She will be tempted far more than any half-ling before or after her. I am the only one that can control her and until she falls I will have more control over her than anyone. You can not help her. He destiny says she will rule over us all."

Miss weathers smile did not waver after he finished. She laughed lightly and shook her head, "Yes the prophesy does say she will rule over us all, but it does not say she must fall in order to do that. All prophecies come with another future. If she falls we shall all fall. If she succeeds in fighting it off then The future is dependent on individual choices. That is the way of life. The future is always changing and always will with each choice she makes."

Quinn's face was darkening in anger, along with this colors swirling around him, But he simply took flight and looked over at us. "You can draw out the enviable as long as you wish, but she will come to me,and She will fall," He said.
Then he was gone in the blink of an eye.
Miss Weather then turned to me as I cried over a motionless Graves.
"We must hurry. He has little time left."

The author's comments:
Okay so this is the end.:) I have the second one ready to post but I wanna see who actually wants me to make the sequel. lol is it good enough for one? lemmie know!

Miss weathers Crouched down beside me and examined Graves as he laid motionless in my lap. His body was warm, When it should have been ice cold. He felt fragile instead of the rock hardness I was so used to and safe around. Burn marks traveled along his chest in jagged lines from his collar bone down to his hip, and rose around to his back to his shoulder blades. It looked like a lightning bolt tattooed across his upper body. It scared me to think that this could be the last time I hold him, the last time I felt his skin against my own.

I made my choice not to live without him when I fed from him and Now I was going to lose him again. My hunger that lived within me, that was me cried out. Our mate was dying and we sat here doing nothing, just letting him die. I tear my eyes away from Graves and looked at Miss Weathers only to find her staring right at me. Her eyes bore deep into mine, as if she was trying to read my emotions, my pain and sorrow eating me alive. "We can still save him, but I can do nothing. It is you who must do it. You are his mate, and lover. You only can save him."

Determination rose with in me and I stared back at her. I will do anything to save Graves, including give my own life. I spent nights in pain, hours in sorrow thinking I had lost him forever and that he did not want me. I would not lose him again. I need him like I need to breathe, I need him like the earth needs gravity. I can not live with out him.

"What must I do?" I demanded. Anything that could save his life I would do in a heart beat,because my heart only beat him him now. I see now the blood bond we shared before was merely adding to the attraction we already felt. Those were our feelings we felt, not just the bond. I only hoped it was not to late now.

My eyes stared only at Miss Weathers now, and She held my gaze. I wanted to see into this immortals soul, and find out what is was about her that Quinn feared so much but I had to save that for another day if we even had another.
She leaned closer to me, placing the tip of her dainty fingers along my neck and smiled faintly. It was meant as a comforting Gesture but my patients was running thin. I needed to save Graves.

"What must I do?" I Persisted, Panic was beginning to slip into my head. Scared thoughts of Graves never waking up, never Opening the dark amazing eyes again filled my head
Her grip on my neck Tightened and before I realized it was not a comforting gesture, but a threatening one, Her nails pricked my skin.Warm blood dripped down my neck, and my newly formed senses smelled the blood instantly. It hit Graves just as fast and his body immediately twitched at the smell. I gasped and my eyes widened at Miss Weathers in hope.
"He needs to feed," she whispered softly to me.

My fear of being bit rose to the surface again, but I pushed passed it and held on to the memories of Graves smile, his eyes staring at me as if he saw into my soul, and into my heart. His grin when he first wanted to bite me, the way his fangs exposed well beneath his smile. His eyes that darkened in hunger, That was the thought I held onto as I positioned Graves body farther up,and pushed his head against the crook of my neck by the droplets of blood.
Doubt nudged at the back of my mind. What if this didn't work and He was gone forever?

Graves body instantly came alive The moment the blood droplets touched his lips. His arms flew out around my body and reversed us to where it was I sitting in his lap pressed against his chest. His tongue darted out and tasted the blood on his lip, then on my skin. He shoved his face deeper against my neck and his mouth quickly opened. He traced his fangs along the cut,and before my panic could stop him he sank his fangs into my skin.

When his fangs slid in, it was like little pocket knives stabbed into my neck, The pain was immediate, and my blood poured into his mouth like a river. Graves gulped it down greedily... And that is when the pain began to diminish... To be replaced but complete pleasure. When he drank in my blood, and it slide down his throat, it spread warmth through out my body, and our hormone exploded. My body burned with with need. Graves felt my need, and wanted the same thing.

