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Lost and Found

March 9, 2018
By Nanney, Claremont, California
Nanney, Claremont, California
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This is a story of a girl, Leila, who has never really felt that she fits in until she moves to a small town in Maine and encounters an old friend, Miles. He questions why she is here? She only told him lies because did not want to show him her dark past. The two quickly grow closer together, and Leila feels she must tell Miles about the strange feeling she has had here. She also meets a girl, Kelani, whom she had never known, yet felt she did.

When she least expects it, her past comes back, not to haunt her, but to find her. What is she going to do knowing that those close to her could be in danger, will she face her past head-on, or fall right back in? 


Lost and Found

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