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Jonas Bolt Part 1

March 29, 2018
By Lazaurus, rossville, Georgia
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Lazaurus, Rossville, Georgia
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Author's note:

This is just part 1. you will have to wait on parts 2 and 3 for the whole story. when they all 3 come out, I will combine them into 1.

I wake up at around 8:35 AM to a sound that echoed across my neighborhood. “What was that sound!” My mom said in a panicked voice. I'm assuming she thought that a bomb went off or something. “I don't know. Can I go to school now?” I responded. “OH, I forgot you had that today. Go on, when you leave I have to go to chemotherapy .” She said.  “Bye, I hope you feel better,” I said back. Then I start walking to school when a Ginormous, triangular ship appeared above me at like 15 feet from the ground.

The plane must have been going 150 mph as far as I could tell. Suddenly what looks like a rocket crashes into the ship into the ship causing a massive explosion pushing me into the ground. While I lie there struggling to move at all, the plane falls to the ground while it being right above me. My mom bust opens the door and screams, “ JONAS!!!!! “. The plane falls and everything seems like it's in slow motion.The plane hits me and the ground. The shockwave punches my mom back into the house, through the wall, and out the strong window in the back of the house.

The houses that were not demolished by the crash still had scorch marks, huge holes in the walls, and broken windows. “CALL 911!!! I think this kid is dead!!!” Someone yelled. I can hear faint noises but the intense ringing in my ears block me from hearing what they're saying. A man in a business suit yelled, “I'm a Doctor move!!!” He checked my pulse and gave me CPR then the ambulance got here. I feel like something is tearing my organs apart.”OH GOD! This kid has scorch marks everywhere on his body!”

Next thing I know I'm waking up in a hospital on a white bed and I can't move or feel anything. A Surgeon and a nurse come and say, “Good, you're awake. We came to check your blood and do the next surgery on your heart.” After hearing this I almost blacked out because apparently I had surgery on my left arm, both of my feet, my throat, and they had to amputate my right hand. I had no way of communicating because my throat was healing. I hope.

On the little table next to the hospital bed, there was metal plating, wires, and other metal objects. As I look at them wondering what they are the nurse Jackie says, “Those are what we are going to use to build your new hand.” That is something I am NOT looking forward to. “Don't worry you will be asleep under A LOT of medication when we put it on.”

Jason and Marcus are going to freak out when they find out what happened. After that thought spent some time in my head, a strange man in a black trench coat with the letters TL written in white on his left shoulder. The man laughs then starts to pull all different kinds of plugs and wires. He even took the I.V. out of my arm. He looked at me and says, “I've been looking for you Jonas. I am Zoraf Lazeto. I come from a world a lot different than this.” I just look at him trying to point to my throat. “Ah, Ok you can't talk with your throat being like that, got it. All right let's go.

The man picks me up and carries me to the doorway. He steps out and I see an ocean of dead bodies on the ground and blood everywhere. Suddenly his hand lights up with a dark red orb that he tosses at the wall. The wall rips open Causing a portal to appear. He walks through the portal and we appear on an asteroid that has orbited Neptune for 4,000,005,888 years. A scary monster with his head on fire. His left arm was an organic blaster thing with craters that shot fire. “THEY CALL ME FIRE DEMON!” he said with a demonic voice.

While shaking with fear I use sign language to ask them what they want with me and an even scarier person appears and says, “I want you to do something for me and as a reward I will grant you limitless power.” Lying on the ground not being able to move, see, or speak was a problem because I am willing to accept his request if he can make me able to speak.

He kneels down to me giving me the opportunity to see what he looks like. He had small devil horns. A red skull face, sharp claws, sharp black teeth, eyes with fire burning in them, and he looked to be 7’8 or 7’9. He holds his hand on my chest and sticks his claws in. “AHHHHHHHHH!!!” I screamed. His hand catches fire and it feels like he is scorching me from the inside. My vision suddenly returns as well as my ability to move and speak. “Who are you? What are you?” I ask. “Morbias Zauber. I'm pretty much the devil with ultimate power.”

“Time Lord take him back down to earth and give him his contracts,” Morbias said. Zorafs hand glows with the same dark red orb and he throws it again opening a portal. We go through and end up back in the hospital. Zoraf hands me a scroll with three names on them, “Jason Villa       Jenna Villa       Alison Edwards” “Oh my god I can't do this these are my friends we defeated recluse and I  got shot and pushed into a tank of antifreeze with them. You know what on second thought they are not good friends.” I say.

“We could always kill YOU and kill them ourselves.” I rebuttal “ Fine, I'll do it!” I think to myself, “Why are they forcing me to kill all of my best friends?”. I began to walk away and Zoraf says, “Wait, I think you might want this!” He held a bottle of some red liquid with flames mixed in. I don't even know how that's possible. “What is that stuff?” I said. He replied with, “Morbias’s blood. I took it while he was asleep. It was really hard to get this because he literally has fire in his blood. So drink this and it will give you special abilities so that you can manipulate fire for 24 hours.”

I take the bottle, open it, and drink it having the feeling that it would burn the inside of my body. “AHHHH!!!” I scream in pain. Suddenly I feel amazing. “Oh god. Did you drug me zoraf?”I asked. He remained silent. He then teleports back to the giant asteroid and I begin my journey to “put down” recluses killers.

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