He slid his hands up and down my body before positioning one hand my ass and twisting my body to straddle him. He rocked against me and I gasped. I dug my hands into his hair and press his head harder against my neck, making his fangs go deeper into me. A moan of pleasure escaped passed my lips, and Graves growled against me in approval. My hunger surfaced immediately as Graves emotions began to flood into my mind. He wanted me, All of me. He wanted to ravenous me and eat me all up.

My hunger leaped in joy as His emotions became visible to me, and I leeched onto it as before. We both fed from each other, connecting in a way we had never known possible. Graves gripped harder on my ass as he realized I had began to feed from him, and he explored my bare skin with his other hand. His skin had begun to cool down so every touch of his cool hands sent shivers of pleasure through out my warm skin. Graves eager gulps slowed down to little sips, then slowly to light licking up and down my neck, healing his bite. His tongue was cool and soft against my skin.

I felt so happy my heart might explode in joy. Graves slowly leaned back carefully as if I would break, then kissed me softly letting it linger for a moment. His lips fit perfectly against mine, and when he pulled back, he pressed his forehead against mine.

Tears streamed down my face and he wiped them away with his thumb and traced patterns along my face as he held me against him. "I love you Ember stone. You are my life. I want to live with you forever and I want you to become my blood mate. Will you do me the honor of becoming my eternal partner?" I choked out tears and threw my arms around Graves neck crying out in pure happiness.

He laughed happily and picked me up swinging me in circles. The he knelt down on one knee and gripped my hands in his. "Will you Ember stone Be my love?" He asked again, his smile was fearful of my answer and excited all at once. I smiled down at him, then a grinned formed upon my face. "Are you asking me to become your equal and no longer the slave you so anxiously needed to break?"

He looked away in shame and then looked back up at me with a smile."Yes I want you as me equal. You are one slave I could never break, and I never wish to. I want you to challenge me every day, and Stand up for what you believe as long as you do it as my mate," He rose and waited for my answer, his body was high on alert fearful of rejection from me.

I wanted to be his mate more than anything in the world. I wanted to love him and him to love me, but we needed to do this the right way. We needed to do this the way my mom would have wanted.
I stared into his eyes then leaned into his arms before lightly kissing him. "There is nothing in this world I want more then to become your mate and spend eternity with you. Yes Of course I will, but I have one condition," I paused to see if he would protest but he waited urging me to tell him my condition.
"Whatever it is it shall be done, I can't live without you and I will do anything you wish,"He urged.

He wrapped his arms around my waste and pulled me to him waiting and I breathed in a huge breathe before letting it out, "If I become your blood mate we need to take it slow, and build up a relationship the normal way, the way my mother would have wanted. I want to spend eternity with you too so I want to do this right," I sighed,and waited for him to be mad or change his mind about me. I waited but what he did next was nothing I expected. He kissed me. His lips attacked mine then he pulled back and smirked. "As long as I get to kiss you, we will take this as slow as you wish. We have all eternity for deeper things," He winked at me then nipped playfully at my lower lip.

My laughter rung sweetly against his chest, and he played with a strand of my hair.
"Oh and Graves?" I questioned.
"Yes my love?"
I smiled. "I love you too."
He guided my chin up to meet my lips with his before smiling lovingly at me.

"eh em," A voice spoke and caused me to jump in surprise. Graves burst out laughing then yanked me back against his chest and looked at a Very humored Miss Weathers.
Heat spread to my cheeks as I realized she saw us get hot and heavy, then mushy gushy. Graves smiled at my blush and tightened his grip on me, "Thank you for everything. You saved Ember, and I and for that I am eternally grateful."

Graves Breathes were long and heavy but he stilled smiled at her. She chuckled at us both before turning serious. "You both are going to have a very dangerous and troublesome road ahead of you. You are going to need each other to make it through. It may very well break you both," She warned,

Her expression was grave and worried, but she turned her eyes on me alone and place a hand on my shoulder. "I can not promise you it will be easy to resist falling. So many before you have failed, and you have a stronger calling then any of them. I can only pray that God be with you two and you depend on this man to help you," She said.
Her eyes were filled with sadness but also a bright tint of hope and care. She saved us, and I only have one sentence for her that I have been saying since my life turned upside down. I just smirked at her then looked up at my mate,partner and other half. His eyes stared into mine, and I grinned, "I Will Not Break."

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